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#he figured it out eventually and his whole wardrobe changes to pink
elvish-sky · 17 days ago
One day, Aragorn shows up with blue hair. Not fully blue, just a few streaks.
Naturally, Legolas immediately decides that he has to dye his hair because no one can have more fabulous hair than him. He dyes it green. It looks pretty good.
This fad goes through the Fellowship, Gimli bleaching his hair and doing purple streaks, Frodo goes with some tasteful blue tips, Sam matches Legolas with some green streaks (“Us plant lovers have to stick together, Mr. Elf.”), Merry and Pippin squabble over it but eventually Merry gets red highlights and Pippin gets orange streaks. Boromir gets blue to match Aragorn.
The real shock comes a week later when Gandalf shows up with ombré pink ends.
Pippin immediately insists on changing his hair to match.
Eventually, the entire Fellowship has some amount of pink hair. Legolas went all out and dyed all his hair pink.
Thranduil was furious.
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marvelouscatharsis · 2 months ago
You Weren’t There
Tumblr media
Summary: Steve knows your fear and yet he's the one to carry you into it. To make matters worse, he's not there when you need him most.
Pairing(s): Steve x Enhanced Reader(f)
Warning(s): Angst, hurt/comfort, very brief blood but nothing graphic. Betrayal and Nosocomephobia. If I missed anything please let me know!
You kicked and screamed and struggled as Steve hauled you down to the medbay. Slung over his shoulder with fist beating into his back while your knees simultaneously slammed against his ribs, but he refused to let go. It broke his heart to see you in such a state, but it had to be done. He needed answers. Steve seldom raised his voice at anyone, but when you screamed bloody murder for the eighth time the captain saw red and his reslove snapped like a twig.
“That’s enough!” He barked.
“Then fucking put me down!” You snapped in continued defiance.
“I can’t,” Steve grunted when your knees hit him again, “You know I can’t.”
How had it all gone downhill so fast? He turned the corner, almost made it through the door until your fingers latched onto the frame, like the claws of a cat about to get a bath.
Steve pried your hands away once, twice, three times, “stop it.”
“Steve-” you coughed, blood dribbled down your chin and struggled with desperation in each word, “Steve please.”
In the face of your anger, he almost let you go when tears brewed in wide eyes, and every bone in your body screamed with fear. Steve saw you as a good, strong, capable woman who didn’t let fear control you. He understood it, your fear of hospitals and anything relevant to them. How much it terrified you. It might have been cruel, but to a degree he didn't care. He needed to know you would be okay.
Sam and Bucky rushed forward to take you from him, even against your friends, the struggles never ceased. You thrashed and bore her teeth like a cornered animal.
Steve tried his best to console you, “Honey I know, I know. But you gotta go. Bruce is gonna help. It’s gonna be okay.”
“Please, S-Steve don’t, don’t please! Please.” You broke down in tears.
While locked in and distracted by the two Avengers, it gave Bruce a small enough window to hit you with a sedative. Betrayal contorted your features yet you still cried for him, still fought to get to him. 
“If you love me you won't do this to me!” You screamed at the top of your lungs when Sam and Bucky started to pull you towards the exam room. “Steve...Steve!”
He couldn't bring himself to look at you. Baby blues brimmed with tears before he screwed them shut, his fist clenched, and he sucked in a shaky breath. The fact he couldn’t go with you, couldn't take away your pain or fear made his chest ache. Steve reminded himself that he needed to be strong. He needed to be strong for his girl.
He stepped out of the bay to give Bruce the space and concentration he needed to work. God, it hurt. To watch you fight even as the sedative started to weigh heavy, as Bucky and Sam had to strap you down to the exam table. All the while you still screamed for him. “I-I’ll be good, please, I’ll be good. I-” You sobbed, thrashing for several moments before the sedative took full effect. 
“What the hell happened?” Sam didn’t try to hide the heartbreak in his voice when he joined the captain outside.
Steve stood with crossed arms and his jaw clenched so tight it could break teeth, he cleared his throat, “Training. We were working with her powers, said her chest hurt, and next thing I know she's on her knees coughing up blood.”
Wordless, Bucky dropped his metal hand on Steve’s shoulders. Nothing could be said to make the situation any easier to handle. He knew Steve would somehow blame himself, because he was the captain, he was the one who should have gotten hurt, not you. Sam’s jaw clenched and he too placed a hand on Steve's shoulder in reassurance.
The captain sent his friends away while he waited for Bruce to call him in, unsure of how long you would be kept under. Two hours later Steve looked up from the floor as Friday told him he could go in. 
“I had to give her another sedative,” Dr. Banner informed and looked up from the computer. “She's stable, but she might be out for a couple more hours.”
Steve waved a dismissive hand before he crossed his arms, “What did you find?”
“Nothing from a medical standpoint, but I uh, I ran some tests and it's-” Bruce paused to adjust his glasses and turn the monitor so Steve could see. The screen depicted a humanoid figure encased in what looked like the center of a plasma ball.
“What am I looking at Bruce?” The captain asked with furrowed brows.
“I ran a structural and compositional analysis, like the one Tony used on Loki's scepter when we had it.” He explained. “Her molecular structure is-”
Steve had nearly forgotten the certain vocabulary Tony and Bruce tossed around when it came to their work, “English, please.” 
“I'm not exactly sure what it means, but based on the readings I've gotten. Her health isn't an issue, it's her enhancement. It's almost like it's unstable.”
Steve let the information sink in. The captain almost wished it had been your health instead, it would be an easier fix, something he could understand. To some degree it made sense, he recalled the information on Strucker and even A.I.M about the experimentation they conducted, experiments to produce enhanced individuals. In both cases only a slim few survived. With that information in mind Steve could kind of wrap his head around the issue at hand.
“So what do we do?” He searched Bruce's eyes for answers. “We know she got her powers from one of the stones. Is there a way to- I don't know, stabilize her powers?” 
The doctor scratched his head in thought, “Well while I have her under I can run more tests. Thor knows more about the stones than any of us do, he would probably be the best to talk to.” 
“Last I checked he's on Asgard. What about that guy Tony won't shut up about, uh- Strange! Do you think he could help?” Steve's eyes shifted towards the recovery area. He wanted to exhaust every option if it meant it could help you.
Bruce bounced around the idea but eventually agreed Dr. Strange could be of help, he would have Tony contact him as soon as possible. After the last test, Bruce allowed the Captain to carry you back to your room. Steve cradled you to his chest like you would break if he didn't. At first he ignored the concerned stares from his teammates until Wanda spoke up, wanting to know the fate of her friend. Steve couldn't bring himself to lie or sugarcoat the situation, so he told the whole truth, he told the team about the issue with your enhancement, and instructed no one disturb you so you could get proper rest.
In the privacy of your room, Steve let his guard fall. He leaned against the door and pulled you closer to his chest. Let his concern consume him while he tried to tell himself it would all be right in the end. With a heavy sigh he pressed a kiss to the crown of your hair and took in the disheveled state of your room which brought him an unusual form of comfort.
The bed hadn’t been made because you never made it, not once, so the seven pillows you slept with stayed in an odd nest formation. The grey sheets and comforter half hung off the bed, tousled from when you woke up that morning, all except for the pink blanket balled up near the pillows. A few of the bulbs from the string lights over your bed had gone out, You didn’t bother to change them, and likely wouldn’t until the whole string went out. Polaroid pictures and handwritten quotes littered the white desk in the corner, probably because you were rearranging the bulletin board over it for the hundredth time. A trail of clothes led to the open wardrobe as an indicator that you changed four times before a final decision had been made for the day’s outfit. 
Despite the chaos of the room Steve left it be, because he knew you had a certain method to your madness, and that was something he never wanted to change. So the captain laid you in bed with gentle care and tucked the grey comforter around you, then laid the pink blanket over you because he knew it was your favorite of the hoard of blankets you owned. He sat at your bedside and brushed stray hairs out of your face to tuck them behind your ear, somewhat relieved to see the content expression on your features, a sign of peaceful sleep. Steve watched over you with worry in his eyes and love in his touch as he wrapped one of your hands in his. Your health, safety, and happiness were all that mattered to him.
You didn’t wake until mid-afternoon, entered into the world of consciousness calm, yet full of pain. Pain that resurfaced and twisted the dagger in your heart when Steve fell in your sight. He laid in bed beside you with one arm tucked under his head while the other laid against your stomach, a careful, yet protective sense in his touch. Confusion polluted your thoughts, unsure whether or not to push him away or bury yourself deep in his arms.
The very arms that had carried you into her nightmare.
You could still smell traces of the Medbay and it made your stomach churn with disgust, you blinked away tears of anger. How could he do that to you? Regardless of his intentions, how could Steve take you to the medbay knowing you had an irrational fear of hospitals and doctors and everything in between?
Steve must have felt you wake because the slightest movement caused his eyes to open, his caring voice filled your ears. Relief evident in his smile, “Hey, hey, take it easy. Bruce said you’re gonna f-”
“Get away the fuck away from me,” You hissed as you scooted to the other end of the bed.
You moved about too quick, the room started to spin, and for a split second you couldn't breathe. Like someone sucker punched you and expelled all the air from your lungs. Still in a daze from the sedatives the doctor had forced into your veins. Steve sat up and reached for you but you slapped his hand away.
“Don’t!” You snapped at him. 
Momentary hurt etched into his features at your reaction, then his brows furrowed, and he yelled back, “don't what?!”
“Don’t treat me like a person. Like I’m anything other than a charity case to you,” Every word laced with venom. “I’m just a thing, right? Nothing but a weapon of mass destruction, bound to end up in a cage if I can’t keep my shit together, aren’t I?! So don’t sit there- don’t look me in the eye and act like you really give a shit about me.”
“What? None of that is true, how could you even think that?” Steve's shoulders sank almost as a sign of defeat.
“If I really meant anything to you none of that would have happened! How could you do that to me? If you actually, genuinely care about me I want to know how. I want to know how you could just throw me to the wolves? I begged you, I literally begged Steve!”
“Honey,” Despite his anger he tried to reason with you, tried to get you to understand he only had your best interest at heart, “I didn’t have a choice. You coughed up blood, that's not something I can overlook.”
You looked away from him, arms wrapped tight to hold yourself together, tears slipped down your cheeks but you didn’t care enough to hide them from him. “You weren’t there. I called for you, screamed at the top of my lungs and you couldn’t even hold my hand o-or tell me it would all be okay. Do you know how much that hurt, Steve? To hear that from Sam instead of you?”
His heart dropped in his stomach at the words, in an instant, Steve realized what sparked your anger. How afraid you’d been because he failed. He hadn’t been there to protect you like he promised. You were right, he could have fought, could have insisted he stay while Bruce examined you. He’d been too wrapped up in his own anxiety and worry to see it. Steve inched forward a bit, arms opened a little wider with each movement, till he came with arms reach. He wouldn’t smother you, no, Steve knew better than that. So the captain would let you come to him of your own accord.
“I was scared,” You sniffed, sinking into yourself to wipe away the tears. “I was so scared Steve.”
He pulled you tight to his chest when your arms slipped around his waist and buried your face in his chest to hide the tears. He stroked your back and rested his cheek against the top of your head “Shhh, It’s okay. You’re okay sweetheart. I should've been there, you’re right, I should’ve stayed with you. I swear, I swear I'm not gonna let it happen again.”
“Promise?” You mumbled.
“I promise,” He nodded and kissed your forehead. “Cross my heart.”
Once you shed your last tear he tucked you back into bed, any news on your enhancement and whatever else could wait until tomorrow. Right now you needed him and he didn’t want to be anywhere else. So Steve let you nestle into the crook of his arm and pull him close all while he combed his fingers through your hair and whispered sweet nothings in your ear.
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geeisaclown · 2 months ago
ɴᴄᴛ 127 ʀᴇᴀᴄᴛɪᴏɴ ᴛᴏ ꜱᴇᴇɪɴɢ ʏᴏᴜ ᴡᴇᴀʀ ʀᴇᴠᴇᴀʟɪɴɢ ᴄʟᴏᴛʜᴇꜱ
Tumblr media
okay it took me a whole century but I finally finished it, I’m sorry I’ve been MIA this past few weeks :(( school is really killing me. 
Tumblr media
˗ˏˋ ᴛᴀᴇɪʟˎˊ˗
lowkey offended
you never really dress up when you go out with him
i mean of course, you do but compared to how much effort you were putting to go out with your girlfriends he felt like you dont
he was wary of your little satin dress, why were you wearing your little satin dress with the slit that goes really high up your thigh to that sketchy pizza place downtown you go all the time
so you explain for the ninth time that overdressing and gossiping at the sketchy pizza place with your friends is a thing you guys have since highschool
he was pouting
so you sit in his lap and pout too in an attempt of getting him to say anything
"why are you even going, stay with me?"
you convinced him to join you
he enjoyed the gossip
˗ˏˋ ᴊᴏʜɴɴʏˎˊ˗
"is that your underwear?" 
you and johnny were going out with the guys and you decided to wear this lacy bodysuit you bought while buying panties the other day
"kind of, its lingerie but I think it makes a cute top"
his eyes stay glued to your figure for a while
he steps closer and runs his hand through the lace before poking your belly 
"okay now spin"
you did a very slow 360° spin and once you faced him again you caught him smirking
"I approve, you look hot, you should wear stuff like this more often".
˗ˏˋ ᴛᴀᴇʏᴏɴɢˎˊ˗
you were showing taeyong some of the stuff you got after your shopping spree with your sister
he sure liked what you got
you were showing off your new skirt that you paired up with one of those cute cropped cardigans that you tie upfront
you were having fun strutting across the living room modeling your outfit
suddenly taeyong stood up from his seat and engulfed you in a hug
"go grab your shoes, we should go show off your new outfit"
˗ˏˋ ʏᴜᴛᴀ ˎˊ˗
yuta remembers very clearly the first time he saw you wearing a band T-shirt
you came out of your apartment wearing some sleeping with sirens t-shirt and a pair of fishnets cuz (and i quote literally) "i was feeling like dressing up to go win Luke Hemmings' heart, very 2014 you know?"
Yuta did not get a word of what came out of your mouth but he went "oh, to be Luke Hemmings" 
it's no secret he liked the fit
tells you it was because of the sleeping with sirens tee
tells everyone else it was the fishnets 
you wear them from time to time just to see his face
˗ˏˋ ᴅᴏʏᴏᴜɴɢˎˊ˗
you both share one true love 
princess polly dresses
you loved wearing them and he loved seeing you wearing them
he was quite enjoying the show you were putting on for him
he observed you try on 3 different ones telling you you looked pretty every time you came out of the closet wearing a different  one
"try on the black one"
so you do
after getting his approval you placed a kiss to his cheek and started doing your make up
"wait, are you going out?" "yep, im going out for dinner with my friend, i told you"
he really thought you were just showing off your dresses
˗ˏˋ ᴊᴀᴇʜʏᴜɴ ˎˊ˗
you guys were going to the beach with the rest of the boys
perfect opportunity to wear the cute crop top you thrifted a few weeks before
it was this very cute lace top with bell sleeves
very much 70s vibes
you skip happily to show jaehyun your outfit choice
"what do you think? do i give off enough donna sheridan vibes?
he eyed you from head to toe before giving you a dimpled smile and opening his arms to you 
"i like it"
you make yourself comfortable in his lap with a smug smile on your face satisfied with his reaction
"you are gonna wear it with a bra tho, right?" "yeah, i'll just put on my bikini top before we leave" "ok, good"
˗ˏˋ ᴡɪɴᴡɪɴ ˎˊ˗
you walked out the shower with your hair wrapped in a towel wearing only one of Sicheng's t-shirts and your underwear
it was a normal occurrence tbh
but Sicheng's jaw dropped
and so did Hendery's and Yangyang's
oblivious to the fact that your boyfriend had guests you went ahead and put some pop tarts in the microwave
Sicheng was by your side in a matter of 3 seconds ushering to the bedroom
you very confused until you heard yangyang say "that's a pretty dope tattoo you have on your thigh"
it was difficult to tell what was redder your face or choi minho's current hairstyle (anyways stream don't call me y'all)
you didn't come out of the room in a while, you even texted Sicheng to get you your pop tarts
˗ˏˋ  ᴊᴜɴɢᴡᴏᴏ ˎˊ˗
"baby, you forgot to put on your tshirt"
you and jungwoo were going for a driveeee
and honestly, you thought your fit was cute
you were wearing your denim shorts with a cute pink bralette you found buried in your underwear drawer
you thought it'd be fine, it looked like a normal crop top but jungwoo wasn't getting the memo
"this is my outfit though" "there's no way you are getting out of the house only wearing a bra"  
you went back to the closet and grabbed jungwoo's denim jacket with a pout
he still wasn't very happy but oh well
"Okay, whatever but you are not getting out of the car then"
but you eventually did when you both came across this dude selling hamburgers in a food truck in the middle of some highway 
˗ˏˋ ᴍᴀʀᴋ ˎˊ˗
You had been dating Mark for a few months, but all those months happened to be during fall and winter. 
Mark was used to seeing you dressed in mostly jeans and hoodies. 
So he feels the heat creeping to his face as his eyes followed your figure bouncing down the steps of your building dressed in a short summer dress that showed off not only your legs but your shoulders and cleavage too. 
a giggling mess
He is all mushy the rest of the afternoon.
you caught him staring a few times, every time you locked eyes with him he giggled.
"I like your dress" "yes, mark, I can tell"
Suggested a lot of beach dates so he could see your entire summer wardrobe.
˗ˏˋ ʜᴀᴇᴄʜᴀɴ ˎˊ˗
Honestly, Haechan got himself in that position, he can't complain.
You guys were shopping when Haechan started eyeing a mannequin.
"hyuck? do you have beef with that mannequin or..."
he ignored your question and marched over to the dresses where.
he handed you over one that looked a tad small and pushed you to the changing room without a word
it didn't look like it looked on the mannequin and it was kinda hard to breathe so you were reluctant to show haechan
but he just barged in uninvited after 5 min
he stared at your reflection for 10 seconds with a blank expression
he blinked twice and then did that thing he does with his tongue (i hate this man istg) 
"we're buying the dress".
Tumblr media
masterlist  ask
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restmyheadatnightcontent · 2 months ago
febuwhump day 10 - ‘i’m sorry. i didn’t know’
this one kind of got away from me and i’m not super happy with it but here you go!
jaskier x valdo marx | 1621 words | cw: homophobia, implied bullying, implied abuse (v briefly)
They were going to find out eventually. He’s honestly surprised that they never figured it out before – he supposes that he must have been better at hiding it than he thought.
He had always known that he was different, that he thought about people in a different way to everyone else. The boys at school would look at pictures at girls at talk about their bodies, and how good they looked, all huddled around a laptop late at night watching videos that they definitely shouldn’t be watching. All their focus was on the woman, but Julian (because he was Julian then, not Jaskier) found his gaze wandering. The woman was beautiful obviously, but he thought the man was too, in a different way to the woman but still beautiful nonetheless.
He didn’t dare say it out loud, he knew what the other boys would say if they knew the thoughts in his head, he knew what they would do. He was certain he wasn’t the only one who was different, he had seen the way other boys eyes lingered a little too long on the rugby captain in upper sixth, or the blush on their cheeks in the changing room. He was sure he wasn’t alone but none of the dared try to find out.
He still wasn’t entirely sure about it even after he kissed a boy for the first time. His name was Aleksander, he was a few years older than Julian and they had met during band practice. He played the saxophone and Julian thought he was brilliant. So it had been incredible when he had pulled Julian around the back of the music building and pressed their lips together. He wasn’t sure how long they were there, but Julian could have stayed there forever. His lips tingled for hours afterwards and he could feel the flush on his cheeks as he saw Aleks on the other side of the dinner hall. He would lie in bed at night, brushing his fingers against his lips, smiling at the memory where no one could see him.
So it had been all the more painful when after band practice the next week he had summoned the courage to wander over and ask Aleks if he wanted to come with him into town next week during the holidays, only to have his question met with a loud laugh. It wasn’t that serious, he had said, it was only a bit of fun, just a way to pass the time. He only did it because there weren’t any girls around, he said, just you wait until you can try it with a girl.
His heart had dropped and the embarrassment flooded through him. Obviously, Aleksander was  right. It was just a bit of fun. It had felt so good, so he could only imagine what it would be like with a girl.
And that summer he found out. He was at a party, an anniversary party of some friends of his parents, and there was a girl who had freckles on her face and the most wonderful hair he had ever seen. Her name was Nina and she was going to be a dancer, she said and she had the most beautiful smile Julian had ever seen.   Someone was making a speech and their eyes met across the crowd and the next thing he knew they were kissing, hidden amongst the trees. As his hands moved up to hold her waist, Aleksanders words echo in his mind.
It feels different, kissing Nina, but its not better than how he felt kissing Aleksander. Just different. He wondered if he was doing it wrong. It didn’t feel bad, it felt amazing.
The years went by, and he continued kissing both girls and boys, one in the open and the other in secret. He spent nights on the internet, frantically researching, looking for a label that would fit him. But he did it all alone. There wasn’t anyone at school he trusted, no friends back home to ask, and he certainly wasn’t going to talk to his parents about it.
And then came University. He stumbled off the train at Oxenfurt, clutching at his many bags, he made his way to his building and into his room. Finally a room where he could be himself, not have to worry about someone peeking at something over his shoulder, or that his parents will come barging into the room at any point. A weight had been lifted from his shoulders.
And then he met Essi. Beautiful, talented, wonderful, intelligent Essi. They had met when she shyly introduced herself when she took the seat next to him in the lecture theatre and the rest was history. She invited him along to the Freshers’ karaoke and to the pre-drinks she was having in her room beforehand and he readily agreed. There he met her roommate Shani, and later that evening when the three of them were wrapped up in a pink feather boa belting out Whitney Houston, he knew they would be firm friends.
University was the chance he had been waiting for his whole life. He joined the LGBT+ society and his eyes were open. In no time at all, his room was plastered with rainbows and he left for every club with his face swathed in glitter. He finally felt comfortable in his own skin. He was free. He started getting people to call him Jaskier, leaving poor, scared Julian behind.
Then he met Valdo. Valdo was brilliant. He was handsome, he was charming, he was funny and he could play the piano like no-one Jaskier had ever met. Valdo started sending him flirtatious smiles from across the room during seminars, and then he was asking Jaskier if he wanted to grab a drink. One drink turned into many, and then Valdo was pulling giggling Jaskier into a club and onto the dancefloor. He pulled Jaskier close, and then their lips were meeting in a heated kiss. Jaskier almost screamed in delight. Valdo was kissing him here, on the dancefloor in front of everyone. He was a far cry from the scared boy stealing secret kisses behind the science building.
They started going out properly - Valdo took him out to dinner, they went on walks around the park, went to gigs together. It was wonderful.
He should have known it wouldn’t last.
It was time for him to return home for the winter holidays. He gave Valdo one last hard kiss and tight hugs to both Essi and Shani before he was getting on the train, shouting promises for a video call soon before he left to take his seat. As he watched the fields speed by, a familiar curl of dread appeared in his stomach at the thought of seeing his parents again. He had said to himself that he was going to tell them the truth, about who he really was but as he steps into the hall he feels his confidence begin to drain away and the shame bubbling up inside him once again. He’d tell them later. No need to do it straight away. The days went by and everyday the thought of telling his parents grew stronger and stronger.
Then earlier that day, a noise from his phone pulled him up from his bed  from where he had been idly strummed his guitar. It was a message from Valdo.
Come downstairs, it read. He frowned at his phone and then his moved towards the window.
Valdo was here. He waved at him, mouthing surprise!, before he stepped towards the door.
Jaskier had raced down the stairs, desperate to open the door before either of his parents could reach it.
His heart drops when he sees his mother standing at the door as Valdo introduces himself.
