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#the chronicles of narnia
storyteller7000 · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Aravis Tarkheena
"My name," said the girl at once, "is Aravis Tarkheena and I am the only daughter of Kidrash Tarkaan, the son of Rishti Tarkaan, the son of Kidrash Tartan, the son of Ilsombreh Tisroc, the son of Ardeeb Tisroc who was descended in a right line from the god Tash."
                       - The Chronicles of Narnia: The Horse and his Boy - Chapter 3
Using Walt Disney characters as references
Aravis - C.S Lewis
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the-catholic-padawan · 5 hours ago
The Costume Design of the Narnia movies was absolutely outstanding. 
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storyteller7000 · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Bree and Shasta
Was listening the chronicles of Narnia: The Horse and Boy. Thought of prince Philip's horse from Sleeping Beauty as Bree and Arthur from the Sword and the Stone as Shasta. So I used those two as references. Turned out pretty good. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Horse and his Boy - C.S Lewis
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iwenttomordor · 9 hours ago
Hello people!
I still really need the commissions, so I'll ask to please help me reblog this post here.
Please help me share😊
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Narnia Incorrect Quotes 43/?
Susan: How did this happen?
Edmund, stuck in a trash can: How does anything happen? Move past it.
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memeiac-hooligan · 11 hours ago
It started out as a feeling Which then grew into a hope Which then turned into a quiet thought Which then turned into a quiet word
And then that word grew louder and louder 'Til it was a battle cry I'll come back When you call me No need to say goodbye
Just because everything's changing Doesn't mean it's never been this way before All you can do is try to know who your friends are As you head off to the war
Pick a star on the dark horizon And follow the light You'll come back When it's over No need to say goodbye You'll come back When it's over No need to say goodbye...
Now we're back to the beginning It's just a feeling and no one…
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anironnn · 18 hours ago
*after the talk in the tent*
Jadis: You'd better keep your word. We know where you live.
Alan: It's a small world, Jadis. Everyone knows where everyone lives.
Jadis: *sinks into chair*
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libblyster · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He must know what He’s doing
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theresidualhope · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Finally got that Aslan tattoo.
“Aslan is a lion- the Lion, the great Lion." "Ooh" said Susan. "I'd thought he was a man. Is he-quite safe? I shall feel rather nervous about meeting a lion"..."Safe?" said Mr Beaver ..."Who said anything about safe? 'Course he isn't safe. But he's good. He's the King, I tell you.”
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dearnarniaaskblog · a day ago
(Peter, Edmund and Lucy) How would you feel if Susan went on a date with Caspian?
Lucy: "She should go for it! Fingers crossed it works!"
Edmund: "I'll get my sword."
Peter: "I'll kill him."
~High King Peter
~King Edmund (the greatest swordsman in Narnia, just to remind Caspian)
~Queen Lucy
This is an official document using the signatures of the Kings and Queen of Narnia.
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randominagines · a day ago
A Peter Pevensie X fem!reader in which you are his First Counselor and you both have feelings for each other but there is a professional relationship between the two of us. A business trip in Calormen and an unpleasant situation with King Salomon makes you both realize your feelings.
Pairing: Peter Pevensie X fem!reader
Setting: Golden Age
Warning: violence, kidnapping, blood, angst
P.s. if you find any mistake please correct me, English is not my mother tongue and I want to improve.
P.p.s. gifs belong to the creators
Tumblr media
The counselor
Being the Pevensie's closest counselor meant understanding when Peter was not in the mood to discuss politic, and that was one of those days. He was sitting on the other side of the table, sweating because of how warm was the air in that room of the castle, but after all it was always hot as hell in Calormen. King Salomon, the king of Tashbaan, was staring at Peter while he looked pensive. Y/n was hoping that he would have started paying attention to what the minister of transportation was saying. She crossed her legs and coughed to draw his attention with no results. King Peter was usually quite excited when it came about those business trip but the fact that he didn't really like king Salomon made him sceptical. Plus, the fact that his siblings all stayed in Cair Paravel was not exactly motivational to him.
