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bi-bliotaph · 2 hours ago
No thoughts.
Just Neil having a bad day and dissociating while sitting on the couch he and Andrew share in their little apartment.
Only, Andrew isn’t home, he’s across the country playing Exy with his team and Neil’s having trouble anchoring himself to the present.
It’s only until King and Sir jump on the couch and step over Neil’s lap, meowing at Neil and making bread on his thigh that he comes back to himself, just for a moment.
It’s enough though for Neil to smile and pets them gently, mumbling a quiet ‘thank you’. He focuses on how soft they are and snuggles close enough that they are practically laying over his chest. He doesn’t feel suffocated though because Sir and King are purring as Neil closes his eyes and scratches under their chin.
Later, when Andrew calls Neil, he notices him acting weird. He’s forgetting what he’s saying in mid-sentence and he’s not as usually chatty. Andrew immediately asks what was wrong, finally getting a confession out of Neil.
“It’s nothing really…it’s just been a hard day.”
Andrew asks if he needs to fly home but because Neil is Neil, he tells Andrew to stay.
“Sir and King have been really snuggly all day. It’s helped a lot…say hi to Andrew…” (the camera blearily moves to the two cats who are now on either side of Neil’s legs)
Andrew presses his lips together, his nostrils flaring, but he doesn’t press. But he is suddenly grateful for the cats in being there when he can’t.
When Andrew gets home, he and Neil sit outside the balcony together, hand in hand. They talk about how boring exy was while Neil gave snarky comments, seemingly back to himself. Andrew finishes his smoke and squeezes Neil’s hand a little tighter.
Neil leave to use the bathroom and Andrew glares down at King and Sir. He gives them an extra treat as a silent thank you before starting dinner.
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thehoodedneku · 3 hours ago
So, this is gonna be a long rambling post about the Foxes being in SK8, so sit back and enjoy my wacky ideas because this AU won’t leave me alone, it’s too intriguing! As a fan of both series! So enjoy my thoughts!
Like with exy, there are teams (Ravens, Foxes and whatnot) but perhaps this AU will be about how the Foxes even became a skating team! Like at first they’re all in their own little groups (Andrew’s, Dan’s, Neil being alone at first because some of his actual backstory can be in this AU). And like Neil (and perhaps Renee BECAUSE HELL YES) become the glue that gets everyone to form into the Foxes. Perhaps Riko’s team have pissed all of them off separately, so out of spite they banded together to become the Foxes and compete in skateboarding tournaments to grind the Ravens into dust.
Also, I like gang AUs so the skateboarding groups are kinda gangs too on the streets fighting for territory. And of course the Ravens cause problems on purpose, like they don’t just fight by skating, but with actual violence too.
Neil skateboarded as a hobby on the run (so he’s obsessed with that in place of exy), so his backstory mostly stays the same. He goes to a park and does a few tricks only for Kevin to spot him, who immediately sees his potential and wants him to join his team (Andrew, Kevin, Aaron). That’s where the story and conflict starts (because yo, Andrew doesn’t trust Neil and the way he looks at Kevin in obvious recognition—and of course Andrew keeps quiet until he can confront Neil in his own ways). I’ll let you imagine how all that plays out, but eventually Neil does join their little group/gang/team.
Andrew doesn’t skate as good as he can on purpose, and Kevin has seen him at his best, but Andrew of course loves fucking with Kevin. Eventually Andrew actually shows what he can actually do with skating to Neil in private, when the two grow close enough. Andrew teaches Neil complex tricks, as Neil has never skated in tournaments while on the run, and he learns fast (but doesn’t surpass Andrew, as the two have different strengths with skating).
Along the way, Neil befriends Dan’s group, though the group kinda don’t like Kevin’s (for obvious reasons which I’m sure you can imagine because dramaaaa, they have a bit of a bitter rivalry in tournaments). Then the Ravens mess shit up, and somehow Neil and Renee get the two groups to form a truce, and the Foxes are born! But still with inner conflict and drama. They just hate Riko far more than each other. (It’s likely that the Ravens seriously injured Seth, who is in Dan’s group, so that inspires them to seek revenge and form the alliance).
