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#((I ship it so much it's insane.))
funwithganseyandblue18 days ago
me watching shadow and bone: ok brain, we know d*rklina is not good and not what we ship, don鈥檛 fall for it!
onscreen chemistry & episode 5: *exists*
me: 馃槼馃槵馃槬馃サ馃ゴ
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bryn-nae-naea month ago
((Subaru and Sharon are literally so adorable. I actually can't handle it. 馃槶鉂))
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ferverdreama month ago
ferver what do you think about the fact that c!george was the first on the server?
the way my brain is rotting because of this
i have this theory that dream & dream xd were two halves of the server admin that split apart because they were too powerful together, and so i鈥檝e always thought of dream being connected to the land since its inception, where dream/dream xd鈥檚 鈥渓ife鈥 is what fuels the life of the land and vice versa.
and so the fact that george was the first person on the server is a testament to how dream and george are something beyond even soulmates in the way that george has been intrinsically woven into dream鈥檚 life since the very beginning of... everything.聽
imagine: dream had the opportunity in becoming a distant, lonely god above the rest of the mortals but decided to walk among them because a sleepy mushroom king who was the first resident in his land, even before himself :鈥)
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kidhawks2 months ago
i know it鈥檚 a little dumb but i鈥檝e mentioned before that i don鈥檛 like shipping hawks (or anyone really but hawks especially) so i鈥檇 appreciate not being sent asks/receiving comments on my posts about shipping ^^ i know it鈥檚 a weird request i can鈥檛 expect everyone to fulfil so don鈥檛 worry about it too much! but yeah if it could be kept in mind i would be v grateful <3
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beachblu3s4 months ago
Hey guys it鈥檚 story time before I have to go do things again!
Today I鈥檇 like to ramble about how I got into the tbhk fandom in the first place (even though absolutely nobody asked me, I wanna share anyways haha)
Okay so throwback in time to like January or February of 2020, when I first heard of tbhk through deviantArt while it was still my main art platform.
I remember seeing a cartoonish drawing of Hanako by an internet acquaintance of mine while scrolling through my art feed. I was struck by the character design for a few moments and the name stuck with me for whatever reason.
But as the fool I was back then, I didn鈥檛 bother to check it out.
Fast forward to late summer of 2020 in mid August when I was bored out of my mind, I was searching for a good show to watch and recalled someone telling me earlier that month about a good comedy anime called 鈥淭anaka-Kun is always listless鈥. So I went to go search it.
But somehow the name 鈥淗anako鈥 was substituted in my brain and by mistake I had searched up 鈥淗anako-kun is always listless鈥.
Google, being merciful to my blunder, directed me to toilet bound Hanako kun.
Me not really caring once I figured out I had made a mistake, went to go watch this mysterious anime without any warning or having seen Hanako kun in the original art style of the series.
So I鈥檓 only a few minutes in, watching the first episode, and I鈥檓 seeing Yashiro and I鈥檓 like, okay, she鈥檚 pretty cute, oh she鈥檚 in a high school that鈥檚 cool I guess, hm she鈥檚 looking for a rumored ghost or something, yeah that鈥檚 kind of interesting, I鈥檒l see where this goes a little while longer-
And then Hanako appeared and I lost it.
And everything else that happened in the anime after that just cemented that feeling and now I am a hardcore tbhk fan and hananene shipper.
