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#trigger warning
support · 7 years ago
Everything Okay?
If you or someone you know is struggling, you are not alone. There are many support services that are here to help. 
If you are located in the United States, consider reaching out to the National Alliance on Mental Illness HelpLine.
If you are located in the United Kingdom, The Mix is here to help you with any challenge you are facing.  Reach out online, on social or through their free and confidential helpline.
If you are reading this from in any other country in Europe,  Mental Health Europe has compiled a list of helplines and other resources in your country. 
For more resources, please visit our Counseling & Prevention Resources page for a list of services that may be able to help.
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the-expatriate · 46 minutes ago
i adore just how funny pari is
((Thank you! But you may be surprised to learn that there's more to it than just being funny.
The humour is a big part of her character, and she genuinely enjoys making people laugh.
But there's actually a more sad side to that.
Pari uses a lot of her humour as a defence mechanism (she also uses other things as that too but we'll focus on the humour for now). It was a habit she had started to pick up while being with her very abusive ex.
Call it a way to distract from anyone wanting to pry too close. After all, when one is playing an act, one tends to not want to slip up.
And her ex definitely was quick to let her know behind closed doors about how much she had slipped up.
At the present point however, she still uses humour to put up that barrier. Better to be seen as a jokester than someone who's been hurt and who hasn't quite recovered.
The therapy is helping, however.))
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jknip3 · 2 hours ago
Saw mutuals talking about how Messy™️ their past bi crisis were.
And then I remembered how when I was 21 I bought two plane tickets for my long distance girlfriend to come live with me for the summer only for her to cheat on me the entire summer with my 30 something year old male coworker and tell me only after she got back home saying "I never actually loved you, I thought I could trick myself into it btw I cheated on you with your boss."
At this point I was dating said coworker and he said he hadn't told me because he assumed that she had told me?
I then continued to date him for several months while half raising his three kids until I got fired because "everyone in town knew I was a slut" for dating an older man i met at work...
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mygaychronicles · 3 hours ago
When I think of the future and things to come, sometimes I just feel smothered. The only thought that brings comfort is the thought of cutting. But I know with that comfort also comes unease. It TRULY does make me happy so why then must I hide it? I like my scars when I’m alone because they comfort me. But around people, they embarrass me. I hate being harassed about cutting. It makes me want to sink through the floor and just disappear. But I don’t hate it enough to stop altogether... so obviously, there’s a dilemma. When I think of a future sans-cutting, I feel frightened and hopeless, but I don’t want it to rule my life. What started out as a conscious choice has become a powerful impulse which I am forced to fulfill. It is an addiction. The thought alone of cutting makes me look into the future with more certainty and readiness to accept what is to come. It is relieving to know that I’ll always have something to fall back on and catch me when I fall. But I wish I didn’t need it. Honestly, it is NOT hurting me. I’m not planning on killing myself (simply because I’m not so selfish as to put my family and friends thorough so much pain just to get what I want), but the main reason I need to stop is not for my safety. I can’t deal with the embarrassment and I don’t want to lie and explain the scars my whole life. I want to prove to myself that I can overcome this.... even if the thought of no cutting makes me shudder.
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redoubtnews · 3 hours ago
Trigger Warning with Special Guest Rep. Mike Nearman
Trigger Warning with Special Guest Rep. Mike Nearman
Trigger Warning with Special Guest Rep. Mike Nearman Reporting from behind the Wire! First Sitting Lawmaker Ever To Be Expelled in Oregon The views, opinions, or positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, positions of Redoubt News. Social Media, including Facebook, has greatly diminished distribution of…
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twist-of-art · 3 hours ago
[TRIGGER WARNING] Toxic relationship / friendship advice?
Guys, I really need some advice here because I feel like no matter what I do, it's always wrong 🙄
So let's say I have one friend who I'm sure that she's been for a longer time in a "toxic relationship" with her apparent "boyfriend" & I clearly witnessed how he's emotionally manipulating her + blackmailing her, while she's not even realizing. A few minutes ago she called me in tears that both of them had an argument and despite the fact that it was obviously HIM who f****d up, he twisted the entire situation around by making HER being the bad guy & she ended up believing it. I personally don't know what to say or do anymore because this isn't the first when a situation like that happened and I've told her sooo many times to just finally get rid of this guy and dump him, since he's legit destroying her, mentally and physically. Still, she doesn't listen to me or she also got mad at me by saying that I don't understand and that I'm "forcing" her to break up, while I'm clearly seeing that she's unhappy and this a** of a "boyfriend" is totally draining all of her energy.. It really pains me to watch my friend getting used by him like that, but I also don't wanna stick my nose into other people's business + we can all see that no matter what I say, it never seems to help or be good enough. YET my friend nonstop complains and seeks advice from me. 🤯
Srsly, what shall I do? At one point I'm hella scared for my friend, since there were apparently already moments where her "boyfriend" sorta blackmailed & manipulated her by saying crap like "If you break up, I'm going to k*ll myself" or "Pls don't leave me, you're the only one I need in my life + the only one who can make me happy!" but at the same time, she's not listening anyway or it ends up like today where I'M suddenly the mean and rude one, even if I just wanna help her. I'm so exhausted by this entire drama because it's also draining my personal energy, yet I want to be there for my friends in hard situations..
