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johnszandormonroe · 2 minutes ago
Don’t Hate Conservatives; pity them
Could you love a conservative?
 There are those of us on the left guilty of having made a sport of mocking conservatives. There’s a certain catharsis in seeing one’s political adversaries, after having brought so much harm, humiliate themselves on television or reveal the extent of their ignorance in a compilation video. And all being fair in love and culture wars, they certainly return the favor; having transformed many of enraged feminists and unintentionally preachy activists into living memes, they have effectively established the prudish brand associated with social justice and “woke” culture that—for better or worse—has become largely synonymous with leftism. But, I am writing now to address my fellow leftists and give them every reason to never despise another conservative again. That is, of course, “conservatives” as in working-class folks who vote republican and have traditional western values, not the GOP and corporate Machiavellians who manipulate them. Most everyday conservatives are not inherently malicious people, but victims of a despicable, psychological warfare that has sought to extort their values and nostalgia for the sake of votes and profits; the moral high ground is not to despise them, but to help them, and merely pity those who can’t be helped. 
 To be absolutely clear, when I say “conservative,” I am not referring to politicians, juggernauts, magnates, lobbyists, or any such position of prestige or power who are in (or in bed with) the republican party. I am strictly referring to the millions of ordinary, working-class Americans who are nominally conservative and tend to vote republican. These conservatives are afraid—rather, they’ve been made to be afraid—that what makes America America is under attack. They believe that the defining features of their home are at risk of being made obsolete and that the republican party—or at least a certain faction of it—is the last hope to save it. The GOP uses fear to manipulate their constituents. So, make no mistake: the GOP is evil (not that the democratic party isn’t). Essentially, all they do is take money from corporations, especially oil companies, and use it to deceive their voters—exploiting their deepest and most private beliefs to do so—all for the sake of making the rich richer, and all at the expense of wreaking havoc on the planet. This is almost a caricature of villainy, and we are all victims of it—including conservatives.   
 Believe it or not, I have seen compassion at work in the hearts and hands of conservatives; I have known and grown with conservatives who have gone above and beyond in their care for animals, who devote themselves to the elderly, who do anything and rise to any occasion for their family, who have welcomed me into their homes when I was at my lowest in spite of our differences, who are charitable, who assist the disabled, and so on.  If actions truly speak louder than words, then many ordinary, working-class conservatives have shown to me personally that below all the bigotry and wrongheaded notions, what drives the personal passions of their private pursuits is a desire for the wellbeing of their fellow human—the same thing that drives leftists. It is not their inward intentions, but their outward positions that have been perverted by the external forces of corporate America and the GOP: They don’t reject universal healthcare because they want to deprive the poor or empower the wealthy, they do it because they have been tricked into believing it would end up being a financial disaster with worse health outcomes. They don’t reject a social safety net because they want the disadvantaged to suffer, they do it because they have been tricked into believing it would be a step toward authoritarianism. They do not denounce higher wages and unions because they despise the hardworking, they do it because they have been tricked into believing that they would cause unintended, runaway economic consequences and go against a sacred spirit of rugged American individualism. The majority do not embrace isolationism because they are blatantly racist or xenophobic, they do so because they have been tricked into believing that traditions and customs from beyond these borders represent an existential threat to their own way of life rather than a completement to it.  For just about every conservative talking point you can imagine, there is hidden in the rough some distant, well-intended value that has been captured, contorted, and compromised by politicians or members of the owner-class. 
  I grew up in a conservative household. The majority of my family are conservative, and I can say without hesitation that I know what it’s like to love a conservative person. The thing about love—especially unconditional love—is that it forces you to see every modicum of what good and virtue there is at the core of a person even if to any other ordinary onlooker it would be obscured by an abyss of boisterous bigotry. Now, this is not a naïve call to “try and see the good in everyone;” as a mechanic, I know that improvement begins with finding and focusing on fault. But, that is precisely how I want us to approach conservatives from now on—with a mechanic’s eye; see in conservatives individuals who are extraordinarily flawed, but also see hope. Know that they got that way not by the design of their own contemptuous hearts, but through a years-long meandering journey of indoctrination, manipulation, propaganda, religious evangelism, and sexual repression. Their representatives have chosen to use their dearest and most intimate values and memories against them in a ploy to exploit them. Nothing is off limits to the GOP, and conservatives have been subjected to a lifetime of intense manipulation that is difficult to comprehend. What they are most in need of are friends from outside their political ecosystem who will educate them without condescending to them. Now, of course, there are a great many who are simply beyond all hopes of being reasoned with, and there are those who genuinely do possess wicked, contemptuous hearts, but still, we must not despise even them; in fact, these are the ones we should pity the most. 