“Hi, I’m Valdo – Julian;s boyfriend. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”
And he feels his whole world collapse around him. The way his mothers shoulders hunch at the word boyfriend. The fact that she says nothing and walks directly into his fathers study.
The shock must have shown on his mothers face, as Valdo then seems to understand what he’s done and he is reaching for Jaskier, his face pained.
“Jask, I’m sorry I didn’t know – if I had known – I wouldn’t – I never would have-”
“You should go,” he manages to force out.
“Jask, don’t—” Valdo reaches out to pull him into a hug but Jaskier steps back before he can. He doesn’t need to give his parents anymore ammunition then they already have.
“Please. Please just go,” he says.
And Valdo does leave.
Jaskier walks numbly up the stairs, back into his bedroom and waits. Waits for the inevitable.
It doesn’t take long. His door slams open and his father storms into his room shouting. Shouting about how he was no son of his, about the shame he had brought on the family,  about he need to leave, that he was no longer welcome in this house. Jaskier tried to plead, through his tears, but it was useless. His father was ripping his clothes from the wardrobe, whilst his mother just stood in the doorway and stared.
Which is how he finds himself now, standing at the station, soaked to the skin clutching a bag that contained everything he could grab before his father could advance on him and show him exactly how furious he was.
His fingers shake as he unlocks his phone, and he can barely see the screen through the rain and the tears rolling down his cheeks, but he manages to start the call.
“Essi, it’s me – could I come and stay with you for a bit please?”
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forkanna · 3 months ago
"Wooooow, this is a really nice place!"
"Hmph," Ebihara grunted as they stepped out of their shoes in the genkan of her fabulous home. "It's a goddamn McMansion. Really nothing special, trust me. But we sure did pay a lot for it…"
For good reason. Rise smiled vaguely as she glanced around at the grand foyer with the statue and water feature in opposite corners. She had seen many similarly opulent homes when cavorting with other contacts from the entertainment industry, of course, so she wasn't quite as blown away as most of their friends would have been. But it was still impressive.
"You don't like it?" she asked.
"I don't like being nouveau-riche. And this big house seemed really cool when we first got it, but now it's… oh, listen to my ungrateful ass complaining about being too rich. It's disgusting."
"Go ahead," she prompted her as they both padded into the sunken living room. "I've been through some of the same things, don't forget."
Ai didn't do as her friend asked until they were both flopped down on the couch, staring around at the pristine surroundings. "Well… it's always been too big. I feel lost. And now with mom gone, it's like a big tomb holding the decaying corpse of our family."
"Yeesh," Rise hissed. "Gross mental picture. But it definitely gets the message across. Have you talked to your dad about it?"
"Oh, I couldn't bother him with that nonsense," she said with a slight smile. "He's dealing with investment bankers and stock options all day. Doesn't have time for me to be anything besides his perfect little princess, so… that's what he gets. Every time."
Frowning hard, Rise turned a little more in her direction, folding her legs beneath her trim frame. "That doesn't sound right. Come on, he's your father. He's going to want to know if something is up with you."
"No," she said firmly. "I have put both of them through enough for one lifetime."
"Yeah, you kind of said something like that before, and it sounded like bullshit then, too. We all get to figure out who we are as we grew up. You don't have to be perfect immediately! So why would they hold it against you just because you were a little bit of a brat?"
Ai's resting bitch face took on a new quality. Pain. Her hand drifted up to play with the neckline of her pretty pink dress as she gazed at the glass coffee table in front of them. Rise couldn't know what she was thinking, but it looked like a lot was weighing on her mind regardless.
"Oh, who cares?" Ai finally burst out with a long sigh, stretching all her limbs out and hooking her arms over the back of the couch. "It's all so pointless. I threw myself into fashion and makeup and all those things, and I was so unhappy, and now here I am being ungrateful that I actually have someone to talk to for real instead of just 'peasants' at school to subjugate. What a moron I am."
Rise giggled a little, covering her mouth before she said, "You're not a moron. You just don't have it all figured out. Look at me, slumming it in Inaba instead of facing my career; I'd say that makes me even worse than you."
"What's so funny?" she demanded when her friend was still giggling.
"Oh, nothing. Just that you really look like Yosuke in that position. With the apathetic attitude and everythi- OH!"
So fast she almost wondered if she had imagined it, Ai was sitting up in a prim and proper position, legs together and fists resting on her knees. Her face also looked almost as if she were panicking… but why? Nothing had happened.
"Sorry. I'll do better." But when she glanced over and saw Rise was still looking confused, she cleared her throat and waved one hand back and forth in the air, as if wafting away an unpleasant aroma. "I-it's nothing, I promise."
The popstar dipped her head and whispered, "Hey, I know we've only been hanging out for like, hours instead of days, but you can talk to me. You know that, right?"
"Yeah. You're annoyingly persistent with that." But before Rise could protest, she poked her in the middle of the forehead with a slight smirk before pushing to stand from the couch. "This sucks. Unless you want to watch the big screen TV, we should get something from the kitchen and head up to my room."
"I guess. What do you have?"
They both wandered in there and nosed around. The kitchen was a gleaming bastion of modern efficiency, lots of chrome and marble, but the fridge didn't seem to have a whole lot inside: a few drinks and some takeout. So they grabbed beverages and a bag of shrimp chips from the cupboard, plus their bags of goodies from shopping, and headed upstairs, figuring it was better than nothing.
"Oh wooooow, this is so, so…"
"Yes," Ai sighed. "So pink."
Indeed it was. Literally everything that was capable of being pink in that bedroom had been given that treatment, from bed sheets to carpets to walls. At least most of it was a very pale shade, so it wasn't so lurid as to be painful on the eyes. Ai seemed to have a wardrobe in addition to an actual closet, and had her own entertainment system with a smaller TV and a couple of old game systems.
"Hey, whoa, you have video games?!"
"What? Oh, I- w-wait, nobody was supposed to see those!" Ai hissed, grimacing and taking a step forward as if she could suddenly hide the consoles from her guest. Not that that was possible, given she was already in the room and had seen them.
"I haven't played one of these since they put me in Karaoke Retribution. Wow, you have Famidrive, Super Famidrive, Joystation…" Rise started looking through the games, and her host fell silent. Eventually, she said, "You sure do have a lot of RPGs and sports titles. What's…?"
But when she looked over her shoulder, she saw Ai looked extremely uncomfortable and ashamed, staring down the carpet as her toes scrunched in its fibers. Why did she look so stressed? Eventually, she made her best guess and put the games back, turning from the floor to look up at her more properly.
"Sorry. That's… my bad, I shouldn't have just started pawing through your collection without even asking. Sorry." She even bowed a little.
"Oh… it, um, it's fine. And those are really old, I haven't even played all of them."
"We don't have to talk about that." Privately, Rise thought the collection looked meticulously cared for, and there wasn't a speck of dust on any of the consoles or the games. But she didn't want to push the matter because it really seemed like she had done something wrong by drawing so much attention to it.
"Good. They're old and stupid." She cleared her throat. "Do you… want to try on some of my clothes? Or… ugh, I sound like a complete idiot."
But Rise merely stood up and rested a hand on her shoulder. "You've never had anybody over here, right? Haven't made many friends since you moved. I get it, it's okay."
Very hesitantly, she squinted at her, swallowed hard, and whispered, "Really? You don't think I'm a lame freak for being nervous about it?"
"No. Now, do you have a CD player?"
"I usually just use my Joystation." Then she froze in place, as if she had caught herself saying something wrong.
"Cool! That works." Maybe if she just acted super casual about everything, it would set her new friend at ease. "Want to put in your CD? That old one."
"I thought you wanted to listen to yours while you were here…"
"Oh, we have time," she giggled with a little bounce, shaking Ai's arm. "Come on, let's set this party off!"
Talked into action, Ebihara rolled her eyes hard. "Well, if you're going to beg I guess I might as well give in." However, Rise could see her cheeks bunching with a smile once she had turned away, grabbing up one of her shopping bags and digging around for the album.
"Let me take a look in here," Rise called out as she skipped over to the wardrobe and threw it open. "Dresses, dresses… you really like dresses."
"All the skirts and capris and whatever are in the closet," she called over to her as she messed around with the console, trying to get music playing. "And most of my blouses. Oh — here we go."
As soon as it started, it was so upbeat and cheesy that Rise burst out in a fit of giggles. But she looked over to check if Ai was offended — she was — so she quickly followed up with, "It's cute! I just haven't listened to old-fashioned music like this in a while."
"Yeah, yeah, you hate it." Suddenly, a patent leather pump hit her in the head. "HEY! The hell are you doing, throwing my shoes? AT ME?!"
"Stop that!" Rise admonished her, already rearing back with the matching pump. "I didn't say you were a loser for listening to it, just that it's not usually my thing. But it's good!"
"I can turn it off, it's no big-" When she saw her taking aim with the other shoe, she raised both hands and set the controller down. "Okay, okay, you monster! We'll let it play."
"Good. Now come over here and play with your own personal Dress Up Rise doll. Do you have any idea how many fans would kill to be in your position?"
Shaking her head, she snorted as she stood up and walked over to join her. "Thought I made it crystal clear I am not a fan. But I guess…" A smile began to take over her features. "Can… I try yours on?"
"Huh? This stuff? I mean, it's nothing special… and you're taller, it could look weird. But you're also really trim and cute, so I guess it might work."
"Cool, thanks. And here — I think you could rock this pretty well." She snatched a red mini dress from the rack in the wardrobe and held it out to her. "I can turn around — or leave the room, if you want."
Rise was already giggling as she began to pull off her blouse. "Why? I'm not shy like that. I mean, only because I trust you not to take pictures; that would piss me off."
Unfortunately, the conversation was temporarily put on hold while Ai stared in wonder as she changed right in front of her. Rise really felt sorry for her; did she really never have any friends at all? It seemed so. Sure, Rise herself didn't take them for granted, either, since her own pool of friendships had been rather thin before she achieved national stardom. But Ai had no one at all. That was such a depressing existence…
"What's the matter?" she finally asked once she had stepped out of her white capris, leaving herself in her underwear and reaching for the dress.
"N-nothing, mind your own business." But the light blush in Ai's cheeks said that she wasn't nearly as comfortable with changing in front of anyone as she wished.
"Okay, sheesh." Then she handed over the capris as she started turning the dress to figure it out. She saw Ai struggling to pull them up beneath her dress and she laughed. "Do you think you're at the beach? You don't have to do that, either."
"What? Is this… is it weird?"
"Well… no, I guess it's not that bad. But you don't have to be so modest; it's not like you don't have anything I haven't seen before in the mirror." Rise laughed.
Ai did not. But it may just have been because she was focusing on not looking completely chagrined. Once she had the capris on, she finally did shuck the dress in one aggravated movement, as if trying to force herself to do it caused the motion to be faster.
"Hey, these are nice," Rise giggled as she poked one of her friend's boobs. The taller girl let out a blast of startled air, then slapped both forearms across her chest. "Aww, she's still shy! You're so cute, Ebi-chan!"
"St-stop harassing me, you pop star pervert!" This time, Rise's laughter was contagious, and they were both giggling as the song changed. This one was a floatier, more romantic number. "Oh…"
As she shimmied the red fabric all the way down her body, situating it in place, Rise asked, "What is it?"
"Nothing." At least this time, that pointed stare was enough to prompt her to try again. "It's… I didn't know… I've heard my mom listen to this. 'Purity'; I remember now."
"Oh. Well… we can change it, or… we can enjoy it?" She paused to take up both of her friend's hands and squeeze them tightly. "Whatever you need."
"No…" A deep breath. "No, it's fine. This is good; it's basically all I have left of her, she never calls anymore." After a few blinks of surprise at herself, she cleared her throat and started to sway their arms back and forth.
"I get you. My parents… well, you probably read all about it. Old news."
"Tell me."
"Well… we broke all contact, too," Rise admitted as they began to turn in a slow circle. "They got really demanding about my career, and it felt like they didn't care about me as a daughter anymore. Just as a source of income and attention. I know I should probably try to make up with them sometime, we all just didn't understand each other very well. But it's… hard."
"I can't imagine. Being disappointed, definitely, but not that level of… I don't know, almost manipulation?"
"Yep. Manipulation is pretty dead on, as much as it sucks to say it."
"Yeah. I…" A couple of quiet seconds of swaying as Ai tried to find her words. At some point, Rise had reached up to rest her hand on her friend's shoulder, and a hand had moved to her own waist. "I think they made a mistake. You've been the most amazing friend I've ever had."
"Give it a few more days," she snickered. "And a few more friends. You only think I'm that great 'cause you haven't had any others lately."
"Like I need them! Tch. You're already best friend material, and I only accept the best. So there's no point in window-shopping around for cheap knockoffs."
Somehow… Ai had made that both sound like she was doing her a favor, and paying her the highest compliment imaginable. It was incredibly sweet in a bizarrely demanding way. Perfectly Ebihara.
Realizing that was what made her also realize they had been slow dancing for a couple of minutes now. Without her heeled sandals, she was even shorter than usual, which meant she had to gaze upward into her tall friend's face to see how she was doing. And when she saw she was staring back…
Ai actually looked content. For once in her life, she looked like she was at peace, just dancing to some old city pop slow jam in her bedroom. She wasn't trying to exploit Rise, wasn't as disinterested as she had once pretended. No, her entire focus was on her, and just because she liked her.
Almost like…
"Careful, cutie," she joked with a dimple-graced grin. "If I didn't know any better, I would say you're hitting on me."
"Hm?" Ai breathed distantly, clearly distracted by her own thoughts.
"It's okay, I'm just being dumb. You're fine, Ebi-chan." She leaned up and pressed a gentle kiss into Ai's cheek before pulling back to bite her bottom lip for a moment. Maybe she was just doing it to be kind… but she also suspected she was doing it because of the slow dance. A tender gesture like that just seemed to suit the song, the mood, the whole moment.
That single peck left her friend speechless again. Rise almost began to say something before she saw her moving, and she held her words for a moment. Wanting to let her hug her or whatever. This was going to be a great growing moment for Ai, and for their friendship. Maybe she would even learn to hug other people! Eventually.
Feeling lips press so delicately at the corner of her mouth threw all of those thoughts out the window. Really, that brief contact changed everything about that moment even more: the hokey old ballad suddenly sounded like pure magic, the club-ready minidress felt more like a ball gown. Rise had literally never felt like this in her entire life — up to and including when she had some of the country's most eligible boy bands and actors fawning over her in the past. Including the many unbelievable adventures she had been on with the Investigation Team.
She felt like she was with Narukami again. But instead of having her advances go unrequited, this was what it would be like if he looked at her the way she looked at him.
If only it wasn't Ai Ebihara standing in front of her, looking at her that way. Now she had a problem. How was she supposed to explain that her interest in her wasn't romantic? They were both girls! That kind of thing just wasn't done in Japan. Sure, she had heard it was more common overseas, and rumours within their own entertainment industry, but that wasn't the same as actually pursuing it for real. But then where were all these feelings coming from?
The unfortunate coincidence was, her suddenly-very-close friend's name just happened to be pronounced the same way as "love". So whispering it the way she had, regardless of whether she meant to… it carried a certain connotation.
One that did not seem to be lost on Ai herself. Not if the next kiss was any indication. Brief as it was, just barely pressing into her lips before it was gone, it still was a first for both of them. First kiss - as whatever lay beyond the boundaries of friendship.
Temptation to just go for it welled up as Rise slid her hands up along Ai's stomach, perching on her shoulders in a vain attempt to find a grip somehow. To anchor herself within this whirlwind moment. She knew honest surprise was written across her face now; she may have been an actor, but this had caught her so unaware that she couldn't even begin to fabricate responses. Pure, unfiltered Rise.
And now the kiss was over… leaving two very confused teenage girls standing with their hands on each other's bodies, staring back at each other with bewilderment.
"I… wow, that…"
"Rise-ch… I… didn't- that w-wasn't-"
"No, no, I know." Damage control. She smiled, trying to put her friend at ease as she whispered, "Sometimes things happen, we didn't plan… I would never say you…"
Ai licked her lips, shivered. "I didn't. I'm so sorry, was… was that your first, too?"
"M-my first with… a girl… I, um, I did kiss a boy for a drama I was in. But that was just acting." Why was she telling her all this? Was this not acting?
Then what was it?
Suddenly, Ai took a step back, her hands still raised vaguely near her heaving chest as if she were going to pat herself down, or reach for Rise. Though she didn't. "Hey, you have to believe me, I didn't- this was not why I brought you back to my house. I'm not a pervert, I wasn't trying to…"
"Pervert? For a kiss?"
"No, I… for shit that comes after a kiss. In case you thought I was going to try anything funny."
"Oh." Her cheeks flooded with color as she finally realized what her friend was getting at, and she said in a slightly higher timbre of voice, "Whoa! That's- yeah, I definitely wasn't thinking about that! What would we do, anyway? You're so silly, Ebi-chan!"
"Right?! No way!" They both laughed nervously for a second or two, then suddenly cut off at the same time.
"Awkward," Rise muttered with another chuckle.
"You, uh, you can leave if you want to. Since it's awkward. Do whatever you want, I don't care."
Already trying to build up her defense mechanisms again. Rise couldn't stand that; she hated wasting time with important work only for it to be thrown out with the bathwater. So she threw her arms around her new friend in a tight hug, trying to ignore the little tingle in the pit of her stomach that told her this meant more than either of them thought it did.
"Rise… it's… you don't have to do this just to make me feel better. It's weird. I'm fucking everything up."
"You are not! It was only a kiss!"
"But how did it end up like this?" Something familiar about that… but Ai kept pushing ahead, "It has to have been me, because like you said, you've never kissed a girl before. And you do actually have female friends, unlike a bitch like me who doesn't have any at all. And I get one friend, one, and I immediately try to make out with her! Why am I such a fucking head case?!"
"Hey," Rise snapped, "it wasn't like that at all and we both know it. That was like, a wedding kiss, you know? Small and tender, but it didn't lead anywhere crazy. It was sweet."
"Really?" she asked urgently, finally meeting her eyes again. "You… you don't hate me for it?"
Laughing, Rise leaned up to pick her on the lips again. This time, she made sure the contact was so brief that it couldn't possibly develop into anything more — which was now something they had to be worried about, apparently.
"If I hated you, would I do it again?"
"Mhhh…" The other girl closed her eyes, trying to ignore a wave of some emotion that passed through her. Then, smiling, she whispered, "Thank you."
"Hey, you're welcome. Not everybody can say they got a kiss from Risette!" When she giggled, the smile on her friend's face got a little wider, even if her cheeks were still flushed.
The song changed to something a little more upbeat again. The spell was broken. They embraced warmly, then broke apart and started commenting on each other's clothing. Even if the mood didn't totally go back to normal, at least they no longer felt like they were in danger of destroying a friendship that had barely begun.
But the whole time, Rise found herself glancing back at the girl who — had she been that pretty before? — a lot more often than usual. What if they changed everything forever on accident? Maybe it would be okay regardless. She had to hold onto that hope.
         To Be Continued…
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secretradiobrooklyn · 4 months ago
Shroud of Pigeon | 12.5.20
Tumblr media
Secret Radio | 12.5.20 | Hear it here.
1. Yos Olarang - title unknown
This is a real score in my book. Generally known as Yol Aularon, this guy is Cambodia’s greatest rock musician, turning out garage rock that knows no equal in America or anywhere else, in my opinion. I tracked down this song on a tape attributed to “Yol Aularon” which includes his big hit, “Cyclo,” but also this song which I haven’t heard on any other collections. Honestly, though, I may yet run across it in a prominent collection, because I have no way of figuring out the title — every bit of the text I can find is in Cambodian. In any case, we LOVE this track! It’s almost like a catalog of Olarang’s laughs: there’s a merry snort, a giggle, and a malevolent cackle all built into the melody. I believe he’s the blazing lead guitarist as well. It’s just such a perfect gem of pure rock energy.
2. Gedou - “Scent” (I think)
Speaking of pure rock energy — DAMN, SAM! This was our introduction to Gedou, a blasting burst of Japanese glam rock whose costumes match the sounds you hear here. These guys were only originally active from ’73-’76, and then got back together sporadically after that; I believe this is from that original lineup. It’s well worth it to check the live video that this comes from. It’s an electric thrill just to see them leaning back to back, singing into the same mic, doing kicks and losing their minds in shining kimonos and silk hiphuggers. It feels like a Japanese MC5 whose wardrobe directly influenced David Bowie. One note I read says that they were popular with Japanese biker gangs at the time — and there are certainly bikes aplenty in the video. I’m looking forward to finding out more about the impact they had in Japan, and whether they made an impression in the rest of the world.
3. Clothilde - “Saperlipopette”
What a strange little slab of chamber pop! Clothilde was barely even a one-hit wonder in France — she released two 45s in 1967 and, as far as I know, that was it. But what a song! It’s like a vanful of pop records crashed into a classical instrument shop. I especially dig the xylophone or whatever that is back there — hardly necessary given the hyperactive harpsichord, but it takes the poppy flavor right over the top. So many bands have tried to get to this level of fizz, but I’ve never heard it succeed like this!
- King Kong - “Ten Long Years”
Slint is one of indie rock’s most unimpeachably cool bands, which makes the silliness of King Kong all the more endearing. Band leader Ethan Buckler was the original bassist in Slint, and all of the Slint lineup got into the act at one point or another. In 1995 Drag City released King Kong’s “Me Hungry,” a sort of funky concept album about a caveman, his yak, and an inhospitable world. Sean Nelson and I spent many not-sober nights enjoying that record — “I push em out, I push em out” — and got to see them play the Crocodile Cafe. I definitely remember appreciating how groovy King Kong was, like Neanderthal B-52s. Butler even looked a bit like a shaved caver. 
4. Star Feminine Band - “Femme Africaine”
Born Bad is our new favorite label, right up there with Analog Africa. They’re based in France, and release music both archival and new. Star Feminine Band is based in Benin, home to so much of our favorite music. It’s definitely worth watching the video for this song just to see how young and full of potential the girls in the band are. They were assembled in a School of Rock sort of situation, taught to play instruments and encouraged to write lyrics. The lyrics of this song are so directly uplifting it’s enough to put a lump in the throat. Meanwhile, the music is such a pleasure to listen to! The whole album is full of good stuff, but this song is pretty much their theme song. It translates to: 
“Oh woman, African woman
Oh woman, Beninese woman
Black woman, get up, don't sleep
You can become president of the republic
You can become prime minister of the country
Get up, something must be done
African woman, be independent
The country needs us, go to school
Africa needs you, you have to work
The world needs us, let's stand up we'll defend
African woman, be independent”
5. Young Signorino - “Mmh Ha Ha Ha”
A few years ago a friend posted the video for this song on FB with a note that was like, “Ever see something you should hate but you can’t stop watching?” I watched it, watched it again… and watched it again. It eventually slipped out of my mind, but I was thrilled to remember it the other day in the context of WBFF. The song’s language, such as it is, is Italian, but it also just fits perfectly into the post-language mix that has been turning our cranks lately. I’m really glad to get a chance to present it here first as a piece of music, because the video really affects the experience.
6. Yura Yura Teikoku - ゆらゆら帝国で考え中  “Yura Yura Keikoku de Kangaechuu” (I think?)
This is another sweet find in a broadcast full of em! Yura Yura Teikoku is a trio formed in 1989 and have a huge rep in Japan as a psychedelic band, but apparently by 2000 they were crafting super-awesome pop songs that rocked hard. The video of this song features a singer with adorably mussed hair and a striped shirt against an orange background, looking super hip and on top of the world. From what I’ve read they were gigantic in Japan but utterly unknown outside, which changed a bit when they played New York in 2007 and again a year later, to packed houses. But that didn’t seem to do the trick, and they finally broke up in 2010. They have several good songs from this period, but this one, from a three-song 45, is the one that has hooked us the hardest so far. We can’t seem to find out even what the song title is, but as far as I can tell the band’s name translates to The Wobbling Empire, and the song title is “Thinking in the Wobbling Empire.” It’s bizarre to us that this kind of hip tight rock didn’t find a way into the bigger world… but I guess singing in Japanese was the deciding factor. Really glad to have uncovered it though!
