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h3rmitsunited-art · 43 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I love (2) chaotic dumbasses.
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It’s being sad about Detective Estevez hours again
I miss him :- (
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endrrnines · 14 hours ago
Why oh why do I choose to watch shows that either have far too many seasons or too little seasons
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ehh-draws · 14 hours ago
WIP: Dirk and Todd’s Last Scene  - Animated Reimagining. 
A snippet of the animation I’ve been working on for ages of the ending we all I wanted to see. This is not the whole thing and I don’t know if I’ll ever finish it but I really want to, I’ve just been busy with work and other things. Words of encouragement greatly appreciated!! 
(Please watch from the start and with sound)
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This might get me some hate but I’ve been thinking about this for a long time which is that while Dirk Gently and, to a larger extent, Douglas Adam’s body of work is on some levels anti-government and anti-police, S2 of BBCA Dirk Gently is a glaring oversight.
Why make Farah a cop?
“Well Farah isn’t really a cop, and it’s symbolic.” Okay, on a plot-level that makes sense. But it’s copaganda. Tina/Hobbs/Farah is one of the most dangerous kinds of copaganda to an unsuspecting viewer—copaganda that presents itself as anti-cop.
I could write a larger thesis on this, this is more of a feverish one am rambling. But I think about this all the time. Making Farah a cop might have some ways in which it makes sense. However. In the contexts of how the systems of government she was raised to trust and expected to eventually work in first turned her down for her anxiety, killed the only “good cops” in the first case she experienced in season one, literally turned her into a wanted criminal and made her go on the run between seasons, fucking TORTURED her friend!!, essentially let her and those close to her down on every level, her whole fucking life.... it seems absurd that she wouldn’t become disillusioned with the system. Why would this not radicalize her more. Yes, Farah looks hot in the 70s cop shirt. Yes, Hobbs giving her a badge is a symbolic gesture on multiple levels. But the badge exists outside of a symbolic gesture. The uniform means something other than “a change of clothes.” I guess I just feel very unsatisfied with the end of that arc, especially for Farah. She’s an extremely loyal person and has been loyal to this system her whole life. But the system betrayed her, it let her down. Who was there? The agency, her friends. Why the fuck would you make her a cop.
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iotaholisticism · 2 days ago
new fic: Sonic the Hedgehog (2020)
“Do you know what a movie is?”
“No,” Panto admits. “I don’t think I really understand what a television is, either.”
Bart makes Panto watch Sonic the Hedgehog (2020). What could possibly go wrong?
rating: gen
archive warnings: no archive warnings apply
words: 744
tags: Ficlet, Beta Read, Fluff
read it here on ao3!
and thank you to @juniper-and-lamplight for the beta read
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syntheticsposts · 2 days ago
todd: let's go buy wedding rings
dirk: not early? What if I still change my mind?
todd: well then make yourself a gold tooth
dirk: what do you mean? Which tooth?
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potato-lord-but-not · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Y’allll thanks for 400 followers!!!! Let’s celebrate with some drawing requests!! Gimme your favs!
Humanoids are preferred but go nuts :))
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trash-mammall · 3 days ago
m*x l*ndis really told us that he’d been planning a romance between dirk gently and lt. assistent and then a year later arvind ethan david said Fuck That and made todd/dirk as close to canon as you can get in a one-page comic outside of the TV timeline
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clockworkcheetah · 3 days ago
owo todd brotzman for the ask please
i am always down to talk about my boy
three facts about them from my personal headcanons
1. ok everyone who knows me knows this hc but i like viewing him as asexual (like demi or grey and plus biromantic) idk why but it kinda just made sense to me 2. hes really good with kids! (im assuming cause of the age gap he helped out with amanda when she was a baby) i like to think he kinda wants kids (not an endgame goal but yknow he thinks about it from time to time) 3. he has/had piercings. like a looot of them. for reasons. a reason they suck: the show gave a pretty solid reason why he sucks asdfghjkl;
a reason they are great: hes a big softie who tries his best even tho he fucks up a lot- and he tries to do better
a reason I relate to them: tacky dress-shirts fuel me and him (also ive like self projected a lot of stuff onto but idk how much of that counts lmao)
(what I consider to be) the top tier otp/ot3 for that character: brotzly obvs
