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#and I don’t love the merch she has for the re-recording
oncewasamadhouse · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I... don’t have any fearless merch 😔 but I did find a picture of myself from when I was 11 when Fearless came out ignore the tiara; it’s from a Dance recital... where I danced to Love Story IIRC actually so me then and me now, and I’m VERY excited to relive my childhood tonight, headfirst fearless 💛💛
I first became a fan of Taylor like... a month before Love Story was released so fearless is an album that really defined my childhood and I used to have this potable CD player and I’d just play the album over and over again often making up stories for my littlest pet shop toys to go with them so this just- it means A LOT to me.
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poetrytomyears · 8 days ago
I’ve recently seen a LOT of theories about @taylorswift announcing/dropping something on April 30th.
There have been a lot of posts about Taylor potentially dropping a third album to complement Folklore and Evermore, after a lot of 3s have been discovered in Taylor’s tweets, along with some old theories about merch.
Personally, I don’t want to entirely rule out that SOMETHING is happening this weekend, but I think Taylor was already pretty clear about the Woodvale error on the album cover and that Folklore/Evermore were a complete set. And as much as I LOVE those two albums and wish for a third, I doubt that’s coming next, as she has entered into an era of re-recordings.
Obviously in the Stephen Colbert interview she dropped hints at 1989 being the next album to be re-recorded, and with Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version) already being released in a movie trailer (just like what happened with Love Story (TV)), I think of all the theories I’ve heard, that single being announced or dropped makes the most sense.
It does seem a bit quick to me since Fearless (TV) was released less than a month ago, but I know she does want to pump out these re-recordings rather quickly to regain control of her music.
So I’m hopeful (!!) that something is coming soon. But with April 30th quickly approaching I wanted to get my opinion out there.
I also should say how much I loved Fearless (TV) and how excited it made me for the rest of the re-recordings. Taylor is so powerful and so respectable for what she is doing. More good stuff is coming soon - I’m sure of it.
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taffybuns · 3 months ago
Helloooo! I was curious about some headcannons you've got for the sigmund crew? Or like sexuality/gender head cannons? I hope you're having an awesome day! <3
not really outside the main 4 but i have a feww
Tumblr media
aside from the obvious neil-pretends-to-be-open-but-his-home-is-sparse-and-unfamiliar and eva-pretends-to-be-cold-and-unfeeling-but-has-so-much-love-in-her-damn-heart i think eva gave neil that plant and neil gave eva some of the nintendo merch. not that i dont think eva’s not a nintendo fan she probably loves them but wont say it i just think about their lines from the christmas minisode about being bad at giving gifts to each other. they’re probably actually fine gifts though esp considering neil uses her voice recorder. yeahs whatever
re: eva helping neil cheat into sigcorp i really do think he’s sort of a newbie there compared to everyone else, or at least shifted from a different company or department (though ig it’s obvious he’s been working with eva for some years). mostly because every other doctor has gold stripes on their uniforms and he doesn’t. unless he’s just a boring idiot which i wouldn’t doubt
re: their relationship oh my god i know i pair them for funsies but i really got blindsided by the wedding being canon and freebird inserting our fanmade stars/jellyfish motifs into the was mostly only me and my one friend on twitter drawing those i feel like i got smacked in the face anyway up until then i thought they were just high school best friends and possibly exes that figured they didn’t work out (haha unless)... it’s canon they’d known each other at least that long and are the same age/went to school together but other than that i dont know! i don’t know what to think right now. i’m leaning towards besties that yearn because there’s no way that wedding is Actually real but it’s definitely from one of their subconscious
on sexuality/gender well . neil and eva bi robert gay roxie lesbian everybody trans including the other final message to the world...thank u and have a super cool day as well :]
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juangallojongaro · 3 months ago
Best of 2020
Tumblr media
Bruce Springsteen – “If I Was the Priest” Lauded as a return to form for the Boss (I found the album…middling?), this is the standout track on Letter to You. Written in the early seventies and first recorded this year, the track is a perfect slice of Springsteen pomp. A soaring Marian Devotional that recasts the Holy Family as prostitutes, saloon proprietors, and cowboys, it’s grandiose, kind of stupid, and perfectly Springsteen.
Cardi B (ft. Megan Thee Stallion) – “WAP” When I first heard it, I was wandering through one of those endless early quarantine days that have all blended together. It made me laugh, and since I’ve listened to it at least 20 times. Really grateful for Cardi B! LYRIC OF THE YEAR 1: “I want you to park that Big Mack Truck right in this little garage”
Colter Wall – “Big Iron” I spent the latter half of the year reading and thinking about American Westerns. This Marty Robbins cover is a delight. Wall has a remarkable voice, deep and tonal. The sparse instrumentation sets the table perfectly for the confrontation between the Arizona Ranger and the dastardly Texas Red.
Dogleg – “Kawasaki Backflip” The virus turned the volume down on everything and stretched it out. It’s a small and personal unfairness I wasn’t able to see this band shred through this spectacular song in some shitty hot venue while drunk on too expensive beer.
Doja Cat (ft. Nicki Minaj) – “Say So” So, this was a TikTok meme, right? I thought TikTok would fill the Vine-sized hole in my life (RIP, Vine, the only good social media); alas, it wasn’t to be, as it seems to be a platform built exclusively to encourage mediocre young white men to be mediocre-er. I digress; this song is fucking great. Built on the Niles Rodgers-esque disco guitar riff, the addition of a typically professional Minaj elevates this from confection to classic.
Dua Lipa – “Levitating” The lyrics are asinine (see: “My sugarboo/I’m levitating/The Milky Way is liberating/Yeah yeah yeah”). Pop music doesn’t have to have lyrics this dumb (see: above Cardi B re: the garage), but alas. It’s a shame, because the rest of this package is so slick, a pop fan’s wet dream of talent, groove, and Top 40 danceability.
Fiona Apple – “Shameika” The word genius is probably thrown around to liberally, but 2020 marked a moment when the culture seemed to coalesce to bestow the honorarium on Apple. And why not? She’s released five albums, all of them at least great. She’s a singular voice, making scabrous, confident, off-putting, kinda fucked up music (who among us didn’t hear her wail, “You raped me in the same bed your daughter was born in” and not, like, gulp and say out loud to no one, “yikes!”). Despite the traumatic subject matter, the songs are a fucking auditory pleasure. When we were all cooped up this year, Apple’s claustrophobia was a balm.
illuminati hotties – “content//bedtime” In 2019, I had the pleasure of seeing IH open for pup at the Old National Center. After their set, I was on my way to the baño¸ and noticed IH front person Sarah Tudzin at the merch table. I approached, expressed my admiration for her work, and inquired as to the release of the next album. The reception was chilly! It turns out that Tudzin was fighting her label, ultimately leading to the release of FREE I.H.: This is Not the One You’ve Been Waiting For, a weird little record made for the express purpose of getting out of her contract. It’s still a good album! And this song is a wacky Oingo Bingo-y banger. LYRIC OF THE YEAR 2: “Woah-oh-oh-oh/No-oh-oh-oh/Pouring a bowl of Illuminati hot-o's.”
Jeff Rosenstock – “***BNB” It took me a minute, but once I released it was a song about a mother secretly renting out her adult daughter’s room as an AIRBNB, I was smitten. It eventually turns into an extremely Rosenstockian loud meditation on the difficulty/anxiety/sadness of travel which is good and kick ass.
Jessie Ware – “Remember Where You Are” It’s fucking annoying as shit that the year disco came back (see: Cat, Doja; Lipa, Dua; Genius, Perfume) that we were all stuck in our fucking houses with our fucking cat who is 85% sweet and 15% annoying and 100% smelly god I love her.
