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#plot driven
After seeing some very annoying and ignorant comments on YouTube, I feel the need to post this. Friendly reminder that the reason Julie and Luke didn’t kiss in season 1 of Julie and the Phantoms had nothing to do with the ages of the actors.
It was all based on plot. Allow me to expand on this. Luke = ghost, Julie = living. Living cannot touch ghosts.
The characters could not physically touch each other until the last ten minutes of the show and the interaction they did have conveyed more than a mere kiss could. Plus it was a found family moment too. They gave Julie and Luke a beautiful, intimate moment that expanded to include Alex and Reggie, as it should.
It’s a slow burn and the writers want to continue to build on the solid foundation they’ve been developing of their romantic relationship being built on a deep friendship, the emotional and soul connection, rather than a physical attraction. It’s a star crossed romance, you don’t deliver on a kiss in the first season.
Also see Willie and Alex! Also soulmates with many challenges to overcome. They did not kiss either! And both the actors are over 18. Again a slow burn, building on a deep connection.
Both relationships achieved hugs and handholding.
Can we give the show runners a bit more credit for imagination and nuance please....the storyline they’ve given us to date has been so well crafted and executed. I’m not a fan of a 4 season plus slow-burn (looking at you Miraculous! 🤦‍♀️) but this pacing is exquisite and a delight.
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cocogukkie · 26 days ago
Anneyong chingu❤
Could you recommend some interesting kdramas that
Have a good plot
Keep you on your toes
Do not let you down
Do not bore you to death
Basically make you think and wonder what will happen next.
I hope you are doing well. Fighting 😘💜
hi! of course, tis but one of my favorite things to do. i’m not sure which genre you’re looking for exactly but i would love to give you a few of my favorites! 
if you're looking for something crime/mystery/thriller-ery, i would recommend: 
Flower of Evil 
Tumblr media
flower of evil falls somewhere halfway between a thriller/mystery and a melodrama and it. is. wonderful. the plot is excellent and keeps you on your toes, the character development is so so good and i personally really liked the ending. the angst is very real with this one and it brings me so much life. its a show that will definitely get the gears in your brain running trying to figure certain stuff out. this one is a great choice! 
He is Psychometric
Tumblr media
my brain was running a mile a minute with this drama, i was trying to figure things out pretty much the whole first half. its also got some adorable romance in it, and the mystery aspect was done quite well and was sufficiently fucked up, (if you’re sensitive to triggers, this one might be a little iffy, especially towards the end so send me an ask if you’d like a list). i wholly enjoyed this and you might too
if you’re looking for something plot driven with a dash of romance, i recommend:
 Itaewon Class 
Tumblr media
a classic methinks, the plot is wonderful, the characters have a lot of heart and flaws which only endears me to them even more and for a while you genuinely can’t really guess what choices they’re gonna end up making. the romance can be a bit iffy if you really hate *younger person under 19 likes an older person* thing but nothing romantic happens until both are fully grown adults. in fact the older person pushes the younger one away until they’re older. but its very engaging and i adored the couple, the overall story, and the ending! 
Tumblr media
a whole throwback! i love this drama,,, like a lot. this is one of my absolute favorite lee jongsuk dramas. it follows these two characters who met each other as kids and grew up in the same family, continuing to live together until after college and everything. they want to become journalists to report the truth, both have their own specific reasons why reporting is so important to them. as the story unfolds, we see them solve and report stories while also finding solutions to personal problems that have plagued them for years! its so so so good, the character growth is great and the romance is beyond adorable. fair warning tho, this is an older kdrama so it can be a bit cliched and for the first couple eps, lee jongsuk will look absolutely goddamn ridiculous. i need you to do me a favor and look past it cause he will get a makeover and look much much better lmao.
if you’re looking for something with romance and character-driven with a great plot, i recommend: 
One Spring Night
Tumblr media
ahhhh one of my comfort favorites. i’m a notorious re-watcher of my favorite shows and i’ve seen one spring night 4 times now. this is a character-driven show with one of the most precious, adorable couples who have chemistry overflowing in every minute they’re together. it follows a single father and woman trapped in a relationship as they meet and go through life together, overcoming prejudices, going through some hard times, and finding safety, love, and comfort in each other. this is a show with the softest bbys i adore with all my heart and i think you might love it too.
