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#and clashes with his green clothes
elvish-sky · 17 days ago
One day, Aragorn shows up with blue hair. Not fully blue, just a few streaks.
Naturally, Legolas immediately decides that he has to dye his hair because no one can have more fabulous hair than him. He dyes it green. It looks pretty good.
This fad goes through the Fellowship, Gimli bleaching his hair and doing purple streaks, Frodo goes with some tasteful blue tips, Sam matches Legolas with some green streaks (“Us plant lovers have to stick together, Mr. Elf.”), Merry and Pippin squabble over it but eventually Merry gets red highlights and Pippin gets orange streaks. Boromir gets blue to match Aragorn.
The real shock comes a week later when Gandalf shows up with ombré pink ends.
Pippin immediately insists on changing his hair to match.
Eventually, the entire Fellowship has some amount of pink hair. Legolas went all out and dyed all his hair pink.
Thranduil was furious.
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zombie-phoenix · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
200 years ago today, Napoléon Bonaparte died: May 5th, 1821, shortly before 6pm.
Here is an extremely brief overview of his person: Living in a turbulent time of change, Napoléon rose from obscurity as a Corsican nationalist into one of the most prominent figures of all time.  A meteoric rise as both a political and military figure saw him influence Europe for around 20 years and permanently change the political climate.  He was an outsider to the long established monarchs of the time and represented a new mode of thinking, thusly appearing as a natural enemy to the leading  Powers of Europe - Britain, Austria, Prussia, and Russia to name a few.  Having a powerful grasp on the concepts of warfare made him a force to be feared and recognized.
Although extremely talented and knowledgeable, Napoléon never quite trusted his subordinates with too much control.  Paradoxically he put his faith into political allies that were potentially dangerous under anyone’s rule.  As his Empire grew, it became unwieldy, and his ambitions threw his world out of balance.
Just as fiery as Napoléon’s rise was, such was the fall of his Empire.  He was eventually imprisoned on the extremely remote island of St. Helena, where he was kept under constant watch by the British government under Sir Hudson Lowe.  Concern for control over the Emperor rather than his comfort and well-being lead to a very constricting and bleak confinement of 6 years.  During his final years, his health began to falter in response to many undefined factors.  So enigmatic were his final years that debates today still clash over the reasons and situations of his death, one hot day in May.
Napoléon was born on a homely island in 1769 on August 15th.  In the end he died 1821 May 5th, on an distant island, removed from the world.  Having led a dramatic life, he was just 51 years old at the time of his death.  We may only ponder how many more years he could have lived under different circumstances.
(In time I hope to write out a long and involved overview of his life and all the paradoxical facets of his being.)
May 5th, 2021 - Oil Painting  - Le prisonnier
I began this oil painting in honor of Napoléon, to finish by the time of the 200 year anniversary of his death.  Although I had planned an initial concept and perspective, I changed it right at the start which made following up on the new details a bit difficult.  I ended up going for a straight on shot since it was different than most portraits of Napoléon, and I wanted it to reflect the notion that people had stated he had a habit of facing people directly and straight on when talking to them.  His outfit is also to reflect his actual apparel on St. Helena, which was that of a civilian.  I like that it makes him more casual, as he often was with many guests that he liked.  It does not rely or focus on the iconography as the distant Emperor, but rather that of a casual personable stranger.  I want viewers to see him as both a gifted and flawed natural human being, rather than to focus on him solely as a cold calculating political leader.  His apparel is disheavled, and he has some stubble on his face.  He is heavy in weight as time passed into his later years.  A green cloth wraps his neck simply as a personal touch regarding his purported liking of the color green.  Lastly, I have the intention that he is gazing across the ocean towards France and his son; the mountainous landscape of St. Helena making a symbolic cage around him.
I feel Americans see him as a distant vague figure.  In perspective, George Washington was mourned in France in 1799, and Abraham Lincoln was 12 years old in 1821.
History is complicated, and we can’t put an easy title on something as good or evil.  In the end, for better or for worse, we are all human.
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ravenlixwitch · 3 days ago
Hoodie Season
E-girl!Reader x Softboy!Jisung
Y/n looked herself up and down in the mirror. Clashing with her black eyeliner, dark wash baggy jeans complete with belt chain and pins and Harry Potter beanie from her work, she had thrown on the most colorful, bright, and in-your-face article of clothing in her wardrobe.
It was an oversized color-block hoodie. Specifically baby blue with a pink sleeve and a green sleeve and a little yellow kitten in the center. To say the least, she had never worn anything like this. But she couldn't help but smile at herself.
The hoodie was her boyfriend's. He left it at her house and she was going to return it that day when she saw him at college but decided to try it on first.
During her first class, AP Chemistry, she got a couple looks from some acquaintances. The same thing in the next class and afterwards she went to the common's room to find her man and eat some food.
She didn't see him when she scanned the room so she shot him a text asking him to meet her by the cafe where a few of her friends were.
"Woah, y/n! What is the eyesore you're wearing?" One tall skinny boy remarked when she walked up with her hands shoved in the pockets.
"Shut up, Hyunjin, you wore a maid outfit last Halloween and a pink and orange spongebob shirt last week at the skatepark, you have no high ground here." Everyone laughed as Hyunjin tried to defend himself.
"Besides, it's my boyfriend's, he left it at my house last night and so I stole it." Y/n snickered.
Right on cue two hands circled around her waist from behind and slipped themselves into the hoodie pockets to hold her hands. "Thief." Jisung's voice was right in her ear before he kissed it gently.
Hyunjin fake gagged at the PDA. "Ew, that's as gross as your fashion taste, Sung." He jabbed.
"Nyeh, nyeh as bad as your fashion taste, blah blah." Jisung copied in a mocking tone.
He turned his attention back to y/n and Hyunjin went back to talking to his girlfriend. "Am I getting this back any time soon?"
Y/n shrugged. "Maybe... I'm starting to like it. Maybe I'll just keep it." She joked.
Jisung still held her in his arms and rocked side to side and hummed. "Or I can just buy you your own."
"Oh no, please don't waste more of your money on something like this." She laughed. The others were back to their own conversation.
"You remember where I bought this, right?"
Y/n was organizing the hoodies in the back of her work, an alternative clothing and apparel store when someone cleared their throat behind her.
She turned around to see quite possibly the cutest human being she'd ever seen. He was wearing baby blue tie-dye sweat pants and an oversized white tee shirt with pink flowers all over it and high top platform converse.
But it wasn't just his outfit, he had the cutest face ever. Brown puppy dog eyes with faint blue eyeshadow and the softest pink cheeks lifted up due to his friendly smile.
"Hi, could I look at that hoodie there?" He pointed to the color-block cat hoodie.
Y/n snapped herself out of the mini daze she found herself in. "Uh, yes. What size?"
"The biggest size you have, please?"
"No problem." She grabbed the hoodie off of the rack and handed it to him. He held it up to the chest to get and idea of what it would look like on him.
"It would definitely look good on you." Y/n complimented. She always did to customers as a way to get them to buy things or to just be polite but this time she really, truly meant it.
"Ya think?" He walked over to a mirror to look at it draped on his front. He nodded as if answering his own question.
"Do you want me to ring it up for you?"
"In a minute, I'm gonna look a round a little more first."
So Y/n took the hoodie to keep at the register for him while he finished shopping.
He came back a little later and dropped a few pins and miscellaneous items on the counter.
"This all for you today?" Y/n asked as she bagged everything up.
"Yes thank you."
Y/n told him his total and he fished around in his wallet before placing a wad of money in front of him.
He stepped away for a second, presumably to look at the jewelry, and as y/n counted the money, she found a slip of paper amongst it which read:
Will you go out with me
My number is *phone number*
Y/n was stunned for a second, thinking he must have accidentally grabbed the piece of paper while fishing for the money in his wallet. Someone else could have given him that, asking to go out with him. But she looked up at him and he was already staring at her from the jewelry rack and gave her a smile and a subtle wink.
Oh my gosh. He just winked at me? She thought. It was both cringey and cute. He came up to take the bag of stuff from her.
"Thank you!" He said.
"Y-yeah, you're welcome. Have a nice day." She stammered.
"You too. I'll talk to you later." And with that he turned to leave. From that comment she knew that he purposely gave her that sheet of paper.
"Yeah, of course I remember," Y/n said, rolling her eyes. "Don't get mushy on me now."
"Puh-lease." Begged Hyunjin, inserting himself back into their conversation for a second.
"No one asked, Hwang." Jisung snapped.
"Bleh..." Hyunjin stuck out his tongue and Jisung stuck his out back at him.
Hyunjin's girlfriend laughed. "What are you, four year olds?"
"Yeah, stop fighting girlies, you're both pretty." Y/n teased.
"I got to head to class now, I'll catch up with you later, y/n." Hyunjin's girl said and left with Hyunjin clinging to her hand.
Jisung came around to face y/n straight on. "Do you really think Hyunjin is pretty?" He pouted.
Y/n smiled. "Yes..." Jisung frowned. "But not as pretty as you, come on, let's get something to eat, I'm hungry."
Jisung smiled and slung his arm around her shoulder. "Okay, let's go."
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restinpeacesensei · 5 days ago
#aaaaah how pretty!!!! #the colors the lighting the everything!!!! #as always I love how you dress the characters #Akoya’s floral patterned shirt is so cute I love it >.< #and he has a little heart necklace awww!! #and conquest club themed bracelets!! #(meanwhile this might just be a lighting thing but arima looks like he has a little bit of stubble and I love it XD) #also I love the background and the flower petals!! #it’s so pretty and spring-y and so nice and warm <3333
aaaaaAAAAAAA CRIES HOW SWEET AND KIND IS THIS COMMENT OMG???? /)//////(\ this is a warm spring blessing thank you soo ooo oo much...!!! \;;/////;;/ aaaaa it makes my heart so happy you got so excited about the colors the lighting IM SO HAPPY YOU LIKED THE EVERYTHING WAAAAA THIS IS SUCH A CUTE WAY TO SAY IT THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! \>/////</
and OMG im so happy you like how i dress them YAY??? \;;---;;/ this means a lot to me bc tbH I STRUGGLE WITH THEIR WARDROBE EVERY YEAR!!!! >.< im always saving (or telling myself im going to remember..) pictures of clothes i want to put them in sometime and then when the time comes for akoya’s birthday i can never find any of them akvjsdgh (OR i find out they don’t work with how i end up setting up the scene bc the poses i choose end up hiding a pattern thats crucial to the aesthetic or something akvjhsgh SOMEDAY..) and i end up going with whatever i come up with IM REALLY HAPPY YOU LIKE THEM!!!! ;;__;;
(arima is the most difficult for me to dress T__T he’s like? dark earth colors?? green/gray/brown? a bit gentlemanly but also casual? i changed his outfit twice here, once bc i tried to give him a kind of suit jacket but it looked too formal next to the other two, and then bc i tried to make his shirt brown to be different from the others but IT CLASHED SO NVM (besides akoya probably asks all his birthday guests to color-coordinate)... just going with a casual shirt after all!!)
im suuper happy you think akoya’s floral-patterned shirt is cute!!! \;;---;;/ (bc i did end up changing his clothes as well AKVHSG) i find that a lot of clothes that look Beautiful are that way bc they have these very complicated colorful patterns;;; essentially drawings in themselves;; which i then;;; would have to;;; draw;;;; i originally was going to give him a shirt with a more complex pattern but i found that important parts were getting hidden by his hair and it just wasnt working so i switched to this and im sooo happy you think it’s cute!!!! >/////< he’s so happy you like his cute shirt with little flowers thank you so much..!!! \;;~~;;/
!! AND YOU NOTICED HIS LITTLE HEART NECKLACE!!!! IM SOO HAPPY!!! >////< he thinks it is super cute and was waiting for someone to notice!! \;;////;;/ YOU EVEN NOTICED THE CONQUEST CLUB BRACELETS TOO!! he originally wore them here and since then i try to draw them when it feels fitting..!! >////< (EARLIER THIS YEAR i saw actual conquest club friendship bracelets HERE and i tried making them look like that in this picture but it didn’t look right at the size they are here akvhsdg THEY DO HAVE THESE BRACELETS THOUGH RIGHT..)
JVKSGHD ARIMAS LITTLE STUBBLE OMG!!! i love how you interpreted it that way, im so happy you like it!! XD i think it’s bc i was copying the layers so many times that the shadows around their chins became less blended, so yes it was unintentional but im so glad you saw it like that and liked the effect! XD that makes me want to try seeing arima with stubble LOL i have to confess though... anime boys have warped my perception of reality and i get a shock irl every time i see a young man remove his mask and suddenly realize he had facial hair all along LOL;;;;
and i looove how you describe the background with flower petals as so pretty and spring-y and nice and warm!!! ;___; it’s so sweet and comforting.. all these little words together making such a gentle image;; they transport me immediately to a warm sunny day with flower petals swirling around me filled with life and joy!!! \T---T/ it makes me feel spring in my heart and i love it soo much!!! >////< thank you so much for the EVERYTHING waaaa!!! \;;////;;/
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getreadytosmash · 13 days ago
"💎" For Samson and Victor
Fusion fun
Ohhh k so I imagine they've got the typical vest suit a lot of men from Victor's time had, but I think that it would keep some of Samson's original colouring so you have this 9'0 man with a bright fed shirt and a gold blazer vest over it, since I imagine their confidence really starts to come through in their clothing? A lot of their blazer has equations decorated over it to give a sense of high classness as well as making note of their intelligence in a more visual manner since you know this boys care more about what people know about them.
I like to think that they have a rather...icy look? Like, rather pale with a more mint green hair that's done up in those 16th century ponytails?? He's basically a disney prince but. Imagine Beast when he's still a shitty human or Gaston as a twink okay that's his look. Has four normal arms but a really spindily extra pair for finery work and so he can do something similar to my muse Iris where they can mess with people's minds using the spindly hands. Angular features but has a strong jaw and and looks ridiculously thin since the don't need to worry as much about eating or weight when together.
As for names, I think Variscite works well for gem verse/name but I also think Pavlov works really well since he has a lot of work about conditioning! Pavlov is such a damn know it all that any time he comes out everyone just groans and prepares to want to punch him in the face. Has a weird accent that no one quite knows and no one wants to guess if he's making some pompus attempt at an accent. It goes well with his weird mind trick stuff and he has a low level of super strength that would let them fight Skaar and Rick easily enough. Local spider man fights a teen and young man more at 5.
In relationships I think he would work really well with Samuel as usual but I think they would clash a little from where Pavlov assumes he knows more and Samuel...naturally doesn't like having competition. The others are even worse but I think they have a slightly better relationship with Jen who let's him ramble away or Rick since he likes hearing info and is better with dealing with people being smarter than him with his whole mental connection to Samuel.
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seriously-sirius · 15 days ago
Remus wears a dress & corset to a dance and Sirius is awestruck
The summer before seventh year, Remus and Lily took a day trip into the muggle city to explore. Remus gave Lily a brief tour of her surroundings and they’d meandered around several clothing stores. Several questionable clothing stores. Which was how Remus ended up purchasing himself a corset.
The saleslady had been the one to suggest it, although Remus had thought the notion sounded completely ludicrous. A shop had caught Lily’s eye and Remus had said he’d wait outside, but had been dragged in anyways under the pretense that Lily ‘needed his opinion’. 
He’d responded with the fact that James would be twice over in love with Lily whether she wore a ball gown or a plastic bag, but she’d paid him no mind. 
“C’mon Remus, it’s just a store.” She’d said. Seeing no escape, he’d reluctantly followed. Lily spent a few minutes looking at various pieces of clothing that Remus doubted would cover anything. At some point she’d found a cherry red leather corset, with ribbon-like laces running up the back.. She’d been mesmerized, and Remus was surprisingly intrigued by it. 
Lily had asked the saleslady if she could try it on over her shirt and had been given the okay. She gave Remus a few turns before deciding that red wasn’t her color. She said it clashed horribly with her auburn hair. Remus was about ready to leave before the saleslady spotted him. Her name was Alexxa, and the second she spotted him she lit up. 
He’d been hiding behind a mannequin anxiously waiting for Lily to finish up whatever she was doing. The two women had been conversing lightly before Lily came to fetch Remus to leave. The lady, Alexxa, took one look at Remus and nearly screeched. 
“Who’s your friend?” She’d asked Lily, nearly fizzling with excitement. Lily had introduced the two and after exchanging routine pleasantries the first thing out of Alexxa’s mouth was, “Now you, need one of these.” She gestured to the corset Lily had just put back on the rack. 
Remus was at a loss. Him? In a corset? He didn’t see it to begin with, but the idea grew on him. “Yeah?” 
“Absolutely. Your figure is absolutely perfect for it. That is of course, if you're comfortable with it. I just think you’d look absolutely stunning.” 
So Remus had picked out a deep green one and tried it on and after squeals of approval from both women, he’d bought it. Surprisingly satisfied with the purchase, he and Lily spent the whole way back out of the city scheming about when he could wear it. 
The friends were visiting James's house and when they arrived back, his parents told them they were just in time for the news. 
“What news?” 
“We were told to tell you that there will be a Christmas dance, a ball to say, for the older kids this year. Years six and seven.” 
The rest of James’s mother’s words were forgotten as Remus and Lily both met each other’s eyes at the same time. Perfect timing. 
They’d been back at Hogwarts for a little over three months now and it was growing ever closer to Christmas time. Given this, Sirius was still trying to work up the nerve to ask Remus to the dance. Of course he would probably say yes, they’d been dating for some time now, but he was still nervous about it. 
Working up his courage one afternoon on the twentieth (way too late in James’s opinion), Sirius cornered Remus in the library after his routine study session. 
“Hey, Remus?” 
Remus’s attention was fixated on neatly tucking his quills into the side pocket on his bag, but he answered. “Yes, Sirius? 
It was now or never. “I was wondering if you-” 
“Would go to the ball with you?” Remus hadn’t even looked up, making sure the cap on his ink bottle was on tight. Sirius paused. 
“Uh. Yeah, exactly. Would you?” 
Remus laughed, finally looking up. He was smiling, but Sirius could swear there was a hint of deviousness in his soft eyes. “Yes of course! Why would I say no? I was hoping you’d ask.” 
Sirius leaned up to kiss Remus softly before turning to leave. “Good. I have an outfit all picked out.” 
“I’m sure you do.” 
The night of the dance, Remus met Lily in a random bathroom on the fifth floor to get ready. Lily was already pretty much done, makeup and clothes on but it was Remus who needed help. Lily looked stunning with a deep ocean blue gown with cinched waist and flowing skirt, showing off her figure. Remus was sure James was going to faint on the spot when he saw her. 
Remus had been a bit apprehensive about it, but Lily had advised him to go the whole distance and get a dress and heels to go with the corset. The whole deal. So Remus had gotten a black chiffon dress that reached his calves and heels to match.  
He planned on layering the dark green corset over the dress, which would be the perfect final touch on everything. Lily helped him dress fully in the bathroom, and had him make sure her makeup looked flawless.
Then, casting each other excited glances, set off downstairs together. 
Sirius was anxious. Remus had said he’d be getting ready with Lily but Sirius hadn’t seen either of them since earlier that evening. He wondered what Remus would be wearing. He fiddled with his necklaces. Sirius often wore jewelry ranging from rings to bracelets and always the moon necklace Remus had given him in sixth year. But for tonight he was wearing two metal chains around his neck along with his other adornments. 
For his outfit, Sirius had gone casually classy as opposed to formal like James. He wore grey slacks with a white shirt and vest that matched his pants. His sleeves were rolled up and he’d unbuttoned the top few buttons. More than a few girls had been eyeing him while he was waiting at the bottom of the staircase. 
Where in the hell was Remus? James tapped his shoulder, pointing at the top of the stairs and oh. 
That’s where Remus was. 
Sirius had expected beautiful. Remus was always beautiful, what with his thick curls and deep caramel eyes that Sirius could lose himself in. His laugh when Sirius whispered something under his breath that was amusing, and his long elegant fingers as he wrote or read. But this Remus? This Remus was...ethereal. 
Sirius nearly had to lean on James to support himself as the sight of his boyfriend had sucked all the breath from his lungs. 
Remus was dressed in a flowing black dress that fell just above his ankles, where he wore simple strapped heels that increased his height even more. As if that wasn’t enough, his dress sported a sinfully high slit in it which, when he walked, revealed a sinful amount of skin. 
Sirius was ready to pass out and that was even before he processed the corset. It was a dark forest green with black lace accents. The combination of the black and dark green strangely complimented, yet contrasted Remus’s skin and eyes. 