The Killers (ft. k.d. lang) – “Lightning Fields” This is probably not the best song on this album (gotta be “Caution”, right?), but it is the stupidest which probably makes it the most Killers-y track of the year. It was somewhere around uttering the question, “are we human/are we dancer” that the Nevada-based boys decided to start fucking around non-stop. This song carries on that proud tradition. The metaphors are incomprehensible, it sounds kinda like “Like a Prayer” at the end, and has a friggin’ great k.d. lang guest spot. It’s so fucking dumb.
Megan Thee Stallion (ft. Beyoncé) – “Savage Remix” This is basically a Beyoncé (just discovered Word will autocorrect Beyonce to Beyoncé. Good job, Bill Gates) song, and it’s wonderful! That part when she goes from whisper singing to full Beyoncé-voice singing at the three-minute mark? The best!
NOBRO – “Marianna” A perfect rock song. The last minute is the best minute of music in 2020 and it’s like, 40% of the song.
Origami Angel – “24 Hr Delivery/KD MVP” For whatever reason, this emo revival duo released an EP of songs using Minecraft samples. Ostensibly a remake of their 2019 twee-bullshit ode to making your sad friend feel better by taking them out to get fast food, the song segues into a completely baffling yet moving sound collage featuring sad piano, cheese guitar, and Kevin Durant’s tearful NBA MVP speech. I don’t claim to understand it, but the heart wants what it wants. A slam dunk!
Orville Peck – “Fancy” My wife won’t let me listen to this Reba McIntyre cover in the house because it makes her cry every time. We’ve learned a lot about each other this year.
Perfume Genius – “On the Floor” A sumptuous slinker. Plausibly the best song about dancing on your own since Robyn’s classic, “Dancing on My Own,” it’s an emotional powerhouse. Have I sang this song while crying in the shower? No. Would I? You bet! LYRIC OF THE YEAR 3: “I cross out his name on the page!”
Phoebe Bridgers – “Savior Complex (Copycat Killer Version),” “I Know the End” 2020 fucking sucked. I couldn’t go outside. I couldn’t see my pals. I got stuck in my loft for ten days with a COVID scare. My life shrank and it became too easy to doom scroll all the shitty news of mass death, the senseless murder of unarmed black people, riots, curfews, the fucking election, and then the chaser of a bunch of white supremacists trying to overturn a free and fair election because they can’t believe a majority of Americans are tired of being run by a big wet racist moron.
I’m not saying that Bridgers had anything to say this year about The World, but when I felt the worst I put on Punisher. It didn’t make me feel better, but it didn’t make me feel worse. It’s the sadgirl album for the sadgirl year. ALBUM OF THE YEAR: Punisher.
Rilo Kiley – “Teenage Lovesong” Rescued from the scrap heap of history, Rilo Kiley re-released their self-titled debut that was originally only available at their live shows. It’s a precocious record (there’s some, like, turntable scratching on one song???), but it’s astonishing how fully formed Jenny Lewis’s voice is even in 1999. That instrument is on display in this old fashioned twanger, where Lewis shows off the tone, clarity, and range.
Run the Jewels – “ooh la la” Listened to this song very loud in a rental Mustang driving from Joshua Tree to Vegas in January. It was cool.
Sturgill Simpson – “Just Let Go” Ol’ Sturg decided that 2020 was the year to become a bluegrass boy and you’ll hear no complainin’ from Ol’ Johnny. This reworking of his 2014 transcendental ode to the “universal shared consciousness,” becomes a good hearted bluegrass ditty brimming with existential joy.
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prettyoddfever · 4 months ago
this is my only active account. anyone else is *not* me.
Hi, so there’s a guy who’s been a little weird for the past 8 months, but I’ve been brushing it off because I figured nothing was particularly strange enough on its own. But now I'm worried that some of my followers might accidentally think that @pretty0ddfever​ is me and then interact with him or trust his content. It seems like he might be a middle aged man who’s created multiple accounts and is pretending to be a 12 or 10 year old boy... idk but things are getting weirder. I also don’t want to ignore even the slightest chance that there might be a sketchy situation for my underage followers (although I mostly think it’s just a guy trying to copy me for whatever reason). I’m going to highlight what’s been happening for the past 8 months but I’ll start with the most recent thing:
This guy has created yet another youtube account that seems like it’s impersonating me. Every single one of his uploads is a video from my channel that I edited/made. He even called some of them the same title I was joking with:
Tumblr media
Here’s my account:
Tumblr media
and then here's his most recent one... even the “free time” comment is too similar to be coincidence.
Tumblr media
ok let me go back to the beginning before I get into his other nonsense...
update: this guy is definitely unstable. I added his recent messages to me this morning at the bottom of this post. I’m not taking this down because I want my followers to be safe.
So back in April I was trying to be nice and made a short, supportive comment on a random person’s youtube video. I was trying to see if anyone already had a full Astoria edit up or a completed playlist and I saw his blurry tv recording (which looked a little sad so I left an encouraging/enthusiastic comment). A couple days later he changed his name to “prettyoddfever.” Obviously my username isn’t that unique or anything, but it seemed like weird timing so I asked what was up with that. He said he wanted to use the name to make a P!ATD video (the blue icon is not me. it’s him):
Tumblr media
Ok so you see the Garry Taylor above? That’s one of the main accounts he also uses. (I’ll come back to the whole multiple accounts thing in a bit).
So pretty soon he started a Tumblr account as “patdprettyoddfever” and started messaging me... I never replied but he still kept going:
Tumblr media
“the first time we talked” would be that day last spring when I commented on his video. I only know it was April because he’s told me in other comments.
Tumblr media
(also: I would never take or share screenshots of messages normally. It’s safe to message me... I don’t love sharing these, but like I said before – I’m a little concerned that something’s weird or that someone might think this person is me).
So his tumblr account was simply taking the stuff that I posted and then redoing my posts as his own...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I took more screenshots, but you get the idea. So his account linked to his patdsnaps youtube account (I’ll come back to his web of youtube accounts in a bit).
And a friend let me know that the same exact tumblr account is now @pretty0ddfever​... he deleted his old posts and is still reposting a lot of my stuff as his own. It’s definitely the same account btw because I looked at his old messages to me and the username had switched:
Tumblr media
so here’s his new stuff:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It’s a little weird how close their description is to mine and how their name is the same, but I mostly figured that those were never very original so it could be a coincidence.
And here are the guy’s likes. Literally everything is from me. And again – that’s definitely not weird in itself! But when you put everything together it starts to feel odd.
Tumblr media
And the fact that this person’s actual posts are largely my pictures that they’re re-uploading as their own is also strange. Btw I honestly don’t mind at ALL if people grab the pics I post! Obviously I grabbed them from someone else at one point too... it’s only weird in this one situation because of everything else this guy is doing. And I can tell at a glance that those pictures were from my posts because I edit almost everything I share (for better or worse lol. I’m just having fun but sometimes I look back like omg what did I do to the poor pics). 
I just don’t want anyone to see his account and think it’s somehow associated with me. This is my only active P!ATD account! (I was initially trying to do something with @the-youngveins​ and @jonwalkerexists​ and @theryanrossproject​ too but those are kind of dead for now... and I want to delete @patd-merch​ but I keep getting scared that I’m accidentally going to delete this account ha). But my point is that I tried to make sure that anyone who messaged me on those other accounts knew that I also ran this account!! I’m not trying to pretend to be anyone else and I won’t have alternate accounts with a similar name.
