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geemmachan · 3 hours ago
me after watching for a whole day Shadow and Bone
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This General dude that they took Alina too is super sus
“Closer” dude what??
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captainswanandclintasha · 10 hours ago
Dear 10 years old Monica, 
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lucent-knight · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Edmund was a ravenclaw because he was supposed to be the diplomat during his time in narnia. He made mistakes but but analysed them and figured out the problem. He didn’t know a lot about certain things but when he liked something he would collect as much information as he could on that certain topic.
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galactic-marvelettes · 13 hours ago
Not to sound nsfw, but watching Ben Barnes do anything feels inappropriate – something akin to reading something suggestive or watching a smutty scene in a movie. I see him and immediately start to blush like a moron. I’m such a fucking simp.
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morganaofcamelot · 13 hours ago
So I rewatched the Prince Caspian movie after 10 years
Baby Ben Barnes is like 27 in that movie. And he looks like a frickin’ baby.
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So the amazing instagram account "onceanarnian" made this post: 👇🏼
Tumblr media
and my answer to the question was the following: 👇🏼
Tumblr media
What do you think about my reply, guys? Do you agree, disagree? Is it well thought out? I wrote what I felt when thinking about each character :3
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dandelionxgal · 22 hours ago
the ending of war of hearts by burkhqrt on wattpad is why i have trust issues
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russobarnes · 23 hours ago
You Found Me (Part Nine) Billy Russo x Reader
A/N: Oh my goodness, I am SO sorry for the long wait for part nine. The release of Shadow and Bone has destroyed my motivation to write Billy Russo and I have been dreading writing the ending of this fic since I loved it so much. This chapter is FILLED with happy wedding memories, so it’s a bit shorter than most of the chapters, but stay tuned, as the next part is the final one. Thank you all for reading, and being so incredibly patient for this part.
*This fic has some canonically correct aspects but will mostly refrain from the original story line*
Prompt: You and Billy had nothing in common: he grew up in the foster care system, while you had a loving family, when suddenly both of your lives flipped the other way around. He became a CEO of his own company and you fell into a repetitive drug addiction after losing everyone you had left. When the two of you are introduced, is Billy strong enough to pull you up from the hole or will you drag him down with you?
Word Count: 2.5k its short and to the point so that the next chapter is ready for the ending!
Warnings: smoking, cigarettes, slight open-ending
*the word ‘fag’ is used in this fic as a reference to a cigarette (often used in colloquial British English). This word is NEVER used to refer to someone who is homosexual*
Tag List: @fific7 @nerds4life246 @fictionwillneverdie @maralisa124 @blackbirddaredevil23 @swthxrry @dashlilymark @reg-arcturus-black @galaxyjane @diaryoftheunstable
Tumblr media
You rubbed the bandage on your wrist as you stared down at the case of what you could only imagine was at least a hundred diamond rings, all too large for your taste—or price-point for that matter. “We carry a minimum of one karat in the store, all the way up to eight karats on the right-hand side if that’s what you’re looking for,” the attendant told you and Billy, but not much of what she said registered in your mind. Princess, circle, emerald…some cuts you didn’t even recognize. Each ring shined brightly in the artificial lighting, I suppose that’s the point, you thought to yourself. “Did we have a price range?”
Billy cleared his throat, digging his hand out of his pocket and pointing towards one of the larger selections of rings, “No price, but I think my wife will kill me if I pick anything larger than two karats.” Wife. He hadn’t called you his wife yet. Billy’s eyes shifted to you, quickly grabbing your attention. You lifted your head to meet his gaze. “What shape are you thinking, sweetheart?”
You shrugged and glanced back down at the rings, “They’re all gorgeous…”
He gave a polite smile to the worker, “We’ll need a minute.” She quickly nodded and rushed off to help another guest. Billy swiftly took your shaking hand, easing your anxiety with just his touch. “What are you thinking, hmm?” Your eyes darted nervously back to his, and you separated your lips, thinking of something—anything to say to him. I think they’re amazing, but way too expensive. How could I ever repay you for a ring like this? You knew it was silly—his money was yours now, and he’d never make you pay for the ring he rightfully owed you as his wife, but it was overwhelming having to choose from such a selection. They were all rings…the ring. But which would look best on you? Which one made you want to shout to every person in the store that you were married to William Russo?
“I…like the pear cut,” you admitted, raising your hand to chew harshly on your nail. Billy seemed satisfied with your response and called the attendant back over, asking her to pull out every two karat pear-shaped ring. This slimmed the selection down by a few dozen, leading you to two small rows of pear-shaped diamond rings.
“These are the selections we have in-store for two karat pear-shaped rings.” You nodded and slowly pulled one off the velvet case, rubbing it between your fingers. You set it down as quickly as you grabbed it, shaking your head. Not it. You leaned into Billy’s touch as he rested his hand on the small of your back, watching you intently. You took a closer look at a few more before you plucked another one out of the case and held it up—the diamond still larger than you ever imagined, but stunning once you held it within your grasp. The band was simple, a glossy silver; you’d barely gotten time to admire its beauty before Billy took it from you.