Before he’d caught his breath, Remus had made his way down the stairs, the skirt of the dress swirling around his legs, and appeared at Sirius’s side. He leaned in close and whispered in his ear. 
Sirius could feel his breath light on his throat and resisted the urge to drag Remus right back up to their dormitory. Sirius turned and caught Remus’s lips in a deep kiss trying to convey every emotion he was feeling through that one searing point of contact. 
His heart was pounding with renewed love and energy, a feeling he’d felt a million times around Remus. When he’d first found out he liked him, when he first kissed him, when they first began dating. When they’d first said ‘I love you’. 
All of their firsts came flooding back to him as he spoke, the warmth of Remus’s body comforting and familiar. They fit together like puzzle pieces in the jigsaw of the world. This was the perfect moment that Sirius never wanted to let go of. 
Sirius could have stayed like that forever. Close to Remus, their breath mixing between them. But James was having none of it, poking Sirius in the shoulder until he got his attention. Sighing, Sirius diverted his attention. Lily had also come downstairs, looking almost as stunning as Remus. 
“Sirius, let’s go.” James tossed his arm around Lily’s shoulders and gently steered her towards the Great Hall which had been cleared out and tastefully decorated for the event. 
Sirius’s mind was a blur for the next three hours. All he could clearly remember was Remus, surprisingly talented at dancing, his hips swinging in rhythm with the music. He was very light on his feet despite his three inch heels. One might have found it diminishing or intimidating, but Sirius found it dizzyingly attractive how he had to pull Remus down in order to kiss him. Which he did plenty. 
He felt like he’d been drugged. The lights in the room seemed to come to life, twisting and turning like serpents in Sirius’s vision. They flashed with muted colors, highlighting the air behind his boyfriend’s silhouette. Remus looked like he was glowing, the light bouncing off his tawny hair and giving it the appearance of spun gold. His eyes looked like tiny disco balls and Sirius was drowning in them. 
When the hall began slowly emptying as people began retiring for the night, Sirius, Remus, and the other friends slowly followed suit. Sirius and Remus were both deliciously drunk and Sirius could feel his desire for Remus running hot through his veins. God, that dress on him. And the corset. Just him. 
At some point, they ended up alone in a corridor. The first chance he got, Sirius had Remus pressed against one of the cool stone walls, their lips colliding. Waves of love and desire washed through the two. 
Pulling back slightly to breathe, Remus spoke. “Dorm.” Was all he said. Sirius groaned slightly but after a quick kiss, grasped Remus by the wrist and practically dragged him back to Gryffindor tower. Fortunately it seemed that Lily and James had found somewhere else to be and they had the room to themselves. God only knew where Peter had gotten to that night. 
The second the door hissed shut, Sirius’s hands wrapped around Remus, fumbling for the laces of the corset. “How the fuck do you untie these.” He murmured softly, earning a soft laugh from Remus. 
“You’ll have to figure it out.” Remus teased. His lips tasted like watermelon and a tang that Sirius associated with his favorite alcohol. How he’d gotten it in the middle of a school dance, he hadn’t the faintest idea. 
He finally managed to undo the top knot and loosened the garment on Remus until he could take it off. Remus was left in the flowing black dress and heels, which as Sirius’s prompt, he fumbled to remove. 
That done, Sirius backed him up until the back of his knees were touching the edge of the bed. With a small push Remus fell gently onto the bed, pulling Sirius with him. Sirius straddled him, hands knotting in his curls as he kissed him bruisingly. 
The air they shared between them was suffused with electricity. A charge that Sirius could feel everywhere. Remus's hands trailed softly up Sirius’s arms until he reached the collar of his shirt. He trailed his long fingers under the fabric, tracing Sirius’s collarbone and causing Sirius to gasp softly. 
Between kisses, Remus murmured. “I love you, Sirius. I love you, I love you, I love you.” His voice was higher than usual, and he was clinging to Sirius as he kissed across his jawline. 
Sirius smiled against his skin. He loved Remus. He loved everything about him. He loved his smile when Sirius was being his usual playful self and he was pretending to be annoyed. He loved his freckles under the sun, scattered artfully across his cheeks. He loved his scars and how Remus tried to hide them but Sirius thought they were beautiful. He loved the way his hair was soft and slipped soothingly through Sirius’s fingers. He loved the way his eyes twinkled with mischief after they’d accomplished a particularly impressive prank. 
He loved the way Remus said ‘I love you’. And how it made Sirius feel like he truly was loved, and that he belonged. He loved the way Remus made him feel like he was home. But there was no way for Sirius to convey all of these thoughts at once. So he merely held him as close as possible and whispered back. 
“I love you too.”
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rosalynravenclaw16 · 27 days ago
Clothing headcannons
Virgil- wears a choker with studs, owns fingerless gloves but doesn't think they match his clothes, he has an oversized jumper collection half of which he stole from the others.
Patton- wears three bracelets in various styles on each wrist, wears both stereotypically male and female clothes with a cardigan, unironicly wears a bucket hat.
Logan- always wears boots but will wear heeled ones, wears one bracelet given to him by Patton, owns exactly three t-shirts and wears none of them, his spare glasses are dark blue but he only wears them for special occasions.
Roman- hand embroidered a phoenix onto a jacket but won't wear it cause he thinks it's bad, he sleeps in musical tops and fluffy pajama bottoms, exists in a layer of semi Stage makeup.
Janus- owns ten pairs of gloves in the same shade of yellow, only wears flats when absolutely necessary, wears a caplet when out normally.
Remus- always wears something green even if it clashes, wears dresses and skirts with shorts on so he can do tricks, has an item of clothing belonging to each of the sides.
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saturdaynightfeverfp · 27 days ago
Maria’s styling
Tumblr media
Before styling my shoot I firstly researched into mens fashion within the 70′s to get a more in depth look on all the different trends and types of styling with in that time, as well as that I looked at modern day shoots which have a 70′s kind of vibe to give me inspiration on not only the styling but the poses and backgrounds. I added all these images to a Pinterest board so they was all in the same place and it made me easier to envision my ideas for my own shoot.
My Pinterest board-
For my clothing I knew that I wanted to keep it close to the theme of the film and incorporate all the big trends which you see within the film such as loud printed shirts, blazers, wide / flared pants. However I didn't want it to look like a tacky 70′s inspired halloween outfit, instead I wanted it to be authentic to the 70′s fashion however add a more modern feel.
Harry styles:
Tumblr media
I found that Harry Styles has a very 70′s feel fashion style and it is exactly the style which I was envisioning for my own shoot so I looked further into campaigns/ music videos and pap pictures he is in to see the variations of his dress sense. I love how he wears clashing prints, mixes textures and wears a lot of the iconic patterns like checkered which was very popular within the 70′s. He also pushes the boundaries and goes against societies normal style for a man as he ditches the pressures of abiding by societies ‘norms’ which reminds me of Mick Jagger in the 70′s. I am going to take Harry’s sense of style for my main point of inspiration as his fashion looks like an updated, modern take on the mens 70′s style.
As I decided to shoot at home I had to be innovative with my backgrounds to capture the feel of the 70′s and make it look professional as well as also making sure it fitted with the rest of the images from my group. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here are the first images I took the location was at a underground car park I first chose this location as the area reminded me of the image above from the film with the grunge feel also with the bright light throughout I thought this would picture well and have good lighting. However I decided against this when I went to edit as without seeing the inspiration image for the chosen background it doesn't communicate 70′s and the colours and scenery don't flow or go with the images from the rest of my group.
After my first attempt at my shoot I went back to my research to help me come up with a backdrop which would better fit the theme and match the other images. 
Tumblr media
I loved the metallic fringing of this image from the Gucci campaign as it gives a very disco feel, however I struggled to find any so I had the idea to create a similar look with tinfoil.
Tumblr media
I stuck the tinfoil to the wall and chose to do this in the corner as I felt that would capture a better image, I decided to crumple up the tinfoil as it would give more texture and detail within my image. As well as that it also has a similar look to a disco ball with the reflection from the creases and the silver colour which will help my image flow with the rest of my groups.
Tumblr media
For the hair I wanted to recreate the same look as the character Tony Manero from the film as this was a classic hairstyle within the 70s. This look was easy to recreate as my model had an almost identical hairstyle so to perfect this I just slicked it back slightly with hair spray to assure it stays in place. 
Here is an outfit which I styled however didn't represent the vision which I had as I was going for quite a garish look with the contrasting colours of pink and green as from my research and watching the movie the 70′s fashion was full of bright colours and clashing prints. However the blazer was ill fitting and the shirt didn’t have the relaxed fit which I wanted, so I didn't go forward with this fit for my shoot.
Tumblr media
For the rest of my outfits I put together which worked well I decided to shoot these with my background so then I could see how the outfit and background worked together so I could then choose the best one. 
My shoot:
I decided to use a chair within my shoot as I feel it adds more dimension and has more of a relaxed look, also I found that when I was taking images the stances when stood up looked slightly awkward and I couldn't get the model and the background in the picture fully.
Tumblr media
This outfit I wanted to create a more relaxed and casual look and something more garish. I found that a lot of 70′s outfits had pieces of clothing which matched in colour. I wanted to create a layered look with the shirt and the jumper vest which is now back in trend however remaining with the 70′s feel with the silky oversized shirt. I feel that this look does look very 70′s however it isn’t the look I am aiming for as it looks rather fancy dress and the colours don't picture very well.
Tumblr media
For this outfit my main inspiration came from the looks of Mick Jagger and harry styles as I wanted a outfit which went against societies masculine views for fashion as I paired a bright pink suit with high waisted pants with a sheer shirt I feel this look is a more modern take however still remains with the theme of 70′s with the suit with the wide leg pants and the shirt tucked in.
Tumblr media
This is my favourite outfit as I think the colours of the deep purple and Burgundy contrast well with the silver background. I feel the shirt and pants paired together is a classic 70′s styled outfit as it is seen all throughout Saturday night fever and my research. I went with a monochrome look as this is both a trend now and within the 70′s with the high waisted straight leg pants with the silk shirt tucked in really gives a retro look.
Final image:
Tumblr media
Here is my final image I have selected I like the relaxed pose. To edit this image I first took it into photoshop and used the clone stamp to hide where you could see the tinfoil didn't meet or was overlapping as this made the background look more sleek. I then went into light room and adjusted the colours and contrasts, I  added a grain and vignette effect to give a more vintage look which helped communicate the theme more.
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Being Fake Soulmates with Dr. Chilton (Part 5)
<- Part 4 | Part 6 ->
Frederick Chilton x Reader | The Good Place crossover
2,300 words
Tumblr media
The irony of it was, the discovery did not come in the harrowing aftermath of a misadventure. What made Frederick Chilton realize he had been condemned to Hell (or the closest thing to it) was hearing the one he loved say, “I love you.”
And the tragic part was that it was not irony at all. Happiness was so foreign to Dr. Chilton that his immediate instinct was to reject it. It was far more damning evidence that his situation was not as it seemed than torture.
Torture, he understood. Chilton had been tortured many times before his ultimate death, and as such, being confronted with his greatest failures and insecurities—well, he took it in stride. It wasn’t until those words left your lips—“I love you”—that he scrutinized the many distressing events that had befallen him since entering the so-called good place.
Welcome! Everything is fine.
When he first awoke, free of pain for the first time in years, and saw those friendly green block letters on the wall, he did not want to question it. A white-haired man with a kind face opened a door, introduced himself as Michael, the architect, and told Dr. Chilton that his life dedicated to advancing psychiatry had earned him a place in Heaven (or the closest thing to it). He would spend his afterlife in perfect peace, surrounded by only other good people who dedicated their lives to helping others. He would finally know nothing but pure bliss.
This turn of events was inconsistent with Chilton’s life experiences. In the back of his mind, sirens went off, warning him that things that seem too good to be true always are—but, as usual, he ignored them.
Because this meant that he won.
Dr. Lecter had not made it to the good place, and suddenly everything the cannibalistic psychopath had done to him—framing him for murder, eating his lip—suddenly, Dr. Chilton found himself very much above it. In the end, Lecter would be tortured for all eternity in the bad place, while Chilton would be canoodling with his true soulmate in paradise.
But when you cupped his face and said, “I love you,” the truth that something was wrong jabbed him in the lungs like a knife.
“Well, what do we do? If this isn’t the good place, what do we do?” you asked, panic edging into your voice. For some reason, you assumed he would have a plan, or you hoped he would have some idea. Your fingers clung to his suit jacket for dear life.
“We?” He looked at you sharply, though his hands hadn’t released you from their embrace. “There is no ‘we.’ If you are not my soulmate, you are just… somebody.”
You snarled at that, fingers digging in a little too tightly, so that you hoped it pinched beneath his layers of clothing. “Frederick. We should at least stick together. We’ve been together all this time.”
“I cannot be sure you are real.”
“I’m real, you twit!”
“Of course, a delusion would say that,” he replied. “Or a demon, or perhaps… an artificial intelligence of some sort? I have been studying the other residents of the neighborhood, and many of their personalities seem two-dimensional. There is even a Buddhist monk who never speaks. It is as if somebody is trying to save processing power in a computer program.”
He had no idea what to do, either. He figured out something was wrong in your perfect afterlife paradise—that it was not paradise at all—but he was just as scared and confused as you were. Usually, you would turn to him when you were scared. Now you felt alone.
“Do you think I’m two-dimensional? That I’d ever do anything to hurt you?”
“Not intentionally,” he conceded. “But you were clearly given to me because our personalities irreparably clash. Either you work for them, or you are their pawn. Regardless, we are better off separating.”
“After all the time we’ve spent getting to know each other, you want to just throw it all out because we’re not soulmates?! H-how can you even be sure we’re not? Maybe we—maybe we’re supposed to be together—”
“You and I? Surely you are joking,” he sneered. Despite not being exceptionally tall, he had a way of looking down on you when he was in one of these moods.
“Yeah, you’re right. I would never end up with someone like you—not unless it was meant to be torture.” You jerked away from him. Anger boiled in your veins, yet the loss of contact still left you with such an empty feeling you nearly sobbed.
His voice didn’t soften, but lost its edge. He spoke frankly: “Give me time to analyze our situation. I need to figure out who is pulling the strings, what their plan is—”
“Oh, shirt! It’s Michael!” you gasped.
“Of course it is Michael,” said Chilton. “He is the architect of the whole neighborhood—but is the Janet involved, too? Is he under orders from another—”
“Shut up!” you hissed. “I mean, it’s Michael!”
A knock came at the door.
The giant carved mahogany doors swung open, and you and Dr. Chilton—linked arm-in-arm—greeted the immortal architect with an overly cheery, “Hello! What brings you here today?” Big smiles were plastered across both your faces.
Michael’s smile was equally nervous as he blurted out with a high-pitched tremble, “The neighborhood is broken and I need your help!”
Apparently, Michael had noticed that not all of the residents were perfectly happy. Mismatched personalities, emotional turbulence, glitches abound! Something, Michael said, was wrong, and only Dr. Chilton could help him.
“You were an esteemed psychiatrist, not to mention a human being! You understand how humans work better than I do. I’m not really supposed to do this, but”—he lowered his voice—“I can give you access to the classified files on all the residents. With all that private information, I’m sure you’ll be able to diagnose the problem.”
“Well, w-we’re flattered,” you said, stroking Chilton’s arm repeatedly, “but today we wanted to just stick together. You know, soulmate stuff?”
Chilton stiffened under your grip and gave a pleasant response so stiff it stretched his lips taut. “Now now, dear. I think you will agree this is something I have to do. By myself.”
“Can I talk to you for a moment, darling?” You cleared your throat and pulled him aside into one of many side hallways in the mansion, and hissed, “The timing of this—”
“I am aware,” Chilton said, bored. “I doubt his visit is a coincidence.”
“Then what are you doing?! You can’t go with him; you’ll be walking into the lion’s den!”
“He is trying to find out how much we know or trying to convince me my suspicions are wrong. Otherwise, he would not keep up the ruse. This is my opportunity to gather information while he thinks he is gathering information about me.” Gears were spinning in his head, eyes sparkling with confidence in his own supreme intelligence. He turned them on you as an afterthought. “This could help both of us.”
“Oh, so you care about both of us now?”
He scowled, and there was a little tic of his upper lip that told you you’d caught him. He was only thinking of himself and his glory days profiling killers for the FBI. It almost made you smile—one fought to reach the surface just below the disappointed frown and crossed arms over your chest. That he would revert to a selfish bastard immediately after deciding your souls were not universe-bound to each other was amusingly typical.
“Don’t go,” you pleaded anyway.
“It would be suspicious if I refused.”
“Tell him you promised to help my study on clean unicorn energy. What if it’s a trap?”
Chilton’s tan skin drained of color, but he regained composure quickly. “I am already dead. What more could he do to me?”
“You really want to look at everyone’s files that badly, huh?”
“It is everyone’s profiles! I will finally get to see what dirty secrets that arrogant Ms. Al-Jamil is hiding. No one is that perfect.”
“Forgive me,” Michael said, “I couldn’t help but notice. Soulmate trouble?”
Chilton froze halfway through reading a glowing digital paper with the entire boring life history of a Chidi Anagonye. He and Michael were going over town records in Michael’s office. Silently, the doctor cursed himself for complaining about you. He couldn’t help it—he’d been lied to, and let himself grow attached to some inane plebeian who drove him crazy under false pretenses! If you were even real, and not some demon sent to torture him, you were the most frustrating human being he had ever met.
“Sometimes, it seems we are absolutely mismatched,” Chilton said cautiously. Then with a tiny smirk at his own cleverness, added, “It almost seems deliberate. As if someone were testing my patience.”
Michael laughed light-heartedly, deep wrinkles appearing around his mouth. “Everyone feels that way at first. Don’t worry—you have eternity together. The first hundred years or so are always a little bumpy.”
“Are you certain soulmates are real?”
“The system doesn’t lie, Frederick.” Michael’s frown was understanding and paternal, but his eyes frighteningly sharp beneath a soft brow.
“I see. Well—”
“Unless… Do you think this has something to do with the problems in the neighborhood?” He stood and nervously paced about the room, fingers thrumming on his prominent chin. “Oh dear. What if the system made a mistake and matched the wrong pair? That could explain the bumpy start. Just last week, a literal rift opened up down Main Street and nearly swallowed you whole—it could have been caused by the rift between you and your soulmate! If your soulmate is making you unhappy… Let’s see… we can isolate them in a stasis pod while we investigate—”
“No!” Chilton cut him off. “No, no. That will not be necessary. As you said, even soulmates have their ups and downs. It is only a lover’s quarrel. I am confident the system was correct.”
Drawing his soulmate under investigation would put both of them in danger (assuming Michael was not already fully aware of their doubts and simply toying with them). But that consideration was nowhere near Chilton’s mind at the time. The thought of you being sent away made his chest tighten sharply. It took him so much by surprise he forgot to breathe.
If he were sensible, he would wring his hands together with glee at finally being able to get rid of you—you with your rustic furniture, and stubborn pride. Prying into his personal life, constantly trying to get to know him—to understand him better than anyone had ever wanted to before, and delighting in each new discovery. The softness of your hands in his. The way you cared for him even when he was being an ass. You were always there when he didn’t even realize he needed someone to lean on. And when you were not busy disagreeing over silly, unimportant things, you were good company. In fact, he never tired of you being near.
“…No, nothing is wrong. If anything, it’s too perfect. I feel too lucky to deserve this.”
The mansion was very big. Frederick Chilton had never noticed before how ridiculously, impossibly big it was, with its dozens of rooms, only a third of which had any purpose. When he came home to an empty mansion, he realized for the first time how cold and bleak it was without you.
He learned many secrets today and had new theories about what this neighborhood really was—but what did it matter if he was alone?
Chilton called out your name again and again, but the only answer was his own echo bouncing off the marble halls. He left on such a sour note, pushing you away after realizing you weren’t his soulmate. What if he succeeded in driving you away? You had no reason to remain with a churlish, pedantic, self-aggrandizing misanthrope. The only thing keeping you beside him was the idea that the universe ordained it.
What if you found a way to escape the neighborhood alone? Worse, what if you were captured?
Tightness ached in his chest.
Just then, the front door groaned open, and you trudged inside, shoulders bowed with exhaustion. A glittery rainbow slime coated your hair and clothing from head to toe, but he found himself racing down the stairs anyway, feet moving of their own accord, to launch himself into your arms.
You barely had time to react as the doctor greeted you with the enthusiasm of a golden retriever reuniting with his soldier who just came back from war. You managed to stay on your feet and close your sticky arms around his back.