7. Can - “Mother Sky”
I know a lot of bigger Can fans than me, but this track has so much of what we love in the drones, the freakouts, the lockdowns, the Engl-ish vocals, the long climb towards the climax… it feels sometimes like flying, sometimes like swimming, sometimes like burrowing deeper and deeper downwards.
8. Señor Coconut - “Showroom Dummies”
Can and Kraftwerk share enough DNA that they seem like a natural pairing. But… Señor Coconut’s version of this classic track of “Trans-Europe Express” is honestly my preferred version of the song. It sounds so sincere and strange, and I find myself thinking about the lives of mannequins even as I also hear the palm leaves switching in the breeze. The album “El Baile Aleman” — “German Dance” — was released in 1999, and apparently Kraftwerk was fine with it. Thank goodness. 
- Lithics - “A Highly Textured Ceiling”
Every time I hear this track I think of Six Finger Satellite’s “The Pigeon Is the Most Popular Bird,” a crucial album for me. I learned about all of these tones for the first time from that record. I’ma write more about this band in a sec, when they show back up. 
9. Schwervon! - “American Idle” 
Years ago Mike Appelstein hipped us to Schwervon!, a two-piece band who were about to make the opposite journey of our own eventual path, moving from NYC to Missouri — in their case Kansas City. They turned out to be lovely individuals and an instant favorite band, and we hosted them whenever they came through STL. Their album “Courage” plays like a lost ’90s classic, and “American Idle” is one of the best tracks on there. The production of the album, by Matt Mason, is straight-up enviable. As is so often the case, good people have good friends, and they led us to Jeffrey Lewis, who has been a pleasure to get to know better since we made our own way east last year. I don’t think Matt and Nan are writing songs together anymore, but we’re glad that they did. 
10. Boney M. - “Rasputin”
I saw this song peeking at me from my computer now and then, but didn’t check it out til recently. What a complete banger! The lyrics are absolutely fantastic — “Rah! Rah! Rasputin, Russia’s greatest love machine, it was a shame how he carried on!” — but so is the production… and the video, for that matter. Apparently this was a hit track in 1978. I’ve spent most of my life avoiding disco, though, so I had no idea. I love how the narrative weight shifts from the lead male voice to the chorus voices. It’s such a strange read of Rasputin’s life and death — the unkillable Casanova of Russia!
11. Rafaella Carrá - “Festa”
Did I mention that I used to hate disco? Well, this is my big comeup. We’ve been dabbling in disco on WBFF here and there, but this pairing is meant strictly for the dancefloor! This is the original Italian version, but Carrá became a massive hit in Spain and recorded most of her songs in Spanish as well. Obviously, the Spanish influence is strong in this song’s amazing flamenco claps and trumpet passages. 
12. T.P. Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou Benin et Loko Pierre - “Djo Mi Do”
There’s nowhere to go from disco but back to our prime fascination: Tout Puissant! This album is a collaboration with saxophonist Loko Pierre, and every track hits hard. But this track’s chorus, “djo mi do, djo mi do!” is such a gotdamn hook! This band continues to surprise and reward the deeper we dig into their catalog, and I feel like we’re still just getting started. So funky and fresh every time.
The chorus makes me think of a song we first heard on KDHX about a decade ago — “Dominos,” by The Big Pink. I really liked the hook of the song but loathed the cold-blooded lyrics, so I found myself hating it. You know how it is. I’m really glad to find a song that can replace it in my head — and it’s a way better song!
13. Bruno Leys - “Hallucinations”
Credit to Born Bad records once again for this song. It’s a true rarity. Bruno Leys fell in with some fellow students in Paris in 1967 including a guy named Emmanuel Pairault, who was obsessed with an instrument called the ondes Martenot, which is a very very early electronic instrument that works a little like a theremin — though it’s played by wearing a ring on one finger and sliding it along a wire, depressing the wire to change the note — but has a crazy range of sounds. The instrumental hook in this song, as well as the backing notes, are on the onde Martenot. Leys co-wrote and recorded four songs with the band, they got signed up with a label, released a 7”, then he had to leave for compulsory military service… and by the time he got back two years later there was no band and no label. The 7” was practically unobtainable til this year, when Born Bad records finally released it anew. I hope Leys is still alive to appreciate that it finally made its way into the world!
- The Psycheground Group - “Psycheground”
14. Troubadour Dali - “Spirit of ’67”
Oh, Troubadour… Sleepy Kitty shared a label with Troubadour Dali for several years, and we were big fans of their whirling swirling psychedelia. They had a couple of chicks (I think they’d approve of the word) projecting old-school colored oil-and-water light effects on the band, and when they were on, they looked and felt like the greatest band in the land. Troubadour went through an impressive number of players over the years, and there was generally some sort of drama or mayhem going on — not too surprising for a band who loved Brian Jonestown Massacre. The main songwriter was a lanky, handsome fella named Ben, though there were also great songs by Kevin and, every once in a great while, a powerful contribution by a quiet, snappy dresser named Benjamin. Benjamin apparently put this recording together entirely on his own. When he showed it to the band they flipped out — it’s obviously a winner — and they quickly got together a live version of it. Man, it tore the house down every time. At some point, though, in the midst of some of that drama, Benjamin started to kind of slip sideways out of the band. As they were finishing up their second full length, he declined to let the band record this song, or to make the demo available, despite their pleas. Eventually they went forward without it, and I don’t know what happened to Benjamin but I do know that Paige happened to rediscover her copy of “Spirit of ‘67″ recently, tucked into a stack of burned CDs. We’re very glad to get to drop this very special song into this secret radio mix.
- The Psycheground Group - “Psycheground”
Rare Italian instrumental noodles from the mid ’70s.
15. The Velvet Underground - “After Hours”
*Not ruined. Affected, but not ruined. She said so. 
16. Jean Cussac in “Le Livre de la Jungle” - “Etre un homme comme vous”
One musical adventure we’ve really enjoyed is checking out familiar musicals in unfamiliar tongues. And though you may not think of Disney’s “Jungle Book” as a musical, you’d be mistaken. This version of “I Want to Be Like You” is a particular delight. It plays straight with the original, but the presence of the French language inflects the rhythms with a Parisian flavor that I’d never noticed before.
17. Duch Kim Hak - “Neary Sok Khley”
Another hit from the Cambodian treasure chest. Paige noted as we listened the first time, “This one has good chords,” and we took to referring to it as Cambodian ska. I think it’s meant to be a simple twist song, but there’s a royal quality to the chords that really puts it above a straightforward dance novelty. And his vocal delivery is ace!
18. The Fall - “Terry Waite Sez”
Not much needed on this one! This is one in a host of classics from 1986’s “Bend Sinister.” The Brix E. period of The Fall is just the BEST. 
19. Twiggy - “When I Think of You”
Paige: “I was made aware of this record by The Deccas [a band she briefly sang with in Chicago]. They knew every single girl group song that had ever been recorded. This was the same band where the guy who was obsessed with Scott Walker and looked like him and his house was very /60s and he had a word processor. I didn’t even know what a word processor was. That’s unrelated to this song though. She’s one of the great singing models — and maybe next week we’ll play another one. There are three known.”
- Psycheground Group - “Psycheground”
20. Hallelujah Chicken Run Band - “Alikulila” 
SO happy to have this album on vinyl at last! It was just released in this format, and Analog Africa is always so good at including notes about the album’s genesis. These guys are from Zambia, and they pioneered the translation of mbira parts into guitar parts, while writing these amazing songs that I’ve never heard anything like. Except for one. One of their songs sounds a bit like a Bound Stems song. Which is weird, because obviously we’d never heard them when we wrote “Cloak of Blue Sky.” It just proves to me that they were both way ahead of their time and working in an idiom that could and should be hit music today. It sounds so alive and creative and insightful, like good indie rock should. 
21. Lithics - “Snake Tattoo / Twisting Vine”
Lithics is one of my favorite contemporary bands. They played Foam in St. Louis like five years ago, right after I’d discovered their existence via the excellent album “Borrowed Floors.” Foam was a tiny little club that fit maybe 50 people and was sure to go apeshit for this show. I was SO psyched to be there… but the night of, we couldn’t get out because we were staying out in the Illinois woods and it was snowing enough to make the return trip too treacherous. As much as that’s one of the main shows of my life I wish I’d seen, I’m glad that Brad got to see them and tell me about it later. I hope I can catch them in NYC.
22. Sunny Blacks Band - “Mission spéciale”
OK, I admit that I’m obsessed with Melome Clement — or Meloclem, as he is known by some in Benin. He’s the composer of hundreds of T.P. Orchestre songs, and I’ve written about him a ton. I know he plays some horns and I believe he plays the slashing guitar that you hear in this track. I don’t think that’s him singing but I’m not sure; his voice is very malleable. Sunny Blacks Band is the group he was playing with when the T.P. Orchestre guys found him. It’s hard music to track down, but I love how much it rocks — or “jerks,” as they said at the time. We’ve also played the track “Holonon Die” on here and it jerks too, with an extended, wild electric guitar solo over pulsing trap and hand drums. What a freakin powerhouse Meloclem is.
23. Betti-Betti - “La Vie de Bettie Bettie Chanteuse Camerounaise”
This recording is a beautiful mystery. It appears in a film called “Badiaga,” which I encountered while looking for music by Betti-Betti, a superstar within her nation of Cameroon. This comes from one of the final scenes in the movie. There are different summations of the film (we don’t understand the language of the film itself), but apparently the story is “inspired by” the story of Betti-Betti, who was discovered as a child wandering in a marketplace, brought up extremely poor and eventually sang (a cappella?) on the radio, whereupon she became an instant success. She played constant shows and played with many of the region’s heaviest hitters, including T.P. Orchestre (they recorded an album together, which is how we found out about her). As for this recording — I don’t know if this is sung by Betti-Betti or by the actress playing her. And I don’t know the male character singing alongside her, though I’m guessing he’s a real-life music figure himself. It’s a beautiful duet, rich with feeling, and the performance footage throughout the movie is electrifying. 
P.S. This film is also how I found out about Eko Roosevelt, whose “Me To a Dey My Own” is an epic upbeat number we’ve played on WBFF!
24. Guided By Voices - “The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory”
A perfect song, meant for the opposite of social distancing: to be sung full-bore in a crowd with one’s arms slung around sweating strangers, straight into the face of the band (I’ll be the one hooting the recorder part). This is how legends are made. 
 - Janko Nilovic & Soul Surfers - “Maze of Sounds”
I love the bass part on this album as much as the album artwork, which we will surely have included somewhere around here. This guy’s story is pretty interesting: he was born in Istanbul to a Montenegrin father and Greek mother, and his career started by working with French singer Davy Jones (but not THAT Davy Jones) in 1967. He got into recording for sound libraries, working in soul and funk and psych music, gained a serious composing rep and eventually, maybe inevitably, his music started getting sampled by the likes of Dr. Dre and Jay Z. Not bad, not bad!
25. Gnonnas Pedro et Ses Dadjes - “La Musica en Verité”
Maybe someday we’ll release the version of this song that we recorded in the early days of the pandemic. This is the final track (if not the final song) on the immortal “Legends of Benin” album on Analog Africa. My favorite aspect is how the guitar plays the same mesmerizing piece throughout, but the percussion evolves over the course of the song until it has gradually changed completely. It’s a subtle dynamic but it’s a master clinic in how to run a drone song the right way. Also, that organ part is just beautiful.
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thegoodgayshit · 5 months ago
Luz’s mother really doesn’t want to send Luz to camp. She knows once she leaves, there is no going back. But Luz has a knack for getting into trouble, and one day she stumbles into the same type of people her mother would have preferred she avoided. After helping Luz dissolve her high school bully into dust, Eda and Lilith know right away that this kid is just like them - a child of the gods. So Luz hops on a Pegasus and heads to Camp Half-blood, where she embarks on a dangerous quest that makes her both friends and enemies... and she might even save Olympus along the way.
Chapter Eighteen: We Crash Hexside High’s Junior Prom
Amity left the café in a more than sour mood. She practically stomped the whole way back to the hideout. Luz watched her warily, not really knowing what to say. She had thought Aphrodite had been really nice, all things considered. She had no idea why Amity was so upset.
Eventually, she tried to talk to her. “Your mom was pretty cool, Amity.”
Amity spun around, her anger now directed onto Luz, and she flinched. Her eyes were murderous.
“Uh…” Luz held up her hands, terrified. “Or not?”
Something changed in Amity’s face, and she deflated. “Sorry, Luz. I’m not angry at you. I just… I didn’t realize how much my siblings were like my mom. That whole conversation was a little overwhelming.”
“It’s alright, Amity,” Luz said with a smile. “You haven’t seen your mom in like seven years. It makes sense that you didn’t know what to expect.”
Amity scoffed. “That’s an understatement.”
Luz nudged her with her shoulder, unable to keep the grin off her face. “But hey, on the bright side, this could be a pretty fun side quest.”
Amity looked at Luz with something that read somewhere between disbelieving and amused. “A side quest?”
Luz nodded eagerly. “Yeah! Like Azura and Hecate. They go on side quests all the time. It’s what makes an adventure an adventure!” She leaned lower to the ground, waggling her eyebrows playfully.
“Luz and Amity, joined by their fearless demigod friends tackle another impossible mission: The Heist of the High School Prom! Will they succeed, and continue on their great quest to save Olympus? Or will they be unable to recover the artifact and be forced to continue their quest empty-handed?”
Amity rolled her eyes, but she was unable to keep the smile off her face. “You’re ridiculous.”
“But am I wrong?” Luz teased, and Amity laughed. Luz felt her stomach swell as she watched Amity chuckle to herself. But then she was reminded right away of how similar Aphrodite’s laugh had been to Amity’s.
Luz swallowed nervously. She had a feeling she had missed something really obvious during the chat with Aphrodite, and she was starting to think she knew what, but every time she started to consider them she was painfully reminded about what happened last time. Clearing her throat nervously, she felt relief wash over her when she realized they were back at the workshop.
“Guys!” Gus greeted them gleefully as they entered. He was holding up a suit bag, his face split into a wide grin. “My mom sent us formal wear!”
“Not your mom,” Luz said, unable to mask her own excitement. “Aphrodite. We’re going on a heist!”
“What?” Willow asked, frowning. She had opened the fridge and had been working on fixing up some dinner for the four demigods, (it looked pretty good: she wondered if being the goddess of the harvest boosted the quality of her cooking, those sweet potatoes looked fantastic) and waved for them to sit down at the table. Luz popped the top of a lime soda, sitting down next to Amity and Willow while Gus practically threw the suit bag on the worktable to sit down.
Luz launched into the story about meeting Aphrodite while they ate, skipping over a few details, like how she wasn’t able to focus, or the weird things Aphrodite said about Amity and Luz. She wouldn’t even know how to start that conversation normally, and since she was still trying to piece it together herself, she just cut to the mission.
“Awesome!” Gus said when she finished, “Peleus’ shield is supposed to be magical as well. So if that’s what we’re going after, then Luz’s sword is probably the other magical item that Aphrodite said goes with it.”
Luz blinked. She hadn’t thought of that. Her hand reached over to hover over Aletheia. While she loved her sword, she had never been good at using a shield at camp. Maybe it would be different when they found the sword.
“We’re going to need a plan, and Aphrodite gave us a good cover story,” Amity said, her face pinched in annoyance at the mention of her mother. “But that’s not going to be enough to get to the shield.”
Gus hummed. “I’ll work something out when we get there. Until then, everybody should just pretend this is a normal prom.”
“Gus is right,” Willow added, reaching into the wardrobe to pull out a dress bag. It had a sticky note that was labeled with her name. “Blend in, mingle, act like the other kids. It’s our best shot at keeping our real mission discreet.”
“Alright!” Luz cheered, pumping her fist in the air. “We’re going to prom!”
The four of them broke off on their own to get ready. Willow and Amity called first dibs on the bathroom, which suited Luz and Gus just fine. Luz walked toward the wardrobe and picked up the garnment bag that was labeled “LUZ” and tentatively brought her hand to the zipper.
It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Aphrodite to pick out something good for Luz, after all, she was the goddess of beauty. And she had seen what Luz always wanted to wear to a dance. Luz had just always struggled to pick something to wear that she liked. Her style was pretty hard to shop for.
When she peeked inside the garment bag, she practically squealed in delight. It was perfect. She couldn’t wait for her turn to use the bathroom to change. Like, well, magic, a changing curtain appeared immediately around her, with a full-length mirror and end table to her right.
Gods bless Athena.
Luz didn’t think she had ever changed so fast in her life. Once she buttoned up her clothes, Luz used the conveniently placed workshop mirror to get ready, her back to Gus, who got ready on the other side of the room. She used her brush and some gel to slick her hair back and she rummaged around the drawers until she found an unopened mascara and blush. She didn’t love makeup, but she figured this was just the right amount for her to wear to a prom.
Taking a deep breath, she looked in the mirror. Once she caught sight of her reflection, she couldn’t look away, a huge smile spreading across her face.
At first glance, she had thought her suit was black, but now that she looked at it she realized it was actually a midnight blue, that had been altered to fit her like a glove. Her dress shirt was silvery-white, and she had a dark maroon suit vest button up and paired with a matching bowtie. Aphrodite had even given her an additional matching set of black leather oxfords (with a bit of a heel to add about an inch of height) and a belt. She did a spin, her heart hammering in excitement. She looked so regal and mature… she easily could have passed for sixteen or seventeen.
It was so, so, perfect. Aphrodite was right: she hadn’t needed the tutu after all. She could get used to this.
She looked over to the garment bag to make sure she didn’t miss anything when she saw something at the bottom and frowned. She reached in and pulled out two little boxes, and gently opened them. She gasped, her eyes widening.
A matching corsage and boutonniere, in the same dark maroon as her vest and bowtie. The flower She opened the boutonniere and carefully pinned it to her jacket. Aphrodite must have made a mistake, there was no reason she needed both. She stuck it into the pocket of her suit pants, deciding she would worry about it later.
Once she had decided she was done, the makeshift changing room melted away around her, disappearing. She turned around to see Gus dressed and ready as well. He was wearing a perfectly fitted deep green suit with a silver dress shirt, and he had tucked his camp necklace under his shirt collar and was fiddling with a bow tie around his neck. His tongue was sticking out of his mouth in focus, but when he saw Luz he stopped in his tracks and whistled.
“Woah, look at you.”
“Look at you!” Luz replied, but her face was pinking in delight. She fiddled with the cuffs of her jacket, and Gus chuckled.
“Aphrodite must have known our sizes because these are practically tailored to us.”
Luz couldn’t help but agree. She wondered if Aphrodite could size a person’s… well, size… just by looking at them.
“Guys! You can use the bathroom now… oh, never mind,” Willow popped her head out of the bathroom, and her face split into an ecstatic grin when she saw them, and she made her way towards them. “You two look fantastic!”
Aphrodite had given Willow an off the shoulder green mid-length dress that puffed out at the hips, the waistband wrapped in a color that was an elegant gold. She had never seen Willow wear makeup, but she was wearing dark green eye makeup and pink lipstick that Luz thought suited her well. She had kept her camp necklace on, and had been given a pair of small gold hoops that matched the gold band. She was also wearing gold flats, with a supportive band at the bottom. Perfect footwear for a heist.
Luz’s grin returned, “Thanks! I love your dress. Green really is your color.”
Willow blushed, waving her hand embarrassingly. “Aw, shucks.”
“She’s right, Willow,” Gus said with a grin. “Look, we’re even matching.” He snapped his fingers like he had just figured out a puzzle, and reached into his garment bag. “Here, I have a corsage that matches our outfits. We must be each other’s prom dates as a cover story.”
Willow awed and took the corsage from him. It was a green and white flower that matched both their outfits perfectly. Willow put hers around her wrist, and Gus pinned his right where Luz had pinned hers. When they finished, they beamed, giving each other a thumbs up.
“Looking good!” Gus cheered, and Willow laughed.
Luz, however, had been frowning and watching the whole interaction, one hand reaching up to touch her own boutonniere, the other touching the corsage in her pocket.
“Wait, I don’t understand… why did I get both-”
“Luz? Gus? Are you guys not going to use the bathroom?” Amity’s voice called from the door, and when Luz looked up her heart just about leaped out of her chest.
She had changed into a deep maroon off the shoulder dress that came to just around her knees. It had lace sleeves that came to just above her elbows, and Luz saw her amethyst pendant hanging around her neck, sitting right between her collarbones. She had leather heeled shoes to go with her outfit, giving her at least two inches of height. Her mint hair was pulled up in its usual style, with a couple of loose pieces framing her face.  She had even done her makeup, like Luz and Willow, but it was a lot more neutral. Though she did have eyeliner wings so sharp it could cut glass and dark lipstick that was a perfect match for her dress.
For a couple of moments Luz couldn’t do anything but stare, and she was painfully aware of the awkward tension growing around the as Willow and Gus exchanged a confused look. Amity was blinking at Luz as well, her cheeks pinking as she took in Luz, and she realized she was probably making a scene and should definitely look away. Or at least answer her question.
But when she tried, all that came out was “Uh… your dress… wow.”
Amity’s cheeks reddened, somehow making her look even prettier than she already did, and Luz swallowed hard.
Willow started laughing hysterically.
“What?” Gus said, turning to her in annoyance. “What’s the problem? Did I miss a joke?”
Luz pinched the inside of her arm hard. Tearing her eyes away from Amity, she forced herself to look at Willow and Gus instead. “Right, so I think we’re all good here. Everyone looks… prom-ey. Should we start making our way to the university?”
Willow, who was still chuckling to herself, nodded. “Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Gus and I were checking the map earlier, it should be a thirty-minute bus ride.”
Amity scoffed, “my mom would come down from Olympus and murder us if we voluntarily took the bus in these clothes. She gave us money earlier for a cab there.”  
“We should bring our stuff,” Gus said seriously, finally managing to tie his bowtie (even if it was a little crooked). “We don’t know if we’ll be able to come back here after we take the shield.”
“That’s true,” Amity added. “The local authorities will probably be looking for us.”
Something moved next to them, and when Luz looked over, she saw their backpacks, fully restocked and sitting ready to go. One had even been added for Amity, a maroon one that when she saw, she winced.
“I guess I know for sure now my backpack got destroyed by Achilles,” she said with a grumble, slinging it over her shoulder. “I’m going to kill that guy.”  
“What about our weapons?” Willow asked, holding her kopis in her hand. With her dress, she didn’t really have anywhere to put it.
“My spear is here,” Gus said, opening his jacket to reveal the retracted spear strapped to his side.
“I have my ring…” Luz said unhelpfully, her hand hovering over it.
“Mine’s under my skirt,” Amity said causally, and Luz’s mouth dropped.
“It is?” She asked, shocked.
The demigod blushed, and she crossed her arms. “Yeah, it is. Your sword is shorter than mine Willow, it’s not totally comfortable, but it’ll fit.”
Once that issue was sorted out, they were ready to go. They left Athena’s workshop, and Luz pulled out her phone and called a cab. Willow and Gus walked down the street to patrol the area for monsters and make sure they weren’t going to be followed.
While she got the chance, Luz checked her phone for texts from her Mami, finding one from the day before.
How is your field trip, mija?
Luz typed back a response.
It’s great, Mami. I’m going to a dance tonight with my camp friends.
“Who are you texting?”
Luz jumped, turning to Amity who was watching her with interest.
“My Mami,” Luz admitted, feeling terrible for using her phone. She stuck it in her pocket and felt it brush against something. The corsage.
“You don’t need to feel guilty,” Amity said slowly, running her hand up her arm nervously. “I’m glad she wants to make sure you're ok. It’s sweet how much you care about her.”