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el-im4 months ago
i鈥檝e just finished watching 鈥榯he gift鈥 (4.02 of voyager), and something that i continue to think about is how disapprovingly janeway spoke about annika hansen (later 7 of 9鈥瞫) parents for being as disinclined to be involved with the federation as they were.聽
Tumblr media
this script doesn鈥檛 exactly show the attitude it was spoken with--but it came off as haughty (as even the best starfleet officers sometimes can, preferring the comfort and regularity of replicated foods, recycled air, the comfort of ever-available supplies and technologies to slower ways of life--a conflict which appeared in tos and tng, but more prominently in ds9 as a separating factor between bajor and the federation and certainly between voyager and the kazon, who had no knowledge about or ability to use transporter technology until they were exposed to it by the federation). the use of聽鈥榖ut鈥 in preceding 鈥榳anted nothing to do with starfleet or the federation鈥 seems to suggest that exploration itself was something (terrans, at least) viewed as indelibly bound to starfleet/the federation... not to mention it implies that anyone who distrusts starfleet/the federation--despite the myriad of instances displayed, throughout many series, that involve corruption of high ranking officials, war crimes, hidden agendas (section 33/the entirety of ds9鈥瞫 鈥榩aradise lost鈥 where Admiral Leyton plots to establish martial law after faking a dominion infiltration of planetary operations)--is deserving of ridicule, with janeway鈥檚 use of聽鈥榰nconventional鈥 coming out with a bite to it that made annika鈥檚 parents seem unreasonably paranoid
but to what extent is it right to be wary of the federation? what faith can be entrusted in them? it is absolutely true that the line between exploration and militancy is often crossed by the fleet, though the federation has always presented starfleet as a scientific organization that is capable of self defense when necessary (this being the entirety of the argument picard made to q about humanity in 鈥榚ncounter at farpoint鈥). but where is the line between the objectivity they claim to have in study and in science, and influence? and when does influence become conquering? if janeway鈥檚 attitude toward聽鈥榰nconventional鈥 explorers (which in this case means those who reject starfleet) is not only so easily understandable that it isn鈥檛 questioned, but in fact an opinion widespread, then how difficult is it to explore without starfleet, which is to say without being bound to a military organization? is it possible to graduate from the academy and serve on a federation science vessel, peacefully? or in all the instances where fleet ships are pulled from their assignments to make war (the battle of wolf 359 against the borg (tng)/the battle in the tyra system against advancing dominion forces where 98 starships were destroyed out of a fleet of 112 (ds9)), are the science vessels with their limited armanets and defensive capabilities, with their smaller crew complement, advanced sensors, large stretches of laboratory space, pulled into armed conflict alongside defiant-class warships?
Tumblr media
when the sky is so alight with starships, are they commanded by explorers? or are they commanded by killers, who fancy themselves in the right?聽
#captain's log#BASICALLY i just want to know if going to the academy is selling your soul or if you can do a bio track and just look at plants for 40 yrs#also.. i am thinking of nog who joined starfleet to do something with his life but chiefly (what i remember) referencing his dad#who worked as an engineer#... did nog join the fleet thinking he'd be able to build things like rom? repair them? i dont remember which track he chose when he was at#the academy but regardless of his focus if engineering was his impetus that desire to create sticks with you#and what did he end up with? a commission that took him to the front lines#and which irreparably shifted his worldview from something bright and open to something harrowing and horrific in its randomness#his quote from it's only a paper moon:#I wanted to prove I had what it took to be a soldier. And I saw a lot of combat. I saw a lot of people get hurt. I saw a lot of people die b#but I didn't think anything was going to happen to me. And then suddenly Doctor Bashir is telling me he has to cut my leg off. I couldn't be#believe it. I still can't believe it. If I can get shot if I can lose my leg anything could happen to me Vic. I could die tomorrow. I don't#know if I'm ready to face that.#anyway..... star trek#the amount of clicking around on memory alpha and that scripts site for this post... insane#I read the entire page on excelsior class ships bc I was trying to find evidence that sulu was captain of a science vessel but he wasn鈥檛 ???#they just sent an EXCELSIOR class ship on a 3 year mission to study gaseous anomalies because apparently sending a huge ass fast ass ship on#a data gathering mission made sense ???#fucking weird.#my head hurts so much goodnight sorry for this#trek
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mewsali16 hours ago
Playing Danganronpa Hunger Games Simulator (code is聽lWzKaCTD)
Game 1
Monokuma Appears (Cornucopia event)
Byakuya killed Kaito and Leon because they were being dumbasses and doing a suicide pact, Tenko convinced Akane, Tsumugi, Ryoma, Hiyoko, and Sayaka to boycott the killing game, Aoi forgets who she is and the Impostor is helping her, and Makoto committed suicide.