 If you’ve been in the habit of avoiding all conversation with conservatives, you might be surprised at how many issues on which they agree with the left if only one can cut the fat from the conversation and shave it down to raw, lean substance. As long as names and labels aren’t mentioned, I’ve found that there are few hard issues on which my conservative friends and family will disagree with me. For example, most I’ve spoken to are in favor of some form of drug legalization. The same goes for legalizing and regulating prostitution.  They agree that there is a problem with corporate elites being in bed with politicians but are leery of any solution that’s been labeled “socialism.” Most agree that there is a systemic problem with our current healthcare system, just not that universal healthcare is the solution. They agree that the U.S.’s military imperialism and extensive interference in foreign affairs is not the best use of our resources,  but merely stop short in agreeing that a military budget cut is in order. They generally agree with leftists on the meat, just not the method. 
 Before I leave you, remember that nothing herein is to excuse blatant bigotry, but to help us understand the nature of our fellow human beings and feel more compassion toward our conservative friends and family, and when our own evangelism comes from a place of compassion, we will always be orders of magnitude more persuasive than when it comes from a place of hatred. Leftism, after all, is about working toward the greater good for all people—the idea that rather than having a system based on greed and selfishness, it’s possible to have one based on compassion and cooperation. Therefore, as leftists, we strive to feel compassion toward even our most aggressive adversaries, even those who—on the surface—may appear hideously heinous in their hostilities. We do not excuse bigotry; we do not ignore evil; our mission is to reduce suffering. We condemn and dismantle the institutions of greed, destruction, and oppression, but we forgive—even love—the individual. 
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aceofspadegrass · 11 minutes ago
do you have any headcanons for chishiya as a child? angsty, cute, anything works ☺️
Oh? Okay, let me just ramble a few off the top of my head then.
- Childshiya was the kid that never really spoke up at school, not because he was shy, but more like he didn't feel like gathering the energy to interact more than he considered necessary. Still didn't stop the other kids from noticing he was the smart kid and trying to group with him during group projects. Kids probably never bothered him because he never reacted to a lot of things and even if a few did try to be his friend they likely didn't remain that way for long as most kids wanted a mutual sort of companionship.
Childshiya didn't mind, but it still didn't help his perpetual lonely state.
- He actually has a fond interest in art that are deemed mysterious and thought provoking (Like the Mona Lisa) and when he could, he tried his best to read as much about it as his little mind could process. When he was brought to art museums he always managed to disappear from his parents (or maybe even teachers if it was a field trip) to stare at paintings for as long as he was allowed to and go on mental thought tangents before inevitably reappearing by his parents/teacher as if he never left. If other adults asked if he was lost he'd just shake his head and continue with his art stare.
(I like to think as he got older he knew a lot of art history for a med student, and he only attributes it to his cleverness. He could tell the exact date, medium, artist, and name of famous arts off the top of his head as if it were simple knowledge.)
- Continuing on that previous point, Childshiya did a little bit of art on his off time, and he's actually not that terrible at it. To be fair, doctors have to have a steady hand, and so do artists, so Childshiya doodling on his off time to practice a steady hand isn't that impossible to think about. He wouldn't call anything he does good enough for anyone to really see, but it's not just stick drawings and shapes.
I like to think that's why he chose instead of signing notes with his name or initial where it could track to him immediately by name, he instead draws a cat every single time because that is also his signature. Just a simple cat. :3
- Imagine Childshiya, in an attempt to get his father's attention, tried to inflict self medical issues on himself. He's smart, but he's still a child, and sometimes that can translates to the child trying to do what they think will get results through child logic.
Cut to Childshiya being carried into the ER by his father because he 'tripped' and broke his toe. It sort of worked at least, his father did pay attention to him for once. It led to a lecture of being more careful walking and that 'He was smarter than that', but it was worth it.
- Childshiya had one of those small water fountains in his room as decoration, and sometimes he'd put water in, turn it on, and just sit there at his desk watching the water go through blankly. Sometimes he'd place a really tiny foam duck that he got from some machine at the top and mindlessly watch it float to the bottom basin. It was as much entertainment as he could get, even if it was repetitive.
- I also like to think Childshiya owning a children's doctor kit, also as a form of entertainment and he'd busy himself with playing doctor on random things like his bedroom door, a chair, and even his face. The entire time he's got a blank face and is muttering random doctor words that he's read. Apparently his knee had polio according to his plastic otoscope.
