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#have some standards my loves
bowiepop · 2 days ago
love all my mutuals who are into lorde but. did she really take 5 years or something to drop this song
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lettuceflower · 3 days ago
over a year has passed since it came out and i still have so many issues with ff7 remake. no i haven’t gotten less salty about it. i think the meta time travel/multiple timelines whatever plot they’ve added is soooo dumb and unnecessary, the original works just fine without it. i’m not a purist, i’m ok with story expansions and changes but ff7 never needed the characters to fight against… fate ghosts. what the fuck.
and yet when i see screenshots from integrade i can’t help but feel this tug in my chest, i can’t explain it. i’m still so sentimental towards ff7’s characters and world, even if i think the remake is going to be a narrative mess going forward.
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llycaons · 5 days ago
‘sanren’ was used as a noun in this fic im reading and Im like ? bc I thought that was a name so I looked it up on the wiki and 
散人 means "person of leisure"; while this tends to indicate people with no jobs or nothing to do with the world, it also contrasts rogue cultivators (Cangse and her teacher) with the rest of the cultivation world
...and here I was thinking it was just a coincidence they had the same given name wow I’m dumb
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vilwil · 10 days ago
la jolla
Pairing: Wilbur Soot x Reader
I trace figures on your smile lines. Work a formula to cure me?
It’s hard to measure love, hard to quantify it, to see love as it is and recognize it as solid, as real. It’s easy to question it’s very existence when it isn’t promised at that very moment. What can count as love anyways? Is it shown in actions, in fleeting smiles, in pinky promises? Or must it be said, whispered into your ear, shouted from the rooftop, I love you I love you I love you. When everything around you is measured in actions, in dramatic declarations and seemingly endless tragedy, how can you find that love?
How can you call it love when it never seems to be enough?
You love Wilbur, you love him because of the man he’s become, and you love him in spite of it. It fills your chest during little moments, times you can look back on and times you sometimes forget, because the actions may have been inconsequential but the love you felt for him in that moment was important.
When he giggles after making some silly joke, and smiles at you like he’s sharing a secret and it’s something only the two of you know. When he writes something down, and does a little circle instead of just a dot when dotting his i’s. When he blinks before sneezing, his expression always one of shock no matter how obvious it was he was going to sneeze.
You know it’s love because it’s as draining as it is filling. You love him and it rips and tears at your heart, it swallows you whole. He looks down his nose too often at those he thinks inferior. He grows more reckless with his own life with each passing day. He wants to see what has hurt him burn, until there’s nothing but ash.
He loves you, you know he does, you’ve heard him say it, read his letters countless time. It’s written in ink on paper, it’s in the creases of his eyes when he smiles at you, it’s how he holds your hand. How he would sing and dance with you in his arms, how he’d go out of his way to make you comfortable, to make you happy.
But it’s hard to see when he’s grown so distant. Hard to tell when he claims his latest actions of destruction come from a love he has, for you, for his country.
It’s hard to see the validity of your love when it’s always coming up short.
Wilbur bleeds and he hurts and he destroys, and you can’t seem to give enough love to pull him back to you. You can’t protect him from the dangers of his own mind, couldn’t protect him from the fall out of his election. He loves you, but it’s not enough to keep you from hurting, from exile and it’s effects. It’s not enough to get him to stop, even though some part of him in the back of his brain knows he’s hurting you.
His hands are warm as he cups your cheeks and holds his forehead against yours. You hold his wrists and breathe him in, keeping your eyes closed as you sink into the familiar feeling of him, of his comfort.
It’s not sustainable, it never was. But nights like this, where it’s just the two of you, and nothing else matters, it’s still there. Your love was never meant to bear the brunt of so much war. It was meant to warm the bread you made together, to tug the corners of your mouth into a smile. It isn’t enough to stop him from planting that TNT, it isn’t enough to stop the pain, and it isn’t enough to last. But your love is real.
He holds you with his hands, and it’s real.
