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thisuserlovesyou · 58 minutes ago
Interviewer: What do you look for in a woman?
Kevin: She should have about 5 kids. No more than 9 or 10 though. I'm trying to coach an Exy team, I don't want to bench too many people.
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bi-bliotaph · 2 hours ago
No thoughts.
Just Neil having a bad day and dissociating while sitting on the couch he and Andrew share in their little apartment.
Only, Andrew isn’t home, he’s across the country playing Exy with his team and Neil’s having trouble anchoring himself to the present.
It’s only until King and Sir jump on the couch and step over Neil’s lap, meowing at Neil and making bread on his thigh that he comes back to himself, just for a moment.
It’s enough though for Neil to smile and pets them gently, mumbling a quiet ‘thank you’. He focuses on how soft they are and snuggles close enough that they are practically laying over his chest. He doesn’t feel suffocated though because Sir and King are purring as Neil closes his eyes and scratches under their chin.
Later, when Andrew calls Neil, he notices him acting weird. He’s forgetting what he’s saying in mid-sentence and he’s not as usually chatty. Andrew immediately asks what was wrong, finally getting a confession out of Neil.
“It’s nothing really…it’s just been a hard day.”
Andrew asks if he needs to fly home but because Neil is Neil, he tells Andrew to stay.
“Sir and King have been really snuggly all day. It’s helped a lot…say hi to Andrew…” (the camera blearily moves to the two cats who are now on either side of Neil’s legs)
Andrew presses his lips together, his nostrils flaring, but he doesn’t press. But he is suddenly grateful for the cats in being there when he can’t.
When Andrew gets home, he and Neil sit outside the balcony together, hand in hand. They talk about how boring exy was while Neil gave snarky comments, seemingly back to himself. Andrew finishes his smoke and squeezes Neil’s hand a little tighter.
Neil leave to use the bathroom and Andrew glares down at King and Sir. He gives them an extra treat as a silent thank you before starting dinner.
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crazy-stupid-bean · 3 hours ago
Andreil Prompt: If the team hadn't figured it out their own, do you think Andreil would tell them that they're a 'thing'? If so, how?
This was a good prompt! Thank you. I had never thought about what would happen if Andrew hadn’t revealed their relationship to the others, so this got my creative juices flowing. This turned out longer than I expected, but I hope it was what you wanted and you enjoyed it! Again, thank you for the prompt, I really enjoyed this.
Please forgive any spelling or grammar errors, I wrote this very early in the morning. And please forgive my lack of knowledge on who the new Foxes were. I only know of Robin and Jack (and I don’t even know if Jack is one of the Foxes or if he’s made up lol). ❤️
It had been months, literal months, and the Foxes still hadn’t figured out that Andrew and Neil were dating. It frustrated Neil to no ends. It wasn’t like they were being subtle, but, then again, his and Andrew’s relationship wasn’t what you would call “normal”. They didn’t act like usual couples, like how Erik and Nicky acted or Matt and Dan. So, Neil figured he could give the Foxes a break for not figuring it out - but it was still infuriating.
Neil had tried to talk to Andrew about it but the little shit wasn’t very helpful, answering Neil’s questions and prompts with shrugs and ‘Whatever you want’s. Neil got the impression that Andrew wasn’t quite sure himself on if he wanted to tell the Foxes they were dating.
Kevin knew. Of course Kevin knew, it was difficult to keep anything from him when he was practically glued to his and Andrew’s sides. Wymack also knew, though Neil should have know that ages ago. He knew before Neil knew. So, Neil asked them for advice.
He went to Wymack first.
It was the start of the new year at Palmetto University, the new Foxes were starting to get a grip on how things worked in the team, getting used to the hierarchy that was ever present.
The new Foxes weren’t bad, but that’s difficult to say when Jack was always mouthing off and being a dickhead and generally ruining practices. He’d already got into a few psychical fights with the new striker Robin and Matt. Fights that Jack usually didn’t win, having his ass handed to him before the fighting could even escalate. It was driving Neil and Dan to the end of their line of patience very quickly.
