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dykecharlie · 6 hours ago
started the botw master sword FINAL trials like yesterday and I HATE that you can't save even just to jump out of the trials for a quick break and start back where you left off cos this shit is hard and it takes forever
like so far I've played it in three separate 1+ hour long sessions (a couple MULTIPLE hours long), and im only on level 13... of 20!!! and this is all in one play through!!! I caved and peaked at a guide just to find out how much was left and I SAW what kind of shit it has in store for me and I'm about 98% sure I will NOT make it through to the end, and with each additional hour I devote to these fucking trials just for a measly 10 extra attack points on my favorite sword, with EACH additional hour, the chances I will do something INCREDIBLY stupid when I inevitably die & need to start over rises exponentially!!
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sonderwalker · 9 hours ago
bringing this picrew tag game back because it’s super cute! check it out here
Tumblr media
no pressure tags: @a-certain-bingus (since you were the one who reminded me of it haha) @katierosefun @jasontoddiefor @tomicaleto @giggles-and-freckles​ @alright-anakin​
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alkalamity · 13 hours ago
Hey, random question, if you don't mind: if I were to send you a Sky QR, would you accept? I know you were asking a while ago (I was very new to the game and didn't want to say anything then); is that still open? I'm looking for people to add since so few of my friends play but I wanted to make sure before I sent anything -🦖
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letsbakethatcake · 15 hours ago
So let me get this straight:
You can be choked with a stick and punched in the back of the head multiple times...
But now, the same organization that felt that act of violence done by a repeat offender (even done this season!) against Buchnevich only deserved a fine (and apparently nothing about Panarin at all) is doling out an actual suspension to Buchnevich for high sticking someone???!
I'm not saying high sticking is okay in the slightest but like....what a fucking joke of a league.
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djarining · 19 hours ago
Pass the happy! 💕❤️💕When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and send this to the last 10 people in your notifications 😊 😘
Chatting with people about fandom stuff
Going to bed knowing I don’t have to wake up at any certain time in the morning
Playing a new game for the first time
Being sent memes, messages, videos, anything that reminded someone of me. Really any acknowledgment that people like me and think about me when I’m not directly in front of them.
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onebizarrekai · a day ago
dreamswap has its own video game? where we can know more about the characters
god… unfortunately no, it’s just a sandbox story I created like 5 years ago. by that, I mean it doesn’t have an ongoing story and I just kept adding stuff and changing stuff about its lore until it stopped looking a swap version of existing stories. I don’t really work on it anymore and it’s been through a lot of changes over the years but all the stuff is still there
the only things there are to learn about the characters are in the dreamswap tag on my own blog. also #dsasks but that has literally almost 1000 posts in it and I’m suspicious of its accuracy. the early versions of the characters are wildly different from how they are now
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ganondoodle · a day ago
you ever see an opinion you disagree with so much that your head feels like its gonna explode bc you cant even comprehend how someone can think that and then see otHER PEOPLE AGREE ????
talking about someone saying that botws colors look "washed out" and bad bc its sometimes low in contrast/saturation ??
botw is the prettiest game i have ever laid my eyes upon, and im not saying games like ori ARENT pretty, but calling botw inherently worse looking bc it isnt overly saturated/high in contrast all the time is pretty unfair ??
most of the "washed out" colors are also caused by the fog/atmospheric fog botw simulates especiallly when looking far into the distance which is a thing that they got so right botw feels much bigger than it is (to me)
and yes i get that this is a very biased opinion of mine, but it makes me so angry nonetheless
they also made some ""color corrected"" shots in which ... its just more contrast and saturation and GOD it looks so awfully plastic and much more dated/old (partly bc the low quality textures get through much more clearly than before), i realized that that is also the problem i have with aoc, bc there they actually did that as well (and possibly also got rid of most of the atmospheric fog) and whenever i saw gifs/screenshots of it i wondered why it looked so weirdly ... plastic to me and now i see why
botw has high contrast/saturation when it NEEDS to, and saying it looks worse inherently bc it doesnt have it all the time is an opinion i never thought id get so aggressive about
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jyn · a day ago
i’m so fuckin in love with lost ember. PLEASE play this game if you can. it’s incredible and the story is so wonderfully told.
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gnomeandostrich · a day ago
Music Tag Game❤️
Rules: you can usually tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to! put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people.