Y/n sighed. -- My lords, Your Highnesses, -- she said suddenly standing up, everyone looked at her and even Peter raised an eyebrow in confusion. She bit her lower lip. -- I'm sorry to interrupt the meeting but I am not feeling exactly good, would you excuse me if I leave? -- she asked, her tone alarmed. The men looked at her, their eyes scanning her: being the only woman in the council could be frustrating; Calormen was still a retrograde country and king Salomon was that kind of man who believed that women shouldn't have been in power. Peter, on the other side, never had problems with putting a woman by his side as First Counselor. King Salomon smiled. -- We can't continue the meeting without Your Majesty's first counselor, and we don't even want to; it's a pleasure to have such a beautiful woman among us. -- he sweetly said while looking at her. She cringed inside but forced herself to smile. Peter was quite bothered by Salomon's comment but he was looking at her too, his eyes filled with concern.
Peter really liked her: she was smart, kind, incredibly clever and farsighted. He immediately realised that he wanted her as closer adviser and his siblings totally agreed after acknowledging how skilled she was. He kinda had the biggest crush on her but she was always so professional and detached that he believed she couldn't have never looked at him except as her king.
King Salomon stood up and took her hand to kiss it, y/n didn't even flinch. --We'll continue tomorrow, I'll send two guards to escort you to your room. -- he said, his lips still on her hand. She nodded and removed her hand while bowing with courtesy. The whole room quickly became fresher while emptying. Peter touched her arm with sweetness and she blushed at his touch. -- Y/n, how are you feeling? --, he asked, his voice low. She shook her head. -- Your Majestie, I'm okay. I just pretend to feel bad. -- she whispered while looking around, only a few ministers were still in the room. King Peter frowned. -- Why? -- he asked, curiosity on his face.
She bit her lower lip. -- Because I knew that was the only way to put an end to this interminable meeting. You were totally not listening anymore, it was pointless. -- she said while crossing her arms over her chest. He laughed. -- You're a genius, y/n. I was starting to contemplate the idea of killing myself for how boring this meeting was becoming. -- he confessed and she rolled her eyes but couldn't avoid to curve her lips a bit. He smiled. -- Oh, come on, I know you want to laugh. -- he provoked her.
He used to do it often, he always tried to interact with her because he couldn't help but think that he wanted to get to know her better, but she was inscrutable. She shook her head. -- Your Majesty, you know that I don't like when... -- she tried to say, but he raised his arms in surrender. -- I know, I know, you don't like when I don't pay attention to this stuff because I'm the king and I need to know everything about alliances and negotiations. I'm sorry, I'm just tired, has been a long day. -- he said and sighed.
She nodded: the journey to arrive to Tashbaan had been actually long and tiring and the fact that the climate was extremely warm and the people quite aggressive was not helping at all. She nodded and put a hand on his shoulder. -- I'm sorry, Your Highness, maybe I'm too hard on you sometimes. -- y/n said and bit her lower lip. She suddenly realized that king Peter flashed a quick look to her hand on his shoulder. She immediately removed it and blushed: "are you crazy?" she mentally scolded herself while panicking.
She never touched him before, even if she thought he was an incredible person. She liked spending time with him and she found him gentle, caring and handsome, not to mention that she loved the fact that he was a great listener and the fastest learner she had ever known. As soon as she became First Counselor she swore to herself that she would have been professional and absolutely never made her relationship with the Pevensies confidential.
She swallowed her own saliva. -- Uhm, I should go, it's late. -- she said while the two guards that king Salomon had sent walked toward her, king Peter shook his head looking at them. -- I'd rather escort my advisor to her room, I'm worried about her; she is not feeling exactly good, after all. -- king Peter said and the guards nodded. Before she could say anything, he took her arm in arm and started to walk outside the room. She looked at him but didn't have the time to thank him: king Salomon stopped them. -- Your Majesty, I'm incredibly sorry, what a lack of respect. Never it be said the king of Tashbaan doesn't escort a damsel in distress in his own house. -- he said and took her arm;.
She almost gasped at his touch but smiled with courtesy: he was a king, after all, and she was King Peter's advisor, she was representing Cair Paravel in that moment and she didn't want to make a bad impression. Peter tried to oppose but king Salomon raised his hand. -- No need to thank me, it's duty. -- he concluded and started walking, a guard following them. Y/m looked at Peter, her eyes seemed to search for his help. He watched her walk away with him and bit his lower lip in frustration, he didn't like that man. At all.
