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#language acquisition
meimae · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Finished the first volume of 本好きの下剋上 司書になるためには手段を選んでいられません yesterday!
I was initially only going to test out reading the first volume since the series is overwhelmingly long (26 parts!), but I quickly realized that it's a pretty good book to practice reading words I already know. Natural SRS, hurrah!
Of course, there are still plenty of words to mine, but if you read my overview last month, I wrote that at the very least I don't have to look up too many words compared to the other stuff I've read, so it's pretty relaxing and I can just concentrate on reading and enjoying the story.
I'm a self-professed bookworm and this book, with its title alone, caught my eye. I've always loved to collect and read books, and would absolutely choose the library or the bookstore over most social interactions, and if I can, whoever's with me is immediately required to check the book selection, too! 笑
The protagonist, マイン, however, is on another level. She does not only throw a tantrum when she could not get her hands on a book, but she's dedicating all of her energy on making all of the materials to make one herself. If that isn't dedication, I don't know what is.
I've heard some mixed reviews about this character; how she is especially whiney in the first volume which turns a lot of people off. But you gotta hand it to her. This poor girl who's only dream is to be a librarian (aside from getting buried and dying under a heap of books), wastes away and gets transported to a bookless world, into a pitifully weak and feverish body, and she constantly has to deal with the inconveniences of an undeveloped world. Of course she's going to complain!
This 異世界 is quite interesting, since it doesn't exactly rely on world-building, but more on showing what common modern things are not available yet. Sometimes, I can't help but think that it can be kind of historically inaccurate, but then I think again and remember that, of course it won't be accurate to real world history: it's literally a different world! 笑
Her effort to take the first steps on making paper and writing materials is very admirable, and I'm excited to see where else it will take her.
Tumblr media
Ah yes, the most interesting part of the process, stats and graphs time! I love making these little edits and graphs at the end of every good reading session. It really reminds me of how far I've come, and shows me exactly where I can improve my approach in immersion. Also, it's a great amount of proof that, yes, I absolutely can read and listen to Japanese media by just, well, reading and listening to media!
I also listened to the audiobook equivalent of 本好き, and it was so fun to listen to since the voice acting was really good, and because I read it first, it was just as comprehensible. Definitely will be doing the same with the next volumes, and with other novels as well!
Total Characters: 161,544
Total Time Read: 18:23:04
Ave. Chars per Hour: 8,807
(Includes everything including the あとがき, because why not)
Tumblr media
I was consistently reading anywhere between 20 minutes and an hour (average 38 minutes), which just shows you that the shorter chapters of light novels are easier to consume especially while using the timebox method, and that this particular book (and potentially the rest of the series) is very comprehensible material for me, and is great reading practice to solidify previously mined words. Still intensively reading as always - looking up every word I don't know the meaning or reading of, including the occasional grammar point.
Tumblr media
This Characters per Hour graph is shiny and new! I have been holding off from posting it until I finished another book. Was finally able to gather the data I needed (number of characters per chapter/time spent reading) to make it. It was tedious, but the result was worth it since it very clearly shows improvement with every new book I start and finish.
My legend is arranged by start order, my first couple of finishes being NHKにようこそ! and ノルウェイの森. If I had known back then that I was improving every step of the way, I wouldn't have felt as bad as I did for taking 9 hours to read a 75,000 character chapter (which by the way, is a pretty normal chunk of time for a beginner to consume such an amount). But also, please ignore anything above 10k/hour from the first two books, as I am sure I switched my Yomichan to an English-Japanese dictionary setup instead of the normal J-J-J-E dictionary setup that I use now, since at the time I desperately wanted a book finish, and so the speed I was reading in seems quite unbelievable.
Still, judging from this graph, my speed seems to have settled at around an 8k starting point to a 10k-ish ending point. Not terrible, but definitely indicates that I need to read more, as a better ability to remember readings and meanings on the fly means better comprehension and eventually, better speed.
That's all for this update. I'll be either looking into finishing the other books I've put on hold or maybe I'll pick up the next volume of 本好きor a different book instead.
Catch you all later!
