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theamateurbakerblog · 5 minutes ago
Lemon Crinkle Cookies
Recipe: Baking All Year Round
Author: Rosanna Pansino
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Happy Spring guys! I know I've been MIA since last year, but please refer to my two previous posts for explanations on that. Anyways, what is spring time if not for fresh flavors and light, soft desserts. Look no further, as these lemon crinkle cookies are sure to prepare you for spring with it's soft texture and slightly tangy flavor. I absolutely love lemon flavored desserts during this time and I hope you guys have a lovely spring season!
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Tumblr media
From your friend,
The Amateur Baker ❤
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ent-is-undecisive · an hour ago
purble, cookie chip :3
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aww :3 ily too 💛💛
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hivemindcoroika · 2 hours ago
the aloe cookie premiere is too overwhelming it’s too much there’s too much for me to even begin to talk about I need to go back to sleep it’s way too much
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thiserichann · 2 hours ago
cookies and cream (1.5) - l.jn
reader x jaehyun
genre: smut
warnings: fingering, mutual masterbation, webcam sex, dirty talk, swearing (but that's the least of your problems)
word count: 1.2k
(ps: I have a lot of fics left hanging so I'm trying to keep them up again. The actual part 2 will be whenever I feel like writing it.)
It's been weeks since your last visit with Jeno, and you felt a bit guilty about it. You've been answering paperwork non-stop, and going out for books every day didn't seem to be a great idea. The poor guy was very understanding, though. He always assured you that school comes first and that he will be waiting.
And for being such a gentleman, you would always give him treats like this.
"Is my cam okay, baby?"
You waved your hands through your webcam to see if it's working.
"Yes…" Jeno's voice sounded deep and breathy. He was sitting in his room with his usual geeky attire, just a plain old sweatshirt, and pants duo, and his cute nerdy eyeglasses. You've asked him before what they were for, and he said it's the anti-radiation type.
Once you've made sure that he can see all of you clearly, you fixed your position so that your whole body fits in the cam.
"You know what to do, Jeno. Tell me what you want." There was always a short moment of silence once you've asked him that question. He hesitates to ask you what he wants, but you assure him that it is what you want. You're all his.
"Can you take off your shirt, please?" You smiled. He was still polite about it. You kinda find that cute about him.
Obliging, your fingers found the hem of your shirt and lifted it off your body. You can hear tiny grunts and hums of approval coming from the other line. His breaths are getting more erratic, especially since he had seen the swells of your Brest spilling from your tiny pink lingerie. It was a combination of cute and sexy. It was low cut and had little hearts all over it. You know he likes that over your more racy underwear.
"Is that all, daddy?" You can hear him cursing from the other line. He was still trying to control himself from driving to your room in the middle of the night to fuck the words daddy out of you. Poor guy must've been on edge.
"Don't take off your skirt. Keep them on, baby. But take your underwear off." After a few weeks of doing this, he's gotten a bit more comfortable about giving others. Once he gets past the first one, it keeps on coming.
You laid back down and took off your matching panties slowly, making sure he gets a good look at how you took it off.
"Ahhh. Good girl..." You can see him finally take off his shirt. His whole torso is now exposed to you. It still surprises you how he had such a sweet and innocent face but with a body that can rip you open.
"Okay… what's next?" You asked flirtily through the camera, finally getting into the mood.
"Touch yourself, baby. Just like you know how I would." Your right-hand falls to your right breast, cupping it with your palms.
"Just like this?"
"Yes, exactly like that."
Your other hand now falls on your cunt, now dripping wet from the buildup earlier. You slid two of your fingers on your slit, collecting some of your essences, and then showed them to the camera.
"Look how wet I am for you..." A silent moan escapes his lips as you placed those exact fingers on your mouth, sucking them off. He was now palming himself over his pants, and you can now see his erection poking through the fabric.
Your hand slips down on your pussy again, this time rubbing slow circles on your clits.
"Fuck, I remembered that time when you ate me out the last time. Best fucking orgasm of my life." At this point, Jeno finally slipped his pants off and started rubbing himself off on the idea that you're talking dirty to him.
"You would've come harder if that was my dick, baby." He was right. You've seen how big he is and how it would fill your hole up and stretch you further.
