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#grunkle ford
visionsofmacbeth · 17 hours ago
Au where the “somewhere else” that Jon and Martin end up in is the Mystery Shack’s basement (at some point post-season two, probably). Y’know. Cuz portal. Soos is the one who finds them and after a terse standoff and an almost knife-fight, Ford ends up elbow-deep in tapes and jmart has matching sweaters within the hour. I know the timeline is fucky but can you imagine Martin and Stan sitting on the couch and regaling each other with stories of their apocalypses and eye monsters? Can you imagine Dipper begging Jon to tell him everything, and Jon refusing?? The immense tension and mistrust between Ford and Jon, a frost so thick only Mabel Pines could thaw?
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daidz-art · a day ago
I love the Not-Deer. I want one. Idk what they eat so I’d give it everything until I find what it likes.
Please reblog if you like it! It helps grow my account! 🦷🫀
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Honestly, give a buck some privacy fellas. 🙄🙄🙄
Rip Fiddleford’s anxiety. I find it quite relatable lol. I imagine the experiences that scared Fidds the most took place at night.
Also, maybe it’s NOT blood…..maybe he got into a jar of jam.
You may tag as fiddauthor if you’d like.
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Stan: "There's something stupid going on inside my head."
Ford: "It's called a thought."
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daidz-art · 2 days ago
Stanford Pines would fucking LOVE Nightvale, unfortunately City Council does not allow more than 1 handsome gay scientist in town at a time.
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someweirdocanadian · 2 days ago
Imagine these four MFs as friends and creating machines together:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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daidz-art · 3 days ago
What I see:
Tumblr media
What he sees:
Tumblr media
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myohmyimanxious · 3 days ago
I know nobody asked but I came up with more headcanons lmao so here they are!
Dipper and Mabel are autistic
Dipper also has Tourette's bc I'm projecting onto my boy lol
Stan and Ford watched 'Loving Vincent' with Mabel and both sobbed like babies!
It also helped repair their relationship
Van Gogh's work is like the only art dipper can recognise... he tries to learn them for Mabel but he's not very good
Dipper and Stan bond over being bisexual
Mabel always wears pride themed sweaters during June despite the warm weather, as does Ford
Mabel's favourite pride sweater is her lesbian flag sweater
Also the film 'Pride' among all other LGBTQ+ films are the only ones played during June
When the mystery twins are back in gravity falls Wendy and Dipper have wood chopping contests
Wendy wins, but dipper is getting better very quickly
Stan taught the twins how to pick locks
Ford taught the twins self defence
When they're picked on a school these tricks come in handy
Soon it's established that nobody messes with the mystery twins
McGucket throws parties at his mansion for the residents of gravity falls when the twins are back
They're epic and well loved by everyone
Following on from the previous one about dipper having tarantulas, McGucket loves them, and dipper sends updates on how they're doing!
McGucket even bought dipper a stunning Cobalt Blue Tarantula that even Stan and Mabel have to admit is beautiful to look at!
Mabel makes a scrapbook full of her and dippers adventures back in California for Stan and Ford
Neither will admit how much they love seeing and looking over it during trips away on the Stan O' War II
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halurnael · 3 days ago
Grunkle Stan and Grunkle Ford both have red as the "pop of color" in their outfits
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neytiritwig · 4 days ago
A little late but yeah!
”Born show, First off” 🙃
*Without link* Dont use!
Tumblr media
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purplealpacacandy · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Sorry if it’s late, but still, Happy Birthday you bunch of badass hunks! 
edit: This took longer than I expected..
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Ford: And what was that all about?
Stan: What was what all about?
Ford: I assume you've heard the term "passive-agressive"?
Stan: I wasn't being passive-agressive.
Ford: No, you were being agressive-agressive.
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daiyu-amaya · 4 days ago
Ford frowned at the Ball of fluff in Mabel's arms. The kitten was orange and black, with bright blue eyes, the kitten was playing with a string Mabel was dangling in front of its face.
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oowadas · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
it’s still the 15th somewhere so i consider this absolutely on time
but happy 9th anniversary to a show that’s wormed it’s way back into my brain at the perfect time
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carefulzombie · 4 days ago
stanford pines is a character who, while i never hated him, I do recall having moments while watching the show back in the day wanting to grab him by the shoulders to yell at him specifically like uncle iroh did to zuko in that scene where he was going to steal appa
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mmalaria · 4 days ago
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