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geekyartemis · 37 minutes ago
New chapter of The Man Downstairs by @rum-and-shattered-dreams! Always something to look forward to.
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Chapter 60 - Not Like This
Tumblr media
Update - June 19, 2021
Overall synopsis (for anyone who is newly interested):
A Gravity Falls AU idea where, in 1982, Stan threw a rope to Ford as he was being pulled into the portal. He let go of his journal in favor of grabbing the rope and it was lost to Bill’s dimension. Stan had saved him and for that, he was grateful. They talked and forgave each other for the past and all seemed well for as much as a day. That was when Bill’s ruthless anger became apparent and he took full advantage of his deal with Ford. Thirty years later, the demon is still punishing them for their refusal to rebuild the portal.
Chapter Summary:
Bill takes a break to watch some reality TV, Pacifica, Blubs, and Durland are reminded of things they forgot, Stan tries to help Ford make some progress despite his stalling, Dipper and Mabel are so done with people forgetting things and Gideon is too.
~Warnings: mention of past character death and grieving, mention of past blood and injury ~There's a new one-shot in the series! It can be read at any point, or not at all, if you want to skip it, but it does give some minor insight to later chapters. ~The poll for this AU's version of Into the Bunker is still up. Sorry to anyone who tried to vote in the first few hours it was up and who had to deal with the confusing wording. It's been fixed now! ~Here's some art for Stanniversary! ~This chapter starts with a flashback to early morning (when Stan was fixing up the basement with Lottie and Bill had just visited Pacifica's dream to give her the summoning incantation) to address what a few other characters were up to during that time.
AO3 Link
(Tumblr will probably make sure this doesn’t show up in the tags because I used links this time so reblogs would be hugely appreciated! Thanks <3)
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verysorrytobother · 2 hours ago
Broke: Ford doesn't understand modern technology because he's old
Woke: Ford doesn't understand modern technology because he's too used to sci-fi interdimensional tech and so struggles to use any device that doesn't involve holographic proyections or tentacles that connect into your brain.
Dipper and Mabel: Haha, look at poor Grunkle Ford! Can't even work an iPhone. Old people are hilarious lol Ford, getting more and more frustrated as he nearly takes apart the phone: Where's the brainwave scanner, where's the hologram port, where's—
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verysorrytobother · 3 hours ago
I'm a sucker for Shanklin, so how about our favorite grunks reminiscing about their old pet for the birthday fic request fest? ^_^
Thanks for the request! (Sorry it’s not on their actual birthday, life happened and work has been crazy lately. But hey, it’s still technically their birthday week, so I’m counting this as a win!)
Stan and Ford sat aboard the Stan O’ War II, fishing rods in hand. They hadn’t caught anything in the last three hours, but it didn’t really matter—they were content, only occasionally breaking the comfortable silence with a comment or quip. The approaching sunset cast the ocean in a golden glow, and all was peaceful.
Stan suddenly snickered.
Ford turned to him with a raised eyebrow, the corner of his mouth quirking into a smile of its own. (Stanley’s laugh was contagious that way—it always had been.) “What’s so funny?”
“I just...” Stan continued chuckling. “I just remembered something. That’s all.”
Ford turned fully to face him. “Really? What is it?” While most of Stan’s memories had returned, he occasionally went through lapses that were typically...less than pleasant. The laughter was certainly a nice change of pace.
Unless he remembered the kissing machine, Ford thought, suddenly horrified. Thankfully, that wasn’t it.
A barrage of memories flooded Ford’s mind, and then he was laughing, too.
“Ah, yes,” he said. “Shanklin the stab possum. Part pet, part assassin—”
“—the perfect weapon!” Stan finished, wiping his eye. “Oh man, Sixer. I can’t believe ya let me carry that thing around in my pants. Little guy could’ve bit my balls off!”
Ford shrugged. “Shanklin didn’t seem to mind. Besides, trying to talk you out of something is about as difficult as raising the dead.”
“You’ve raised the dead,” Stan pointed out.
“Yes, but it took me a while to get the spell right.”
They laughed again. Stan switched his fishing rod to the other hand so he could clap Ford on the shoulder. They sat in silence for a while longer.
“He was a good pet,” Stan finally said.
Ford nodded and hummed in affirmation.
“Wonder what happened to ‘im.”
Ford could tell from the way Stan said it that his brother was worried about perhaps having forgotten Shanklin’s fate.
“I haven’t the foggiest idea, either,” he offered. “He just vanished one day. Disappeared without a trace. We searched up and down the beach, the boardwalk—you even made ‘missing’ posters. But we never found him.”
Stan sighed and scowled. “What is it with people in this family ‘disappearin’ without a trace?’”
“To be fair, I left plenty of traces...oh, no. What’s that look for?”