“I like this one,” he murmured, quiet enough that only you could hear. He rubbed the band with his thumb and took your hand, sliding it onto your finger. You bit your cheek, watching as it slid perfectly against your skin. As if it were made for you, the ring felt like it had merged with your skin, like you’d never want to take it off—and you didn’t. You looked up at Billy as he licked his lips, a faint smile began to form on his face. He nodded and looked at the worker, “This is the one.”
You stared down at the ring, watching as it shimmered in the light, unable to tear your eyes away. Time seemed to fade as you rubbed the diamond on your finger, and by the time you’d looked away, Billy had already purchased the ring. He was right—you both liked this one, and you hoped you’d never have to see the day where the ring came off your finger.
You saw me crying in the chapel
The tears I shed were tears of joy
I know the meaning of contentment
Now I am happy with the Lord
“I don’t own a single white dress, apparently,” you groaned, skimming through your closet. You didn’t own many clothes, but you had acquired several dresses over your time with Billy, and you prayed that at least one of them was white, or could pass as white. Navy, gray, black—basically any dark color that matched Billy’s taste had made its way into your collection, but not a single piece of white material had. “If we want to meet the judge today, I don’t have time to go buy something white.”
Billy fastened the final button on his shirt, “You don’t have to wear white, this isn’t the 50’s.” You stuck your tongue out at him as he laughed, stepping behind you to pull a suit jacket off one of his hangers, “Why not the navy? It looks good on you.”
“You say that about all of my clothes, Billy.”
“Well it’s true…” he mumbled, slipping his arms into the jacket and adjusting it on his body as he stared into the mirror. “Then wear the red one.”
“Red? We’re getting married, I can’t just—”
Billy pulled you backwards, twisting your body as he pressed your hips against his, making you yelp and quickly shut your mouth. No more complaining. “I like the red one,” he whispered as he pressed his lips against your neck, “It’s easy to take off.” You swallowed hard and nodded, trying to keep your breathing steady. “And you don’t have to wear anything underneath it…”
You set your hands on his chest and stepped backward, “Red it is.” He nodded and smirked as you pulled away, reaching for the almost burgundy dress hung neatly on a hanger. You tossed it lightly onto the mattress and unclasped your bra, sliding your arms out of it and letting it fall to the floor, beside your panties. He was right, you didn’t need to wear anything underneath it. You pulled the dress up past your hips and tugged at the zipper, Billy quickly stepping in to help pull it all the way to the top. You quietly thanked him, resting your hand on the small necklace laid lightly on your chest. No wedding would be complete without the reminder of the night you first met.
“Are you ready, sweetheart?”
With a swift nod, you were on your way.
Just a plain and simple chapel
Where humble people go to pray
I pray the Lord that I'll grow stronger
As I live from day to day
You flipped through all the paperwork and sighed, “I thought this was going to be like a real wedding. Vows, crying, all that kinda stuff.”
Billy chuckled and signed his name again, gently licking his thumb before using it to flip to the next page, “You’re the one who didn’t want a huge wedding.”
You rolled your eyes, “Oh yes, a huge wedding with Karen and Frank as our only guests. That’s just how I imagined the ceremony.” You signed your name and finally flipped to the final page—the marriage certificate. You looked up at Billy, “Now’s your last chance before you’re stuck with me for good.”
He placed his hand on top of yours and kissed you gently, “Guess I’m stuck with you, then.” He clicked the pen again and signed William Russo one last time. Billy watched with a smile as you wrote your name and set the pen down on the table. You were officially, and forevermore, Mrs. William Russo.
I've searched and I've searched
But I couldn't find
No way on earth
To gain peace of mind
First it was your heels that scraped the grass with each broad step, the slow curve of your foot meant your toes would reach the ground before you began again. Your footsteps were light, almost weightless as you ran, both arms held to wide beside you, the rush of wind exhaling through your skin. The sunlight beamed down on your face, despite the late time of year, the weather in New York was as gorgeous as ever. You couldn’t imagine today being any different—and you wouldn’t want it any other way.
“You’re not running fast enough!” you called back at him, resting your hand against your forehead to protect your eyes from the sunlight. With a playful smile, he jogged closer to you, taking a long stride to stand right in front of you. He took an overwhelming breath before crashing his lips against yours. You could almost feel his heart racing against your chest.
“You’re exhausting, sweetheart.” Your hand fell from your forehead and onto his chest, planting one more kiss to his cheek. “How far away is this place? We’re not even in the city anymore.” You shushed him and took his hand, dragging him forward with you. You quickly began speeding up your movements, pulling him at your side. The grass was getting taller, your feet almost hidden beneath all the green.
For him, it felt like hours had passed since you began running but seeing the smile on your face was worth every second. You’d forced him to drive an hour out of the city, never telling him why, it was too nice of a view to bother you as you directed him down the backroads. You finally pressed your feet firmly onto the dirt and stopped dead in your tracks, twisting your body to face him, still holding onto his hand. “Right here.”
Billy looked around, glancing at the meadow you stood in, the small plucks of dandelions and overgrown grass. “What’s right here?”