Kyoko, Kiibo, Angie, Gundham, Kazuichi, Mikan, Rantaro, Fuyuhiko, all vow not to kill any of their fellow student.
Also Nagito and Korekiyo, of all people, are arguing with Monokuma.
And Hifumi is being weird and 鈥渃ozied up鈥 (I did not make these custom events, some of them are gonna be weird) to Celeste and Sakura because he needed allies
Day 1
Tenko and Hifumi are talking for some reason, Ryoma sacrifices himself to save Hiro after Hiro provokes Monokuma, same thing happens with Mahiru sacrificing herself for Angie, Mako tries to hit on Kiibo and he runs away, Ibuki and Mondo try to find all the Monokumas, and Byakuya blows himself up with a landmine.
Nagito, Mikan, Peko, and Kokichi are playing cards, you know who wins.
Hiyoko, Toko, and Celeste are making weapons together, as are Sonia, Chiaki, and Kirumi.
Rantaro, Gundham, and Mukuro work on an escape plan and Teruteru, Korekiyo, and Akane are working on another escape plan.
The dead people from this day are Kaito, Leon, Makoto, Ryoma, Mahiru, and Byakuya.
Night 1
Nagito dreams about hope (extremely fitting), Kazuichi and Kokichi (side note would their ship name be soda press?) are chasing Kaede, Mondo catches Kyoko sneaking around, Chihiro goes to the love hotel for some reason, Mikan went to the love hotel with Teruteru for some reason and ended up with Angie so I guess that worked out, Miu seduces Nekomaru, and Tenko went to the love hotel with Chiaki and ended up with Toko.
Gonta holds a secret meeting (probably about bugs) with Shuichi, Rantaro, Gundham, and Fuyuhiko.
Day 2
Maki rips Junko in half, Tsumugi is chasing Tenko, Ibuki and Mikan both fall into pits and live, the Impostor chases Nagito, Angie is exploiting Kazuichi, Akane鈥檚聽 going insane, Chihiro is exploiting Korekiyo, and Sayaka is also going insane.
Hiro, Kiibo, Peko, and Aoi play cards, seems Peko enjoys card games.
Hajime, Teruteru, and Celestia work on an escape plan.
Rantaro and Taka play tricks on Hiyoko while Kirumi steals from her room, so much for the ultimate moral compass.
Only one death, Junko.
Night 1
Peko is trying to enforce the curfew, Akane went to the hotel with Korekiyo, Mukuro seduces Mikan, Teruteru uses a crossbow to kill Nekomaru and Ibuki, and Shuichi and Nagito chase Maki.
Chiaki, Kirumi, Miu, Rantaro, Hifumi, Kyoko, Hiyoko, Impostor, and Chihiro are all singing songs about hope, in three separate groups.
Taka holds a secret meeting with Tsumugi, Gundham, Kazuichi, and Aoi.
Day 3
Kaede kills Fuyuhiko for Teruteru and then Teruteru betrays and kills Kaede, Chiaki is exploiting Hiyoko, Maki protects Mikan from Monokuma, Nagito hits on Tsumugi and she runs away, Chihiro is helping Taka search the school, Celeste fails at killing Kazuichi, Rantaro kills Kyoko with a dumbbell and Hifumi messes with her body (gross),聽
Hajime, Angie, Kiibo, Akane, and Shuichi are all looking for people to kill.
Korekiyo, Sonia, and Impostor ambush and kill Kokichi, Sayaka, and Hiro.
Lots of dead people! Nekomaru, Ibuki, Kaede, Fuyuhiko, Maki, Kyoko, Kokichi, Sayaka, and Hiro all died.