Luz felt that thumping in her heart again while she listened to Amity talk. She found herself starting again, and Amity’s cheeks pinked at the intensity of it. Luz mentally hit herself. She had to stop freaking her out like that.
“Luz, there’s something I wanted to ask you…” Amity said, her blush deepening. “I… I know this isn’t a real Prom… but since we’re using it as a cover story and we want it to be realistic… would you want to maybe… I don’t know…”
She had no idea what compelled her to interrupt Amity, but she reached into her pocket and pulled out the corsage, extending it to Amity slowly.
“I found this in my garment bag. Would you want it?”
Amity blinked, taken aback. “What?”
“It’s a corsage, and it matches your dress,” Luz said stupidly. What was she doing? Why did she need to interrupt Amity like that to say something so dumb?
Amity reached out slowly and took it. “Oh, thanks.”
She opened it and put it around her wrist, and Luz realized with a jolt that Amity was disappointed. Why was she disappointed? Had Luz done something wrong?
There was that jolt in her stomach again. It was getting stronger and stronger every time it happened around Amity. She didn’t want to disappoint her. She racked her brain, trying to think of why she would have hurt Amity’s feelings just now.
Then, she remembered what Aphrodite had said to Luz, and the fluttering got so strong she was amazed she didn’t pass out.
“You'rere affected by my charms. This is good news for you, daughter.”
“I’m sorry, my lady. I don’t understand.”
“You will, daughter of Hermes.”
Oh. Oh. Oh.
Luz understood, and the weight of it almost flattened her. GODS, how was she so dense? Amity hadn’t been uncomfortable around her. Well, maybe she had, but it wasn’t because Luz was scaring her off. It was the exact opposite. And she… well. She hadn’t gotten off on the best foot with Amity when they’d met, but they’d come such a long way and Luz was so confused. Her tongue tied in knots, and she was starting to sweat. But she couldn’t mess this up. She wasn’t going to give herself the opportunity to. So, she hesitantly smiled at Amity who wasn’t looking at her.
“It… it matches my suit too,” she added awkwardly sticking her hands in her pockets nervously. Amity looked up quickly in surprise, her gold eyes widening. That was a better response than disappointment. Luz figured she should just go from there.
“Maybe we could be each other’s like… dates? To help with the cover story and everything.”
Amity blinked for a couple more seconds in shock, and Luz felt herself begin to panic.
“I mean… we don’t have to if you would rather just stick to the original story-”
“No!” Amity said quickly, and Luz jumped at the volume of it.
“Sorry,” she added, lowering her voice. Despite the awkwardness of the whole conversation, she was beaming. “I mean, yes. That sounds perfect.”
Luz laughed nervously, but she was also smiling. “Alright, great. You’re my date then.”
“Yeah,” Amity said, her cheeks pinking. “I’m your date.”
Luz wasn’t quite sure what she was going to say next, but it didn’t seem to matter because the cab was suddenly pulling up, and Willow and Gus were back at their sides.
“Ready to go?” Gus asked them, and Luz nodded, letting gesturing for him to get in the cab. Willow turned to look at Amity and Luz suspiciously.
“Why do you two look like that? Did you get into a fight or something?”
“No!” Luz said quickly, and Amity also shook her head. “No, of course not.”
Willow hummed, unconvinced, but shrugged, getting into the cab next. “Okay.”
After she got in, Luz gestured for Amity to go next. “After you.”
Amity pinked, but slid in after her, and Luz got in last, shutting the door with a bang. The cab driver looked at them in his mirror.
“Where are you kids headed dressed so nice?”
“The University of Denver,” Luz said, “for our Prom.”
The cabbie raised his brows. “What, you can’t afford a Limo?”
The four of them looked at each other, and Luz wasn’t really sure what she was going to say next.
“We had one,” Amity replied, feigning a look of hurt. “We paid our deposit but the driver never showed. We won’t let that stop us from enjoying our prom though.”
“That’s terrible customer service,” the driver said with a gasp, tisking. “What kind of company scams kids? Tell you what, I’ll take you there for free.”
“You don’t need to do that, sir,” Amity said quickly, “we appreciate it, but it’s a long drive.”
The driver shook his head. “No, I insist. You’re only teenagers once. Here, I have an aux cord for customers. Play whatever you’d like.”
So Luz plugged in her phone (he’d already offered, and why not?) and the driver blasted her guilty pleasures playlist all the way there. When they were about ten minutes away, Luz heard her phone buzz, and it was a reply from her Mami.
A dance? How fun! I’m so happy you’re making friends, mija. Do you have a date for this dance???
Luz usually would have gotten upset at this question, especially since her Mami knew what had happened at the last dance she went to. But instead, she smiled. Because she did have a date, even if it wasn’t exactly a real one.
“Guys, could we take a picture to send to my Mami?” Luz asked, and everyone around her nodded, and Gus even whooped in excitement at the idea of a group picture. Making sure she didn’t get too much of the cab in the background (her Mami would ask way too many questions) Luz and her friends huddled around and smiled. Luz snapped a couple, before humming and shaking her head.
“Cute, but it’s not really us. Let’s do a group hug!”
Willow and Gus laughed and reached around to hug everybody’s shoulders. Luz extended her left arm around Amity, pulling her close. Amity’s cheeks pinked furiously, but she was laughing too when Luz grinned and took the picture. When she looked at it, she couldn’t help but let herself enjoy the moment. It was perfect.
She showed her friends the picture, and then she sent it to her Mami, along with a follow-up text.
I do :) This is Amity, and my two friends Willow and Gus.
When the cab pulled up, and the driver let them out, Amity discreetly slipped the cash Aphrodite had given them into the passenger seat. The driver wished them goodnight, and then they were there, outside the hall at the university that was hosting the event. It seemed to be one of the main buildings, and it was decorated outside with flowing magenta and silver balloons. Above the door was a huge banner with the words “Hexside Highschool Junior Prom”. All around them, teenagers just a little older than them were making their way inside, but nobody seemed to pass them any kind of look.
Perfect, they were blending right in.
Gus lead them to around the side of the building, away from the prying eyes of the prom guests.
“Right,” Gus said, and the four of them got into a huddle. “I used the workbench earlier to plan our heist and I have a plan. Right now, we’re two buildings over from the classics department where they keep the shield. We should stay here for a little bit, keep up the face, and then as pairs leave inconspicuously out the back exit and head across the yard to the building. We break inside, take the shield, and regroup at the prom entrance.”
He took off his backpack, pulling out a black cloth from inside.
“There are masks to hide our identity. The place has cameras everywhere except the back exit. The second you leave, put them on. We don’t want to get followed by mortal police.”
They each took their masks out, and Luz and Gus stuffed them into their pockets. Amity and Willow frowned, holding onto them.
“I can take that,” Luz said, extending her hand out to Amity. “I’ll give it to you later.”
“But we haven’t decided how we’re splitting up yet!” Gus said, and Luz frowned.
“What do you mean? It’s obvious to split ourselves up by our prom dates. It’ll look less suspicious. You and Willow go together, and I’ll go with Amity.”
Next to her, Amity flushed and handed Luz her mask, and Willow’s eyes lit up in excitement. Gus just shrugged.
“Alright, that works. Let’s ditch the rest of our stuff here in this bush until we come back for it later.”
Once they’d concealed their backpacks, the four of them walked up the steps and tried not to draw any attention to themselves. When they walked inside, Luz’s heart sank. It lead to the main room, clearly where the party was, but there was a security guard outside checking tickets. Luz’s heart sank.
“What are we going to do?” Luz hissed to Willow and Gus, who shrugged their shoulders helplessly. Next to her, Amity sighed, and Luz turned to look at her. Her eyes were narrowed in determination.
“Don’t worry. I’ve got this.”
The three of them shared a confused glance, but they didn’t have much time to question it before the couple in front of them walked in, and they were next.
“Tickets?” The security guard, a buff dude with blond hair, asked.
Amity’s shoulders slouched, and she ducked her head. “I’m so sorry sir, but we left them in the limo and don’t have them anymore! I swear we bought them though. Can you please just let us in?”
Luz bit the inside of her lip. There was no way that was going to work! Security guards had to deal with kids like them all the time, there was no chance-
The guard’s shoulders slouched to Amity’s level, and his eyes grew watery. “Oh, how terrible is that! On the night of your junior prom and everything… that’s no problem, miss. You and your friends head right inside.”
“Thank you so much, sir. You really are too kind.” Amity said quickly, grabbing Luz by the arm and dragging her inside with Willow and Gus trailing them. “Have a fantastic night.”
Luz struggled to pick up her jaw. “How did you just do that?”
“I didn’t know you could use charmspeak,” Willow added, looking quite surprised herself.
Amity sighed rubbing the back of her neck. “I can’t. It’s not charmspeak.”
“It’s Aphrodite’s Passion!” Gus said gleefully from behind them. Once they had walked inside the dark room lit up by flashing lights, they headed to a corner where they could talk privately.
“Aphrodite’s what?” Luz exclaimed, shocked.
“It’s a skill some of my mom’s kids have. It’s not as overpowering as charmspeak.” Amity explained quietly.
“Aphrodite’s Passion is when a person is inclined to listen and sympathize with the user. It doesn’t force anybody to do anything they wouldn’t otherwise do, but it does incentivize the target into acting out of empathy,” Gus added.
“How is that different from charmspeak?” Willow asked, confused.
“Charmspeak is foolproof and often results in loss of memory or confusion. It comes from the more manipulative side of Aphrodite, and is superficial at heart” Gus added, and then grimaced, turning back to Amity with an awkward smile. “No offense.”
“None taken,” Amity said with a shrug. “I can’t use it all the time anyway, I have to be in a certain mental state to get it right… I just had a feeling it would work today and well, I guess I got lucky.”
“What mental state do you have to be in,” Luz asked curiously, and Amity cleared her throat.
“I… It’s hard to explain…”
“It doesn’t matter right now,” Willow said quickly, regaining everybody’s focus. “What matters is the mission.”
The four of them nodded.
“Right,” Luz said seriously. “Let’s split up and enjoy the party.”
“I’m going to the free food,” Gus said excitedly, and Amity laughed.
“I wouldn’t mind some free stuff. I’ll go with you.” She turned to Luz with a smile. “Do you want me to get you a drink?”
Luz grinned. “Yeah, sure!”
The two demigods walked away, leaving Luz and Willow to themselves. Willow turned to Luz with a wide grin.
“So you finally asked Amity out then? Good for you, Luz!”
Luz’s stomach clenched hard. “What do you mean asked her out?”
Willow’s brow furrowed, and she frowned. “Well, she’s your prom date isn’t she?”
Luz felt her cheeks heating up. “I… I mean yeah…”
“And you gave her the corsage that matched the boutonniere?”
“And I’ve seen the way you two look at each other. You like her, right?”
What a question. She wasn’t sure she wanted to answer that just yet. Not when something else big had pushed itself to the surface.
“Willow, what is Aphrodite supposed to look like?”
Willow blinked in surprise. A small smile started to pull on her lips. “Well, there are lots of rumors about what gods and goddesses look like by those who’ve seen them. They’re supposed to encompass the things they are known for and reveal secrets to demigods about things they may not have previously understood. So Aphrodite, who stands for beauty, passion, and love… well, you would see those qualities in yourself reflected in her.
Luz swallowed hard. Aphrodite’s smile… her laugh… gods, she’d even smelled like Amity.
Luz knew she thought Amity was beautiful, she’d accidentally told her enough times. But did Luz… love her? Luz certainly felt a lot of things about Amity. With everything between them going on, and the way this prophecy had intertwined them, was there something more to them than Luz had even realized yet?
As much as she refused to acknowledge it, the prophecy did call for something tragic. Could this be what Aphrodite had been talking about? The passionate story fueled by love in Luz’s heart? Was this love more than just her new love for camp, and for her friends? Luz's face was getting so hot, she was sure she was sweating right through her new dress shirt.
Who was Luz kidding? She had never been this important, or this special. She had certainly never warranted any kind of attention from somebody as incredible as Amity. In fact, people like Amity had been the reason she was hurt in the past. Was this worth trying? Worth pushing just to see what happened? Every fiber in Luz wanted to run, to protect herself.
But this… this wasn’t about Maya. This was about Amity. And they had already been through so much together, she had to at least try. She had to at least take the leap of faith.
Willow smiled, nudging Luz with her shoulder. “Luz, if you ever want to talk, I’m always ready to listen.”
Luz turned to Willow gratefully. “I know, Willow. And I’m probably going to take you up on that soon.”
“I figured,” Willow said her eyes training onto something behind Luz. “But how about for right now, you just focus on making the magic happen?”
Luz turned her head and saw Amity coming back towards her, with two cups in her hand and a big smile on her face. Luz’s breath caught in her throat. Gods, Amity was just so pretty when she smiled. She felt that surge of panic come back, and the realization that this was happening hit her like a truck.
For whatever reason, in the middle of her panic, she remembered Eda, right before she accepted the prophecy.
“ You do have a choice. You’re allowed to look out for yourself if you need to. If this seems too much, you can take a moment to breathe.”
“Here you go,” Amity said, handing the cup to Luz. “They had lime soda. I saw you drinking it at the workshop so I figured it was a safe bet.”
Luz felt her heart jolt with affection, and the combination of that and Eda’s words in her head filled her with the same rush she had felt back when she’d accepted the prophecy.
Luz knew what she needed to do, and she was going to make sure she made the right choice. The sound of upbeat music filled the room, and with that so did her courage.
She reached over and took Amity’s cup from her, and handed them both to Willow. She turned back to a surprised Amity and extended her hand, smiling as confidently as she could.
“Amity, would you like to dance with me?”
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markwatkinsconsumerguide · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Consumer Guide / No.106 /  TV presenter Steve Blacknell “waffling” with Mark Watkins. 
MW : Have you always been outgoing?  
SB : I've always enjoyed being the centre of attention, if I'm honest. At school, in Dartford, I was bullied a lot fact, specifically by a rather unpleasant chap called Patrick Mackay who later went on to become a mass murderer. The only way I could keep him at bay and other lesser bullies was to talk my way out of those horrid situations and play the fool, and dance, and shout. It worked, and it sort of went on from there! By the time I eventually made the break into the entertainment industry I was a fully fledged eccentric twat!
MW : Tell me about The Waffle Club...
SB : It was conceived one dreary afternoon in a west London pub in 2003 when myself and a few chums were high as a kite talking nineteen to the dozen about nothing important.
''My god are we waffling, or not'', said a chum. Therein started a rather oblique conversation about the art of waffling and talking bollocks. A few hours later, The Waffle Club was born. It is now London's top media networking club with 1600 members - all of whom are highly regarded in their own particular fields such as TV/film/music/advertising/social media etc.
In peacetime, we meet in a private club in Soho every three weeks and exchange information and seek to help each other. Trust is all. Anyone betraying that trust is booted out. I rule it with a rod of rubber, and if you don't like being insulted then stay at home.This year we launch The Golden Knob Awards on-line where members are nominated and totally savaged by fellow wafflers. (PS. I stopped all that chemical nonsense in 2005 - I'm now a G & T man!)
MW : Are there any new artists you know of at the moment who are worth "plugging" (here)...? 
SB : Well I've been looking after artists for years now...the music just won't go away. I was introduced to James Passey a year ago by a Waffler - and was taken by his singular look and style. He's a singer songwriter in the traditional sense. James Taylor meets Ryan Adams. He writes amazing tunes with more hooks than a pirate’s wardrobe - and I've now introduced him to a vast array of celebrity musicians who are all keen to play with him. His fans include Marcella Detroit, Maggie Reilly and Martin Page who co-wrote,‘These Dreams’, and 'We Built This City'. We are going the old style route. Bye Bye Spotify and hello to connections and collaborations. It's working too. He's amazing.
MW : You've written a great, updated book on the history of Top Of The Pops. What do you think brought about its demise? Is it worth reviving beyond the Christmas special? How would you do it differently?
SB : I wrote the 21st Anniversary of Top Of The Pops in 1984 - mainly pissed in the back of a cab, so it wasn't exactly, “War and Peace”...but it did quite well (despite Jimmy Savile doing the forward...ouch!). I was asked to do the 50th Anniversary by the BBC - but this time played it right and asked the esteemed rock author Patrick Humphries to do it with me. This time Cliff Richard did the foreword. I'll never learn!  
The music really died by the start of the 1990's...there was no particular style or fashion to catch the eye. It was Britpop and collaborations that disappeared up their own bottom.
There's nothing to revive really ...the Top Of The Pops brand is long gone but still remains as a mark in musical history that started out with a then revolutionary idea amidst Ready Steady Go and the like to be a show that reflected the hits of the day. WHAT an idea.
MW :  To be involved with Live Aid must have been a supersonic thrill! A fantastic, once in a lifetime experience. What was it like sitting next to Phil Collins jetting off to America? Any other memories of the "day"?
SB : I was already part of the BBC music team team - doing shows like, Sight And Sound “In Concert” and Pop Carnival, and also had a hit show in the USA on MTV called, London Calling.  So as I knew the Video Jocks (''VJ's”) and the whole set up I was chosen to do the Concorde trip. I'd never met Phil Collins and to be honest - I wasn't that nervous...and didn't give it a second thought...until I got to Heathrow.  Then it all started to fall into place - and I started to buzz with it all when we got into the cockpit with the pilot eating his egg sandwiches. Phil and I were (and are) HUGE Tony Hancock fans so when we were called upon to do a voice level we went into a sketch from, 'The Radio Ham’. It all went a bit crazy with lots of electrical interference - but - we did get the chat out as we zoomed above the clouds. I told my mum what I was doing the night before... there was a pause on the phone, and she said, ''How are you off for pants?''. Never try and impress your mum.
MW : Places and Faces. Describe some of your favourite destinations in the world, and some of your favourite people (met) along the way...
SB : I lived in LA for six years - Hollywood, in fact. My job as a TV Anchor for Channel 4 led me to meet some amazing people. I had a day with Dudley Moore and one with Bob Hope. I kissed Jamie Lee Curtis and traded glove puppets with Henry Winkler. Great times...and ONLY in LA!
MW : Which "celebrity" interviews are you most proud of? 
SB : My first ever TV interview was with Alice Cooper for the BBC’s Riverside show in 1982 - that was a shuddering experience, but I'd go on to work with him in Sweden years later and we got on great. When I was pretty up myself in the mid-1980's I interviewed Tina Turner...and was so knocked out by her I asked her out via her manager. She said no. I couldn't figure out why?? But that WAS the 80's. 
MW :  In 2010, you sold the original, hand-written lyrics to ‘The Man With The Child In His Eyes’ by Kate Bush. How did you come to have them and why did you decide to sell them? 
SB : Kate was my first love and we had such amazing times together. We both knew we'd go on to do something but quite what we didn't grasp. I sold the lyrics when I was on my back after a near fatal car smash. It was either that or lose the house. I often wish I hadn't done it as I never wanted to embarrass her, but at the time I had no other choice.
MW : What is your favourite ( A ) 12" vinyl record ( B ) music video ( C ) pop TV programme of all-time?
SB : 
( A ) ‘Love On Your Side’ ~ The Thompson Twins. I loved the Thompsons.  I did a Sight And Sound “In Concert'' with them on BBC TV and when they got to the end of the set - I had to chat to the audience while they wound back the backing tracks so they could do an encore.
( B ) 'Like A Hurricane’ ~ Neil Young and Crazy Horse.
( C ) Has to be Riverside as it gave me my break. The series, which focused on music, art, fashion and style, ran on BBC 2 from January, 1982 until November, 1983. It was a brave show that beat The Tube every week in the TV ratings...but they had better PR!!!
MW : Desert Island Discs. What would be your 8 records, book and luxury item choices?
‘Hey Joe’ by The Jimi Hendrix Experience. This changed me from a Dave Clark Five fan into something more intense!!
‘Very Cellular Song’ an album cut from The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter by The Incredible String Band. My all-time favourite band. I  ended up living with them and then going on the road with them!  
'Like A Hurricane’ by Neil Young and Crazy Horse. This is my wife and mine’s funeral record. It's one that sends us to heaven and goosebumps land.
‘Nine Feet Underground’ by Caravan from In The Land Of Grey And Pink. In 1972, whilst living in a cottage commune in Cornwall, we'd trip to that album while an army of ''mint-men'' were making breakfast for us in the kitchen. This track gives me flashes of wondrous and hazy daze.
'Willie The Pimp' from Hot Rats by Frank Zappa. This is bliss with Captain Beefhart on vocals...hippie bliss. As THE Man says, “Hot meat. Hot rats. Hot chicks. Hot zits''!!!.  
'I Ran (So Far Away)’ the single from A Flock Of Seagulls. In fact, I signed the New Wave band to Jive in 1982 and it was this song that got me running to the boss Clive Calder with a promise that it would go Top Ten in the USA. It got to Number 9. I was right for once. I still love the band, although the singer has gone off with a bunch of session blokes. It doesn't matter to me though - I'm still close with the others, and ‘I Ran’ still sends a chill up my shirt!
‘Music’ from the 1976 album Rebel by John Miles. This was the first record I ever plugged - and when John was supporting Robin Trower in Manchester in 1976 I asked this girl I fancied to go with me. Maggie and I are still together, and we play the song every year on that date.
‘Mr. Apollo’ from Tadpoles by The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. The Bonzo's were a sublimely daft bunch who put the E into eccentric. They have become a huge cult band. I have a friend from LA. When we meet every year for lunch in London we sit down and sing one entire side of this album together, then say hello and order a drink!
Book? I don't read! I've always considered it a waste of talking time. I'd take ten Viz annuals stuck tougher. Laughing is life itself.
Luxury wise ... an oven so I could cook any game I could find on the island. I don't eat meat as in farmed stuff. Chickens waddling around in their own toilet doesn't get my taste buds popping. I adore pheasant and stuff like that. I spend hours every Saturday at the slow cooker putting in elaborate mixtures of spices and sweet things to go with the catch of the day. I love going to my local butchers here in Kent. I always ask the same thing, ''Excuse me do you keep dripping?'' and ''Yes sir,'' he always replies. ''Well you'd best see a doctor then,'' I retort... then we fall about. Every time. Without fail. 
MW : What are just some of the things you like to see and do at home and "around town"?
SB : I live over the sea in Hythe, Kent with my lovely wife Maggie and two cats in the yard - Barney and Molly. We never wanted children to be honest... as Lady B always says - “Went to school with the buggers - and that was enough''. 
Walks by the Military Canal’... built to keep Napoleon out of the UK... and yet he never bothered coming!
Food shopping at the weekend. I adore that...I take three hours minimum. I love looking for a bargain, me!
MW : Where can we keep tabs on you?! 
SB : I'm at and my book, “Fully Qualified Survivor”, is out next summer...God willing !
© Mark Watkins / December 2020
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redpandaramblings · 7 months ago
Laundry Day. Sero x F!reader
Content warning- Mature humor, Mineta mention, sexual situations, heavy petting.
 “Come on!  It would be so much fun!”  Mina was bouncing on her heels, practically vibrating with excited energy as she tried to convince the group to go along with her scheme.
“So let me get this right.” Bakugo sighed.  “You want to do this fucking thrift store scronging thing for Christmas?”
“Yep!”  Mina said.  “Let’s be real, none of us have a lot of money this year, and this will be a way to have a lot of fun on a budget!  It’s simple.  Everyone finds the weirdest or most inappropriate thing they can buy for five bucks or less, and then we have a white elephant party on Christmas Eve!”
“White Elephant?” Kirishima asks, tilting his head.
Kaminari nods, jumping in.  “Yeah man!  Means people take turns picking gifts out of a pile.  Or they have the chance to steal a gift someone else already opened.  Basically, don’t go picking stuff thinking it will go to a specific person.”
“Is this going to be just us?  Or are we inviting everyone?  Because I live in curious fear of whatever Mineta would manage to dig up.”  You asked from where you were lounging.
Mina blanched while Denki cackled in delight.
