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#((It's really not that difficult.))
alisonsmouth · an hour ago
people who can't hold a conversation are so...... ugh
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aeolus-x · 20 hours ago
obviously no fantasy books* come out and say in the book "yeah this is all fake lol" but I think it's really fascinating how some books with fantastical elements keep a straight face more than others. regardless of how thorough the world building and whatnot is, lots of fantasy books I've read have an underlying tone of "yeah, this is a fantasy novel, let me try to explain what's going on" while others do a really good job of just telling a story in a fantastical world without making a whole thing of it. you know what I mean
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freedom · a day ago
what the hell what the hell what the hell
#I’m really upset#I missed a live online talk today bc i noted the time down wrong#like it happens. it’s a Saturday for gods sake#but it still should be available online but I haven’t been able to find where#so i emailed the teacher to let her know I’d accidentally#missed it and asked if she knew where I could find the recording#i also linked her to an article that was by the same person and asked if it would be okay if I read that instead of i couldn’t find it#and she replied..#‘I haven't found out where to look up the streams either. Keep trying.#I've given you a lot of help when you compare that to the others in the course.#Basically I have to tell you that your attitude towards work is giving me a lot of extra work.#I will not help anymore in the future.’#(translated from German)#like what the hell??!#that is so so unfair it’s not even funny#i haven’t gotten any ‘extra help’ from her before except asking her to give me a link#to a recording she’d recommended we watch that I couldn’t find#her course is way too difficult so there’s literally only 4 of us left taking it#everyone else has dropped out#she always forces us to watch stuff live on obscure German sites and discuss it#when she knows we don’t really know anything about German theatre#(it’s her job to teach us)#also her language level is way too high. it’s meant to be b2 level and she just full on uses full c2 all the time#I’m gonna like. suck up in reply but honestly fuck her that is so uncalled for#I’m gonna talk to my home uni and see if it would be ok if I dropped the course even though technically I need it#bc like when she starts being like that it impacts negatively on my mental health.#I’m also gonna talk to the German uni and see if it would be possible to raise a concern abt her and her course#also just last lesson she was saying that we’re a really good group and she’s happy with us and whatever etc etc#guess that was? fake.#nem.txt
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oohlook-thevoid · 2 days ago
Gender is fucking confusing like no thank you bro, I think having an identity is a scam.
#this is specifically coz like ever since I found out that gender was like a thing you feel and not something you're lumped with and deal#I've been very confused and I didn't get it really (in regards to myself) so I just kept putting a pin in the gender convo I was having wit#myself because like every gender feels just as okay to me like I am very eh about all of them y'know like they'd all do I don't think I'd#mind being perceived as any of them and anyway I ended up working through my feelings re sexuality and realising I like girls and the#lesbian label stuck with me as my identity because that's one label that definitely fits right with me!!! Lesbian makes me feel good!!#but it made my gender even more difficult/confusing because this was when there was a lot of discourse over if lesbians who don't use#she/her are valid and like I didn't want to not be a lesbian because that's what feels right it's just I'm no more connected to she/her tha#I am to they/them or he/him and like thinking of myself either way makes me feel quite comfy - like I feel better being all than just one#But like the he/him lesbian discourse went on and so whilst I finally got comfy being like okay I'm they/she I don't feel like I can say I#also don't mind if people were to refer to me as he - like one time at the bus stop and old man mistook me for a guy and it was cool#and like I prefer terms like dude or bro > girl tbh (but if I date someone I'd still consider myself to be their girlfriend)#And in conclusion I fucking hate identities and discourse and shit like that and idk whether to change my social media pronouns to#she/they/he or not.... :/
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schnreeding · 2 days ago
not to contribute to the general oversexualization of the viera, but the announcement of male viera being added to ff14 has me curious...
no matter the game, male viera aren't really seen, and female viera live on their own. i don't necessarily consider ff14's interpretations canonical or legitimate (ff12 gang forever, what the fuck are the skatay mountains and how does that factor into Golmore Jungle literally creating them, what-)
but. well. no matter what the culture is like or how heavily the gender separation is enforced there's got to be some kind of customs around courtship and having baby viera. and i can never help but think, whenever there's some kind of animal race, that they adopt aspects of that animal into their reproduction, somehow.
rabbits, hares, bunnies, etc. don't really have "heats," per se, but male viera are probably sensitive to hormones to some extent, with multiples being common.
maybe there's a custom around hunting another viera down like prey-not necessarily restricted by gender, either. female wood-warders noticing male ones on their watch, having their eye caught, and making the decision to track them down. the hunt starts out simple, easy to avoid, making it so an uninterested viera can just make their admirer lose their trail...or it go on and on, months and months of more and more complex hunts, maybe even with a bit of role reversal when one viera loses an arrow at another and gives the cue that it's your turn, now. some hunts end shortly anyways, others are longer and significantly more involved-proof of devotion. some viera have a habit of choosing one particular partner to go after time and time again, others don't, going after whoever they please. and same-sex partners in the same village may decide to do this, themselves, chasing their partner throughout-though the geographical limitations means there's a series of very different courtship customs there, which vary by village due to the isolation.
