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#there was an interventtion
elvish-sky · 17 days ago
One day, Aragorn shows up with blue hair. Not fully blue, just a few streaks.
Naturally, Legolas immediately decides that he has to dye his hair because no one can have more fabulous hair than him. He dyes it green. It looks pretty good.
This fad goes through the Fellowship, Gimli bleaching his hair and doing purple streaks, Frodo goes with some tasteful blue tips, Sam matches Legolas with some green streaks (“Us plant lovers have to stick together, Mr. Elf.”), Merry and Pippin squabble over it but eventually Merry gets red highlights and Pippin gets orange streaks. Boromir gets blue to match Aragorn.
The real shock comes a week later when Gandalf shows up with ombré pink ends.
Pippin immediately insists on changing his hair to match.
Eventually, the entire Fellowship has some amount of pink hair. Legolas went all out and dyed all his hair pink.
Thranduil was furious.
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