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omoi-no-hoka · 10 days ago
omoi-no-hoka san, at your level, do you still feel frustrated with Japanese? I'm not diligent in my study so even after many years, I'm still lost in the intermediate plateau. I guess I just want to know if it ever gets easier?
Tumblr media
Ahaha but in all seriousness, it really does get easier. I spend a good 90% of my day speaking, reading, and writing in Japanese now. Sometimes I find myself a little frustrated because I still don't have as free a range of expression in Japanese as I do in English, but bit by bit my vocabulary is expanding. And it never fails that I come across a completely new word every day. I always mark it down in my dictionary app.
For me, what helped me get over the intermediate plateau was making myself really aware of accomplishments. Throw away your humility. Pat yourself on the back over the smallest of things, like "Oh, I've been listening to this Japanese song for years but today I caught a word in it that I haven't been able to distinguish until now" or "Oh, look at that. I read that kanji without hesitating."
Really, be proud of all the little things, because that's what language acquisition is. Word by word we become fluent.
Don't give up! I know you can do this. 💕
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decompositie · 13 days ago
im writing abt language acquisition and development in children and iwas like dont go to the genie wikipedia page dont go to the genie wikipedia page dont go to the genie wikipedia page but then i went adn well i dont know what i expected my evening is ruined and i feel sick once again
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meimae · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
久し振り! It's time for my May Immersion Overview!
Lots of immersion highs and lows this month. I was kind of busy and also caught a cold brought about by the weird weather; extreme heatwave and sudden thunderstorms are never a good combination. Unsurprisingly, I wasn't able to dedicate my time more into reading, since it was difficult to concentrate between the heat and the constant sniffling. Even a few of my listening picks were a miss. Pretty disappointed about that, not gonna lie, but hey, we all have our off days.
Let's jump into the overview, shall we?
Tumblr media
Not the best listening immersion material, since there was barely any conversation. It was an "ん" fest to say the least, and it became quite the meme in the club. Romance was supposedly cute, but I was too bored lmao I'm sorry, my opinion.
Was able to finish the 1st season. First time watching this after it was recommended endlessly by a friend from my uni days. Still forming my opinion about it, since it's kinda easy to fall into the trap of liking something because everybody else does. I'll be watching the rest of it though, so that's a good sign!
Not gonna lie, I saw a gif set of this and thought it was pretty, so I gave it a go. I don't know what it is, but apparently a good blend of immersion and sports anime/manga is my cup of tea. It's a relaxing and motivating combination.
While this is not my favorite sports anime, I did enjoy the animation of this a lot, most especially 王子's character development and his crazy manga collection which is honestly goals. What an absolute inspiration! Gotta start running with some manga in my hands for the peak immersion experience.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
言の葉の庭 (audiobook)
Listened to three chapters in May, and felt a bit lost. I can hear the words, but my comprehension of it has been lagging behind. The changing POVs keep throwing me off, too. Like excuse me, who is this person speaking now?
I thought it would be as easy as 君の名は since it's from the same author, but it's turning out to be a completely different experience. Also, all the shoe talk is kinda boring which is unfortunate, because it's a pretty big plot point for the protagonist.
A couple of chapters. This is shaping up to be a bit depressing, so I put it on hold for now. Not in the mood for emotional reading. My mind kept wandering off, too, so I kept rereading the same paragraphs sometimes to no avail.
本好きの下剋上 司書になるためには手段を選んでいられません 第一部 兵士の娘I
Now this is a breath of fresh air, both in difficulty and heaviness of plot. Finally, I found something that's interesting to me and perfectly comprehensible in the sense that I don't have to look up words constantly. I can just enjoy reading for once. I still have to look up words here and there, but it's not every five words like the other books I've been reading. I want to look into the audiobooks for this series as well, because of this.
This is going to be an undertaking though, since as far as I know, it's a 26 part series with more or less 100,000 characters per volume, as is common for light novels. Thankfully, that's a whole lot of reading that I'm looking forward to doing! The great thing about LNs like this is that the chapters are fairly short, about minimum 4,000 to 15,000 characters at most as far as the first volume goes, so timeboxing my reading is possible since I've only been taking about 30 minutes to an hour per chapter.
Tumblr media
イタズラなKiss S1 and S2
Third rewatch. The first watch was with JP subs in the very beginning of my immersion journey, and both the second and third are unsubbed.