So I noticed pretty quickly how this guy had multiple youtube accounts and was really bad at switching between them lol. He commented on my videos a lot and sometimes would continue a conversation with a different account, so it wasn’t too hard to figure out which were his after a few months. 
He often uses his accounts to comment on his own videos too:
Tumblr media
He tends to delete a lot of his comments on my videos really fast for some reason, so I wasn’t able to go back and get screenshots of everything but you’ll get the general idea (once in a while I could grab the notification still). I don’t remember specifics, but a lot of what he said this spring led me to believe he was in his 30s at the very least and that he had been around during the pre-split era.
Ok so the whole “Archie” identity is definitely also Garry Taylor. Here are some of his other youtube accounts that I know for sure:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(that’s different from his other “prettyoddfever” accounts btw. and it’s not me but those pictures are from my account. I edited them. and that Jon Walker video was a moment I edited that I found funny... this guy took the title and everything). and a friend did notice what was happening & kept me updated on stuff I didn’t notice and reported one of the older accounts btw so that was very kind.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(some of those pictures are my edits btw but that’s not a big deal)
The Garry Taylor account seems like it sometimes switches its name to prettyoddfever too. And I know he has more accounts than these... it’s made me hesitant to interact with anyone in the fandom tbh because I don’t know if it’s him or not. It started to remind me of Chelsey and freaked me out.
UPDATE: ok so I just checked that particular account again and can I please point out that Garry Taylor is the same person who runs the Archie accounts and the others (see the video in the bottom left):
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
UPDATE: Archie had briefly made his Tumblr title “patdsnaps” and said to follow him on youtube, so I took a quick screenshot but it didn’t seem to fit in with the amount of work he put into his other accounts... I figured maybe he was stealing @heavenlybrendon​’s material & identity (I didn’t see the follower count) but that was my own confused assumption. It seems like Archie was actually just trying to fake some association with that account. SO THE ACCOUNT ABOVE IS NOT ARCHIE, SORRY. It has nothing to do with this mess!!!
Tumblr media
So you know how I was combining a lot of fan videos to kind of recreate shows? I was trying to edit together the best footage possible for each moment in order to drop the shakier bits. So this guy eventually started to string entire fan videos together trying to recreate shows too. However, he wasn’t giving the original fans credit and his videos were basically what a playlist would be (he’s started giving credit recently, though, so that’s nice).
I figured he could do his own thing nbd, but then a few people began messaging me & thinking that his youtube account was mine because the videos all show up as “prettyoddfever” in a search. And then he started commenting on my new uploads as though I had copied him because he did the same show last week or whatever… and omg I am not here for some kind of space race lol. I’m just trying to sort through my memories in peace and I don’t care what he’s doing (I’m not trying to be mean – I’m just focused on my own stuff right now). He also likes to ask me to upload whatever footage he wants to use next or remind me that I can get ideas from whatever he’s already done:
Tumblr media
Finally I got tired of him posting stuff like “I already did this last month” on my recent uploads and I said something:
Tumblr media
notice how Garry Taylor has a picture of Archie in his icon.
He’s seriously so fast to delete comments that I barely remember to take a screenshot sometimes before an entire thread from his multiple accounts is gone (one time I went to show a friend a video that he’d made trying to basically frame me for something that wasn’t clear, but it was deleted before she could open the link). There’s also been a pattern where he’s mildly aggressive & rather rude but then as soon as I say anything about what he’s doing he’ll instantly fall apart and claim that he has really bad anxiety so nobody can say anything to stress him. 
I got tired of trying to figure him out and finally pointed out the obvious:
Tumblr media
Once I mentioned that, he started commenting way more with an Archie account and saying lots of stuff about how "his” brother was the one who had been around in the pre-split time. I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON lol I don’t want to try to figure it out either. I just want to edit pictures of Ryan’s makeup ok.
This guy had also been commenting on my stuff as Archie for like half a year, but he tried to act like this Archie account was a stranger who was a new follower in November (so maybe I’m remembering a different one of his several Archie accounts. but still – they’re all him. he’s not new):
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also, it’s a little annoying how he's been using all of these accounts to get info from me and then still gets it wrong when he posts... but that’s not really a big deal. It’s just me caring too much about P!ATD haha.
I know this is mostly a lot of little weird things and I’m probably making a big deal out of nothing late at night sorry. For the record, I didn’t care too much about what a random account was doing until he started impersonating me & taking my videos. I still want to be sure that my followers are safe, though. I’m sharing this so nobody thinks he’s me... and I want to leave the info here just in case he’s been odd with anyone else but they’ve been brushing it off too.
I don’t know if this guy is someone with DID or what exactly is going on. I hope this post isn’t harming anyone. I’m also hesitant to post this because it might seem like I’m bullying a kid, but so many comments he’s made have sounded like he’s an adult posing as a kid. Plus, all of those accounts are absolutely him! For sure. So something weird is going on no matter how old he is.
This whole situation is bizarre and I hate how I just spent 2 hours on this post haha. I still have several big posts I haven’t done yet and I totally could’ve queued one in this time ugh. So I’m going back to waxing nostalgic about silly things now :)
UPDATE: this guy is officially freaking me out. 
I just want to be done with this whole situation but I also want to make sure that my followers know what’s up... I woke up to over 40 notifications from him leaving increasingly confusing & irate messages. At first he apologized for lying about his age... then his explanations got weird and he started asking me to promo his Garry Taylor channel. And then he told me to delete this post because he's over it. Then he flipped to being aggressive & guilting me, which is super shady:
Tumblr media
Yes, he was posting blurry tv screen recordings of post-split P!ATD shows in April and then I posted the NRWC fan edit I had worked on for months at the end of April... there is zero connection there. 
His message only proves what I’d been saying earlier about how he kept making mildly aggressive comments on my recent uploads until I finally told him that neither one of us is remotely the first person to do any of this. Fans have been posting P!ATD shows for 15+ years, sir. I only thought it was odd how he suddenly moved away from tv footage and started editing pre-split fan videos together in a similar way to what I was doing (while under an account he had changed to be the same name). Of course it’s not wrong for anyone else to do edits – it’s just weird when his actions are taken all together.
He’s not acting as an archive account btw... he’s definitely trying to pass my stuff off as his (or pass himself off as me idk). And I’m not sure what he’s doing with his Tumblr accounts, but I’m pretty sure that reblogging my stuff would be a faster way to save it than recreating my posts as his.
This whole situation is beyond weird now. I’m sure he’s going to make some videos about how mean I am now & then delete them & reupload them & delete them. I honestly don’t care – I just want to be left alone to do my own thing and I want my followers to be safe. 
I’m leaving this post up because this guy just seems sketchier than ever. This is the only account I will ever contact you through.
update #2: 
Tumblr media
I’ve been hesitant to use the icon that I have now because that’s the one pre-split image that means the most to me and I don't want him to ruin that. So it’s really disheartening to see it there.
(update #3: he messaged me to say that “his friend” made the account above and he told them to delete it so they did).
and he just messaged me on here from @rydenandbrallon with another angry attempt to guilt/manipulate me and he had another account last night too that’s gone now. But he still has @thoughtfulstrawberrybird​. This is a huge part of why I largely keep to myself on here. So many of you are absolute sweethearts and it’s been really fun hearing from you, but I don’t know who might secretly be him and it’s seriously creepy.... so I’m going to stop doing giveaways for now and I’m not going to be on here as much (but my queue will still run). 
update #4: his new account is @thatxnorthernxdownpour​.