“I was afraid something happened to you,” he whispered into your hair, holding you tight despite getting covered in slime. It had a revolting slick texture, but smelled like his favorite fresh-baked cookies. “Are… you alright?” He pulled back just far enough to tenderly stroke your cheek.
“Fine. I was helping the zoo with some sick unicorns, and… things got messy.” There was a haunted look in your eyes.
“Then… we are covered in…?”
You nodded.
Chilton dry heaved. “Dear god.”
“W-well, my dear,” he cleared his throat, “I believe a shower is in order. Shall we?” He extended his elbow to you in a gentlemanly fashion, with an utterly ungentlemanly grin upon his lips.
Your arm snaked through his, accepting the gesture without any sign of lingering anger. He couldn’t help but use the opportunity to tug you to his chest again.
“Forgive me?” he croaked.
He let out a shaky breath, almost a moan, and his grip on you tightened. “I love you. Oh, I love you.”
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Smuggler’s Run: Chapter Thirteen
Tumblr media
Awesome art by @commander-sarahs-art Special thanks to @vespertine-legacy for posting the translation of the Sith Obelisk in the Dark Temple!
Read the previous chapters here: Prologue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Smuggler’s Run Chapter Thirteen:
The tomb of the fallen Sith Lord glowed in an eerie yellow-green glow. Morff stumbled through the impenetrable darkness as thick billowing plumes of mist rose into the air. He ignited his saber and lifted it higher to afford more light. Dromund Kaas? How had he ended up here? Behind him, a Xuvva Soarer startled. Its wings flapped like the steady pulsing of a beating heart. Voices whispered from the shadows and from behind the thick stone temple walls. It filled him with existential dread. Somehow he knew, whether it was a warning through the Force, or the voices themselves, they were calling for him. 
His feet pushed him forward as though bewitched. Step by step led him deeper into the darkness. The voices chanted faster now. His foot caught on a rock, he threw his hands out to prevent his fall and touched... something solid. He took a startled step back and lifted his saber again. The mist parted, the shadows receded to reveal a towering obelisk inscribed with the ancient tongue of the Sith. A haunting voice called to him in a low, dulcet tone as it translated the epithet for him: 
Fear attracts 
the fearful
the strong
the weak
the innocent
the corrupt
Fear is my ally
Fear in power
The solitary voice, stronger than the rest and addressed itself to him directly. 
“Power,” It hissed at him. “Imagine the ability to help those who need it most by crushing those who are too unworthy to claim theirs,” 
Power came from compassion. Morff ignored the voice and pushed himself onward. He needed to escape the voices. Their constant chatter clouded his mind, making his thoughts indistinguishable from their cries. 
“Think of it,” The voice continued with a purr. “With the power of the Dark Side, you’ll have the strength to defeat the Emperor once and for all. Think of the billions of lives you could save. Without the power of the Dark Side, you allowed a tragedy...” 
The tomb disappeared with a snap. A Collocoid screeched in the distance. An ion cannon fired; Morff dove out of the way in the nick of time. Five klicks to his right, the earth shattered; clumps of dirt and grass flew into the air. The blinding smoke stung his eyes; Morff heard the agonized screams of dying soldiers. 
Balmorra; the putrid smell of sulfur burned his nostrils. As long as he lived, he’d never forget that fetid stench. That wasn’t the worst part—the tragedy he failed to prevent was barreling toward him in a rush of memory and grief. 
“Morff, get down!” 
He dropped face down into the dirt. Balmorra’s red clay coated his mouth with a fine layer of dust. Morff opened his eyes again and lifted his head in time to see Master Dias Si floating over his head, elegant, smooth, like the birds she loved to paint. He didn’t turn to watch the rest. 
This was her last fight. In the years since it happened, he’d reviewed the scene hundreds of times. Each time, he tried something different, hoping it would save her life; he never did.
Morff could recite the exchange blow for blow; every clash of sabers, the grunts of exertion, and the fierce battle cry of a terrifying Sith Warrior. He struggled up to his feet. Master Dias Si drove back the imposing Sith Lord wearing a crimson cape with an upper ward cut of her saber. The Sith shed herself of her cloak with a turn and flourish of her saber. Master Si dug her heels into the soft earth, tightening her grip at the hilt. Morff lifted his hands, shut his eyes, and reached out through the Force. Time stopped. The battle slowed, like the opponents were fighting under water. Morff's eyes opened with a snap; he gazed at his hands in horror. He could control the battle? How was this possible?
“The power is yours to command,” The emphatic voice urged. “Don’t fear it, take it. You want to stop it from happening,” 
Morff swallowed hard. He made peace with Master Si’s death years ago. He rejoiced in her becoming one with the Force... Or had he? He looked at his hands again. The power to command time and destiny was intoxicating… and an illusion. Morff lowered his hands and waited with bated breath. Three strikes of the sabers later, Master Dias Si dropped to her knees with a sputtering gasp—the Sith’s saber struck true. Fresh tears burned his eyes. Guilt, heavy and all-consuming, sat on his chest like a weighted stone. It was the right thing to do, to resist the Datacron’s power and allow Master Si to fall in battle… wasn’t it? Morff struggled to master his emotions—desolation, anguish, and the fear of choice and consequence. This choice came with horrifying consequences but what he wouldn’t give to have one last moment with Si to say his goodbyes.
“No,” Morff’s answer was breathless but resolute. “Nothing you can show me can make me join the Dark Side. You cannot tempt me,” 
Balmorra, the Sith Tomb, faded away to darkness. The single voice hissed out a parting phrase, ominous and low: 
“We shall see,” 
Morff woke with a disoriented gasp. He sucked in air between his teeth to calm his rampaging heart. One deep breath, then a second. The pounding slowed, his world came into focus. This was Captain Thane’s ship. He was in his bunk, Master Dias Si had died a decade ago. Morff shook his head to clear the haze of the dream and ran a tired hand through his disheveled hair. He checked his timepiece. Powin must have discovered the way to open the Datacron by now, and not a moment too soon. Every moment spent with it was another step closer to corruption. 
He threw his robe over his armor (stars, had he fallen asleep in it last night?) and stepped out into the main corridor. The ship was silent, eerily so, and dark. Captain Thane was asleep. It’d taken two weeks, but he’d become accustomed to the hum of the ship. The sounds changed if she was awake and working, and varied depending on the time. She kept strange hours. There was no evidence that she was awake—good, he’d attempted to avoid her for the past three days. There were, however, sounds of stirring in the cargo hold. Light spilled into the corridor from the training room. Powin’s low rumbling bass and Kerrilyn’s lilting bird-like soprano carried.
“Two Datacrons?” 
“One light, one dark—to represent the power of balance. The Sith scouts were last seen in this location...”
Their new training room glowed with a surprising warmth. Two cloaks, one luxurious and gleaming black, the other the plain cloth of the Jedi, hung from serviceable hooks mounted to the wall. Training sabers, a staff, and a few of Powin’s favorite training weapons hung from a separate rack on the opposing wall. A blue woven tapestry, Kerrilyn’s handiwork and an heirloom from House Nightstar, hung from the center wall. In the farthest corner of the room, the Datacron sat on a makeshift pedestal made from a repurposed tool box. Kerrilyn and Powin sat cross-legged on a pair of synthwoven tufted cushions. Kerrilyn had her chin in her hand as she and Powin studied a hand-held blue holoprojected map. 
“Two datacrons will pose a challenge,” Kerrilyn conceded; she shifted on the pillow to study the map more closely. “We know the location of this one, in the canyons outside of Mos Eisley. The other, Theron believes to be in the possession of pirates. Heavily armed pirates...” 
Morff pulled his training cushion from his designated corner of the training room (Kerrilyn had assigned them each a station) and sank down into the pillowy luxury. Much as he hated to admit it, Captain Thane had created an inviting space to work. If they were on speaking terms, he might have expressed his thanks, but she seemed keen to avoid him. 
“I don’t think the pirates will be much of a problem,” Morff remarked as he noted the rocky terrain surrounding the location of the first Datacron. “We’ll split into two teams. Theron and I will retrieve the Datacron in the canyon—”
“—No can do,” Theron interjected from the door frame. He took a long sip of his Caf before adding: “The SIS needs me to follow-up with some informants in Mos Eisley. You’ll have to manage without me,” 
A minor setback. Theron had his strong points, but as the only non-Force user in their group, he had limitations. Without having to protect him from bodily harm at every turn, they could move faster, take greater risks. Of course, none of them would ever breathe a word of this to Theron. Lack of Force sensitivity was a sticking point with him, though none of them could figure out why. Theron motioned for Morff to move over on his cushion and plopped down unceremoniously beside him. 
“I could tag along,” Captain Thane peeked around the door frame. “If you needed an extra hand,” 
Irony abounded; they’d barely recovered from her help after their last adventure. 
“Does no one knock anymore?” Morff lamented with a dry smile at Powin. 
 Captain Thane met his quip with a frown, a humph, then continued on as though he didn’t exist. 
“Was there something you needed from us, Captain?” Kerrilyn’s voice contained a note of wariness. 
“I need to talk to the boss,” Captain Thane pointed at Theron. “Wanted to see how much wiggle room there is to my jail sentence,” 
“Slim to none,” Morff muttered to himself under his breath. 
Kerrilyn shot him a warning look. Master Nightstar had, the night before, in a patient and gentle voice, ordered him to do the impossible: make amends with Captain Thane. It had taken everything in his power to reject the task outright, but there was no arguing with Master Nightstar and her flimsi list, to which she’d added a check box next to the name Captain Thane. If he wanted to prove to Kerrilyn that he was an outstanding candidate for a seat on the Jedi Council, he would have to set things right. The question was… how?
“I don’t trust you not to get into trouble,” Theron raised a quizzical brow at Zallia. “You told me you’d stick to the ship, remember?”
“I have a lot of old friends I’ve left to fry on Tatooine. It’d be bad manners to fly all the way here and not say hello. I swear, I’ll stay in the Cantina the whole time,” 
She raised her right hand with a solemn air and crossed her finger in the shape of an ‘x’ across her heart; a glimmering sparkle in her eyes foreshadowed a broken promise. 
“Uh huh, sure you will,” Theron looked unconvinced. “Since you’ll be on your best behavior, you won’t mind if Master Praxis walks with you to the Cantina, right?”
The sunny expression drooped, the twinkle in her eyes flattened as she threw him a gloomy, disdainful look. Morff smothered a laugh; if looks could kill, he’d be dead twice. Still, that was a more delightful fate than having to mend their tenuous association. 
“Yes, that’s an excellent idea, Theron,” Morff interjected smoothly before Zallia had time to object. “I’ve never been to Tatooine before. I’d appreciate having an experienced guide of Mos Eisley,” 
There, that was courteous; from the corner of his eye, he saw Master Nightstar give him a nod of approval. Morff even added a smile to go with his extended olive branch. Captain Thane catalogued and observed him, while her sharp mind worked behind her lively eyes.
“Sure, I guess you can tag along, Master Jedi,” She favored him with an incredulous look and added: “What makes you think you have what it takes to keep me company?”
The innuendo lingered—she was trying to throw him off-balance—punishment for his having to play the role of her nanny. Blast! Why did she insist on engaging him in this way? His stomach tied itself into a flustered knot. Bawdy wordplay was never his forte, but Captain Thane thrived on it. If he was going to gain any ground with her, he’d have to lower his conversation standards. Before he could process his thoughts, he heard himself say: 
“I’m more than equal to the task. Jedi are famous for their courage and stamina,” He added a subtle lift of a challenging brow. “You should save your strength if you’re going to keep me company,” 
Powin choked back a startled laugh. Kerrilyn fixed him with a sharp, disapproving frown. Oh dear, he might have lowered his standards too far. He hoped this didn’t earn him another negative mark in Kerrilyn’s eyes. Captain Thane, in contrast, looked impressed. 
“Huh. Looks like you can keep up with me after all. Guess I’ll have to stretch before we go another round,”
She punctuated the sentence with a flirtatious wink. Morff’s smile froze on his face; his breath caught in his chest. What in blazes was he supposed to do with that?
They walked in silence for a meter. Captain Thane seemed content not to acknowledge his existence, which suited him to his core. Small talk was never his forte. He stumbled and stammered his way through it. He preferred either the immense satisfaction of a stimulating conversation, or the vastly more pleasurable strains of companionable silence. So far, their walk had provided him with neither. 
 Every few steps, a voice would cry out from the various stalls of the marketplace. She’d give a friendly wave, a nod of recognition, then keep walking. Occasionally, she’d dart over to one stall and give the vendor an affectionate hug. At the rate they were traveling, they wouldn’t make the Cantina until night fall. After the third such greeting, Morff’s curiosity piqued. 
“You have quite the following,” He choked out with a strained voice. Why was it so difficult to talk to her? “I take it you’ve spent some time here,” 
“Had to lie low here for six months after a job went south. I know everybody on this dump of a planet — not a lot to do on Tatooine. Plus, a grumpy face and an unfriendly attitude don’t earn credits. But that’s not what I want to talk about,” 
He didn’t think she wanted to talk to him at all. That she had an agenda surprised him. 
“Look, I gotta know,” She looked uncertain, as though the pending question might cross a line. “How many planets have you traveled to?” 
Not the question he expected. Though, if he was honest, he never knew what to expect from her. 
“Three this year?” She burst out incredulously.
“No. Three total in my lifetime. I suppose that Tatooine and Dromund Kaas will make it five,”
The answer hung in the balance between them. He didn’t understand the trajectory of the questions. Then she added a soft: 
“Is it the fear of flying thing?”
“No. My work for the Jedi Order kept me stationed on Tython,” The prying questions made him uncomfortable, though there was one point he wished to correct. “And I’m not afraid to fly. I merely prefer to keep my feet on solid ground where and when I can,”
She nodded like his answer confirmed some unspoken theory she had about him. They fell silent for another meter. Captain Thane waved to more acquaintances. One vendor shouted her name with full-throated vigor. Captain Thane gave her an enthusiastic salute, cupped her hands around her lips and bellowed: 
“Oy, Sivanna. Got any ripe ones today?”
The vendor nodded, searched through a crate, and pulled out a large, over ripe Jorgan fruit. Without warning, she launched it into the air. Captain Thane caught it nimbly with one hand, brought it to her lips for a bite, and slapped her thigh in appreciation of the taste. Bits of the juice and seeds clung to her mouth. She wiped them away with her sleeve, looked at the fruit, then with a small shrug offered him the rest. 
Morff waved the offer away with a polite shake of his head. Though the bulk of her attention was on the fruit, he could tell from her occasional side-ways glances she was attempting to size him up. Fruit juice dripped from her hands and onto the golden sand. She tossed the remaining core toward a Womp Rat nest and looked in debate at her juice soaked hands. The wheels turned as she struggled between allowing her hands to remain sticky, or wiping her hands on her pant legs. 
As she went for the pant leg option, Morff reached into his robes out of habit and quietly offered her his handkerchief. Handkerchiefs were a must in his experience, a practice he adopted from Master Si early in his training. Food particles, sweat, dirt, all things that tarnished the lightsaber hilt and disrupted the connection between Master and saber. Zallia’s brows shot up to the top of her head in surprise. She blinked at him, then the handkerchief, then at him again before she accepted it with a softly grunted ‘thanks’. 
“So, how does a sheltered Jedi who’s afraid of flying and who has never really seen much of the galaxy learn to beat me in Sabacc? I’ve been to just about every planet—no one’s ever beat me,” 
Ah, so that the reason for the questions. Her ego wanted to know how it met defeat. She was a woman accustomed to having all the answers.
“Oh, it wasn’t so terribly difficult,” He fought a smile at the way her face dropped with displeasure at the implication that he’d beaten her at Sabacc with little effort. “Perhaps you’re not playing Sabacc with the right people,” 
Her posture went from alert to rigid—he struck a nerve. Captain Thane’s head snapped in his direction so fast he heard her neck pop. Morff returned her blazing stare with a conciliatory smile. She paused, cocked her head to the side, and absorbed his teasing with a reluctant nod, as though she’d assembled another piece of a larger puzzle. 
“Well, would you look at that—a saber swinging Sabacc savant with a sense of humor. Seriously though, how did you do it? Did you use your mind powers?” 
He hadn’t, but he didn’t want to reveal the truth yet. This was the longest conversation they’d ever had. What would happen if he kept it going?
“It bothers you that someone like me beat you at Sabacc, doesn’t it?” 
“Pfffttt... Who me?” She gave a dismissive wave of her hand. “Nah! Nothing bothers me. Just making idle chitchat,” 
An obvious lie; her eyes shone bright with the desire to know his secret. Morff considered his options. He needed to gain her trust; this pittance of a confidence would do it. Yet, a small flame burned in his chest and he couldn’t resist the urge to repay her skulduggery with the plumbing pipes. 
“Well, in that case, if it doesn’t bother you in the slightest, then I’d like to change subjects. I was hoping to rent transportation somewhere in town. Do you have any suggestions on where I could find a speeder?” 
Captain Thane blew a frustrated puff of wind up toward her forehead that jostled the stray chunks of hair. She took a sudden sharp left. Morff struggled to adjust his heading—he collided unceremoniously with a kebab stand. The crowds became dense as vendors and shoppers haggled at a dizzying pitch. In the distance, the drunken roar from the Cantina crescendoed as the first strains of music floated out the open door.
“Yeah, I know a guy. I’ll tell you what: we’ll make this an even exchange. You tell me about your Sabacc secret, and I’ll tell you who to talk to about a speeder,” 
“You really want to know?” 
“Obviously. Come on, Kyber head—spill it. Is it something I can learn, like a magic spell, or maybe a potion I could drink? I heard somewhere that’s how the Jedi get their powers,” 
They stopped a few klicks from the Cantina. Thirsty traders pushed in between them, eager to buy their first round. Morff folded his arms at the chest and stroked his beard. Captain Thane’s eyes went wide with insatiable curiosity. Their unique hue captivated his attention: amber with flecks of gold, though why he felt the need to categorize them he couldn’t say. He took a step toward her to avoid being jostled by a busker carrying a large octagonal shaped instrument. Morff crooked his index finger for her to lean in closer. 
“I spent time on Nar Shaddaa as part of my training. Broke up an illegal gambling ring. I learned how to play Sabacc from the best,” Morff took another small step forward; a surge of glee shot down his spine as he delivered the final blow. “I didn’t use the Force—I used my eyes. Your Sabacc skills are serviceable for someone who’s spent time on Coruscant, but a tad perfunctory. You know the word, I take it?”
Captain Thane wrinkled her nose at him and muttered under her breath:
 “A tad perfunctory is what I said to your mother when I told her about last night... oh, kriff. Sorry, I forgot about the orphan thing...” 
The joke was passably amusing if not crude; he chuckled despite his best efforts not to. To her credit, she had remembered from her perusal of his file that he was an orphan, and to his great astonishment, even took his feelings into account before delivering a crushing verbal blow.
“I’m positively devastated,” Morff returned with a bemused smile. “I don’t think I’ll ever recover,”
Captain Thane brightened in response to his quip.
 “You still haven’t answered my question. Spending time on Nar Shaddaa doesn’t automatically make you a better Sabacc player. Every two bit gangster in that lousy town is a card jockey,” 
Talking with her was like a game of mental Sabacc. He showed his hand; she inevitably upped the ante. The back and forth was a refreshing challenge. He pushed their game into the next round. 
“The truth is: you’re a terrible bluffer. You look at the ground when you lie,” 
Captain Thane’s mouth dropped to her chest. She let out a slow squeak of disbelief.
“I do not look at the ground when I lie!” She protested hotly. “Duuba the Hutt said my bluff was the toast of Nar Shaddaa,” 
“Was that before or after Duuba swindled you in a business deal? I know Duuba well, he’s not known for his honesty, but he is famous for flattering to get his way,”  
Morff fought a smile as her face traveled through stages of grief, fury, confusion. All at once, the expression morphed into something pleasant; his eyes noted the appearance of the dimple. 
“I appreciate your calling my attention to this matter, Master Praxis,” 
Zallia’s gaze dropped to the sand for a fraction of a second—obviously a bald faced lie. There was a beat, then a look of panicked horror spread across her face. Morff crossed his arms at the chest with a smug half-smile and opened his mouth to gently and politely rub it in. She cut him off: 
“I still say you used your mind powers,” She mumbled crossly before she added: “Ugh, you are the worst,” 
They slipped into silence again, though from the corner of his eye, she turned to study him again. She took him in; she had summed him up and now had to revisit her evaluation. It was difficult to say whether the truth about their infamous game of Sabacc had caused him to go up or down in her estimation. A small part of him hoped that his time on Nar Shaddaa had earned him a modicum of respect in her eyes. 