You didn't answer and finally inserted a finger on your hole. A soft ahhh came out, something that made Jeno harder. It was now blushing red, and veins are now popping up.
"Do you get off of this every night? The thought of me fucking you against that headboard? Thrusting so hard that you'll get bruises the next morning?"
You didn't even need to ask him for a response this time. The dom in him shows up when he's in this state.
"Yes, daddy..." You added another finger in you, now fucking yourself faster, matching the pace of his fingers as he continues to pump himself. You lowered your bra a bit, still wearing it, but your tits are now exposed to him. He watched it bounce as you grind your hips on your own fingers while you call out his name.
"Ahhh… Fuck. Jeno..."
He watched as your skirt falls on your tummy, now giving him a full view of how your fingers disappear from your cunt. You watched as he fucks his fingers, moving in and out fast like how we would get to you. Your moans are now syncing. It would have been nice if it was actually him fucking you, moaning and whining about how tight you are in your ears. But this was the best that you can do for now.
You inserted another one of your fingers inside, feeling your walls squeeze tighter to them. You can feel yourself getting closer, and he seems to be coming undone as well.
"Baby, be a good girl and face your ass up to me..." You did as he told you to. You're now on all fours, legs wide open as you fuck yourself in that position.
"Fuck. I'm making sure that that ass gets attention next time as well." You didn't answer. Instead, you whined louder about how close you are and that you can't hold it any longer.
"Baby, come for me. Come for daddy..."
You didn't need to be told twice and came within seconds. Your moans are muffled by the bed, but you're sure that the guy in the other side of the camera heard it well.
You know that because just a few seconds later, he let out a long groan, spitting out a string of cursing and your name as he reached his high. You slumped back down from the bed a bit, giving yourself a bit of time to breathe.
Once you've composed yourself, the cute little Samoyed was back again, with glasses and all.
"That was fun. But I really need more..." Jeno asked through the camera.
"Tomorrow. 8:30." You blurted out to the camera.
"Huh?" He seems to be confused, or he didn't hear you correctly.
"I said, tomorrow. 8:30. I'll text you the place."
"Alright…" He was back to his awkward self once again. It was like he wasn't the same person you rode out or the guy that was barking order earlier.
You ended the call shortly after and sent him a text.
You: Need to sleep—more paperwork to do.
Jeno: Sleep well, princess
Jeno: See you.
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howtodothis · 3 hours ago
Can You Substitute Self Rising Flour For All Purpose Flour In Cookies
Can You Substitute Self Rising Flour For All Purpose Flour In Cookies
If you have a cookie recipe that spreads a lot using all purpose flour then it s probably not the best idea to substitute self rising flour. To calculate how much you need of each start with 1 cup of all purpose flour which weighs 130 grams. View Video For Can You Substitute Self Rising Flour For All Purpose Flour In Cookies View Video Review How To Substitute Self Rising Flour For All Purpose…
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whatscookinitalian · 3 hours ago
Vintage recipe from the 1950s. Everyone claims theirs is the best, these are a childhood cookie jar chocolate chip cookies mom use to make. Our favorite and no claims, you be the judge. Get our family recipe here: #momscookie #chocolatechipcookies #vintagecookie #cookiejar #whatscookinitalianstylecuisine
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yemekkitabi · 3 hours ago
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Şık görünümü ve özel lezzeti ile servis tabaklarınıza çok yakışacak Fındıklı Un Kurabiyesi Tarifi, Evdeki Pastane sayfamızda bilgilerinize sunulmuştur. Aynı hamur kullanılarak hazırlanan fındıklı ve kakaolu dolgusu ile pastane ürünlerini aratmayan kurabiyelerin nasıl yapıldığını, sesli anlatımın yer aldığı videodan takip edebilirsiniz.
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mindpersuasion · 3 hours ago
Car Wash Of Doom:
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jtuliniemiphotography · 4 hours ago
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Rilakkuma Cookies by RiYuPai
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hautemamasfavs · 4 hours ago
Amazing Oatmeal Cookies
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1346venice · 4 hours ago
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Amazing Chocolate Chip Cookies by domesticallyblissful on Flickr.
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dotpolkaswirl · 4 hours ago
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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies
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