Needless to say, I really enjoy this show, and have been learning a whole slew of words from it (upwards of 500 words probably) since the very beginning of sentence mining. It's a fun watch, and it's kind of rare I think for a manga based series to go through and talk about most life stages, so it's a pretty word chunky series as far as sentence mining material goes. I've never seen the anime or read the manga though, but it is something I want to check out as well.
Kinda held off watching this one since I thought that it could get really incomprehensible (since I haven't been watching subs this entire time save for the first month of immersion), but was pleasantly suprised how much I was able to comprehend. The visuals most likely helped a lot though which is why audiobooks and podcasts are more of a challenge listening wise.
Anyway, what a great show this was! Looking forward to the next season, and I might look into the manga series while I wait.
Tumblr media
Character driven romance manga from the late 90s from Shōnen Jump which was a pleasant surprise. The very interesting semi-realistic art style hooked me initially, but I've stayed for the characters. I have only have a few more volumes left of this, so it's safe to say that the characters are pretty relatable as they go through their emotions pretty realistically. Kind of male gaze heavy though, since it was published for a young male audience. Still, the male protag, while kind of tough presenting up front, is very much in tune with with his emotions which is interesting to read about.
Again, a couple of volumes, but I've steered away from heavy emotional reading towards the middle and end of the month. It has been a constant rollercoaster so far, so it's kind of overwhelming. It's very good though.
Series wrap up! Still as confusing as I remember it being, but the more SyaoranxSakura pairings I can get the better.
ツバサ World Chronicle
Was only 3 volumes so I might as well. Didn't think it was necessary to add another part to Reservoir Chronicles, but eh, CLAMP makes interesting choices sometimes.
Tumblr media
Read til a few parts of Door 5 before taking another break. I don't know, man, Door 4 and Door 5 is almost the exact same except for some added CGs so far, and I kinda got bored reading the same thing. Yes, yes, I know, it's probably going to take a turn towards the end, as it did for the first three doors, but I seriously could not sit for 5-ish hours in the heat to read this for the 10 minutes of adrenaline rush at the end.
Still judging it quite harshly, I know. Don't worry, I'm still waiting for the day when I eat my words.
Only 40,000 characters in. Just wanted to check it out when I was getting bored of Fata. It's a lot to read though and has a different feel to the other VNs I've tried, so I might put it on hold for when I have enough reading stamina for it.
That's it for May! Hopefully, I can have a better reading month this time around, 'cause I really need to step up my game. Feeling like I'm doing okay on the listening front, but there is always something that throws me off, which means I need to either dive into other material or expand my vocabulary more. It's a fun, but endless grind!
Catch you all next time!
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fuckyeahisawthat · 16 days ago
how 2 explain to the non-fandom friends that you can understand some of what the Italian glamrock kids are singing because you spent the past 8 months watching that mafia show on repeat
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djvpensayosehistorias · 26 days ago
Sobre la conferencia de Chomsky en UABC (2021)
En la conferencia titulada “Gramática generativa y Variación de lenguaje”, el Dr. Chomsky discute estos temas en un recuento de la historia de la lingüística, empezando por el lenguaje concebido de forma sociológica por corrientes estructuralistas (en Europa se sostenía la definición sassureana del lenguaje como un contrato social; en Estados Unidos era prominente Leonard Bloomfield y su definición de las “comunidades de habla”) y la filosofía del lenguaje, y pasando luego al enfoque biológico, en el que se reconoció al lenguaje como una propiedad de la especie Homo Sapiens. Chomsky es partidario de la gramática universal, que refiere a la facultad misma del lenguaje, y su principal contribución es la gramática generativa: el lenguaje, dice, es un sistema computacional de infinidad discreta, pues de una estructura finita pueden desarrollarse una infinidad de expresiones de pensamiento.