“There’s an old friend of mine: Bin Takt. If I know Bin, he’s probably inside the Cantina sipping an ale. Jawa, wears fancy robes, can’t miss him. Usually sits at the second table to the left of the band. He’ll get you to where you need to go. How’s your Jawese?” 
“Who, me? Why, I’m practically fluent,” 
He wasn’t. He knew a smattering of phrases, mostly related to the state of the weather. Why did he lie? That wasn’t like him. He supposed it came from a place of pride. It’d smarted a little when she’d scrunched up her nose and asked him whether his fear of flying had kept him from exploring the galaxy more, as though his lack of travel somehow made him inferior.
Captain Thane scrutinized his face, as though she suspected his lie, then smiled sans dimple as she turned to enter the Cantina without another word. A shout of recognition greeted her at the door. Patrons staggered off stools mid-drink to clap Captain Thane heartily on the back. A gruff-looking Weequay pressed a drink into her hand, while a group of strangers on the opposite side of the Cantina waved her over to the bar. Even the most beloved of Senators on Coruscant could never rival this level of fanfare. What was the source of her popularity on Tatooine? Morff trailed behind her wake like a wayward pet, overwhelmed by the toasts, handshakes, and merriment her presence brought. She paused; he collided unceremoniously with her back. 
“Bin’s over there,” She pointed to a Jawa in rich, synthwoven maroon brocade surrounded by a small entourage of disreputable reprobates. “Tell him, Captain Thane says to give you a fair price. Should get you a discount, so long as your Jawese is as good as you say it is,” 
Morff swallowed hard and turned to address Captain Thane; she melted into the crowd. He was on his own. What had gotten himself into? 
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bro0kebxrter · a month ago
Nowhere Left to Run
Trigger Warnings: Abuse, death, blood, scars, violence, sharp weapons, guns, near death experience
Content warning: Swearing, abusive language
Summary: Elvira escaped from her father's clutches at just 16 years old, and journeys off to America unknown to what would happen next.
Tumblr media
"Where the hell do you think you're going young lady?! America?! You're not going anywhere!" Her father's voice boomed with such anger, he had the plane ticket that belonged to Elvira in his large hands. His footsteps could easily be heard going up the stairs, and was close to approaching to her room. Elvira knew it was him, she had her bag on her bed. Packed everything that was essential to her; Clothes, money she saved, books, toiletries, self defence weapons. Everything she needed, was in that black leather travel bag thar rested upon her bed.
Elvira could hear his footsteps outside her very own bedroom, she tired to contain her own panic. Holding a knife into her hand, the leather gloves that were on her hand were gripping it tight as her life had depended on it. Hiding in the corner of her bedroom, which was dark as she turned the light off. Her heart was pounding fast, almost she could audibly hear. With the adrenaline, panic, terror and the dear in her eyes she was determined to not let the fear take over. Despite her nearly hyperventilating, almsot sending herself into a panic attack. She couldn't handle it anymore, she couldn't handle herself being here. With her monster of a father. No one would ever believe her. All she needed to do was snatch that plane ticket, get her bag and she would be gone from here. Forever.
Her father opened the door to her bedroom, letting it hit the wall with a thud. He looked around her bedroom, aimlessly knowing she was hiding somewhere. Why? Because she always hid from him, which had always frustrated him a lot. And that always equaled to more punishment for her. The light only source of light there was, was the one that was shining from the hallway, however most parts of her room was still dark. With a quiet moment of silence, Elivra appeared out of nowhere stabbing him into the shoulder with the knife she was holding.
Her father's groaned in pain, the blood spilling our staining his shirt easily. His emerald green eyes glared at her, plainly, coldly with the fury of all anger mixed all together.
"...You're an ungrateful, spiteful little bitch! YOU ARE!" Her father spat the words out of her, pulling the knife out of him. Grabbing Elvira, slamming her to the hard oak wood ground. Elvira groaned in pain, using her strength to pull away the knife her father had near her chest. Her father using all of his strength he had left in him, the knife glided over to the left side of her body. cutting her neck, cheek, along with her eye and eyebrow.
Elvira screamed in pain, her left eye completely losing sight, to which she could only see in her right eye. The blood ran down the left side of her face, while her father raised the knife up before stabbing her into the shoulder. Her screams were audible, to the point the neighbours could easily hear it.
No. She had to keep on fighting, she couldn't die here. Despite her teary right eye, and the bleeding left eye. She pulled the knife out striking her father into the throat, pulling it out. The blood spilled out like a waterfall, as her father choaked into his own blood.
Elvira quickly snatched the plane ticket, putting it in her jacket pocket. Making sure it wasn't stained with blood, grabbing her bag. She quickly jumped out of the window, the glass chattering. Her feet buckled when landing on the ground, her hand had a few cuts from the glass. As she had to protect her face, the rain was pouring down violently, harshly. The thunder was roaring and clashing in anger unlike anything. She got up, opening the bin full of rubbish. Throwing the bloody knife in there, burying it deep down. Before closing it, footsteps could be heard coming our of her house. It was no other than her father's group of friends. A group of 4 malicious men.
Elvira quickly ran past her father's friends, to which they chased after her. Running into the street, not looking back, one man got his revovler out. Shooting her in the back, Elvira felt the pain shooting into her back. With made her legs buckle and fall to the ground, Elvira panted softly put of breath. Hearing the footsteps come closer. Reaching over to her other pocket in her jacket, pulling out her revolver with an attached suppressor. Only managing to shoot two of them, picking up her strength again and she began to run again. Now only two men left to chase her and to take her down.
Elvira climbed a ladder, feeling the dizziness take over her. Yet she couldn't afford to stop, getting on the rooftop of the building.
'Come on! Don't stop! Keep on fighting' She kept on mentally saying to herself, her hair in a plait that was soaked in the rain. The blood stained her face, with the mixture of blood and rain. She ran over to the next building, almost slipping but she caught herself. She took a sigh in relief, and continuing to jog over to the last building. So she could jump.
The curve of the roof of the building made her slip. Sliding down the roof really fast, Elvira saw the fences with sharp impalers the last second she jumped. But the jump wasn't enough, her right arm got impaled. In which she cried in pain, dropping her bag to the ground. Taking a few deep breaths, her left hand placed on the fence lifing her body up to het her right arm out. The more she cried in pain, finally free she fell to the ground. She took a few deep breaths, God she was in so much pain. All of it was unwarranted to her, Elvira had no idea how she survived.
Elvira found herself walking in the street, dizzy, cold, hurt, trauamatized you name it.
"Someone help me..." She said softly. "Someone help me please!" She cried out, before she passed out falling to the floor.
Tumblr media
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essaysbyciara · a month ago
It’s Been A Long Time | Nebraska Williams x Black!PlusSize Reader [Part 1/?]
Tumblr media
Warnings: language, smut thoughts (my ministry!)
So this has been in my drafts for a *HOT MINUTE* but that photo of Trevante in high school triggered a release. If people dig where it could be going, I will add it to my list of stuff to finish and open up a taglist. I’ll try my best to do so, I promise! lol
“God, I played this album out…” Lil’ Wayne’s seminal album, The Carter, didn’t age at all. Back in 2004, Wayne was a secret about to bubble over to superstardom, just years shy of lollipops and Static Major (rest in peace). Wayne represented the teenage angst of your time, even though you toiled in the suburbs while he wrestled with the streets. But as “On My Own” damn near explodes your factory speakers, a high pitch ping from your phone pauses your trip down memory lane. 
Message from Sheena: Let’s catch up before the babies wake up. 
You hit the call button on your dash once you stop at a red light. 
“Girl, hey. You on your way to work?”
“Ain’t I always, Shi Shi? Damn near almost overslept. Thought I missed my flight.” 
Sheena, or Shi Shi, is the epitome of a best-friend-forever. You two met in Ms. Grayson’s civics class, 11th grade. On the first day of school, you rolled into third period wearing a Scream Tour II t-shirt and if you were to describe Sheena in that moment, jealous wasn’t even the word.  She stanned hard for Lil’ Bow Wow but her mom wouldn’t let her go to the concert because she got caught with a boy in her room. That boy is now the husband half-way responsible for the twin girls she’s hoping will give her some grace by sleeping a little bit longer. 
“Damn. You wanna gift some of that sleep to these twins, God mommy?”
“Only if you gift me some of those post-pregnancy boobs, Mommy Dearest,”
“Can’t do that. Jarell been having too much fun with those!” 
“Girl, eww. I don’t need to know all that.”
You kinda did. Sheena’s stories were always live, wild and uncut. And the only fireworks you’ve been adjacent to in months since you broke up with that lame stockbroker, Keith. You curve around the airport parking lot as Sheena starts digging deep into her latest soft-core episode with her husband since the six weeks ain’t up yet. In between interjections of how nasty Jarrell could be and watching planes taxi in the distance, you cruise through Instagram to take inventory of what your day might be like. 
Managing social media for the biggest sports publication in the country was not the fulfillment of a dream after high school because, shit,  social media didn’t exist when you were in high school. But it’s what has you just hours away from a flight to the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, sitting in a parking lot, listening to your BFF’s slow burn sexcapades. You break up the audio immersion experience once your timeline displays something else to ruminate over.
“Sheena! Shi -- shut up! I can’t believe - you remember Lisa from high school? She got married ...and it ain’t to Brasco.” 
“Whaaaa… you can finally stop making u-turns in the hallway and snag your man!”
You didn’t appreciate the lowly dig from your friend about Nebraska “Brasco” Williams, star running back, track champion and boy so fine he made both Omarion and J-Boog look like ogres. Your high school crush had you shook to your pubescent core; pretty teeth, deep skin tone and two tattoos before the age of eighteen. You’d see him in the student parking lot with the rest of the football team and you’d rush to your car as if it would go home without you. He was too hot to handle. You were beyond envious that Lisa could. 
“Lisa ain’t do too bad. Her man is crazy fine. I mean, not Brasco fine but still…” 
“Man,  he had high school going crazy. I wonder what happened to him after that fight? I should stalk him on Facebook while I pump.” You laugh so hard, the couple walking past your car stops their argument to stare at you. 
Your laughs break once you realize you might actually miss that flight. You relegate Shi Shi to kiss the twins for you and to send his Facebook profile if she can actually find it. You tried years ago and failed. 
“Aight, fave. I will.  Love you. Text me when you touch down in Indy.” 
As you weave through the terminal, your mind thinks back to the days at New Birth High School. While it brought you joy in a forever friend and the launching point for your forever career in sports journalism, it did bring you one of the most hurtful days of your life that took years to shake. 
It was the summer going into your senior year. Lisa’s sweet sixteen pool party. No way in Hell you thought you’d be there but your Mom and Lisa’s stepmom sat on the same deacon board at church and somehow thought you two were friends; Lisa paid you dust in those hallways. You fretted over every part of your outfit, especially the swim shoes you didn’t want but your Dad picked up at Sports Authority. But you were fretting the most over your swimsuit, a red one-piece with a deep open back. It was sexy for a 16-year-old, to be honest, but you secretly tried it on at the mall and fell in love with it -- especially how it made you feel. 
You fell in deep love with your body that day. The way the swimsuit clenched your waist, giving your almost-pear shape some definition you’d never seen before. Your hips sat wide, your breast placed taunt, just peeking through the sides, showing off a crescent shaped birthmark right below your collarbone. It was Jet Beauty of the Week-esque and it made you feel on top of the world. Something that society kept telling you a plus-size teenage girl was not to feel. You used the last of your paper route money to buy it and hid your secret weapon in the back of your closet until the day arrived. You were hoping to get some boy’s attention -- especially Brasco. But you’d take anybody’s glare if you could get it. 
You were in the clear once your Mom dropped you and Sheena both off at Lisa’s back gate. As you walked into the party, the sounds of the local hip-hop and R&B radio station blasted throughout her huge backyard. So much fun was had -- so much splash and dash -- that the faint sounds of “Knuck If You Buck” failed to erupt a party full of teenagers it was made for. The pool seemed tempting in 90-plus heat but most of the temptation came from the jacuzzi next to it. There inside sat Brasco, his lanky on-field wide receiver sidekick Kenny and Jarell, Sheena’s partner-in-bedroom-bust crime looking delicious in their highlighter-color swim trunks. You were still figuring out your body and the reactions conjured up from the sight of water droplets chasing down their backs confused you even more. But the heat of the sun -- and the heat from your body -- got too much to bear. That pool called your name. 
You stripped off your t-shirt and denim shorts, leaving your swim shoes back by the picnic table. They clashed. Your nerves splashed together like the water you couldn’t wait to feel, battering against your heart. Were you ready for all this attention? Amongst the rest of the classmates, you disappeared. You weren’t popular. People knew of you but didn’t know you, only associating you with Sheena by proxy of Jarell. “My Goodies” came on the radio, providing you a soundtrack and a sign from God. Before you could answer the call, Sheena jumped into the pool. You tossed your glasses on top of your clothes and did the same. 
The water felt golden. Sheena smacked your face with sheets of chlorinated goodness. Too much fun was had by all, even Lisa joined in the fun. Suddenly the entire football team did too except Brasco and Jarell, languishing on the edge of the jacuzzi because like most boys from their side of town, they didn’t know how to swim. Lisa saw her boo in isolation and tapped Sheena on the shoulder. 
“Hey, Shi Shi. Let’s get in the jacuzzi.” Sheena grabbed your hand to guide you out of the pool. You weren’t expecting to see your Mom at the other end. Sheena didn’t grab you to join her in the warm bubbles, she got you out at the angry-faced-behest of your mother. You both were going home. The party silenced and stares followed as everyone watched your walk-of-shame to grab your clothes. You got what you wanted in the worst way possible. 
Your unholy exodus commenced when Lisa’s mom called yours to report what she saw: this red bathing suit too revealing for a little girl to wear. It wasn’t the green ruffled mess-of-a-bathing-suit from last year. She claimed to witness stares and whispers and “boobs hanging out, butt all out.” Your mom got over there quicker than a church shout. She waited to scold you after she dropped off Sheena. 
It was a Sunday School scolding like no other. Tears pooled deep like the one you were just having fun in. You tossed the bathing suit into the trash bin. You were never going to see it again. 
The announcement of your flight breaks you out of your day nightmare. Grabbing the handle on your suitcase, you see a text with an attachment from Sheena. 
Girllllllllllll. I found Brasco and babyyyyyyyyyyy… 
You gasp. Time did a wonder on him in all the right ways. He packed on even more muscle, chiseling out the navy thermal dressing his upper body. Teeth still bright, Moonlight-bright. His Omarion-Pandemonium-era braids were gone, now donning a clean fade with perfect waves. His stance meant business, a lot of it risky. You bite your lower lip to mask the “damn!” urging a release from you, staring at his picture so intensely that you damn near walk into the stewardess checking your boarding pass. 
You couldn’t wait to get to your first-class seat. You needed a safe space to drown in your own splash waterfalls. You beg Sheena to send you his profile, looking to make some more of that mess and she obliges. Scrolling through his Facebook, you see nothing. You needed him to match your uncleanliness. Another text from Sheena breaks you out of your spell. 
Ain’t shit on here though. I can’t find an Instagram or anything. That’s where the dirt is at lol 
You put your social media skills to work. Ain’t an Instagram profile that you can’t find. Nebraska Williams brings up nothing. Such a unique name and nothing to show for it. 
Maybe Jarell can follow him, Shi. 
Jarell ain’t on this thing. He hates all this stuff. You want me to follow him? 
Girl, yes! I need more pictures! I’m trying to find his ‘gram and no diceeeeeee. Ughhhh. 
Damn the “no cell phone until after lift off” announcement. You then try “Brasco”, too many names -- rappers, really--  and a dog company to boot. “Brasco Williams” yields no results. You couldn’t wait what could be hours, days,  weeks, maybe never, for a response from Brasco to Sheena’s friend request. 
You pull up Google as a last ditch effort. The results bring up what only seems to be archives from your now-defunct city newspaper covering one of Nebraska’s record-setting games from 2005. You know to quit while you’re ahead until you see a Youtube video: “Nebraska Williams (RB) New Birth High School (MD). uploaded by Donyell Williams. You remember Donyell as this boy who played too damn much in Geometry class but right now, he’s Brasco’s cousin who's Instagram profile came up on the first search. Thank God his profile wasn’t private. You scroll back far enough to hit the jackpot. 
I found it! @donniebrascowill is his Instagram. 
Sheena was right about the dirt. His posts were bare but his stories carried enough. Enough shirtless, weightlifting, fresh-out-the-barbershop-got-to-show-you-the-fade dirt. You hit the follow button before the stewardess asked for your drink selection. 
End of Part I
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thehoneyjournal · a month ago
Skidbladnir, the Finest Ship of the Aesir
Tumblr media
Your vision fades to black, the faint sounds of your companions turning pages of their books lulling you into the trance that comes with the spell. Before your vision clears, you hear the sound of gulls crying out, the endless wash of the ocean’s waves, and the sound of a song reaches your ears as the darkness begins to recede, and you realize you’re standing on the deck of a square rigged, fat hulled trading vessel. The shanty continues unabated, the sailors not at all talented but giving it their all.
“Come all you young sailor men, listen to me I'll sing you a song of the fish in the sea
And its windy weather, boys, stormy weather, boys When the wind blows, we're all together, boys Blow ye winds westerly, blow ye winds, blow Jolly sou'wester, boys, steady she goes
Up jumps the eel with his slippery tail Climbs up aloft and reefs the topsail
And its windy weather, boys, stormy weather, boys When the wind blows, we're all together, boys Blow ye winds westerly, blow ye winds, blow Jolly sou'wester, boys, steady she goes
And then up jumps the shark with his nine rows of teeth Saying, "You eat the dough boys, and I'll eat the beef!"
And its windy weather, boys, stormy weather, boys When the wind blows, we're all together, boys Blow ye winds westerly, blow ye winds, blow Jolly sou'wester, boys, steady she goes
Up jumps the whale, the largest of all "If you want any wind, well, I'll blow ye a squall"
And its windy weather, boys, stormy weather, boys When the wind blows, we're all together, boys Blow ye winds westerly, blow ye winds, blow Jolly sou'wester, boys, steady she goes!”
The song ends to rousing, raucous laughter, and you watch as for the next several minutes the crew scrambles about their duties, the sails humming in the strong, constant breeze emanating from the south. After about a half an hour of watching the men work, a voice shouts from the top of the mast.
“Oy, Cap’n! Sails on the horizon, Sou-sou-west! White sails, with a blue trident!”
A well-dressed elven man steps forward into your view, resplendent in a blue and green trench coat that clashes awfully with an orange tricorner hat. He snaps out a retractable spyglass, and you watch as the blood drains from his angular elven features. His voice, however, remains fairly clam as he turns out to the crew.
“Everyone, you will need to move more quickly than you ever have before today. First mate Olina will relay my orders. You are to perform precisely as I instruct. Is that clear?”
The captain begins relaying his orders through a small half orc woman to his left, whose booming voice is utterly incongruous with her small frame. As you watch, the crew in less then twenty minutes runs out a new flag, unfurls an additional small sail on an attachable, smaller mast at the bow of the ship, the ship begins to plow through the waves, kicking up more and more spray. You drift over to the captain at the stern of the vessel, looking for this other ship, and just barely in your vision is a wisp of sail with a bright blue trident. It seems to be rapidly closing the distance with the current ship you’re on, growing larger as you look at it. The captain and his first mate are discussing in low voices, and you drift over to eavesdrop.
“It’s him. You know it is. And we can’t outrun him. You’re just buying time, and not much. What’s the plan here, captain?” Olina says.
“I’m thinking. Shut up and let me think,” the elf growls, rubbing his forehead with a knuckle. After a moment he raises his head.
“Tell them to grab their swords and hand crossbows. Run out the Ballistae and secure them with pitch and torches ready should we need. Get Gilberto ready with materials for his transmutation magic. Maybe we can get lucky and transform our cargo into something innocuous.”
“Done,” the half orc growls, before perfectly relaying every order the captain gave at ear splitting, profanity ridden volumes. You watch as 8 Ballistae are rolled onto each side of the ship, their bolts loaded and winched back, the actual ballistae themselves sinking into the floor slightly, immobilizing their wheels in the wooden deck below. A human man appears on deck, blinking in the sun, clad in threadbare brown and grey robes. After about a half hour of watching this flurry of activity, you turn to look for the sails behind you, but cannot make them out. A moment later, you hear the voice from the crow’s nest again.