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toastedcoconutchips · 12 days ago
#cw disordered eating#cw im talking shit about my fat body and my demented disordered eating brain#need to watch some shows that trigger my downward spirals into unhealthy bodily obsessions before i get roo comfortable with#my fat body that should by all means be normal to live in and love but because it's mine it is actually horrendous and immoral#because double standards i have for myself and the world etc etc#we're talking the nanny for fran fine's tiny little numbers#and good omens because david tennant and adria (??? lastname) who plays anathema both make me salivate over the idea of#an idealized sort of lithe movements and aspirational thinness#maybe even angus thongs and perfect snogging because the one time i watched that in early high school i got SO sad that i was fat and didn't#look like the person who plays the main character - georgia grooms maybe? - i got obsessed with restrictive eating and midnight workouts on#the scratchy carpet in the computer room#it's like unless i have media idealizations to work towards in an unhealthy obsessive way#i cannot cope with like. anything related to my physical self#i used to read certain books/scenes where a character would lose a lot of weight due to mourning or apathy causing an inability to eat#because i found those 'inspiring' because i knew i was depressed and miserable and could maybe trick myself into#similar bouts of unhealthy weight loss due to listlessness#ffs can i time travel to rewrite this bullshit in my brain from when i was little
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slutabed · 13 days ago
#I’m gonna be annoying and ramble in the tags for a bit and hopefully remember to delete this in the morning but#(and all of this is with the caveat that I know it sounds so conceited and awful lol)#but I think it would be easier if I at least ever dated some guys who didn’t like me so much lol#like. every serious or semi-serious relationship I’ve been in after high school I have been the one to end things#I’m always the one to break things off with guys who are like. way too into me#like I definitely am insecure as fuck about everything about me so maybe that’s why I don’t go after more guys to begin with?#but when I do hook up with anyone theyre the ones who try to pursue something more serious#and they are the ones who are like. devastated when I end things#maybe the reason ‘there’s ghosts in the eyes of all the boys you sent away’ hits so hard#is bc that’s all my relationships lmao#guys will still ask about me to our mutual friends five or ten years after I stopped talking to them#maybe not ten lol but yah like five six seven years later since we last spoke they’ll ask if I’m single#or hit me up directly#so ANYWAY all of this is to say I must be the problem#I don’t get how a feelin can go so strongly in one direction and not be reciprocated#can it be that all these guys have liked me so much and they’re ALL just wrong for me??#or am I the one that’s the problem#and is it an aro thing?? or are my standards just way too high??#I want to be in love and I want a relationship I just#I haven’t found it with anyone since my first boyfriend and I tried things again with him for a few years and he just wasn’t into it#and that hurt so maybe I can feel love that way#but maybe it’s a demiromantic situation bc I had to really know him as a friend before I fell for him#aaaaaah#it just seems so easy for people to find their person and fall in love#and this guy I’m dating now is so!! nice!! but that’s all I feel about him#he’s...nice. and not for me. but he likes me so much already#aaaaaaah
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musical-chick-13 · 14 days ago
Someone: Ah, yes. You enjoy this problematic thing, therefore you are Not Truly a Progressive, and finding joy and hope and validation from it is Bad™.
That same person: Has a profile picture of H*nnibal L*cter.
#again no shade it's have the purity police avoided the mads murderman show I don't get it#why is it exempt it has a super fucked-up queer romance storyline that's BARELY reciprocated in an obvious way and also THE GUY EATS PEOPLE#apparently me saying 'cersei is interesting and relatable sometimes I love her' is bad#but people going 'aww h*nnibal is a Rom-Com™ serial killer husbands!! adorable!!! eating people lol!!!!' is fine#like...the hardcore stans of this show truly blow my mind I don't get it#am I a hate blog now? I think I might be a hate blog now. That's very sad for me I promised I would never do this#where's that meme that's like 'shut up about [x] shut up about [x] shut up about [x]' that's how I feel#tw: cannibalism mention#I can't believe that's a tag I have to type#but y'all refuse to have ANY nuance in the way you talk about fiction so here we are#I am so tired of being told 'but be sure you always keep in mind this work's flaws every time you engage with it or think about it'#like. I know things aren't perfect. I know we can do better. But I also don't owe some stranger on the internet a complete relinquishing#of something that is important to me and has improved a lot of people's lives just because some topics weren't covered perfectly#or because a given character is pRoBLeMaTiC#and before the anons come after me I censored the show name I didn't tag it and I have always unambiguously endorsed the existence of#dark fiction and am very explicitly referring to double standards and fandom hypocrisy in this post so please just. don't.#salty mc13 is salty
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nothingbutalgae · 15 days ago
So like.. in the pokemon world, is it normal for the equivalent of pet shops (which I guess would just be pokemon supply shops?) To have huge tanks/ponds in stock or is it like normal pet stores where they have tiny ass tanks branded with pictures of fish you could definitely not keep in there on them? I want to see what a pokemon world pet store looks like plz
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wooden overcoats is such a calming podcast. it’s one of the first audio dramas I ever really listened to and I always find myself returning to it every so often. just in terms of what it becomes? the collection of vaguely misanthropic oddballs that make their own family? 
