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rock-music-daily · 20 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Don’t know but men with hats 😈
This is John👀✨♥️
But Neal is missing. Going to upload pics of him wearing hats 💕😩
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wakkoswish · 23 minutes ago
wasn’t expecting to stumble upon bob the tomato discussing transgender issues and calling out the church for bigotry and racism tonight but i’m very happy to know that the creators of one of my favorite shows growing up would accept me :”-)
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rjalker · 32 minutes ago
Love how people just absolutely refuse to connect the dots that “X group is superior to all other potential groups, not only physically, but mentally and culturally!!!!” is literally just bigotry.
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bbysquirrelsblog · 38 minutes ago
Speaking of icons. I know I’ve made this exact post before. But I’ve had the same icon on this website for like 5-ish years now and still every time I actually take the time to look at it, it brings me so much little joy. It’s just so cute 🥺
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rjalker · 38 minutes ago
Talking about scifi and sentient aliens and insisting that humans are inherently better than all other forms of life and “human culture” is superior to all other potential cultures is literally just racism and ableism but you think it doesn’t count because you’re talking about hypothetical “others” instead of pointing at specific people you hate and think are inherently worth less.
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thenixkat · 42 minutes ago
Its fucking wild how many folks are trying to tell me I can't talk shit about a thing just b/c they like it.
That’s just fucking hilarious.
Is your love for a type of story so fucking weak that one person not liking it ruins your whole day? Hahah, couldn’t be me, I grew out of that shit a long time ago.
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sanem-reid · 46 minutes ago
WHERE: le bristol paris, honeymoon suite ❤️
WITH: @alli-pellisier​
With every moment that passed since their vows exchanged and they said ‘ I do ’ Sanem had felt as though she’d been floating on eternal bliss. The morning after when she was assured that it hadn’t just been dream, solidified by mellowed snoring at her side and the lustrous ring still very much secured around the finger that lead straight to her heart. Something that only seemed to cultivate as they landed in Paris — after half a day in the air and fighting the slightest jetlag — for their honeymoon. Dark hues fluttering open on the start of a new morning, peering just beside her at a beautifully sleeping figure, with few rays of the sun seeping through a small break in the curtains, illuminating wonderous features. For a beat or two she simply found herself watching, soft smile playing on her lips as a hand delicately reached out, ghosting over before brushing over her cheek. Unable to help think to herself how she’d gotten so lucky to be able to wake up to an actual angel beside her, the rest of her days. Getting up from the bed after another moment, carefully so as to not wake her just yet considering how cuddled up they’d been, as well as how damn comfortable the spot is, she slipped on a robe and stretched a bit before calling room service for breakfast brought up. 
Just as she’d opened the doors to the balcony, face met with a calm breeze, she heard stirring, not a surprise given her wife was typically the earlier bird out of them both. Moving to her side of the bed, she sat beside the rousing woman, brushing away strands of blonde locks from her face. ❝ Bonjour mon amour. ❞ Whispered in a honeyed French lilt, leaning down to place a kiss on her forehead, resting her own against it. ❝ Sleep well ? – I already ordered breakfast for us, which should be coming any time now. ❞ Chuckling as she was certain Allison had been trying to coax her back into bed just then, a turn of events from it being her to keep an iron clad grip before she even had the chance to get up. Though the two of them remained as they were comfortably now, at least until a knock on the door garnered her attention, padding over and allowing the lawyer to fully awaken and join her. Gradually she brought everything out onto the balcony table, vast array of fruits, pastries, silver dollar pancakes, eggs and meats with coffee and juice to go along. Just out in front of them was a striking panoramic view which included the Eiffel Tower, truly what could’ve been a more perfect way to start the day.
Feeding a piece of melon to the other woman, she ate the rest, finishing off the bit in her mouth before speaking up again. ❝ So I was thinking, maybe today we head around the Champs-Élysées or even Montmartre. Surprisingly in all the times I’ve been here, I’ve yet to visit the neighborhood, we can apparently have our portraits drawn. Unless there was anything special you wanted to do or see of course, we still have plenty of time to fit in and explore as much as possible. ❞ Suggesting with a grin, since before their nuptials Sanem had spent time curating this trip and planning out various things for them to do she knew Alli would love. Though the itinerary was also left fairly open, in the case of simply going with the flow of the day and whatever was around them, a very common occurrence with the dancer on jet-setting ventures. Once the spread had been polished off and deciding initially what the hours to come would entail, basking in a bit more of the serene Parisian morning, together they’d finally started getting ready to join the masses. Though maybe taking just a little longer than usual. 
Stood in front of the mirror in the dressing room portion of the suit, she grabbed her phone just to make a quick little Instagram story, when the feed refreshed and up popped a post made by her best friend, with a geotag and photo credit that brought about sheer perplexity. Blinking a couple times, as her vision kept affixed on the screen. ❝ Uhm — okay, either the coffee they gave us was spiked with something and I’m starting to hallucinate or... ❞ Trailing off she walked over to Allison’s side, showing her. ❝ Granted if that was the case you probably would be too but, am I reading this right, right now ? ❞
Tumblr media
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apprenticing · an hour ago
On the flip side, how would it go down if Mc was the one giving Muriel the full body massage and just grabs his ass feeling it up, and squishing it before spreading it.