five things that never happened to that character that I believe should have happened: i mean the show got cancelled so like theres a lot of potential (im hoping the animated series will give us something) 1. mexican funeral reunion like im assuming theyd be really pissed off at him but who were they? would we have heard their music? 2. his parents- not cause i think theyre like interesting, just wanna know the dynamic (cause of the agegap with the sibs (not saying this is the case with all sib agegaps btw) was either todd or amanda planned (were they p young when todd was born or old when amanda was born)? and do one of the parents have pararibulitis? i need to know 3. pararibulitis- like i dont think hes like amanda (as in i dont think he has visions- or can amanda share her visions with him?) but im still curious how it wouldve affected him throughout the show 4. dymanic with mona /shrugs we never see them interact so 5. unless its with dirk i hope they never planned a love interest with him. him being a steve harrington type of character fits his arc a lot (and more characters where romance isnt their ending is nice imo) five people that character never fell in love with and why: uhhh considering romance is pretty backseat in the show i dont think i can even really think of any but 1. farah- i think they did have some infatuation but it was shortlived 2. tina- shes big fan of his but thats it i doubt its anything romantic 3. literally anyone who isnt dirk lmao (none of his interactions with other characters really have like... a romantic lens to them? like romance just isnt intended)
send a character
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benjiedrawings · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Shout out to Todd Brotzman, gotta be one of my favorite genders
[Image description: a cartoony illustration in watercolor of the character Todd Brotzman from the show Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. Todd is a white man in his thirties despicted from his thighs up and with his hands in the pockets of a puffy jacket. The jacket is divided into three parts: bright pink, a light purple stripe in a "V" format, and blue, forming the bisexual pride flag. The jacket has a light pink high collar and is zippered up two thirds up, showing a black shirt underneath. He wears dark blue jeans, has short dark brown hair and a five o'clock shadow. His eyes are light blue, looking at the viewer, he has a pink nose, wears eyeliner and a round black earring. Todd smiles, showing a tooth gap in his front teeth and has raised eyebrows. To his left side, a speech bubble in light blue has "Hey" written on it. The background is a circle divided into five horizontal stripes, light blue, light pink, white, light pink, and light blue, forming the trans pride flag.]
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benjiedrawings · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Absolutely smitten
[Image description: a cartoony illustration in watercolor of Dirk Gently, from the show Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. Dirk is a white man in his thirties with short and straight dark brown hair brushed to the side and light blue eyes. He is despicted from the chest up with his right hand supporting his right cheek, and he wears a yellow leather jacket, a white button up and a deep blue tie, and has yellow nail polish on. His face is slightly leaning onto his hand as he looks to the side with a lovesick expression, his nose and cheeks flushed, scrunched eyebrows pointing up, slightly closed eyes and a soft smile. On either side of his face, scribbled hearts indicate his feelings on a soft pink circle as a background]
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cedtmspcjw · 3 days ago
Welcome to POC Fandom Hub! We’re a small and new server for people of color (including mixed and white-passing) in fandoms. We welcome all LGBTQ+ POC and do not allow discrimination. Pro-shippers, anti-antis, and MAPs are not welcome here. With 53 fandoms and counting, we have channel categories and fandoms for shows and movies, cartoons, anime, podcasts, books, musicals, games, and comics; the bot PluralKit for use by systems; a good staff team; and optional race/ethnicity roles.
To apply, please fill out the form here; our mods will get an invite to you as soon as possible.
The list of fandoms (at time of posting) is under the cut:
shows and movies: supernatural, dirk gently, buffy the vampire slayer, the good place, mcu, it (2017), julie and the phantoms, glee, my babysitter's a vampire, star wars
cartoons: the owl house, kipo and the age of wonderbeasts, infinity train, adventure time, the dragon prince, bee and puppycat, kid cosmic, amphibia, gravity falls, ATLA and LOK, chowder, craig of the creek
animes: bnha, danganronpa, castlevania, studio ghibli, tokyo ghoul, bungou stray dogs, one punch man, mob psycho 100, death note, devilman crybaby
podcasts: welcome to night vale, the magnus archives, the two princes
books: percy jackson, a series of unfortunate events
musicals: six, beetlejuice, be more chill, hadestown, falsettos, team starkid
games: legend of zelda, kingdom hearts, hades, choices, pokemon, neopets
comics: castle swimmer, dc, marvel, the glass scientists
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bi-brotzmans · 3 days ago
rewatchin a bit of dirk gently and i hqve come to the conclusion that the entirety of the rowdy 3 are nonbinary - in various different ways but nonbinary nonetheless
yes this includes amanda and beast and literally anyone who ever ends up in the rowdy 3
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imagined245 · 4 days ago
Days 4-7 of the Dirk Gently Challenge!
Day 4: Poetry
Here’s some Vogon Poetry!
Tumblr media
Day 5: Kitten
The Shark Kitten!
Tumblr media
Day 6: Experiment
I had fun experimenting with glitter here, we’ve got a sad Icarus for this one. 
Tumblr media
Day 7: Tender
This is my favorite of all of them, I had so much fun with this gouache portrait.
Tumblr media
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