He's just doing this with such a serious expression, and pretty much his only way of connecting with his father. Festive. :)
- Childshiya was once handed a hoodie several sizes too big for him during a sudden rainstorm so he didn't get cold and he looked like a floating jacket with feet and nothing else. Just imagine a child with a hoodie, the hood draped over his head where it flops in front of his eyes and the sleeve flop over his hands so he couldn't use them unless he went tortoise mode peeked them out or rolled up the sleeves, and the bottom hung down to about his knee.
Now imagine that flopping through the outside, no cute singing or dancing in the rain, merely chugging along in this hoodie. He somehow found that experience comfortable.
- He was the type of kid to wander off immediately if no one kept a close eye on him because something else caught his interest, but at least wouldn't move anywhere else once he's settled. He wasn't horrible at directions so as long as they kept in the same area he'd eventually find his way back.
- Childshiya soaked in as much knowledge as he could when it was thrown at him or something he picked up offhandedly. Does he tell anyone about said facts? Oh absolutely not. He just has these little tidbits of knowledge that he kept to himself. He even writes them down if they're particularly interesting.
- He stole a baby lemon tree once.
- Childshiya was one of the only kids willing to do all of dissection day, and it only helped in his future as a med student. The other kids thought he was brave for doing it, or weird because he seemed so unaffected.
- Childshiya made sort of friends with local cats in his area, and was semi-friendly to each and every single one that was willing to approach him for pets. It was an absolute vibe.
And of course, the funniest one of all:
- No matter how much strawberry milk this baby bitch drank he still wasn't getting any taller. :)
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mindpersuasion · 19 minutes ago
Money Love Master Plan:
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brekk3r · 23 minutes ago
this conference thing. great. fun even. ive met gay ppl. however, if i keep getting separated from the fucking gay people im gonna lose it
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alliancerecruitment · 25 minutes ago
With over 3 billion active daily users globally, social media sites have quickly taken over the globe. These figures are expected to rise to almost 4.5 billion by 2025, making it more critical than ever for companies to have a social media presence.
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Since March 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic started spreading, the magnitude of population reporting anxiety or depression grew exponentially. It has always been a common experience to face anxiety in different walks of life. Anything from finances, job interviews, social gatherings, and other personal vulnerabilities tend to evoke anxiety at times.
Tumblr media
These are normal feelings and vanish in some time. However, for some people these experiences can be more than a momentary restlessness, especially in challenging times like COVID-19 or during other personal or professional crisis.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Americans experienced more symptoms of anxiety disorder during April–June of 2020, compared with the same period in 2019. According to a survey, around 40.9 percent respondents reported at least one behavioral health condition, such as symptoms of a trauma-and stressor-related disorder (TSRD) associated with the pandemic (26.3 percent) and symptoms of anxiety disorder (30.9 percent). In addition, 13.3 percent of respondents reported to have started or increased substance use to cope with COVID-19 related stress or emotions.
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revisesociology · 34 minutes ago
Poverty is the Main 'Cause' of Youth Violent Crime in London......
Poverty is the Main ‘Cause’ of Youth Violent Crime in London……
A recent 2019 study into the causes of violent crime in London found that the proportion of children under 20 living in poverty was the main factor correlated with levels youth violent crime in London Boroughs. This is an important update for the A-level Sociology Crime and Deviance module. The study was conducted in 2019 by the Greater London Authority, and it took a public health approach to…
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ramyeonjpg-medium-quotes · 38 minutes ago
Solution: Having a customized notification tab with specific filters has been my saving grace. It’s similar to the notification tab that Twitter has, but Tweetdeck allows a lot more control over what you want to filter and include: / #MediumPublications
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hcmarketers · 40 minutes ago
Social Worker Email Addresses
We help our clients with market insights, updates on customer buying patterns, purchasing power parity and general knowhow to help them with understanding how effectively they can use the Social Workers Email Lists to the best of their campaigning interests. As pharmaceutical companies, healthcare service providers, magazine publishers and other medical marketers, your expertise lie in building campaigning strategies. Our expertise and skills on the other hand lie in developing a relevant mailing database of Social Workers, robust with data that will complement niche marketing strategies. So let us help you to integrate your marketing strategies and communication plans with data by offering the Social Worker Email Addresses.
Developed by a world class team of data research specialists, our Social Workers email database simplifies global business communications and networking. We believe that a collaborative effort for your campaigns is both cost effective and will prove beneficial in the long run. Purchasing the Social Worker Mailing Lists should therefore not be perceived as an individual event but something that will provide value in the future. With data on over 4,332 social workers, we provide you with the tool for making the right start today with our email lists of Social Workers.