Cerca del final, él discute el principio de dependencia de la estructura, que define el funcionamiento del sistema interno del lenguaje, y señala dos cosas. El principio de dependencia de la estructura dicta que reconocemos estructuras antes que palabras. Entonces, el sistema interno no se guía por orden lineal. A veces hay concordancia entre el verbo y la frase nominal más cercana, otras veces la hay con la frase nominal más remota. Esto es más bien determinado por el análisis que hace el sistema interno de una frase dada, considerando estructuras y significados posibles. Así sucede durante la adquisición temprana del lenguaje. El lenguaje no se aprende en la educación básica, o antes, haciendo análisis sintácticos. Es mucho más automático. Chomsky dice al respecto que “los niños sólo escuchan un hilo de palabras”, implicando que los niños tampoco reparan en el significado más complejo de las palabras. Cita a Lila Gleitman, quien pone el ejemplo de que muchos niños pequeños conocen el significado de la frase “eso no es justo”, siendo el término “justicia” muy cargado de múltiples contextos que lo hacen objeto de estudio riguroso. En resumen, lo que más acaparó mi atención fue la dependencia de la estructura y cómo éste habilita el uso de nociones muy abstractas en el lenguaje, incluso en las etapas más tempranas de su adquisición.
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askjuliacaesar · a month ago
Pardon my French:
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meimae · a month ago
Tumblr media
Almost missed the big number, but I hit 1,500 active hours in Japanese! Already hit 500 reading hours a couple of days ago apparently wasn't checking my tracker often, and also about to hit 1,000 active hours of listening probably once I wrap up the drama I've been watching. Still quite a ways to go from the short term goals I've set, but still pretty hyped about reaching a solid number finally.
Tumblr media
Short observations:
Reading novels and visual novels comfortably and intensively at a pace of 8,000-10,000 characters an hour. Manga (my entry to reading JP) used to take me 3 hours to read in the beginning now takes me about an hour or 25 minutes a volume at best.
Can listen to slice of life, drama, romance, and a bit of comedy and fantasy comfortably and follow plot decently without subtitles. Can listen to audio books, but would still need to concentrate or have to replay sometimes to follow. Trouble starts with the lack of vocabulary and the brain working hard to comprehend and fill in the gaps quick enough before the next line starts.
Output (speaking, writing):
Sometimes, I talk to myself silently and use words that seem situation appropriate, but stop myself from fully committing unless I'm absolutely sure I heard the phrase used before. Still working on confidence issues to actually pursue looking for language partners or even to just blog in JP. It's always a confidence thing for me. I'm working on it.
Roughly 9,649 words, 9781 cards (片仮名 included. Some words are duplicated but used in a different sentence meaning/context). Still working on my <140 ease cards and grammar cards.
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meimae · a month ago
Tumblr media
12/05/21 does it make sense that I have the patience to read 40,000 characters of a JP visual novel in 3-4 hours (with breaks), but can't stand reading 5,000-10,000 characters of a JP (light) novel that would take me only an hour?
Seriously, I've managed to read 1M+ VN characters (with punctuation) already. That's around 10 (light) novels worth of reading. I should really just soldier on and read novels. As a self-professed bookworm this is embarrassing!
VN's are a lot more 面倒臭い to set up, too. I need to have four apps running to get the perfect reading-mining set-up. Novels are far easier (manga even more so), since I only have to open a html file in a browser with yomichan on my phone, and I could essentially read anywhere (and mine later).
Is it the visuals? Voiced lines (probably not this, fatamoru is not voiced but I'm doing fine)? Am I just being silly again?
Tumblr media
In other news, I'm getting swamped by Anki reviews again. The knowledge that I have so many words learned to a poor level is disconcerting. Had to reset my grammar deck too, because I felt really bad about maturing multiple grammar points far into the future when I feel like I haven't encountered them in my immersion enough yet. The grind never stops, y'all.
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viridiave · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I am mega late for Daughter Acquisition Day but then I remember every day is Trucy Day so screw it I shall draw some Trucy for stress relief
White Lilac- Youthful Innocence, Memories
Lily of the Valley- Return to Happiness
Yellow Tulip- There is Sunshine in your Smile
Snowdrop- Hope
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bitchiest-of-them-all · a month ago
Tumblr media
In Case You Missed: Is your kid studying a second language at school? How much they learn will depend on where you live
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bitchiest-of-them-all · a month ago
Tumblr media
Is your kid studying a second language at school? How much they learn will depend on where you live
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meimae · a month ago
Hi! Your posts have been really motivating me to forge on with my own immersion (I'm currently watching 今際の国のアリス for the third time to mine vocabulary haha), it's great to see immersion learning posts here on Tumblr! I was wondering how much emphasis you put on passive listening (e.g. while doing mindless tasks). I always find myself completely zoning it out but I'm trying hard to get more into it. What are your thoughts?
