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#if only it works like that—
h-isforhome · 8 hours ago
my grades can look incredibly shitty all they want but at least i am still a good writer :•)
#this is the part where i get a flash of the future where i’m failing my stem major and pursuing a fruitful career in writing#and i always wonder if it’s future me saying ‘hey dumbass change ur major’#but them i’m like No i do rlly like my major and the career i planned out it’s just . hard .#and.!! i am it’s not like i’m absolutely better at writing classes i mean helloooo it took me fucking ages to get my paper done yk#and also like.....i am just taking bio chem physics courses none of which r my major specifically#and really i’ve only taken two (2) major specific courses in my 3yrs here but i’ve loved them both so .#rlly it’s just abt where i am in life rn not allowing for amazing academic success <3#it’s not that . i’m terrible at stem or anything . just . circumstances <3#hmmmm can u tell i’m desperately trying to make sense of this bc ik my immediate and extended family and#my family friends will b disappointed if i went the nonstem route 🤡#OR maybe ! maybe maybe this is all bc there’s always been a popularized divide btwn stem and the humanities in that .#everyone always said pick one or the other no exceptions ur good at one bad at the other#when . that’s obvs not true for me esp but also bc we have a desire to learn and can appreciate both yk like .#my friend always said humans want 2 learn everything and anything and idk abt evidence or w/e but i feel like it’s true and again 4 me esp#and so . when we’re brought up to specialize in one and hate the other it never works out yk if i say i’m good at writing#according to divide it means i’m bad at stem yk . but also also also: is the us capitalist society Built for an interest in both .#bc that’s rlly where the divide comes from yk the whole need for ‘better’ careers and so . if i can’t realistically pursue both#what’s the point .!#where i was going w this idk <3 i love both wish i could do both also my english ta emailed and said my v late paper was so good she wants#2 use it as a sample :-)!!!!!!!!
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ukulelekatie · 20 hours ago
so I’ve been having a lot of trouble sleeping lately (I know I know I’m sorry for constantly talking about it I’m tired of it too—or rather I’m not tired, that’s the problem) and I’m researching ways to help and so many sources are saying to not use my phone before bed and even limit reading books in bed, but I cannot understand how people can just... do nothing and then fall asleep? I need to be entertaining myself in some way until I physically cannot keep my eyes open any longer or else I’m just going to be lying there in the dark fixating on how I need to sleep which will just stress me out and keep me up all night. I don’t get it my dudes
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pensivetense · 20 hours ago
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The trope where one character is lookin at like the stars or smth and says "it's so beautiful..." and the other character stares at them and says "yea... it sure is" is either the best or the worst thing ever. Like i swear every time I see it it's either perfect pining and yearning or it's just the cringiest shit ever and I don't even know how to explain why. I dont even have any examples I've seen it so much but it is just entirely hit or miss for me
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holdharmonysacred · 4 days ago
@cobblepottery said:   I don’t think it’s really that silly when really what’s being presented is a child’s understanding of fairytales– in middle school I certainly had no exposure to fairytales beyond the Disney princess movies.
cobblepottery said: After all, what the show is actually deconstructing is sexism in gender roles, which is exactly why ‘fairytales’ exist in modern consciousness only as 'prince saves princess’                            
The problem is though is while gender roles is the point of the show, it’s still using fairy tales to do it, and the way it uses said fairy tales is still really shallow in a way that hurts its own arguments, when if it actually Knew Things about fairy tales the show’s themes would be way stronger. Even in the context of “stories that people would commonly know” there’s still stuff like Hansel and Gretel where the ending is Gretel defeating the witch herself to show that it’s not all “princes save princesses”. And the way the show talks about the Witch(TM) archetype falls flat because what the show is actually talking about is a bizarre blend of multiple different lady villain archetypes that all have their own contradictory roles and themes that trying to hold Anthy up as the archetypal example of does not work. Trying to talk about literal fairy tale witches while ignoring that said characters are old ladies and MILFs who represent evil moms or competition between old and young for power just completely misses the actual point of the problem with that archetype.
And the point I’m trying to make with all of this is that, if the show actually did talk about actual fairy tales, it wouldn’t shoot down or refute the show’s themes in any way, it would actually give the show more content to talk about and use to explore its themes. It would massively enhance the themes of the series if, going back to the witches example, it talked about women get tossed out as they age in favor of new young ladies, and how rather than the princess and evil queen/witch fighting each other for societal power they should both beat the shit out of the mirror dude for making them compete in the first place. “It’s a child’s understanding of fairy tales” might work on an in-universe level, but it doesn’t do much when the show itself doesn’t seem to realize that fairy tales other than Cinderella exist.
