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The majority of Tumblr users, 36%, are aged 18-34, a coveted market for most companies.
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spiltymilky · 26 minutes ago
My dad has never lost a game of joke boat
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thekingofhell · 10 hours ago
You think film grain is sexy? Well baby I have a neurological condition that makes me see everything through a film grain filter
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kevindavidday · 15 hours ago
kevin day and his highly aesthetic pinterest boards against the world
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beelas-bees · 19 hours ago
Me lying awake at 4am: this is what I get for romanticizing mental illness as a kid
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trueemotions91 · 19 hours ago
I deleted a poem yesterday , only because it was getting took the wrong way! Every poem I write is when I’m upset or angry , even if is about butterfly’s , I can’t write when I’m happy my minds blank when I’m Happy 😝that’s just how I find a release with all the words that are racing through my head ❤️ But Yes it was how I felt at the moment of despair, when I lost all sanity and self care, but the reason I posted it was because a hour later I was here , enjoying a vodka and a smoke In the sun. The point to it was we all have moments in life that we act rational and lose ourselves. My mind set for that one hour was if I had a gun , it would of been just done , with no time to regret! So I thought that was important to share with certain things and why laws are important , because we all know our worth 100% just sometimes we get low and make choices in a rational second! I’m sorry if I upset anyone ! Truly ❤️ x
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popscenelt · a day ago
Tumblr media
this was written about louis
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aethyrsecretary · 2 days ago
My mother made friends with a worm farmer and she came home with a bucket full of french breakfast radishes grown at a local nursery he sells casings tom
They are delicious and spicier than the store bought regular radish bunch.
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bellemorte180 · 2 days ago
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leskowitx · 2 days ago
when you go straight to Master of the Mountain after finishing Prime Empire.
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smushedmuffins · 2 days ago
jack is the cow thigh bone i found in a creek and took home 
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Me seeing imagines of ushijima saying he’d stop volleyball for y/n but actually knowing he’d leave your ass for volleyball:
Tumblr media
Mans literally married to his job. His brain is probably a fucking volleyball at this point.
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aliciiaspinnet · 3 days ago
at this point I am just scrolling my dash to find more uquizzes to take
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