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#wholeheartedly agree
ok but picture this my throne is a bean bag chair. I’m wearing the same Hawaiian shirt for like a week that’s very poorly buttoned. In one hand the coolest and grooviest sword anyone has ever laid their eyes on, and one the other hand a deadly weapon I don’t remember what I was going to do with it. I have several plants, but absolutely no plans. I’m considered one of the most dangerous villains bc no one knows what my next move is going to be... including me
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onaperduamedee · a day ago
"Tawny Newsome: When I look at a character like Georgiou, she is so... What you bring to the body language of that character, to me, ties directly to your contemporary dance background, because the contemporary dancers I know have some of the best, most incredible theatrical dramatic way they embody emotion, because they weren't just taught like some actors to embody it just with their face or with their words. Literally to embody the emotion with their entire body.
And I feel like that's what I'm seeing a bit because you have these incredible fight scenes, these incredible martial arts moments, but even just in tiny moments I feel like I see a lot of that training. Does that sound true for you or did I make that up?
Michelle Yeoh: It sounded so good I'm gonna say it's true."
— Tawny Newsome on Michelle Yeoh's physicality in Star Trek: The Pod Directive, “The Incomparable Michelle Yeoh”
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atthelover · 2 days ago
Aidan Gallagher about Five having a love interest
“I don’t know that five really ever is gonna find a companion in a loved one. He’s sort of...he’s quite a tortured soul, in many ways. But in that regard, he’s sort of misshapen, if you will. Like the person that he would fall in love with is much older than his body. The person that’s the same age as his body is much younger than him. 
“Not to mention that it’d be hard to find another person to empathize with on that level, just because he’s already been through so much. He’s already been through an entire life’s worth of experience. Not to mention everything that was packed into that. All that trauma, and all the killing and everything that he went through in the apocalypse and what he had to do to survive. 
“He’s just gone through too much to really find someone else he could connect with. That’d be hard for him.”
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hajimine · 2 days ago
to the anon asking ab todo, I like to follow his canon personality but that he sees you and you're the exception
there u go nonnie!
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Oh the maids are assholes but the red head is amazing and I’d die for her
Genya my beloved <3
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thatglitchedartist · 4 days ago
I keep seeing this fucking.
“COVID is becoming a third world thing” post around and like..
It’s really not?
Alberta just got shut down again because people are being dumbasses about things still. Last I checked, we’re very much not a third world place?
COVID is still very much a problem for everyone. Don’t brush it off like nothing.
Actually fucking quarantine, don’t run around without a mask, and for fucks sake stop hosting “no mask rodeos” or whatever the fuck. It’s been a goddamn year. It won’t get better unless we all fucking try to make it better(spoiler alert, this ain’t it chief)
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discountmikus · 5 days ago
wow ur miku is gnc af /ref
damn right
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cqlfic · 6 days ago
the river and the sea
link to AO3 AUTHOR: sasamelons (@sasamelons) T, 7839 words, 1/1
RELATIONSHIPS: Lan Wangji / Wei Wuxian BLURB: lwj looks for his soulmate but is determined to hate his betrothed (arranged marriage)
Lan Wangji gritted his teeth, wishing to just be left alone. "I am looking for my soulmate," he ground out.
It took Lan Wangji a few moments to realize that Wei Wuxian had stopped following him. When he looked back, the other boy seemed to be frozen to the spot, eyes wide and lips still parted. He quickly looked away when he saw Lan Wangji looking back. "I see. Well, have a good trip!"
At six years old, Lan Zhan met his soulmate on the streets of Yiling and promptly lost him again.