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Only Mine Pt. 2
A/N: Part 2! I’m really sorry if there are any grammatical errors. I haven’t updated in a bit, wanted to give you guys something, so I haven’t really proof read... like at all. So yeah, if there’s some weird mistakes it’s that. Pairing: Gerard Way x F!Reader Word count: 2339 Warnings: Implied smut, a few curse words (I think one, tbh)
The Grammys. An artists dream award.
To even be recognized by the Grammys was already a huge deal for any singer, songwriter, or band. But to be nominated for 10 awards? That was a whole other ballgame.
That’s where you stood tonight though. On the large red carpet in a formal ball gown, an off shoulder look with a slit next to your leg, and it was a beautiful emerald green color, Gerard next to you in a solid black tux. Usually he would say no to these events, but it was you. And this could have been the night you received your greatest accomplishment ever, so he was not going to miss it for the world.
Just like Gerard had predicted, My Midnight Boy was an absolute hit. Many were already considering it the album of the decade, and was placed on to Billboard Top 100 at #1 for over 12 weeks, with over half of the songs reaching the top 5. While that was exciting for so many reasons, a lot of other things in your personal life took a 180. For starters, paparazzi were everywhere. Anytime you or Gerard walked out of your New York apartment, a line of at least half a dozen paps were suited with large cameras to take as many photos as possible. When the two of you were together, there were usually 20. So naturally, you both had to hire security. It was never a decision that you wanted to make, it was one that needed to happen.
Next, your band broke up. Apparently, the boys there couldn’t take your individual success and broke up in a screaming fight which left you crying in a studio, and Gerard having to come and console you for a few hours, reminding you that they left because they couldn’t handle your fame and success.
Your fandom also grew immensely, which was great. You loved scrolling through your Instagram and Twitter everyday, only to see hundreds of fans show off your merch. Some even had Y/N Y/L/N themed parties, rooms, and costumes. It was all so overwhelming, in a good way.
You and him had both done numerous interviews at this point. You were especially glad that Gerard was being asked about My Chem, and not just you. And the questions that did come about you, he would always have the sweetest most genuine answers. “She’s honestly the most incredible woman I’ve ever met, and I’m so lucky to have her as my best friend and fiancee.” “She’s a musical genius, honestly. She’s way smarter, way more beautiful, and way more talented than me. Which I’m okay with because she deserves and has earned everything she has.” “She surprises me everyday. She has new, crazy ideas for music. And they all work. She just makes it work.”
And every time you would stand off with a huge smile and even more prominent blush on your face. Finally, at one point, you were asked about Gerard. After all, it was pretty well known now that “My Midnight Boy” was, well, Gerard.
“He’s honestly the best man ever.” You smiled and looked over at him as he just smiled, “I wouldn’t have written as genuine, and heartfelt songs about anyone else. He just makes me feel every emotion, and he’s the one who brings out the best me. He’s my number one supporter, and he always reminds me of that. I couldn’t dream of a more perfect person to spend the rest of my life with.” You could feel your lover squeeze your hand in a small gesture of thanks. You both smiled, departing from that interviewer where your manager met you at the end of the carpet.
“You both did great.” He smiled, “Now the official show starts in about 20 minutes, so they’re beginning to urge everyone to take their seats. Since both of you are done with interviews, it’s probably a good time to head in.” The two of you nodded, being led into the auditorium where you were seated in the first row. Best of the best.
You had an insane amount of people, stars who you had never even dreamt of meeting, coming up and introducing themselves, starting small talk about just how incredible your album was.
You were quite overwhelmed by everything, being at the Grammys hadn’t really sunk in until you were actually there. Gerard could tell, pretty easily, and simply placed his hand on your knee, giving it a lightly squeeze. “It’s okay, sugar,” He whispered into your ear, “You’re doing great.” You gave him a tight smile, him returning one back.
Only a few minutes later, the awards started. You had to admit, it was less glamorized than what seeing it on TV made it out to be. Of course the performances were great, but the moments of complete boredom during commercial breaks and such made you realize were so many stars had complained some about the Grammys.
“After this,” You yawned during once of the breaks, placing your head on Gerard’s shoulder, “Can we go home and eat get some Chinese take out?” “Whatever you want, love.” He kissed the top of your head. You and him were not into much PDA, so anything beyond a hand hold or kiss was a lot.
“And a movie?” You asked next and he smiled.
“Of course, darling.” You smiled back, picking your head back up. The show restarted, both of you sitting back up as they continued going through some of the smaller categories, finally hitting the large ones.
“Next up, we have song of the year.” The two announcers smiled. They went through a list of artists along with their songs, Ariana Grande, Beyonce, and a few more were included, “Cardigan, Y/F/N Y/L/N.” They said and you smiled, Gerard next to you smiling as well as the cameras flashed to the two of you.
“And the award goes to...” It took them a few moments to open the card, your heart beginning to race. You grabbed onto Gerard’s hand, giving it a squeeze, and him squeezing back as your eyes went wide in anticipation, breaths caught in your throats.
“Cardigan, Y/F/N Y/L/N!” You heard cheering as you let out both a breath and a huge smile. You stood up with Gerard, who was already standing and clapping as you gave him a hug, him immediately hugging you back and giving you a kiss on the lips as the cheers continued. You only stayed for a few seconds before smiling at him again, and running up to the stage to the best of your abilities.
You hugged the two announcers as they handed you your very own Grammy. You looked at it only for a brief moment, holding it while you walked up to the mic. “Okay, so this is absolutely insane.” You sighed as a few people began laughing. “This is my first Grammy ever, and to even be able to be nominated for something like this was enough for me. But winning is beyond my wildest dreams.” You took a brief pause to actually breathe, “I want to thank all my friends and family who let me follow my passions and dreams of being a musician, I would like to thank my wonderful fiancee and muse who, without him, this song and no other song on that album would have been written. And I would like to thank every single fan who has stuck by me through thick and thin. You guys are what keeps me running every day and give me motivation to keep pushing my music further even when it may seem like I can’t, or it’s impossible. This is just so crazy, but thank you everyone!” You smiled as the cheers re-erupted, the trophy being taken away from your temporarily.
You found yourself right back in your loving fiancees arms before sitting back down. “You just won a Grammy.” He sat in awe and began lightly laughing, “You just won a Grammy!” “I know!” You responded, too in shock. “I really hope you do realize I couldn’t have ever done it without you though.” You smiled at him.
“Oh, please,” He scoffed, “You’re a musical genius. You could easily do anything without me.” “But you’re my muse!” You defended.
“Which is extremely flattering, thank you.” He gave you a peck on the lips, “But seriously, you deserve every inch of that award. You worked hard for it. You deserve it.” You smiled up at him.
“You’re incredible, you know that?” “Oh, not nearly as incredible as you darling.” By the end of the night, you had managed to do what almost no other artist had done. Won 10 Grammys in one night.
You stood on the large red carpet, dozens of Grammy logos behind you as you yourself held 10 trophies, stacked on one another, up to your chin. You smiled at all the cameras, flashing from a million different directions, your name being yelled over and over as they tried to get your attention.
Finally, you got the okay to walk off, a few people helping to retrieve your awards, which would later get your name engraved into them. At the end, behind everyone and all the chaos was your manager and Gerard, who both stood and smiled at you. You ran into his arms, giving him a tight hug as he gave you one back.
“I’m so proud of you.” He smiled down at you, your height difference pretty visible.
“Thank you.” You smiled like a fool giving you a quick kiss.
