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oldkingyounggod27 minutes ago
Ok, this is the tiktok, it gave me bug ronsey energy: htt ps:// vm. tiktok. com/ ZMe9 QuAt4/ hopefully if you get this, just take out all the spaces and you'll get the tiktok馃憤馃徎I did do double spaces so hopefully it works!
I am... so freaking delighted to be the recipient of this tiktok. Big Ronsey energy indeed! And it鈥檚 just so...joyful to me??!! Like, the smile on the first guy鈥檚 face, and then the pan out to see the other one just stalking through and looking around on high alert. I am stricken with the feelings for this one, and I super appreciate you sending this to me! I鈥檓 so lucky to have folks that know what I鈥檓 about and share their treasures with me. Thank you for sending this! I鈥檓 going to go watch it about 10 more times in a row...
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brownvampire4 hours ago
i found the tiktok acct of that girl who does the "POV: the popular girl in your class does [blank]" tiktoks and i was scrolling thru a bunch of them like "hmm that seems normal. idk didn't everyone do that? oh i used to do that i think." before i realized.
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geekyanglophile5 hours ago
Me, following more supercorp blogs even though it鈥檚 just going to increase the number of times I see the exact same posts reblogged on my dash: gotta collect them all, bitch.
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slut-for-nat6 hours ago
he needs to go into a very cold timeout 馃檮
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slut-for-nat8 hours ago
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solarsluts8 hours ago
The Solar Opposites As Tiktoks: Terry Edition
This is what I assume he would be doing on facebook
"Hi it's me again. Yeah, I just fell in a ditch. Can I just place an order for honey bbq wings?" (I just know he is a terrible driver 100% of the time)
Applying to Ookie Cookie to pay off the postmates debt
Arguing over some fashion choices with Korvo
King of ADHD
The real reason him and Korvo stopped pursuing college degrees
"I have no idea what I'm doing I am not from here"
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nermalina8 hours ago
brb going skydiving
going with you 馃ゲ
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phoebenatural8 hours ago
i also wanna make it clear that like. if you screenshot/post my stuff elsewhere i literally do not care but you ARE legally obligated to show me wtf im nosy
if you are aware of the ph discourse tiktoks you are legally obligated to send them to me if the op used/referenced my posts in them in any way
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valxeren9 hours ago
at first i was like 鈥渕m hobo eren 馃槱鈥 as a joke, but bro鈥 i don鈥檛 think it鈥檚 a joke anymore 鈥硷笍
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littlespoonsokka9 hours ago
sokka in the desert episode
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slut-for-nat9 hours ago
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slut-for-nat10 hours ago
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