At sixteen years old, Lan Wangji met his betrothed and was determined not to like him.
alternate universe - soulmates, arranged marriage, alternate universe - arranged marriage, misunderstandings, angst with a happy ending, idiots in love, falling in love, soulmate-identifying marks, mutual pining
[link to all bookmarks]
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spanishinfluenza · 10 days ago
Here's a scalding hot take here but, Give it all away by Russkaja is LITERALLY hopeless romantic Esme. Like, it's half Russian so some translating is requiered, which, I included the translation for that reason. Chorus is in English but, with the translation in mind, listen to it and tell me it's not Esme to a T
Tumblr media
Wow wow it is scalding hot but mama? i'm ready to get burned
YOURE RIGHT! That's fuckin Esme right there! That's our hopeless romantic vampire mom right therrrrr
Tumblr media
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klinejack · 11 days ago
WAIT people don't like the hallucination arc?? Like yeah lucifer is the worst but it was a really cool arc for Sam?! And it was actually an entire arc dealing with hell ptsd which was unfortunately rare?
maYBE im wrong but my impression is people don’t like it cuz of mark p? as with most scenes/plots having to do with him? just cuz everyone hates him?? idk maybe i’m extrapolating too far. i think it was incredible though.
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misterpoofofficial · 11 days ago
IMO, the most ridiculous things antis do is when they put random stars in objectionable words, as if they are more righteous because they refuse to even spell out the offensive word. Look how much better they are than those common sinners! Even though it actually makes it harder for people to avoid those subjects if they are a trigger. All for the benefit of antis at the expense of the victims. But of course, what really matters here is that antis get to declare their righteousness.
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irukapng · 11 days ago
Would genuinely love to meet someone who likes danzo. And thats not in a sarcastic way or anything. As time went on, there's been a rise in the idea that we can't like evil characters or else we are also evil. As if one can't say "I wouldn't do what this character did/I don't agree with this character but I still like them as a character anyway."
#i don't like danzo personally but its not really because hes bad.#but tbh one of my favorite video games characters is Caesar from Fallout New Vegas. in fact I like the Legion a lot#i DONT stand for what the legion does when i look at things the way i view the current world. and i prob wouldnt in the fallout world eithe#but i do genuinely think theyre fascinating and i enjoy the playthrough of choosing their side. they believe theyre right so wholeheartedly#and ik its hard for a lot of ppl to separate their own morals when looking at a world that isnt our own. that works in different ways#sometimes its hard for me too. esp when it comes to characters i like. but its often not hard. i enjoy it. looking at all perspectives#that doesnt have to negate what i truly feel. it doesnt have to negate my own morals not at all#and when i say interesting i dont mean in the sense of like a test subject or something. i mean it like...#i think a big issue ppl have irk nowadays is forgetting that at its core morality is subjective and nothing will change that#there will always be 'bad people'. always be racists and phobes and what have you. and for me 'putting myself in their shoes' for lack#of a better term reminds me that while i can be apart of something bigger im not that important and my feelings are not that impo#important.* and so theres no need for me to lose my shit over ppl that may never agree w me on things.#one day I'll die and there will be racists and phobes and such. those ppl arent going away even if we want to pretend otherwise#even if we want to just write them off as bad and hope they fade from existence. life doesnt work that way.#LMFAOOOOO I WROTE A WHOLE ASS ESSAY IN THE TAGS SORRY!!!! if there are typos oh well#g shut up#and in fact i have a bigger chance of making an impact if i try to understand. that doesnt always work because nothing ALWAYS works#these tags really ended in a while other place huh lmfaoooo
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buddie4ever21 · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
So whoever Whitney Evans (person who wrote this recap) is I love her because she’s thinking exactly what ALL Eddie & Buck (or all of 9-1-1 fans) are thinking. Who agrees with her?
Tumblr media
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miw0 · 14 days ago
the fact atsumu & osamu made their nicknames bc of aran is so cute n should be enough for all of u to see how powerful this man can b
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josephines-journal · 15 days ago
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blackwolf12 · 16 days ago
Jason: *groans* Why do I have to study, its boring and useless.
Dick: You have to finish your homework Jason
Jason: H.O.M.E.W.O.R.K ; Half Of My Energy Wasted On Random Knowledge
Dick: Jason, What the what
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