Does anyone of you have some advice for me? Or have you guys eventually also had a toxic relationship / friendship + got successfully rid of it?
I'd really, really love to help my friend out, since she clearly deserves to be happy and free from this mess but I currently believe she's still way too blind or scared to get the courage and abandon this douche out of her life. 😥😣
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missmoodylilac · 3 hours ago
Spilling everything everywhere
Trigger warning: anxiety, eating disorders, naughty sexy behavior. Lately I’ve been having trouble with two things: focusing and dropping things. The hypochondriac in my thinks it’s because I have nerve damage somewhere in some part of my brain or body. The logical part of me think that it’s a combination of smoking too many weeds and gripping things way too hard: the arm part of the elliptical…
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neondiiick · 4 hours ago
I’m scared that some of my mutuals will hate me because sometimes I post about my eating disorder and some mild thinspo… I don’t purposely try to post those things and I understand if some of you guys unfollow me! I just use this blog as a rant/release and I try to tag all the tws
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mercsandmonsters · 4 hours ago
To: The Brothers Grimm. From: Will (Open rp)
Tumblr media
“Hello, my name is Will Wolf, of the Big Bad Wolves, and I’m here to do a cover of a song about how I feel towards the Brothers Grimm.”
He strummed a bit,
♫Fuck this shit, I’m out♫
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thegoodshit-ficrecs · 4 hours ago
and make your heart proud
Title: and make your heart proud Author:  wanderNavi  @marginal-notes​ Rating: Teen and Up Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Completed- 7 Chapters Published- September 15, 2020: November 20, 2020
Additional Tags:                                             
POV Second Person
Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence
Unreliable Narrator
on having names and losing them
Spirit Shenanigans
I always talk way too much about food
when have I ever passed up a chance to talk about genocide too
Blue Spirit - Freeform          
 You exist along the narrow border of banished and dead. On the ship, as soon as you’re able to roll off the hard, lumpy mat nailed onto a shelf in the med bay without dying, the sailors yell for you by a name you have not heard before.
Or: Zuko prays at the wrong shrine, runs errands due to blackmail, clobbers someone with an expensive artifact, and gets manipulated into joining the Gaang early.
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aurasssss · 6 hours ago
Hit 179 this morning 😈😈 getting there day by day
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c-i-c-a-d-a · 6 hours ago
This is random but I see a lot of people use tags like "self harm tw" and "abuse tw" when--in my opinion--it makes more sense to just have "tw" for general triggers and "self harm" / "abuse" all as their own individual tags. Because I don't want to have to use the stronger filter for these things because it doesn't always work properly. Just putting it out there that if someone has the individual tags "self harm" and "tw" added to their filters then "self harm tw" WONT get filtered out. I know everyone tags differently, I just think it would make more sense to tag things that way considering most people won't be able to figure out that you tag stuff with "tw self harm child mention substance abuse bugs and discourse" and be able to predict that they need to blacklist that exact series of words in that exact order. Not saying anyone did anything bad, just pointing it out. Idk if maybe I am not doing something right? Just notice this a lot and I don't really understand it.
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sapphirekiss · 8 hours ago
When i was 5, my mom told me the story of lucifer and i felt bad for him. i told him i would be his friend and redeem his value. Next day i got raped and my life became a disaster after that.
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somelazyassartist · 9 hours ago
Uhhhh yeah the Hammerfists and the Bravehearts do not get along
Tumblr media
I fucked up the perspective a little but I'm posting it anyways
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somelazyassartist · 9 hours ago
Okay uhhhhhh I know I posted some vent stuff earlier but let's forget about that and just post more evil Dwarf ladies because I love them
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bibbidibobbidibucky · 14 hours ago
Please don’t relapse. Call someone or text someone. Find something to distract yourself.
I’m trying very hard it not to. I’m just so sick of feeling worthless and unwanted these days and I hate it. All I can think about is doing it.
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actual-corpse · 15 hours ago
Fun fact:
My roommate is training to be an EMT. In one of his classes, his class was asked what the most common choking hazards for children and adults were.
I forgot what children choked on...
He told me that the instructor asked what the most common choking hazards for adults was and my roommate answered "steak". The instructor was surprised because that apparently isn't common knowledge.
When asked how he knew the answer, my roommate said, "the other night my roommate choked on a piece of steak."
What happened was, I didn't chew a piece enough and tried to swallow but it got stuck halfway and I ended up silently struggling to breathe on the couch a foot away from my roommates... I made absolutely NO noise, and we were watching TV so no one noticed me because I literally did nothing to notify anyone that I needed help.
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