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celticdragonmaster · 27 days ago
#hello dumb tma tag rant incoming becauee I'm still going with my hyperfixation bullshit#I saw this tiktok a few days ago talkimg about the fear classifications that I keep thinking about and it just annoyed me#it was saying jonny went back on what he said about things not being tied specifically to one fear or something like that#talking about when Jon asked Leitner what fear bones fit into#and said that he ignored hisbown thing by giving the fears specific things tied to them like the desolation and fire#and I'm just.....first off do ypu think maybe Leitner's comments were just because fucking BONES is a shittty example#and Jon maybe just asked him a stupid question that therefore had a complecated answer#second did we not listen to the same They're Like Colours speach from Gerry because I feel like that sums this stuff up pretty good#like yeah the line between red and purple is really fuzzy and undefined and hard to judge#and some shades are still Definitely red and some and still Definitely purple#some things just are what they are and don't fit as nicely into other boxes#yes fire got linked pretty exclusively to Desolation but where the hell else does it fit#ypu could MAYBE swing it to slaughter or flesh but it only kinda makes sense there#yes the sky is almost entirely Vast but THE VAST DEALS WITH THE FEAR OF FALLING AND HEIGHTS WHAT DO YOU EXPECT#not to mentioned that from a story telling stand point it just makes sense to have certain things that go together like that#it makes sense to have symbols for a listener to connect with a concept that is a pretty standard writing feature#listen there are plenty of accurate and valid criticism for Jonny and TMA#and I wpuld not even try to argue with those because it is not my place and again they are accurate and need to be said#but I will defend the fear classification system in all its imperfect glory#because I am a nearly graduated bio major with a weirdly deep love of taxonomy so that shit is right up my alley#anyway this was stupid and pointless but I juat needed to say my peace with thia
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buswilligan · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My MC, Maira, got a minor redesign!! The biggest change is her color palette, but I did adjust the way I draw her bangs a little bit as well ♥
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onlyverries · a month ago
Taggidy tag game 💕💕
Thank you my tin foil pair, @henlex 💕
Song you could listen to on a rainy day?
Day6 makes me sing into the rain and I can't read their lyrics because it makes me extra sad TT_TT (these songs and their covers, man...)
Song that gets you pumped up?
.... am I predictable? Hahahaha I literally listen these songs in order whenever I leave the house.
I HATE going out of my room and when I have to go to work or do errands, these make me happy 💕
Song that deserves a mv?
Need I say more?
Song that you could listen to on repeat?
Rap parts, intro, outro 😘👌👌👌👌👌 I'm sorry did I make you anxious?
Hongseok's part... WooYu rap... the whole fucking song... 😭
Group that you love their entire discography?
Tumblr media
Day6 takes the crown 🥂 I listen to everything including solos and covers 💕 my playlist - when on shuffle - is like
Oneus -> Day6 -> Onlyoneof -> Day6 -> Day6 -> Verivery -> Day6 -> Day6 -> ONF -> Day6 -> ???
So many songs... can't hand pick ✊😔
Tagging @hyunubear @junquisite @emeraldbabygirl 💕💕💕
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jiminrings · a month ago
hey hannah just wanted to thank u for writing this crazy and amazing series of stemkoo and for the upcoming drabbles week i mean you've a looot in your plate with school, your brother's wedding and more so yeah thank u for taking time and effort to do this, we appreciate it v much lof u :D
bestie you have no idea how much this means to me :(( i was feeling overwhelmed and honestly doubting if i should even push through but!!!! your ask!!!!!!!! i love you so much i feel so warm rn
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