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crazybagelbitch · 21 minutes ago
i did not mind explaining it in the beginning but now it’s getting tiring so here it is one last time: latinx is an ethnicity, not a race. you can be any race and latinx. being latinx does not automatically make someone nonwhite
-signed, a person who is WHITE and CUBAN and very tired of people not understanding this concept
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mysweetmxlody · 32 minutes ago
adding ppl with supportive moms on my DNI rn sorry im bitter and traumatized tell your good mothers to stay away from me
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makotonaegikinnie · 57 minutes ago
oh yeah I love sex haha 69 funny.........ha ha..........oh fuck oh god oh shit
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thequibblah · 2 hours ago
'to signify some kind of very special love day.' I have a feeling that this 'random Hogsmeade weekend in November' is gonna be full of love for a specific reason... it's written in the stars
direct authorial intervention via a certain gryffindor?
Tumblr media
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primomade · 3 hours ago
( i’m all one for haha silly stuff and memes regarding characters from genshin, but some of the tropes and jokes i’ve seen are seriously overdone and have far since been blown past the realm of humor and just become straight-up degrading or offensive imo )
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icookiss · 4 hours ago
I still can't believe that bbh actually flirted back with quackity after being exposed of being horny on main for both buff quackity and milf vampire. what is this.
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evilblackcat13 · 4 hours ago
I joke i’ve thought of in my own gameplay of RE Village
(too lazy to make my own footage)
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onplanetmars · 6 hours ago
just slipped and fell down the steps🤪🤪
started crying out of panic and spilled my drink on myself and my laptop🥰🥰
then went and sat in my closet in my tea-stained shirt and cried a bit more🤩🤩
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wizardwheezes · 6 hours ago
heyo just a little PSA if i’m a wee bit quiet in group chats today, i realise it’s mother’s day in some countries (not mine) and it’s a pretty significant topic which is fine but it’s one that i ain’t ready for so i will be a wee bit more quiet than usual :))
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arienheart · 6 hours ago
kaz & religion
so, kaz was raised to follow the teachings of ghezen, but after his brother’s death (and his own near death), he feels like there is no true god out there who is worth his time. after all, the only one looking out for him is himself. the devout are just marks to him, people so easy to fool with simple tricks. missionaries are conmen, in his eyes, just as bad as he is.
so, when he’s faced with devout believers (inej, matthias), kaz has a tendency to mock their beliefs. he’s... better with the saints, because it’s easier for him to believe that they were just people who did something special but the stories got conflated over the years. he can acknowledge that they probably lived, but doesn’t feel like they’re actually watching over anyone.
a tree god, now that he finds completely impossible. and as such will poke at matthias at any opportunity until he is given enough reason not to.
tldr; kaz is an asshole who doesn’t believe in anything but his own abilities and really needs to stop mocking peoples’ religion to their faces.
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pebblesmatter · 7 hours ago
The thing is I don't even care for this username that much anymore but I have to keep it bc I remember being like 12 and thinking "when I get tumblr I have to make my username pebblesmatter" I don't remember why but I just can't change it bc 12 yo me thought it was genius
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toesuckler · 13 hours ago
i dont talk about how much i appreciate you enough so here i am sending you a wholeass paragraph about how glad i am that youre my friend!!!!
youre always so nice to me and i dont even know why youre just...such a sweet person and i mean that from the bottom of my heart and youre also just really fun to talk to and we share so many common interests and thats so cool!!!! we have a hivemind thing going on and i love that for not good with words and shit but ilysm bestie <33 /p
b... bestie 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 wow this... i.... okay i cannot i love u SO damn much. whole heart to u bestie ur so cool and interesting!! like u do so many things and also ur vibes r insanely good, u just make a lot of good things and thats totally like ... amazing???? u just do ur thing ans sometimes i see u on my dash and go crazy go stupid becauae like "!!!! its the mutual!!!!! i talk to them!!!!!!! look at them!!! :DDD" like wow ur vibes bestie... ur so caring and lovable without even ttying like bestie,,, we care SO much for u besie ur so interesting and talking to u is LITERALLY a blessing bestie... like wow show them ur moves bes friend go off we love youuuuuuuuu!!!! the crowd goes wild and the stage lights r blaring bestie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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depressedhatakekakashi · 15 hours ago
Yamato: *petting Kakashi’s hair* who’s a good boy. Are you a good boy Senpai?
Kakashi: cut it out
Yamato: and what are you going to do about it?
Kakashi: *turning in a laser pointer and watching Yamato chase after it*
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