Maybe no one knows that Neil and Andrew regularly skate together late at night alone (when not practising together with the rest of the Foxes) so when Neil admits it, EVERYONE IS SHOOK. Andrew?! Willingly skating with someone and teaching them tricks?! What the heck?! As an extra fun detail, Andrew and Renee have always been friends even while their groups loathed each other, and it was common knowledge they sometimes went off together to skate, but not as often as like every. Single. Night. Neil doesn’t seem to understand the shock. And the implications that duhhhh, Andrew is into him! Like Andrew would either teach a friend tricks (Renee), or someone he’s into. Neil completely misses that because we stan an oblivious king. Andrew won’t even skate with Kevin at his full potential! Still, only Renee knows that Andrew is head over heels for Neil and won’t admit it out loud, not even to her. Thinks he doesn’t deserve it or can have it because yay angst and drama wooooo.
By then Andrew trusts and likes Neil enough that when Neil asks him to, Andrew actually tries more and actually has fun beating a few Ravens in some tournaments. In the final tournament (which, like in SK8, is done on a dangerous track with multiple skaters, and the aim is to reach the finish line), Neil, Andrew, and Kevin are up against Riko and two of his Ravens. Ravens always sabotage on the track, so Neil and Andrew hang back and turn their own tactics against them, making sure those Ravens are taken out of the race. They catch up to Kevin and Riko (Neil and Andrew are pretty fast when there’s no one around to sabotage them), and Kevin actually crosses the finish line in first place, no longer in Riko’s shadow. Riko freaks and tries to hurt him, but Andrew uses his skateboard to stop him. So Riko turns on Neil, but again Andrew intervenes easily.
The Ravens are disgraced, and the Foxes prove that they’re superior. Renee gives a great speech about the Foxes valuing fun over violence, completely ignoring the contradiction (*ahem* Andrew).
I’ll let you imagine the rest!
Extra side notes:
-Aaron teaches his secret (not so secret) girlfriend how to skateboard, and it’s about as adorable as it sounds. Neil witnesses this by accident, and shrugs off Aaron’s threats, and at least promises not to tell anyone about his soft side. Neil even gives good advice to them for beginners, and that causes Aaron to be less of a jerk to him.
-Neil has cig burns on him (either from his past or a run in with Lola), and this actually causes Andrew to go through the process of quitting smoking. And in turn, Neil follows his example. They switch to gum and lollipops instead. (More or less smoking makes me personally uncomfortable and while I understand that it’s a symbol in the books, the keys are a better symbol, and smoking is stinkyyyy, we stan quitting bad addictions here!)
If you made it this far then hello! Feel free to use my ideas if you wish! Just tell me when you do or if you have your own I WOULD LOVE TO SEE! I definitely want to make my own art on this!
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fortheloveofexy · 5 hours ago
“Shirt on or off?” Neil asks, settling on his knees by Andrew’s side.
Andrew cocks his head questioningly, “Can you even massage me with my shirt on?”
“I can,” Neil says easily, “But it probably won’t be as effective or feel as good. Whatever you’re comfortable with is fine though. I’ll make it work.”
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andrew-minyards-bitch · 6 hours ago
Neil: I bought Andrew a car [points outside the dorms to said car in the parking lot] and I’ve also bought some exy equipments
Matt: you bought Andrew a what?!
Kevin: ooh nice, exy equipments
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play-exy-be-sexy · 6 hours ago
aftg characters pride outfits
HAPPY PRIDE YALL!!!!! here’s a pointless pride post that i randomly thought of and think is kinda fun.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
matt and neil get matching shirt and shorts. they think it’s funny. andrew finds it horrendous.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
idk it gives andrew vibes. maybe not the hat tho. also with rainbow arm bands obviously. and maybe not a see through shirt. i can’t decide if he’d be comfortable with that.
nicky and erik:
Tumblr media
cliche couple at pride
Tumblr media
(without the boots)
giving me harry styles in 2013 vibes.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yes to both❤️
Tumblr media
but in pastels
Tumblr media
something about dan in overalls makes me beyond happy. like they just scream her to me. i love it so much.
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andrew-minyards-bitch · 6 hours ago
Neil: It’s really frustrating
Andrew: what is?
Neil: watching Renee and Allison dance around each other and being in love but the both of them are too oblivious to realize anything
Also Neil, with his keys that Andrew gave him to their home
Andrew, feeling free and comfortable for Neil to see and touch his body
Neil, thinking about Andrew and staring at him for five hours during the bus ride
Both of them: hmmm
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play-exy-be-sexy · 7 hours ago
Nicky: i can’t believe you lied to me!
Neil: Nicky, i don’t know how to tell you this, but i’ve lied about a lot of things.
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paradoxolotl · 7 hours ago
Every time is see your art my heart grows a little bit more!!! I loved tipsy Aaron thinking he was talking to the mirror. Can you do tipsy Andrew???? Thanks!