“Cap’n! Sails aren’t there anymore! I think we lost em!”
The elf frowns, clearly unconvinced.
“Keep a close- “
You spin around at the noise, and see an incredibly strange sight. A well-dressed Halfling man in fine, what looks to be silk clothing, stands on the deck, a rakish half smile on his lips. In one hand, lazily held against his person by a leather belt, is an odd device. A wooden handle, carved with a trident, attaches to a metal frame, a cylinder with 6 small holes in it. A long thin metal tube extends in front of the cylinder, poking through the halfling’s belt. The man steps forward, revealing a cracked and splintered piece of wood behind him, before sweeping into an ostentatious bow, his green cap being swept off his head. A low but perfectly audible voice emerges, light, carefree, but brimming with a very real sense of danger that makes you try to take a step back involuntarily.
Tumblr media
“I greet you, crew and captain of the smuggling vessel known as the Black Rat. Word has reached the Lady of Geldorcraft that you have been engaging in cargo runs of a more nefarious sort, more recently. If you would not mind, as her instrument upon the high seas, may I inspect your vessel?”
The dry mouth breathing of the captain is audible. The halfling’s position hasn’t changed, but you watch as his hand slowly drifts upwards, removing the oddly shaped piece of metal and wood from his belt. As his hand begins to move, the captain steps forward, raising his hands.
“Good sir, we have only the usual cargo of spices and other herbs that we are taking to the good continental colony of Begrunsburg. While this is not strictly speaking legal by the laws of sea trade, I would ask that you humbly allow us to complete our journey safely before confiscating such cargo.”
The halfling thinks for a moment, his foot tapping against the deck of the ship. In one fluid motion he draws the device from his belt, the barrel glowing with a faint blue light as he points it at the captain.
“I think you’re going to show me the cargo. I think you’re going to show me the hidey hole you had built in this vessel downstairs between the first and second ballistae on the starboard side of the ship. And I think you’re going to explain to me why I just talked to a corpse on the bottom of the ocean two days past who swears that your crew boarded them, slaughtered them, then took their cargo and left.”
The captain’s face twitches, before he suddenly and violently turns to the side, vomiting loudly for a few seconds. The halfling rolls his eyes, his attention slackening, and he begins to turn away, opening his mouth as if to speak. The captain pops back up behind the rail suddenly, drawing a hand crossbow in one fluid, fast motion.
Where the captain’s head once was is a smoking crater, bits of meat and skull scattered about the ship’s stern. The halfling sighs, blowing a bit of smoke away from the barrel of his weapon, which had just produced a bright blue bolt of electricity, lancing out unbelievably quickly, leaving a scorch mark in the railing that the captain had been using. It appeared to your eyes that the halfling had been able to turn, sight, and fire before the captain even drew his weapon. The halfling eyes the rest of the crew, who are noticeably angered by his action.
“Lads, I wouldn’t do anything hasty. You know who I serve. She wouldn’t let you all within 100 miles of the sea if you were to kill one of her chosen heroes, now would she? Besides…. It looks like you’re all outnumbered now anyways.
A shadow falls over the ship, and you watch as the sailors of the pirate vessel look up, their mouths and faces going slack with fear and wonder. Hanging above you in the air is a magnificent longship, forty oars to a side, two sails, floating in the air silently. You watch as ropes begin to fly down, sailors sliding down them with practiced ease, drawing fine rapiers, cutlasses, and hand crossbows, methodically and professionally disarming the pirate vessels crew members. They outnumber the smuggler’s crew by almost two to one. After a bit, they begin bringing up gold, jewels, and other valuable cargo from below. The halfling bows to the crew of the pirate ship.
“Now then, my lads and ladies. We have taken only the cargo that you have taken first. It will be given to the families of the men and women you killed and drowned two days ago. Additionally, a charm has been placed on this vessel. It will take you to the colony you stated you were heading to, but if you try and change course, it will sink this ship. The authorities of that colony have been contacted via sending stone. Have a nice day.”
The halfling grabs a rope, scaling it hand over hand incredibly quickly. You watch as the ship begins to silently float higher into the air before the sails unfurl after a shouted word in Halfling, and it escapes into the sunlit air, disappearing behind a bank of clouds. After a moment you hear the half orc’s voice growl out.
“I fucking hate Bjorn Ironsides and that fucking Ship.”
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sophieiles · a month ago
Bloodstained Robes - Oneshot Widojest Pain Fanfic
I wrote a little one-shot widojest character death fic because I'm an angsty idiot. word count: 1603 tw major character death, tw violence CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR 130 (just in case due to mentioned events and characters)
Synopsis: Despite their victory, The Mighty Nein did not feel so mighty at the moment...and it is about to get a lot worse...
It all happened so fast that no one had seen it coming. Lucien was gone. His form laying broken on the side of the large cavernous expanse, a broken floor of different rocks and stones to climb across. The crystals they had brought as anchors, faded and broken underfoot. The Mighty Nein did not feel mighty at that moment. They were all near the edge of death, breathing heavily and panting, checking themselves over for health potions. Fjord’s and Cadeuces’s limp forms were being stabilised by Jester who had gone to sit down for a prayer of healing. Veth was checking on the boys' wounds just in case. Beau and Yasha were checking each other's injuries whilst Caleb stood a bit away from the others, his hands on his knees, trying to regain his nerves.
That was when he noticed a glint out of the corner of his eye. He called out, but he wasn’t quick enough.
Helplessly, the sneak attack from Otis, bloodied and beaten and half-dead did its worst. A dagger slicing clean through the air. Jester coughed, grabbing at her neck before her eyes rolled and she collapsed to the ground.
Caleb had never moved so fast, not without the aid of magic, his heart pounding in his ears.
There was no need to worry about their attacker. Veth had pounced onto him the moment she could, she cursed loudly as she wrestled him to the ground, and before either halfing knew what had happened, Veth was pushing the halfling’s body off of her shaking, her hand clutching her own dagger covered in blood.
Caleb found his way to Jester’s side. The last attack was enough to send her down. The guttural cry left his mouth before he could even consider the urgency of the action as it reverberated across the hall.
“She’s dying! Healing potion!? Something!? Come on! SCHENELL?!!”
“But we haven’t got any more...!” Veth called out. “We’ve used them….” Yasha looked to Caleb pained. She too had nothing to offer, her healing hands spent.
Cadeuces was the one who could do this sort of thing and they had no way to heal him, to wake him…And Caleb could feel Jester’s life pouring out underneath her.
“C-Cay-leb--” Jester finally uttered out, trying to catch a breath. She looked so scared, Caleb quietened her. His eyes flickering to hers as he tried to think.
He had to think, there must be something they could do, she couldn’t die - she mustn’t. He had promised to keep this family together if he’d worked hard, but-- He couldn’t let this happen to her.
“Jester--hold on, just hold on!”
But her eyes gazed up at him, tearful and wide-eyed and so scared before they finally stopped focusing, staring past him. Her eyes open. The sounds of her struggle to breath cut short.
Veth, Beau and Yasha stared. Their eyes wide.
“What do we do? What do we do!?” Beau shouted at him, Yasha holding her arms to keep her at bay.
Caleb barely recognised his own voice. “Ich kann sie retten! I--I think I can save her.” “You only think?” Caleb’s gaze turned to his monk friend, their sharp edges clashing. “It’s not something I’ve had to do before, but I can...I can...and then with some rest, with the others stable we can heal….unless Jester is stable enough to heal us...I don’t know…Scheisse!”
Caleb reached into his pocket, his transmutation stone rolled under his fingers before he gently pressed it to Jester’s head and focused. ...and cast Raise Dead. Green spell energy flooded around the pair of them, as Caleb focused on his spell as best he could. He’d never had to use it but here he was, using it anyway.
“Come on Jester, Komm bitte zu mir zurück. Come back we need you---”
The stone crumbled away and the green energy began to filling Jester, shooting into her system, raising her from the ground momentarily and then lowering her back into Caleb’s lap. It was only then he realised her blood coated his hands. All they had to do now was wait.
It wasn’t long, Jester’s chest rose and she coughed, her eyes registering and fluttering. Caleb breathed easy, as the women rushed over to them and crowded round her. Jester sat up in his arms, worn and frail-looking.
“I should probably start that prayer of healing huh?” she said aloud. Veth went round to check on the corpses of the Tombtakers, and to make sure they were all dead, and Beau and Yasha went to pull Fjord and Cadecues closer for the prayer. Jester looked up at him from where she now sat. “Caleb -- you saved me.”
“Ja, I suppose...just a spell, that's what I'm here for…” She raised an eyebrow, her body was still fragile and she learned into Caleb’s arms still being around her, supporting her as he always did.
“You really are a pretty powerful wizard…” she said softly.
“If you say so…” he changed the subject. “Are you well enough to use your spells? can I help, with your healing prayer?” “That’s nice but...maybe just stay here, I’m still so tired, you can just help me stay here just until that’s done…?”
He nodded. He sat her in his lap again, as he had done just a few moments ago and watched as tiredly she cupped her hands together.
Similar green energy flashed about her, Artagan’s form came forward, cupping her hand, renewing her energy and everyone else about them who needed it. Caduceus and Fjord started to come too.
The Traveller turned his gaze to the wizard. “Well done Widogast,” Artagan said with an approving look. “I knew I could count on you...”
He winked at Jester before he disappeared. Jester’s energy restored she stood slowly, holding out a hand for Caleb, but when their eyes met there was a blush to her cheeks. Only for her attention to be stolen when Fjord called her name.
Caduceus looked about worriedly. “Is it over? What happened.”
“It’s over, for now.” Caleb said softly, “The floating city won’t be raised today…”
“Good….” Cadueuces replied, looking about at the faces of his half-healed friends. “I’ll do some more healing…” He looked at the ground where Caleb stood, and his hands, and gave a nod of understanding.
“I’ll pull up the dome, I’m tapped for the tower tonight…”
Fjord was pulling Jester close to him as they knelt together a few feet away. Caleb tried not to think again about his friend bleeding out beneath him.
He started on the dome, ritually casting and concentrating hard on it. Once finished, it’s soft glow inviting him inside, it’s Veth who joined him. For the first time in a long time, it was just the two of them.
“Are you okay?” Caleb asked her, as he saw her enter. “You’re not still hurt are you?”
“Cad sorted that,” Veth said quietly, before coming over and throwing herself at him in a hug. Caleb squeezed her back. His eyes shut tight. “You saved her, you wonderful man, you saved her, without even using a diamond, how--” “My transmuter stone…” Caleb gasped out, “I...I’ll have to make a new one but…”
Veth’s eyes were filled with tears as they looked at each other, Caleb’s tears ran heavily. “I didn’t even know you could do that…” “I...It’s something I thought I might be able to do...if I was good enough. It’s not as easy to recover from, Jester will need to rest but...otherwise, she could have been dead and--”
“Yeah, of course.” Veth wiped at his eyes. “Today was a very hard day but we did it, didn’t we…?”
“Ja…we did...”
They hugged tight, curled up in the dome before they finally let go of each other. Caleb’s eyes bloodshot. Before she’d realised it, the wizard, exhausted, had fallen asleep. She stroked back his hair.
“I’m very proud of you, Caleb,” Veth said softly to his slumbering form before standing and making to leave.
Jester was stood in the dome doorway. “Is Caleb okay?”
“He’s sleeping.” “Oh. I...just say thank you…”
Veth smiled, “You can do that tomorrow...but you also need your rest, and Caduceus says he’s got some rations and we all need to just rest up before we get back..”
“Right…” But Jester’s eyes still flickered over to the sleeping wizard and his bloodstained clothes. Her eyes falling to the ground.
Veth looked up at her, then back to Caleb and sighed. “Look, I probably shouldn’t say this, but, you know he’s crazy in love with you right?”
Jester’s face seemed to pale to a sorter blue than usual. “Veth --” “I know, you’re adults but I see things, and I know Caleb, I know he cares about you...”
Jester opened her mouth a few times to speak, but Veth moved to go past her.
“I don’t think he’d ever tell you, because he wants you to be happy, but...I thought you deserved to know, in case one day we lose one of you for real.” And the halfing left the dome, her voice trailing away as she teased Fjord and Beau over something trivial. Jester stared at Caleb, asleep. Her eyes were wide with understanding.
Oh, Caleb, why didn’t you tell me earlier?
She took her spot in the dome, slightly away from him, to get settled for sleep. Her body feeling sorer and weaker than ever despite the healing.
Tomorrow, she told herself, I’ll talk to you about it tomorrow…
And like that, the tiefling cleric also did her best to sleep, trying not to think about the wizard who saved her life not a few feet away.
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iheartasmo · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
SMUT WARNING : public sex , oral ( female receiving ) , spanking ? , dom/sub undertones ? , throatfucking
[ Y/N ] POV
I was quick to nod, and ranpo was even quicker to grab my hand and pull me by the arm to the nearest closet or bathroom even if it was a kiddie restroom, when there he quickly pushed me in the closes bathroom that was near and gentle pushed me against the wall of the bathroom pressing his lips against mines in the most gentle yet rough way possible, both hands on either side of my head resting between my jaw and neck to hold me still while he used his hips to pin me to the door
the kiss was needy, tongues automatically finding one another and accidental teeth clashing, we were swallowing each other's breath while my hands gripped at his shirt, tugging on the buttons in attempt to discard it
"still eager as ever, huh?" I breathed out before returning my mouth to his and he slipped a hand between my legs
several minutes passed till ranpo pulled away, both of me and ranpo out of breath as he gripped the ends of my shirt looking me in the eyes asking for permission which I gave him a slight nod .
with that ranpo slowly lifted up my shirt eyes traveling up my body slowly drinking in my upper half and subconsciously dragging his tongue across his bottom lip licking it .
once the shirt was off he quickly went to the back of my bra and it was off in a mere second .
grabbing ahold of my two my two breast he gave my right breast a kitten lick before putting my whole nipple in his mouth swirl his tongue around my nipple every once in a while .
"been so long, i've almost forgotten how you taste." he spoke voice breathy, looking up at me before taking his mouth off my nipple with a 'pop' sliding both hands under my pants to pull both my pants and panties down .
I only hummed and leaned my head back, eyes shut and head spinning as ranpo slowly licked at my clit
it was taking everything in me to keep quiet, biting at my bottom lip and trying to keep my knees from giving out as he sped up, taking turns fucking me with his tongue and sucking on my throbbing clit
one of my hands held tightly to the sink while the other tangled itself in his hair, pulling him closer to me and making him moan against my pussy
"fuck." I moaned, letting my eyes fall to the man below me, messy black hair a mess and green emerald eyes looking up at me as he continued lapping at my heat
his tongue and the look in his eyes were urging me to cum, the familiar pinch in my stomach quickly approaching as i let out little gasps and whimpers that eventually turned to louder, high pitched moans
"god, i'm gonna cum." I breathed out, voice strangled as i gripped his hair even harder, resulting in a harsh slap to my thigh and teeth grazing your clit "fuck,ranpo!"
I came fast, and hard. My body shaking as ranpo's mouth only continued, his cock straining against his pants at the sight of me above him, mouth open and squeals leaving my lips as I came all over his tongue
ranpo was quick to stand up, spinning me around and pushing me roughly against the door again, this time my cheek pressing against the wood and a harsh smack landing on my ass
my clothes all discarded scattered across the floor of the bathroom, leaving me bare in front of him
"you have no idea how badly i want to pound that fucking cunt of yours, but i think i wanna fuck your pretty mouth first." he whispered, landing another rough hit on my bare ass before turning me back around and pushing me to my knees in front of him
he was quick to undo his belt and pants, pulling his achingly hard cock out and smirking at the way my eyes widened .
i licked a stripe from the bottom of his base to the tip, lightly sucking and looking up at him
"gonna be a good girl and let me fuck that throat?"
I nodded and opened my mouth widely, it immediately being filled by his cock while ranpo let out a deep moan
I began bobbing my head up and down on him, followed by him beginning to thrust himself in and out, picking up his speed till i wasunable to stop myself from gagging and my eyes from watering
I moaned with his cock still in my  mouth, watery eyes staring up at ranpo who was staring right back down at me
he abruptly pulled out, jerking me back to my feet by my hair and roughly shoving me against the sink, maneuvering one of my knees to rest on the marble countertop before rubbing his cock against my wet slit, my eyes meeting his in the mirror in front of me
"tell me how bad you want me to fuck you, [ y/n ]."
ranpo rubbed himself against my entrance, collecting all of my wetness
" please- "
" [ -n ] ! [ Y/N ] " i heard someone whisper shout to me near my ear making me flinch and open my eyes .
I looked around at my surroundings seeing that I'm still in my work attire sitting at my desk with ranpo next to me with a smirk on his face .
" what were you dreaming about, your moans sounded so pretty "
chapter three
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otomequil · a month ago
Warning Rant! (And My Opinions)
Also warning spelling and grammar mistakes!
Okay so I need to just rant about this! I’m a student in 3D animation and as a part of the curriculum we were in character concept art. Lynt’s main clothing choices are just like what were you thinking. Start with the main one of the biggest offender. 
Tumblr media
OK to start off let’s start with the things that I actually like in this design and that is the big dark green cloak. It’s a stunning green colour it has accents of gold stars which pair nicely together. It fits his character with being lazy and not wanting to be wrapped in a giant blanket all of the time. The only thing that kind of bugs me about it would be the big gray collar. I do a lot of sewing for cosplay and to make a collar that would be able to defy gravity that hard you would have to put some type of interfacing and it would just make it more uncomfortable to sleep in so I would say just remove it from the design. 
Now onto the rest of the design. I wish they would’ve just kept it simple. Kind of that I’m too lazy to pick out real clothing type vibe. The two varying shades of green clash so hard with a beautiful cloak and just look really ugly to be honest. I wish they would’ve just kept it black and white are used a more muted toned down version of the green on the cloak.  The black sash across his torso seems to attach to nothing.  The frills long as neckline in the lace on his cuffs seem like they would be irritating to the skin and there’s no way that sleeping on those chains are comfortable. It clashes against his lazy all I wanna do is sleep and be comfortable characterization.
I personally would keep the cloak and do something simpler for him to wear underneath. Down to earth not super princely clothing because their uncomfortable and all he wants to do sleep. Would give good contrast to his formal wear to.
Tumblr media
Honestly sleepwear isn’t that bad. I like the simple long look at the buttons and collar remind me of a clown so it’s a bit distracting at times. Love the little gold star patterns at the bottom.
Tumblr media
Lynt’s formal wear is the best we see in his route. Only thing I would have removed is the vampire collar (though that more a personal preference) and change the neck tie colour too one of the other shades of green. It give off the whole I am a real prince vibes well!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
On to the two outfits I adore! Simple and pretty casual I feel like they portray Lynt’s character a lot better. I love the little pop of colour the pendent in his casual wear has it’s a gorgeous accent piece for the outfit. Frills done right on that shirt to as they go down the button line rather than on the collar. Still not a huge fan of the small chains on the summer wear but it’s definitely an outfit I could actually see him wearing. 
Thank you for coming to my Ted talk. You guys got any options on Lynt’s or the princes clothing designs? I personally like Roy’s a lot though that could just be me simping
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grither55 · a month ago
The Princess and the Peasant - (An Azula Epic) - Chapter 107 - The Advent of the Emperor
"I'll be taking my project back now. And your little friend as well." Nero stated remarked in a monstrous voice as he advanced forward while Elle shook in renewed fear.
"Princess…" Elle mumbled as she shivered while Azula pushed her behind her tall armored back.
While the ruthless princess coldly stared the smiling scientist and his squad of soldiers down.
All the while as the three noblewomen stood defensively in the blazing ruins while they never took their eyes off the approaching man.
While the bomber glanced about with an unpredictable look in her eyes.
"Your little experiment lost. We won. That means that both now belong to me." Azula spoke in a victorious voice while she glared up at Nero while he just smiled back at her.
"Be careful Azula…he is stronger than he looks." Mai stated in a quiet voice with her blades in hand while her leader stoically stared the man down.
"It is difficult to find worthy test subjects in a land where infants are not born with awakened energy. Or as you call it chi. However, I devised a scientific method to awaken it with my invention." The geneticist announced in a vastly proud voice with his malevolent eyes gazing back at the bewildered faces of Team Azula.
"Your invention?" Zoe questioned with her hazel eyes widening in revulsion while she turned to gaze back at Katsu.
While Mai and Ty Lee stared on with a look of growing horror in their eyes.