King Salomon was extremely chatty, almost bothering for how much he used to talk. He was certainly not a listener, though. He didn't exactly created a conversation with y/n, more like a monologue. Y/n rolled her eyes while listening to him, the almost darkness of the corridor being a true blessing in that moment. He stopped when they arrived in front of her door and she left his arm. -- Well, thank you, Your Highness, you have been very thoughtful to escort me. -- she thanked and bowed, her hand already on the doorknob. He nodded. -- I actually wanted to talk to you, y/n. -- he said walking toward her, she frowned. -- What could Your Highness possibly want to talk about with me? -- she asked, a knot tormenting her stomach: she didn't have a good feeling.
He looked around to make sure they were alone. -- About king Peter, -- he whispered and she raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms, as to invite him to go on. He stared at her. -- He's extremely young and I'm not sure that he's able to conclude a negotiation; he's inexpert and doesn't know much about our world, but you on the other side... -- he said while raising an hand to caress her cheek, she moved her head. -- I was saying, you look brilliant and smart, that's why I know you'll think about my offer: help me separate him from his guards, help me kill him, help me conquer Cair Paravel. He trusts you and you know every secret of the Kings and Queens, help me and I'll make you a Queen. I'll marry you and you'll rule over Tashbaan and Cair Paravel as my consort. -- he said, his hands squeezing her arms.
She widened her eyes and raised her arms to release them from his touch. -- You must be out of your mind. I'd never marry a filthy murderer. What kind of man kills his own guest after he pretended to be a friend? This is such a low blow. The thought of marrying you makes me sick. Plus, I'd never betray my Kings and Queens, I'd never betray Peter. -- she said, her eyes fierce and confident. He shook his head while taking a deep breath. -- Such a pity... -- he whispered while caressing her arm, she looked at him with hate. -- I'll have to kill you, I can't take the risk of you letting Peter know about my plans. A woman in power, what a stupid thing to do! You're not even clever enough to save your own skin. -- he said and immediately put his hand on her mouth.
She tried to scream but the guard that was following them hit her on the back of her head with the hilt of his sword. She touched her head and looked at her fingers: there was blood on them. She saw black spots multiplying in front of her eyes and felt her legs weakening, a pulsing pain behind her head. She felt her body becoming too heavy while a pair of arms lifted her. She wondered what was about to happen to Peter: "fight back, you need to warn him" she thought but her eyes were already closing while she was being carried away.
-- Where the hell is my advisor? -- Peter asked nervously, he hadn't seen her all the morning long and he started to worry, so he went to her room and knocked repeatedly. When he realized that no one was going to open the door he opened it himself and found out that the room was empty and the bed was still covered as if she had never actually slept there, her blanket perfect. He started to feel a bad sensation growing inside of his chest and ran to the king.
Now he was standing in front of him and he looked confused. -- Lady y/n? Isn't she in her room? -- he naively asked while standing up from his throne, Peter shook his head. -- If she was I wouldn't be here. -- he said, his voice firm. The king walked toward him, his hands crossed behind his back. -- Maybe she went for a walk, but she must be okay. I left her in her room, I made sure she was safe. -- he lied while staring at him. Peter frowned. -- Are you sure? She is not the kind of person who leaves for hours for a walk without even warning. -- Peter said while nervously hand gesturing.
King Salomon nodded and put a hand on his shoulder. -- Sure, I must also admit that we spent a bit of time together in her room, so I'm totally sure she was there. -- he said while carefully looking at Peter's reaction. He tensed up. -- Why did you spent time in her room? -- he asked, he sounded half aggressive and half surprised. Salomon smiled. -- Well, I'm sure I can trust you, Your Highness. We actually kissed, she is quite passionate. -- he lied.
Peter believed that his heart was beating so fast that king Salomon was about to witness it popping out of his chest. He felt a roaring anger grow inside of him, the cold stab of jealousy twisting his stomach.
Tumblr media
He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. -- Okay, if she comes back just warn me. I'll be in my room. -- he said and king Salomon nodded. As soon as Petter left, the king turned toward his closest advisor. -- That's how you find out a king's weakness. We'll use her to blackmail him. -- he venomously said before smiling, a cold smile that was filled with satisfaction.
The floor was hot and the room filled with an unpleasant smell. The chains around her wrists were making her hands too heavy to be raised and her head was still pulsing. As soon as she opened her eyes she felt an intense pain coming from her wound. She touched it and perceived the drained blood between her y/h/c hair. She slowly stood up and looked around: she was certainly in a cell in the dungeon.