With Neil’s patience easier and quicker to wear down, it was no surprise that he had snapped at Jack already. He’d torn into Jack on several occasions, knocking him down about fifty pegs each time. His scathing’s seemed to be doing the trick. Wearing Jack down into obedience until he seemed to be following and participating in their practices more easily than he used to, listening to Dan, Neil and Kevin better than he did before. That didn’t stop him from antagonising the other players, but at least Neil didn’t want to rip his hair out anymore.
It was at the end of one of these practices that Neil approached Wymack. He had just driven one of his many metaphorical knives into Jack, leaving him scowling and speechless as he stormed out of the stadium. Neil had told Andrew to head off without him, that he needed a bit of time to cool off. ‘I’ll call you when I need picking up’ he said, which seemed to calm Andrew enough to relent and he exited the stadium with the others.
Now Neil was pacing in the corridor outside Wymack’s office, listening to the grumpy man grumble loudly into the speaker of his phone.
Neil had no idea how he was supposed to approach this subject, it’s not like him and Wymack were close like Dan or Kevin or Andrew were, but Wymack also knew the other Foxes better than Neil ever could, so he was the best person to ask.
Wymack slammed his phone down with a sigh and called out.
“Neil, I know you’re out there!” Neil stopped. “You’ve been driving me crazy, watching you pace like that so get your ass in here!” Neil sighed, turning to face the door. He stared, contemplating, at the door handle before sucking in a breath for strength and walking into Wymack’s office.
The place was a mess, like any place Wymack dwelled in for too long. Papers upon papers were stacked beside overflowing filing cabinets, and the desk flooded with so many papers and binders that Neil questioned how Wymack managed to fit a mug and the phone on the desk.
Wymack gestured to the chair in front of him, the only surface in the room not covered in papers and folders. Neil sat, balling his hands up into fists to stop them from shaking. He had no idea why he was so nervous, it wasn’t like this thing he and Andrew had going on was new. It had been going on for several months. They’d done many things since then that should make Neil less hesitant and uncomfortable to bring up their thing.
Maybe it was because he knew what the other Foxes reactions were when they thought Renee and Andrew were dating. They all very obviously didn’t like the idea, even the other Monsters didn’t like it. All the Foxes thought that Andrew was an uncaring sociopath who couldn’t ever feel for someone like Neil knew Andrew felt for him. All except Kevin. He knew Andrew’s true self, knew what exactly those meds were for. He knew that Andrew cared so much it was almost too much for him, sometimes it was too much for him and the evidence was plain and clear on Andrew’s forearms, and the way Andrew destroyed himself for things out of his control.
Wymack was the only one who could help Neil gauge the reactions of the others because he had known them all the longest. Of course, Wymack wouldn’t know much about the new Foxes this year, but it wasn’t them Neil was worried about. He couldn’t care less about their reactions. They hadn’t been with them long enough to be considered a friend to Neil, they hadn’t held him up through his breakdown last year and stood by his side when everything about The Butcher and Nathaniel got out. So, Wymack was the best person to go to first.
Neil sighed, biting the inside of his cheek and pointedly not looking at Wymack. This went on for a whole minute before Wymack got fed up and snapped at him.
“I don’t have all day! Spit out what you’ve got to say now or get out.” Neil grimaced and finally met Wymack’s eyes before quickly dropping them. He entwined his hands together and took another deep breath.
“You know about me and Andrew, don’t you.” It wasn’t a question, but Wymack chose to answer anyway.
“I think I knew you and Andrew had something going on before you knew you and Andrew had something going on.” Neil laughed dryly at that.
“You could say that again,” he smiled weakly at Wymack.
“So, what’s this about? You know I have no trouble with you two being a thing. You know I couldn’t care less about my Foxes relationships unless I deemed it non-beneficial to the player and the team.” Neil nodded. He knew this, he knew Wymack was okay with him and Andrew, so why did it feel like such a weight had been lifted from Neil’s shoulders?
“I don’t think the others know.” Neil spoke finally, after a full two minutes of silence. “I mean, Kevin knows, but that’s inevitable. But the others don’t.” He paused to gather his words, still keeping his eyes down, focusing on a crack in the wood of Wymack’s desk.
