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#oreo memes
somethingspiteful3 days ago
> tag kinda went funkie on my end so i tag u again
> @criminal-oreo
Ruv's getting a little mwah on the cheek. Ayana doesn't push boundaries here so the cheek is always the go-to.
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that-one-queer-poc8 days ago
me when i jump off a bridge in a dream and wake up next to you
me when i am peacefully sleeping next to you and make you realize that you are Loved, actually
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Me: These Oreos are the reward I will receive if I clean up my room.
My brain: Why not just eat them now?
Me: What? But if I do that, I won't clean my room!
My brain: You have the power to eat them now, and you don't want to clean your room anyways.
Me, stuffing an Oreo into my face: No! That's not how this is supposed to work!
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incorrect-tpn22 days ago
ray: you鈥檙e blocking the view
norman: i am the view
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mcr-mms-fr-yr-dprssd-slf29 days ago
Tumblr media
I was scrolling through the blog and was astounded at the fact that this one was not up there yet. So here we are. Enjoy franks favorite meme of himself.
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incorrect-tpna month ago
norman: love is dead and never existed. all you ever did was betray me as i lay sick and festering. you are the definition of dread.
emma: you鈥檝e been making dumb poetry like this for the last 20 minutes, are you alright?
norman, tearing up: ray stole my garlic bread
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yourchummybunnya month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Notice the interaction
It's a swiped one because when I tried to fit all these into one big image it got pixelated, you couldn't read anything
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goldenfirefoxa month ago
Tumblr media
That day, he had red bean soup.
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incorrect-tpna month ago
norman: i have decided i am in fact a whole snack but no one is hungry
ray, whispering: i鈥檓 starving
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rockstarmelory2 months ago
I made a meme of an AU called broken Oreo brothers. Hope you guys enjoy!!
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gudbreadsticks2 months ago
Damn boy.
Tumblr media
I have a future idea for this
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