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#pacifica northwest
iconicanemone · 14 minutes ago
Tumblr media
@gobblewanker If Paz had bat wings, I would think that she would try to go out at night for a midnight flight, away from the pressure her parents put on her
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gobblewanker · 2 hours ago
Alright, since the WIngs AU has already become so much of a group effort: Help me decide on what type of wings Pacifica should have because I really can't make up my mind.
Use the Strawpoll here
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Peacock: Stereotyped as elegant, yet pompous and proud. Use tailfeathers for intimidation.
Flamingo: Stereotyped as somewhat energetic and vain, but also bright and colorful.
Bat: Nocturnal, associated with evil despite being harmless, close family bonds.
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gobblewanker · 3 hours ago
I have suggestion on Winged au Pacifica (you don't have to feel inclined to draw it, it's just a thought). How about if she had peacock wings? Not really based on her personality, but off the fact that in the show, her family owns a bunch of them.
I did actually consider this! Partially because of her family owning peacocks, but also because of the stereotype that peacocks are pompous and haughty. But then I remembered only male peacocks have the really interesting feathers :/
Tumblr media
(I drew it anyways)
I wasn't sure if it was weird to give her tailfeathers when I didn't do that for anyone else, but those feathers are the most interesting looking one. It might also be a fun idea to have her flare them when startled/trying to look intimidating.
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feferipeixes · 10 hours ago
saturday morning and i’m thinking about how the shapeshifter
Tumblr media
somehow knew about the northwest mansion ghost going on a rampage and that dipper would be there for it
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like, as far as i know we’re never told how the shapeshifter was able to tell the future like that. there are so many implications that this has; like if it can pretend to be anyone it’s ever seen before and it has some limited ability to tell the future then it really would be perfect at impersonating people.
but the second reason this is so cool is because this WASN’T the last form dipper ever took. he got turned back to normal when pacifica let the common folk into the party. which implies that pacifica literally CHANGED THE TIMELINE by stepping up against her parents; by righting a wrong that was a century old. i’m just gonna add this to my pile of why i like pacifica a lot.
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rikka-makes-things · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
macifica moodboard with themes of yandere!
rq’ed by: anon
(artist: @/arrival-layne)
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fereality-indy · a day ago
Party Time
Dipper: Where are you going? Mabel: Sleepover with Pacifica. Dipper: Just you? Mabel: Yep, gonna watch the Sex and the city movies, eat cookies and do each other's hair. Grenda: That sounds fun, can I come? Mabel: Sure. Grenda: I'll cook something. Mabel: Never mind, you can stay home
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fairytalefragments · a day ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Trans Dipper Pines - Bi Mabel Pines - Bi Stan Pines - Nonbinary Gay Ford Pines - Trans Soos Ramirez - Genderfluid Wendy Corduroy - Lesbian Pacifica Northwest - Pan Fiddleford McGucket - Sapphic Candy Chiu
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fereality-indy · a day ago
Members Only
Pacifica: Sorry I got anxious... Pacifica: I needed validation. Mabel: I’ll validate the heck out of you! Mabel: Get you a lil membership card, for being my girl. Mabel: Stamp. Stamp. Pacifica: How are you so cute I’m crying. Robbie: *gags*
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lovingkittypizza · a day ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Gravity Falls Rating: Not Rated Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Pacifica Northwest/Dipper Pines, Pacifica Northwest & Ford Pines (friendship) Characters: Pacifica Northwest, Ford Pines, Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines, Stan Pines, Jesus "Soos" Alzamirano Ramirez, Preston Northwest, Priscilla Northwest, Bill Cipher, Waddles Additional Tags: Face it, Episode: s02e10 Northwest Mansion Mystery Summary:
(Takes place after Northwest Mansion Mystery and the comic, Face It.) After taking down Mr. What's-His-Face, Pacifica is feeling like she's on top of the world. She even feels an instant connection to 'Stan' for some odd reason and is curious to him. But, as we all know, Preston Northwest isn't going to take the fact that his daughter is hanging around the Pines lightly. What happens when he comes toe-to-toe with Ford once again? Will Pacifica go back to fearing the bell? Or go to the one person that acts to a father to her? (One shot for now.) Please read and review! And always think outside of the box!
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tallulahrobinson · 2 days ago
Swynlake Style - Tallulah’s Circus Party
A hot or not fashion rating for the EVENT OF THE SUMMER. (Totally not biased!)
Phineas Flynn - -1/10
Why on earth would someone dress up as Evil Knevil (Is that even how it’s spelled??) for someone’s birthday party? You had the right energy, but honestly, atrocious... fashion SIN!
Amazing. Very simple, but ON THEME. Plus you always look good, babe! 
Martin Ambrosius - 4/10
You’re giving me very sad circus tent/even sadder concessions clerk vibes. BUT! ON THEME, so you get some points there!
Susan Webb - 11/10
The beading on this was very well executed, who made that? I could have done a bit better, but still it was a look™. Have you considered running away to join the circus? Taming lions?
Henry Charming - 7/10
VERY on theme, I appreciate your efforts young man! 
Anna Sommers - 2/10
I KNOW I said it was a circus theme, right? Not Candyland? Either way, it looks kinda cute on you and you pulled it off better than most would. 
