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akaryuga · 10 minutes ago
hhhh you have the most beautiful artstyle ive seen, and you always read my silly comments ;A;
i was wondering if Maca could hang out with my two mcs Candy and Paula, only if you want of course 👉🏿👈🏿
Tumblr media
That's very kind of you.( ;∀;) I love your art style too! It's very awesome!
It's not silly and I don't have much comment//ask//
It's easy and I am happy to read every comment and draw some reply.♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗhaha
Of course our MC could hang out together! if your MCs don't mind Maca talk about Merula a lot(;´∀`) 💦
Maybe your MCs can teach her some skills//help her something(?)She kinda silly sometime.
Plz tell me if I draw your MCs wrong ((((
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neblina-a-blin · 13 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
18/04/21  {translating streak: 5} 
character limit is my new nemesis! why do russian words have to be so ineffectively clunky? we may never know. on the upside, they opened a nice coffee place in my building, so may pancakes, mochas and my incredible friend be the guiding light.
music: legs away by mother mother
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englishvideodictionary · 15 minutes ago
How to Pronounce ENVIRONMENT in English
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weirdgirlsam · 18 minutes ago
i love the oib! if i don’t get a keypoint 17 on this essay i’ll die btw
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quotefeeling · 23 minutes ago
They were different people together in daylight than they were alone in the dark.
Joseph Heller, Catch-22
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darkenlyght · 29 minutes ago
Just Once Sad
I wish I didn't have to lie When they ask "how are you?" But there's nothing they can do So I don't even try
To tell them I am sad Not feeling at all right Crying every night It would make them feel bad
So I just put on a smile And say that I am good As they hope I would And fake that for a while
© DarkenLyght von Dunkellycht
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thoughtkick · 37 minutes ago
I’m happy when I feel your presence in my life… I can never write often or much, but I want you to trust me, and I want to press you against me.
Albert Camus, Yvonne Ducailar
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xixiro · 38 minutes ago
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englisce-naman · 40 minutes ago
Eċġrūn ᛖᚳᚷᚱᚢᚾ [eddʒruːn] 'edge-secret'
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lenacker · 53 minutes ago
I am new to aot world and watching it marathon from season 1 to 4, and i attached to rivetra so much. I deeply think about of all Levi's comrades killer, Annie, Zeke and Gabi, only Annie that Levi not talked to. I don't think he still has grudge to her, but i think it will give him pain remember those memories about her killed his squad especially Petra. What do you think? (sorry, English isn't my first language)
Hi!! Welcome to the Rivetra Nation!
I think that’s one of the ‘unfinished’ stories of AoT, until the very end we don’t see how Levi interacts with Annie. We know he loathes Zeke for everything he did, from Ragako to Erwin and his suicidal army. I guess he feels more or less the same. He’s angry with her, but can’t really do anything since she’s on their side now?? 
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lawtagenglish · 58 minutes ago
Word of the day - Serendipity #english #englishvocabulary #learnenglish #learnenglishonline #virtualenglish #ielts #toefl #cae #pte #englishforspecificpurposes #businessenglish #professionalenglish #lawtagenglish (at Cambridge, Cambridgeshire)
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moralfoundation · an hour ago
The One who prays for you    
 Intercessor What if you knew Jesus was on His knees in the next room, praying for you?  On the night before He died, Jesus was exactly where He wanted to be—with His disciples. They sat and talked and ate together until almost midnight. Before some turned in and a few went with Him to Gethsemane, Jesus led them in prayer.  Really, He let them eavesdrop while He talked with His Father. He…
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aisphotostuff · an hour ago
Churchyard @ Brasted Kent
Churchyard @ Brasted Kent by Adam Swaine Via Flickr: Kent Local Wildlife..The Living Churchyard – Sanctuaries for Wildlife..Churchyards are havens for a vast congregation of wild plants and animals
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