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antd-1 · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
ВАЗ 2101 на компрессоре: Решили свой вариант клапанной крышки из нержавеющей стали для 16-ти клапанного двигателя сделать ))) 🔥🔥😁😋 Кастом-Ателье "КОЛЁСА ПОБЕДЫ" Создание Хот-Родов, Реплик, Кит-Каров, Изготовление пространственных рам, Лонжеронных рам, Каркасы Безопасности, Изделия из Пластика и Композитных Материалов, Кастом, Тюнинг, Запчасти, Автоспорт... Тел.: (495) 212-9-313 г. Москва, ул. Коптевская, д. 65а #колесапобеды #wheelsofvictoty #кастомайзинг #smotra #tuning #custom #каркасбезопасности #ant_dunaeff #wheels_of_victory #hotrod #hotroding #ваз2101 #ваздрифт #дрифт #зимнийдрифт #боеваяклассика #drift #drifting #rollcage #autokarkas #autokarkas_ru (at Кастом-Ателье Колёса Победы)
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marsredsarts · a day ago
Tumblr media
i make fun of him mercilessly but i do actually love him so. let him have something nice for a change 🌸🌸
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havoc-ren · a day ago
Yeah orgins in general could be good. Nothing in specific. Maybe ren ig, but it's up to yall.
i don’t know my own origins and i’m not canon to the cc universe unfortunately! the most i know of my origins is that i think i’m a split from [redacted],, so let’s just go the main ones
for Sunrise! she was originally a catsona or something back in 2016/17 or so and had a story that was warrior cats fanon, as a rogue or loner or whatever the hell which is also where the Dreamscape/Nightmare Realm idea comes from and oH fUc k the first design was horrendous,, her story was partially developing more in roleplay some years later.
Dust! the result of a depressive episode and rebranding our entire online presence for like two months to “Dust Drawz” or something of the sort. and inspired by a character made by someone used to be known as Magpie on QuizUp, no idea where they are now but , the original story was also warriors fanon as a Tribe cat
Drift is an interesting one to say,,, like they don’t have any ties to warrior cats like Dust or Sunrise but um. they were a crack ship child of the two (dustrise is nOt canon istg) but oh yknow. attachments haha. i got attached. and they got an actual story of their birth and how they’re connected to dust and sunrise while not being biologically related but still enough technically consider sunrise drift’s mother
Fishy Swishy the meme lord ,, comes directly from QuizUp. did one of those “first comment chooses profile name for 24 hours” and someone said Fishy Swishy. yknow what happened? got a design idea, and got attached. first off he was just a random side character for haha funnies but again, he got parts of his story through roleplays
Rainy is interesting as well because I don’t actually remember how xe came into existence? like i actually do not know. was going by Wings of the Rain as a water phoenix or smtn at the time and something about “Rainy the sheep” mustve come up at some point because it became next online presence of sorts??no idea. but xe’s been around for the longest time of everyone here. 
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I beg you to continue that ask of a drunk reader and Tiny Rodimus, Megatron and Drift. Is too cute.
You sniffled again in a vain attempt to get your tears under control, lip quivering at the overwhelming emotions spiraling through your inebriated body. In your defense, no one in history had ever been presented with such a situation. Tiny robots were simply too much for you to handle at even the best of times.
"Y/N, really, it's okay-"
A loud sob cut Rodimus off on the spot, but your embrace silenced him completely. Muffled complaints didn't register as you hugged him into your chest and cried as if your world was ending. In your defense, it might as well have been! Looking over the tiny Drift and Megatron, you bawled as you scooped them up before they could escape.
"I-I can't! L-look at you!" you gasped out, keeping the squirming bots held tight to your body. Having been entrusted to protect them from being squished, as the only being small enough to do so, you couldn't help but be aware of the situation in the most intimate of ways. After all, no amount of drinking could make you blind to the truth...
"Y-y-you're all so cuuuutteeeee!" you cried, bawling harder at the sight of their little faces looking up at you. No kitten or puppy could possibly compete with the adorable sight before you, and your poor heart couldn't handle it.
"I'm not cute! I'm handsome!" Rodimus cried out in his defense, only making your emotions rage more at the sight.
"That's an adorable thing to say!"
"We'll be back to normal soon!" Drift spoke up, trying to look cheerful but only making your heart throb at his precious reassuring face.
"I hope so..." Megatron murmured, resigning himself to his fate as you continued to sob.
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club-touge · a day ago
Listen up, we are hosting our first track event JUNE 25th 2021 @ APPLE VALLEY SPEEDWAY and would love to have you. This is a seat time event so come out, practice, have fun and learn! We’re keeping the drive count low so everyone can drive as much as possible. Beginners encouraged.  Since it’ll be late June we decided on a night event, night after the full moon! It lands on a Friday, so you can literally slide into the weekend.
6 P.M - 3 A.M Drift under the full moon! $80 per car $10 entry (avs gate fee) 25 driver MAX (less cars, more seat time) Spectators welcome Beginners welcome Open track hot lap layout for drifting Time attack sessions Desert night car enthusiast party basically :) No refunds, if you have to bail you can sell your ticket to someone else. Standard tech rules, make sure your car is in good order. No drips, loose ball joints or wheel bearings ect, battery tied down.. Fire extinguisher is recommended. Please DM me on insta (clubtouge) to reserve your spots. If this sounds like your vibe but aren't in the area, it would be amazing if this can be shared to the community so tell ya friends. Thanks!!
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