Oliver Saluki - 8/10
I understand that you did NOT dress yourself for this event, so again credit to the tasteful, Pacifica Northwest! 
Jessica Rabbit - 8/10
Gorgeous. You Court ladies really know your classy looks™ don’t you? Red is your color, babe!
Wendy Darling - 6/10
DARLING. So simple, on theme, and wow you’re to die for! Would have loved to see you in something a little more bold, but NOT BAD!
Barbie Roberts - 10/10
BARBIE HOW COULD YOU. You looked fab, it was BOLD and COLORFUL and CAMPY. I did not expect any less from you! 
TOM - ∞/10
Sarina Go - 12/10
YES. That’s all I have to say, wait no. I have more! ASJKLJGKL. Ok, that’s all now. 
Toulouse Bonfamille - 13/10
WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE BOOTS?! To die for!! They really brought the whole look up a level. Magnifique!
Ashlee Tomassian - 3/10
Yesss Queen give me nothing! No feathers? NEED MORE STRIPES. mORE color! 
Simba Bonfamille-Lyons - -10/10
Melody Oceana - 1/10
Striped parachute pants? NOT EVEN COLORFUL STRIPED PARACHUTE PANTS? Babe, we both know you can do better! 
Attina Triton - 7/10
So cute!! Vintage show girl vibes were the vibe of the night for so many ladies and you looked so sexy! *chef’s kiss*
Vixey Chakraborty - 10/10
Actually a very cute clown look!! I love how original the idea was, not many people came as clowns! The face paint shows commitment to the fit and I applaud you!!! 
Roman Triton - 4/10
As MUCH as I love this jacket, WHERE WAS THE REST OF THE PIZZAZZ?!?!
Theodore Barrie - -2/10
Such a pretty face... such an... outfit... You got points for originality but I just hate it. 
Zira Blackwell - 11/10
Iconic. V similar to my outfit, but honestly, I can’t be mad! IT’S A GOOD OUTFIT.
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fereality-indy · 2 days ago
Mon Petit Gâteau
Pacifica: You remind me of cake. Mabel: How so? Pacifica: I love cake.
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spacerangersam · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the new recruit to the wow my dad sucks club
[ID: A drawing of Stanley Pines, an older white man with shirt grey hair and glasses, and Pacifica Northwest, a small white girl with long blonde hair. Stanley is wearing a short sleeved red shirt holding a can in his left hand and s holding onto Pacifica’s shoulder with his left. She’s wearing a purple jacket and lighter purple shirt underneath with her arms crossed. They’re both looking away from each other, looking sad.]
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How would Pacifica Northwest (Gravity Falls) react to a pretty girl around her age flirting with her?
Pacifica Northwest
* At the beginning, Pacifica would think that you are trying to mock her, that's why she would start mocking you back, but after she noticed that you actually got hurt, and saw that you were not mocking her and actually trying to flirt with her, her whole face would burst in a blush as you would leave angry. * Pacifica had ruined her chance with you with her little stunt, but she didn't realize that, as she would start sending people to stalk you and found out more about you, as she would add more information to her notebook. * To say the least, Pacifica is hooked and ready to try and hunt you down. Nobody had actually liked her for who she is, so why would she want to lose you?
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fereality-indy · 2 days ago
Pacifica: Mabel! Can I have a minute of your time, please? Mabel: Take two, they're small.
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Imagine Pacifica coming across journal 3 and blushing at Dipper comment about her from their adventures during NWMM 😆
“I didn’t blush because I thought it was cute, okay!? I was just… embarrassed for him, because his drawing of me was so bad!”
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I always headcannon that Pacifica is crazy good at chess with her and Dipper playing it constantly. The win to lose ratio is about equal though Dipper had to implement a rule of Pacifica to stop flirting with him since it made him lose his focus 😂
For the first few months she would just lightly tap his hand when he was moving his pieces and he’d freeze up for a solid 5 minutes.
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fallen-gravity · 3 days ago
For the characters thing Pacifica!!
First impression: "Ugh I hate her, she's such a bully for no reason"
Impression now: protect her. keep her safe at all costs. hand over the adoption papers Preston she's my daughter now
Favorite moment: The entire second half of Northwest Mansion Mystery
Idea for a story: Sometime post-finale she runs away from wherever her parents are living now and flees to the mansion to hide. Fidds finds her and practically adopts her because hey, it's a huge house, she's not bothering anyone by staying. (I also love the idea that she gets a part-time job at Greasy's but I don't think she would do that until she was 15-16)
Unpopular opinion: I don't know how unpopular this is but I personally love the headcanon that she stops dying her hair blonde when she gets older and starts wearing her natural color again. Something about wanting to move away from the perfect valley girl old money kind of image in favor of looking and feeling more humble
Favorite relationship: mabifica mabifica mabifica mabifica ma
Favorite headcanon: see above!
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fereality-indy · 3 days ago
Limo Ridin'
Priscilla: Come on, Pacifica. You're gonna miss the limo. Pacifica: Is it the stretch or the town car? Priscilla: Oh, what do you care? *Sarcastically* Priscilla: Just be grateful. Your father had to walk ten miles in the snow to get to his limo.
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