“You know the Foxes better than I ever will.” Neil admitted. “I don’t mean the new ones, I mean Dan and Matt and Allison and Renee and all the others who were here last year. So you know what they are like and know how they’ll react once they find out-”
“You plan on telling them,” Wymack cut him off. Neil paused and bit his lip, meeting Wymack’s eyes and nodding. Wymack sighed, resting his chin on his hand. He stared at Neil thoughtfully and Neil tried his best not to squirm under the heavy gaze. He must’ve given something away though judging by the sigh Wymack gave him.
“Why do you think they would react badly to you telling them?”
“The way they acted when they believed him and Renee were dating.” Wymack nodded. Neil figured Wymack must’ve picked up on that dislike at the two being around each other as well. Wymack hummed, then he shifted, removing his head from his hand and sitting back in his chair casually, all thought of his work gone.
“How was Kevin when he found out? As I gathered at the time of the supposed rumour that Renee and Andrew were dating that Kevin also wasn’t pleased with the pairing.” Neil shrugged.
“He didn’t seem bothered, but Kevin isn’t exactly a good example of how the other Foxes will react. His head is always focused on Exy. It would be just a minor inconvenience if word got out about me and Andrew. I think that’s all he cares about.” And yeah, Neil was a little bitter because of that. Wymack seemed to sense this as he let the matter about Kevin drop.
“Well, knowing my Foxes and how they’ve taken to you this past year,” Wymack paused, a small smile gracing his lips, “I think that, so long as Andrew doesn’t hurt you, and you don’t hurt Andrew, they’ll be okay with it.” Neil released the breath he had been holding in what he hoped was a silent exhale. “Of course they’ll be surprised. You two are quite an…unusual pairing,” he chose his words carefully and Neil knew he was trying to be sensitive towards the matter. Neil was grateful, but at the same time he wanted Wymack’s grazing honesty. Nevertheless, Neil nodded at Wymack’s words. It amused Neil, that they were such an unusual pairing that even he himself had no idea about Andrew’s attraction towards him.
“You truly think they’ll be fine with it?” Neil just had to be sure. He needed to be 100 percent confident on this.
“I’m not going to say that they’re not going to try and encourage you two to stop this thing you having going on, but it will only last maybe a month until they realise that you both seem happy with each other. Once they completely realise that, then you’ll have no trouble. They’ll support you no matter what.” Neil nodded, more to himself than as an acknowledgement towards Wymack’s words. Yes, he was right. The thought made him giddy, and he felt that he could breath properly now.
“Thanks,” he said to Wymack before getting up and exiting the office.
He pulled his phone from his pocket and rang Andrew to come pick him up and five minutes later, he pulled up outside of the stadium. As Neil walked towards the car, he noticed Kevin sat in the backseat. It was just him and Andrew. Perfect! Neil thought and he got into the car. As soon as Andrew set off, Neil took a deep breath and spoke.
“So, I just spoke to Wymack,” he said casually, and both Andrew and Kevin tensed.
“About what?” Andrew asked.
“Us,” he said and Andrew looked over at him in question before focusing back on the road.
“Us?” He prompted and Neil hummed.
“This thing we have going on. I spoke to you about telling the Foxes about us a few weeks ago, didn’t I?” Andrew didn’t answer but the soft sound of a sigh let Neil know he remembers the conversation.
“Didn’t think you were serious,” Andrew grumbled.
“Should I be present to this?” Kevin asked awkwardly from behind Neil.
“Yes.” Neil bit out. “I wouldn’t bring it up in front of you if you weren’t supposed to be.” He looked at Andrew’s side profile, focusing on the tension in his jaw and the stiffness of his shoulders and arms holding the steering wheel.
“Will you be okay if we, or I, tell them?” Neil asked tentatively. Andrew’s eyebrows furrowed as he kept his gaze pointedly on the road. Neil realised that Andrew hadn’t drove the way back to the Tower and instead had detoured. Whether that was to give them enough time to have this conversation or Andrew and Kevin already had plans that they were dragging Neil into.
