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phoenixmakeswords · an hour ago
TW: Animal Abuse, Animal Neglect, Animals Kept in Subpar Conditions
So, there’s a ‘zoo’ hiring near me. It’s part-time and it would be feeding and poop-scooping. Which is cool. I wouldn’t be working with the tigers, which is cool because I want to rub their bellies more than I have sense.
For the record, I am pro-zoo. Zoos do amazing things. I am pro-animal ambassador. I am not for roadside zoos because they generally don’t know what the heck they’re doing. I’m not entirely against exotic pets, provided they’re receiving proper care. I do think there’s a difference between an animal ambassador who don’t really interact with the public and letting random people handle a tiger cub or monkey.
I’ve had a bad feeling about the ‘zoo’ since it opened. Roadside zoos generally aren’t good. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. But I looked at their Facebook and they do enrichment for their animals. They’re building new exhibits. And then I scroll more.
I knew they had done tiger encounters when their tigers were cubs. Apparently, they continued once their tigers got bigger. They no longer do them, I believe, now that the tigers are full-grown. The whole tiger encounter thing hits me weird. Tigers aren’t a house cat and people here aren’t very bright.
Then I saw where the owner took one of the monkeys kayaking. That hit very wrong. The monkey had a harness, but nothing that would help it float if things went pear-shaped. My dislike of it is my own opinion. I feel like this isn’t the same as Shedd Aquarium taking the penguins on field trips. The penguins weren’t in danger.
So I did a Google search. Holy poop. The owner’s license to own tigers is in his ex’s name. Kids have been bitten by the animals. One of the monkeys had a fractured tail and had to have part of its tail amputated. It’s said his adult tiger had an abscesses tooth so he and his friends pulled it with pliers.
So this sounds pretty bad, right? And then I went to peta. I know peta is a bag of crap, but I was curious what they had to say. Their site has reports from USDA agents who inspected the facility. And pictures. The peta article was in 2020? I think? It was recent. The article in the link has a link for the peta one.
I’m not trying to slam them. I just needed to get out of my system what I saw. I know there’s people who love going to this place. It looks good on Facebook. But, considering the article in the link was in February of this year, I’m really not holding my breath that it’s on the up-and-up. I guess what I’m trying to say is I would love the job because I would love something at a zoo, but this place would make my blood pressure go through the roof.
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cgifsandvideos · 2 hours ago
169 9-30-2012 Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in Color
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theluckpuck · 3 hours ago
Jester is the menagerie which gives the Coast its name
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walk-through-hell · 4 hours ago
The cat sneaks into Akira's lap and gently touches the titty. He pats and squeezes a bit then buries his face in between the booba purring loudly.
Akira flinches slightly when the cat climbs on his lap all of a sudden, and as he leans back into the back rest of the couch his face turns a slight shade of pink at the intimate touch. His muscles flex a little under the pressure of his massage, sighing softly against the killer.
“Hm, you want a little attention?”
He lifts a hand to caress the back of the cat’s head, blushing even more when he buries his face in the dogs chest. The purring adds a bit of vibration that makes his breath stutter for a moment.
“What are you up to now...?”
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zoologicallyobsessed · 5 hours ago
Hi I just wanted to say as a layperson I found your explanation for the animals pushing buttons easy to understand. I'd been confused about those videos of pets and koko, but your clarification abt communication =/= language was helpful. Hope you have a nice day
I had so many units I had to take back when I was studying on how to explain / communicate research to laypeople.
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zoologicallyobsessed · 5 hours ago
Hi Faelan, you know of bees. I live in Brisbane, could you recommend some plants to help native bees?
Also, what is the coolest bee in your opinion?
If you just want native plants any native daises or peas are good, as well as bankisa, wattle and bursarias. Native bees also tend to love any blue / purple flowering plant. I find they really like lavender, sage, and golden dewdrop, they attract alot of my favourite types of bees blue bandeds, neon cuckoos and tetragonula carbonaria
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zoologicallyobsessed · 5 hours ago
this is an extremely specific ask but since you work on hymenopteran behavior i was wondering if you think you could condition parasitoid wasps to prey on specific beetles. this is specifically with the interest of conservation in north america because of emerald ash borer beetles which are destroying so many ash trees and the best way to try and control right now is heavy pesticides which is not ideal. it would be an interesting way to approach it but i dont know how plausible it would be so i wanted to see the take of an ethologist!
Hymenopterans are capable of operant conditioning. But training them to prey on specific species isn’t operant conditioning. So no that’s not going to work for a large number of reasons.
One being majority of parasitic wasps are solitary. So hypothetically, even if it was successful and they preyed on a specific species of beetle. They not going to pass that information on. It’s not genetic and these wasps aren’t social.
Another being the wasps that do prey on Emerald ash borer beetles are highly specialised to do so. 
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zoologicallyobsessed · 6 hours ago
some people have never read Chompsky’s rebuttal of Skinner and it shows. I can’t believe you’re getting people arguing that language is just operant conditioning when they just learned the term yesterday, next they’re gonna reinvent Whorfianism or something /j (sorta)
Honestly. Skinner already proposed that language acquisition was just operant conditioning in the 50′s and was thoroughly ripped a new one. 
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iamdarcylewis · 6 hours ago
DOGS. Darcy is ALLL about the dogs.
ur fave thing about darce || Accepting
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ana707 · 6 hours ago
anyone want zoo tycoon complete collection for like 25€? Plus 7,50€ for shipping in Europe so 32,50€
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zoofitness · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Got to take a handsome boy out on a walk today 💕
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zoologicallyobsessed · 7 hours ago
As someone who is in the field of behavior analysis (specifically with animal behavior) THANK YOU for your wonderful explanation of the buttons. I'm sorry that people think they know more than someone who dedicates their life to study these things
It had been bothering me for ages but its hard trying to explain a really complex, niche subject without all the laymens terms and contextual knowledge on animal cognition.
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leavinghere · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
february 2, 2021
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wheresbenni · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ep.2: christmas | we children from bahnhof zoo
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