While the princess listened with her hardened golden eyes expressing little pity for the man's unfortunate test subjects.
"Y-you! You did that to Katsu!" The handmaid hollered with unnatural anger in her voice while the man smirked back at her.
All the while as her friends stood glaring the insidious researcher down.
"That scar is the mark of my core implant! Once implanted it is a device that forcibly awakens the depths of one's inner potential. The only flaw is that most of my subjects do not survive the surgery." Nero declared as he stalked forward while the group listened with horrified expressions in their eyes.
It took a great deal to render the entire team of ruthless women speechless.
And it went without saying that hearing this demented man boast of twisting what they saw as a natural aspect of birth into a twisted scientific experiment managed to do just that!
While Katsu stared on with her feral golden eyes almost seeming as if she was untroubled by the man's admission.
"The surgery is so intense that the weak are weeded out and only the strong survive. To date…I have only had four children survive the procedure. The agony is so great that even the strongest willed of individuals have a tendency to bite their own tongue out." The geneticist explained in a monstrous voice as he encircled the stunned Team Azula with a savage grin on his lips.
While his heartless crimson eyes still gazed back at Elle's young horror-filled face.
All the while as the older girls slowly but steadily recovered from their state of shock.
"Monster!" Ty Lee called out with her brown-gray eyes glaring back at the man as she watched him carefully.
"H-he's…pure evil. Just…just like Felix." Elle stammered with emotion flashing in her sensitive amber eyes while Mai also glared at Nero.
Just as Zoe took a step forward while she coldly stared back at their new enemy.
While Azula turned to glance at her warrior with golden eyes once again expressing surprise to see the woman show fury at the mention of children facing torture.
"You depraved freak. You hunt children because you lack the strength to go after those old enough to fend for themselves. I bet that's why you never came after me. Does that sound about right to you?" The captain spoke with her katana pointing back at the remorseless scientist while her hazel eyes took on a focused death glare.
While her companions listened with their eyes also never leaving the monstrosity of a researcher.
All the while as the ominous man still smiled cruelly back at them.
Before the princess let out a dismissive scoff while she unfolded her arms from her plated chest.
"So, you cut into defenseless peasant children. So what? That doesn't make you strong." The princess scoffed in a callous voice with her tyrannical eyes staring imposingly back at the smirking man.
Although inwardly she was unable to deny that it was astonishing that this man was able to create such a mighty firebender.
Even though the girl was as dull as an unpolished sword.
She was still one of the most powerful firebenders that she has ever seen.
And to think that the girl was a combustionbender on top of that!
And not a second later after that she was pulled from her thoughts when she gazed back at the researcher's injured face.
It was right then at that very moment that the entire team stared on in shock when they saw that the wounds on his face were slowly healing!
Azula's golden eyes widened ever so marginally in disbelief while she watched a visible cut vanish from Nero's smirking cheek.
All the while as he let out a sadistic cackle while he continued to stalk around the stunned group with his crimson eyes still gazing back at their surprised faces.
"H-his face…the wounds that Katsu gave him are closing up!" The handmaid exclaimed while her princess gazed on with her golden eyes agape in incredulity.
"I may not be the strongest Azula. But I am much older than you and with my enhancements I am more than capable of taking down three exhausted firebenders whose flames are burning out like a fading candle!" Nero replied in a malicious voice as his crimson eyes flashed with sadistic intent while the princess glared furiously back at him.
While the three noblewomen readied themselves for battle alongside their leader.
All the while as they gazed between the predatory researcher and his approaching soldiers.
And then right back to the bomber in uncertainty while the wild girl watched the squad move forward.
"We'll just see about that! You're a fool if you think that my flame is anywhere close to burning out!" Azula hissed in a murderous voice with her boots sliding back in the rubble while her young admirer shivered behind her.
While she glared all around her at the encroaching soldiers with her teeth ground together in a domineering snarl.
And then not even seconds later the team turned around in surprise when a blast of combustionbending went off behind them.
All the while as they now watched a soldier fly away screaming in pain after a green bomb detonated in his face.
Yet it did nothing to deter the researcher from smiling viciously as he stalked around them in an unnerving circle.
While Katsu rubbed a finger against her ear as she smiled back at the frightened soldiers.
"Blah blah blah! More big words! Like fire lady, you talk too much. Thanks for the power that you gave me but I don't want or need you anymore. I already have all that I need." Katsu spoke with a bored growl while the highborn women gazed back at her in bewilderment.
All the while as the princess cruelly rolled her eyes in poorly hidden mockery.
"Ugh! Those aren't even big words you idiot!" The princess snorted with another roll of her haughty eyes while her childhood friends cast her exasperated stares.
Only for her elegant brow to raise in interest when the bomber generated another glowing light in between her cupped palms.
All the while as Katsu began to grin wildly with her face taking on an increasingly frightening green tint.
"And that's bakudan!" The bomber yelled out as she sprang into the air with her palms alight while the flames from the fires accented her visage.
While Team Azula exchanged wary looks with each other before they sunk into combat stances.
All the while as they locked eyes with the grinning researcher while he cackled maliciously once more.
Before they watched in alarm when a dark aura flared from the man's uniformed body while he gazed back into Elle's fearful amber eyes.
And then the scientist jumped into the air with his ghostly white hair blowing in the wind before his bloodthirsty red eyes.
All while as the highborn women glared furiously back at him as they all sprung forward into battle!
Only to find themselves gazing on in surprise when the scientist unexpectedly froze in his tracks with his palm extended before the princess's taken aback face.
While the puzzled team listened to the sound of a high-pitched beeping that was coming from underneath the man's coat.
All while they watched in confusion as Nero gazed down at the source of the sound with his crimson eyes seeming to widen in apparent alarm.
While Azula still glared back at the researcher's strangely aggravated face just as she heard an explosion go off in the far-off horizon.
Just as all of Team Azula turned around to gaze up into the sky only for their eyes to widen when they saw what appeared to be two separate armies approaching from over the snow-covered landscape!
While the sounds of weapon fire continued to rumble into the air as the clashing forces fired upon one another!
All the while as Katsu landed on her feet as she gazed around with a confused look in her wild golden eyes.
While the soldiers observed the engaging armies from underneath their helmets with fear in their eyes.
And up above them Naoki stood with her right gloved hand lingering over her sheathed sword.
While her scarlet hair blew before her eyes as she halted in her attack.
Only for her brown eyes to marginally widen in recognition when she turned to stare back at the two battling military forces.
"Rieko." Naoki spoke under her breath as she stood with her clothing blowing in the northern winds.
While Team Azula stared off into the distance with weary expressions in their eyes as they shared an uneasy glance with each other.
"That…is a big army." The markswoman muttered while she warily gazed out at the approaching air force.
"Azula…this doesn't look good." The acrobat stated in a worried voice as she shivered in the winds.
While the princess turned to scowl imperiously back at the face of their new distracted enemy.
All the while as they continued to listen to the foreboding beeping that only grew louder and louder.
While Nero still stared down at the device with his red eyes conveying a sudden sense of urgency as he seemed to completely ignore his puzzled enemies.
"There is only one person I know with that energy reading! It has to be…" The geneticist exclaimed with something akin to fear in his voice while the team listened in grudging interest.
All the while as the princess and the captain's eyes now shone with curiosity as they studied the man closely.
And not a second later they watched in surprise when sparks erupted from the device hanging from the researcher's coat.
"Rieko!" Nero hissed with frustration seeping from his voice while he clenched his gloved fist before his incensed face.
While the Fire Nation women recovered as they gazed on with rising intrigue in their eyes.
As Elle's amber eyes now grew wide while she stared up into the cold skies with her golden hair sweeping about before her shivering face.
"H-Heika…Heika's coming." The handmaid stammered in an apprehensive voice while her princess gazed on with glowering golden eyes.
While the group listened in bewilderment as the soldiers began to murmur and mutter amongst each other.
"T-the God Emperor is approaching!" A soldier hollered in a frightened voice while his fellow soldiers quickly grew equally alarmed.
While the highborn women stared on with disbelieving expressions in their eyes to hear that the enigmatic woman that they have heard so much about was dubbed the 'God Emperor'.
Just before they all turned to their young friend's fretful face for an explanation.
"Elle…they call this monarch the God Emperor?" Zoe questioned in a fascinated voice as she gazed back at the younger girl's shivering face while the teenager nervously bit her lip.
"T-that's one of her titles. She earned that title because no one has been able to halt her conquest to this day." Elle explained in an anxious voice with her amber eyes peering up into the distant sky while her friends listened keenly in growing interest.
All the while as the princess's ruthless golden eyes flashed with another lip of intrigue as a cold wind blew through her hair.
"Really? Is that so? How unfortunate for her then. Because I look forward to showing her the power of a true conqueror." Azula spoke with a proud smirk forming on her regal lips while she gazed ahead with domineering golden eyes.
All while Ty Lee and Mai shared an uncertain look as they shivered in the chilling artic winds.
Only for her merciless eyes to spark with a trace of renewed fury when the researcher let out a derisive scoff.
Before her frigid eyes glared on in slight surprise when the scientist turned away to glare up into the horizon.
"A-and that's not all Azula-sama. They also call her the world's strongest aberrant." The handmaid admitted in an unusually serious voice while a profound look of shook over took her four friend's eyes.
And that was all it took for Team Azula to stare back at their young friend with stunned expression in their widened eyes.
And even the bomber tilted her head with a look of childish interest flashing before her golden eyes.
"The world's strongest Elle?" Ty Lee inquired in an astonished voice while her little sister quickly nodded her blonde head.
"That's so oneesan. As in widely considered to be the undisputed most powerful fighter on the planet." Elle stated with an uncharacteristic graveness in her voice while the older girls stared on in awe.
All the while as the princess and her captain now stared on with an unmistakably competitive gleam in their eyes.
"How dare she intercede in my research! She must seek these firebenders as Apostle recruits. She has some gall to think that every resource in the world belongs to her!" The geneticist ranted with anger seeping from his voice while he gripped a gloved fist at his hip.
While the firebenders in question glared back at him for daring to state that they were resources.
"Apostle recruits?" The captain pondered in a searching voice as she watched with guarded hazel eyes while the soldiers were distracted by the arrival of the approaching armada.
"The Apostles. The emperor is creating an elite fighting force composed of only the world's strongest warriors." Nero answered with a snap while his crimson eyes turned to eye the astonished group while another cold wind swept through the air.
All the while as the Fire Nation women stared on with piqued expressions in their eyes.
While Elle's innocent eyes flickered with recognition as she recalled the words that Rieko said in the recording that she listened to back on the island.
 I will show you how to get rid of the rot…and together with my Apostles. We will build a better world.
"She…she mentioned the Apostles in the recording that she left me." Elle muttered in a mousy voice while she stood behind her princess's tall back.
All the while as Azula's cold eyes gazed on with noticeable captivation in her eyes as she mulled over her young servants' words.
'An elite fighting force comprised of only the strongest benders…' The princess thought with her callous eyes taking on a calculating stare.
Only for her tyrannical eyes to narrow once more when she saw Nero turn to regard her girlfriend with a sadistic gaze.
And then seconds later the entirety of Team Azula tensed up while they never once took their eyes off the seemingly inhuman man as he started to stalk towards them once more.
While they held their ground with the small girl shivering in anxiety behind them.
All the while as each of the four older girls glared at the monstrous man while his hesitant soldiers flanked him from behind.
"But that doesn't matter right now. All that matters is that you are coming back with me." The geneticist commented in a malicious voice as the teenager's eyes flickered with fear.
While the highborn women glared daggers back at him.
"No, she isn't." Mai stated in a determined voice with her cold knives in her tightened fists while her companions sunk into combat stances.
While Azula now stared back at Nero with terrifyingly imposing golden eyes that made the soldiers hesitate in their steps.
"You're scared of Heika…aren't you?" The handmaid inquired with a sudden spark of bravery in her voice.
While the four highborn women now turned to their petite friend in surprise by the unexpected taunt.
All the while as the researcher now halted in his tracks with a simply furious glower now adorning his pale complexion.
"What did you just say to me brat?" Nero responded with venom in his voice while his crimson eyes honed in on the girl's shivering face.
While the teenager tried her hardest to refrain from showing any sign of fear.
"It's just as I said. You seemed so content to take your time toying around with us and ever since you noticed that she is approaching all of the sudden you are in such a hurry to leave." Elle quipped with a nervous expression on her uncertain face while her friends stood quietly studying the now enraged man closely.
While Nero took another menacing stop forward as he stared the small girl down.
All the while as the princess and her subordinates cast cold glared back at him and his soldiers.
While Azula listened attentively to her young servant's words while her frigid eyes never left the man's outraged face.
All while she held her burning fists at her hips with her lips entrenched in a ferocious scowl.
"If Rieko is the strongest where does that put you? I'm guessing that you aren't number two or three judging by that underhanded stunt that you pulled on Ty Lee." The handmaid spoke in an uncharacteristically firm voice while she met the scientist's infuriated gaze.
While the older girls stood speechless by her show of bravery.
All the while as the wild bomber stood on the sidelines with her golden eyes gazing back at the younger girl in surprise.
"Strong enough to rip your and your exhausted friends apart! You little whelp!" The geneticist hissed in a monstrous voice with his evil eyes glaring into the teenager's wavering amber eyes.
Only for the princess and the captain to take a warning step forward while they glared back at his enraged countenance.
All the while as the teenager clutched the straps of her backpack with another flash of bravery overcoming her eyes.
"I bet if you tried to use that stun gun on Heika she would break everyone bone in your freakish body! Am I wrong or am I right?!" Elle shouted with her voice carrying over the cold winds while Team Azula stood in a taken aback silence in front of her.
While Nero stood with his teeth clenched together while he trembled in unfathomable rage.
All the while as it became apparent to each of the Fire Nation women that the man would have long since attacked the girl if they weren't present to protect her.
"You are not Rieko! And you do not possess the power of Subzero! You have no comprehension of the agony that is in store for you if you continue to run your little mouth! I'll show you that your brother's games are but a trifle compared to the torment of my laboratory!" Nero snarled as he stalked ahead with his malevolent crimson staring mercilessly back into the girl's shaken eyes.
While the faces of the three noblewomen contorted into that of immeasurable disgust over the horrific threat.
All the while as the mighty princess held out two fingers with lightning beginning to generate at her fingertips.
While the soldiers hesitated in fright as they lingered beside their deranged leader.
'The power of Subzero….' Azula thought with her elegant brows furrowing in contemplation.
While she glared Nero down with her icy eyes studying her new enemy closely.
While it was clear that the man was by no means a normal human.
It was already apparent that this Rieko was an even greater force to be reckoned with.
Only to find herself turning back to her girlfriend once more with her golden eyes flickering in astonishment when the girl's energy faintly sparked to life at her clenched fists.
All the while as the team stood gaping on with expressions of pride in their eyes.
"Well what are you waiting for then! Come and get us!" The handmaid called out as she shook a small fist in the air while her friends gazed at her in bewilderment.
While Nero's red eyes brimmed with murderous wrath as he stood glaring back at the emboldened girl.
All the while as the acrobat placed a supportive hand on the teenager's shivering shoulder.
"You go Elle! You want us! Here we are!" The acrobat yelled out with her braided hair blowing behind her.
"My sentiments exactly." Zoe stated in a stony voice with her ruthless hazel eyes glaring at the scientist.
"Mine as well." The markswoman agreed in a scarily protective voice while she stood eying the man's snarling face.
All the while as the princess's lightning crackled before her terrifyingly possessive face.
While her golden eyes took on a horrifying death glare that made the researcher hesitate to come any closer.
"Yes, please do. I look forward to seeing how your enhancements handle my lightningbending!" The princess bellowed in a voice that was as frigid as the winds while her eyes narrowed into bloodthirsty slits.
Just before the entire team turned around when another loud combustion blast made their ears ring once more.
While Elle peered back at the bomber with a moved expression in her eyes to see Katsu's fists glowing brightly.
All the while as the bomber stood with her brown hair blowing wildly about as the feral girl stared back at the intimidated soldiers.
And right into the seething face of the scientist as he glared back into her rebellious eyes.
"I am free now! Free to pop your head like a grape and make you go boom!" Katsu announced in a delightful voice with her palms glowing before her face as wicked grin pulled upon her lips.
While the researcher sneered back at her with a cruel look in his eyes.
All the while as he gazed from one target to another before he turned back to Elle's defiant face.
Before he started to take another step closer as he raised a threatening hand in the air while the Fire Nation women glared a hole through his skull.
"Fool! But you won't survive long enough to gloat about it! I am going to cut you apart one atom at a…." The geneticist threatened only to trail off with his crimson eyes when he felt an unspeakable chill travel down his spine.
And just like that he felt a titanic aura wash over him while he turned to peer over his shoulder.
Only for his eyes to grow even wider in pale realization when he saw a war plane approaching over the distant sky.
While the highborn women and their young friend froze up as well as they turned to gaze in the direction of the plane.
All the while as the older girls stared on in awe over the sheer difference in architecture in comparison to Fire Nation military machinery!
While Elle's amber eyes grew as wide as can be when she realized that she was able to sense a tremendous source of energy from aboard the plane.
It was just like before when she was able to sense the location of the sage.
But this…was a much bigger power than that of Mava!
There was no doubting that it could only be Rieko!
"I-I can sense Heika…she is on that plane." Elle stuttered in a meeker voice while her friends gazed in the direction of the plane in fascination.
"You can sense her Elle?" Ty Lee questioned in an unnerved voice once more while the teenager numbly nodded her head.
While Azula glared in the distance with her brows furrowing in thoughtfulness.
It was just like when the girl located the old hag.
'Elle can sense the location of powerful chi users before they arrive?' Azula thought with her lips while a look of curiosity came over her cold eyes.
Only to find herself turning to Nero in surprise to see that the man was raising his hand in the air for his soldiers to desist.
And that was all it took for the team to watch with disbelief in their eyes as the evil researcher shook his head in aggravation.
"I will not be baited into wasting anymore of my time quarreling with a diminutive teenager. Let's go." Nero snapped with a scowl as he turned away while the older girls stared at him in astonishment.
"I-I'm not diminutive. I'm just a late bloomer…" The handmaid mumbled in an adorable voice as her shoulders slumped while the acrobat fondly patted her shoulder.
While her friends glanced at her with momentarily humored looks in their eyes before they turned to glare after the retreating man.
"That's it then? You're leaving? How pathetic." The princess sneered as she placed a fist on her womanly hip while she stared coldly at the researcher's back.
"I have no more time to spend on lesser threats. The emperor demands my full attention. Besides…" The geneticist stated in a cruel voice as he briefly paused in his step while the princess and the captain stared on with their eyes boiling in offense.
'Lesser threat! He dares call me a lesser threat!' Azula thought with absolute rage taking over her tyrannical eyes while she gritted her teeth in her fury.
Although as much as it enraged her to admit it.
She knew well enough that even the strongest firebender would be rendered weak the very moment that these fires died out.
And then in that very instant the seemingly inhuman man turned to smirk deviously back at the guarded faces of the group.
All the while as his predatory eyes passed over from fighter to another before his unnerving gaze finally settled on the trembling Elle once more.
"Time means nothing to me. I can wait to dissect you girls another day. Be it one year…two…five or even ten. If one of you should prove optimal for my purposes…I will return for you." Nero spoke in a sadistic voice as he gazed back at the stunned faces of the group.
And it was all Ty Lee and Mai could do to shudder with returning fear traveling down their spines.
'Dissect…by Agni what a beast! He really is serious about experimenting on benders!' Mai thought with her tawny eyes taking on a revolted countenance.
While Azula and Zoe now glared back at him even more murderously than before as they clutched at their weapons.
All the while as they shared a calculating look through the corner of their eyes.
"What makes you think that we are just going to let you leave?" The captain demanded in a glacial voice with her hazel eyes glaring daggers back at the smirking man.
"What choice do you have?" The geneticist chuckled as he stood gazing back at the two furious firebenders.
While Zoe and Azula warily watched the two armies continue to clash in the distance.
All the while as one side rapidly began to dwindle as many burning aircraft plummeted from the skies.
And it began to become increasingly apparent which side was going to come out on top.
"In any event…you and I will be meeting each other again in the future Elle Turner." The geneticist purred with his crimson eyes staring back at the young girl's quivering face while the older girls stared furiously back at him.
"M-meeting again?" Elle squeaked as she swallowed with her sensitive eyes staring after the smiling man.
While Azula stood at the front with her savage gaze never leaving the man's deviously grinning face.
