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#sophie lightwood
willcarstiarsa day ago
TID boys described in a sentence
Will: 鈥渟elf-loathing, touch starved, classic reader, eventually marries his crush, scared of harmless creatures, slapped by Jem...finally鈥
Jem: 鈥淪oft Asian boy, plays more than he talks, respect women more than he respects himself, feminist, literally half dead (I鈥檓 so sorry), proud of slapping Will hehe鈥澛
Henry:聽鈥渟imp, loves fiercly but has a hard time showing it, rambles about science to no one in paticular and uses it as a coping mechanism鈥澛
Gabriel: 鈥渃old and aggront on the outside but a soft teddy bear on the inside (Cecy鈥檚 doing obv hehe). Daddy issues (my father鈥檚 a worm!!), dramatic af, *ugh I have the same initials as my brother*鈥澛
Gideon: 鈥渟tarts secretly naming their kids when he talks to (Sophie) for the first time, the mom of the group, adores his brother (secretly), probably writes poetry about (Sophie)鈥澛
Nate:聽鈥渕isunderstood聽 and scared shitless villian, suprise!! I鈥檓 your cousin not you brother hehe, elpoes with the hot girl, nearly kisses his sister鈥
Woosley Scott:聽鈥済ay for magnus, can pick a fight anywhere, leader of a wolf pack with the werewolves high and drugged as hell, prob had a crush on Will (I mean who doesn鈥檛)鈥
Magnus Bane:聽鈥渇ilrts with anyone in sight (married or not), the Shadowhunters鈥 therapist and babysitter, Bi panic but cool on the outside, SCARFSSS, hair and scarf flip, owns a walking stick for no reason鈥澛
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foxglove-airmid2 days ago
Gideon Lightwood Flower Card Analysis
(I am honestly really surprised bu the fact there is nothing about his siblings in here? They were so integral to his original character especially Gabriel but this card is mostly focused on Sophie and his kids)
Given flower: Stock (also known as Gillyflower)
Given meaning: You will always be beautiful to me
Other meanings:
鈥 Everlasting love (the same as Sophie)
鈥 Everlasting beauty (for Sophie)
鈥 A content and happy life and marriage (again him and Sophie)
鈥 A long life
鈥 Affection
鈥 Um promptness??
鈥 Fascination
鈥 Distinction
鈥 I will be faithful to you even in the face of adversity and misfortunes (*screeches in the rumours and in Barbara*)
鈥 Friendship
鈥 "For when someone suffers a misfortune (I do think you can gift this in the case of a lost child)
鈥 You taught me to see the beauty in the world"
Dream symbolism:
鈥 In a dark turn of events dreaming of this flower means that your child will die.
鈥 Also related to that same point, you will experience a brief period of complete happiness before the loss
鈥 That's pretty much it? It means that.
Other points of interest:
鈥 Funnily enough Gillyflower is often used as a name for Carnations as in Matthew's flower
鈥 Used in magic as a charm for a happy warm family life
@alastair-esfandiyar-carstairs1 @anarmorofwords @littlx-songbxrd @apple-bottom-jeansx @thechangeling @yozinha-z @gabtapia @dontmindmyshadowhunting @goldendvisy (an I forgetting someone? Xx)
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foxglove-airmid2 days ago
Sophie Collins/Ashdown/Lightwood
Given flower: Bluebell
Given meaning: Gratitude (accurate and common meaning)
Other meanings:
鈥 Humility
鈥 Constancy
鈥 Unwavering devotion and respect to your loved one (her and Gideon!!!)
鈥 Everlasting love (a meaning shared with Gideon!)
鈥 Loyalty (her loyalty to Charlotte is unquestionable and a big part of her character when we first meet her)
鈥 Delicacy
鈥 Kindness (arguably her defining quality)
鈥 Luck (I suppose she was lucky in getting the chance to have a life like she did)
鈥 Solitude (she was very isolated when we first meet her)
鈥 Sorrowful regret (is this for Barbara? Thomas Tanner?)
鈥 Truth (Sophie is a very honest character)
鈥 Rebirth, rebirth of the dead (interesting? I assume this pertains to her rebirth as a Shadowhunter?)