It’s Okay To Not Be Okay
Tumblr media
ohhh how could i not mention another favorite show of all time for me. I mention this all the time and absolutely no one can stop me. its the goddamn best, every episode is so interesting and is driven by these incredible characters, both main and side. there's therapy and psychology woven in with some excellent melodrama and an amazing romance. the main leads are no your regular cookie cutter characters, they both have tons of issues and don’t expect to fix each other but look to help one another. they challenge each other out of their comfort zones and find a found family within each other. its also a slow burn! the bread to my butter. if you have happened to not have seen this, please do!! 
some honorable mentions (aka k-movies)
Midnight Runners 
Tumblr media
this movie was so much fun! its a buddy cop movie, following these two cadets going through the police academy together and become best friends. they witness a kidnapping and do their absolute best to be heroes. this movie is incredibly funny, park seo joon and kang ha neul have excellent chemistry in this and play the balance of serious crime stuff, action scenes and stomachache inducing laughter really well. if you have a couple of hours to spare, this is a great movie to watch! 
The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion 
Tumblr media
I had a grand ole time watching this movie, its thrilling, action-packed and has dope as fuck main leads. it follows this genius girl who escaped from a gov’t facility but lost her memories when she was little. she gets adopted by a sweet couple who live on farm and follows her life as some unexpected events and people suddenly crash into her life after she auditions for a music competition. i loooooveeed the action, its so so cool. the plot isn’t the most blow-your-mind-crazy but its very engaging and you will not be bored watching this. you will get sucked in and time will fly as your jaw drops at the cool fight scenes.
I hope this helps! let me know which ones you liked or didn't, i’d love to hear about it 
(if you wanted something similar to Vincenzo, check out Lawless Lawyer!) 
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mdzs-fic · a month ago
Additional Tags: 
Alternate Universe - Modern with Magic, Swords, surprisingly no sword-related euphemisms, sword-racing, Getting Together, Injury, Alternate Universe - Sports, Concussions, yunmeng sibs
Word count: 19.5k
The next turn in the racecourse took them up higher, perhaps twenty meters off the ground as undergrowth swarmed in bunches.
Out of the corner of his eye, right as Lan Zhan hit the peak of his turn, Wei Wuxian saw a red suit flash by. Before he could even react, there was a blinding explosion of light as multiple talismans activated at once, and then – nothing. Lan Zhan wasn’t in front of him anymore.
(A modern sword-racing AU.)
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teensparklewriter · 2 months ago
Why it’s SO IMPORTANT to keep a writing deleted scenes document
There you are, minding your own business, writing your story, when suddenly...
Bam. An amazing idea for your plot hits you out of nowhere. You can see it now. Your novel will be the new bestseller, with publishers lining up, begging to print your book. But what about that scene/chapter/half your book that you worked so hard on and was so great?
Copy. Cut. Paste. Keep your deleted scenes, deleted characters, dialogue that you thought up in the middle of the night that won’t fit anymore.
• Your book can’t tolerate a scene that doesn’t actively work for the plot. Get rid of it.
• BUT maybe you’ll change your mind
• Or you can reuse it for another story, move it to a different spot, etc.
• You love your writing. We get it. You can keep it, while still doing what’s best for your book.
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rum-inspector · 7 months ago
The duality of plot driven shows
I don't like them, the characters end up being empty, void of personality, hard to get involved in a show where you don't really care what happens to these almost non-characters who just solve puzzles all day.
I do love plot driven shows! I'll fill this shell of a character with full on self insertion, this one will have all the qualities of a perfect spouse and this one will be the best friend I never had. Let's write some fluffy oneshots, the show never covered what they do in their free time, what if they hang around in coffee shops or make candles? Yes, this grumpy detective has an etsy shop now! Could be canon, the show never told otherwise.
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mdzs-fic · 7 months ago
Additional Tags: 
Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Canon-Typical Violence, Resurrection, Bodyswap
Word count: 4k
The sky went black, and the wind whipped up every flag and tattered thing in Yi City. Wei Wuxian slammed back into a body as though thrown from a horse.
Or: "you've changed" bro I literally woke up in the body of the most notorious demonic cultivator who wasn't ME
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mdzs-fic · 9 months ago
Additional Tags: 
Post-Canon, Chief Cultivator Lán Zhàn | Lán Wàngjī, Power couple Wangxian for social change is my kink, People being nice to wwx is my kink, Lan Wangji and I have that in common, Mentor Wei Wuxian, intersect relations, cultivation sects, Slow Burn, Like seriously it's very slow, Sickness
Word count: 16.5k
The Chief Cultivator's Herald. Wei Wuxian is not quite sure when they started calling him that, but as he traipses through beleaguered towns and villages, as he finally starts to build the world that he and Lan Zhan have always vowed to build, he finds that he doesn't mind it so much.
