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#person of interest
sounivans · 6 minutes ago
i really wanna know the bsaa’s recruitment process and their criteria because a lot of their agents has some very interesting resumes lmao
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mark-of-daemons · 24 minutes ago
people really need to learn to quit harassing women who just primarily want to draw women
people doubly need to learn to knock it the fuck off when it’s lesbians
people triply need to quit fucking bringing their entitlement to the table and go “WHY CANT YOU JUST DRAW ME SOME MEN I LIKE WAAAAAH” when there’s already a thousand fucking others that will
go fuck off
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nourann · an hour ago
Oh boi it's thinky thoughts time
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Life Updates
Looks like I’m temporarily off work for the next few days [at least] due to health problems. So I’m trying to find ways to spend my time productively and keep my mind occupied. Here’s some potential stuff I’ve found:
- Twitch writing challenges? (I googled it and it’s a thing, I’m surprised) But basically I’m forced to write either whatever I want or based on a prompt + live stream it. Also I’ll throw in  some twitch point purchasable things that will let you guys give me mini challenges like, challenge me to incorporate anything you want into whatever I’m writing on the stream or other things (random stuff about my OCs, random worldbuilding things, asking me questions about myself, etc.). And you’ll get to hear me talk, if that interests you at all. It would be like 1 - 2 hours, and I’d write for the first prompt from this blog that I get sent (either in the twitch chat or by an ask).
- Some more personal question days? That went over pretty well, but I’d only want to do that once a week and it hasn’t been a full week since my last one yet. (A twitch stream could also allow for personal questions.)
- Spotify group sessions? If anyone wants to listen in on whatever I’m listening too, and recommend new music to me (I pretty much like everything). Unfortunately there are only limited spots for this so it would be opened to patrons first and everyone else if there were still spots available.
- Maybe game nights? I suck at computer and online games due to lack of experience, but I could do that too. If people wanted to play Among Us or something.
- If anyone has other ideas, you can shoot me an ask or message.
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slushie-writes · 2 hours ago
How would Caine deal with a pregnant s/o? Because of some Tremere bullshit that they got in the middle of, the s/o now has the ability to give birth to vampires.
I don't think the Tremere would EVER get that powerful without god pimp slapping them with lightning or somethin, but assuming god went "sike here's a kid" to caine.........
TW: Pregnancy, death, blood. yknow the drill
If you're Kine, he's both absolutely confused and incredibly worried for your safety for a couple of reasons. One, there's no way carrying the baby of a Vampire in a Human, filled with perfectly good blood to snack on from the inside, is anything close to a good idea. Two, there's just no telling what carrying a baby like this will do to you, and you can't seek Human doctors for help because that'll absolutely be considered some sort of Masquerade violation.
It's one thing for thin bloods to have the odd child here and there with Kine, because their blood is so watered down it's hardly even Vampiric by Kindred standards, but Caine is the first vampire; there's no doubt in his mind that this kid will only have the power of a third generation at best, taking in the fact that your mortal blood would dilute the baby's Kindred blood at least a tad, and at worst would posses only slightly fewer abilities than those of the second generation. Even considering his own theories, though, the ultimate fear is that he doesn't know. Nobody does, this situation should be impossible from the word go. He can't shake his nerves regarding this whole thing, honestly, and he keeps a very special eye on you during the entire pregnancy for any signs that you're not gonna survive it.
If you're Kindred, he’s still super confused, but he's slightly more at ease. It's not as though Kindred are indestructible, and he fears over your safety just as he would a Kine lover, but the difference is that he's aware that Kine are infinitely more fragile than Kindred are. Even so, your pregnancy has him on edge all the damn time. Literally anything could go wrong, even if you are theoretically immortal....
for both Kine and Kindred lover, if things were to go too south, he'd offer you his blood to save your life. Accidental, dubiously consensual blood bond? yes, but you're gonna be alive to chew him up for it later....after the bond has worn off, anyway.
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revolving · 3 hours ago
every time i ask somebody about the jewish afterlife they give me a different answer that boils down to 'well SOMETHING happens but we don't know what' so i'm going to stick with my personal favorite which is this book i read as a kid where if you study torah enough you get to go hang out with all the great rabbis in a garden for eternity
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dreamofspaceboy · 3 hours ago
since im half deliriously bitching about things anyways, i would like all non-latino people to stop. just stop! stop talking about latino culture. stop having weird takes about latino characters. stop acting like we're either flamboyant af or vicious. stop pretending u are an authority on our culture. leave us aloneeeeee.
