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id-rather-be-an-outsider · 7 minutes ago
100 follower sleepover, aka I’m sick and have the time
the fact that I hit 100 followers on here a few days again and didn’t even notice bc of work and being busy in general? unacceptable.
ty guys! you should like, send in requests or smthn idk, maybe send in asks or just smthn fun for me to get to know u guys <3 I appreciate that 100 people enjoy my writing enough to follow :) I will continue to put out content for you whenever I can!
can’t wait to see your juicy questions!
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wtfrae · 8 minutes ago
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antisocia1-butterfly · 40 minutes ago
100 Follower Event!
hello! as of 3 day ago reached 100 followers. Because of this I have decided to do an 100 follower event(as shown in the title).
But before I do that, I just wanted to thank the people who are following me. I hope that you continue to follow me and enjoy my content/blog as long as I continue on this platform. Special thanks to @kirakirasaku, @livshotel, @motoyafightclub, and @gg9183 for being great people and motivators.
For the event I will be doing a mix of matchups and mood boards! Down below will be some rules/guidelines to follow before sending an request in :)
Mood Boards Rules/Guidelines:
only 1 character per mood board
you can do a color and a character or a scenario and a character
I am allowed to delete requests that I do not feel comfortable with
You can request non-post!timeskip or post!timeskip characters if the fandom allows it.
if you want post!timeskip please include it in your request or I will assume it's not post!timeskip
Fandoms include but not limited to: AOT, BNHA, Tokyo Rev, Haikyuu.
example: can I get the color blue with Draken or (insert scenerio) with post!timeskip bokuto.
Matchup Rules/Guidelines:
you can have up to 2 fandoms.
when requesting please add some of your features(height, hair color, etc.)
when requesting please add some things you like to do/personality
I am allowed to delete requests that I do not feel comfortable with
Fandoms include but not limited to: AOT, BNHA, Tokyo Rev, Haikyuu.
add in your request if you want a drabble.
example: i'm 5'1, brown hair, green eyes, and I like going on runs and watching netflix. Can I get this with HQ and Tokyo revengers.
Please be patient this is my first event.
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alraedesigns · 5 hours ago
100 Follower Milestone Art Event!
I managed to hit 100 followers this week and I would to like to say thank you to all of you by opening up for requests! I'm so grateful to be included in this community and to have your support! I know I tend to do a lot of Ben Barnes and Pedro Pascal fan art, but I'm not limited to it.
The Rules:
Requests will be open until 6/20 @ 11:59pm
Pick any actor/character/plant/pet/etc. you want (Even better if you have a specific reference photo in mind! Send it along!)
Pick a color palette from below OR specify one in your ask (ex: grayscale/realistic colors/neon)
No NSFW, a bit zesty is perfectly fine, but I'm not in the mood to draw anyone's bits and pieces this week 🙃
Tumblr media
Color palette by @plastic-knife
My ask box is open! Send me your requests!
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shadow--writer · 7 hours ago
@bon-amie finally did them! Third place winnings from my way back when 100 followers celebration (still waiting on the other two winners haha XD. Lmfao we’re almost at 300 now aslkdjufduc. I am a major dweeb lol). 
Asra x MC angst.
The rundown of the specify of this ask is as the MC grows to be independent Asra leaves for longer trips and the MC thinks it’s their fault since he leaves without warning and without explanation to where he’s going. 
The MC withdrawals into themselves and blames themselves over him. 
THESE GET LONG BTW HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASRA I’M SORRY HUN I HURT YA. And I really hope these are good lol. My room is so hot I’m gettin delirious. Enjoy! 
Oh god these are gonna hurt here we GO
My guess he starts leaving for a longer amount of time is because of your independence and he wants you to spread your wings a bit more. 
After bringing you back to life you’ve started acting more like him then you (which is understandable, he’s the one helping you relearn everything of course you’ll draw on his personality and quirks)
He would start to notice how distant you are from him when you wouldn’t greet him when he comes home from his trips 
Which of course, stings a little.
He wouldn’t really notice you blaming yourself and blame himself on this. Thus, leading to more long trips.
Oh oh I have something, hear me out here
The MC and Asra in canon share a bed
What if the MC buys a bed for themself for when Asra is home?
That shit HURTED. He would stare in both anguish and hurt, knowing he kinda caused this but not really how. Blames himself with how...distant you’ve become 
Makes you breakfast still, leaves in the early hours before you wake up so he doesn’t have to see you
He knows he loves you. But he knows that something is off with you 
So he just leaves you alone
Conversations get far and few between. Some days you only say one or two words to one another in passing. That’s it. 
Now, you would um let’s see, try to confess why you’re being distant and skittish. Of course Asra is up at attention 
Why did you get a new bed? Why are you so distant? What did he do wrong?
Confessing you feel like you did something wrong will be like a slap to the face for him
Like full on gasping from the pain that caused because he never meant to cause you harm but he did and he can’t take it back and he was making it worse
They’d be dead silent as you talk, their eyes glazing over a bit with how awful they feel
Like their eyes are so dull they look dead. Everything hurts and he swears his heart stopped 
Am I selling that he’s so guilty and hurt that he’s doing this to you? No? Here let’s make it worse
He gave up half of his heart to bring you back for a second chance. 
And he’s losing you 
Of course it wasn’t anything you did wrong, he just doesn’t know how to tread since you came back and he doesn’t want you to be like him but like you again
And boy did that one backfire
Haha if you start crying he’s gonna cry and then neither of you are gonna get anything done since you’re both sobbing like fools
But hey through the blubbers he will dive at you in a hug
There’s two ways this could go
Happy way
He gonna sob at you ngl. Hurting you wasn’t what he intended. He just wanted you to spread your wing again
But he never intended to have you hurt so badly in this way because of him
He gonna hug you a lot I hope you know this
Lawd knows you’re gonna have some serious abandonment issues after this one
He’s gonna be SO TEMPTED to confess to you right here and now but ofc it isn’t the right time
So they’re gonna be your shoulder to cry on and hope you’ll be his
He’s going to apologize so much to you. Like over and over again in the moment and then randomly.