Hello fellow immersion learner! I also rewatch mined shows frequently. Currently watching イタズラなKiss for the third time and it's so fun, because it's very comprehensible now.
TL;DR: Reassess your schedule and turn all possible passive time into active; build new habits: wake up early and immerse; listen to music instead (in the beginning) and get motivated; listen to compressed audio of mined shows after building a good foundation of vocabulary; listen to previously mined audiobooks; profit.
When I first started out, I would put just about anything in the background as passive listening and not understand most of it. I even counted anything I watched with Japanese subs on as passive, because it didn't feel like 100% listening. Passive is definitely a stretch as a beginner since you just miss out on a lot.
What I did was to reassess my schedule: is the time I'm using for passive convertible into active listening?
I immediately dropped all Japanese subs after that and tried my best to make time for more active. This was very early on, maybe a month in, so I was watching everything I had watched before without subs so it was tolerable. This was also where I started waking up at 5am just so I can have an extra 1 or 2 hours of quiet time for myself where I could just do either active listening or reading and maybe Anki. It was great, because I would get up and know that I had already secured at least an hour of active immersion for the day, so if I feel too tired in the evening it doesn't bother me that I didn't immerse as much throughout the day.
Almost all my remaining passive time then turned into listening to Japanese music (something I don't mine from). It feels great to be just chilling with some music and suddenly hearing words and sometimes whole phrases that you can understand. It really turned into motivation time instead.
After a long while, I started using compressed audio from the shows I watched and mined from, and this is where it really started clicking. I feel like passive listening starts turning into active listening once you acquire a larger vocabulary. I have a variety of shows that I listen to as "passive", but at this point, it's impossible to even ignore it, because even when I'm distracted, at the very least I can still hear the words I know clearly.
If you saw, my latest Immersion Overview, I mentioned that I was listening to the 君の名は audiobook. It is something that I have never read before, but I did watch and mine almost every word in the movie in the beginning. I technically was listening to it while doing mindless tasks - passive - but I could follow it really well, and even hear descriptive words that would be typically used in books (eg. 頷く/肯く, nodding), so I actually categorized it as active on my tracker.
That's about all I'm doing right now with regards to passive. Hope this helps you out!
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tjeromebaker · a month ago
Where's The Dog, Lilly? Second Language Acquisition
Where’s The Dog, Lilly? Second Language Acquisition Where’s the dog? What clues do you have? Is language necessary for communication to take place? Who is communicating with Lilly? The video is one you will remember fondly on many a rainy day to come… How…
Tumblr media
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meimae · a month ago
Tumblr media
Look at me, not being on time for my April Immersion Overview as is the usual. (・w・;
First, little blog updates to get out of the way:
I reached 100 followers! Got an influx of people checking out my 1 year update post, and got plenty of nice compliments on my data collection.
For those of you wondering just why I keep up with so much data, it's mostly because it can get really hard to notice how much you're improving in a language especially with something like immersion learning that for people who don't get it feels like a waste of time or a time sink.
Graphs showing consistency, improvement in reading speed, increasing vocabulary counts, and generally just seeing numbers grow turns language learning more fun and motivating for me, and if as a bonus, it encourages someone to try immersion learning then that would be cool!
With that said, whether you're here as a fellow language learner, graphs enthusiast (笑), or just want some Japanese media recommendations, ようこそ! 
Also, made a tiny DP change - it’s チト from 少女週末旅行. Pretty sure it’s the first manga series I ever finished in Japanese (not the first one I started since ちはやふる is still ongoing), and I always felt a bit of a ☆connection☆ with  her - between her book-loving personality and being a no-nonsense kind of person, there was no way for me not to enjoy her character. Great beginner anime/manga if you’re not into most beginner recommendations.