Night 3
Chiaki and Miu accidentally commit arson, Shuichi and Sakura chase Gundham, and Hiyoko tries to enforce the curfew.
Day 4
Chiaki sets Celeste on fire with a flamethrower (probably has something to do with last night鈥檚 arson), Rantaro hits on Mondo and he runs away, Kiibo somehow sleeps through the day, Miu and Angie are going crazy, Hifumi鈥檚 exploiting Sonia, and Kazuichi dies from a mysterious coughing disease.
Shuichi, Aoi, Mukuro, Mikan, and Impostor are looking for people to kill.
Gundham, Tenko, and Himiko come up with an escape plan. First interaction between Tenko and Himiko so far.
Punishment Time Event
They鈥檙e all plugged into a vr game.
Mukuro, Toko, Tsumugi, Gundham, Akane, Chiaki, Hajime, Nagito, Chihiro
Mondo shoots a sci-fi weapon at Shuichi and kills Shuichi, Peko, and Mikan. Teruteru shoots a sci-fi weapon at Korekiyo and kills Korekiyo, Impostor, and Aoi. Tenko shoots a sci-fi weapon at Sonia nad kills Sonia, Hiyoko, and Kirumi.
Miu purposefully plugged in Hifumi鈥檚 wires wrong and his brains leaked out of his nose, nice. Gonta does the same to Rantaro, which probably was an accident.
Angie, Taka, Kiibo, Himiko, and Sakura all glitch and fall through the world, they never wake up. There goes the Tenko and Himiko interactions I wanted.
18 dead people! Celeste, Kazuichi, Shuichi, Peko, Mikan, Hifumi, Korekiyo, Aoi, Impostor, Angie, Taka, Sonia, Hiyoko, Kirumi, Kiibo, Sakura, Rantaro and Himiko all died.
Night 4
Tenko seduces Chiaki, Hajime seduces Akane, and Nagito hides from Monokuma.
New Motive!
Gundham kills Chihiro and Toko in a fight, Miu kills Hajime with a sword, Tsumugi kills Mukuro with a sword, Tenko kills Akane with a rock, Teruteru kills Chiaki with a sickle, and Nagito commits suicide.
Day 5
Tenko and Gonta get in a fight with Teruteru and Miu, Tenko and Gonta win. (Strength beats perverts, nice.) Mondo tries to sneak attack Gundham but Gundham notices and runs away.
Oh look, it鈥檚 the dead people! Chihiro, Toko, Hajime, Mukuro, Akane, Chiaki, Nagito, Teruteru, and Miu all died!
Night 5
Tenko tries to enforce the curfew and Gonta hides from Monokuma. Kinda hoping Gonta wins, my original hope was for Maki to win.
Day 5
Mondo falls into a pit and lives, Tsumugi kills Gundham with a skewer.
Punishment Time Event
It鈥檚 a maze this time.
Mondo finds the exit.
Gonta and Tsumugi manage to trigger a boulder trap and both die.
Tenko runs into a dead end.
The last of the dead have fallen. Gundham, Gonta, Tsumugi, and Tenko all died on the final day.
Mondo, with one kill, is the winner.
Teruteru had the most kills with 6.
Nagito, Akane, Mukuro, Hajime, Toko, Chihhiro, Himiko, Sakura, Kiibo, Kirumi, Hiyoko, Taka, Angie, Aoi, Hifumi, Mikan, Peko, Shuichi, Celeste, Hiro, Sayaka, Kokichi, Kyoko, Fuyuhiko, Ibuki, nekomaru, Junko, Byakuya, Mahiru, Ryoma, Leon, and Kaito all had 0 kills.
Also Nagito had 8th place instead of 7th, that鈥檚 some bad luck right there.
Also this whole thing before this sentence is 1,051 words, so that鈥檚 a lot.
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akookminsupporter18 hours ago
Submission from聽 @jenizme聽
Is this how you respond? 馃槀 I鈥檓 new to this so I鈥檓 not sure if this is the correct place to send this. Hopefully it is. It鈥檚 a little long so I had to do it this way.