If you offer he sleeps with you again he will scoop you up and brighten like the sun
V snuggly as well
sakjdhfduijk imagine his voice being thick with sleep and hoarse from crying as he apologizes to you softly when you’re trying to fall asleep
He’s gonna warn you where and when he goes when he goes on trips now
Fool me once and all that
Not so happy way
Ha this gonna hurt stick with me now
Him letting you go
Bear with me, he does this in canon but now with knowing he’s the reason you’re hurting this gonna be WORSE
He loves you and wants to support you in any way they can but
When you fall in love with someone else and he watches you go KNOWING he could’ve done something to get you to stay
oooh baby
This bitch can fit so much unrequited love angst in em it ain’t even FUNNY
He knows his actions pushed you away
And that’s what hurts the most
But they’ll be there by your side if you need them
His love is selfish. But he’s not selfish enough to keep you to himself when you knows he hurt you
So he does the most loving thing he can
And let’s you go
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smoothbycarlossantana · 9 hours ago
My follower count is 69 again 😎
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togasbetch · 9 hours ago
i wanna talk to you guys so bad. fill my asks with weird bnha head cannons or just say something :))
also, what should i do in honor of 100 followers? matchups? what are we feelin?
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simeonisalesbian · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Holyyyy shittttt there are actually 2 more since I took this screenshot but like !!!!!!!
Thank yall so much!!!!! There are so many of yall!!! You all are so nice and I just!!!!!!
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closuredream · 14 hours ago
okay I don't know if this is messed up to say, so please lmk if I'm out of line here. but I find it really strange when people on any platform are like "follow me I'm [insert minority groups]" like...why would I watch a streamer/ follow someone simply because of their race or religion or identity? I'm gonna watch/follow someone if I like their content
true ! i barely use twitter but sometimes i see those tweets under someone else's it feels so wrong LMFAO like.... you do realize i'm consuming the content i want because.... surprise... it entertains me, and i watch it not because of who they are but because its something i like 😭 sometimes even comes across as like guilt tripping and it's so strange lol. it reminds me of those tweets that are like "[an important political issue happens] mutuals use this as a self promo for being part of the minority that was affected !" ........ DOTS
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catboysquadra · 16 hours ago
speedrunning my joker transformation cuz the seccolata fancam has 300 notes now
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the-bastard-entity · 16 hours ago
<3 "Kiss me?" ~Faith
[Send <3 and a command to have Bass obey it: Accepting] @faithful-survivor
"You sound uncertain, my darling," the Entity teases even when he feels the pull of the rune. "Are you sure you want this?"
The question does not require a response. As soon as the words left the god's mouth, he leaned down to kiss the top of Faith's head. His hands carefully brought her closer, one remaining on the top of her back whilst the thumb of the other circled her hip.
"Perhaps this was not enough for you, my sweetest." After licking at his lips, another kiss landed between her brows and another on the top of her nose. "Would that be satisfactory, adorable Faith?"
Her soft whine signified the drug already taking effect. Of course, those tiny pecks would never satisfy her hunger for his lips. But breaking her bit by bit was always far more entertaining and filling.
"You're such a good girl, darling. I will kiss you now. And if you want anything else, don't be afraid to ask." With those final words, he gently cupped her face and joined their lips in a sweet and loving kiss.
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spiteful-bomb · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
I- :D
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ame-baby · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
I guess I'll do something soon maybe idk-"?
Yay qwq I got 100 followers qwq
*panic qwq*
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the-bastard-entity · 17 hours ago
<3 Gimme attention [catgirl jynx]
[Send <3 and a command to have Bass obey it: Accepting] (+18)
It appeared that most of the fog dwellers were hungry for his attention. Luckily for them, Bass was more than happy to spoil his pets, especially since he was recently in a good mood. Sitting on his soft bed, the godling tapped his crossed shins twice inviting the catgirl to sit in his lap. Having little choice but to obey, Jynx found herself resting with her back to her god. A favorite position of his, whenever he was with his cute survivor.
"Such a needy kitten. How could I say 'no', when your whines and purrs are always so pleasing to hear." His hands immediately found a task for themselves; one focusing on her belly, whilst the other toyed with her breast.
"Look at how kind I am. Using up my time to toy with you. I am a busy being, you know? But you are so irresistible with your precious ears and tail." As if to prove his point, the god bit softly into one of the furry ears and chuckled to himself.
The hand positioned lower on her body slid even further down till it reached between her legs circling her warmth. A purr and the soft arch of her back edging him on forced his lips to land on her exposed neck and suck on the tasty flesh. It didn't take long for the Entity to leave a bite mark on her shoulder.
"I'm going to fuck you, darling. But you have to choose what you prefer. My cock..." He kissed her neck again. "...My tentacles..." His saliva-coated tongue traced her nape. "...Or both?"
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six-cute · 18 hours ago
hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope hope
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Quick Hope boy doodle :> (the blood is pink, it just looks red here)
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purpleeappleeee · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
100+??? Omg- Thank you so much you guys 😩❣️💕🍎
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yummymotoswhore · 20 hours ago
could we have an author x reader ??
idk, maybe if people want it 🤷🏽‍♂️
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azulasbluefire1236 · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
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keithfucingkogane · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Yay! Thanks y'all!
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