of course, partners can't exactly remain in the same village when they're from different ones. those who do change villages (for reasons outside of a change of gender) are generally regarded with distrust, seen as traitors from their home village. unable to stay with both parents, children generally stay with their mother once concieved. this does, pardon the word choice, breed a bit of competitive nature in villages with male viera, though. it's a point of pride to have a lot of children, since it doesn't exactly put much strain on yourself physically or mentally. it proves you're a decent huntsman, or at least a well-admired one.
there's other interpretations that i'd love to hear-more safe-for-work ones revolving around all viera being born from the jungle as opposed to other viera, hence the lack of men (most of which have to specifically ask to be made men by the Jungle or transition the "normal" way) and i don't entirely disagree with the lack of men being the result of a much higher birth rate for ladies as presented by 14, but 14's concepts of men being completely solitary is so boring to me...
especially when other, alternate interpretation would involve all the villages coming together for a massive orgy, or female viera seeking out male-occupied villages to be bred by all the men there, or male viera doing the opposite in the hopes at least one person will be interested, at the risk of death if he's too pushy, or or or
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earthssprout · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
OOC. good day everyone ! I hope you all are having a FANTASTIC Friday so far & even better beginning to a wonderful weekend ! I’ve made some accomplishments today by finally working on the verses page for Ari ! though there aren’t very many, I do plan to be adding a few more family related verses—at least, with some generic detail for a basic understanding—& others that might help encourage crossovers ! I apologize for the wait on this page; it has taken me a while to find the energy to write these & at least get a little something up there, but I’m very excited to finally post a few !
now, I’m working on how I want to do it—if you have a moment to share, could you all let me know if you have a preference for a google docs or a carrd ? which one do you find to be more accessible ? I would not be moving ALL my details to carrd if I made one, just the verses !
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snufflesirius · 3 days ago
parts of this post dh sirius comes back from the dead fic feel Off bc i am trying to work off the canon level of bonding sirius and harry have by the time sirius dies bc i want to write the rest of it but really some of this would likely make more sense as ootp missing scenes bc it’s very stupid that they never talk about anything important or bond regardless of how unstable sirius is, they were in the same house for weeks on end and there were still plenty of times when sirius wasn’t in his depressed moods .... however i don’t plan on writing more than this one hp fic so i am just trying to shoehorn every conversation i’ve ever wanted them to have in this one skdjnksnd
u know what i’m just going to pretend that every time sirius and harry tried to bond in ootp m*lly weasl*y suddenly appeared behind them like a horror movie pop up and that’s why they barely spoke (which. isn’t implausible at all bc it’s canon that she does this and actively tries to stop them from talking at least over the summer lmao, and from harry talking to the other kids as well)
#WORST scene is at the tapestry when harry like. desperately asks sirius if he can come live with him if he gets expelled#and sirius is just like 'well see :(' and harry is like 'please i rly dont wanna go back to the dursleys???#and sirius is gloomily like 'the dursleys must be rly bad if u want to stay here' but still doesnt give him an answer#and then molly really DOES appear like horror movie pop up and interrupts them. but sirius still doesnt follow up#and we're supposed to believe it's bc sirius doesnt want to get his hopes up bc he wants harry to get expelled so they can be outcasts#in grimmauld place together. which is STUPID jkr is an idiot#sirius offered harry a home 5 seconds after meeting him he wouldn't be like 'idk harry!!!!' when harry is desperate for reassurance#and there were enough red flags about the dursleys even just from what harry tells sirius in his letters in gof. sirius wouldve ASKED#(i mean the WHOLE ORDER makes sure to threaten the dursleys not to mistreat harry after sirius's death. how much do they KNOW?!)#also WHY does not one find out about umbridge's quill after its built up so much. does no one notice his hands#ultimately jkr did a 180 on how she sees sirius between gof and ootp and every time sirius is on page Had to be used#to emphasize how unstable and reckless he is etc. so he and harry just aren't allowed any of the type of moments they got in gof#even tho they are now in the same HOUSE. for WEEKS! and for CHRISTMAS. and realistically would've bonded#also just dumb that sirius is apparently off singing christmas carols and hanging decorations while harry is terrified abt being possessed#even tho sirius is the one who harry confided about this to in the first place?? which was when sirius lied to harry + informed dumbledore#but even if sirius also kept harry in the dark he knew harry was a mess about it. but he's nowhere to be found#and it's ron hermione and ginny who go confront harry. it is STUPID.#ugh rereading parts of canon to write is v unproductive bc i always just end up complaining instead of writing......#working around jkr's shitty writing is v difficult#with remus it's easy tho bc remus is canonically a flake. sorry remus.#reading remus & harry fics where it says how they're basically strangers and harry barely knew him#so true so true and i'm sad
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i-am-a-meat-popcicle · 4 days ago
Honestly the worst thing about Aaron is that I frequently use him to personify my feelings of existential dread so I frequently imagine him glancing over my shoulder to see what I'm doing. Right now I'm watching videos about preparing fish and other sea creatures for food.