Before I get into jikook, I just wanted to mentioned my BTS story. I first noticed them in 2018, around the time IDOL came out. I watched the music video and thought 鈥渕an these guys can dance.鈥 馃槀 Anyway, over the next couple of years I鈥檇 hear small things about BTS, especially Jungkook because he was always trending. So much so that I actually muted his name on Twitter 馃う鈥嶁檧锔 sorry, jk.
Now this is my first experience with jikook: the Dynamite music video. I saw it trending on twitter and since I watched bts in 2018 and left, I figured I鈥檇 give them another chance. I watched the music video with a smile on my face and just bopping along to the music. Then the jikook piggyback ride came up and I saw how happy they looked. I remember thinking 鈥渉uh, it鈥檚 nice that they love each other.鈥 Let me clarify that I thought of it more as brothers/bffs/bandmates at that point because I obviously didn鈥檛 know about jikook, bts, or other ships.
Fast forward a couple of days later, someone on twitter said something about gcf in Tokyo. I knew it was related to a member of bts but I didn鈥檛 know which one so I watched it out of curiosity. I still didn鈥檛 know bts well enough at this point to put names to faces and know whoever was on camera and controlling the camera. I just knew one of the men was a bts member. As I watched it, I thought 鈥渙h, so this is his boyfriend. Okay, great!鈥 I was later proven wrong when I read the comments. I then reverted back. Okay then. Never mind. I didn鈥檛 know that these two guys were the piggyback guys, either.
I witnessed many jikook things over the later part of 2020 through YouTube, as well as some taekook and yoonmin videos that I was so confused on. I also watched bts interact with each other and I was surprised to see how close they were. Being an American and not having any exposure to k pop before bts, that shocked me. So I immediately thought that all of the members were lovely dovey with each other and that jikook鈥檚 stuff meant nothing. Moving on, I saw the mma black swan performance when it came out and I was in awe. Rosebowl was also an eyebrow raising moment for me but not enough to fully question it (odd, because it鈥檚 pretty darn big). I also saw their insane chemistry when they looked at each other and harmonized during songs, like the world travelers performance and stay gold鈥檚 performances.
However, the thing that made me truly question everything - and I rarely see people mention this - is that time on stage (I don鈥檛 remember which concert it was) when jimin asked jk his favorite song and then got all up in his business. Jk then sang serendipity and they did their 鈥測ou are me, I am you鈥 gesture. What got me was their smiles and looks at each other. I remember watching that clip, then literally sitting back and thinking 鈥渨hat the heck was that.鈥
Tumblr media
The comments even mentioned things like 鈥淚 don鈥檛 ship them, but that was romantic.鈥 I was intrigued because jikook鈥檚 reactions seemed much more 鈥渋n love鈥 then 鈥渕y best bro.鈥 Also, the other members鈥 reactions are hilarious to me. They literally turned away from jikook. Almost as if they didn鈥檛 want to pry. And I don鈥檛 blame them. Watching that made me want to turn away because it seemed too intimate and personal to jikook.
I don鈥檛 want to say I 鈥渟hip鈥 them, but I鈥檓 definitely intrigued and curious about what they have. Whatever it is, I want it. 馃槀 Well, that was my story. It got long. Sorry about that.
Rosie鈥檚 opinion:聽Thank you for sharing your journey I think it is appropriate to say. Ahhh the last 3 concerts in seoul. A lot happened during those 3 days. I don鈥檛 know exactly what day that moment happened but it鈥檚 sus, I thought for a while it was fanservice or at least the moment was planned but the way they looked at each other, Jungkook grabbing Jimin鈥檚 jacket and their smiles鈥 god! Maybe the moment was planned but they definitely weren鈥檛 faking it.聽
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jedimasterbailey22 hours ago
Idk if you already got asked but thoughts on Mace Windu?