Thanks for the tag @roses-and-roo & @sosolenoo !
I don’t have a shuffle option so I just clicked randomly/ picked some songs I’ve been listening to a lot lately. I like sad songs and most of these are sad 😂🙃❤️
1. “Gone Are The Days” - Kygo ft. James Gillespie
2. “Slower” - Tate McRae
3. “Body On My Mind” - Moonshine (which is one of my favorite songs for Morgan/Mason)
4. “Last Day” - Two Friends (Kbubs Remix)
5. “Bring Me Back” - Miles Away ft Claire Ridgely
6. “No Rest” - Vicetone
7. “Fireflies” - Binky
8. “Wild World” - Marc Scibilla (Warren x Nat vibes)
9. “For Elise” - Saint Motel
10. “Voices In My Head” - Skinny Days, CLMD
Tagging whoever would like to share their music picks❤️
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laur-rants · a day ago
would mass effect legendary edition be a good way to play the series for the first time? i've wanted to pick it up for a while now but haven't had the chance to yet
From an accessibility and price standpoint, YES ABSOLUTELY. It drops on May 14th, and it includes all three games PLUS all the DLC (except for a few that are not story important) PLUS its only $60USD. You wanna know how much it cost to buy all of those, individually, through the Ea Origins launcher?? Like, $200 USD. I’m not joking. Not to mention ME1 is unplayable on PC (still pretty decent on PS3 and XB 360) because no cards support it and it looks like dogshit without heavy texture modding. The Legendary Edition is reportedly staying true to the story all the way through, with updated graphics and changes to QOL (and fixes a bunch of bugs... the AI in ME1 was HORRENDOUS especially around the Thorian fight) and also allows for seamless Shepard transitions from 1, 2 and 3 which... the tech was limited for it in the past and its better now. Also better character customization, no weapons being locked out of classes, nothing like that. So yes! I 100% definitely recommend it for a first time player! If all goes well, this will be one of the best ways to play the ME Trilogy going forward, if not one of the most affordable ways to play it, in its entirety.
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arsenalapologist · a day ago
Serious shout out to all the gif makers❤️
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uminoaoi · 2 days ago
Looking for ideas~
I'm making a game, in which you can spend your time with a cute girl, and depending how are you going to act, her emotions and behavior will change.
I'm looking for some interesting ideas, what kind of interaction can she have with the player, depending on her emotions, or the fact that she is on player's computer and can have access to some data (she can create something there). I have a lot of stuff planned, but I'm also looking for some inspiration to maybe add something more~.
If you have some cool ideas, let me know ^^!
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Tagged by @dhufflebee - thank you! Better a late reply than never, right?
Rules: tag 9 people you want to catch up with or get to know better!
fav color: blue, especially the bluegreen, turquoise, and aquamarine sort of shades.
last song: “One More Day” by Merry Hell (I don’t know much about this band, just found them on Spotify today, but they’re a British folk-rock band with some fun loud tunes and beautiful vocal harmonies - harmonizing is the surest way for a song to catch me, and I’m really liking their stuff so far)
currently reading: Od Magic by Patricia McKillip. It’s fantasy about a sad gardener with secret power working at a school of magic while the king plots to keep magic under his own control (or something like that - I’m four chapters in).
currently watching: my brother’s been taking me on a Star Wars marathon for the last few months. There is So Much Content and so much of it is So Terrible, but luckily so is my taste We’ve finished all seven seasons of The Clone Wars and all four of Rebels and I guess next up is the original movies.
last movie: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (it was amazing free me from this never-ending franchise)
sweet/spicy/savory: my ideal self would say savory, but I’m saying sweet.
currently craving: scrambled eggs with salsa, which is unusual. More often it’s ice cream sandwiches (I only had them once as a kid but they made a huge impression on me and now I have them about once a month).
tea/coffee: neither regularly. Coffee more often, but I put milk, sugar, ginger, or cocoa in it so it doesn’t taste like coffee.
Tagging: @readingwritingraptures, @musicmystery1, @feenyxblue, @valiantlydecadentsuit, @really-long-arms, @aarongoesburr, @colormipretty, @findswoman, @itsallwearecalledtodo - all of you guys if you want to! And anyone else, especially if you’ve recently followed me or you’re new to Tumblr. This is an official invitation to introduce yourself if you wanna.
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