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artintheasylum · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
For the non android users, what the question marks are supposed to be 😅 And a warning of some of the content i reblog. 🙄 I enjoy what I post/reblog but if you don't then this blog isn't for you. This blog has general "darker" themes and a variety of core aesthetics all round, but if you don't want to see the additional darker themes which do include REAL blood/gore etc, again this blog isn't for you. Kindly scroll on.👌I also don't post anything of myself or share anything of myself really, I'll just leave that up to your imagination. I'm just sort of here, yanno ✌
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dontwanderoff · 2 months ago
idk just been kinda thinking of how dhawan!master plays this role as the master, goes through the motions, half-assedly tries to kill the fam, like his hearts ain’t into it the same way, he isn’t having fun the same way, but like, where is it going?? have people written any theories or ideas around that bc i am so curious!!! like, where does the master as an overall character go from here??
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izzyizumi · 3 months ago
* D O . N O T . R E B L O G [PS@]
Listen, I’ve tried to be patient.
Please read my FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) here before following me or interacting with my posts.
PLEASE DO NOT REPOST MY GIFS WITHOUT ASKING ME FIRST. This includes if you generate new posts with them while adding them via tumblr’s gifs-inserting feature. Even if you’re reposting them positively, please understand it took me a lot of time and effort to make these gifs. If you have done this without realizing this is my rule I’d really appreciate (it’d make me really happy) if you could delete such posts on your own without forcing me to ask you first.
I am always glad to see more interest in things I post positive contents for.
But I do not very much like it when people ignore my blog rules, my banners on my posts, or the like.
My posts, contents, gifs, etc. are NOT meant for spreading hate for the canon, other ships/ship fanbases, or the like.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mystreetmoment · 4 months ago
hi welcome to my sideblog please read the following :)
please dont bring discourse to my blog i only have this to reblog art and memes
dont touch this blog if you ship real people or are pro-ship
dont touch this blog if you ship ein with anyone even after seeing s4
dont touch this blog if you participate in “ship wars” or attack any ship (especially aarmau/other canon ships)
dont touch this blog if you make any kind of nsfw content for mystreet/mcd
you can send art req but im still practicing the characters :) ill try my best though
you can also send hc req for any of the mains/protags!
im very open to prompts for analysis too! this is my special interest (im neurodivergent) so i love analyzing character arcs!!!!! (mainly aph and aaron)
under the readmore is my tagging system! please check it out if you havent watched all of mystreet :)
i tag mystreet characters with their first name (e.g. “zane”) in art and memes
i tag mystreet characters in art with their first name + art (e.g. “aph art”)
i tag mcd characters the same as above with the prefix mcd (e.g. “mcd irene”, “mcd irene art”)
i tag content for seasons four and beyond as “s4+” and “s4+ spoilers”. i would recommend filtering this tag if you havent seen seasons four onward yet!
i tag memes with “meme” (i have no general art tag)
i tag analysis posts as “passion analyzes” and ask analysis promps as “ask analysis”
short, original posts (mainly jokes) are tagged as “myposts”
i tag quote-dumps from my friend and i as “the mystreet experience” and anything featuring my friend “ft bonberry”
i tag asks as “addressed to mystreet” and either “anon ask” or “[the blog handle]”
i tag small-scale text post reblogs as “mystreet neighbors”
i try and tag content warnings (e.g. “blood tw”) but please let me know if youd like any additional tags!