She could hear the noise of the chains of other prisoners, the steps of the guards and the unmistakable chorus of complaints coming from people who were probably getting crazy in there. She walked toward the door, only a small part of it allowed her to look outside her cell, and put her hands on the cold bars: there were two guards outside her prison. She sighed, her eyes filling with tears because of the frustration, and looked around: she needed a way out, and she needed it quick.
She bit her lower lip while thinking, then she had an idea. She opened a long cut on her leg with a sharpened rock that she found on the floor and touched it, her fingers were covered in blood. She walked toward the door. -- Help! -- she cried out, the guards turned toward her. -- Look, my head is bleeding again, -- she lied while touching the back of her head and showing them her hand, it looked like the blood was coming from there. -- If you let me bleed like this I'll die. If your king would have wanted to see me dead he would have killed me yesterday, he probably needs me alive. Will he be happy to know that you have been responsible of my death? -- she asked.
They exchanged a look, they both seamed torn, but after a moment they opened the door. She pretended to faint and kneeled down; one of them took her arm to lift her but she punched him right in his face. He moaned in pain covering his nose, it was probably broken. She knew she had to be quick: she took his sword and stabbed the other one in his chest before he could do anything, he was so surprised that he didn't have the time to think fast.
His lifeless body fell on the ground and she felt the other man grabbing her hair: the wound behind her head pulsed and made her gasp in pain but she managed to kick him from behind and turned to stab him too, his blood colouring her dress of red. He died in front of her eyes. She had just a moment to put herself together before starting to run.
-- I can't believe it... -- Peter kept whispering to himself the whole time while walking toward his room. That was so unlike her: she was always so serious, she would never allowed herself to such and intimate approach with king Salomon. "Maybe she likes him, she certainly doesn't like you." Peter thought and cursed inside. He still had the sensation that something was off, so he decided to check her room again. He turned back and stopped in front of her door, his hand on the doorknob when he suddenly noticed: his eyes spotted a small drop of blood on the carpet, just outside her door. He kneeled down and touched it, it was almost totally dried. He stood up while panicking a bit, something had definitely happened to her.
He looked at his guards and thought about coming back to Solomon and threaten him, but he had absolutely no proofs that he had lied or done anything to her and the peace between Cair Paravel and Tashbaan was already so fragile. He tried to think straight but he was too worried about her. Before he could say anything, he heard urgent footsteps approaching. He turned and saw her: y/n was covered in dirt, her light blue dress totally filled with dust and blood, her hair messy and her hands covered in blood. She was running toward him, her eyes widened.
He took her in his harms and caressed her back. -- Oh my Aslan, y/n, what happened? -- he asked touching her dress where the blood had coloured it, she looked took his face in her hands to make him look at her. -- I'm fine, it's not my blood. Listen to me: King Salmon wants to kill you. He proposed me to ally with him and help him kill you and conquer Cair Paravel. We have to leave this place, he wanted your secrets and in exchange he would have made me queen. -- she quickly explained. She sounded alarmed.
He looked at her. -- He imprisoned you because you refused, hadn't he? -- he asked, a sudden hate making his face turn red. She nodded but turned back while taking his hand and pulling him. -- We have to go. -- she said while looking at the guards, that's when he saw it: behind her head, between her hair, there was a lot of dried blood. Her neck was covered in it too, the trace left by the drops of blood arrived between her shoulder blades. Peter squeezed her hand. -- Y/n... -- he whispered touching her back with such sweetness she barely perceived his fingers; she turned, her eyes watery. He hugged her. -- I'm going to kill him. -- he said between his teeth, his hands caressing her back.
He couldn't believe he had closed her in a cell, but hitting her? Hurting her? That was too much to simply leave without making him pay. Peter felt his stomach twisting at the thought of what he could have done to her. He caressed her face and wiped a tear away from her cheek: seeing her so vulnerable, so fragile was almost strange. She used to be so incredibly stoic and the fact that he was trusting him that much to show him this side of her meant a lot to him. He looked at her and she looked at him back. -- We have to leave. -- she said and he nodded, he couldn't wait to but he wanted to make him pay for it. -- Not without facing him about what he just did to you. -- he said but she took his hand.
-- Your Majesty, we have a dozen of guards, he has an army. There is no chance we can win. Let's go, we still have the fact that he doesn't know I've escaped as an advantage. You'll have plenty of time to plan a revenge once we're back home. -- she said and he sighed. She had a point, a very valid one, but he couldn't tolerate what he had done to her. She looked at him, her eyes begging him to reconsider. He caressed her cheek and took a deep breath. -- Okay, we'll do as you suggest, but promise me you won't try to stop me making him pay for this. -- he said while staring at her, she nodded. -- I'll fucking help you do it, but now let's go. -- she said and he smiled, she really was a badass.