Riffing off my last ask about massages and asses, Muriel kind of quietly enjoys the attention though maybe he might get a little bit flustered with how strongly and assertively you’re groping him.  Mostly because he can’t pretend that you don’t want him when you do things like that and it can be a little much for someone who has spent the better part of a decade without a lot of human contact.
But Muriel really likes a good rubdown he’s always tense and lowkey achy.  And of course most people would go for the neck and shoulders first but his legs and thighs carry his big boy weight so he will be *deeply* appreciative of the attention.
Actually giving him a massage is a great ploy to play with his ass because his ass ABSOLUTELY needs a firm kneading.  He’ll probably tense up a lil nervously as it becomes clear that you’re after more than a simple rubdown but also he’s extremely interested in seeing where you take this, because he wants to see just how bold you can be and just how bad you want him, even if he doesn’t always have the confidence to be openly and overtly sexy for you.
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thenixkat · an hour ago
Why would I wanna sit through humans writing stories about how awesome humans are, especially when they rarely use shit that’s even fucking unique to humans and fucking generalize humanity as a whole who all do X thing (something that’s just fucking blatantly untrue), when I could be sitting through a story about how fucking balls to the walls pigeons can be?
Why would I wanna sit through virtually identical (cause yall stay going over the same handful of shit) stories of humans talking shit about how awesome they are and getting praised by aliens who logicly wouldn’t think 90% of what they’re saying is interesting b/c they’ve seen other organisms do the same shit and honestly that bragging shit would get real annoying really fast... when I could just have a story about aliens? Preferably with no humans b/c xenofiction, real xenofiction, is a very fun creative exercise.
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luna-xial · an hour ago
OMG CONGRATSSS GIRLL!!! You deserve everything!! I have something for you if you don’t mind: Thorin X female or gn reader. “It’s you. It’s always been you.” You are my favorite author on this site ❤️❤️
Thank you so much! You’re so kind 🥺❤️ Here’s your request:
You couldn’t deny that your heart was filled to the brim with betrayal, your eyes also filled with tears as you willed what you just witnessed to be a figment of your imagination. A cold nightmare that you’d wake up from with sweat beading down your brow, Thorin’s arms holding you close to his chest.
But it wasn’t. Watching Thorin so lovingly kiss the woman’s cheek, his hands holding the small of her back so gently.  You should have known that it was too good to be true, a king loving you out of all the people he interacted with daily. 
Sniffling, you turned your heel, quickly walking out of the market. Your courting braid swayed almost ironically in the wind as the cold bead against your cheek reminded you of his to cherish you so long ago. 
As Thorin’s knuckles rapped gently on the door, he frowned as he didn’t hear your feet shuffling to the door like how you usually would every evening when he’d visit. 
“(Y/n)?” Thorin called out, concern clear in his voice as he began to knock again.
Finally he heard your footsteps, but you didn’t open the door. Instead you leaned against the wood, your eyes red from crying.
“Thorin, I don’t want to see you anymore.” Your voice was hoarse from your previous sobbing. 
Thorin’s heart began to pound in his chest, “W...What happened?” He swallowed thickly, his hands itching to just shove open the door, to speak to you face to face. 
“I cannot be with someone who will readily destroy my trust the minute I am looking away.”
“(Y/n).. What are you talking about? I love you. I’d never do that to you.” 
“No you don’t,” Tears stung the back of your eyes as you shook your head, a sob threatening to rip from your throat as you pulled from him. “If you did, you wouldn’t have---” 
Thorin couldn’t take it anymore, deciding to carefully open the door as you stepped back. Bringing you into his embrace, his heart clenched as he carefully wiped your tears. 
“It is you who owns my heart, who owns my happiness, and who I call my One. It’s you. It’s always been you,” His hand was warm as it cupped your face, his thumb caressing your cheekbone. 
“Then why did you… Kiss that girl in the market?”
Thorin’s brow furrowed as he tried to recall what in Mahal you were speaking of. 
“I didn’t kiss her, I helped her across the road, it may have looked like something more from where you were but I swear to you, Men Iananubukhs, I would never betray your trust in such a manner.” 
“Did not betray your trust.” Thorin’s voice was calm as he held you, his forehead now pressing against yours. 
“Nor would I ever. It’s you. It’s always been you.”
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thenixkat · an hour ago
Damn, I got one of the top 50 most boring fandoms pressed, huh?
It’s hilarious that ya’ll think I don’t have the tags blocked. I encounter that shit organically and it's still boring as hell.
“Human un-exceptionalism being the trend“ The fuck where bitches? I wanna run into those! And that’s if it's actually human un-exceptionalism and not fucking humans as the average/baseline which is still fucking human exceptionalism.
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vevamotivation · an hour ago
“We are each gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light.”
Mary Dunbar
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