“Oh god, we have to invite everyone now!  Imagine Midoria’s face!  Imagine Iida’s!”
“It’s settled!  Party at Bakubro’s!” Kiri cheered.
“Oi shitty hair! Don’t fucking invite everyone over to my place!”
“But you make the best curry!  Please?  For your bestest friends in the whole wide world?”
“Fuck no!”
“Pleeeeaaaase?”  Kiri pleaded.
Kirishima looked around the squad, communicating silently as everyone nodded.  As a collective force, you all turned your best puppy eyes at Bakugo.  He squirmed, firmly trying to look away from all of you.  You all started fake whimpering and whining.  You knew you had won when Katsuki’s lips briefly twitched into a smile.
“Alright!  Alright!  Now stop it, you fucking extras!”
“Three cheers for Bakubro!” Sero exclaimed.
The weeks flew by and before you knew it, the party was upon you.  Katsuki had grumbled and bitched the whole time, and yet now was gazing with pride at the absolute spread he had spent the last two days cooking.  Everyone had showed up, had gorged themselves, and were now in the process of opening presents.  There had been a couple weird mugs, a lamp made out of a deer leg, and Iida had had the misfortune of opening the gift Mineta had brought.  Everyone stared in horrified awe at the three foot long, hot pink dildo.
“Are those teeth marks on it?”
“Yep, teeth marks.”
“Mineta, where the hell did you find this thing?”
“I swear I got it at a thrift store!  The price tag is still on the base, look!”
“Yep.  That’s a price tag.”
“I’m not drunk enough for this.”
“I wanna bite it.”
“Y/N!  NO!”
There was a lot of laughter and teasing as the evening continued, gifts continuing to be claimed or stolen at a slow pace.  Just about everyone after Iida had tried to steal ownership of the horror dong as it had been nicknamed.  Denki had just stolen it from you, so you had to pick a new gift.  You pointed toward a box that was rather conspicuously wrapped entirely in tape.
“Okay, someone toss me whatever the hell Sero got.”
The black haired man gave a little fist pump as he snagged the box, walking over to sit next to you as he handed the box over.  He casually pressed against your side and slung an arm around your shoulders.  “Amiga, I’m honored!  You’re going to love it!”
“Yeah, I’m going to love it if I can ever get into it.”  You began the process of slowly unwrapping the absurd amount of tape.  “Seriously, anybody got a knife?”
A chorus of “no”s replied, no one actually bothering to look for one.
You gave a dramatic groan.  “You’re all awful and I hate each and every one of you.”
Hanta gasped and placed a hand over his heart.  “Even me, Querida?”
“Especially you, you office supply elbowed freak.”  You replied, sticking your tongue out at him even as you snuggled more comfortably into his side.
After a couple more minutes of dramatic whining and tape unwrapping, you finally got the box open, only to reveal the gaudiest t-shirt you had ever seen.  It was a nauseating shade of Pepto Bismol pink.  There was glitter.  And oh god, what the thing said.  You started cackling.  You held it up for everyone to see, discovering as you did so that this had to be the largest shirt you had seen in your life.
“Ooo, nice one Hanta, that’s really awful!”
“Someone steal this from me, please!”
“No way, Y/N!  It’s the perfect addition to your wardrobe!”
“Hermosa! I’m wounded you would get rid of my gift right after opening it.”
“Look at this thing!  Fatgum would swim in it!”
You made a show of grumbling, but you stowed the shirt back in its box and enjoyed the rest of your evening with your friends.  When you got home quite late that evening, you shoved the box into the back of your closet and didn’t think about it again until almost a year later.
Today had been the day from hell.  You muttered curses to yourself as you stomped down the hallway to your apartment.  Work had been harder than usual, the kind of day that made you grateful to make the long commute back home.  So of course today would be the day that the subway would be taken over by a villain who had a sludge quirk.  Asshole had flooded the cars with the thick, foul smelling, viscous ooze that reminded you of things unmentionable.  You and the other passengers had had to scramble to make sure no one ended up in over their head.  Lucky everyone had been saved.  Unluckily you and many others, you had spent the better part of two hours standing shoulder deep in the muck.  It was in your hair.  It had soaked your clothes.  It was in your underwear.  And the icing on the cake was of course it was your friends and neighbors who had rescued you.  Of course your crush had seen you when you looked like you had taken up competitive septic tank diving.  
It took you three tries before your key actually got in the lock.  You shuffled into your apartment and straight for the bathroom.  Grimacing as you peeled your clothing off, you unceremoniously chucked everything into the hamper before stepping into the shower and turning the water as hot as it would go.  You stayed in the shower for over an hour scrubbing and rescrubbing every inch of you.  With great reluctance, you eventually stepped out of the shower, reaching for a towel.  You lazily dried yourself off as you walked into the bedroom, intent on putting on pajamas and pretending you didn’t exist for the next several hours.  
You opened your underwear drawer only to be filled with a deep sense of dread.  Empty.  Your pajama drawer? One pair of extreme booty shorts that say “creepy” on the butt.  Your t-shirt drawer?  Empty.  Your closet?  Empty.  Frustrated tears threatened to slip down your cheeks as you realized that the shorts were the only clean item of clothing in your apartment.  You had been meaning to do laundry for a while, but you hadn’t realized that it had gotten this bad.  As much as you hated to, you were going to have to do your laundry tonight.  You put the shorts in and  looked through your closet again, desperate enough to find a sheet to try and fashion into a toga when you spotted a rather bedraggled tape covered box.  You hadn’t thought about your ridiculous white elephant gift in several months, but now?  Well, it technically was a shirt.  It certainly would cover you better than an improvised sheet toga.  Before you could think twice about it, you opened the box, grabbed the shirt, and slipped it on.
The shirt swam on you, going past your butt.  The color was bad, and you winced at the image on the front.  But, you were now decent enough to venture down to the building’s shared laundry room.  So, after grabbing your hamper, detergent, and quarter jar; you did just that.
You hummed the Mission Impossible theme to yourself as you descended the stairwell to the ground floor.  Most of your friends lived on this level, but chances were they were fast asleep at this time of night.  You were glad of that as you hurried along.  You really didn’t want to run into anyone wearing your current getup.  It took several minutes to sort your laundry into a few machines and get everything started.  You were leaning against the last machine in the line, debating going back to your place or just staying here when you heard something that made you freeze.  Upbeat whistling that was growing closer each second.  You knew that whistle You did not want to see the owner of that whistle right now.  You had already been embarrassed in front of crush today, you really didn’t need him showing up for round two.  You were debating how quickly you could scramble into a dryer to hide when Sero Hanta entered the room.  
He briefly glanced your way.  “Hey Y/N!  I figured I might see you here.  I’ll admit I’ve seen some shit, and that was gross even by my standards.  I wanted to ask how you were doing.  Make sure you weren’t injured or any…”. He trailed off when he finally registered what exactly you were wearing.  His grin turned positively feral as he set his own laundry bag to the side.
“My, my, my.”  Sero gave a rumbling chuckle.  “Whatever do we have here?”  Sero’s eyes could sweep up and down your body.  His signature grin grew wider as his gaze lingered on your t-shirt clad chest.  
You crossed your arms, attempting to hide the gigantic image of a lime green, glittery, prancing unicorn proclaiming “I’m horny!”  What were the odds that someone else would be washing their clothes at two in the morning?  Apparently changes were pretty damn high, you thought as you leveled a half hearted glare at your friend and neighbor.  
“It’s laundry day, Hanta, don’t read into it.”
“But Hermosa!  How can I not?  The first time I see mi corazón wearing the gift I so painstakingly chose for her?”  He waggled his eyebrows as his trademark teasing grin spread over his face.
You blushed, turning your head to the side and refusing to look at him.
“You’re full of crap, Cellophane.  It’s been a really shitty day, and this was literally my only thing to wear.”
Sero nodded and hummed, turning to put his own laundry in the machines.  “Si, si.  It was a rather difficult time, it looked like.  And you okay though?  Not injured?  I didn’t get a chance to catch up with you after the fight was over.”
You groaned, tilting your head back and covering your face with your hands. “I’m afraid I got a nasty case of extreme embarrassment and took a heavy blow to my pride.  Of course you fuckers had to be the heros on duty for that whole debacle.”
Hanta looks at you seriously as shoves disorganized armfuls of laundry into the nearest machine.  “I’d rather it be me saving you than anybody else, Querida.”
You let your hands fall to your side with a disgruntled sigh.  “Why?  So you can witness all the embarrassing situations you can blackmail me with?”
“Well now that you mention it, yes.”  Sero dumped an obscene amount of soap into the washer before turning it on.  “However,” he purred in a sinful voice that startled you.  He stalked toward you like a hungry jaguar.  He stalked toward you like a hungry jaguar.  Squeaking, you inched away from him until the back of your legs were pressed firmly against the cold metal of the washing machine. Hanta leaned over your retreating frame, placing an arm on either side of you, caging you in.  “Querida mia, I want to always be able to make sure you are safe.”
You placed your hands on his chest, halfheartedly trying to shove him away.
“That’s very touching.  Now get out of my personal space.”
 “But Querida,”  Sero murmured, his voice going low and sensual, moving closer until your hips pressed against each other.  “There’s nowhere I’d rather be than your personal space.  Si supieras las cosas que quiero hacerte...”
With him so close, there was nothing you could do to disguise the shiver that ran through you at his words.  
“Oh?  What’s this?”  Sero said.  His large hands traveled to your hips, his long fingers finding their way under the hem of your shirt to tantalizingly stroke your skin.  He leaned forward, voice turning to a growl with his mouth next to your ear.  “Hermosa likes me speaking Español, hmm?”
You bite your lip before giving in and nodding.
“Well, in that case…  Taco supreme!”
The fingers that had been stroking your skin suddenly became deadly, horrible tickle weapons; digging into your sides and moving rapidly.  You shrieked with surprised laughter, thrashing from side to side as you tried to escape.  However, Hanta’s large frame and firm hips kept you pinned against the washing machine as his traitorous fingers continued their assault.  He continues to tease in between his own laughter.  “Nachos grande!  Cinnamon Twists!  Quiero Taco Bell!”
Tears are streaming down your cheeks as you wheeze and slap at his chest.  “Stop!  Stop!  You horrible man!”  He gets in a few more tickles before he does stop, wrapping his arms around you, pulling into a tight hug as you both take a few moments to pant and calm your laughter.  He nuzzles your neck before asking softly, “Feel better?”
You nod, just enjoying his warm body wrapped around you.
“Yeah?”  Your voice just as soft as his, one of your hands finds its way up to stroke his hair.
“I’d really like to kiss you right now.”
“Please.”  You whisper softly, tugging at his hair just enough to encourage him to move his head back.  Your lips find each other, cautious and gentle at first.  Then, Hanta nips at your lower lip, and you let your mouth fall open with a whimper.  The kiss is hunger and passion, and heat.  Tongues wrestling, teeth lightly biting and teasing each other as hands roam and grope.  Sero’s hands find the back of your thighs and soon he’s lifting you, setting you down on the edge of the washing machine.  He presses himself between your spread legs, bucking against you, and you can feel his hard length teasing you through your clothes.
“Wanted this so long.  You have no idea how long.  Y entonces hoy estaba tan preocupado por ti.  Cuando vi que estabas en peligro, quise matar a ese villano y encerrarte donde nunca más estarías en peligro.”
“Me too.  Wanted this so long, but didn’t think you felt the same.  Now get back here and kiss me like you mean it!”
He happily complied, his lips fitting over yours as if they had been made to be placed together.  The kisses and touches didn’t stay innocent long, his hands finding your breasts through your shirt, teasing and pulling at your nipples.  One of your hands traveled down to stroke the obvious bulge that was rutting against you.  Between his thrusting and the vibrations of the machine you were sitting on, your shorts were becoming visibly soaked.  His fingers found their way up a leg hole and he moaned sinfully when he found there weren't any undergarments keeping his touch from your soaking folds.  It was your turn to smirk, pulling away from his kisses to whisper in his ear.
“I told you, Darling.  Laundry day.”
“Amore, you’re going to be the death of me.”  He groans, shoving his face into your cleavage as he slips a finger into you.
You laugh breathlessly.  “You better not die on me, Hanta.  What I have in mind will be much less fun if you’re dead.”
“HOLY FUCK!”  Shouted a very recognizable voice from the doorway.  Your groan was not from pleasure as you rested your head on Sero’s shoulder.
“Piss off, Denki.”
“Hanta’s finally getting some honey!  Score man!”
“What’s going on?” Mina’s sleep heavy voice drifted in from the hallway.
“Y/n and Sero are going to Pound Town in the Laundry Room!”
“Denki, en el nombre de Dios, I will kill you if you don’t back out of that doorway and let me finish what I started.”
Bakugo’s voice rang down the hall “No fucking in the goddamn Laundryroom!”
Kiri’s voice soon followed “Take it easy, Tsuki!  They can clean up when they’re done!  Get some guys!  You need condoms?”
Sero sighed deeply, pulling his hand out of your pants as your shoulders shook from silent laughter.  “I think, Hermosa, we can agree no fucking in front of the friend group?”
You nodded, laughing as you jumped down from your washing machine perch. “Not until the third date at least.”
Sero moaned softly, not expecting the way that statement had made his cock twitch.  Acting quickly, he scooped you up, and threw you over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.  “My room.  Now.”
“Ooo, Caveman Hanta.  Sexy.”
Denki jumped to the side to let Sero pass, calling after you “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t!”
You called back “Well, I’m going to do Hanta, so what does that say about you?”
Sero’s hand came down on your bottom with a firm smack as he continued down the hallway and around the corner, taking you two toward his apartment and out of sight.
Spanish guide- 
Amiga- Friend
Querida- Darling
Hermosa- Beautiful
Querida mia- My darling.
 Si supieras las cosas que quiero hacerte- If you knew the things that I want to do to you
Y entonces hoy estaba tan preocupado por ti.  Cuando vi que estabas en peligro, quise matar a ese villano y encerrarte donde nunca más estarías en peligro.-  And then today I was so worried about you. When I saw that you were in danger, I wanted to kill that villain and lock you up where you would never be in danger again.
Hey guys!  Pan here, hope you enjoyed it.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve put any of my fanfic out there, so please be gentle with me.  I just used Google translate for the Spanish, so I’m sure some of it is very wrong.  If you have corrections, please feel free to send them my way!  Also, if you see any triggers that need tagging please let me know.  I also accept constructive criticism, and appreciate having spelling and grammar mistakes pointed out.  Also want to take the chance to answer this question ahead of time-
“The fuck is up with the dildo?!?!”
The Dildo of Doom is based on real events.  That actually happened.  One of my former sorority sisters found the dong of death at a thrift store.  It did indeed have teeth marks on it.  Human teeth marks, I should clarify.  Truth is stranger than fiction.
I have to thank @reinawritesbnha for helping me edit some clunky sections.  If you aren’t already familiar with her work, please check her out!
Taglist- @reinawritesbnha @nkjktk
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kouffee-ink · 9 months ago
Fem!S/O Steals Their Jacket
Tumblr media
❝✎... hello !!! can i have a headcanon for suna, kags, and osamu where fem!s/o wears their club jacket without them knowing because they’re cold? thank u ❞ submitted by ➳ @iskiffotaken​
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Suna Rintarou
there was a thief out loose
you had managed to get your hands on your boyfriend’s inarizaki jacket since it was freezing, and you were avoiding him all day
you kinda hoped he didn’t notice it was gone or thought he left it at home which was quite likely
but when he saw a familiar flash of maroon rush past a sea of students, all those assumptions flew out the window
he mentally groaned to himself, thinking how tiring this whole chase would be
he tried texting you but you left him on read, made an attempt of calling as well but he was greeted with a mere voicemail
“hello! this is (y/n), wanna hear a joke? knock knock, who’s there? not me, so leave a message! also if this is tarou, always remember i love you~”
he shoves his face in his hands hiding the dust of pink in his cheeks, he always told you to change that voice mail of yours because it was weird, but in reality he just  gets too flustered everytime
and so this little game of hide and seek went on for the whole day
he was growing more impatient when atsumu decided on teasing him how cute you looked in his jacket during lunch
he tried the gym, your classroom, the cafeteria, and the library but you were nowhere around, this is too much activity for one day he thought
he eventually had to go to afternoon practice, so he made a beeline for the gym, and as though some miracle he finally caught you
he took in a harsh breath, you were peering inside the gym from the small crack of the door, still wearing the stolen item
the jacket was too big on you,it basically engulfed u, and the sleeves reached up to your hands giving this sweater paws effect,,, something abt u wearing his clothes made his face feel hot again
he took hold of your shoulders and you visibly jumped from the contact, you tried to make a run for it but he had already backed you up on the wall
“where do you think you’re going?” he asks with a blank stare “you found me… yay” you shift under his gaze
“do you have any idea what i’ve been through all day?” “no clue, but i bet it was very productive”
he sighs “are you mad at me?” you tug at his shirt making him look at you, he couldn’t resist the puppy eyes and the small pout of your lips
wow does she make me weak
“i wish i could be angry at you” he murmurs, picking up a strand of your hair and absentmindedly twirling it, eyes boring into yours
the gym door suddenly bursts open, and it was atsumu looking smug as ever “my my, suna, i didn’t think you’d be the type”
suna jumps away from your position and tells the setter to fvck off, in which he does laughing all the way
suna rests his head on your shoulder as his hands limply rest at his sides  “you’re lucky you’re cute”
Tumblr media
Kageyama Tobio
It was a friday afternoon, you were chilling on your bed, catching up on you favorite show, when you shuddered at the cool wind that entered your window
getting up you shut it close and darted for your wardrobe, skimming for a hoodie, when a certain black material peaked your interest
he must’ve left it here, you giddily put it on and wore a pair of socks and flopped once again on your comfy mattress, hugging the jacket close
 you heard footsteps padding across the floor outside, but you brushed it off, thinking it  just might’ve been a family member, until someone barged into your room
“(y/n) i think i left my jack-” you fell off your bed with a loud thud, and quickly scrambled up your feet, “i-is that my jacket?”
“this is...exactly what it looks like”  giving him an awkward smile, the apples of your cheeks glowing red.  
kageyama just stands there for a while, gaping at your figure but eventually excuses himself from the room
oh no she’s cute, tobio exe has stopped working
you were going frantic not knowing what happened, what should i do? is he angry? what now? did i break him?  
In your worry, you followed him only to see him facing the wall tracing lines nf his palm
“tobio? are u okay?” you ask cautiously, he was seemingly brought to reality with your voice, ears still tinted in pink “i’m okay, just surprised is all”
“i’m sorry for wearing your jacket without your permission” “no no its fine! You have nothing to be sorry for!” he retorts as he frantically makes gestures with his hands iida is that u? 
“In fact,,,you should wear my clothes more often- you look cute in it” he mumbles the last part avoiding your teasing gaze 
“I’m sorry, i didn’t hear the last part” “i said you looked cuteghjsf” “can i hear it again?”
“ i said let’s watch that show of yours, now lets go” he pinches your cheek and intertwines your fingers, dragging you back to your room, giggling at his flustered form “you’re such a dork”
Tumblr media
Miya Osamu 
It was a really windy morning that day, that even if you wore your blazer it still wouldn’t have been enough to cloak you from  the cold breeze 
You stopped by the gym, a usual morning routine, so that osamu knew you arrived safely
opening the gym door, you sigh in relief at the slight warmth it exuded, eyes looking for the wing spiker, until you realized you caught most of the team’s attention already
you awkwardly wave a hand at them, atsumu sneering at his twin, who was jogging up to you 
“morning” he lowers his head, and you place a kiss on his cheek  “good morning” you reply with a toothy smile
you went to ask for the notes he had borrowed you yesterday. he said he kept them at his locker at the club room and asked if you wanted him to get it for you, but you refused and told him you’d get it yourself
bidding your goodbye to him and the rest of the team, you started trekking for the club room
you rushed straight for his locker and placed the code you somehow knew, grinning after hearing the successful click
you took the notebook from his school bag and went to close the locker door, when your eyes grazed at the maroon jacket folded neatly on the shelf
you bit your lip thinking if you should, he wouldn’t mind won’t he? It’s not really stealing when i’m freezing right?
you kinda just went fvck it and slipped it on, it was a lot bigger than your frame,almost reaching your skirt, but it was enough to give you warmth
satisfied with your decision you shut the door close, only to be met with the man himself leaning at the side of he door with an amused look
“i think I’m in trouble” he speaks up, slowly walking over to you, eyeing you intently, and you return him the look. face not faltering and showing him a strong font despite being nervous shitless
“don’t you have practice?” you ask cooly, crossing yours arms over your chest “I remember not telling you the lock code, but it seems like you had your way”
“well okay, i’m just gonn-” “wear it, it’s freezing out there” he offers nonchalantly, zipping the jacket close, then lifts your chin making you look him in the eyes “and so that everyone knows your mine, and i don’t like to share”
Tumblr media
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obxmxybxnk · 11 months ago
new girl I
part one
word count: 2.4k
description: a strange girl ends up in Outerbanks with no family. Who is she and why is she here?
warnings: jj x reader, mentions of kiara, john b, pope, sarah cameron, innuendos, swearing, angst, fluff, slut shaming, sexual assault and assault.
a/n: this is part 1/4 of my new series. It's quite a short series clearly but each chapter is fairly long. i really hope you enjoy it :)
Tumblr media
chapter one
The ferry pulled up to the dock, the warm breeze hitting your tired face. Your curious eyes darted across the swarm of tourists and locals who were watching the ferry come to a stop.
Your phone started buzzing for the 10th time in 30 minutes so you pushed your hand into your bag and swiftly turned the ringer off. Maybe you should delete the number?
"stopping at Outerbanks. Please collect your belongings and leave from the nearest exist." a crackling voice boomed from the black speakers in all corners of the boat, informing all passengers that they had arrived.
A sigh of relief escaped your incredibly dry mouth, you had finally gotten free; you had no chains on you anymore.
Your feet took you out of the ferry and stopped once you hit the burning stone pathment.
Friendly locals smiled at you, welcoming you onto their land. You had chosen a good spot.
Without another minute of hesitation, you ran. The cold wind brushing past your skin making you feel alive and free.
You brought yourself to the petite, homely shack near the beach. It was on what the islanders called 'the cut'. It was the only property you could afford and move into immediately.
Sure there were a few broken pipes and a couple shattered windows but nothing you couldn't fix eventually.
It was a two bedroom bungalow, with a small kitchen, living room and bathroom. It had everything you needed and more. (why would you possibly need a two bedroom house?)
You carried your two bags inside, the only personal belongings you had brought with you. It held your wallet, phone and clothes. You had also swiped his extra card which was signed in your name, meaning it technically couldn't be seen as theft.
The last owners had been nice enough to leave the house furnished, seen as they had moved to figure eight and had more than enough money to redecorate their whole new house.
The last residents had been avid gamblers, which was one of the reasons why they had one of the shabbiest shacks on the whole island. Luckily for them, they hit a goldmine and won over a million pounds. They both decided to quit gambling now that they were millionaires. Lets hope that lasts..
You walked up the stairs and shotgunned the biggest bedroom in your mind, deciding the smaller one would be the spare bedroom. Although, you figured you wouldn't be making many friends here seen as you needed to 'lay low.'
Walking over to the window, you had a perfect view of the beach. Since you now lived on the cheap end of the cut, it wasn't a place that tourists visited. This meant that the beach next door was empty apart from a few straggling locals who probably lived nearby.
Quickly, you changed out of your sweaty clothes that you had been travelling in and pulled on an old white bikini, one you found deep in your wardrobe while hurriedly packing back home.
You've never lived near the seafront before, always living in some part of the big city. As much as you enjoyed being able to watch the bright lights shine all day and all night and hear the bustle of party goers start their walk of shame, it felt peaceful to sit on the golden sand as you watched the blue water curl up to your nail polish clad toes while the streetlights around you slowly started to dim. The flurescent stars in the sky bringing you your only source of light.