Aaron has thalassophobia.
I imagine him cowering in the corner while I watch a japanese man gut a fish.
#I was going to put this in the rp blog but putting it in my personal blog because I talk about some shit in the tags#It's shit I need to talk about and I hate saying something then quickly shoveling it back into my throat#[don't get me wrong I do love him]#[It's just that whenever I think of Aaron he gives off an ocean vibe to me]#[or this feeling like my throat's closing up and I'm sinking into a deep bog of water]#[Kings Upon The Main by Thrice was what I was listening to when I was first conceptualizing(?) him]#[I also decided I wanted to make him sort of a faustian character at the time - he was very much 'stop at nothing to get what I want']#[except he had some limits himself; but he backed off too late and wound up dying in the original fanfic]#[which was fine because his purpose of existing was to die]#[he wasn't really a good person]#[he's not really like that now; he's gone through a lot of changes]#[but the fact that I made him up just so he could die kinda fits in with my existential dread.]#[doesn't really help that I used my own father as some inspiration for Aaron also]#[I always got into these talks with my father about the purpose of existence and living]#[we started talking about this stuff almost as soon as I could talk and understand engish]#[for my father I think I only existed to be an extension of himself; someone to simply regurgitate his own philosophies and observations]#[maybe that is the point of having kids in the first place; I don't know]#[but whenever I think about being a kid I just feel like I've been manipulated all my life]#[it's difficult to explain; but when you're a young person with so many expectations placed on you]#[and all the sudden the people that put those expectations on you suddenly vanish from your life; you're left with the strangest feeling of#[relief; dread; and guilt]#[or something like that.]#Kris's rambling#at least in the tags#personal#tl;dr [if you do read my tags] I got some daddy issues to work out with a therapist
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lizlensky · 4 days ago
Soniah Kamal: Unmarriageable
Review • 4.75/5
Tumblr media
Pakistan is a perfect fit for a modern retelling of the beloved Pride and Prejudice. The characters were beautifully human, and their motives were so perfectly clear: why did Mrs. Binat insist so much on her daughters getting married? Why was it so upsetting for her, that Alysba declined Dr Kaleen's proposal? Why did Sherry instead agree to marry him? And why was it a true family emergency, when Lady ran away with Wickaam?
Unmarriageable was obviously written for a foreign (Western) audience, and the feminist Alysba was an excellent medium for explaining the culture for those in the unknown. The reader never once forgot where the story is set: the endless description of food and clothes made sure of it.In addition to the P&P plot, the book also discusses the influence of English culture (colonisation) in Pakistan, with a special attention to how society values English literature more than local literature. I also loved the tongue-in-cheek references to P&P.
Because this is a retelling, the book assumes the reader is familiar with P&P from before. And although I knew how the book would end (spoiler alert: Alysba and Darsee will obviously end up happy together), I was drawn in by the characters' warmth and energy. I enjoyed this book immensely.
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batdyke · 6 days ago
#not to take these shitty books seriously but like. i fucking hate the whole jace has demon blood no he doesnt thing#bc the big reveal that he doesnt have demon blood is like. surprise you actually arent evil#as if being good or evil is predetermined literally before birth in this instance#the idea that your blood or your dna can be inherently evil is so fucking wrong#also like. i know clary says the whole 'even tho they were difficult choices you still didnt choose to side with valentine'#but the aspect of free will is gone at that point. it's not interesting that the man who's part angel did the right thing#if the idea is that your morality is predetermined by your blood#how can sebastian even really be evil if he never had a choice to be good?#how is jace noble at all if the blood of ithuriel is what made him that way?#it's way more intriguing to say yes this character was created to be evil. yes he was trained from before birth to be that way#but he still chose to do the right thing in spite of it#bc as it is clare's statement here is 'oh it's okay bc he's a changeling! he's not ACTUALLY a bad guy bc he isn't actually part monster#this idea that monstrosity or otherness in general is inherently evil is dangerous and also frankly lazy writing.#it would've been way more interesting if valentine had been giving celine demon blood instead#also like. the dichotomy of jace/clary wouldve been way more intriguing if jace didnt also have the extra angel blood#the quasi-incest is fucking weird regardless tho. was that really necessary cassandra. really.#rambles#i have no idea if this is coherent im just thinking about how much i hate the idea that monster=evil and that your initial circumstances#define your whole life
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Tumblr media
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