“I can’t believe it, Y/N,” Your managed spoke, “You did it!” You nodded and gave him, too, a hug. “This is huge. I mean, absolutely huge!” You nodded. “You set a record, you have 10 Grammys, I mean-” “It feels too good to be true.” You commented and he nodded. “Are you two heading to any of the after parties?” You shook your head, “I assumed not.” He smiled, “Which actually makes my life easier because I don’t have to go and monitor either.” You lightly laughed, “Well you two go home, and relax. Have some fun, but not too much fun.” He smirked.
“Oh shut up.” You rolled your eyes and waved as you and Gerard went to the back entrance to be picked up by a driver who was taking you back to your LA home.
Gerard opened the front door, letting you in first, and closing it once he got in. You slipped off your shoes with a sigh. “I think I’m gonna go upstairs, take off my makeup and all.” You lightly smiled at him. “I’ll come with you.” He smiled back. The two of you ran up the stairs like foolish teenagers in love, stumbling from one stair to another before reaching the top floor and running to the master bedroom, Gerard shutting the door eagerly behind you.
He immediately ran up to you after that, giving you a long and passionate kiss. You melted into him, letting him gently push you onto the plush bed. “So we’re on the same page?” You pulled away for a brief moment to catch some air. He lightly laughed.
“Yeah, babe.” He went right back to his assault on your lips, moving down to your neck and collarbone, finding your sweet spot quickly where you let out a loud moan. “Gee,” You begged and he hummed.
“Yes, baby doll?” He inquired, looking up to you from where he continued to plant kisses on your collar bone.
“Please.” Your strained and needy voice sounded.
“Please, what, baby?” He teased you a bit and you lightly huffed.
“Just fuck me.” You said with confidence this time.
“Your wish is my command.”
That led you to laying beside him, your body covered in both his and your own sweat. His arm was tightly wrapped around you as he played with your hair. He gave you a quick kiss. “Where’re you going?” You whined. He looked back and lightly laughed.
“To clean you up, sugar.” He lightly smiled, walking into the en suite. “I don’t deserve you.” You muttered and smiled, pulling the duvet over your bare body.
“I could say the same for you.” He smiled, coming back with a towel. “You’re just too damn perfect.” He sighed.
“Oh, c’mon Gee, don’t lie to you or me.”
“I mean it,” He climbed into bed next to you, “You are perfect.”
“Sure,” You sighed, he leaned in and gave you a kiss.
“I’m going to work my entire damn life to make you understand you’re perfect if I have to.” You placed your head on his shoulder.
“I love you.” You smiled up at him.
“I love you too.” He smiled back.
“Now can we get Chinese food.” He lightly laughed.
“Yes, of course.” He got up, wrapping himself in a towel, “And then watch Star Wars?” He asked hopefully.
“Yeah, what else we would watch?” “I don’t know,” He sighed, “A horror movie-” “I don’t like those, Gee.” You whined.
“I know,” He smiled, “That’s why we don’t watch them.” You got up yourself, taking part of a throw blanket to cover yourself as you walked into your walk in closet, grabbing your Star Wars PJs.
“Gee,” You called into his closet, “You better be wearing your-” “Star Wars PJs? Yeah, I know.” He walked out with them on, and you with yours.
“Perfect.” You smiled and he wrapped an arm around you.
“You know I am so proud of you, right?” He looked over at you as you were walking down the stairs. You smiled, blushing and involuntarily covering your face with your sleeves to hide it. “Oh c’mon! I wanna see your pretty face.” He complained.
“Thanks.” You looked up at him lightly, still shying away from the praise.
“C’mere sugar.” He opened up your arms which you walked in as he held you tightly, kissing the top of your head. “You really are perfect. Too perfect, but perfect.”
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swan2swan · 6 months ago
Okay I should have been updating on the Camp Cretaceous panel as I watch:
1. They didn’t want Bumpy to be Scrappy-Doo
2. I’m onto Josie, who was in charge in the writer’s room, and she wanted a little bit of Breakfast Club and character bonding, and putting them on the run let them thrive
3. Sheela was super-excited to write for...or rather...she had no idea what to do with them: and it was hard to get a handle on whether “she was likeable” in regards to (I’m guessing Sammy? Or Brooklynn?).........and she was very concerned about the messages sent to teen! It was Yaz! But she was happy about how much the internet loved Yaz!
4. It’s because Yaz was surly and defensive at first. And that really helped...gosh I love.
5. Josie really relates to Darius. “We’ll all bring our dinosaur encylopedias that we all own--” oh wait. 
Tumblr media
Loving Josie’s merch.
7. Sheela: “Two glasses of wine in, we are all Sammy.” 
8. “We’re all Sammy, deep down.” --Josie
9. Once they landed on the fact that Brooklynn was losing followers, it made her sympathetic. There were problems. 
10. Rick Williams really liked that they wanted to figure out what they were gonna see. The show is about more than kids running from dinosaurs (looking at you, Phoenix), but it’s all about the themes of bravery and loss and such.
11. Eddie is “pretty much the worst dude on the planet”
12. Bethany loves the “Rosencrantz and Guldenstein stuff”, as Josie calls it (Bethany calls it the Back to the Future Part 2 stuff).  Liked “getting paid to watch the movie”
13. “Who doesn’t love an adorable dinosaur?”
14. Josie or someone wrote the line about how nobody knows how to drive and there was the line “THAT HAD A JIMMY FALLON TUTORIAL!!!”
15. Yeah, the moderator’s right--the emotional impact of the Masrani crash is SO GOOD in Camp Cretaceous. It all ties together so well.
16. Colin knows he has to make his stories evolve with ages of kids and people
17. They had to re-record the kids screaming because “there’s a difference between Saturday morning cartoon screaming and ‘I’m going to get eaten and DIE’ screaming.” 
18. Josie relishes the afternoon of “No, you’re dying.”
19. “The second half of Fallen Kingdom is...staight-up Gothic Horror.” The moderator gets it. I’ll have to watch that movie.
20. He loves how they get muddy and messy.
21. Colin loved being in a room with so many creative people. 
22.  Josie “loved having Colin in the room”. They spent about two hours talking about each character. 
23. Sounds like everyone got along with Trevorrow and had fun with him.
24. They did study the movie and mapped everything out to the Indominus’s course, so yes, everything does line up.
25. Colin loved that they were able to put the whole kayak ride into the show, and that they made up new parts of the park.
26. Question to Zack: Anything that made it into the series that you always wanted to see in the films? His answer is yes, because there’s a lot of worldbuilding, and he loves the satire of modern theme parks and how they work. He loved showing off the mechanics behind the scenes--and the fact that the kids get to go into the tunnels and go beneath the attractions is neat. 
27. Colin interjects by showing that they put the research facility in as part of the show--based on ONE SHOT OF THE SIGN IN THE MOVIE. That’s great. 
28. Question about diversity. Zack really wanted it to be a diverse cast because “THAT’S THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY, BABY. It’s not five white kids and their one racially-diverse friend.” 
29. “How did you approach the inclusion?” Sheela takes that one saying that good representation starts with good character development (yup). There’s no tokenism here. Everything is just realistic and solid. “Even if we covered the many conversations that we have about race and about culture and how that informs these kids...when a writing staff looks like this, kids can be assured that these conversations are being had.” 
Tumblr media
30. Bethany loves the monorail episode. 
31. Colin was responsible for “chocolate is nature’s chocolate.” 
32. The moderator loves the diversity in dinosaurs. Toro is the villain, Bumpy is the cute stuff, what are your favorites? 
33. Bumpy was originally a MAIASAUR. That’s fantastic! But the writers pushed for Ankylosaurus, which is honestly so superior...and it works with the Indominus. 