MACE 馃挏馃槏馃憦馃徎 I love this man so much thank you for the ask 鈽猴笍
1.) How I feel about the character
Mace is one of my absolute favorite Star Wars characters and Jedi that deserves more appreciation and content 馃挏馃ズ Just like Luminara, this man is SEVERELY underrated and suffers from an insane amount of disrespect and slander for reasons forever unknown to me 馃檮 MACE IS A NICE MAN THAT LOVES PEOPLE AND HIS JEDI FAMILY AND WAS RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!!!!! He was literally milliseconds away from saving the entire galaxy from the Sith 馃槱 He was gonna avenge his fallen family and bring the peace and justice the Jedi have fought so damn hard for but....we all know what happened (god damn it Anakin I love you and all but fucking aye, we could have had it all). Anyhow I will forever defend and love Mace until the day I die 馃挏 Also if you have not read the legends novel 鈥淪hatterpoint鈥 YOU 馃憦馃徎 ARE 馃憦馃徎 MISSING 馃憦馃徎 OUT馃憦馃徎 Do yourself a favor and go get that book I鈥檒l be waiting 馃榿
2.) Who I ship romantically with this character
I may disappoint some in that I don鈥檛 ship Mace with anyone even though he is a very handsome man. I鈥檓 more than willing to listen to the ships people have come up with it but I see Mace as the ultimate Dad and Grandad to Depa, Caleb, and the entire Jedi Order. @devondeal and I have the headcanon that Mace is the ultimate 鈥済irl dad鈥 that is the go to guy for advice on raising girls. He, Depa, and the Mirialans (I.e Luminara and Barriss) have tea often and that鈥檚 canon to me. No I will not explain myself and no I accept no other opinion. Really wish he got to see his grandson Caleb grow up into the man deserving of his legacy 馃ズ
3.) Non-romantic ships for this character
Going along with #2 I am a sucker for wholesome dad Mace and daughter Depa content (and by extension grandson Caleb). Forget the Bad Batch I want Mace family content 馃挏馃挌馃挋 Call me Lucasfilm I have some ideas 馃槉
4.) An unpopular opinion I have on this character
Seeing how some characters in Star Wars seem to survive some pretty awful injuries/falls, I just have the hardest time believing Mace died from his encounter with Palpatine. I mean getting a limb cut off is clearly a non issue in this universe and people have survived Sith lightening (like Luke Skywalker) so yeah...I like to believe Mace is alive and that one of these days he鈥檒l make a comeback (please).
5.) Something I鈥檇 like to see in canon with this character
JUST MORE MACE CONTENT 馃挏 (and an alive and well Mace)
Now enjoy the view of this handsome and kind Jedi that I love so much 馃槉
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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suite43a day ago
INSANE I DIDNT GET TO ASK FOR PROWL. so tell me yer drift thoughts
first impression: aw this guy looks like yaoi bait :/
impression now: i really really wish i could enjoy him more because i like him so much and his concepts r rlly cool but at this point i trust like. maybe three people to be normal about him. gay married robot.
fav moment: hmmmm probably the bit in the delphi arc where ratchet is like "youre not bothered by the djd?" and hes like "of course not lol" and then like two hours later he asks ratchet to just kill him now instead of letting the djd have their way with him. also the bit with overlord where he and ratchet stand up to fight together and hes like "my faith will protect me. my faith and my sword." and ratchets like "and your friend"
story idea: tfa drift my fucking beloved. i dont have anything specific in mind i just. oooooogh tfa drift and ratchet
unpopular opinion: hes not that fucking horny you weirdo fucking yaoi fans. also stop making him super young so u can have ur creepy age gap ships xoxo
fav relationship: ratchet 馃槶 listens to my dratchet playlist nd cries. a lot.
fav headcanon: i think if he and ratchet ever settled down somewhere more permanently, he'd get really into gardening, or whatever the robot version of that is.
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forcearamaa day ago
You know what's blowing my mind right now? The Bad Batch is happening like...what, 3(ish) years after Attack of the Clones?