Y/n slowly opened her eyes and squeezed them: the curtains were opened and the sunlight was caressing her face, a gentle breeze was coming from outside and it smelled like sea, like home. She sat up on the bed and touched her head: she moaned in pain. -- Hey, easy. -- Peter's voice sweetly said while standing up from a chair and sitting next to her on his bed, she looked around and realised that she was in his room.
She blushed. -- Your Highness, why am I in your bed? -- she asked while staring at him, he chuckled. -- You passed out while we were riding toward the port. You had probably lost too much blood. I brought you here instinctively, I wanted to check on you.-- he explained and she suddenly remembered: they were running away from the castle, the advantage of not being caught immediately helped them reach the stables and they managed to run away on their horses. She shook her head. -- What about king Solomon? -- she asked and Peter tensed up, his hand instinctively touching hers. -- When he realized, it was too late. He had some of his guards follow us but as soon as we reached the port a ship was ready for us, he watched us leave Calormen and he didn't look pleased. -- Peter explained while caressing her hand.
Y/n nodded. -- This isn't over, isn't it? -- she asked and he frowned, he looked pensive. -- I spoke to my siblings about what happened. They want to keep the peace as much as I want, but I can't tolerate what he did to you. -- Peter said and squeezed her hand while looking outside his window, she caressed it. -- Your Highness? -- she called him but he kept staring at the window. She caressed his cheek and made him turn toward her, his blue eyes meet her y/e/c eyes. -- Listen, as your subject and advisor I must tell you that you should do everything in your power to avoid a war, as a person I want to thank you for saving me, but as a... -- she bit her lower lip hesitating. -- As a friend, I really don't want you to start a conflict with another nation just because I was imprisoned. We escaped and you're safe, I'm too. Let's just forget everything and close any kind of relationship and negotiations with Salomon. -- she said while staring at him, her hand still caressing his cheek.
He put his on hers. -- He didn't just imprisoned you, he hurt you. -- he underlined. She sighed. -- I appreciate the concern you have for your First Counselor, but I'm okay, Your Highness. -- she sweetly said and smiled as to show that she was serious. He shook his head and took both of her hands in his. -- Y/n, that's not a "she is my advisor" type of concern, -- he said and stared at her, he looked nervous. -- That's a "I couldn't stand it if something bad happened to her because I have feelings for her" kind of concern. -- he admitted, his cheeks getting red.
Tumblr media
She widened her eyes: she couldn't believe he was confessing that. She never even though about the chance that he could like her. He was her king, she was his counselor. That was all. But apparently it was not so easy. She bit her lower lip and he sighed. -- I know, you don't look at me like that, I just needed to tell you becau... -- he could finish his sentence because she grabbed his shirt to pull him closer and kiss him.
Her lips crushed on his, her hands caressing the back of his head. He gasped in surprise but immediately closed his eyes to kiss her back, his hands gentle behind her back. She bit his lower lip and parted her lips to let his tongue in, her body attached to his. He squeezed her waist and smiled on her lips, his hands so warm she could perceive the heat even if the fabric of her nightgown was departing them from her bare skin.
She ran her fingers through his blonde locks while he opened his eyes. -- Apparently you look at me like that. -- he whispered before giving her another quick kiss, she couldn't help but laugh. -- I do, since always, Your Highness. -- she confessed and he moved to sit next to her, his arm on her shoulder and his hand pulling her closer. She rested her head on his shoulder and caressed his chest: he looked handsome with the rays of sunshine lighting up his blonde hair and his blue eyes, he really was the most beautiful man she had ever seen.
She smiled and he caressed her cheek. -- It's Peter, for you, and why didn't you tell me? -- he asked and she shrugged, her fingers drawing figures on his chest. -- I wanted to be professional. -- she said and he smiled before kissing her on her head. -- You always have been, y/n, and you will still be even if you will accept to go on a date with me. -- he said and she looked at him and chuckled. -- Really? A date? -- she said and he nodded, his smile lighting up his face. -- A date, just you and me. No speeches about politic, strategies, economy and stuff like this. Not a king\advisor kind of meeting, just a day spent together in which you tell me what's your favourite colour and how you like your eggs in the morning. -- he joked and she smiled, her fingers sliding under his shirt and touching his bare skin.