34. They knew Indominus couldn’t be the nemesis because the kids can’t beat Indominus, so they needed others. They had models on-hand, and Carnotaurus was terrifying. It’s just a mouth on a body, chasing them through the camp!
35. Sheela is a Compy. She’s always snacking. Compies are adorable.
36. Mosasaur love. Fun with the Jaws storyline.
37. Now we’re on to dealing with the TRAUMA. Scott wanted them to end up at a point, so while things are “infinitely worse for them”, but...they’re kids, and they’re resilient. 
38. “:They’re a family now.” YES, FOUND FAMILY, YES.
39. Future seasons? Let’s have another one come out, I think they’re about to drop the trailer. “If people like what we’re doing, we’ll certainly do more,” Colin says. 
40. THIS is where the show starts. The show STARTS now. And, yeah. They don’t know what the timeline is or where it’s going (Netflix, please). 
41. Josie and co. probably know more about Dominion than most other they know. They know things about the next movie. They know what is coming, to an extent. That’s neat...and keep your eyes on the show for future stuff, I guess! (I’m guessing Mantah Corp...). 
42. No spoilers but there is something to consider that there is a three years between (yeah, I don’t expect tie-in to Fallen Kingdom), but this is NOT a show about adults coming to save kids. This is about kids alone having to save each other. 
43. Colin assured them that it was their show. It was more limited in the first season, when they were playing inside the movie, but’s their show.
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unabashegirl · a year ago
Tumblr media
Author’s note: I felt like I needed to write something that wasn’t Enticing just for a few minutes. I hope you enjoy this short imagine. It’s not as long as the others, but it’s definitely something! 
Enticing chapters 
“What’s up, guys? Welcome back to Views! On this podcast, we have a special guest, Y/N!” It had taken him almost half a month to convince her to do the podcast with him. Social distancing prevented Jason from going over to David’s to record, so he had to find someone to record with.  Last night, she had finally agreed before they both fell asleep. She whispered it into the darkness as she spooned him. Yes. She spooned him because it was his turned to be little spoon. They alternate after much debating and complaining. 
“Hi, guys!” She shyly says into the microphone as if people could see her. She sits close to him with her legs extended over his lap. His hand massages her calf as he holds the microphone up to his mouth with his other. 
“This is my girlfriend” Y/N raises an eyebrow at him, “If you guys don’t know. We’ve been dating for eight months and it’s been HELL” David jokes, followed by his notorious and characteristic laugh. 
“I guess you are sleeping on the couch tonight” she jokes back after playfully kicking his side. He has written a bunch of notes on his phone for the podcast, but none of it seems important now. They were meant to keep the conversation on track, but he likes how naturally things flow between them. He blocks his phone and stares back at his girlfriend. 
“What do you mean? That’s where I always sleep. We never share a bed. I am too holy for that” The couch they sit on is huge and big enough for them to sit on opposite sides and not touch, yet he is close enough to smell the eucalyptus scent of her shampoo that he has grown to love. Her hair is still wet and is nicely brushed back, revealing her flawless and delicate face. She wears his latest merch hoodie in a size too big for her. Her attempt at stealing his crew length socks that he wears to play tennis doesn’t go unnoticed by David either. 
“You?” She laughs heavily and shakes her head as she twirls the Cartier ring that he had gifted her with her thumb. “Don’t get me started in that” Y/N exhales loudly and smirks back at her boyfriend. “David’s kink is to --” 
“Shut up!” He yells as he laughs. “Why would you try to expose me like that?” Y/N’s cheeks are flushed as they both chuckle at each other. 
“You started it!” Y/N points out, “Didn’t he, Natalie?!” She stands in the kitchen, having a snack after working out in the backyard. Natalie raises her hands and laughs at the couple. 
“You got nothing on me, babe” Y/N laughs and rests her head on a pillow. “Should we talk about us? That’s what people have been asking” Things with Y/N have been so different from his past relationships. Everything it’s been so easy, and calm. He is much protective of her than his past girlfriends. David had kept the relationship a secret until he was forced to reveal it. They had been spotted on a date, holding hands and sharing kisses. People took pictures of them and they surfaced on all social media platforms. People were very surprised to learn that he had been able to hide it for seven months. They also demanded an explanation so, David complied and uploaded a vlog explaining everything. 
“Whatever you want” The only reason she has agreed is to make him happy. She has seen how much stress he has been under. He hates not being able to provide content for everyone especially on these tough times, but his hands are tied and there is nothing he can do. “Let’s ask them for questions” David nods and quickly makes an Instagram story. It only takes them a few minutes to start receiving answers from David’s followers. “Can I read them?” She asks as she watches his screen light up. 
“Sure” He hands her his phone without any hesitation. He has nothing to hide and she has no intention of snooping around. She knows him to well and trusts him fully to ever need to look through his phone without his permission. 
“When and how did we meet?” Y/N first chooses out of the bunch. She thinks it’s a great way to start their conversation. “This is easy” 
“We met that day in New York” He smiles as he reminisces on the cold rainy day. He had been attending NYU when he came across her just when he was leaving the dorms. “It was a rainy, windy, fall afternoon” 
“Are you trying to paint the picture for everyone?” She genuinely enjoys teasing him, so she rolls her eyes at him. 
“I am trying to give some context to the story! They weren’t there!” He snaps while smiling back at his girlfriend. “Anyway” he exhales, “We had just finished recording at her dorm and we ran into each other in the entrance of the building” 
“I held the door open for David as he was leaving” She points out as she remembers the feeling of having David’s sight on her for the very first time. The moment she saw him, she was speechless. She hadn’t even heard of his arrival at the campus, yet she was pleasantly surprised to see him. 
“You were wearing those goddam shorts” He can still remember exactly what she wore that late afternoon. Y/N had just gotten back from the gym. She had opted not to wear her sweatpants because she was still profusely sweating after her hot yoga session.  It was also a short walk back from the gym to the dorms. 
“They were pretty cute. They made my butt look great” David smirks back aT his girlfriend and shakes her head at her cheekiness. He licks his lips and abstains from making a sexual innuendo that would expose their private lives excessively to the public. 
“Is that why you wearing them in that weather? Admit it, you knew I was coming and you planned everything”. That day as soon as he noticed her attire, he knew that he had to say something. She wore a tight long sleeve shirt and an oversized North Face black jacket over it. Her hair was pulled into a messy ponytail and her face was flushed from the workout. 
“Yes. I waited outside for you and purposely wore them so you would check out my ass” David stopped and asked her if she was cold and recorded her for a few minutes. He never planned in adding her to the vlog, but he needed an excuse. His friends were watching him and he needed a few minutes to think of how to ask for her number. It was also a great conversation starter. 
“Did that answer the question? I think we got a bit sidetracked” He laughs as his girlfriend unblocks his phone and re-read the question. 
“To summarize answer we met in New York about nine months ago. David was a creep and only asked me out because I looked really good in short shorts” David gasps, squeezes her thigh making her squeak and jump. 
“What’s next babe?” 
“Next question is are you guys in love and if so when did you first said it to the other?” David could already feel his cheeks hurting from smiling, but the memories they share are so precious that he could hold himself back. 
“The question is --- do we want to share this?” Y/N smiles back at her boyfriend as she thinks back to the specific day she felt love for him the very first time. 
“It’s up to you. I don’t mind telling them. I think it’s sweet” David smiles and nods back at her. 
“You start then” Y/N giggles and gets comfortable on her spot as she gathers her thoughts. She had felt it sooner than most people did, but she didn’t feel ashamed of it.