Those 3 years are THEEEEE craziest 3 years EVER. (Or, again, 3-ish years. I think the powers that be have alluded to having kind of played it a bit fast and loose on exactly how much time elapses since SO much happens.) It is making me insane to consider that, say, 4 years before all this latest animated craziness is happening, none of the good guys even knew the clones were a THING yet. Anakin was a padawan with dopey-ass Jedi Trainee Hair who had all his original body parts and had not yet committed any acts of mass murder (er, I guess that we know of, hahaha.) And now a tooooooon of people are dead and HE'S FULL-ON DARTH VADER.
This is all very tragic and upsetting and all but I also can't stop laughing. That was one rocket-ship ride right down into hell for everyone, wasn't it? Damn. Three years ago in my own life feels like nothing. Obi-Wan must have sat down in that hermit hut of his a week after Order 66 and just been like "...what in the absolute FUCK just happened and how the hell did that all get away from us that fast."
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sirenofthetimesa day ago
i feel like mythic quest isn't a show you watch primarily for the ships so much as the appeal of watching hot people drive each other insane
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> be me
> age 10
> friend drags me into the undertale fandom and makes me take quizzes about who my undertale boyfriend is (i got flowey stfu)
> ofc her 鈥渂oyfriend鈥 is sans
> we watch youtube videos about sans
> she loves him
> uh oh here come comic dub compilations
> oh no oh fuck too many sanses
> she likes error!sans (the 2nd emo sans with spaghetti and mascara tears)
> so i agree to pretend to be him
flashback: (6 years from now, 1 year before the story takes place) me and my friend are vert into five nights at freddys. fnaf 2 just came out. omg two foxes?? i ship it, we thought. this led to me pretending to be foxy and her pretending to be mangle.
> we go to sleep (it was a sleepover)
> we wake up
> shes still in character so i just go with it
> we have to go to her aunts house
> they had a really messy basement and a few other kids
> my friend wants to get married so we do that
one year after
> she is now into attack on titan, she likes levi so naturally, i pretend to be levi
> she moves to florida
> 馃挃
> lol sike we still close as shit
> talking on the phone several hours a day and 鈥榬ole playing鈥 over text
visit 1 - 4 years from now
> at the moment we are into;
> fullmetal alchemist
> black butler
> mystic messenger
> we do beach stuff and swim in her pool
visit 2 - 4 years from now
> same interests
> we play fight in the pool
> the sexual tension was insane
> maybe i was just hyper aware of it since i was dEvElOpInG at the time
> i flashed her
> we swam in the ocean and pretended to be pokemon
universal studios - 3 years from now
> uh oh
> were at universal
> we have our own hotel room (cool)
> she watches nagito komaeda dating sim videos
> guess what
> i pretend to be another fucking tumblr sexyman
> also she got a snake
funeral fun - 1 year from now
> we meet up in new york
> for her grandmas funeral
> i cried a lot at the service but the night before was legit the best
> we stayed in the shittiest motel and stargazed
> got my dumb ass eaten by mosquitos lololol
> we dont talk
> not much at least
> but we did have an in-depth convo about kuroos dub voice and the hyena laugh (haikyuu)
> aaand she called me a simp
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happygowritinga day ago
I love the eternal push and pull between them, the angst of the "will they ever admit everything to each other?"
For real???? I'm a slut for Ducky, forever and always, a card carrying founder of the fan club.
The best daddy/brat pairing ever in the world, period.
The sweetest babes who just deserve peace.
Brat becomes daddy and LORD am I here for it.
It's insanely hot and it just is, don't make me explain it.
Same. 馃檲
The sweetest boys, again, let them have peace.
Sarah x Bucky
Oh hell yeah.
This warmed my heart so much. 馃挋 Thank you for pointing out different things that you love about each ship! This was so sweet!!
Which ships do you like the best that I write? Send me an ask with which one! And maybe why?
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