April has been a pretty good immersion month, as I was able to dip my toes in a variety of media. A bit competitive, too! The club I joined has been pulling all the stops to get to the Top 20 Immersion Leaderboard in it’s first month. I was able to snag the 9th spot among a bunch of people of different comprehension levels (the majority being N1+ since they’re able to comprehend much more and in turn stand longer immersion hours). Lots of tiny complaints though of potential “whitenoising” content (”listening” and “reading” but not comprehending very well just to get a large number to post), but really what can you do? People lie all the time on the internet. Besides, it’s internet points that doesn’t do anything beyond being a little shiny I guess.
Enough about that, let’s get into the nitty-gritty details you came here for!
Tumblr media
Might need to rewatch this one. Felt like I didn’t connect with the characters the way the rest of its fandom has. I’m kinda sad about it, since I normally love Slice of Life and Fantasy, and I know this is one of my friend’s diehard shows.
ラブライブ! School Idol Project S2
A filler anime to watch tbh. Nice and easy enough to follow for beginners. Pretty good songs. With regards to it being a show about music and moe, I still 100% prefer K-On! if I’m going to be honest, but for a show about non-toxic idols, it’s good!
First read this as English translated manga when I was 13 or something. Mistakes were made. Let’s all just agree to throw キュウベえ into a pit of fire and never talk about it again. Great ending and a show that really reworked the magical girl genre. But seriously, I was traumatized by マミ’s death then and now, help.
Already knew what was going to happen even before watching this so I didn’t ugly cry like I was expecting. Still got that awful sinking feeling though. 10/10 would recommend for a good cry. Also, I’m planning to read the manga, might enjoy that more, because I’ve always liked it more than anime actually. *shocked pikachu face*
Watched before I even finished the manga which felt like a mistake at first until I realized that it perfectly stops where I stopped reading. Nice and comfy anime, the kind I would have loved as a teen. Fun animation too, making parts very dramatic even though it wasn’t really that deep of an issue even in the manga. Just teens feeling feelings. Still salty that we lose bad boy styled 宮村, but I get why it had to happen.
Tumblr media
Second re-listen. I understand it fine, but it’s very easy to drift off when you can’t catch all the words so I had to replay often. Will have to mine more from the anime/book.
I mined from the anime, and was really pleased to be able to follow all 6 hours of this audiobook perfectly fine. Will need to read the book, because I realized just how seamless reading it would be after listening to it with hardly any issue.
Tumblr media
Completed! Read my thoughts about it and see my stats on this post.
Still trudging on with this one. It’s not a bad story, it’s pretty well written actually, I just made the mistake of watching both the anime and live adaptation first, so I know exactly what’s going to happen and it’s killing my motivation to keep reading. I guess reading the book first before watching the movie still applies in any language with me. Really need to 頑張れ and finish so I can move on. 
Started reading towards the end of the month, mostly because I realized that every chapter is only 5000-15000 characters long, and I was able to read up to 40k in a day with Island most days. Only two chapters read so far though because I got distracted by manga, but it’s shaping up to be a really good plot and potentially a really sad one, too, so I’m interested.
Tumblr media
花ざかりの君たちへ イケメンパラダイス
Heard this was a classic so I gave it a try. Loved 生田 斗真’s character in this one the most especially all his internal dialogue acted out. Also, 小栗 旬 in anything is bound to be a good watch. Simple and fun watch. They dragged the ending so much though lmao 
Look, I see 松本 潤, I click. Definitely the kind of show you should watch for some great life advice. Planning to watch the 2nd and 3rd seasons even if there is a terrible lack of 松本 潤, because I love my strong female protagonists, and man, ヤンクミ is such a great character. Need to read the manga, too, if I can find it.
Oof, this was kind of hard. The yakuza talk was throwing me off, but the rest of it was enjoyable. Not really plot heavy as I thought it was going to be. The comedy side of it was fun and predictable after the first few episodes. Overall, pretty good slice of life, family story with a twist.
Tumblr media
Read a bunch of manga this month, mostly because I am struggling to find the next vn to read.