He doesn't mind being anything at all, as long as he is Lan Zhan's.
Wei Wuxian goes where the chaos is in Lan Wangji's stead, and finds a home in the process.
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mdzs-fic · 10 months ago
Chapters: 5/?
Additional Tags: Family Bonding, Found Family, Fluff and Angst, Yi City fix it, Eventual Smut, Eventual Happy Ending, Mutual Pining, Canon-Typical Violence, Canonical Character Death, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Hurt/Comfort, in which WWX and XXC become brothers and adopt A-qing, WWX fixes the Feng shui of an entire city just because he can, BAMF Wei Wuxian, Parental Wei Wuxian, xue yang is only mostly dead, Leaf Yang, Fix-It, Character Death Fix, JC and WWX become brothers again too but it takes a while, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Don’t copy to another site
Word count 18k
In the depths of the Stygian Tiger Seal slept a soul.
It was a relentless thing, bright and brilliant as the dawn. It was a fragile thing too, broken by tragedy too terrible to name. Through the resentful energy and in the cracks of cold iron it clung on, prisoner and patriarch. Beneath a bloody patina, it had no dreams but nightmares, and no thoughts but memories.
And now, in the cruel fingers of Xue Yang, it would awaken.
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elizabethfictionwriting · 10 months ago
Plot driven vs Character driven stories
This is my take on it: All stories are inherently character driven. The plot flows out of the characters, who they are and what choices they make. Without characters to make choices and put events into motion, you have no plot. So the real difference between character and plot driven stories doesn’t lie in the story then, but rather in what the author chooses to focus on. Do they choose to focus on the characters, who determine the series of events that make up the plot? Or do they choose to focus on the events themselves and not the people behind them?
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pepper-writes-things · 11 months ago
I think I just got the difference between character driven and plot driven stories. Correct me if I'm wrong/misguided
A character driven story does not have a time limit. A girl is trying to romance someone in her high school. A boy is processing his father's death through a series of events. The characters choose to embark on their journey.
A plot driven story has a time limit. A war is going to begin in seven days and the only thing that can stop it is a gem in a mine, and a miner has to go and get it. Someone is trying to get their grades up before the end of the semester, otherwise they lose their scholarship. The circumstances are forced onto the characters.
Am I misunderstanding or am I pretty close?
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gwens-fiction · a year ago
I noticed recently that the genres I enjoy writing in are mainly plot driven, whereas I take more of a character driven approach....But I don’t think it is quite so binary. I mean, why can’t you have both well developed and growing characters facing major intrapersonal things AND a major plot that keeps throwing obstacles at them?
Character or plot driven? To that, I say both.
Tumblr media
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hannahhostofheaven · 2 years ago
Season 14/Open RP/Castiel muse only/Jack Kline too
Hannah cringed as she moved through the room. It was so hauntingly still. Blood still spattered everywhere, the mutilated bodies of dozens of angels spread out before her, their wings imprinted on the ground beneath their battered bodies.
She gripped the angel blade in her hand, her knuckles turning white around it. Who could do this? What could do this? She hadn’t seen what had happened, but she vowed she would find out what did. She would make whatever was responsible pay for this.
Tumblr media
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femslash-finder · 4 years ago
The S Supremacy Author: Marta_TP Fandom: [Orphan Black (TV)] Rating: Mature Warnings [Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings] Ms. S gathers a group of misfits and gives them a new reason to wake up for another day. The fact that said reason is less than legal is not but a minor detail. While her business has been thriving for the last decade, a new competitor is about to make the group run for their money. Relationships: [Delphine Cormier/Cosima Niehaus] Status: Work in Progress Tags: [Crimes & Criminals, Plot Driven, Organized Crime, spy AU] Character Frequency Percentage: cosima niehaus = 50% delphine cormier = 50%
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fellowclowns · 4 years ago
Children, my pretty wrigglers. 
My beloved city and followers. I am back yes, I’m back and ready to make a change. 
Things will change.Time isn’t going to be a issue anymore. I will have all the time in the universe. 
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narrative-theory · 6 years ago
Lewis McGregor,
Stories are driven by two elements, either; the plot, or the character. Yet sometimes distinguishing the two can get you lost in translation. Think of the amount of characters in The Lord of The Rings (Peter Jackson), surely it is a character…
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