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dingdongrumba · 5 months ago
I have lost all respect for you my dude peace ✌✌✌
bold of u to assume im looking for respect in this place LMAO
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alittleemo · 6 months ago
#So i learned my lesson last time i tried to make a long post in all tags so i gotta be brief ig this time (she deleted last time)#to preface: i dont understand how to use social media#everytime i use facebook?? Makes me want to throw up i Hate it#but INSTAGRAM is my problem here kids bc i simply Do Not Understand how to use it#my sister is def like the preppier more ~socially knowledgeable~ one of us (which is funny bc i have an insta and she doesnt)#but my two main problems with insta are this:#1. I  Can Not bring myself to follow people#it does not matter whether you are a friend or literally my cousin for the most part i just Can Not bring myself to press that button#why you ask#bc of my fav phenomenon “everyone i know has forgotten me” + “i cant reach out to other people” ✨#however the opposite is also true in that ppl i dont know are requesting to follow me and i happened to mention it to my sister#and she was like follow them back dumbass and i was like but i dont know them??? Ive never heard of this person before???#she was p much like you should let them followyou bc you should have more followers that following and i was like hmm failed that :/#im p much gonna stop taking her advice but ugh im just frustrated#like the other day i actually followed a friend of mine bc he had been talking about hisinsta so i took it as an opportunity yk??#and his brother followed me too which i was like ok hes chill were friends w/e weird that he followed me before his brother but ok#(the first kid followed me back later but n e ways and im p sure he did both follows bc he apparently has access to his brothers account )#but like the fact i had to remove my phone from my area after sending the first follow bc it took energy was just ~depressing~#i am ~pathetic~#and i wanna keep insta bc i dont get to see so many ppl now but like i just wanted to complain thanks i apologize if you read this far#personal#about me#i need a rant tag ugh#lee’s bullshit#oh my god i jsut realized its 930 i haven’t eaten dinner bc i ate like half a pizza at 345 and im still not rlly hungry#ill eat i promise tho love yall
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fireblamed · 6 months ago
🌻 just a heads up  —  per my rules, if i see that i’ve written a starter/reply to something and it hasn’t been responded to after 4 weeks, i’m kicking it out of my drafts (unless you indicated a reasoning for delayed responses somewhere on your blog, in which case i will wait until your return to see where you want to go with the thread). the reasoning for this is so i’m not holding onto dead drafts. i’m already kept busy by the ones i have  —  excess clutter makes it hard to concentrate and reply to the ones that need tending. 
while i am flashing this as a sort of psa, i just want to say: it’s okay if you’ve got to drop threads. i don’t mind because sometimes, i have to as well  😊.and i don’t think it’s fair to make you perform the labor of telling me you need to if shit is rough  — if you have to let it go, let it go, and i’ll get the hint!
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im-the-punk-who · 8 months ago
Y’all please....please don’t make me pin it i am not a Silverflint blog i feel like i’ve made this abundantly clear but just in case: I am not comfortable with Silverflint because the dynamic is too similar to one I shared with an ex I had a mutually abusive relationship with. Please please don’t try to get me to interact with it. I’m totally fine with people shipping it, but I really strongly do not want to be asked to interact with it, especially post canon.
My ideal world for Silver and Flint is that independently of each other they can heal and grow and move on from all the shit they did to each other. That they can find happiness away from each other.
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the-void-screamer · 9 months ago
Listen, I don't wanna hear anything about the corona virus anymore. I understand it's dangerous. I understand it kills people.
Trust me. I am aware. My depressive episode caused by the situation has almost killed me and at this point I can't promise that it won't kill me. So yes. I am aware the situation is dangerous, I am dangerous because I could be a carrier, I could die because of the virus, people I love could die because I'm the one infecting them.
I'd rather die than have any of my important people die, and the way it looks now, I'm either gonna die because of a fucking virus or because I can't take the loneliness and the outlook on the future with everything going on in the world at the moment anymore. So what's the point really
#diary post#30-06-2020#please leave me alone with your front line worker experiences. i dont wanna be rude but i literally cant take it anymore.#im not annoyed im just tired. i feel like giving up. everytime my anxiety eases a bit (usually because i met a loved one!) ...#... i read a new twitter thread about someone horribly dying or people yelling at idiots who are not following the rules#and i just cant take it anymore#and i know its probably not directed at me personally but the aggressive tone these are usually written in is very triggering#like. i am so. so. so. fucking alone.#i was alone before all of this started but it got way way way worse since. my whole body hurts because i can physically feel the loneliness.#so everytime i read 'stay home! your existence basically kills people!' i cant help but feel guilty everytime i allow myself a 'treat'#a treat in the form of seeing someone i love or doing something unnecessary outside.#and i really dont want to say it. i really dont but. the sacrifice i am making for other people to potentially survive ...#... people who arent even following the rules. the sacrifice - my fucking mental state and potentially my life#because i havent been this seriously determinedly suicidal in years or maybe ever.#the sacrifice is VERY HIGH.#its not just boohoo i cant go to coachella :(#no. its literally life and death for me. and assuming different for me is a sign of being privileged af#like. im glad you cant relate to me having to rely on things that for me are literal last straws because it simply means#you've got a better situation than me to begin with if you've got no problems getting rid of the things that to me are mandatory#like youre making fun of celebrities staying home in big houses?#youre just the same if youre expecting me to isolate because surely you live with someone who loves u or you've got people checking in on u#well good for you but not everyone is that lucky
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dollarstorestonefree · 10 months ago
Never approach a fortune teller, they're very tarotorial
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