While your body began to become tranquil, your thoughts lazily being pushed to the back of your mind, you could faintly hear the whispering of two male voices.
Your eyes popped open when their voices got louder, indicating they were getting closer. Your eyes settled on two teenage figures, one tall blonde and an even taller brunette. They were staring at you, both of their faces held looks of bewilderment and thrill.
The brown haired one cautiously approached you, a small smile creeping on his face.
"are you new?" he asked. Wow, not even a hello, you noted.
Your only response was a sharp nod, not feeling up to speaking to some rowdy boys just yet.
"im JJ, and he's John B." the other boy piped, offering a grin to you, seemingly easing up to you. Neither of their faces held the nervousness that was there before.
You just nodded again, closing your eyes. Exhaustion was taking over your warn out body and you didnt understand why these people were still bothering you.
"um, what's.. what's your name?" the blonde asked again, becoming startled that you were so closed off. You groaned under your breathe, although by the look on their faces, you probably did it a tad too loud.
"y/n." you spoke, promptly picking yourself up from the floor and brushing off your sandy bikini bottoms.
"lovely to meet you both." for the first time that night, you connected eyes with bright blue ones, they held desire and want. A mix that brought tingles to between your thighs. You couldn't let yourself get involved, though.
You climbed over the sturdy fence that you had gone over to get into the beach to begin with effortlessly, disappearing from the boys view.
JJ knew that he had to find you again.
After you reached your new home, you hurried in. Hoping those boys werent following you. They looked to be the same age as you but they just brought you back to how your life used to be.
"you were hanging out with those boys again werent you?" he hissed, his dirty breath hit the side of your face, reaking of beer and weed.
"They're just my friends." you rolled your eyes, immediately regretting your actions.
His large hand raised and an ear shattering clap whirled around the room, a sharp pain pulsing in your cheek, you felt burning tears trickle from your y/e/c eyes, willing yourself not to cry.
"you're a stupid fucking slut, do you really think those boys are going to love you just because you slept with them, huh?" he asked condescendingly, bending down so he was your height. You violently shook your head, panic arising in your veins. He tutted as he looked down at you, disapointed.
His strong hand suddenly groped your breast, making your face turn sour.
"this is what they'll do to you. You're too fucking weak. How can you be a slut if you cant even fend for yourself?"
He started feeling you in areas that made you gag in disgust, you absolutely loathed yourself for letting this man touch you in unwanted places. You despised yourself for not being strong enough or brave enough to fight back.
_~_~_~_ ~_
The sun beamed into your room, the curtain-less window seemingly not helping to stop the light from reaching you.
A deep, groggy groan came out of your throat, a burning sensation scratching you. You reached your arms up above you, satisfaction filling your face as your ears picked up on the slow cracking of your bones.
As you turned your body, pulling yourself out of the surprisingly warm and comfortable bed, you let out a noisy yawn seen as you had only slept three hours that night.
Your brain was bombarded with thoughts of not only the life you had managed to escape from, but the peculiar boys that didn't seem to leave you alone the night before.
They seemed like nice boys and maybe if you weren't currently living in a shitty shack on the first island you heard about you would've gladly introduced yourself and befriended them. However, the circumstances are different and you are not willing to let anybody in.
Once before had you let somebody break down your walls and the result was catastrophic, they crushed your heart into tiny unfixable pieces. What you once thought was unbreakable, was now barely even there. You kept your mind and heart shut off completely. Some silly outerbanks boys aren't going to change that.
A loud knock on your flimsy door shook you back to reality, and you dragged yourself out of your bedroom and towards the door.
Creaks echoed around the building as you opened up the wooden plank,
"Hi, I saw you moved in so i thought i would give you a nice neighbourly welcome." a man menacingly smiled at you, his dark blue eyes held danger and uncertainty. Just by the mere presence of this blonde man, you felt cold chills prickle your spine, sending the short hairs at the back of your neck directly upright.
"hi, i'm y/n." you smiled, cautiously taking a tiny step back, purely for your own safety. You felt bad for judging this random man but the way he held his stare was frightening in a way you had only experienced once before.
"oh, delightful to meet you y/n." he spoke, licking his lips provocatively. "your parents home?"
"did you want to speak to them? theyre just sleeping at the moment." you lied, but you had a feeling he already knew that due to the way he took a step closer, less than an arms length away from you. His teeth bit his lip as he sucked on the chapped, pink flesh. He looked you up and down and you suddenly became very aware of your clothing. You had rushed to the door before getting redressed so you were still stood in your skimpy pyjamas that you wore the night before. Your fingers trembled as you stood frozen, never had you been good in situations like this.
You couldn't defend yourself, thats what he always told you. He told you that thats the reason he did those things,
'i'm protecting you' he would say.
'i'm preparing you for the future' he would say.
Boney fingers caressed your frail hair as the man tucked it gently behind your ear, apparently he had moved closer while you were a world away mentally.
"sorry, i never caught your name." you asked quietly, almost afraid to ask the question. You knew that if this man decided to pull anything, at least you knew what to tell the cops.
"Luke Maybank."
"you should've seen her, she was so hot!" John B bragged to Pope, describing the mysterious girl they met on the beach. JJ just rolled his eyes, feeling respect for this girl who he didn't even know.
"damn, maybe we should go down to the beach tonight and see if she's there again." pope offered, receiving a smack on the back of his head from Kiara.
"stop objectifying this girl, she sounds like she just wanted to be alone and you both gawked at her." she scolded, feeling sympathy for you.
"whatever. she was clearly new though or a touron. We know everybody on this damn island but neither of us had ever seen her. I mean, i know for sure that i would remember that body." John B winked, earning a scoff from JJ, surprising all the pogues.
"sorry i agree with Kiara, maybe we were objectifying her." he shrugged, making the pogues gasp in bewilderment, confusion overtaking their features. It wasn't like JJ to not want to stare at a girl and ogle her.
"good for you JJ." kiara spoke first, her voice seeping with awe, feeling like she was watching a new man.
Abruptly, pope and John B burst out laughing, not believing a word the boy said.
"sure." Pope exclaimed, dragging out the 'e'. This earned him another slap on his head. He winced in pain and glared at Kiara who just sent him an exaggerated wink sarcastically.
JJ stood up and looked down at his bestfriends,
"i'm being serious." he spoke, but before he could listen to whatever else they wanted to argue with, he turned around and began to walk away from the chattering group.
JJ pulled out a joint and his lighter and lit it up, placing it between his lips. As he grew further away from his friends, he let out a sigh he didnt realise he was holding in.
He had never felt this way about a girl before, the minute he saw you sat alone on the beach just watching the crashing waves, he felt fluttering butterflies in his stomach and a crimson blush which crept onto his neck and cheeks.
Even when your voice uttered out your name, his heart spasmed and he thought he was going to pass out, the way your soft lips curved around each letter that you pronounced. Your name fit perfectly with how you looked, both so beautiful and perfect.
He felt disappointment sink in his stomach when he watched you climb back over the wooden fence, sad that he hadn't gotten to speak to you much.
You held mystery and pain in your soft, dull eyes and he was going to find out your story. He felt a connection with you, whether the feelings were reciprocated or not.
As JJ approached his house for the first time in about a week, he noticed that the house across the street had new residants.
He was going to miss the couple who lived there before, sometimes they would lend him food or money since they knew his situation with his dad. (it was almost impossible not to since his yells and shouts could be heard from across the street).
JJ's eyes caught onto his dad leaning on the doorframe talking to the person in the house, he already felt bad for the other person. He was sure his dad was probably being rude or creepy. As his dad tilted his head slightly, JJ saw the person in the door.
This made him rush to be beside his dad, to save you from him. As he got closer he heard the words the man was saying to you,
"come on baby, i dont take no for an answer. Either choose the easy way or the hard way." he whispered, his drunken mind not being able to stay quiet so the words were loud enough for JJ's ears to pick up on. He saw the look of anxiety and discomfort on your face as his dad stuck his foot out, making it impossible for the poor girl to close her door. His body was broad and tall, trapping her inside of her own home.
JJ broke out into runs, smacking into his dad. Even though he was bigger and stronger than the teen, the alcohol took a toll on his body and made him too weak to fight back.
However, JJ didn't want to scare you anymore so he gripped your wrist while his dad was still trying to gain his balance and ran to the fence which bordered the beach.
He helped you climb over even though you usually would have been able to do it yourself, your body was shivering in fear.
Once you both had settled on the other side of the fence, knowing the man was not smart enough or sober enough to get over it, JJ pulled the sobbing girl into his arms.
"you're safe now, i promise."
part two
a/n: ahhh please give me feedback 🥺
(if its crossed out, it wouldn't let me tag you)
Tumblr media
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awkwardlittlepringle · 11 months ago
Queer ‘n Crazy
Hello, fellow Fanders!
Okay, so this chapter was supposed to be centered around Thomas's wake, but the thing is I've never been to a awake, so I decided to change it to them getting ready for it, sorry about that.
Previous Chapter / Next Chapter
WARNINGS : Mentions of death, a funeral, gayness, swearing, I think that’s it?
Virgil was kind of confused, for a myriad of reasons. 
First of all, despite the fact that they were attending the... wake? Memorial? The school day went on as planned. They had their normal classes, but an hour and a half before dinner, the whole school filtered back into their dorms, and picked out their least casual clothes for the wake. 
It was easy enough for Logan - the dude wore ties every day for crying out loud - but Virgil was stumped. Janice and Mike hadn't insisted on him changing how he dressed, something every other foster family had done, but this meant that the closest thing Virgil had to formal wear was a pair of not-ripped jeans, and a patternless black T-shirt. 
Virgil was sure that he wouldn't feel nearly as bad about it if Logan hadn't dressed so nicely. He had thought (for some reason) that bringing dress pants to a boarding school was a normal thing to do. So across the room from Virgil he sat; trying his hardest to keep his eternally-pretty hair from falling in his eternally-pretty eyes.
Virgil turned back to his own mirror in distaste. Feeling loose jeans felt odd on him. He hadn't worn this particular pair in over six months, meaning they smelt slightly dusty as well. 
"Virgil, please tell me you're not going to wear that shirt." 
Virgil glanced at Logan's reflection in his mirror. The other male was looking at him disapprovingly, scanning him in a way that made Virgil incredibly self-conscious. He ducked his head away with flushed cheeks, searching for something that definitely wasn't there just as a distraction. 
"Shut it, Specs. Not everyone brings ties to school." he muttered, flustered. Logan hummed, standing up and walking to his closet. 
"I know that, but your wardrobe can't only be band shirts, right?" "..."
"Oh my god-" "Shut up!" he groaned. "I have a couple of other things, it's just all of them have a pattern."
"Didn't you bring at least one shirt?" "Uh... no." he said, leaning against his dresser and staring at Logan. "Why the fuck would I bring a button up? They're annoying."  "They are not." "Says you! You wear dress pants, Logan. Dress pants." Logan rolled his eyes, before starting to mess with his clothes.
"I'm not referring to your jeans anyway." said Logan evenly as he sifted through neatly hung clothing. "While most people will wear jeans, most will also wear shirts. Would you like to borrow one of mine?"
Virgil's heart rate definitely didn't speed up at that, what are you talking about?
"Uh, that is if you're comfortable with that." added Logan in a quieter voice. "You don't have to obviously, but it's probably better than wearing a scruffy black T-shirt." he said with a tad more assurance. "They did say the dress code was semi-formal." Virgil couldn't deny the fact he was right.
"I mean, if you're okay with it I guess..." mumbled Virgil, his voice barely audible over his heart beating a tattoo in his chest. Logan's lips quirked upward, and he returned to his search with renewed vigor.
Virgil walked closer to Logan, the familiar smell of lavender wafting through the air between them. Lavender. Lavender smelt like Logan. Logan uses lavender detergent.
Oh fuck, I'm going to die.
"Try this one."
He held out a black dress shirt, which seemed to be in far better condition than any of Virgil's clothing. Virgil walked over and took it from him uncertainty, his heart now beating in his ears. Their hands brushed casually, but for some reason it seemed to awake a swarm of moths in Virgil's stomach. 
The fabric was slightly coarse and increasingly supple underneath Virgil's touch, and seemed reasonably soft, despite the fact it was fitted. With a lump in his throat, Virgil walked into the bathroom, desperately trying to breathe through his mouth.
He watched himself in the mirror as he gingerly slipped his hands into the sleeves, being careful not to tear the fabric. It rippled before settling, the cool fabric sitting neatly on his skin. Virgil brought his hands to the buttons, fumbling slightly as he tried to slip them in. It certainly would have been easier if he had long fingernails, but as it was, his nail beds were nearly chewed raw. 
He ended up having to restart halfway because he'd put the wrong button in the wrong hole, but he got there eventually. He glanced back at his reflection nervously. 
The shirt had clearly been fitted to Logan's figure, shown by the excess fabric around his shoulders, but overall, it wasn't too bad. It actually fit pretty well, considering Virgil's chub. 
Virgil gave himself a once over; moving his arms around a bit, before turning to the door with red cheeks. He placed his hand on the cold doorknob before taking a deep breath.
He'd been trying his hardest not to pay too much attention to the smell of the shirt, but left to his own devices it was nearly unbearable. Dust and lavender sheets and Logan's cologne. Memories of waking up next to the other male filled Logan's mind, causing the blood in his cheeks to flow even faster. 
It honestly wasn't fair. No one's clothes should smell like them. It should be illegal. There was no way Virgil would be able to concentrate if his mind was filled with images of Logan's hair, and Logan's eyes, and Logan, Logan, Logan. But now Virgil was stuck wearing his crush's shirt to a wake, where he was supposed to be mourning his classmate. A classmate he really liked, too.
He was screwed. 
Virgil opened the bathroom door and tentatively scanned the room for Logan, spotting him sitting at his desk and staring at the door. 
He let out a satisfied smile at the sight of Virgil, before hurrying over to check the fit of the shirt. He hummed happily while doing this, before stepping back to give Virgil another look. The emo curled in on himself at the attention, his eyes flitting around the room. Anywhere but Logan. 
"You look amazing." Virgil met the other's eyes with a blush that could rival a strawberry. The sheer sincerity in the Logan's eyes was way too much for him to handle.
"Do you feel okay in it?" he asked, adjusting the fabric around his shoulders. Virgil shrugged. Logan frowned. "If you don't like it you can always change it." he said with a furrowed brow. "N-No, I'm good." Virgil cringed at his stutter. "I-I mean, it just feels a little weird only wearing one layer is all." he confessed.  "I would give you a suit jacket, but I'm pretty sure that's too formal." said Logan with a scrunched nose. Virgil snorted, causing the other boy to smile a bit. 
"You brought a suit jacket?" Logan's face glowed red, and he stepped backward slightly as he started to protest. "I-I-"
Virgil burst into laughter at the sheer amount of embarrassment on Logan's face. A hand coming up to cover his mouth. 
"Why do you do that?" "What?" asked Virgil amidst his giggling.  "How come you cover your smile?" he repeated, his blush fading slightly. "It's so pretty."
Virgil could have sworn that he choked on his own spit. A warmth exploded in his torso, causing a tingling feeling to run down his limbs to the tips of his fingers. At the same time he felt like his core was closing in on itself, like a star about to collapse under it's own gravity. A strange buzzing filled his now glowing ears.
Logan had just called him pretty. Logan, tall, adorably awkward, gorgeous Logan thought he was pretty. Or at least, he thought his smile was pretty. 
Virgil had no idea how to deal with this. 
Logan stared at Virgil's reaction to the compliment, his cheeks dusted a delicate pink. Then he swallowed, before stepping back as if he'd just realised what he'd done. He slapped a hand over his mouth, before whirling around and walking back to his desk. Virgil turned back to his mirror. 
The two of them stood on opposite sides of the room, neither looking at the other, in silence. 
"I know I'm supposed to be embarrassed right now, but that doesn't change the fact that what I just said is right, okay?" 
Logan's voice was quiet, but it made the buzzing in Virgil's ears all the more louder. The black-clad boy stood silent, staring at his hands, which were resting on his dresser. Virgil swallowed, every single nerve in his body tingling. 
The silence fell over them like a heavy blanket, covering every crevice of the room. Virgil drew in a shaky breath. 
The compliment shouldn't have affected him like it did. They had cuddled, twice-once in Virgil's bed-and yet it was some offhand comment about his smile that made Virgil so nervous. Virgil wasn't stupid. He knew that half the stuff that went on between them wasn't platonic, but it wasn't until now that he realised how badly he had to address it. 
Logan was like sunlight. Any time he was in the room, Virgil felt more at ease. Any time he was present, he was a comfortable constant. The more Virgil looked at him, the more he appreciated his existence. The air between them was filled with uncertainty, the two of them tip-toeing around each other, far more than necessary. 
Logan's gravity was pulling Virgil closer and closer. And well, maybe he didn't want it to stop. 
Why the fuck did I have to think about this before attending a remeberence?
Summary : Virgil and Logan are getting ready to go to Thomas’s wake and Virgil has a bit of a gay crisis/bi crisis/bi-sis cause he ended up wearing Logan’s dress shirt. Stupid, I know, but I honestly can’t think of anything else. 
If you wanna be added to the tag list, just shoot me an ask!
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louu-7 · a year ago
everything i don’t know
on wattpad
"No, we already talked about it young girl, and it’s clearly out of the question. We’re not paying all this watchmen for nothing, and your mother and I are doing our best to keep you away from these troublemakers”
“Dad, come on, I’m not gonna stay all along the summer indoors while you’re all gonna leave and do your things outside.”
“The garden is wide enough to let you get some fresh air.”
"Am I supposed to thank you to let me get out in the garden? Dad, the garden, really…” I say with a little voice.
"If you’re not OK with the decisions that we are making for your safety go to your room and think about it. It’s for you” my mom come into the kitchen while I’m toasting some bread before putting avocado on it.
"Great…” I sigh and finish cooking my breakfast before going upstairs, where my insipid room wait for me to come back. I’m tired of all this, it’s always the same thing. We talk, I’m not OK and they just send me to my room so we don’t argue about anything. When it’s either Alyssa or Isaac, everything’s good, even when they’re not in agreement with each other.
And I’m stuck here until the end of summer, in other words, for almost three months of boredom… why am I in such a formal family, they never let me do anything here, and the worst is when I start talking about the pogues… they hate them and they called us troublemakers, or even scapegrace, the thing is, I don’t even know why because they absolutely don’t let me get out of this house. They’re rich as fuck and they no longer know what to do with their hundreds of thousands bucks.
I sit just under my big window, in front of the beach, on my comfy seat. All this island is crazy, the landscapes are amazing and I’m in love with sunrises and sunsets, I can’t prevent myself to do it everyday, every mornings, every evenings. It’s kind of the only thing that I can enjoy from my too white room so I’m not gonna miss it.
It’s actually 7:30am and the sun’s rises. The sky takes an orangy pinky shade, and the blue eventually steal the limelight from the warmth of the old shades as we go along. I love that atmosphere, it absorbs me to another place, where I can live freely and not worrying about my parents remarks… but it’s only in my head, and I love them anyway. Even if they’re all gonna leave the house to occupy themselves, and I’ll stay there, like the previous two weeks that I spent here, alone and bored.
"Thara”, my mom knock at my door and open it before I respond.
I don’t event look at her and let my regard sweep the horizon. She stays at my door for some minutes, and I can’t continue to do like she’s not here, so I leave my thinking and give her a faint smile when I catch her eyes.
"Do you need something?”
"I just wanted to get everything clear about the decision that we took with your father.”
"Mom, that’s OK, I understand and, dad’s right, the garden is great, I guess…”
"I see that you’re not enjoying this choice, and I’m aware that you may feel abandoned but, it’s for your own good. We wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t impor-”
"It’s OK, I promise. It’s just that I’m starting to get bored… I have nobody to talk with me, and nothing to do, even in the garden.”
"Look, if you want we can go shopping tomorrow”, she proposes while a smile’s drawing out on my face.
"Hum, yeah, sure. Isn’t it gonna change your whole organization? It’s OK if-”
"Thara, darling, don’t worry, I can managed to take a day off. For now I need to go, but we talk about it during diner. You should have a walk on the beach and enjoy the sun, today’s weather is really appreciable. Have a drink if you want while studying or reading a book, on the afternoon. The champagne is in the fridge, the library remain open. Have a good day sweetheart.”
"Thanks mommy, have a good day too. And thank you, for tomorrow”, I keep smiling and she waves to me.
She leaves and I’m already imagining tomorrow’s day. Mom rarely suggest to have a trip together or just be both of us for a day, and every time she’s doing it, that’s warms my little heart. We’ve never been that close, because my sister is all she wanted to have. I guess she wanted me to be the exact same as her, unfortunately I’m not. I’m asking questions, I’m talking loudly and I love simple things.
Alyssa likes chic evening with important people, business meetings and hates wasting her time. In other words, sunsets and sunrises are not her things, and, moreover, we’re completely different.
Anyway, I’m taking a quick shower before putting on a basic outfit. My dad hates when I’m wearing these moms jeans and these tank tops, but I love it, I feel good and it’s reflecting my personality. Also, he hates even more my white (not so white) converse, he always says that the way I dress is irrelevant to the place that I hold. To be honest, even if I always respect his opinion, I kind of don’t give a damn about it, it’s my only way to show that I’m not really like all of these kooks… even if I always will.
"Thara, did you take my white shirt?” Alyssa almost plead for it from her room as her voice cracks a little.
"Gonna look in my closet and tell you then, but I don’t think. Why can’t you wear another one, it’s only a shirt.”
"Thara just search please, you can’t understand.”
I heave a sigh before walking into my wardrobe and go through it for a pretty long time before giving up. It’s not here obviously, and it’s not by looking for it during hours that can make it appears…
"Don’t have it, did you look into mom’s closet, maybe she’s got one that you can wear.”
"No, mom will kill me if I borrow something from her.”
"Are you kidding? No way, if I go through her closet she’ll kill me, not you. Both of you’re the same, it’s OK and, if she says something, I will say that it was my idea. Now go take a shirt, come on.”
"Yes, come on, you’re gonna be late girl!” I let out a soft giggle and she runs in the stairs to join the second floor.
She seems… happier than usual. Yesterday she was almost yelling at me only because I didn’t give her back one of her basic eyeshadow palette, and now she seems excited. I don’t know what’s behind this get-up, but it might be a boy.
She never talk about boys with anyone, but she did once with me. We were having a random conversation, and her phone kept on rigging, and every time she had to respond she was smiling and her cheekbones were becoming pink, so I decided to ask. I have no name of this unknown guy, but from what I hear, he’s a good person, he’s been graduated same year as her and he now works for the family business.
"How do I look?”
I turn towards her and smile when I see her, perfect, as always. Her white shirt is buttoned up from top to bottom, and her raspberry-colored pant suit fits amazing on her.
"You look awesome, no joke. But...” I slightly wince as I walk headed for her. “Can I?”
"Hum, I’m not sure but, go ahead, I’m late.”
"OK” I whispered, focusing on my task. I unbutton the first buttons of the clean white shirt so her outfit can become less formal, just a little more casual. “Great, and, I think you can also roll up your sleeves to seem a little more comfy, if you want" I suggest while she wince at her turn. “Do it only if you want, and if you don’t go now, it’s almost 9am so run.”
"Yeah, I should go, how do we do to talk to a boy?”
"What, you,” I raise my eyebrows. “You don’t know how to flirt? Aly, it’s so easy, just talk to him, on topic that both of you like. Maybe talk about his family, what does he wanted to do later, and where does he wanted to travel. Just talk, and everything’s will be good, I swear.”
"OK, hum, wish me luck.”
"You go girl, and I swear I’m stannin’ you, you look awesome!”