“David and I lived on opposite sides of the country when we first started dating. I lived in New York and he remained living here in California. I personally never thought our relationship would last as much as it has because of the distance. Did you?” 
“Never in a million years. I thought we would grow tired of going back and forth and essentially give up” He replies as he draws imaginary circles on her leg. “This sounds awful” he laughs, “We genuinely liked each other, but work and studying made it so much more difficult than it was,” David remarks. 
“I didn’t find it in me to ask David to move out of Los Angeles where he had built and made a home for himself just for our two-month-old relationship. It was pretty early and we still had a lot to figure out” David nods, but remains silent. “David had come to visit me in New York. He was staying for the weekend. It was just him because Jeff decided to stay with his family in Staten Island. Everything about that weekend was perfect. It was absolute bliss. Do you remember?” 
“I do. We did so many things. It was so fun” 
“We went to the zoo, eat some delicious food, and most importantly we went to a ballet” David chuckles and shakes his head. “It is the most important thing because if you know David, you know that he can’t sit still for that long, so it meant so much to me when he showed up with the tickets” 
“That’s when you knew?” He asks surprised, Y/N giggles and shakes her head. 
“No. We were walking back to your hotel and took the path through Central Park. I just remember us being so happy and I felt so giddy. I just felt on cloud nine that night. There was this moment when I turned to look at you and you were laughing and smiling and I just felt it” She shrugs as David stares at her. “It’s hard to explain and put it into words” The memory is still so fresh in her mind. “I just looked around and my life felt so perfect with you in it like everything had perfectly aligned. I felt so lucky”  Y/N looks around and catches Natalie leaning against the counter, listening to every word. She smiles at her friend and looks back at the love of her life. It is a trivial thing for her to know the way that David acts and treats Y/N in private when no one is watching. “I am so lucky”.
“Mine was that same weekend” David cleared his throat, trying his best not to get emotional. “We were saying goodbye at the airport” David had insisted for her to stay in bed in the hotel and for her to enjoy a nice breakfast, cuddled in, but she refused. She got ready and accompanied him to the airport. “I just remember looking back at you from the TSA check up line and thinking how much I enjoyed being around you. I knew that I couldn’t ask you to move out to LA and stop studying just to be with me, but I also knew that I couldn’t continue leaving you. Suddenly moving across the country for you didn’t seem like a crazy idea. It seemed appealing and that’s when I knew that I love you. I was willing to give up everything that I had established in LA for a girl” Their eyes are watering as they reminisce of the beginning of their relationship. David sniffs and chuckles, “Oh shit! This got too emotional and sentimental” 
“I know” she laughs and wipes a few tears. “Just to put an end to it, do you remember what you said to me?” 
“I called her from the gate and I said I love you and it scares the hell out of me”  
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saviorupdates · a year ago
Tumblr media
Alexandra Savior AMA !!
Hi Alex! How much of the instrumentation was figured out before heading into the studio? Did you just bring in bare minimum demos and then fleshed them out in the studio? Or did you have most of it prepared and just recorded it? I really loved the album by the way!
Thank you! It was different for each track. A lot of the songs I had full fleshed demos that my band and I had recorded in Portland, and Sam Cohen and I worked around those. Some of the tracks like "But You" I had some Garage band demos I made on my own that we worked around, and some of the tracks like "Soft Currents" were just raw iPhone recordings of me playing and singing, and Sam and I worked out together in the studio.
Your music has some really interesting chord progressions and melodic phrases. To what extent do you consciously apply music theory to your songwriting, and how much just comes naturally from ear and instinct?
To no extent :/ I am not super skilled in music theory, I just play around until it seems like it makes sense to me
You described your desire for Belladonna of Sadness to sound "murderous", and I thought that darkness and dangerous feeling really shone through. What adjectives would you powerfully ascribe to your sophomore album? What tonal differences were important to you while recording?
I like this question! hmmmmmm. “honest"
I'm pretty new to your music, but, everyday I can't stop myself from liking it more. My two current favorite songs are “The Phantom” and “Bad Disease”. I've seen that many people prefer other songs from the album, so that made me think. What is your personal favorite song from your new album? Thanks!
“But You”!
Hypothetical: You’re making a new album and need to assemble your dream band. Anyone dead/alive. Who are you choosing?
My best friend Emma, my boyfriend, Mel, and like my therapist
Is there anything that you do in terms of practice when it comes to vocals/guitar/songwriting to improve yourself? Interested to hear
Try to play everyday
I'd love to know if you've got any cool, hidden talents that you haven't shown in public. Also I badly want to know who's done the cover for both “Saving Grace” and “Crying All the Time”.
ME! I painted them
What are your tips for marketing your music and getting more people to stream/buy your music?
I am lucky because I have a team that guides me through social posts, and a publicist. But don't post pics of your butt
Your music and music videos have so many cinematic elements to them. Does an affinity for film influence your music? If so, do you have some favorite films you can mention?
yes! Bonnie and Clyde, Rosemary's Baby, Don't Look Now, Fargo, Daisies
I've seen a few people comparing your latest work with Lana del Rey's. Do you listen to her? Was she really an inspiration for the record?
I like Lana she's talented, I understand the comparison in some ways , people tend to compare things naturally. But, no she wasn't my personal inspiration in any conscious way
Did you make a conscious effort to distance yourself from the sound of Belladonna of Sadness with this new album?
No, I have gotten mixed feedback some people say its the exact same sound, some say it is different, I just created what came naturally to me and used sounds that I am personally drawn to.
If you were to try to make someone a fan of your music, but could only show them three of your songs, what songs would you show them?
oooooh! hmmmmm. “But You”, “Audeline”, “Crying All The Time”.
Excuse me Ms. Savior - I fell in love with your duet "We're Just Making It Worse" many moons ago. What can you tell us about that song?
Thanks! Well my homie Cameron Avery wrote that tune, he just asked me to sing on it and I was glad to!
What do you think was the biggest difference between writing The Archer and Belladonna of Sadness?
i was alone
What advice would you give to up and coming musicians in the LA scene? Any Dos or Don’ts? Thank you :)
Don’t be gross and creepy! Don't worry about that hipsta shit. Do be nice and make your own shit!
What is the most unusual thing that you do to help you write or to help you get some inspiration?
Stalk all my exes’ new gfs on insta and then eat an entire chocolate cake
Will we ever get to hear your version of “Miracle Aligner”?
probs not
When does the vinyl for The Archer ship? I am hoping to get one of you drawings with mine!
First batch tomorrow 1/17/2020. Second batch Tuesday 1/21/2020. Thank You!
I saw a clip from a concert you gave recently. It was you with a couple of bandmates singing something acapella. What's that song? Is it yours? It was gooorgeous. Any chance you're coming to Barcelona?
"The Oak and The Ash", an old celtic song. I will be playing Sala Nau May 13th!!!!!!!!
Can you talk about the differences in recording your first album while signed to a major label and this album while signed to a indie label? I know you’ve spoken about why you left Columbia, but I was wondering how your personal process differed this time around, especially with different resources and personnel?
Yeah it was a lot less pressure making this record, I had more say and more freedom of expression.
You said in an interview that you wrote the songs for The Archer on piano or guitar and brought them to the studio recorded on your phone. Would you ever consider releasing these as bonus tracks? 
I might ya! They’re probably a lot less interesting than you think
Do you have any tips on how to overcome writers block/find new ways to approach writing ? I've been struggling a bit lately... Have you been reading lately? If so, what books would you recommend ? :)
Just be kind to yourself, do what is natural, don't beat yourself up. I just re-read "My Year of Rest and Relaxation" by Otessa Moshfegh, now I am ready " Conversations With Friends" by Sally Rooney. I would recommend any Joan Didion, also I enjoy Salingers "Nine Stories"
This album feels a lot more personal than the first one. How would you say it compares in relation to how you expressed yourself as an artist?