Stan was indeed giving him a Look—the one that usually meant, “I’ve just had a terrible idea that’s probably going to get us into all sorts of trouble.”
“I’ve got a great idea,” Stan started.
Ford groaned. Here we go.
“Shanklin vanished. Without a trace.”
“Yes, we’ve established that.”
“So obviously, it means we time-traveled back ta Glass Shard Beach and picked him up!” Stan said, clapping his hands and rubbing them together gleefully. “The you-and-me from right now, I mean! C’mon, poindexter, fire up the time machine! We got a possum ta steal!”
Ford rolled his eyes. Only Stanley would plan a time-heist against himself. “Alright, first off, we don’t have a time machine.”
“Eh, you could make one.”
“I can’t just make a time machine..!”
Stan raised an eyebrow.
“...we don’t have the right materials,” Ford continued sheepishly. “And Fiddleford isn’t here.”
Stan’s face fell, but then it brightened a moment later. “Next time we’re in Gravity Falls, then!”
Ford sighed. “Stan, it’s not that simple. The Time Paradox Avoidance Enforcement Squad has made it clear that we’re not to meddle with the time stream anymore—”
“They’re just pissed that we beat them in Globnar,” Stan grumbled.
“—and we have no idea the number of alternate timelines we might create. Besides, we don’t know what happened to Shanklin. He could have been hit by a car, he could have had baby possums of his own...” Ford’s voice softened. “Or maybe he was found and adopted by another small child in need of a friend.
“Not everything has a satisfactory answer, Stanley—not all mysteries should be explored.” He chuckled. “Trust me, I know that better than most.”
Stan sniffed and wiped “dust” from his eye. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. Would’ve been nice though.”
“Yes,” Ford said with a smile. “It would have.” He reached down for his Pitt Cola, then held it out. “To Shanklin.”
Stan clinked his own can against his brother’s, and together, they watched the sun set.
“Also, next time ya go jumpin’ ta investigate some eldritch abomination, I’m remindin’ ya that ‘not all mysteries should be explored.’”
“Shut up, knucklehead.”
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kirbyluigi · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
"Big Brother Ford."
(Please don't tag as Stancest)
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z3phyr23 · 10 hours ago
Update: I just binge watched all of Gravity Falls again and am now crying.
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haschiim · 11 hours ago
So i made an au called " the deal " au
It all started when the portal incident began. Stanley try to summoning bill to help him get his brother back but it "failed", Weeks later, his try to turn on the portal but unfortunately, he got stab with one of the broken tube that he have on the lab ( is that what you call it, im not good at english. ) and that's where bill get summon and try to revive and have a deal with stanley to get his brother back.
He began to activated the portal for 15 years long and stanford doesn't look very happy for what he see.
I guess that introduce all, oh and have some of the other character.
I hope you guys like it
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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purplealpacacandy · 16 hours ago
I was thinking about Ford's 'NEW DIMENSION CHECKLIST' and searched for him the meaning of 'Silver Fox' and here's what I got..
Tumblr media
If I was Ford and saw this, "Silver Fox? but why is there a man beside the creature by the definition? On the other hand that man is quite good looki-.. OHH.."
Haha took ya long enough..
Shout out to Anderson Cooper for a splendid representation of a Silver Fox..😉😅😄
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littleartdump · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Happy late birthday to the Stan twins! !
I'm so proud of the final result. They are my favorite duo/characters. Since I started to re watch the serie back in March I didn't notice how much I love these guys until now.
They are my babes, i love them.
Smooch smooch
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daidz-art · 22 hours ago
I love the Not-Deer. I want one. Idk what they eat so I’d give it everything until I find what it likes.
Please reblog if you like it! It helps grow my account! 🦷🫀
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Honestly, give a buck some privacy fellas. 🙄🙄🙄
Rip Fiddleford’s anxiety. I find it quite relatable lol. I imagine the experiences that scared Fidds the most took place at night.
Also, maybe it’s NOT blood…..maybe he got into a jar of jam.
You may tag as fiddauthor if you’d like.
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gardenvinus · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Sherm intentando no matar a ninguno de los dos Stan's
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ollie-artz · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*shouts from the top of a parking garage* I HAVE ART BLOCKKKKKKK
drawing in pen always helps bc i don't have to obsess over erasing mistakes
also plasma sword
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daidz-art · a day ago
I hc Stanford as Gay Asexual and thems the fax
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kingofthecon · a day ago
Happy Birthday Lee and Ford. Hey why don't we hit the beach and have some fun in the summer sun? With my father out of town, we can head out and no one will ever know.
Tumblr media
Stanley: "BIRTHDAY BEACH BOYS BASH!" Stanford: "You did this, Adrien." ((When Adrien says the magic words. There is a colored version without text and background on the way.))
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