Know more:
Email id:
Phone: 8477188181
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millennialmarketingllc · 46 minutes ago
Hootsuite Acquires Leading Digital Customer Engagement Platform, Sparkcentral - GlobeNewswire
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thehealingplum · 52 minutes ago
When it comes to conflict, people want instant gratification. There is quick finger pointing of who the bad guy is instead of looking at the actual problems. People are not bad. Their actions are bad sometimes, but that does not make them bad. People are not good either. Their actions are good sometimes, but that does not make them good. People are simply people. And we should respect their humanity.
As a society, we should be thinking more long term solution to problems rather than looking at immediately punishing wrongdoings.
We always ask who did what, and what do they deserve for doing a thing. But who does that help in the long run?
I have watched social justice grow as a thing on Tumblr where we call out bad behavior and create a permanent label for people. We have receipts of the things people did, we display them to humiliate and shame the person. I used to think this was okay. I tried to be involved in a "callout" myself. The situation was handled very poorly on all sides. Now my own humiliation is on display while someone else with a similar habit of emotional manipulation is considered the "victim" and I the "abuser."
I have been told by many people that there was a lot of manipulation and gaslighting from the others involved. And so I told myself "it's fine if I hate them. I'm justified in hating them. They hurt me when I was vulnerable." ...but then I remembered that they were also hurting. Hurting because the system we have is terrible. Hurting because people are not getting the emotional healing they deserve. And so... I don't hate them. They called me abusive. They told me my anxiety was a crutch. They called me an asshole. They called me creepy.
Since then, I've been doing a lot of soul searching, unlearning, and inner work. It's not the most pleasant thing, but it's necessary. Because it will equip me to better handle similar conflict in the future. Instead of acting on impulse and emotions, I look towards an actual solution.
The way we look at social justice and call outs is not any different from the way our abusers have punished us.
For example: a parent is having trouble with a child. They do not know how to stop the child from throwing a tantrum. The parent wants the child to stop, be obedient and cease the embarrassment. And so, the parent spanks the child. An act of violence and humiliation to satisfy the parent's need to stop the child from acting out.
An example of online solutions to misbehavior: a teenager has decided that they are interested in drawing explicit content involving underaged characters. They are then seen as immoral. Bad. Irredeemable. Mob mentality drives people to call them out and say they are pedophiles. Their name is slandered. There is suicide baiting, emotional abuse from the community, doxing, and nothing is actually fixed. People are angry on all sides. People feel justified in their anger. But that anger doesn't help anyone, and leads to more harm than good.
We can't survive like this. We can't live like this. Expecting people to hurt each other, expecting to be hurt and get revenge when getting hurt, it doesn't do anything for anyone except uphold a broken system of cruel punishment.
Maybe, just maybe, think critically about what you do when someone does you wrong. And then think about what you would want someone to do with you if you did something wrong.
It's important to hold people accountable, yes. But humiliation is not the solution.
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canalactu · 52 minutes ago
Covid-19 Sénégal : 87 nouveaux cas enregistrés ce jeudi 24 juin 2021
#Covid19 #Sénégal : 87 nouveaux cas enregistrés ce jeudi 24 juin 2021 #Dakar #Kebetu #Covid19SN #Team221
Dakar – Covid-19 Sénégal : Communiqué de Presse No479 du jeudi 24 juin 2021, du Ministère de la Santé et de l’Action sociale : Point de Situation Le ministère de la Santé et de l’Action sociale a fait le point sur la situation journalière de l’évolution de la Covid-19 au Sénégal, ce jeudi 24 juin 2021. Sur 1 582 tests réalisés, le Sénégal a enregistré 87 nouveaux cas de coronavirus. Soit un…
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stitchformers · an hour ago
I've always known I am one of those annoying big ego people since I was a kid. When I started using tumblr a decade ago as a college freshman, I did the whole tumblr discourse sjw thing and I used to be giddy when I get anon hate or whatever because it's another opportunity for me to put someone down and tell them how I am right and they are wrong. I got an anon hate today after I made my genderqueer loki take and I just deleted it and then I put on some new york times podcast about the declining birthrate and then more about the election reform fails and filibuster. I have become old.
Maybe I am weird, I am about to turn 28 in a month, and I can't wait to turn 30. I wonder what I'd be like.
And to the anon hate, I am more affronted by the idea that anyone would think such a self confident person as myself would care about anon hate, but of course I am being silly, it's not like people can tell who I am on tumblr like on facebook. For all you know you think I was some 18 yr old who gets offended easily by opinions that are against my gender identity. Sorry anon, I am ancient, and I care only for things like filibuster.
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