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holdharmonysacred · 4 days ago
Man I was thinking about Utena again and like. I think one of the core problems the show has, for all of its themes and symbolism, and for all of how the ultimate conclusion is “the system itself is wrong”, it has the same undertones of “I’m not like ~other girls~” that everyone dunks on PMMM for when it comes to how that show handles the magical girl genre, but in Utena’s case it’s like that for fairy tales. Utena’s understanding of fairy tale tropes is extremely shallow to the point where I don’t think the creators actually read any fairy tales beyond really vague memories of disney movies, not to mention that it ignores how most of the European fairy tales that have survived to the present day are stories by, for, and about women and that the tropes in these stories do have a context and thematic point to them and aren’t just “And then the prince saves the princess from the witch!”.
So it ends up kind of silly, for example, that one of its big points of genre deconstruction is that Anthy is an abuse victim trapped under Akio’s rule who has to use cunning, trickery, and cruelty to cope and survive, when if you go actually read some European fairy tales there are entire genres of fairy tales about women getting trapped in marriages to serial killers and dude villains and having to use cunning and trickery to escape. While Anthy’s character arc works in the context of the show, it is a massive step down from the very thing it’s supposed to be deconstructing, because the creators apparently don’t actually know shit about fairy tales outside of like, Cinderella. And it’d be so easy to integrate commentary on this in the show itself!!!!!! Because even in those kinds of fairy tales there’s issues like the heroine having to rely on Even More Dudes to deliver the killing blow that would support the show’s points about Patriarchy Bad. But it doesn’t, and that’s a shame.
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gayhoehours · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
#misc#this is stupid but im like.... YEAH man#i don't like chemistry but i LOVE nuclear chemistry#its cool and its neat and it just. makes more sense to me#YES this is because ive done my own 3 am wikipedia binges about how nuclear fission and fusion works and what the fuck a quark is but like#its also just. cool. and it makes more SENSE#like yeah. if youve got a high energy unstable particle then it gives off some energy and turns into something else. that makes sense to me#and also its just NEAT#like i GET radioactive decay but what the fuck is an acid-base reaction AKJHFADSJFHSKDJFH#tell me about fission but what the fuck is electrochemistry like- fuck that shit#also now im thinkin bout nuclear energy and so im thinkin about thorium reactors n how they're so much more efficient than uranium reactors#but not a lot of research was put into them cause they dont make good bombs#so now ive also got the wikipedia for 'thorium fuel cell' open and class is over but im not gettin any work done..............#no thoughts. brain full of thorium#and i am thinking about sustainable nuclear energy on this 10:27 am#MAN no ok i thought i was done im not. people are so scared of nuclear energy because they think nuclear reaction and think chernobyl but im#that was A: a worst-case scenario which will never happen again BECAUSE people are so scared of it. B: it only got so bad because the govt..#.. didn't acknowledge that anything was wrong until WAY too late cause they didn't want to look bad. and C: was just so poorly run#like. nuclear chemistry has a possibility of going wrong like yea. everything does but its also extremely minutely observed to make sure...#the Big Three nuclear disasters were caused by poor training/operators not doing their jobs and not living up to safety regulations#if companies would just FOLLOW the fuckin. REGULATIONS then everything would be fine and i guess thats not news but like. got damn#but EVEN SO. three mile island and fukushima released radiation into the environment which. bad. but they didn't have the death toll that...#chernobyl did either. im getting off track but like. stop being scared of nuclear energy. its more sustainable than...#carbon energy/fossil fuels and yeah its not as good as green energy like wind/solar/wave/geothermal (to an extent) but like. use it#countries start using less carbon energy and more nuclear energy challenge. people lets kill oil CEOs challenge lets goooo#man. now im REALLY not gonna get any work done no THOUGHTS. the inside of my brain is the elephants' foot at chernobyl's basement
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transgenderator3000 · 4 days ago
"why aren't you married yet???" no, why do you feel the need to have a contract with the government to prove you're in a relationship? why is there a whole culture of ascribing so much meaning to a dumb ceremony to the point where you freak the fuck out thinking your partner doesn't love you if you don't get married within an acceptable time limit? if it's for insurance, immigration, hospital visitation, or tax reasons i understand that kind of thing, there's a reason we fought for gay marriage equality and still need to fight for disabled rights re: marriage, but this whole set of norms our culture has around marriage in the USA is just ridiculous
#if marriage works for you cool do your thing#but i'm not interested and i never have been and neither is my partner#i always felt that if i wanted to spend the rest of my life with someone i'd just do it#never needed the paperwork#and the mormon church tried to sell me the lie that i could only ever be happy if i got married#so of course i rejected that i hate that there's such strong pressure to get hitched in our society#people should quit evaluating their worth based on whether they've lived up to society's expectations of their relationship#we'd all be happier that way#a married couple isn't superior or more in love they just have a contract with the stupid government#if someone's trying to pressure you into marrying them don't. idgaf how much you love them DO NOT be pressured into that#anyone who sees marriage as an indicator of how much you love them needs to work on themself and get some help#for me personally that's a serious red flag i refuse to be with anyone like that#when i first met the guy who's now my ex i told him in no uncertain terms that i didn't want a marriage ever#he proposed eight months later after he tried to wheedle me into it in ways he thought were subtle#because he placed such a high value on marriage as 'proof' of love and commitment#guess who didn't marry him? that's right me. never have i made such an intelligent decision before in my life. so glad i didn't.#and now i'm with someone who respects my wish to never marry#he is of the same mind we're just going to keep loving each other the government doesn't need to be involved#if we ever have to for monetary reasons someday maybe we'll consider it but neither of us have any desire for it
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I am feeling very very stressed and overwhelmed and I just want to scream, it's like sensory overload but information overload at the same time. Task overload.