鈥 Placed on graves to comfort grieving parents (Barbara)
Dream symbolism:
鈥 To聽dream聽of bluebells represents a positive experience in waking life that is noticeably not arrogant. Feeling how nice it is that someone is purposely trying to not embarrass you. Sensitivity about letting others feel good not being embarrassed.
鈥 When the flower is a soft blue that turns to a deep blue it means tranquility descending into pain and tough times
鈥 You are humble in real life and it is important to you that others feel at ease in your company. You may go out of your way to ensure others do not feel uncomfortable or embarrassed in work or public situations
鈥 Bluebells in a dream symbolize the gratitude for all you have in your life. You work hard for all you have. You are rewarded with achieving what you dream. Bluebells symbolize your humility.
Other points of interest:
鈥 Associated with faeries! (*Nudges my theory that Sophie has faerie blood somewhere in her family and that's why she had the sight towards ya'll *) and you should NEVER pick them for this reason, any child that does disappears (an old tale)
鈥 I have literally no idea how this would connect but its said that if you wear a wreath of bluebells then you cannot tell a lie. Also the sap was used as glue for arrows and books!
鈥 Associated with the moon and Saturn. Also with the air element.
@alastair-esfandiyar-carstairs1 @anarmorofwords @littlx-songbxrd @apple-bottom-jeansx @thechangeling @yozinha-z @gabtapia @dontmindmyshadowhunting @goldendvisy (an I forgetting someone? Xx)
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thewarthatsavedmylife3 days ago
deleting my dating apps cause I wanna meet them the old fashioned way (scones)
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notyourbitchboybane3 days ago
deleting my dating apps because i want to meet someone the old fashioned way (shoving a bunch of scones under my bed)
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foxglove-airmid9 days ago
Can I tell you guys what I think was a missed opportunity?
To show us parallels between Charlotte looking after Sophie after her attack and Isabelle looking after Clary after hers.
Hear me out.
Charlotte (a Fairchild) taking care of Sophie (a Lightwood) and then generations later the roles reversed and we see Isabelle ( a Lightwood) taking care of Clary (a Fairchild)?! Sorry but that could have been so beautiful?!
(Yes I do know that Clary seemingly doesn't even tell Isabelle but I have chosen to disregard that because I can)
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cecily111311 days ago
Sees Jem Come-and-stair become brother snackariah
Sees Will and Tessa get married
Sees scone boy and precious ms Collins together
Sees Cecily fall for Gabriel鈥檚 renowned awkward flirtation
Sees my adorable Henry and queen Charlotte have kids
Bridget: alone
Me and Bridget: similarities 100%
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cecily111311 days ago
Lightwood women: fabulous queens like Cecily
Lightwood men:
No one:
Absolutely no one:
Gabriel: u like dat horse?
Gideon: I don鈥檛 like scones but I like u
Alec: doesn鈥檛 get the chance to say something too stupid cos he鈥檚 too busy falling down the stairs
Bridget: ah, here鈥檚 the awkward but sexually charismatic bunch
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i legit forgot that in the book they really said will gave a whole speech at gabrily鈥檚 wedding that was actually beautiful 鈥攖hen said he tought she was marrying gideon and took everything back
if that is not the most will thing to do
and the fact that not only cecily and gabriel were mad, but also sophie
well i kinda tried to forget everything that happened there and ignore its existence
when i read that tho i remember i was laughing with tears in my eyes, but not tears from joy
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herondalesunsetcurve12 days ago
Ik it's twp that's trending, but I only have these god-awful tid drawings to offer.
Here's me not trying at all :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
People who might appreciate my amazing artistry: @rosiehasmauvesoul @jesper-fahey-supremacy @niathesanctuary-bolastair-kanej @neo-lightchild-decafineator
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deadinsidegal12 days ago
I鈥檓 feeling pretty meh about life and other things at the moment, so I鈥檝e decided that a re read of The Infernal Devices trilogy will help cheer me up, it鈥檚 always been my favourite trilogy from Cassie.
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bookquotes609612 days ago
Cecily didnt jump on a giant worm for you to sleep on her. Shame on you we dont even have a gabricily tag.
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