She laughs before opening the door to rejoin the car and leave the house. My dad’s certainly gone, with my dear brother, who, I do think, hates me. I don’t know why, but the relation between him and I has always been difficult. When I was around seven, or maybe ten, we were kind of close, but when the parents started to point everything out to me, he left me alone. Since, he’s always picking on me for nothing, every day, and every time I’m not doing something right.
"Here I am, alone and bored, in a fucking big house which isn’t even useful, because there’s just me…” I whispered, almost sick of it.
"Did you ask for something, miss?” Lucy startles me while I’m turning towards her, a hand on my heart. I give her a faint smile and sigh. She scared the crap out of me…
"I didn’t want to scare you, I’m sorry mi-”
"You can call my Thara Lucy, you should know about it by now.”
"But it’s the order from your father, and you know him better than me.”
"Yeah, but he’s not here now, take it easy, enjoy and don’t be shy to relax, there’s no problem. I’m in my room if you need something.”
"But Thara, it’s to me to say that to you, don’t worry, I have a lot to do.” She smile and I do the same before joining my room to sit in front of my desk and inspire. To work is almost my only thing to do, so let’s study, during summer holidays… I open my book and start to focus on my lesson.
After ten minutes trying to focus on this philosophical text from Ralph Waldo Emerson, I’m out of it, my brain is already full of information, and read it again and again won’t help me to get into it. I stand up, kinda fed up, and leave my room to rejoin the garden by passing by the big patio doors.
This house is huge, and incredible, and really beautiful, but we don’t need this. I mean, I don’t need this. My parents do, because “they have a place to hold” and that “they need to show their power”. Their power, ridiculous, isn’t it…
I arrive in front of the pool. Another example, we have a pool, and who’s using it? Almost nobody. I love to go in it, but alone it becomes deadly boring quickly. I let out a deep sigh while looking at the beach that we can see from the pool through all the trees and branches.
It’s a good place to live, and not only Figure Eight. I’m even sure that the cut is better than here, chiller and with cooler person. Everyone here is kind of uptight, they only talk about who’s making more money and which one of all them is the more absurd. They’re hypocrites, and are faking their happiness, because I can swear, no single one of them is truly happy, I mean, I have the time to observe around me so…
"Are you OK, miss?” Lucy comes by my side and put her hand on my shoulder to check if I’m alright. It’s her job.
"Yes, of course, I’m good.”
"Good, because it’s almost been twenty that you’re standing here.”
Oh shit. Twenty minutes, she certainly thinks I’m crazy. But she knows how I am after all, dreamy and myself.
"It’s OK, do you need help, to do something?”
"No, I can’t let you help me, this is not to you to clean the house. Enjoy the sun, you might go to the beach, it’s really good today.” I nod while smiling politely, and come back indoors to get to my room and prepare.
Beach is the only place where I could spend hours without even notice. I put on a bikini top and some shorts before getting a towel in the bathroom.
I stuff everything in my backpack, put my hair in a bun and just leave the house, my headphones driven in my ears. The music is so loud that I’m impossible to hear anything around me.
My father could have a heart-attack just he knows that I was adopting this “careless behavior”. For him, I should be wearing a dress just to go to the beach, without my headphones, with a purse, makeup on and a perfect hairstyle. But anyway, he’s not here.
Even if he isn’t here, I’m listening to his orders… I have the ban to go anywhere else but at an exact part of the beach, without anyone but kooks who aren’t hanging out with the pogues. I also can go in front of the house, on the part of the beach that we can see from the pool. That’s it. I’m just stuck in my own house, it sucks.
It really sucks, but I can more or less understand their decision. When I say that they can see the pogues, I mean that they almost can’t stand them at all, even if they do with it when they have to.
They never told me what happened, and the question is real like, how someone can hate on someone else this way? That’s not human.
I finally arrive to the beach, blow all this thoughts away and just enjoy the warm of the sun, the sound of the waves and the feeling of the sand on my feet when I take off my shoes. These three things are the best things in this world. And I can add to this non-exhaustive list the sensation that you can feel when you dive in the lukewarm water of the sea, and then you come back and lay on your towel to dry, and you can feel the sun burning your skin and it feels so damn great.
Beach is paradise on Earth. Like Outer Banks I guess… even if it would be better to stop this kind of ridiculous war between pogues and kooks. I decide to go through the water and just enjoy everything around me before my dad calls me to make sure I’m not breaking his rules…
I was about to come home, but I heard some sounds which looked like someone was beating someone else, so I’m just walking towards these noises. I hope it’s just some dumb kooks who are fighting for nothing, because I don’t really want to find myself face to face with two muscly boys who are fighting, or something.
The sound of someone who’s toppling over pretty loudly resonate, so I accelerate while putting my phone into my bag with my headphones. What is happening out there… I eventually arrive and, surprise, I find myself face to face with some kooks, and… a pogue? What is he doing here, he certainly is aware that it’s kook’s space…
I quickly drop my bag before starting to run toward the two kooks and the pogue who’s on the floor, alone and taking a beating.
"Eh! What the hell are you doing, let him go! Get out of here!” I arrive in front of them and don’t hesitate to put a stop to this ridiculous fight.
They are beating someone for no reason, what the hell is this island!
"Thara Abrams, how you doing? I see that you’re not against the pogues anymore, yelled Nate at me while dashing off with her little brother and a friend.
"What, shut up, just get out…” I don’t like him. I never did, and I never will. He’s just like all this kooks. Even more than that, he’s the perfect cliché of a good kook. I mean, if a good kook does exist.
I offer a helping hand to the black-skin boy but he eyes me up before getting up on his legs by himself. What the…
"Are you OK, I’m sorry for them, they shouldn’t do this, they’re just… kooks.”
“So you are” he responds roughly as I frown.
"Yeah, but, I’m not like them, I never would do this kind of-” I’m interrupted by the steps of someone coming by us. He’s blond, pretty tall and muscly. He’s looking at me like I was a monster and gets back the bag of his friend.
"Dude why the hell are you talkin’ to her, c’mon.” He wraps his arm around his shoulder and they start to leave without saying a word.
“What, you’re leaving like that, what’s the matter?”
"Just go back to you’re excited kook’s life” the blond lets a word and I shrug.
"Oh, you’re welcome for trying to prevent you from taking a beating” I say, annoyed. "Can you mind your own damn business” he turns toward me a second and looks dagger at me.
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piratelover27 · a year ago
A/N: Hello fellow Marvel fans. This is my first official Marvel fan fic so go easy on me. This is a Darcy and Bucky one-shot and it is inspired by a writing prompt on Pinterest, that my sister, cousin, and I like to do as a challenge for ourselves. I saw potential and decided this will be the beginning of many fanfics to come. Please let me know what you think good and bad. I accept both and hope you like it.
Warnings: Also just wanted to let everyone know it is x-rated and is posted on ao3 as well.
Prompt: TFR’s writing prompt number 146. “Do we need more wine?” “No I need you to put your pants back on.” “But life is so freeing without them.” “Pants. On. Now.”
“Do we need more wine?” Darcy questioned.
“No I need more wine, you need to put your pants back on.” Jane countered.
“But life is so freeing without them.”
“Pants. On. Now.” Jane commanded before walking away.
Darcy scrunched up her face not wanting to get up. She hated the pants she was wearing hence why they were off. Any other pants she had were in her room. Which was a floor above this one and she was too lazy to move. She wasn’t planning on getting this drunk tonight, but after a long day of working in the Avenger tower, alongside Jane and Erik, she decided she deserved a drink.
Darcy was able to convince Erik to join them, he was visiting the tower to look at some of Jane’s research. Eventually, Thor had dropped by and slowly everyone staying in the tower joined the party. Spread out among the area conversations flowed around her.
The only person who hadn’t joined was Steve’s best friend, Bucky. Darcy couldn’t deny she was curious about the guy. Only hearing rumors and maybe glancing at his file, once on accident. Other than that she didn’t really know much about the guy. And there in lined the problem, she wanted to know more about him but in a way that wouldn’t scare him off.
She held back an eye and thought to herself, now it sounded like she was talking about a scared kitten rather than an ex-assassin.
Darcy looked over her shoulder and saw Jane involved in a conversation with Bruce and Thor. Taking the opportunity to sneak off to her room, she pushed to her feet only to grip the armrest as the world began to spin around her. Glancing around the hall, hoping no one was watching, as she took her time getting to the elevator.
When she got to her floor she tried to walk in a straight line toward her bedroom, which lasted for about two seconds. Bare feet slapping against the hardwood, she started walking toward her room. A cold breeze whispered down the hall, sending a shiver down her spine. She pulled at her knitted shirt, trying and failing to cover herself up, but it wasn’t long enough to cover anything.
Glancing in the opposite direction of her apartment she tracked the breeze to a set of sliding glass doors that led out to a balcony. Goosebumps pebbled along her pale skin as her curiosity got the best of her. Her feet moving of their own accord she decided to check out the open door. The closer she got to the door the more nervous she became. She didn’t see anyone, and she silently prayed it was nothing. She let out a gasp as a chill ran over her body. When she peeked outside a dark figure popped out of the darkness. She jumped and the person became startled before stepping out into the light.
She put a hand on her chest as she stepped outside. She recognized the person coming out of the dark, “Bucky you scared me.”
Disappointed flashed across his face, “Sorry I didn’t mean to frighten you.”
“It’s alright I just wasn’t expecting anyone to be out here.”
Bucky’s eyes softened as he looked her up and down.
Shivering she tried to pull her shirt down again. “It’s freezing, why are you out here?”
“It feels good, and I like to look out at the city.” Bucky shrugged. “It calms me to sit out here.”
Darcy could hear the sound of chatter and laughter from the floor below, where everyone was still drinking and having a good time. “Why don’t you come downstairs?” she suggested. “Have a drink with me.”
He seemed to mull it over, his lips slowly working up into a smirk as he began to look like he was really thinking about her suggestion. “I’d liked that.”
She smiled, but as she glanced down she finally remembered she wasn’t wearing pants. She backed away slowly. “How about I go put on pants and then we can go downstairs, does that sound good to you?”
Bucky nodded and she smiled, only to be slightly surprised when he returned it. Feeling warm Darcy stepped back inside to make her way to her door. Once she was back inside, she walked over to her room. Which was right across from Wanda’s room. They had become very close in just a few short weeks they’d know each other.
She pushed her door open and instantly tried to find something comfortable but still cute to wear. Even though she was planning on just putting on some pajamas earlier now she felt like she had to wear something else. Any sane person could see that Sergeant Barnes was hot but why Darcy felt that she had to change her whole wardrobe for him, she didn’t know. Normally this would freak her out but she tossed the thought, blaming it on the alcohol in her system and that she felt like she had to.
Darcy started getting frustrated and began to throw her clothes from the boxes. Hoping something would either appear or she would see something that could go together. She hated when Jane was right about her unpacking but she just kept putting it off. Darcy was going from one box to another with clothes spread out all around her when a light knock was heard from the door. Darcy turned to the person who knocked and it was Wanda with a confused look on her face. “Double D, what are you looking for?”
“I’m trying to find a cute but comfortable outfit to wear.”
“Weren’t you already wearing a cute outfit?”
“Yeah, but that was work clothes, and I kind of wanted something more comfortable to wear.”
“And what brought on this sudden interest in changing your clothes?”
“I was just uncomfortable in my work clothes,” Darcy said as she sat down on her bed.
Wanda had a look at the clothes on the ground and what was left in the boxes. “So this has nothing to do with a certain solider that has a metal arm?” she ended with raising her eyebrow at Darcy.
“Was it that obvious?” she questioned
“If you’re wondering if he knows, I don’t think so but I should warn you Clint and Sam are betting on you two.”
Darcy mouth fell open and then closed immediately she shouldn’t be surprised. But it did make her wonder who else knew about her affections. The sound of Wanda talking brought Darcy out of her thoughts. “If you want double D, I can help you pick out an outfit.”
Darcy’s eyes lit up with joy. “Wanda, you really are the best and I would love your help.”
“Before we get started I think you should know that James will love you regardless of what you wear.”
Darcy smiled at Wanda and then she went to work. It didn’t take her long to pick through her clothes and find something for her to wear. Wanda picked a simple outfit that had Darcy written all over it. She picked out a pair of light blue skinny jeans with a tight dark red shirt showing off her curves. Darcy twirled in front of her mirror and she smiled at Wanda happy that she had her to help. When they walked out of the bedroom. Darcy immediately saw Bucky, he had closed the door and was waiting patiently for Darcy to come out.
As Darcy stepped under the lights her eyes instantly met Buckys. A moment too long as Darcy’s cheeks turned a shade of pink. She turned her head, “I hope I didn’t take too long, sergeant.”
Bucky shook his head while walking forward to fill in space between them. “Please call me Bucky.” He spoke softly.
“Right . . . sorry. Let’s go get me a drink, huh.” Darcy repeatedly pressed the elevator button praying silently for its arrival.
It didn’t take long for the elevator to arrive. Darcy stepped in following Wanda and finally Bucky being the gentleman he was holding the door for them.
The elevator filled with silence with only the slight hum of the motor to fill the box. Darcy had to fill the silence. “Everyone was pretty chill when I left. I’m sure no one will bother us while we drink.” The elevator beeped at their arrival and the thoughts of quiet instantly vanished from everyone’s mind. Music was blasting from the speakers. Clint and Sam were cheering as Erik and Thor were chugging their beers as Tony was timing them.
Slowly the three of them entered the room. Darcy regretted entering the room hearing the slam of the elevator doors behind her. Gave away her chance of escape. Just when she thought she could sneak away Hawkeye aka Clint Barton looked over and screamed shots.
Running toward Darcy, he reached her before she could slip away. “Darcy come do a shot with me.” Someone that sounded a lot like Wilson shouted body shots.
She shook her head repeatedly not realizing she was already at the bar. Having a shot glass way overfilled pushed into her hands. Natasha who she didn’t even see at the bar handed her a lemon with what looked like salt on it. Clint, Sam, and Nat all did the shot immediately together in one swift chug.
Clint said, “Darcy do your shot, come on.”
Darcy glanced behind herself and saw Bucky was standing next to Steve. Having a conversation of their own. She turned back around as Sam was leaning over, “Don’t worry Darcy, we have a plan.”
Nat shook her head pouring herself another drink. Darcy raised the glass to her lips chugging its contents and then slammed her glass down. Immediately afterward bit and sucked on the bitter but salty lemon she had in her other hand.
The bitter taste was the last thing she remembered before she started hearing voices as she laid passed out on the couch. Somebody with cold fingers lifted her body off the couch as she drifted to a bed. She wanted to open her eyes to look at the savior that put her drunkenly body to bed. She guesses Thor who had somehow always taken care of her but deep inside she had hoped to be someone else.
Darcy smacked her very dry mouth as she sat up in the mysterious bed. Swinging her feet off the bed she found the ground and stumbled out the bedroom following the light through the cracked door. Laying on the couch Bucky was watching tv. She didn’t want to disturb him but her bare feet betrayed her when he sat up seeing her watching him.
She glanced at the blanket and pillow gently placed on the couch. Seeing the blanket and pillow suggested that the couch would be his bed for the night. She trusted Tony’s furniture was very comfortable but she knew no one liked to sleep on the couch. “Hi” she whispered.
“Hi” he replied.
Darcy stepped closer wanting to apologize for her behavior. “Thanks for putting me to bed, I hope I wasn’t too much trouble.”
“Not at all, doll.” He easily replied.
“That doesn’t look too comfortable.” She said gesturing to the couch.
Without looking away he spoke, “It’s not but it’ll do for tonight.”
Darcy shook her head and thought for a moment. She turned her head away trying to think of a way so they could both get some good sleep tonight. “It can’t be comfortable, why don’t you take the bed?” she suggested.
Bucky shook his head, “No way, doll. What kind of gentleman would I be to take the bed?”
“Fine then why don’t you join me then? It’s big enough for both of us.”
Bucky looked at her skeptically with the bright light shining on his face. But she had already made up her mind. Darcy walked over to Bucky and held her hand out for him to take. He looked up at her and saw the determination in her eyes. He reached for the remote, turning off the tv then he put his flesh hand on top of hers. He stood up as she began to back up leading them back into the bedroom. She stopped in the middle of the room remembering she wanted water.
He tilted his head, “What’s wrong, doll?”
“Do you think I could bother you for some water?”
Bucky’s hand slid from Darcy’s as he walked away and into a dark part of the room. And out of her sight. There was a brief moment where the light came from the fridge and then it was gone as it slammed shut. As quiet as a mouse he returned to Darcy’s side and handed her the cold water bottle. She popped it open sipping the cool water testing her stomach. To make sure she could handle the cool liquid. After a moment she chugged half the water and place the cap back on.
This time Bucky grabbed her hand and a smile grew on her lips as he led her into the bedroom. Without turning on the lights Bucky led her carefully to the bed. They parted ways as he went to his side of the room. Darcy placed the water bottle carefully on the bedside table and then climbed into bed facing the window. She watched as Bucky did the same sliding into bed. He felt so far away, she didn’t even feel the pull of the covers. She wanted his warmth and the chill of his metal arm around her. But it was too much too soon for both of them she didn’t want to scare him away she wanted to take it slow. She looked at Bucky and his eyes we closed. She knew she should sleep too but her mind was turning.
Somehow she couldn’t believe she was even in his bed. She pulled the covers up to cover her shoulders as she sank into the bed. Feeling the weight of her tiredness. Just as her body was drifting into sleep, she felt the bed jerk. Her eyes popped open and her heart starts beating fast against her chest. Her eyes had adjusted to the dark and she saw Bucky’s face was all screwed up and his whole body was tense.
He was having a nightmare, she thought, that part was clear. But what was unclear was if she should wake him up or not. With panic in the front of her mind, she almost called out to Friday. When she remembered back when she was little and would have nightmares. She looked at Bucky and saw that he was on his stomach but his face was still facing her. Swallowing her fear she moved closer to Bucky and started rubbing his back and stroking his hair.
Not even a minute later he jolted awake and almost bolted out of the bed. Expected to still be in the nightmare, he had a mix of fear and worry in his eyes. She shushed him until he was calm and relaxed.
He grabbed her hand and she froze unsure if he wanted her to stop or not. “Darcy, did I hurt you?” He asked so softly almost breaking her heart.
She shook her head, “No Bucky, you didn’t do anything.” She paused for a moment, “Do you want to talk about it?”
He let her go and flipped his body to face the ceiling. Debating on her questioned. “It was nothing just a bad dream.”
“I don’t think it was.” She said shocking Bucky. He turned to her with tears in his eyes.
“I went bad again. I couldn’t control myself and I . . . they made me hurt you.”
It shouldn’t have surprised her that he had a dream about her and yet she laid there stunned. “The stuff they made me do to you.” He spoke as the tears rolled down his eyes.
They hadn’t known each other long but somehow they had formed this connection. She knew from the moment she met him, actually saw him that they would have an unspeakable connection. She started stroking his hair again and he leaned into it. She wanted to help him, to comfort him but she didn’t know how.
So Darcy did the only thing she knew how to do. She grabbed the back of his head keeping him still. She pressed her lips against his gently and sweetly to take away the pain. That’s what she did for herself whenever the nightmares would come or the darkness started taking over she would find some other miserable soul and fuck away the pain.
But kissing Bucky didn’t feel like any other time. This time she felt the light entering her body. It shocked her and she pulled away for air. Bucky opened his eyes while licking his lips. She wanted to taste that tongue. Bucky put his hand on her hip and pulled her closer this time he placed his lips on hers. She felted the spark but this time instead of pulling away she embraced the light. She pushed on Bucky deepening the kiss her right hand digging into his hair and her left rubbing up and down slowly over his shirt.
Bucky pushed back and since he was stronger he overtook her weight. Going right over the top of her not breaking the kiss. His metal hand creeping down to her butt cupping it and squeezing it. The motion set shivers right to her core. With one of his legs in-between her legs, she began to grind wanting to feel any type of friction. They took a breath of air as he started nibbling on her ear then moving down her neck kissing as he went.
Darcy wanted everything off but she was afraid if they stop he might not start again. But Bucky was way ahead of her moving her shirt over so he could kiss her shoulder. A moan escaped her lips it all felt so good but she wanted more. She started reaching for the end of his shirt wanting to take it off.
Bucky noticed what she was doing and stopped. He stood up on his knees taking off the rest of his shirt. Darcy took the moment to be rid of hers. She was still working on her shirt when she felt two hands touch her breast. One in each hand, she threw her shirt on the ground watched as Bucky took one boob out her bra and started gently kissing the tops. Working his way down he started sucking on her nipple earning a hiss from her mouth.
Darcy arched her back wanting more from Bucky but also wanted to remove her bra. After pulling her bra off and flinging it across the room. She wanted to finish what she started. While Bucky was attending to her other breast she started reaching for his pants wanted to get those off. It proved harder than she thought and decided instead to reach inside for his member. She gently grabbed it and it was already hard. While gently squeezing it she started rubbing her hand up and down. Bucky stopped sucking on her nipple and closed his eyes at the friction going on in his pants.
Darcy used the distraction to flip herself and Bucky so she was on top. “It’s time for me to take over solider.” She released his dick and started taking off his pants and then his underwear. Throwing them behind herself and onto the floor. She traveled up giving him a mouthwatering kiss and then slowly slipping down his body giving him kisses all over. The only sound that filled the room was Bucky soft moans and each time Darcy kissed him. As she moved lower then moans became deeper and deeper. She got to the bottom of his stomach and started using her tongue. Leaving a trailer and no imagination to him. She grabbed a hold of his dick again and he was already dripping with pre-cum. She anxiously wanted to taste him. Her tongue slid around the tip of his dick and this time it was him hissing. But she wanted more, she wanted all of him.
As her pussy ached for him to be inside of her, she wanted to take care of him first. She took a break to lick her lips leaving a mix of her saliva and his cum on her lips. She looked up at him and he stared right into her eyes and she took his large member into her mouth slowly. A growl erupted in his throat and it made her hum. Just knowing what she was doing to him turn her on more and more. She began bobbing her head getting him nice and wet and hollowing out her mouth for the best feeling.
She kept going like that for a little while and soon enough his hips started following her lead. Darcy was loving the sounds she almost didn’t hear him call for her. She didn’t stop until he sat up and took her head on the tip of his two fingers. “Doll, if you keep going like that. I’m going to cum in that beautiful mouth of yours.”
“I want you to Bucky. Let me take care of you.” She pushed him back down and he went willingly.
Darcy gave her attention back to his penis but this time he gently grabbed the back of her head. Guiding her down and up on his wonderful dick. Darcy watched Bucky as his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he whispered her name as his cum shot up and into her mouth. She swallowed what she could and wiped her mouth.
Darcy gave Bucky a minute to collect himself and then laid down to go back to bed. But Bucky had other plans. He pulled her and slid her under him and she giggled at the feeling of being pulled. He claimed her mouth with kisses sliding his tongue in. Tasting himself and her together. And he loved their taste even with the mix of alcohol in her mouth. He leaned back going straight to her waist and pulling off the tight jeans. After throwing them to the floor he started kissing her belly. Then moving slowly to her legs kissing every inch he could. Now it was Darcy’s turn to moan.
He traveled down to her underwear spreading her legs and kissing directly where her clit would be. Darcy yelped at the feeling and Bucky smiled loving everything he was doing to her.
Bucky laid down on his stomach and licked his lips wanting to know exactly what she tasted like. He moved her silky underwear over running the tip of his tongue along her lips and up to her clit. She moaned and at the end whispered his name and that’s all he needed to hear. Before sliding her underwear off. “It’s my turn to take care of you, doll.”
She chuckled which only lasted for a second as he dove into her pussy. Paying close attention to her most sensitive spots almost instantly. Almost as if he’s been doing this for years instead of the first time. It didn’t take long before she started whimpering and then begging Bucky. Over his licking, all he could hear was her silent pleas for what he wasn’t sure but he could guess. He stopped only for a second, “What is it doll? Do you want to cum? Or do you want more, should I add a finger?”