Awe thank you!!
Here’s tipsy Andrew:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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jingerhead · 7 hours ago
Why not more soft andreil headcanons
Neil enjoys watching horror movies. He's one of those people who can watch True Crime documentaries and still be able to sleep that night('cause he's got Andrew there and he's learned how to sleep more easily). On the other hand, Andrew hates watching horror movies. Coupled with the fact that he believes their apartment is haunted, there is no way he can fall asleep at night after watching one.
No matter what, these two will share a goodbye kiss. Even if they just had a fight, they will give each other one. The kisses always mean, "Stay safe, come back, I'll miss you," and on the off chance that something happens they want to make sure they have that.
Once, when they weren't yet on the same pro teams, the bus transporting Andrew's got hit. Andrew managed to get away with just a broken leg, but he was rushing to get out of the hospital as quickly as possible (even though he didn't have crutches or a doctor's approval or anything). Though Neil understood, he was out of his mind with worry for two days, only managing to relax after Andrew was back in their apartment.
("Ow..." "What? What is it? Do you need an ice pack? Heat pack? Painkillers? The cats? What - ?" "Neil, I just moved because I had a cramp - " "Want me to massage it?" "Through the cast?")
Neil is upset about not getting a duck, but that just means he's attached to the ducks at the lake they go to. He names them: Green Goose, Mother Mother, Baby 1, Destined to be an Eagle, Biter, Don't Get Close to That One, Sun Spot, Dinosaur, and Lucy.
They learn how to bake bread and, miraculously, they get it right on the first try? It's not too dry, it's completely baked, it tastes like bread...So they try it again. Andrew purposefully gives Neil a wrong measurement and only starts a flour-fight.
Neil sings while doing mundane things. Just random tunes he's heard on the radio while cleaning, making food, changing and showering. The only thing is, he's not very good at it. His voice is pitchy and it sounds more like he's yelling than singing. Andrew constantly complains about it, but Neil only grins and sings more if that's possible. Then, one night while Sir was recovering from being sick, Andrew got up in the middle of the night to hear Neil singing softly and petting her to calm her down. It turns out he's had actual talent the whole time.
When watching any show, Neil will comment on everything that happens. Andrew stays silent and actually watches, but he also remembers everything that Neil says, even if he isn't paying full attention to it at the time. So sometimes, when laying in bed about to fall asleep, he will suddenly remember that Neil said something like, "Parallel parking is technically not parallel because you park in a line with the other cars."
("Liquid is not by definition wet - " "Neil, shut the hell up - " "The ocean is a soup - " "Neil!")
They have a doomsday situation plan. Zombie apocalypse? They know what to do. Nuclear winter? Yep, all set. Sudden rise of an evil supervillain? Will never happen. AI takes over the world in a matrix situation? Uh, well...not quite yet. They can't agree yet.
Based on @superfluous-banality headcanon: They petsit Aaron and Katelyn's dogs when they went on their honeymoon. The dogs were brought to their apartment. The golden retriever wooed the cats immediately and they cuddled together. Neil alone was allowed to touch the chihuahua. It and Andrew spent the entire time glaring at each other until Aaron and Katelyn returned to pick them up. The twins decided to try to see if the chihuahua could tell them apart if they dressed up similarly. Long story short, it could.
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allfortheandreil · 9 hours ago
okay i’ve been saying safe haven au!!!! thank you for voicing it too!!!!
it is definitely mf happening !!! idk when idk how but i've been thinking of it for months and rewatched it twice over the weekend and it is so mf close like it just needs to exist !!!! happy to know i'm not the only one thank you for the motivation
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imperfectcourt · 9 hours ago
Since not all of you follow me on twitter and I’m not going to post the images here, I’ll be collecting all of my hand written andreil prompts on ao3 here!
There are 14 written total but they are literally one page so it shouldn’t take me too long to post them all haha
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sizzicus · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pt 1 of ? - when cowboys and cottagecore collide: they get boba. and fall in love. just a little
putting the foxes in some of my outfits,, renison or kevin day next ?
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knickknacksandallthat · 9 hours ago
12 Ways to Woo a Minyard - Chapter 14
Tumblr media
Chapter 14
(1 year, 7 months, and 7 days ago)
Andrew is getting impatient.
It’s hot as hell outside, Aaron and Kevin still aren’t ready, and it’s the third time his cousin has lost his phone in the past fifteen minutes despite not even having left the dorm yet.
Nicky pats down his jeans pocket in the lobby one more time, like the device will have somehow magically appeared there since the last time he checked it. “I swear I just had it, Andrew! Seriously!”