#i feel ashamed about it and thats why its hard to address it.#because im overwhelmed from tasks. i dokt get to do things for me#my boyfriend was sitting at the table and smoking while looking at stuff online. he kept talking to me about his finds#but meanwhile i made a cake (which was my own birthday cake) and then cleaned up#made bread dough and made supper. ate supper with him. then cleaned up again. made coffee and sat down#only to be asked to look at stuff online. and then we had to go to bed to get up early today#i barely sat down and it stresses me out#but i feel so bad because he works all week in a shitty office job and i have housework but as soon as hes off the clock#hes asking me to do things (sometimes wjrth him if he can do part of it) and i dokt have a break between then#like today: i prepped the bread to bake and then did the dishes. i said i was miffed avout having to dishes to wash so early in the day#he said -well its not so bad youll be done in a minute then make breakfast- like. yeah but IM the one making breakfast. so i have to BOTH#and sometimes it gets so exhausting.#he sleeps better than i do too. last night we went to bed at 10pm with the alarm set for 6:30am. he fell asleep at 10:05 but me at midnight#i woke up at 2am to pee and then at 5:30am i wake up and so does he. i drink water and he goes to pee then asks the time#when i told him he said -does it evsn make a difference if we get up now- so i went -absolutely it does. im sleeping-#like!! you slept solid for 7 hours but i barely slept 5 hours tossing and turning#the new pain meds are helping so my baseline pain is like 3 or 4 on a scale to 10 instead of being 6/10.#but im still sore all the time and it flares up#and I'm not sleeping well and i had to stopt therapy because of no in-person appointments. im struggling and its exhausting#i appreciate everything that he does for us and i know he works so hard. but im struggling and its hard to admit it because i feel bad#i feel bad because his work is hard too. sow why should i complain? im a housewife. but im a young woman and ive had years of struggle#and im not completely out of it#anyway. thats it for now#kelly.tor
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readingaway · 5 days ago
entering a new fandom is the worst because all of a sudden you’ll see one of your beloved mutuals posting absolute bullshit takes and realize “oh, you’re one of those people who’s made this place a toxic wasteland for a decade? And yet you have the gall to go around talking about how people should be nice and not be bullies and yet here you are, immediately under that post about how people shouldn’t be bullies you’re reblogging mean-spirited and toxic crap attacking anyone who doesn’t like your goddamn ship and right under that you’re reblogging more bullshit and that doesn’t even include what got filtered by my blocking efforts” and you lose all respect for that person and have to decide if you’ll wait a bit to see if they cool it or to just unfollow because people are so myopic. Yes I am talking about d*rklina.
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fiery-ambitions · 6 days ago
Zetterburn’s Up-B is a move.
#🔥 「  sᴏɴ ᴏғ ғɪʀᴇ ﹗ 」  :  ᴠɪsᴀɢᴇ#♞ 「  ʜᴇᴇᴅ ᴛʜʏ sʜᴏᴠᴇʟ ﹗ 」  :  sʜᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴋɴɪɢʜᴛ#// I LITERALLY 0-TO-DEATHED THIS MAN WITH 5 UP-Bs in a row!#This... shouldn't be a thing lol. Zetterburn's Up-B should not combo into itself and Spike off stage.#The Shovel Knight went from 0% to 90%.#Dan. Fix your game or I'm gonna abuse how broken Zetterburn's Up-B is.#It literally has like no ending lag so I can do another Up-B after Up-B almost immediately.#I don't even have to really worry about killing myself cause as you see in the video. If I go off stage doing Up B to spike someone.#I can just wall jump and Up-B again. That's a general Rivals thing that you can Up-B again by wall jumping out of your Up-B but-#I literally have a no commitment multihit Spike move I can just throw off stage and recover out of?#and the recovery also has a hitbox obviously so no matter what. My opponent is getting hit by something?#Seriously. I'm I the only one who realizes how good Zetterburn's Up-B is? xD#I've been labbing these set-ups today. Like all my theory crafting with Zetterburn's Up-B I just mentioned has been working way too well.#I kinda feel like I've stumbled across something nobody has thought of. Zetterburn's Up-B comboing into itself and spiking people off stage.#But more proof of concept is needed. I feel like if this was a viable thing with Zetterburn people would have discoverd it by now.#But. At least with the data I've collected just playing online casually. This is really silly that this works as well as it does. xD
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