Answer himself he inserted his flesh finger. For the first time, he wanted to feel all of her. And watch as she came completely undone for him. Darcy bit her lip and he knew that she wanted more before she could say anything. He inserted another finger and she started to grip the sheets. But he knew she could handle more, that she had to in order to fit himself in.
Bucky added another finger and Darcy couldn’t keep still or silent. She was moaning and silently cursing. He started going faster using both his tongue and fingers to bring her over the edge. He could feel and see that she was close. He moved his tongue just an inch over and Darcy couldn’t contain herself anymore. “Bucky, I’m going to. . . Going to. . .”
She couldn’t even finish her sentence and he was too busy. In response, he hummed and that’s all it took for her to silently scream and raise her body as she came all over his face and beard. He leaned up on his elbows and licked her through her high as she said his name repeatedly. Bucky began to slow down his licking and once she was back on the bed flat he sat up. Wiping his chin and licking his lips.
Bucky could feel that he was hard again, he felt it the moment he saw Darcy reach her peak. And he was greedy, he wanted to know what it felt like to be inside of her. He wanted all of her to himself and he knew once he got a taste he would want more.
Darcy sat up and put her hand on Bucky’s face. She gently kissed him on the lips silently thanking him for the best organism she ever had. She was about to pull away when he grabbed the back of her neck to keep the kiss going. Darcy leaned into the kiss causing to two to collapse against the bed. Without breaking she climbed on top of him wanting to continue what they had started.
Darcy hovered right over his dick and slowly started teasing him. He growled in retaliation and she smiled through their kisses. She slowly lowered herself onto him and hummed at the sensation of him filling her up. She broke the kiss sighing as he completely filled her. Once she was comfortable she began to move up and down and Bucky placed both his hands on her hips helping her stay on.
If it weren’t for Bucky’s guidance she wouldn’t be able to keep the pace. Her whole body went numb with each slam of their bodies slapping against each other. Bucky sat up kissing her neck and then biting all over the front of her body leaving little marks on her skin. He knew just how to drive her mad with the warmth of his mouth all over her body. This started out with her trying to fuck away the pain but now it seemed like he was taking away her pain. The pain she didn’t even know she still carried around with her.
Bucky flipped them and set the pace at a new level. He was close but he wanted to feel her cum first to feel her drip all over his dick. He took one leg in each hand and raised them to get a new angle and that motion had Darcy moan she tried to keep quiet but he wanted her screaming his name. He dropped one leg and slid his hand in-between them. Reaching for her clit to bring her over the edge. Her hips raised to try and match his rhythm but she was close and just needed something anything to bring her over.
“Fuck me, Bucky. Fuck all the pain away. They are no longer in charge of you and I want all of you. So take me.” Bucky looked down at her and his eyes grew dark as he grew closer to climax. He started pumping at uneven and powerful strength. He took his metal hand and started twisting her nipple. The sensation went right to her core making her shatter underneath him. Sending him right along after her he came with a moan and jerked a couple more times into her.
Bucky took a moment to rest against her and then fell beside her. When their breath caught up with themselves he turned on his side and saw Darcy was passed out beside him. He pulled her in close and kissed her temple. He was attached to her at that moment and he didn’t mind one bit.
The next morning Darcy woke up to the bright sun pouring in through the window. She instantly smelled bacon and food cooking coming from the other room. She was still naked from last night’s activities so she went to the bathroom to freshen up. Once she finished in there she grabbed one of Bucky’s shirts and walked out of the room. Bucky was standing over the stove standing in his pajama pants and completely shirtless. She came up behind him and wrapped her arms around his mid-section.
Bucky smiled and then turned off the stove. Putting breakfast on hold. He turned around with Darcy still holding onto him. He leaned down to kiss her, “Good morning, doll.”
“Good morning,” she replied, “are you fixing me breakfast?”
 “It was supposed to be breakfast in bed, but yes it’s only eggs, bacon, and toast.”
“It all looks delicious, let’s eat.” Darcy sat down at the table and Bucky got the rest of the food put out. They enjoyed the meal together Bucky watching Darcy with a smile on his face. Once they were finished Bucky took the dishes and started washing things. Darcy helped him dry but for some reason, he was absolutely quiet. She guessed he had something on his mind and she was worried that this would be the end of their story.
She grabbed the half-clean dish from his hand and put it to the side. “What’s going on Bucky, you haven’t said a word.”
He turned to her, “Sorry I just got a lot on my mind.”
“Do you want me to leave?” He grabbed her arm gently.
“No, of course not I just want to apologize for last night.”
“Last night was amazing, there’s nothing for you to apologize about. If you’re talking about your nightmare you can’t control that.”
“I know I can’t control the dream but I meant that it took me so long to make a move. I wanted to ask you out for a while, I just didn’t know if I could or if I should. I know I’m not the machine they made me into anymore but I didn’t want to put who I was on you.”
Darcy got up and kneeled beside him, “You can go at your own pace Bucky. I was nervous to approach you myself, I’m not good at relationships. But as long as we communicate I want to try. Bucky smiled and brought his face closer to Darcy. She closed the distance sealing the kiss.
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justdyingslowly · a year ago
1. Name justdyingslowly obviously come on
2. Nationality Australian
3. Age 22
4. Birthday nnnah dont feel like it
5. Zodiac sign (or your primal zodiac sign) Libra/Scorpio cusp
6. Gender wamon
7. Sexuality very very hetero
8. Your looks (add a picture or describe yourself) androgenous
9. What do you/did you study? Psychology (focus on sexology) and art.
10. What’s your current job like?/What job would you like to have? I am disabled you think I can work ha sexologist would be awesome. When I was a kid I wanted to be a fireman but Australias always burning
11. Your birth order head first
12. How many siblings do you have? 1
13. Do you have good relations with your family? yeah dads finally out of his abusive relationship, nearing age 70 and his emotions and his sexuality are finally opening up for the first time and that makes me SO happy.
14. How many friends do you have? what kind of fucked up question is this.
15. Your relationship status relationshipped. Fiance? got the marriage papers in a drawer somewhere with the car rego but can’t be fucked filling them?
16. What do you look for in a SO? empathetic, mature, calm. Always open to discussion. Prefers to be blunt rather than secretive. Emotional age over 14 (incredibly fucking rare apparently). Puts an importance on context and understanding other views above all else.
17. Do you have a crush? Hellll yeah Crush on my partner and got a crush on a mutual friend of ours who don’t even know hes cute af hehe one day partners gonna accidentally spill the beans and embarrass me coz hes shit with secrets RIP me.
18. When did you have your first kiss? You think I can remember this bullshit? Its not that big a deal
19. Do you prefer serious and meaningful relationships or casual dating/one night stands? One night stand sex almost exclusively sucks. Just. SUCKS. Because neither of you know what the other likes and it ends up being an awkward mix of trying to please yourself while trying to also be considerate.
20. What are your deal breakers? Plugging your ears to anything that feels gross, uncomfortable or disagrees with you. How can you grow as a person without introspection? How can you mold what you think and believe without taking in other arguments and comparing them to your beliefs to see how they stack up? Its pathetic.
21. How was your day? cute mutual friend had a fall this morning and were both worried about him. His back is bad and he’s getting a little older, he can’t be getting dizzy and having falls like that. other than that im anxious about seeing my gastro. He’s lovely but... specialists are specialists. Good at knowing what they know but not always great at listening.
22. Favourite food & drink you think im allowed to eat or drink? water and... foods a touchy subject.
23. What position do you sleep in? Usually on my side with a body pillow to grip so I don’t end up choking my partner in his sleep.
24. What was your last dream about? uuhhh...going to italy and being unable to get into this tiny basket boat properly.
25. Your fears does PTSD to medical shit count haha
26. Your dreams ... going to italy and being unable to get into a tiny basket boat thingy?
27. Your goals - get some sort of diagnosis eventually. Its been 3 years of trying and im tired. - get back to studying art part time for my bachelors. - pass JLPT N3. - go back to university for psychology. - do the dishes when I get home.
28. Any pets? two budgies. we also take care of any orphaned or injured birds.
29. What are your hobbies? feeling nauseous drawing writing a little bit im making a little gameboy game in C atm too
30. Any cool places in your area? i live next to a national park with waterfalls and koalas and emus and stuff
31. What was your last awkward situation? mutual friend made a comment on his chest i playfully smacked it (related to the comment) it was surprisingly hard “O-oh wow, thats... I didnt expect that” my partner laughed at me. it was awful.
32. What is your last regret? getting embarrassed at friends pecs stop making me think about it 33. Language/s you can speak english. N4 Japanese.
34. Do you believe in astrological stuff? (Zodiac, tarot, etc.) of course not what the fuck
35. Have any quirks? Quirkless. I do wiggle when im happy though apparently.
36. Your pet peeves open doors.
37. Ideal vacation spend a months chilling in an old japanese house in autumn hokkaido oooooof that sounds nice
38. Any scars? internal? yes
39. What does your last text message say? peepee poopoo ustinky
40. Last 5 things from your search history how do i find this
41. What’s your [device] background? Sam Porter Bridges walkin around Sam Porter Bridges cuddling BB-28 Louise while he sleeps my chicken
42. What do you daydream about? all might
43. Describe your dream home an old japanese house in autumn hokkaido oooooof that sounds nice
44. What’s your religion/Your thought about religion its a comforting thought having a parent-figure who cares about you and looks after all the big things you can’t manage yourself, but institutionalizing it runs a severe risk of becoming harmful cults. And it often does.
45. Your personality type me
46. The most dangerous thing you’ve done i saw the lost bunny that was on all the posters in the neighbourhood looked thin and patchy so i grabbed him to take him home. im allergic. sent me to hospital and I almost died.
47. Are you happy with your current life? feeling sick sucks and partners having a depressive episode but things are pretty good
48. Some things you’ve tried in your life living
49. What does your wardrobe consist of? blacks, reds, whites and pinks
50. Favourite colour to wear? at the moment pink. Red is always comforting though.
51. How would you describe your style? mix between lazy alternative punk, teenager with band shirts and harajuku peach kawaii uwu
52. Are you happy with your current looks? kinda wish i was a bit shorter but what can you do
53. If you could change/add something to your appearance - impossible or not - what would it be? bit shorter
54. Any tattoos or piercings? lol no PTSD
55. Do you get complimented often? by who? partner constantly, family haha are you kidding im australian so a friend’s version of showing affection is calling you a cunt and slapping your ass in public
56. Favourite aesthetic? all might
57. A popular trend that you dislike blocking because you disagree or find them distasteful. Ignoring all context to opposing thoughts and arguments. taking a personal feeling of disgust to mean something is evil. Blocking your ears to anything that isn’t a circlejerk of what you already think - and trying to isolate anyone who even just listens to something other then the noise of your sloppy dicks to have a thought of their own.
58. Songs you’re currently obsessed with? The Machine by Low Roar
59. Song you normally wouldn’t admit you like. why wouldnt i admit i like a song
60. Favourite genre? probably enka haha
61. Favourite artist/band/genre? probably enka haha oh and tatsuro yamashita
62. Hated popular songs/artists? why the hell would I hate something like a song? I hate aspects of the music industry as a whole I guess?
63. Put your music on shuffle and list first 5 which playlist they aren’t all together in one place
64. Can you sing or play any instruments? piano, saxophone... uh... partners good at making music and playing shakuhachi
65. Do you like karaoke? no.
66. Own any albums? yes? many?
67. Do you listen to radio? What stations? no. but triple J, ABC Jazz and Classical. sometimes they even play final fantasy and JRPG music on classical which is pretty neat. -
68. Favourite movie/series? can i make this about games because then the answer is Metal Gear Solid
69. Favourite genre of movies/books/etc ...shounen?
70. Your fictional crush/es if they’re over 40yrs old, male and happy and bubbily or grumpy and sad then there’s a big ol fat chance I wanna bone. Solid Snake from MGS4, All Might and pretty much anyone drawn by Tarou Madoromi.
71. Which fictional character is you? uh
72. Are you a shipper? List your otps, if so what does this even mean what language is this
73. Favourite greek god? idk hades seems chill
74. A legend from where you live that you like the story of Tjilbruke is funny and good. all Kaurna stories are good.
75. Do you like art? What’s your favourite work or artist? im in a big egon schiele mood atm.
76. Can you share your other social media? no i am incapable
77. Favourite youtubers? many
78. Favourite platform? not too high up. actually i like being a little lower than ground level in corners.
79. How much time do you spend on the internet? too much
80. What video games have you played? Which one’s your favourite? look i just want to say that MGS4 is the best one in the series and Death Stranding is phenomenally engaging.
81. Your favourite books (manga also counts) these are all so goddamn definitive how can I pick? Oh wait the answer is One Piece
82. Do you play board/card games? I play DnD atm and know 15 yr old rules to Yugioh
83. Have you ever been to a night marathon in cinema? that shit dosn’t happen here
84. Favourite holiday golden week coz its a week also easter because thats when all the glucose based sweets come back
85. Are you into dramas? what kind
86. Would you use death note, if you had one? no. thats called being a murderer.
87. What changes would you make in the world, no matter how impossible, if you had the power to? chill people out a bit. when people feel unsafe they get really depenfive and territorial and block their ears to everything, making in-and-out groups for themsevles that end up putting them in more harm.
88. Could you survive a zombie apocalypse? im disabled with a disabled partner. we arent funny sure we can survive normal everyday life when society is angled so sharply against us.
89. If you had to be turned into a paranormal being, what would it be? id like to be a mimi spirit
90. What would you want to happen to you after your death? spooky time
91. If you had to change your name, what would be your pick? toshinori yagi
92. Who would you switch your life with for a week? anyone healthy
93. Pick an emoji to be your tattoo that cursed one with the intense eyes and the hand
94. Write 3 things about yourself - only one of them must be true im me im not me im pee
95. Cold or hot? cold.
96. Be a hero or be a villain? both are distasteful ideas in reality
97. Sing everything you want to say or rhyme? i can’t do either partner speak sin bad puns and its hell, these both sound about equal
98. Shapeshifting or controlling time? shapeshifting. controlling time is eithe rmanipulative or lonely. shapeshifing is every other superpower at once.
99. Be immortal or be immune to everything aside from natural death? both are deeply upsetting ideas
100. ….. or …..? jiji or ossan? generally Jiji, but ossans can be lovely too.
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writing-what-writing · a year ago
Darcy’s Beast
For @buckybarnesbingo prompts eternity Europe and escape
Summary: Darcy is lost, then finds a castle
Tumblr media
Of course Darcy would get lost in the middle of nowhere in Europe. She’d been trying to use magic to escape another of Jane’s boring lectures and got distracted. So now Darcy had no idea where she was except somewhere in Romania. And she only knew that because she’d asked a passing farmer.
And now Darcy was approaching a castle. Of course. What was next, a vampire? Nothing would be more cliche than a vampire in Romania. Unless that vampire was Dracula.
Despite her misgivings (or maybe because of them), Darcy found herself knocking on the door. Would it hurt whoever lived here to get a doorbell? The knocker was one serious downer. And a lot more work to move than it looked.
The door creaked open. Okay, time for some oil on those hinges. Everything about this was creepy and a small part of Darcy‘s brain was begging her to run. And yet, the rest of her brain compelled her to explore. So, Darcy entered, and the door closed behind her.
“Hello?” Darcy called out. “Is Dracula home?”
“Fortunately for you, I’m no Dracula.”
Darcy screamed at the voice. What the hell? Where did that come from? Or rather, who did that come from?
A man stepped forward out of the shadows. Long, chocolate hair, stormy blue eyes, dark pink lips that looked like pillows… and fur all over where she could see that wasn’t covered in clothes, except for a metal arm. Okay, not a vampire. Not so creepy after all. And handsome, despite the extreme fuz.
Great. Now Darcy wondered if she was in some sort of Beauty and the Beast situation. All because she didn’t concentrate while doing magic.
The man spoke again. “May I ask, what’s your name?”
“I’m Darcy.” She struck out her hand. “And you are?”
“My mother named me James, but most people call me Bucky.” He grabbed her hand and shook it. At least the man (werewolf?) had manners.
“Bucky, huh? Not the worst nickname I’ve ever heard.”
He laughed. “It comes from my middle name. There were far too many boys named James to keep straight, so I took the nickname. I’m guessing your mother is a fan of Jane Austen?”
Darcy rolled her eyes. “Yes. My middle name is Elizabeth. Mom was a romantic at heart. I’m just full of Nutella and sarcasm.”
Another bark of laughter escaped Bucky. “I like you, Darcy. No wonder the castle allowed you in.”
Enchanted castle. More Beauty and the Beast vibes. At least Bucky seemed nicer than the Beast in the animated movie. Darcy moved closer to Bucky, a question on her mind.
“Got any roses around here?”
“Yep,” Bucky nodded. “Wouldn’t recommend picking one unless you want to get stuck here for eternity.”
“Is that what happened to you?”
“Sort of.”
“You planning on telling me?”
Bucky shrugged. “That depends on if you’ll have dinner with me. You look like you could use something to eat, and the kitchen makes some great food. It may even have some Nutella to put on the fruit.”
“Well, I’m sold.”
Bucky smiled and held out an elbow. “Why don’t I take you to a guest room so you can freshen up a little?”
Darcy shrugged and took his arm. “That sounds like a good idea. Thank you!”
When they entered the room, Darcy was in awe. She’d never seen anything so fancy in her life! Then again, this was an Enchanted castle. Who knew what was here?
“I’ll see you in a little while for dinner,” Bucky said as he went out the door. Darcy could only nod in response.
Thankfully it didn’t take Darcy long to figure out where everything was so she could wash up and change. The bathtub was huge, and the wardrobe was filled with some amazing clothes. It was hard to decide what to wear, but Darcy eventually went with some jeans and a shirt that showed off her curves. When she arrived at the dinner table, Bucky whistled.
“Anyone in particular you’re looking good for?”
Darcy smirked as she sat down. “Oh, I just like to look good. You never know who you’re gonna see, or who will have the opportunity to see you.”
Bucky laughed as the food was served. It wasn’t long before Darcy and Bucky fell into a comfortable conversation. Bucky soon found out that Darcy has magic, though she liked to say she wasn’t the best at using it. They talked about family and friends, likes and dislikes, just about everything under the sun. Except for how Bucky became the way he was. But when Darcy asked about that at the end of dinner, Bucky shook his head.
“It’s late, and I’m sure it’s been a long day for you, Darcy. Why don’t you stay and maybe I’ll tell you at dinner tomorrow?”
Darcy agreed (not like she had anything else to do), and she and Bucky went their separate ways to bed. The next morning, Darcy didn’t see Bucky at breakfast or lunch, and decided to explore the castle. Eventually she found the library, and figured she could hang out there and read until dinner.
When dinner came, Darcy excitedly told Bucky about the library and the books she found. It was nice for Darcy to have someone to talk to about things that she liked, rather than science and Thor like Jane did. Not that she didn’t love Jane, but science all day every day was a bit tiresome for someone who didn’t make it their career. At the end of dinner, Darcy asked again about Bucky’s story, and he made the same excuse. Darcy just shrugged and went to bed.
Before long, Darcy had spent over a month at Bucky’s castle. Her days were spent exploring, reading in the library, and talking to Bucky at dinner. Occasionally Bucky would join Darcy in her exploration or in the library. Sometimes they played chess (which Darcy was absolutely no good at) or croquet (which Darcy had never played before and was surprisingly good at). Darcy felt herself starting to fall in love with Bucky.
The only thing between them? Bucky’s refusal to speak of why he was stuck in the castle. Every night Darcy asked the same question, and every night Bucky gave the same answer. It frustrated Darcy to no end, but if Bucky wasn’t ready to talk about it, then she’d just have to wait.
It was a night about six weeks from when Darcy first arrived that Bucky finally told the story.
“I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that I’m a werewolf. Well, back when I was a young pup, and I didn’t know any better about the world, a werewolf came and scratched me. Basically took my whole arm.”
Darcy nodded. That explains his metal arm, and why the man was so fuzzy every time she saw him at dinner. The only time he’d skipped dinner, Darcy noticed, was on a full moon night, and that was likely because Bucky was a full wolf by the time darkness fell, which was usually when dinner was.
“Not much later,” Bucky continued, “probably about two or three months, a witch came to the castle and asked for a place to stay. I was wary of anyone new, having been hurt so badly so recently, so I tried to say no. Well, the witch didn’t like hearing that, so she cursed the castle so anyone living in it could never leave, and if someone came to visit and picked a rose, they’d have to stay for eternity as well. She never did tell me how to break the curse, and I doubt she would’ve told me if I asked.”
“Oh, Bucky, how terrible!” Darcy took his hand and gently rubbed her thumb over the top of it. Man, his fur was soft! Not the point here!
Bucky shrugged. “I’ve gotten used to it. Besides, modern technology has been pretty great with helping me keep up with the world.”
“Still, I bet that gets pretty lonely. Especially since the only people I’ve seen here besides you are the servants who bring in dinner.”
A melancholy little smile tugged at Bucky’s lips. “My parents died a few years ago, and I was an only child.”
Darcy felt a pull on her heartstrings. No wonder Bucky had put off telling her the story. He was likely so lonely that any type of companionship felt nice. And he was so kind after so much hardship. Bucky was a special man (or rather, werewolf).
Maybe if she found the rose garden? Darcy knew it was a crazy plan, but now that she had met Bucky, she didn’t want to have to leave him behind. He was a good person who had been kind to her, when most who had been through what he did wouldn’t have been. Besides, many of her best decisions had been impulsive ones.
“Darcy? You look far away, doll.”
She shook her head. “I’m sorry. For both what’s happened to you and for getting a little carried away there.”
Bucky smiled. “No need to be sorry, what’s done is done. And you look pretty when you’re devising a scheme. I probably shouldn’t ask…”
Darcy chuckled as she shook her head. “I’m sure you’ll find out soon enough.”
The next morning, Darcy set out to find the roses. It took a couple of hours, since there were a heck of a lot of places to look. But eventually, Darcy saw a greenhouse of roses.
Darcy ran to the greenhouse. Right before she could open the door, though, she felt a hand on her shoulder, turning her around. Bucky was there, a concerned look on his face.
“What on earth are you doing here, Darcy?”
She couldn’t meet his gaze. “I didn’t want you to be alone.”
“I’ve been alone for a long time, doll. I wouldn’t wish this life on anyone, let alone you. Why would you want to stay?”
“Because I can’t stand the thought of you staying here, while I could come and go as I please. Because I have magic and I have a friend who knows someone who might be able to help. Because I…”
Darcy bit her lip. She couldn’t say that she loved Bucky, not unless she knew how he felt. Bucky seemed to know what she wanted to say, since his face softened as he came closer, cupping her face with his hands.
“Because you love me?” He asked.
She nodded, a tear falling across her cheek. He slipped his thumb across it, wiping away the tear. Slowly, tenderly, Bucky lowered his head, meeting his lips to Darcy’s. It was the best kiss she’d ever had- gentle, loving, passionate. She put her arms around Bucky’s neck, giving the same as she was getting. His arms slowly moved down to wrap around her waist.
A sudden gust of wind blew around them, accompanied by a resounding woosh. Darcy felt her hair being blown around. Bucky pulled back reluctantly, a question in his eyes.
“What was that all about?”
Darcy couldn’t think for a moment, her brain catching up from the kiss. Then she realized.
“True love’s kiss. That does tend to break a lot of curses.”
Bucky giggled- full on, little giggles. Darcy couldn’t help but join in with a laugh of her own. It felt freeing, being in the arms of the man she loved. And if the curse was truly broken? It meant that Bucky was free as well. Maybe if Jane and Thor came to make sure?
“What do you want to do now?” Darcy asked.
Bucky smirked at her. “I want to be with the woman I love- in bed.”
Darcy couldn’t disagree. So she ran back with Bucky to the castle, where they worried later about the curse and focused on being together in every way.
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