I was very insecure while writing my first record, and I was co-writing so I used a lot of techniques to shelter my own opinions and feelings, in The Archer it was just me, so it was more of a journal entry than a big fancy record
Which artists did you grow up admiring, and inspired your style? Also, do you have any poetry recommendations, seeing how all your lyrics are poems in their own right?
hmmmm. ok Hilary Duff, Elvis, The White Stripes, Billie Holiday. Poetry: I don’t read much poetry but I like Rimbaud and Sylvia Plath
How did you feel when you found out “Risk” played on True Detective?
I cried
On Belladonna, what inspired the lyrics and melody for “Till You're Mine”? That song is always on repeat in my household.
Thanks! I would say my own insecurities and jealousy towards a specific woman in my life
Do you write the melodies as well as the lyrics or is it a collaborative effort?
For this record I wrote the melodies, lyrics, and chords for every song aside from "The Phantom" which was a collaboration with Sam Cohen.
What inspired you to make this new album?
I just make songs, and each song was inspired by something different, but mostly I needed to show people I WRITE MY SONGS
Do you have plans to sell more merch? I would really love to get my hands on signed stuff or one of your drawings/crafts.
yes workin' on merch now! <3
As a budding songwriter and musician myself is there any advice or wisdom you could pass on when it comes to making a career out of it?
I think writing as much as you can and trying to write honestly is important. I was lucky in a strange string of events that started my career, and every dream is different, but I suppose just keep writing and releasing your songs wherever you can
Often when I listen to music I tend to relate the song to places I've been to or places I'm at while listening. Is it the same for you when you write your songs? Do you think about a specific place for each song?
Yeah totally!
Would you ever be interested in collaborating with another artist on their record?
Yeah! Depends on who, I have always wanted to sing on a rap song.
Collab with Weyes Blood coming anytime soon?
i wish brah
Any tips on staying sane with dating apps?
don’t do dating apps
Romance is a topic which you touch upon in both of your albums. Do you have any words or phrases that have helped you through a difficult time, both in dealing with or exploring relationships past or present, if so what are they? What is your favorite set of lyrics ever, i.e. phrases etc.
"fuck hem he's a deck", "Kathy's Song" Simon and Garfunkel, "I Remember" Molly Drake
Do you use more real life experience or do you use more imagination/creativity when writing lyrics?
Depends how boring my personal life is at the time haha
What's your favorite Beatle, favorite Beatle album and favorite Beatle song?
Georgie boy <333333333
Are there any plans to record/release that “political song” with the violin that you played at Homiefest last year? For a third album maybe? Thanks, loved you since 2015 when I first heard that “Risk” demo for True Detective. The Archer is a masterpiece no bullshit.
maybe! lol
Where is the love for Chicago? How come we haven't had any shows yet?
Give me a break homie I don't plan this stuff! Would love to come to Chicago! It all depends on timing and $$$$
What was the most challenging song to write on this record?
maybe bad disease
Will there be more music videos?
I dont think so :/
I noticed for both of your releases, theres been a decent amount of time.. between when they were recorded and released. Have you found this frustrating more than anything or is it nice to have time to sit with the album?
Well, sometimes it is hard to move on and write more, with so much time between the final touches of the record and the actual release.... But, it ebs and flows and its out now so its no difference to me now
Who are some artists/bands that you personally enjoy listening to?
Jessica Pratt, The Jhamels, Molly Drake
You also seem like a prolific painter, who would you point to as inspiration/muse? My best guess would be Picasso.
Alice Neel 100%
When you feel like you’re stuck when you’re writing a song, what do you do to get around it?
I stop writing for a while, don't force it. Everyone's process is different so I try not to beat myself up too much about it
When Kevin Parker hit reddit someone asked him about if he can upload a new song and he did so... Can we hear a new song ?
If Kevin Parker jumped off a bridge WOULD YOU ?!
Who's your dream musical collab? If you were to make a soundtrack what director would you work with?
dream collab: Snoop Dogg, director: Quentin
Can you say a little bit about the creation of the album art? It's understated but there is definitely a mood there!
my dear friend Dana Trippe took the photos, and my dear friend Aaron Mitchell did the fonts
Noticed your music has a very “old horror movie/spaghetti western” vibe to them. Any films/soundtracks that inform your sound you’d recommend?
ooooh Anything Coen Brothers or Wes Anderson
How much was growing up in Portland an influence on your music?
I would say the rain had a lot to do with my melancholy, but also the music scene in Portland has always been very DIY and rock-based so “ guess that influenced me in some way.
What’s your favorite song of your’s lyrically and your favorite song to perform?
fave lyrically: Bad Disease, fave to perform: But You or Mystery Girl
The whole record was amazing but “Soft Currents” keyboards are really something else, are you planning to write more on the piano?
thank you! yes been writing a lot on the ole ivories
I love how a lot of your songs sound very cinematic - would you like to get into movie music in some capacity? Either scoring or soundtrack?
Awh hell yeuh
Is there a particular song that you're most proud of?
But YOu!
What would you say is your favorite guitar that you own and what is your dream guitar to own?
I am not much of a gear-head though I would love and old nylon string
Do you think that “Risk” will ever be made available on Spotify and Apple Music?
Unfortunately, because it was released on T-Bone Brunette's label, there was a legal situation that made me unable to release it separately. :/
Will you be making more of those amazingly weird embroidered underwear for your new tour? Obvs need some Savior swag on this tush.
I wish! I don’t have a sewing machine anymore but I will be selling my lil boxes online soon
Any chance for a show in Toronto? I'm a big fan, and I introduced my mom to your music and she absolutely loves you (her words) so I'd love to take her to one of your shows
hahah awh <3 None planned at the moment :(
What song on The Archer was a struggle to finish? Or were they all easy?
easy peasy lemon squeezy
Don't want to take away from your latest release (because it is an amazing album) but was there a reason you decided to not work with Alex Turner or James Ford for any of the new songs, writing or producing?
Since both your albums have been about relationships mostly, would you ever consider making a political song/album? What is your stance on that old debate?
I write what comes naturally to me
What should I name my snail stuffed animal?
Why didn’t you get a proper promotional run from Columbia for Belladonna? It’s an amazing album but I just found out about you through The Archer (which is equally amazing).
I can't really say, but I don’t think I was ever gonna make the kind of $$$ Columbia wanted
Would you like to tour South America at some point in your career?
awh hell yeuh!
Is there any particular era/motive which inspires your music visuals (album covers, music videos)? All the best from Split, Croatia!
Based on your Spotify stats, what are the countries that listen to you the most?
IDK! France seems to be very supportive
Any artist that you like that you could recommend?
Jessica Pratt, Sudan Archives, Vagabon
What's your favorite thing to draw/paint?
Who is your favorite artist / what is your favorite album at the moment, and how would you say this impacted on how The Archer sounds? Also please come to the North of England 😂
I AM!!! CHECK MY TOUR SCHEDULE AND COME BB!! favorite album rn "The Colour Green" by Sibylle Baier
What’s playing in your head now?
the click clacking of a mac keyboard
How do you like your coffee?
a lil bit of almond milk
Will The Archer be getting a cd release?
no :(
That's all folks! Thank for all of the questions, and most of all thank you so much for listening to my songs, it is a dream come true <3 Come see me play at my upcoming shows ! Can't wait to see you there <33333 amour my homies
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