“I guess…I guess it would be okay,” Andrew finally said hesitantly and it was the first time Neil had ever heard Andrew sound nervous. Well, not in ordinary situations anyway. The first time he let Neil reciprocate he was shaky and unsure. But that was different circumstances.
“What does this have to do with Coach?” Andrew asked.
“I asked him what he thought the reactions of the others would be. I don’t know if you’d be bothered by their reactions,” that was a lie, he knew Andrew was just as nervous as Neil about their teammates reactions, but he said it to give Andrew a bit of comfort, “but I am.” Andrew nodded.
“Why am I supposed to be present in this?” Kevin asked.
“I want double reassurance.” Neil said. “Do you think they’ll be fine?” Kevin looked uncomfortable and Neil did feel a little bad for him.
“I mean, Renee’s group will be completely fine with it. Allison may be a bit bitchy but I don’t think she can really say anything when she’s dating Renee. But Nicky and Aaron? They might act a little more…extreme?” He said the last part like a question, like he didn’t know how to describe how they’ll react.
“How do you think they’ll react?” Neil asked.
“Nicky will be hesitant to accept this, I think.” He said, gesturing between Andrew and Neil. “We know that Nicky didn’t support the rumour about Renee and Andrew on behalf of Renee because he thought Andrew was bad for her.” Kevin shot an apologetic look at Andrew but he shrugged. Neil knew that the other’s perception of what was “wrong” with Andrew didn’t bother him. It kept the others from seeing through his walls.
“And we know Nicky seems protective of you,” Kevin continued, making eye contact with Neil through the revision mirror. Andrew snorted and Neil saw his knuckles go white as his grip tightened on the steering wheel.
“You could say that again,” Andrew muttered darkly. Kevin ignored him and continued.
“But Nicky’s also very protective of Andrew.”
“So, in truth, you don’t really know how Nicky will react.” Kevin glared at Neil’s smirk.
“I know he’ll be conflicted but supportive. He knows what it’s like being queer in the sports industry, so he’ll stay by your sides, even if he’s judging you two for being together.”
“And Aaron?” Andrew gritted out and both Neil and Kevin knew that this was treading into unstable territory. Andrew and Aaron had continued their joint sessions with Betsy after the final game of the season, and their relationship does seem to be growing better, but it was still like walking on eggshells whenever anyone brought up the twins’ relationship.
“He hates Neil, there’s no doubt about that,” Neil nodded at Kevin’s words. It was no lie that Aaron absolutely despised Neil, he had done ever since Neil joined the team. “And he’s protective of Andrew, even if neither will admit it,” he pointed a glare at Andrew when he said that. “And we all know his opinion on Nicky being gay, so I won’t say he’ll be supportive, and he might get aggressive towards you, Neil, but I think in the end, I think he’ll grudgingly accept it, like how Andrew has with Katelyn. Aaron owes Andrew that much, at least.” Kevin finished. He hadn’t taken his eyes off of Andrew since he’d started talking, no doubt gauging his reactions to everything he’s said.
“If Aaron knows what’s good for him, he’ll keep his opinions to himself.” That was all Andrew said in return. His hand had come to rest on the gear shift and Neil tentatively placed his hand on top of it, watching for Andrew’s reaction. Once he saw the tension leave his shoulders, Neil turned his attention away, but kept his hand on Andrew’s.
“So, when do you think we should tell them?” Neil asked.
“When the new Foxes are out.” Andrew said. “Robin is going to her tutor sessions this Friday, and Jack is never around us to begin with, so it’ll be easy enough.” Neil nodded and fixed his gaze back on the road, watching as Andrew took the turn that would lead them back to the Tower.
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iayhifbigyakwiltbsywps · 3 hours ago
Ok get this….
You know those Baltimore AUs where they also take Andrew?
Imagine they take renee?
Renee can FIGHT! But by her looks people tend to see a nice christian girl…
So they kinda just brought her along to torment Neil that they have one of his teammates but renee ends up kicking their ass and once they are distracted neil get out and helps her with the rest assuming that at this point they are In the basement and Lola dimacio and Nathan are all there.