You took a moment to catch your breath, “When I was a kid, my mom used to take me out here to run around. She said it was safer than some of the playgrounds in New York, I’m not quite sure—that’s beside the point. When I was seven, I told her I would take my husband here. She always laughed me off, it was ridiculous, but I’d totally forgotten about this place.” Billy looked at you intently as you spoke, never interrupting you, “Last night, it’s all I dreamt about. Running through this field with my mom, her face shining in the sunlight. I wanted to come back here with you.”
Now I'm happy in the chapel
Where people are of one accord
Yes, we gather in the chapel
Just to sing and praise the Lord
You took another deep breath and let your chest fall dramatically, meeting Billy’s eyes as he took in the sight. He’d stayed silent for almost a moment too long—he didn’t see it. He didn’t see the beauty that was within your vision, the wind blowing your hair in seven different directions, the buttery color of light streaming down onto your bodies. You tucked your hair behind your ear, “It’s stupid, I know…”
He licked his lips and let go of your hand, pointing to a loose direction in the grass, “The living room right here, hmm? Or maybe the kitchen?” You tilted your head and pinched your eyes closer together, confused. “The apartment is okay for now, but I don’t want to stay there forever. Construction will take a year, at least, but I can’t see why not?”
You pressed your lips together, holding back a grin. “Billy, what the hell are you talking about?” You asked, pretending like you didn’t know what he was letting on.
“Living—here. Having a family here.”
You raised your hand to your mouth, biting down on your nail, “A family?”
He finally made eye contact with you, stepping closer and evaporating any inch of space separating your bodies. He nodded proudly, moving his face closer to yours, “Well a house all the way out here would be lonely if it was just the two of us.” You nodded and looked up at him, almost irritated by the height difference, but too pleased by what you were hearing to truly care. “What are you thinking?”
“I think it sounds lovely, Billy.”
You tossed your fag onto the floor of the balcony, taking a deep breath as you watched the city move carelessly before you. Countless cars driving past, horns honking frustratingly if cars weren’t quite fast enough for the person behind them—but you didn’t care. You hugged his jacket closer to your body, keeping your arms warm as you watched the sunrise. You’d planted a single kiss to his forehead before getting out of bed, letting him relax in the warm sheets. If you were fast enough, you could climb back in beside him before he woke up, but then again, smoking a cigarette all the way to the stem seemed to take forever. You heard his bare footsteps approach the door, sliding the frame open and closed again once he was out on the patio with you.
“You’re up early,” he pointed out, crossing his arms and leaning against the glass door. You pulled out another fag and lit it, quickly perching it between your lips. You inhaled deeply and shrugged.
“Couldn’t sleep.” He nodded and plucked the cigarette out from your mouth and put it in his, his long fingers holding onto the fag as he inhaled the smoke. You ran your hand through your hair and turned to him, resisting the urge to stare at his bare chest. You’d gone at it twice last night, yet you never felt satisfied. “I dream about her every night.”
“Is that why you’re smoking again?” he held out the cigarette to you and you graciously accepted with a small nod. Every night since he proposed you’d dreamt of her—your mother. Her ocean blue eyes, her contagious smile, the way whenever she was around you could never stop smiling. You missed her more than words could describe, but there was no bringing her back. You couldn’t help but wonder why she was haunting your dreams.
“I’ll stop after this one, I promise,” you sighed and turned back to face the city, “I just needed a release.” You bit your lip and rubbed at the ring on your finger, trying to get her face out of your mind. The only other person that seemed to block her from your mind was your father, and you didn’t want to think about him either. He had a way with plaguing your life, overwhelming you until you pleaded for the end. You took another hit from your cigarette before stubbing it out on the railing, brushing off the remaining ash before tossing it onto the ground.
Billy pressed the jacket that was around your shoulders closer to your skin, “Go lay down, I’ll be there in a minute.” You nodded and pulled the patio door open, taking small steps inside before a sick feeling twisted your stomach. Before you could open your mouth to call for him, you felt someone grab your face, thick leather covering your mouth so you couldn’t scream. You recognized the worn out material right away. The gloves belonged to your father.
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libblyster · a day ago
Tumblr media
I made this and I’m not even sorry 😁
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I don’t think it’s being appreciated enough that Ben Barnes has aged like fine wine hoooooolly shiiiiiiiit. He ain’t dilf material just yet, but he’s gonna make a lovely silver fox one day.
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demigodofhoolemere · a day ago
Today in the C.S. Lewis’s Religious Symbolism That Kills Me series:
Tumblr media
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oddsight · a day ago
but like actually the whole ambush thing felt like a set up.... if it was so dangerous for alina to travel without prince caspian then why wasn’t he with them in the first place? he also showed no concern for anybody but alina, even tho she was very obviously the least hurt person. it just felt like he arranged it so he could come in at the last minute, save her, and earn her trust.
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wolfstar401 · a day ago
I ship Caspian and Peter way too much
Tumblr media
But literally why they have so much sexual tension in their scenes?
Like, without hating the acting skills they're all so good but those two have more chemistry than the actual love interest??
Tumblr media
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