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Fun Fact
There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.
#relationship goals
ashtroashton1994 · an hour ago
I woke up craving you this morning. I want your body under mine so I can rotate my hips in small circles right over your bulge. I want to kiss you like there’s no tomorrow. I want to tease you until you have enough of it and flip us over so you can take control. I want you to tease me until I’m begging you to let me cum. I want you.
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delasianyah · 2 hours ago
Shady Love
Among the conversations that started as a result of my previous post, one of my readers shared her thoughts with me via WhatsApp; so I decided to respond to it as well as address other concerns. She wrote: “I disagree with a guy not committing to a woman because she can’t cook or clean… if u truly love her and these are things u can teach her why not do that and make her into the woman u want…
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tsunami-cabieri · 10 hours ago
When disco is life, and "baby gots back"!
One of our mutuals did the sweetest thing and made us a playlist on Spotify. It was only fair to respond in kind with our own "Disco is NOT Dean, disco is life" playlist.
Apparently a wee someone was enjoying it too much. Not that I'm complaining, tho. I love watching her "shake her money maker"😍. Ninjas got bills to pay, ya feel me
Anywho, among a lot of things she is an indy author, and has decided to open a Tumblr so we can further our antics on yet another social media platform.
God save the world, cos we sure won't. Just shenanigans and love, babies💕
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ricedotcom · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
These two are the best. Get yourself a tsundere samurai bro that'll stab you once in a while.
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