-- How could I refuse? I've been wanting to know more about you since the first day I saw you, Peter. -- she said, that name sounding strange to pronounce, but beautiful. He smiled, he loved the sound of his own name coming from her. -- I love how you say my name. -- he immediately confessed while putting a finger under her chin and caressing her lips with a thumb. She kissed it. -- I have to pronounce it more often then. -- she said before pulling him closer again, he smiled on her lips. -- You certainly will, I intend to spend a lot of time with you from now on. -- he said, his body moving to comfortably kiss her. She smiled. -- Can't wait to. -- she said before kissing him again.
They both felt happy and excited at the thought of starting this new phase of their relationship,but after all they had been waiting for it for a long time.
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The role I most remember and associate Ben Barnes with is young Sirius Black and??? he??? never??? even??? played??? IT???
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demigodofhoolemere · a day ago
Things I have never gotten over and never will: the Pevensies finding the ruins of Cair Paravel and realizing how so much time has passed that all the things that were not so long ago commonplace for them are now merely dusty echoes serving the only proof of the lives they lived
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dilwica · a day ago
hello i made a narnia quiz so share ur results baybey hell yeah
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ocean-calls-me · a day ago
Where are all the Narnia fans i'm suffering through the books rn and would love to fangirl with someone did you all find narnia or why is it so quiet here 😩
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imjustdreamingig · a day ago
when i heard "It's King Edmund, actually" for the first time at the mere age of 6, i never was the same again
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imjustdreamingig · a day ago
the founders
the fact that people still associate peter with gryffindor or him to be the founder of the gryffindor house baffles me.
don't get me wrong, i absolutely love the theory or idea that the pevensie's were the original founders of hogwarts, they simply got the houses they founded wrong.
and it's not that they even based it on the colors during their coronation scene, peter literally had a yellow cape, which are hufflepuff colors, whilst lucy had a red one, gryffindor colors.
(also susan's clothes were more leaning towards green which are slytherin colors and edmund's are blue, ravenclaw colors, but my reasonings for them is a topic for another day.)
most people must've thought that because peter is the oldest of the four and he was seen fighting the most out of all of them during the battle of beruna that this totally makes him a gryffindor, and they did the exact same with lucy when associating her with hufflepuff (she's the youngest, wasn't present when the main fighting was happening etc.)
the name that is given to lucy during their coronation is literally Queen Lucy the Valiant as in brave, as in a characteristic that is associated with the gryffindor house.
lucy was the one that went in headfirst into an unknown land without thinking about the consequences, let her curiosity pull her in to explore this new terrain that promised the possibility of an adventure.
lucy was the one that faced an entire army with nothing but a small dagger and a wild lion beside her, ready to take them all down if she had to.
not to mention out of all the four siblings, i think she was the one that wholeheartedly trusted aslan the most. he's a gentle lion yes, but nevertheless he was still untamed.
lucy said she thought she could be brave enough if she had to fight in the battle of beruna with nothing but that dagger of hers and her cordial. 8 year old lucy was ready to do everything in her power to help defend the land she barely knew but already had formed such a deep connection with.
peter never really wanted to fight in the battle of beruna, in fact he said he didn't feel brave at all in that moment. the only reason he was there fighting in the first place was because of his family.
he fought for his family, the loyalty towards them was so strong he made himself go through with the fight if it ensured their safety.
peter is brave yes, but his bravery is derived from a different source, loyalty, and loyalty is a characteristic that defines the hufflepuff house.
peter forced himself to face the fighting and the wars and his behavior and initial responses to it were completely different compared to those of lucy.
not to mention the only reason he attacked the white witch head on was because he had just seen her stab edmund. after witnessing that of course he went in to try and defeat her, doesn't matter if he was scared or not. he fought the witch to try and protect edmund.
peter made a promise to their mother, to take care of of all of them whilst they were away. during that battle, the memories of england were probably still very much clear so he was obviously thinking of that promise as he fought the witches army.
peter and lucy both care for their family fiercely and are passionate and extremely brave but in their own ways. the source from which their bravery stems from are different from one another and it's influenced by distinct factors.
this is why i firmly believe that the pevensies are the founders of the houses as follows;
edmund pevensie - ravenclaw
peter pevensie - hufflepuff
susan pevensie - slytherin
lucy pevensie - gryffindor
Tumblr media
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