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I am completely sure that this is directly disproven somewhere in the Tolkien universe, but I also don’t care enough to actually look it up.
But anyway, what if elves in general (but Noldor in particular) have rather strict roles when it comes to titles. So an elven Lord has to do certain things (like collect taxes), but is absolutely not allowed to do other things because those activities belong to an elven Lady (this goes for Prince, Princess, King and Queen as well). It’s just that this system has nothing to do with gender, and barley has anything to do with class. If it’s relevant, elven partners discuss which role they want and use the appropriate title accordingly.
But the distribution of tasks (at least superficially) falls close to what a human would consider to be appropriate for a Lord and Lady, and elves are largely indistinguishable when it comes to gender anyway, which leads to a multitude of hilarious and also politically tense misunderstandings.
fuck yeah i love headcanoning fantasy races who don't do sexual differentiation and gender and all that the way humans do at least humans of the western variety but i don't have the background to get into that. dwarves just don't gender at all, i figured out pretty early, which is why i they/them gimli, but i wasn't too sure what to do wrt elves? they obviously Have Gender, and i like the idea of it looking superficially like the human system but operating very differently underneath, but i wasn't quite sure where to take it
but this made it click! the titles thing - i'm not sure why that wouldn't have much to do with class, you'll always have important people doing the important jobs (and vice versa!) but gender, yesss. elves describing a gender as a role in society they happen to be taking, almost like a facet of their job. and like, these roles aren't inherent or anything, a different person will do different things through the course in their lives, especially when they're immortal. the same elf might go by 'he' or 'she' or 'they' or some fancy-shmancy vanyarin neopronoun at different points in their lives, all more connected to their hypothetical dnd class than whatever their reproductive organs are doing that's a speculative biology rabbit hole i'll leave for another day
i feel like this could explain the apparent preponderance of dudes in the finwean family tree, for one. like, when the first humans come over the blue mountains, most-but-not-all of the local third-generation finweans are doing variations on the warlord archetype, which generally gets coded male. they get put down in the human histories as Always Guys, even though like half of them were going by she/her before the darkening. the exceptions, aredhel and galadriel, are both doing more subordinate female-coded social roles - very different female-coded social roles, if you asked them they would consider themselves different genders, or at most extremely culturally divergent takes on the same gender. orodreth probably also falls into this category, he's just either (a) doing a male-coded support role or (b) going down in human history as male from that time he failed to finrod
i dunno, i just like the image of humans initially assuming elf gender works like theirs, but slowly over the decades coming to the realisation that it’s completely different on every level below the surface
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nourann · 4 hours ago
Sometimes I think about John saying "took me a while to put my finger on it but I feel happy"
Fucks me up
John are you saying that you haven't been happy for so long you literally forgot what it feels like
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downthepub · 4 hours ago
Keeping this under an anon.
I've been feeling a little bad as of late.
I'm so sick of people outside of the fandom giving me crap for how I feel about Link. Calling me creepy, just because I like to make photo edits and write stories. One guy went as far as to say that I was acting like a stalker and a serial killer.
It kinda has gotten me feeling really low. Like I just wanna delete my whole blog all together and just not deal with GMM and Link anymore.
my advice: block the creepy ppl on tumblr and keep your fandom interests on the download in real life.   yes it sucks that things aren’t socially acceptable (fandom etc) while fandoms like sports are Totally Cool IRL, but it makes life easier if you keep your interests private.  
put your mental health first.  it’s worth it.  
if you’re not doing anything to be ashamed of you should be allowed to enjoy chilling, shouting into the void, or making stuff about your fandom on the internet.  again just block the creeps and don’t share too much irl so ppl can’t judge you.  
i have told no one irl that i have a tumblr, watch gmm, or literally anything about my fandom interests for actual years.  some would say i’m too careful.  but it sure makes life easier!!
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freshersonline · 5 hours ago
Which two actions would be best for a recent graduate to take to determine personal career interests and qualifications? research popular
Which two actions would be best for a recent graduate to take to determine personal career interests and qualifications? research popular
Which two actions would be best for a recent graduate to take to determine personal career interests and qualifications? research popular Which two actions would be best for a recent graduate to take to determine personal career interests and qualifications? research popular career pathstake self-assessment testsvisit job boards and read job descriptionsidentify relevant accomplishments in…
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