Read a couple of volumes (6-7). This manga is so good, but it’s so depressing I need to stop to take a breather every once in a while. Please don’t leave any spoilers. The club has been reacting to me reading this, and it has mostly been a lot of crying emotes. It’s both been enjoyable to see and really worrying. 笑
Club recommendation. Only read the 1st volume so far. I really need to get into more 少年 anime/manga. That’s currently my 苦手 genre which is awful because literally all the top anime/manga is 少年 help. I just can’t enjoy it much still even though it’s comprehensible to me.
ちはやふる 中学生編
Read Vol. 1, chill read to me at this point after reading 45 volumes of the regular manga. Look, it’s my favorite 幼馴染 manga in baby format, of course I’m going to read this! 太一 has been a flake way before season 3 confirmed. Don’t come at me たいちはや stans bc I also like his character.
Volume 7. I’m taking my sweet time with this one, because I heard the anime for season 2 sucked, so I’m avoiding it like the plague. This is 少年 how am I enjoying this and not everything else what.
Enjoyed the anime hated the movie why did they make it a musical that sucked (ps i normally love musicals hated this one) 
The オタク jargon is kinda hard to read suprisingly but I do enjoy this ship very much. It’s a lighthearted take to otaku culture which is great because seriously it’s scary out there.
It’s my childhood ship, obviously I will read this again (read in English several years ago). Still as plot twisty as I remember it being (now at a bonus hard level reading it in Japanese 笑). Really enjoyed reading this one (I finished it this May).
I’m starting to really dislike furigana in manga. It was a great help as a beginner, but now it’s like training wheels that you can’t take off. I feel like the gains I’m getting from manga is much lower than it was when I first started which makes me both proud of how far I’ve come, but also sad because I love manga. Sad that I might have to start choose VNs over it, because it’s not going to challenge me as much going forward. I mean it didn’t stop me from reading a lot of it this month, but you get the picture.
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Completed! See my stats and read my long spoiler filled post here.
Picked up this VN and finished two doors (15 hours) before stopping. On the fence about it, because it has been kind of predictable so far, and I don’t particularly enjoy the horror genre. That said, this is more psychological than anything, so it’s probably not that that’s putting me off. The language is not exactly difficult, too - maybe some oddly specific words because it is after all historical fiction (which is one of my favorite genres, btw), and 敬語 is definitely interesting to read for once after encountering so many お嬢様 characters in anime/drama so far. 
I think maybe it’s the conversations that are kind of dull - dots (silence) every few clicks that keeps breaking the flow of reading. Probably judging it really harshly too early, because it’s rated so high everywhere, and I just have high expectations. Definitely not dropping it yet though, just taking a break and testing a couple of other VNs before I settle with whatever I end up choosing. It is, after all, going to be another 50+ hour read, and I just don’t want to not enjoy the process, because having fun with the process is a huge part of immersion learning.
Let me know if you’ve read Fata and if I should continue! 
That’s it for this month!
If you have any suggestions on what to watch and read next, please send me a reply, especially for VNs because I’m struggling over here.
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meimae · a month ago
What are your favorite podcasts to listen to, and how do you access them?
The only podcast I've listened a little bit of was ひいきびいき, but they went off the air for a while now. Their podcast episodes used to be accessible online, but now you have to rely on stuff like this to listen.ひいきびいき_episodes/
Hope this helps.
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goodnightmoonvale · a month ago
Back when he was about 3, my older son had a hard time figuring out the difference between "me" and "you". Because we always referred to him as "you", he didn't realize that it referred to people outside of one's self, and therefore always referred to himself as "you"; this lead to some hilarious moments like when he needed to get out of his bed to use the bathroom and he would yell at us through the baby monitor "YOU NEED TO PEE!!!"
Second son, though, had no problem with the you/I distinction. I'm not entirely sure why, but perhaps it was because he had an additional person around to watch responding to "you" vs "I".
What he does have trouble with, and continues to have trouble with, is the difference between she/her and he/him. I am the only person in the house who uses she/her pronouns, so while he knows that some people use she/her instead of he/him, he doesn't have a good grasp on why or when. He tends to refer indiscriminately to people using either set, even mixing it up within the same sentence.
I know he'll figure it out eventually but I find it endlessly amusing that he speaks like someone learning English from a language with ungendered pronouns, that he can't find any reason why some people are one and some people are another. Gives me hope I'm doing something at least a little right.
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