Andrew barely glances at him.
Last chapter, y'all! Enjoy! 😊 Click on the link above to get to it, or click here to start at the beginning! (Check out My Works too for a brief summary!)
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eduardaluna · 9 hours ago
Friendly reminder that Andrew fought the FBI so hard that they needed to handcuff him. And he did it all for Neil "nothing" Josten.
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sickbunsbro · 10 hours ago
they never say the words “i love you”
but i bet andrew mouths the words to neils back when he’s not looking or when neils asleep he will whisper them so quietly that even he can barely hear
neil shows andrew by looking at him and putting a hand (sometimes his or sometimes andrews) to his heart. or by pressing a 🤘🏻 (i love you in asl) to andrew
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stardust-kiddo · 10 hours ago
I didn’t know what arm bands were when I first read aftg, so I just thought that andrew was wearing a bunch of those black rubber bracelets on his arms like an early 2000s emo kid.
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jingerhead · 11 hours ago
That's it I'm writing headcanons about Andrew power lifting
Feat. Neil staring
Before we get into Andrew power lifting, we have to talk about the types of power lifts. Cleans and deadlifts are, without a doubt, the best. After that are the squats - there's front squat, where you have the bar in front of you, and a back squat where the bar is on your nape. Then there's bench press - I know some people love it, personally I don't - and snatches. Snatches are evil. They're the absolute worst. But we'll come back to that.
Obviously, Andrew does bench press. That one is all arms: hands about shoulder width apart, lift the bar from your chest to full extension. You lay on a bench and your feet have to be planted to the ground. This one definitely shapes his arms and he can press a ridiculous amount. For this one you always need a spotter, which Neil takes full advantage of because he gets to be close and stare at Andrew all he wants.
Deadlifts. These are all legs and grip strength. Basically, you just lift the bar from the ground to your hips, so the weight doesn't have very far to go, meaning Andrew deadlifts a lot. Every time he goes to do the lift he breaks his one rep max. Are these Neil's favorite to watch? No, not really, but is it hella impressive how much weight Andrew can lift? Yes.
Let's talk squats. Andrew does a lot of them, which is why he has the thicc thighs. When you squat, you're supposed to go as low as you can, which basically means you keep your chest up and get your butt as low to the ground as it can go. Andrew does squats for days. He's a bigger fan of backsquats because it's more comfortable to have weight resting there and to stay straight as you go down. And, yeah, he squats a lot of weight.
(Neil's favorite are the backsquats too 'cause the way Andrew has to hold the bar makes his back look amazing)
Frontsquats are meh. The bar rests on your collarbones and it can hurt if you're not used to it. It's also more difficult to keep straight as you squat. Andrew doesn't have a problem with his form 'cause he's worked for a long time to perfect it, but there's nothing exciting about frontsquats.
(If he notices that Neil stares more when he does the backsquats, well, nobody says anything about the sudden increase in backsquats that he does)
There's jerks, which is when the bar is in position at your collarbones and you press it into the air. BUT you don't use your arms!! You use your legs/the rest of your body. Andrew likes these because it gives him an excuse to do standing bench press, Neil likes it because he gets to watch Andrew's arms move things.
Urg okay we're gonna talk about snatches. Snatches are not fun, your hands basically hold the bar at either end, and the goal is to lift it from the ground to above your head, like a jerk. But the form is difficult 'cause if you don't do it exactly can't balance the weight and oope, there it goes. But does that stop Andrew? No, because he hates this lift too, so he just practices until he can do it flawlessly. Perfect form, perfect balance, and he can lift a lot of weight. It infuriates others and sends Neil swooning even if he doesn't get everything about power lifting. Andrew is VERY smug about it.
And now...the grand finale. Cleans. The greatest lift of them all. Andrew does these perfectly as well. Hands about shoulder width on the bar at most, you lift the bar from the ground to your collarbones, once again using your legs and body to move the weight. The bar gets dragged up your body and you need to thrust your hips just slightly to get it up. These lifts are great to do. Andrew doesn't do these as often as other lifts, and sometimes he'll add a squat or a jerk if the weight isn't too heavy.
But for Neil these are even better to see.
Whenever he sees Andrew do them he has to take five minutes because yeah. Andrew looks too good when he does cleans.
Bonus: sometimes bars leave small bruises on your collarbones that look like hickeys. Neil likes to kiss over these if he's allowed to and Andrew will roll his eyes every time, as if that doesn't do anything to him.
I have absolutely no regrets
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