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automated-snorkeling · 3 hours ago
I love talking to my friends and I should do it more part one:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And this concludes part one of me rereading text messages and needing to share because they give me my only sense of excitement in a day but my feeble body is not capable of holding it.
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thehoodedneku · 3 hours ago
So, this is gonna be a long rambling post about the Foxes being in SK8, so sit back and enjoy my wacky ideas because this AU won’t leave me alone, it’s too intriguing! As a fan of both series! So enjoy my thoughts!
Like with exy, there are teams (Ravens, Foxes and whatnot) but perhaps this AU will be about how the Foxes even became a skating team! Like at first they’re all in their own little groups (Andrew’s, Dan’s, Neil being alone at first because some of his actual backstory can be in this AU). And like Neil (and perhaps Renee BECAUSE HELL YES) become the glue that gets everyone to form into the Foxes. Perhaps Riko’s team have pissed all of them off separately, so out of spite they banded together to become the Foxes and compete in skateboarding tournaments to grind the Ravens into dust.
Also, I like gang AUs so the skateboarding groups are kinda gangs too on the streets fighting for territory. And of course the Ravens cause problems on purpose, like they don’t just fight by skating, but with actual violence too.
Neil skateboarded as a hobby on the run (so he’s obsessed with that in place of exy), so his backstory mostly stays the same. He goes to a park and does a few tricks only for Kevin to spot him, who immediately sees his potential and wants him to join his team (Andrew, Kevin, Aaron). That’s where the story and conflict starts (because yo, Andrew doesn’t trust Neil and the way he looks at Kevin in obvious recognition—and of course Andrew keeps quiet until he can confront Neil in his own ways). I’ll let you imagine how all that plays out, but eventually Neil does join their little group/gang/team.
Andrew doesn’t skate as good as he can on purpose, and Kevin has seen him at his best, but Andrew of course loves fucking with Kevin. Eventually Andrew actually shows what he can actually do with skating to Neil in private, when the two grow close enough. Andrew teaches Neil complex tricks, as Neil has never skated in tournaments while on the run, and he learns fast (but doesn’t surpass Andrew, as the two have different strengths with skating).
Along the way, Neil befriends Dan’s group, though the group kinda don’t like Kevin’s (for obvious reasons which I’m sure you can imagine because dramaaaa, they have a bit of a bitter rivalry in tournaments). Then the Ravens mess shit up, and somehow Neil and Renee get the two groups to form a truce, and the Foxes are born! But still with inner conflict and drama. They just hate Riko far more than each other. (It’s likely that the Ravens seriously injured Seth, who is in Dan’s group, so that inspires them to seek revenge and form the alliance).
Maybe no one knows that Neil and Andrew regularly skate together late at night alone (when not practising together with the rest of the Foxes) so when Neil admits it, EVERYONE IS SHOOK. Andrew?! Willingly skating with someone and teaching them tricks?! What the heck?! As an extra fun detail, Andrew and Renee have always been friends even while their groups loathed each other, and it was common knowledge they sometimes went off together to skate, but not as often as like every. Single. Night. Neil doesn’t seem to understand the shock. And the implications that duhhhh, Andrew is into him! Like Andrew would either teach a friend tricks (Renee), or someone he’s into. Neil completely misses that because we stan an oblivious king. Andrew won’t even skate with Kevin at his full potential! Still, only Renee knows that Andrew is head over heels for Neil and won’t admit it out loud, not even to her. Thinks he doesn’t deserve it or can have it because yay angst and drama wooooo.
By then Andrew trusts and likes Neil enough that when Neil asks him to, Andrew actually tries more and actually has fun beating a few Ravens in some tournaments. In the final tournament (which, like in SK8, is done on a dangerous track with multiple skaters, and the aim is to reach the finish line), Neil, Andrew, and Kevin are up against Riko and two of his Ravens. Ravens always sabotage on the track, so Neil and Andrew hang back and turn their own tactics against them, making sure those Ravens are taken out of the race. They catch up to Kevin and Riko (Neil and Andrew are pretty fast when there’s no one around to sabotage them), and Kevin actually crosses the finish line in first place, no longer in Riko’s shadow. Riko freaks and tries to hurt him, but Andrew uses his skateboard to stop him. So Riko turns on Neil, but again Andrew intervenes easily.