"One day you will come to me in search of knowledge that only I can give." Nero commented in a purposefully ambiguous voice before he turned to walk away.
All the while as Elle stood there with a baffled look on her young face while her friends stared after the man's back with boundless distrust in their eyes.
"C-come to him? Why would I come to him?" The handmaid asked in a confused voice while the princess cast a monstrous glare after the scientist's retreating back.
While the four Fire Nation women stared after the man with looks of profound violence in their eyes.
And it was clear from their gazes alone that if not for the frigid arctic climate that they would fight until they were certain that the man was destroyed.
"What else for but to find the Primordial One." The geneticist spoke over the roaring winds while the team stared after him with speechless expressions on their faces.
All the while as Elle's innocent eyes grew wide in returning fear at the mere mention of the mysterious creature's name.
While the older females stared after Nero with disbelief in their widened eyes as they realized that the man knew more than they thought.
Just as Azula pursed her lips into a frightening scowl before she imposingly stomped her boot into the smoldering rubble.
"Come near the girl again and I will personally torture you in a dark cell for the rest of your days!" The princess roared much like a raging dragon while the teenager shook in appreciation.
All the while as Nero just chuckled while he sauntered away with his soldiers through the waning inferno.
Until they soon faded from sight and the unsettled team could see them no more.
"Azula-sama…" Elle whispered as she held a hand over her heart while a shy smile returned to her lips.
While the older woman turned to scowl down at her with her arms folded imposingly over her armored chest.
All the while as she found her fears swiftly fading away under the beautiful woman's dominating stare.
And soon enough her heart began to flutter pleasantly once again while the princess snorted a puff of fire from her angered nostrils.
All the while as the princess glared through the corner of her eye at the army approaching over snow-capped horizon.
"We should get going princess." Zoe stated with a trace of unusual urgency in her stony voice while Azula scowled deeply in agreement.
"Zoe's right. I think we really need to hurry." Mai commented in a wary voice as she shivered in her robes.
While her cold tawny eyes still glared after where Nero had vanished.
All the while as she wondered what the man had meant.
And how he knew about this supposed creature to begin with.
"That…sounds like a good idea." Ty Lee muttered as she held her arms over her chest while she too glared after the vanished man.
Before Azula just shrugged her plated shoulders while she briefly regarded the bomber whose face now looked like that of a disappointed child.
"Fine. We're finished here for the time being anyhow." Azula spoke in a dignified voice as she removed the map from her pocket while she began to walk through the encampment.
While her subordinates moved to follow after her.
All the while as Elle turned to gaze back at Katsu's lost face while the combustionbender's eyes adopted a bummed-out gaze.
"So…. does that mean that we're not going to play again?" The bomber pondered in a clueless voice with her disheveled hair blowing in the wind behind her.
While the highborn women stopped to gaze back at her and their lingering young friend.
All while the princess and the captain stared over their shoulders at the girl in surprise that the girl was already craving another round.
"Come back with me Katsu, and serve me in my royal army. And I will play with you as much as you like, all you have to do is obey my every command." The princess purred with a smirk returning to her lovely lips while she gazed back at the bomber's excited face.
While her two childhood friends shuddered in pity for the wild girl's wellbeing.
All the while as the captain also smirked back at the teenager's oddly eager face as the girl gazed from one face to another.
Before Katsu turned back to Elle while the small girl smiled up at the much taller princess's confidently smirking visage.
While Elle's smile grew even wider as she gazed back at Katsu's excited face.
Only for all five members of Team Azula to gaze on in surprise when a scarlet blur dropped down in front of the bomber.
And that was it that was required for Azula's smirk to transform into a furious glower once more.
The redhead landed with her right arm held out in front of the bomber while she now gazed back at the princess's already scowling face.
While Elle once again felt her heart drop into the pit of her stomach as she gazed back into Naoki's machinelike brown eyes.
"That is not going to happen." Naoki spoke in a nearly mechanical voice with her brown eyes gazing back at the taken aback group.
"Naoki!" Katsu exclaimed with recognition in her voice while Naoki gazed back at the group.
"It's time to go Elle." The assassin remarked in an unfeeling voice while the princess golden eyes now grew wide in boiling rage.
While the three noblewomen stared back at the girl with hardened looks in her eyes.
Only to turn to their young friend when they saw the petite girl push her way past them
"C-come friends. We need to get out of here before Rieko shows up." The handmaid stated in a shaken voice as she quickly walked away while her friends immediately moved to follow after her.
All the while as she felt the redhead's haunting gaze continue to pierce her back.
And not to mention once again the saddened stare of the bomber.
"Elle! Wait! Come back!" The bomber cried out in a distraught voice while the redhead coldly stared after the blonde's retreating back.
While the princess stared over her armored shoulder with intimidating golden eyes.
All the while her murderous gaze conveyed a possessive gleam that served a silent promise of the pain that was to come if the girl tried to take her companion.
Before she turned to stomp through the rubble with her fists clenched at her hips while she kept a close watch on her young girlfriend through the corner of her ruthless eye.
While the three nobles also gazed warningly over their shoulders at the face of the emotionless prodigy.
"Sumimasen Katsu." Elle mumbled with sadness in her voice as she shivered underneath her coat while her big sisters gazed at her in concern.
"Get back here Elle." Naoki ordered in a merciless voice with her icy gaze watching while the small girl padded off.
While as the princess glared back at her with a violently narrowed glare.
All the while as each of the four highborn women each walked on a different side of their sensitive friend to ward off any attacks that the redhead may make.
Until the dainty blonde disappeared in the smoking flames with her four aristocratic friends vanishing alongside her.
All while Katsu gazed on with an uncertain expression in her vibrant golden eyes.
And Naoki stared into the direction that the blonde went with a strikingly chilling look in her eyes.
Mere minutes later…
A painful wind blew through the burning military encampment while the exhausted girls made their way through the increasingly blinding landscape.
All the while as they shielded their faces behind their elbows.
And soon enough even the ruthless princess and the stoic captain were starting to shiver.
"I…I think I see what looks to be a garage up ahead! There has to be vehicles inside! There is no other way that Felix would have been able to escape this place on his own!" The handmaid exclaimed over the winds as she stumbled with her teeth chattering violently.
And just before she hit the ground she gasped when two mighty womanly arms seized a hold of her!
While she fell forward with her face pressed into the underside of her princess's armored chest.
All the while as she felt the older female wrap what remained of her coat over her shivering body.
And then the princess began to make her way through the cold with the smaller girl carefully cradled against her breasts.
While Azula glared ahead with viciously protective golden eyes as she felt the teenager cling to her body.
All the lips as her unforgiving lips pursed into an imposing scowl.
While the three noblewomen stared over their shoulders at their Crown Princess with stunned expressions in their eyes.
But they knew better than to comment on their leader's show of romantic affections.
Most definitely not when they knew that the young girl could die if she were to succumb to hypothermia.
And soon after that the sound of a collapsing door being broken down resonated into the air.
All the while as the five increasingly frantic girls gazed into a progressively burning military garage to see many vehicles caught afire.
Only for their gazes to be drawn to one in the corner that looked as if it had not yet joined the blaze!
"Over there!" The captain bellowed as she bent the flames out of their path while her fellow nobles rushed after her.
"Will that one do Elle?!" Azula shouted in a commanding voice as Elle surveyed the military truck while she stormed towards it.
"I-I think so. We just need to find a way to break the door lock." Elle answered as she held onto her girlfriend while the statuesque woman advanced toward the armored truck.
And not a second after that the sound of a padlock being cut in half resounded into the air.
All the while as the rest of the team watched the captain break the lock in half with one swing of her katana.
While the four Fire Nation women shared a quick glance as they each made their way to hop into the foreign vehicle.
While Azula moved to seat herself in the driver's seat as she gazed down at the controls with amazed golden eyes.
And Elle scrambled in to sit down beside her.
As Zoe sat down on the passenger seat before she closed her door behind her while Mai and Ty Lee did the same as they quickly seated themselves in the back.
All the while as the three noblewomen now also gazed at the controls in wonderment.
"How do we operate this thing Elle?" The markswoman questioned from the back with her fascinated tawny eyes still glancing the interior of the military truck over.
"I'll give it a try! Move Azula-sama!" The handmaid ordered as she pushed her annoyed princess aside.
While Azula's golden eyes flickered with displeasure over being given an order by her own serving girl.
All the while as the nobles watched from their seats in shared amusement.
"I suggest you remember that you are our servant Elle! Not the other way around!" The princess huffed as she sat in the middle seat with a scowl on her lips.
Only to glare over her through when she heard her subordinates snicker behind her.
"It would seem as if you have been dethroned princess." Zoe commented with mirth in her voice while Azula turned to cast her a venomous glare.
"Since you four haven't familiarized yourselves with nonbending vehicles yet…it's better if I operate it." Elle explained in a rushed voice as she hurriedly turned the ignition switch.
While the sound of the engine cranking resonated into the air.
And not even seconds later the large truck starting up while the motor rumbled into the awestruck ears of the four highborn women.
Just as the teenager flipped another switch to turn the heat on while they watched in fascination as the windows began to clear up.
"Amazing Elle! And you say that it isn't powered by bending right?" The acrobat conversed from the backseat while her little sister nodded her head.
"That's right oneesan! No bending!" The handmaid answered as she hit the gas pedal.
While the powerful princess surveyed the vehicle with a hidden impressed gleam in her cold golden eyes.
"I wasn't aware that you had mechanical expertise Elle." Azula remarked with her arms folded over her breasts while she observed in fascination as the truck began to move.
All the while as her ruthless eyes kept a close watch out through the window as the two armies engaged in the distance.
While the three noblewomen watched with a mutual expression of intrigue in their eyes when the truck pulled out of the burning garage with its rumbling motor still emanating into their ears.
"Oh! I don't! I have never done this before!" Elle confessed in an adorable voice while her four friends fell back into their seats in comical disbelief.
"What do you mean you have never done this before?" The princess inquired with an aggravated edge to her voice just before she was flung back in her seat when the girl accelerated the truck.
While her eyes began to twitch when the large truck began to swerve with poor control throughout the blazing encampment.
"I mean that I have never driven before! This is my first time driving Azula-sama!" The handmaid cried out with excitement in her voice while she steered the truck.
All the while as the four older girls sat gazing at their young friend with comically uncertain looks in their eyes.
"You mean to tell me that you have never operated a machine like this prior to today?" The princess demanded in a moody voice while she glared down at her companion's grudgingly adorable smiling face.
"No, I haven't Azula-sama! But I have played Mario Kart! Which is close enough to the real thing!" Elle chirped as she bit her lip while her friends gazed on comically in their seats.
And Azula now held her hand over her annoyed forehead as she groaned under her breath.
"Elle. Give me the controls." Azula commanded with her strict eyes gazing on in irritation while the girl made a poor effort to steer the truck.
"B-but I want to drive Azula-sama." The blonde-haired protested in a timid voice only to let out a lovable squeak when the princess shoved her aside with her hip.
"I said move peasant!" The princess barked as she seated herself with her hands on the wheel while the teenager sunk into a pout alongside her.
"Azula. You don't have to be so harsh on the poor girl." Ty Lee chided in a sisterly voice while Azula rolled her golden eyes from the front seat.
And Mai just let out an exasperated sigh as she sunk back in her seat.
And Zoe for her part just gazed on with her usual stoic expression in her hazel eyes.
"I-I was really hoping that I would get a chance to learn to drive for real…" Elle mumbled while Azula rolled her eyes once more.
"I'm sure you'll get other chances to learn kid." Mai assured with her arms folded over her chest while Elle perked up with a smile on her lips.
Just as the princess withdrew the map once more while she gazed down at it with icy golden eyes.
While the captain studied it from where she sat on the other side of the teenager's shoulder.
All the while as the princess quickly took to steering the armored truck away from the blazing encampment.
"It appears that the gateway is that way princess." The captain stated as she pointed at the map while her ruler scowled in understanding.
"I see that Zoe." Azula spoke in a cold voice with her golden eyes staring down at the various controls in still present fascination.
While she maneuvered the truck towards the hills along a previously driven path.
All the while as the vehicle effortlessly plowed through the snow.
While tall flames from burning underground gas lines burned for as far as their eyes could see.
And in the far distance they could see a faint familiar light emanated over the frozen landscape.
'That has to be the gateway.' The princess thought with her regal brows furrowing as she relaxed in her seat.
Just before she gazed over her shoulder when she heard the sound of distant gunfire explode in the skies behind her.
While the three noblewomen and their young friend quickly followed suit as they gazed over their shoulders in worry.
Just as more burning planes crashed into the snowy landscape.
While they watched as the apparent larger force now completely overwhelmed the smaller force.
All the while as they warily listened to explosion after explosion pepper the distant skies.
"It's a shame that we can't stick around to fight with this Rieko. It sounds like she would make for a worthy opponent." Zoe remarked as she leaned against the window while Azula smirked in agreement.
While Mai and Ty Lee stared on with uncertain looks in their worried eyes.
"Yes, I suppose it is. I must admit that I am curious to see if she lives up to her reputation." Azula commented with a confident smile on her crimson lips.
While she savored the warmth of the heat vents that served to allow her muscles to recover from such a long time in such a frigid climate.
Only for her golden eyes to turn to her young girlfriend in annoyance when a look of fear overcome the girl's face once more.
While the others gazed on in concern at their little sister's apprehensive expression.
"T-trust me friends. You don't want to face her in the Greenland climate. It would be suicide. If you must face her. Force her to come through to the other side. But no matter what do not do it here." The handmaid advised in a meek voice while her highborn friends listened closely.
"Elle makes a good point. If this woman has power over the cold. Then this is the worst place for a firebender to fight her." The markswoman stated in a monotone voice while the acrobat nodded beside her.
While the two firebenders just gazed on with prideful looks in their eyes.
But they both knew that the girl spoke the truth.
And not a moment after that the royal woman was snapped out of her musings of war when she felt a pair of lips kiss her on the cheek.
While the princess turned in surprise to find herself gazing back in her young girlfriend's bashfully retreating face.
All the while as she swiftly fought to squash the sliver of a blush that was forming on her regal cheeks.
While the acrobat now let out a gush from where she sat in the backseat.
"A-arigatou gozaimasu Azula-sama…for warming me up." Elle stammered as she leaned into Azula's much taller body while the woman released a haughty scoff.
"Aww! Now that is pink Azula." The acrobat spoke with a smile on her lips while the princess rolled her eyes.
"Don't overthink it peasant. The only reason I carried your pitiful body is because the last thing I need is you having one of your little breathing spasms in the snow." The princess snorted in a tone of feigned cruelty while a tight scowl graced her lips.
All the while as the teenager still smiled sweetly as she sat with her face now resting in the older female's ceremonial armor.
While the three noblewomen stared on with unconvinced looks in their eyes.
"You are such a natural romantic Azula." Mai remarked with a snort while Ty Lee still grinned from where she sat beside her.
"I understand princess." The handmaid responded in a soft voice as she hugged the older female's belly while her princess glared through the windshield.
"This weakness will not stand Elle. I am going to train you to become stronger." Azula announced in a tone of absolute authority with her ruthless eyes gazing ahead.
While she gazed around in interest as she took in the vast mountains that began to become visible upon the horizon.
All the while as the fires from the broken gas pipes still blazed all around her.
"Yes, Azula-sama." Elle agreed in a devoted voice as she held onto Azula while her girlfriend gazed down at her with cold golden eyes.
But the aloof princess did not push her away.
And so, she allowed herself to momentarily push her worries aside.
And simply take solace in the warmth that was coming off her caretaker's body.
And with that the military truck drove across the snowy pathway and towards the faint light of the gateway that served to guide their way.
Naoki stood staring into the distance with an utterly emotionless gaze while resisted the urge to curse the pacifistic girl.
"Elle!" Katsu called out as she broke out into a run while the redhead watched her run off with machinelike brown eyes.
While the prodigy held her scarf over her mouth as she moved to follow as she trudged through the rubble.
Only to find herself pausing in her footsteps when she heard the sound of footsteps behind her.
All the while as she turned to gaze over her shoulder with expressionless brown eyes to find herself gazing back at a woman in a brown uniform.
"Greetings Naoki. I am Communications Commander Victoria Cromwell of Lord Rieko's battalion. I have been sent to speak with you by the Lord herself." Victoria greeted in a businesslike voice with a smile on her lips while the teenager briefly stared back at her.
While gun shots echoed throughout the air as the emperor's soldiers fired upon what the overwhelmed enemy army.
"Whatever you have to say. I am not interested." Naoki responded in a curt voice as she began to walk away while the woman smiled back at her.
"Lord Rieko would like to offer you a position in the Apostles as her student." The communications commander announced in a proud voice with her hair swaying in the wind behind her.
While the redhead's brown eyes flashed with slight surprise to hear that the emperor was offering to train her.
"I already told her that I had no interest in joining her group." The assassin spoke in a frigid voice as she continued to walk away while the woman briefly lost her smile.
But the officer was quick to compose herself.
"What if I told you that we could help you find Sayomi Saito? And Strados as well?" Victoria questioned in a smooth voice with her smile returning to her lips.
Before she watched in delight when the supersoldier paused in her step.
While Naoki now gazed on with her brown eyes marginally widening in recognition.
All the while as her gloved fists hung at her hips as she stood unmoving in the cold air.
Just as she turned to gaze back at the woman's smiling face.
"I have no need for your group. I am more than capable of finding my targets on my own accord. Now if you'll excuse me, I have more important matters to attend to." Naoki stated in a dismissive voice as she turned away once more while she swiftly strode through the snow.
All the while as the officer still gazed after her with a small smile on her lips.
"Of course." The communications commander replied in a cool voice as she held her head high with a smirk adorning her lips.
And then not even seconds later the girl vanished in a flicker of a red blur.
While she smiled all the while.
All the while as the two forces continued to savagely engage one another.
And on the other side of the camp…
Tanks and armored trucks were gathered in the snow while several helmet-covered soldiers were seen pulling a man from the burning rubble.
While they now gazed down in disbelief to see that their commander had seared off the burning stump that used to be his right hand.
All the while as Reynolds knelt with his unimaginably enraged blue eyes glaring down at his now deformed arm.
Before he slammed his furious stump into the pile of debris while his lips shook in a vengeful snarl.
"They will pay for this! All of them! Get them all! But above all! Get that little shit Number Three! I want that monster dead!" Reynolds roared in a livid voice as he leaped to his feet in a frenzy while his soldiers hurriedly nodded in terror.
While he stormed his way towards an armored truck as he ground his teeth together in his rage.
All the while as he listened to the sound of the emperor's rapidly advancing army.
'I may have lost my right hand! But I will not be defeated! My plan will succeed! As of this moment I may be on the losing side of this war! But there is still time for me to change sides! I will recapture them all! Then I will offer them to Lord Rieko as a show of my loyalty just as I planned to do right from the start! And then I will negotiate a position of high rank at her side!' The colonel thought with the veins in his eyes almost bulging out in his fury while he jumped onto the back of the armored truck.
While his blue eyes now had grown wide in an expression of borderline insanity as he pulled himself up with his only remaining hand.
And then he leaped in with his soldiers jumping in right after him.
And soon after that the heavily armored vehicles rolled into the snow while the sounds of continuous fire rumbled into the air as the battle for the gateway raged on.
While many military vehicles from the opposing army were now rolling into the encampment.
Just before they came to a stop while a lone woman now stood in front of them with her arms held up over her head in a show of surrender.
"Don't shoot! I surrender!" Cynthia shouted in a frantic voice while she stood motionless as soldiers leaped out to apprehend her.
And not long after that the emperor's soldiers surrounded her.
While the former aide now walked silently with her hands behind her back.
All the while as she continued to listen to the sounds of gunfire as those that refused to surrender screamed as they were killed in retaliation.
The stolen military truck now sat parked at the base of a looming mountain of ice.
All the while as frigid winds swept through the mouth of the ice cavern.
While the light of the portal cast a blue glow upon the walls of the cavern as Team Azula made their inside together.
Only to find themselves freezing in their steps as they gazed up at the shining portal in disbelief.
Standing at the top of the hallowed stone steps was none other than Naoki!
Naoki now gazed back down at the stunned group with an utterly heartless expression in her emotionless brown eyes.
Before her gaze settled on Elle's stunned face while the small blonde shook beside her now enraged friends.
While Azula took a step forward in front of the younger girl.
All the while as she stared back up at the redhead as her golden eyes transformed into an unbelievably wrathful death stare.
While Zoe hardened her hazel eyes in a stare of her own as she stepped up beside her princess.
