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#the kings men
amazighbuffyofrivia · 3 minutes ago
Robert De Niro in Heat is my dream husband. How good does he look in this cinematic masterpiece of cultural significance?
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Can we talk about the costuming/styling!?? (Deborah Lynn Scott)
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buzzativ · 18 minutes ago
Which Is The Best And Funniest Sitcom Of All Times? Vote Your Choice!
Which Is The Best And Funniest Sitcom Of All Times? Vote Your Choice!
The best sitcoms ever to air on television include some of the greatest comedies in television history. What are the best sitcoms of all time? A sitcom (or situational comedy) is loosely defined as “a humorous television program based on situations that could arise in everyday life,” though not all sitcoms are slice-of-life – even if Parks & Recreation or The Addams Family would be a nice daily…
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bi-bliotaph · 2 hours ago
No thoughts.
Just Neil having a bad day and dissociating while sitting on the couch he and Andrew share in their little apartment.
Only, Andrew isn’t home, he’s across the country playing Exy with his team and Neil’s having trouble anchoring himself to the present.
It’s only until King and Sir jump on the couch and step over Neil’s lap, meowing at Neil and making bread on his thigh that he comes back to himself, just for a moment.
It’s enough though for Neil to smile and pets them gently, mumbling a quiet ‘thank you’. He focuses on how soft they are and snuggles close enough that they are practically laying over his chest. He doesn’t feel suffocated though because Sir and King are purring as Neil closes his eyes and scratches under their chin.
Later, when Andrew calls Neil, he notices him acting weird. He’s forgetting what he’s saying in mid-sentence and he’s not as usually chatty. Andrew immediately asks what was wrong, finally getting a confession out of Neil.
“It’s nothing really…it’s just been a hard day.”
Andrew asks if he needs to fly home but because Neil is Neil, he tells Andrew to stay.
“Sir and King have been really snuggly all day. It’s helped a lot…say hi to Andrew…” (the camera blearily moves to the two cats who are now on either side of Neil’s legs)
Andrew presses his lips together, his nostrils flaring, but he doesn’t press. But he is suddenly grateful for the cats in being there when he can’t.
When Andrew gets home, he and Neil sit outside the balcony together, hand in hand. They talk about how boring exy was while Neil gave snarky comments, seemingly back to himself. Andrew finishes his smoke and squeezes Neil’s hand a little tighter.
Neil leave to use the bathroom and Andrew glares down at King and Sir. He gives them an extra treat as a silent thank you before starting dinner.
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iayhifbigyakwiltbsywps · 3 hours ago
Ok get this….
You know those Baltimore AUs where they also take Andrew?
Imagine they take renee?
Renee can FIGHT! But by her looks people tend to see a nice christian girl…
So they kinda just brought her along to torment Neil that they have one of his teammates but renee ends up kicking their ass and once they are distracted neil get out and helps her with the rest assuming that at this point they are In the basement and Lola dimacio and Nathan are all there.
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pjosideblog · 6 hours ago
neil josten alex claremont-diaz
not knowing they're attracted to the person who's obviously attracted to them and having to be told they want to be with them and have wanted that for a long time
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paradoxolotl · 7 hours ago
Every time is see your art my heart grows a little bit more!!! I loved tipsy Aaron thinking he was talking to the mirror. Can you do tipsy Andrew???? Thanks!
Awe thank you!!
Here’s tipsy Andrew:
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Tumblr media
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caseybrinke · 12 hours ago
Still insane to me how fat they made iceman’s ass on the pride variant cover. That is just not accurate
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bookseraph · 12 hours ago
Wymack: "What the fuck is going on here?"
Dan: "Nothing. Just rethinking every time we defended our decision to recruit the monsters."
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thisuserlovesyou · 13 hours ago
Andrew, introducing himself: Hi, I'm Andrew. But if you touch anyone I care about, I'll start identifying as a possible cause of death.
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neilmfjosten · 14 hours ago
Neil: I would fight satan for you
Andrew: You would fight satan for fun, I’m not special
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captainbobbiedraper · 17 hours ago
Pass the happy! 🌻 When you receive this, list five things that make you happy and send this to 10 of the last people in your notifications. 💛💛💛
[my depressed brain confused trying to think of too many happy things]
this edition is songs i love listening to (they make me happy even though some of them are sad okay)
- traitor by olivia rodrigo
- people like us by matt bomer (doom patrol rights!!!)
- the origin of love from hedwig and the angry inch
- queen of peace by florence + the machine
- dancing in the moonlight by toploader
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paradoxicalwishes · 18 hours ago
Kevin Day is a queen and he deserves the world.
that's it. thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. :D
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neilmfjosten · 19 hours ago
Neil: Why are you like this?
Andrew: I used too much “No More Tears” shampoo as a child and haven’t felt a single emotion since then.
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