The Ravens are disgraced, and the Foxes prove that they’re superior. Renee gives a great speech about the Foxes valuing fun over violence, completely ignoring the contradiction (*ahem* Andrew).
I’ll let you imagine the rest!
Extra side notes:
-Aaron teaches his secret (not so secret) girlfriend how to skateboard, and it’s about as adorable as it sounds. Neil witnesses this by accident, and shrugs off Aaron’s threats, and at least promises not to tell anyone about his soft side. Neil even gives good advice to them for beginners, and that causes Aaron to be less of a jerk to him.
-Neil has cig burns on him (either from his past or a run in with Lola), and this actually causes Andrew to go through the process of quitting smoking. And in turn, Neil follows his example. They switch to gum and lollipops instead. (More or less smoking makes me personally uncomfortable and while I understand that it’s a symbol in the books, the keys are a better symbol, and smoking is stinkyyyy, we stan quitting bad addictions here!)
If you made it this far then hello! Feel free to use my ideas if you wish! Just tell me when you do or if you have your own I WOULD LOVE TO SEE! I definitely want to make my own art on this!
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soulsupply · 4 hours ago
I love the matt x andrew tag bc i go into it to see boyd and minyard but its mostly matt and andrew from five nights at freddys (idk i never played it) but most of the dialogue things work with the boyd x minyard dynamic
I think it’s hilarious
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fortheloveofexy · 5 hours ago
“Shirt on or off?” Neil asks, settling on his knees by Andrew’s side.
Andrew cocks his head questioningly, “Can you even massage me with my shirt on?”
“I can,” Neil says easily, “But it probably won’t be as effective or feel as good. Whatever you’re comfortable with is fine though. I’ll make it work.”
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pjosideblog · 6 hours ago
neil josten alex claremont-diaz
not knowing they're attracted to the person who's obviously attracted to them and having to be told they want to be with them and have wanted that for a long time
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andrew-minyards-bitch · 6 hours ago
Jeremy: Hi 👋 my name is Jeremy and you are?
Every guy he has ever met (especially Kevin and Jean): Gay.
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andrew-minyards-bitch · 6 hours ago
Neil: I bought Andrew a car [points outside the dorms to said car in the parking lot] and I’ve also bought some exy equipments
Matt: you bought Andrew a what?!
Kevin: ooh nice, exy equipments
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andrew-minyards-bitch · 6 hours ago
HC that this happened before the girls were friends
Wymack: Could you please befriend Allison? It would make me very happy
Dan: Alright, alright I’ll give it a shot. So uhh Allison…
Renee: What’s your favorite class?
Allison: Upper
Both Dan and Renee: nope can’t do this today, tomorrow or ever
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play-exy-be-sexy · 6 hours ago
aftg characters pride outfits
HAPPY PRIDE YALL!!!!! here’s a pointless pride post that i randomly thought of and think is kinda fun.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
matt and neil get matching shirt and shorts. they think it’s funny. andrew finds it horrendous.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
idk it gives andrew vibes. maybe not the hat tho. also with rainbow arm bands obviously. and maybe not a see through shirt. i can’t decide if he’d be comfortable with that.
nicky and erik:
Tumblr media
cliche couple at pride
Tumblr media
(without the boots)
giving me harry styles in 2013 vibes.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yes to both❤️
Tumblr media
but in pastels
Tumblr media
something about dan in overalls makes me beyond happy. like they just scream her to me. i love it so much.
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andrew-minyards-bitch · 6 hours ago
Neil: It’s really frustrating
Andrew: what is?
Neil: watching Renee and Allison dance around each other and being in love but the both of them are too oblivious to realize anything
Also Neil, with his keys that Andrew gave him to their home
Andrew, feeling free and comfortable for Neil to see and touch his body
Neil, thinking about Andrew and staring at him for five hours during the bus ride
Both of them: hmmm
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play-exy-be-sexy · 7 hours ago
Nicky: i can’t believe you lied to me!
Neil: Nicky, i don’t know how to tell you this, but i’ve lied about a lot of things.
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