While Mai and Ty Lee took on defensive stances on each side of their shocked little sister.
All the while as Naoki still gazed back down at them with a chilling gaze.
And with that all four Fire Nation women once again steeled themselves for yet another battle.
And back at the ruins of the destroyed fortress.
Nero stood frozen in the snow with his crimson eyes widening as he stared up at the person gazing down at him from atop an overlooking hill.
While the few soldiers that remained began to back away in pure unadulterated terror.
All the while as Rieko gazed back down at them with her hair swaying in an elegant pony tail behind her.
While the emperor now stood head to toe in a black plated combat armor.
All while her blue eyes gleamed with a predatory stare as she surveyed her cornered prey.
While the inhuman researcher took an intimidated step backwards as an expression of fear flashed before his monstrous eyes.
All the while as the emperor's lips curved into a cruel smile.
"Lord Rieko." Nero spoke at long last as he mustered up his usual smile in an attempt to disguise his fear while the tyrannical woman gazed down at him.
"Nero. What an unexpected surprise meeting you here." Rieko remarked in a voice of limitless confidence with a domineering smirk pulling onto her lips.
While she let out a soft chuckle that betrayed her sadistic intent as she took great delight in the scientist's fear.
And that was all it took for the cruel researcher to know that this encounter would not end well for him.
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ask-pakistan · a month ago
Tumblr media
[Are you the Antithesis of me?]
SOO, I have been focusing on my Aph India interpretation lately. And i’ve come to realize just how contrasting the personalities of Pakistan and India actually are. I think i have already made that obvious through the palettes i use (Green vs Saffron) but i thought i should extend on it a bit more because they have a personality clash too. Maybe that’ll also explain why it’s often hard for them to get along lol
Generally speaking, India is a very flamboyant personality, if not a bit of a show-off. He’s extremely prideful, and hard to argue with. He exudes the aura of a “prince”, has a affinity for gold and luxury. He’s basically the embodiment of Bollywood walking on the streets, which tends to get on Pakistan’s nerves, because the never-ending ‘filmy dialogues’ makes him want to slam his head into the nearest concrete wall. India also tends to go “ALL out” with anything he does, and that reflects the festivals, cultural dances and other aspects of Indian culture. In my observation, Indian culture just.... has a lot going on all at once which kinda overwhelms me as a Pakistani. Like, their Mythologies are so vast and wide, they have so many concepts and philosophies, so many different cultural dances and exhibitions that we don’t get to see here. All of that gives me the impression that India is a very colorful and vibrant country that has a lot going on all at once. All of this fuels India’s pride though, which God Forbid might become larger than the sun one day lol 
In comparison, Pakistan is much more simple. He sucks at showbiz. He isn’t one to prefer luxury clothing much and feels much more comfortable in his simpler ethnic robes. His dances and festivals are not as extravagant as India’s, but they’re lively enough for him to enjoy. He’s much more down to earth than India lol. He’s also more reserved and less extroverted than him. 
India excels in Acting, while Pakistan’s strong point is making music. Pakistan is also a lot more straightforward as compared to India, who tries to avoid confrontations most of the time. Both have their strong and weak points.
One more thing i have observed (through the help of the internet) is that i think Indian people are slowly adopting more western forms of clothing over their local clothes. I don’t know how correct this observation is though, but that is what i think might be the case with Indian men. And Indian cuisine is more vegetarian-centric as compared to Pakistani dishes, which has tons of meat. It’s kinda interesting how similar things may seem on the surface when we compare the two countries, but the more one focuses the more contradicting points i see. It’s kinda cool. I think it’s fair to say their personalities are almost opposite to each other. Then there’s also the Abrahamic vs Non-Abrahamic religion differences. Interesting.
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sylaiselavellan · a month ago
Dragon Age: Inquisition Character Sheet
Get to know my inquisitor! Kalhan Lavellan (Template)
Tumblr media
Name: Kalhan Lavellan Age at the start of their game: 28 (Born 9:13 Dragon) Gender: Male Sexual orientation: Pansexual Race: Elven Class: Mage Height: 5′10 Weight: 150lbs Eyes: Silver with gold and red flecks Hair color/texture: White, straight but wavy when wet Skin tone: White/Creamy/Ivory (I am TERRIBLE at describing skin tones lol) Do they tan or freckle?: He tans if the sun is soft, sunburns if the sun is unforgiving Any distinctive physical characteristics?: Black sylaise vallaslin (partly because of his affinity for fire-centric spells) | his eyes (makes for fun nighttime pranks due to his tapetum lucidum) | scar from a bear on the back of his thighs, happened during his youth
Personality type: INFJ-A Optimist, pessimist, or realist?: Optimistic idealist but pessimistic when burned-out Best traits:
Quick Learner
Worst flaws
Sensitive to Criticism (from closest circle)
Prone to Burnout (he tries to seclude himself to avoid lashing out)
Occasionally suffers from tunnel vision (specifically when it comes to mage rights)
Hedonistic (wanderlust, food, dance, provocative)
Impious (he doesn’t see it as a flaw but others do)
Tropes that apply to them: The Cape Forbidden love Are there any songs that particularly suit them?:
Hypnotized - Simon Curtis (Fun personality)
Don’t Worry, Dear - Ali (Cover) [Song of comfort]
Four Seasons - Namie Amuro [Relationship | Lyrics] [Song]
Rise - Origa [Song of fight, speaks of the cruel reality of war/battles, explains his reason for fighting: seeking the truth, protecting, all that he has given up
If yes, would they agree with your selections?:
He wouldn’t want to agree with the more sensitive songs just because he doesn’t want to think about the bad times (he also has light PTSD)
Preferences Favorite color: Green Favorite animal: Dracolisk Taste in clothing: He prefers outfits that reveal a little something somewhere, he enjoys the attention- likes to feel all eyes on him, lusting. When ‘dressing up’ he likes to style his revealing clothes with rings, earrings, bracelets and boots. If he’s dressed without shoe wear, he likes to accessorize with an anklet. When he’s resting, he prefers comfortable and loose clothing. How do they feel about mage rights?: He’s a strong defender of mage rights. Kalhan strongly believes that circles need to be reformed, templars should be supervised closely, and mages should have the freedom to choice between going to a circle or being trained through other means. Kalhan doesn’t believe blood magic is evil either, whether how it is obtained and used (he supports using the caster’s own blood or those of the willing for the greater good). How do they feel about the other races of Thedas?: Kalhan is fascinated by the different races and their cultures, having only come in contact with humans on occasion prior to joining. He’s afraid of how the Qunari treat mages and was horrified to find out how Dwarves have no connection to the fade. Are they religious?: He’s an atheist. He clashes with those that are religious, and when he was younger he used to look down on people that are religious. He has become more tolerant of religious people (largely in part to Leliana) but still finds himself annoyed or confused by their reasoning. If they were to find themselves in a modern AU Favorite food: [Appetizer] Bruschetta | [Main Course] Crab-Stuffed Filet Mignon with Whiskey Peppercorn Sauce | [Dinner] Moroccan Spiced Lambs paired with a good bottle of wine (he lets his vhenan decide on the wine) | [Dessert] Gelato, Tiramisu, or Flan depending on his mood Drink order: Wine for a special meal, water for anything else. He only drinks homemade juice. What would they wear for a night out?: A tight shirt or a buttoned down shirt to reveal some of his chest paired with a jacket, pants that are tight around his derriere, heeled boots, watch, cuff earrings with a chain, multiple earrings (he likes piercings), half up half down bun with loose strands at his cheeks or a low ponytail or loose hair if going to an upscale restaurant Song(s) that would be sure to get them on the dance floor:
 Propuesta Indecente - Romeo Santos
Ain’t 2 Proud 2 Beg - TLC
Get Busy - Sean Paul
Vivir Mi Vida - Marc Anthony
Dernière Danse - Indila
College major: Environmental Science Ideal date: Book reading at home | dinner date at home or out | amusement park date Favorite movie and/or film genre: Superhero Action | Comedy | Supernatural
Family/Friends/Love Life Relationship with their parents: Kalhan’s mother died during childbirth so he does not have any memories of her but his fathers (biological father remarried a man of another clan) spoke often and kindly of her. Kalhan only knows she was one of the bravest hunters (rogue) of their clan. Kalhan’s father found (and still) find Kalhan to be a slight headache due to his wanderlust but despite this, they love their son dearly and Kalhan has always been a respectful child. He wrote to his fathers often, scaring them with his tales of battles. Siblings (outside of canon): Kalhan has an older sister (rogue) from his step-father’s side. Eriem Lavellan and Kalhan use to go on hunts together. They didn’t see each other often due to their roles in the clan but when they found time to spend together, they spent it well. Best friend(s): Bull, Varric, Cole, Leliana, Dorian, Josephine Companion(s) they get along best with: Varric, Bull, Dorian, Cole, Sera Companion(s) they get along worst with: Cassandra (at the beginning) | Vivienne (at the beginning) | Cullen (neutral by the end) Companion(s) from other games in the series you wish they could meet, and why: Zevran - Because they’re both flirtatious, open-minded, and Kalhan likes what he has heard of Antiva Hawke - They met but Kalhan wishes he could spend more time with him. He enjoys Hawke company and appreciates his humorous nature. Anders - He’s curious about the stories he has heard of him from Varric and their similar stance on mage rights. Age of sexual debut: 24 Romanced: Dorian Pavus Relationship status as of the end of Inquisition: Established couple, Long Distance Are there any songs that particularly suit their romance?: Four Seasons - Namie Amuro (mentioned previously) What are they like as a romantic partner?: Kalhan is observant, normally able to tell from the smallest giveaway when Dorian needs him whether as a friend or more. He is caring and protective, fiercely so, of Dorian— not allowing people to speak ill of him due to his lineage. He enjoys teasing Dorian whenever given the chance and Dorian has never been a shy man. They’re passionate lovers, rarely (if ever) selfish, and aiming to outdo the other— but they’re rarely if ever serious in regards to their loving, having moments of giggles and laughter. Kalhan is especially fond of Dorian’s assets and Dorian has difficulty resisting Kalhan’s sinful lips and bewitching eyes. They enjoy reading terrible romance books and playfully acting out scenes. Do they enjoy cuddling?: Dorian and Kalhan enjoy cuddling but they prefer sitting next to each other, especially during a book reading session or a study session (back-to-back or side-to-side with their backs to a bookcase.) Do they want children?: Kalhan doesn’t want any children, he was never good with them. Dorian feels similarly. Do they (now or eventually) have children?: No.
Skills Can they cook?: Yes, they can cook a variety of foods. One of his favorite past times is experimenting with foods of different races. He tends to rely heavily on herbs and spices, although his presentation skills aren’t the best. Can they sing/play an instrument?: Kalhan cannot sing to save his life. His singing skills could be considered a weapon. He knows how to play drums and the harp but he hides his skills so he doesn’t have to put on a show. Are they a good dancer? If not, do they do it anyway?: Kalhan is a great dancer! He has great rhythm and an affinity for music. He dislikes the formal human dances, finding them to restrictive and tensing. Kalhan enjoys close, sensual, dances where he can show-off skin and the fluidity of his body. Do they have any creative hobbies?: When he misses his clan, he goes to his roots of basket weaving. Kalhan enjoys writing fantasy stories (stories that Varric suggests have potential but Kalhan says it’s just an outlet). He likes trying different culinary recipes, although Sera likes getting involved—resulting in a few (mostly) harmless pranks (Kalhan pleads ignorance every time). He performs at the tavern especially. Any martial training beyond their main weapon?: His sister taught him a few moves with daggers, Cole polished it. Bull taught him some basic self-defense while Cassandra polished it. Sera taught Kalhan a bit about archery (so he would be less fireball-y), Leliana taught him how to hunt small game with it (he still misses more than he can hit). After the fall of Corypheus, he can hold his own in a fist fight and is decent with a pair of daggers but only against average fighters (he would go down in a second against a good fighter and in less than a heartbeat against a seasoned fighter). Cole found a talent in Kalhan for being light on his feet and good at evasive maneuvers. Languages spoken: Common Tongue, Limited Elvish, Limited Tevinter (he likes to learn the naughty words for Dorian, he sometimes embarrasses himself but Dorian finds it endearing) Any other unique skills they’d like us to know about?: Kalhan is resourceful, often being able to use the terrain to his advantage. He excels in climbing (from hanging with the rogue hunters in his youth) and is a great swimmer. He best learns spells by feeling the the way that the mana is suppose to feel during the execution during a spell, rather than always having to rely on reading alone. Kalhan knows how to use Blood Magic, having learned through a manual bought in secret when trading with a human, but doesn’t use it because he finds it harder to connect with the Fade. Only Dorian knows of this hidden skill. Kalhan and Dorian study through reading and very rarely through demonstration.
Tumblr media
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echo-three-one · a month ago
A Forgotten Memory
An Alex x OC fic
Link to chapter 1 (here)
Prev (XI - Alex)
Next (XIII - Alex)
Reviews Appreciated. Enjoy the fic!
Tumblr media
XII - Samantha
She never expected Alex to handle the situation maturely. She expected him to badger him into going with him on that vacation. She wanted to go for closure's sake, but that would be too unfair for him. He wouldn't want that. Alex was a perfect boyfriend material for her, it's a shame he's a CIA agent.
She gave him a thumbs up as he raised an olive green shirt he tried on, honestly she thought he'd look good on any outfit. She opted on simple clothing as all of this were just temporary and Alex already made the call and would extract them to safety the day after tomorrow. A deep sigh as the idea that it's all over.
They spent the rest of the day at their room. The tv tuned in to local news, talking in a language she found incomprehensible. Alex seemed to be intently watching, guess he's the kind of person who's really into current events, translating headlines for her, which she found kinda sweet.
Samantha plopped her head on her mattress, they apparently rented separate beds, making her think this was another sign from whatever Fates were weaving their destinies, to which she almost want to believe in.
"Real for your thoughts?" Alex joked, offering her a coin from the country they're in. Samantha once again laughed at him for it, he really knows how to cheer her up.
"Say, if you weren't a "CIA Agent", what would you be?" she asked, mouthing the term CIA Agent.
Alex hummed as he thought of an answer.
"Dad always said I'm good with people. That's why he wanted me to pursue Sales or Marketing or any Business course." he chuckled at the idea.
"I bet you'd look good in a suit." Samantha chimed in, mentally fighting herself not to imagine him in one. She has to let go of him, for her own heart's sake.
"Yeah? I wore it a few times. I actually feel like a hundred grand when I wore it." he smiled as his eyes trailed off to memory lane. Samantha tried her best not to admire the scenery infront of her. This was harder than she thought.
"I wonder if our paths would cross if we were somebody else..." Samantha asked another follow up question.
"Maybe, I'll get sick and I'd be admitted to a hospital you're stationed to." He replied, amused at the story he's forged.
"Yeah, what are the odds." She dismissed, laughing at the absurdity of his imagination.
"I'm gonna miss you." He stated, completely off topic and completely serious. Samantha thought she already cried everything she could for today, but tears started welling once again. She felt that her movements were automatic, as she quickly dove to Alex's bed and tackled him with a hug. Alex didn't hesitate and quickly gave her a kiss. It felt hot, wet and longing. As if they were deprived from each other for a very long time, their tongues clashed inside their mouths, as they held their breaths neither one of them wanted to break free from each other.
Their hands started grazing against each other, desperately longing for each others touch, his rough palm against her smooth thigh. Each slide sent shivers throughout her whole body. She convinced herself that this could help her move on, even though she believed it would just worsen their case, but she was only human and this what what she yearned for ever since last night. She was willing to add one last memory of him, one she convinced herself to be the final one.
Alex was very responsive to her, he couldn't deny that he liked where this was going. Besides, he was the one who bargained her for an extension. He lied down and let her take the lead, following what she wanted to happen and letting her take over. Following every order she whispers without hesitation. He understands what she felt and he feels the same. They'll be away from each other in two days, it's only reasonable to make these count.
Samantha traced Alex's cheek with her index finger, feeling the thick beard brush against it as she slides it up his hair, spreading her palm and feeling his head with it. She never felt this sexually contented in quite a while, a feeling she's deprived of after the loss of her long term boyfriend. Her touch seemed to startle him as he slowly opened his eyes and smiled, letting out a sexy groan and reaching for her. Samantha shifted her position so Alex could spoon her from behind, letting his warm body heat up her naked back. She let out a contented sigh and slowly urged herself to sleep.
The sound of children lauging and running outside the streets woke Samantha up, with a quick glance she found out that Alex was nowhere to be found. She hastily put on her clothes and looked at the window. A sigh of relief escaped her nostrils when she found him playing with the children. It was a heartwarming view, adding fuel to the flame labeled "My love for this Man", a flame slowly being extinguished by time. The kids stopped playing and started pointing out to the sky, waving like excited people when Titanic left the dock. She saw Alex turn to her and gave her a sad frown.
"I thought it was tomorrow." Samantha asked as soon as Alex entered the room, quickly picking up the little things they owned.
"I'm also worried why we got extracted earlier." Alex replied, holding her shoulders and staring at her. He's CIA but Samantha could actuly feel the sadness in his aura, despite him good at concealing emotion.
Samantha followed as they make their way to the aircraft.
"Why is it a day earlier?" She heard Alex yell as the loud whirring of the propeller filled the area.
"It's secret orders. The Head believes that the assumption that someone within the CIA is in kahoots with Nero is still in play." the pilot replied. Alex tapped his shoulder and escorted her to the plane. She couldn't believe it, but she's flying home. A plethora of mixed emotions overwhelmed her as they slowly ascended from the little town which housed them for a day, the view of it getting smaller and smaller as they flew farther away back home.
As soon as they descended and stepped out of the plane, she quickly pulled Alex for one last message. He's going to be busy now as she overheard the mole they're trying to catch.
"Hey. Guess I brought you home safe, after all." He laughs, tapping her shoulder.
"Yeah. You're a man of your word after all." She smiled and hugged him tight, not minding the people around them. Then from the corner of her eye, a tall intimidating figure stood. It was her father.
"I guess this is goodbye." She whispered.
"We could still talk after the briefing." Alex countered, still hopeful.
"My Dad's here. He's going to send me away. Thanks Alex... For everything... I'm sorry I can't be there for you..." she sobbed.
"I fully understand, Samantha. You're a memory worth treasuring. Heck, maybe when I retire, you're still ummm available.. so why not?" he joked. A joke he wished would be half true.
"Don't get your hopes too high, Alex. I don't want to live waiting for uncertainty. I'm done with that." She smiled and bid him one last goodbye. Tears were shed and hearts were broken... but life must continue to go on and experiences will then become teachers for the future. Samantha thought, the idea of moving on from two men in a span of a month was tiresome and heart aching, but she believed that she's strong enough to face it all in due time.
Alex walked away to the briefing room not leaving his eye on her, Samantha did the same as she walked to his father. They're both going to miss each other a LOT.
"My beautiful Sammy! You're safe!" Richard Coleman, her father, hugged her dearly. She could feel his worry fade away the moment he saw her in one piece.
"Dad." she cried.
"I'm sorry I brought you in this mess... I tried to make your life normal but-" the head apologized and Samantha cut him off.
"It's okay Dad. I could handle the experience. Besides, the CIA did a good job protecting me. And that's on you, right?" She laughed, trying to hide the pain.
"I see you've acquainted yourself to my general duties." he replied.
"Yeah. A little bit."
"I've come to make amends, as a father and as the Head of National Defense." The tone shifted seriously, Samantha's heart raced at what's going to happen next.
"MK Ultra's successful memory alteration serum." The doctor proudly said infront of the head of defense and his daughter.
"Directly injected to the subject along with a narration of a certain script, made by our scriptwriters, we are able to implant, alter or delete selected memories from our patient." he added. Samantha shuddered at the idea, it's somehow cruel and inhumane but also what she might need to live a normal life.
"This means we could remove her memories of the IP address and everything that's happened to her in the past weeks?" Richard queried.
"Yes, we could make it look like she had a vacation somewhere." the scientist replied.
"She has to make a detail of events that we could forge. If she cooperates, this will be a 100% success." The scientist supplemented once again.
"So, what do you say, Sammy? Is this enough for you to start a normal life?" Richard asked, Samantha was overwhelmed at the decision she's going to make. It was too hard for her to let go of Alex's memories, but then again... they weren't meant to end up together anyway. A huge price to pay for a shot at a new life.
"Before I go, can I atleast have one last request?"
She spoke, determination filled her voice.
"Sure, what is it?" Richard agreed.
"A pen and paper." She said, tears falling out of her eyes.
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