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liberiangirlpyt14a day ago
#duet with @j_rock5 Why is lowkey 馃敟馃敟馃敟 tho 馃槀馃槀馃槀. #thehulk #tchalla #buckybarnes #starlord #thanos #infinitywar #mcu #marvel #funny #tiktok #funnyvideos
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starksvixen5 days ago
Fade (Chapter 1: The Maximoffs)
Tumblr media
Summary: On assignment, Erin meets the infamous Maximoff twins, the successful versions of the same experiments she endured. They are her first students ever, meaning Erin has a choice. Turn them into weapons or help them grow stronger.聽
Tumblr media
After hours of flying on the jet, we finally land in Sokovia. From there multiple of Hydra's soldiers escort me to my new commander, Strucker. On the way to his office, we pass two prison cells that exactly match my old one. I see a boy speedily running around his small cell, unable to stop himself from crashing into the walls. Beside him is a girl, around his age, floating cubes in mid-air and her hands glow red. Before I can investigate any further, I'm guided through a narrow hallway and into Strucker's office. Once I am seated in front of him, all of the soldiers scurry out of the room, leaving us alone.
"Your previous commander gave you your mission, correct?" he asks, his voice as rough as always. He is staring at something on his desk instead of paying attention to me.
"No, he just sent me here for fun." I sarcastically remark, purposefully trying to piss him off.
"Don't play games with me, agent," Strucker growls, his attention now on me.
"You know," I stand from my seat and lean on the front of his desk. "I'm qualified to be your superior. But instead of hiding behind a desk, I choose to get the job done. If I'm going to stay here and train your little experiments, you are going to give me the same degree of respect that I had back home or I leave. Are we clear?" I say. Strucker stands from his desk, clearly irritated. He takes a defensive stance and takes a deep breath in to try to intimidate me. Obviously, he's the one who is intimidated in this situation.
"I don't like your tone, soldier. I suggest you sit back in your seat and shut the f-" Strucker orders but I cut him off in a... different way. I fade through the desk and his body and quickly pull out the knife from my boot with my abilities, retrieving it in my hand. I wrap my arm around his neck, the knife pressed against his throat. This silences him before he can utter another word.
"Now this can go one of two ways. I can slit your throat and I will get away scot-free. Or, you can shut your mouth and give me the respect I deserve." I whisper into his ear. The man begins to shake a little but stands firm.
"I don't respect someone out of fear." Strucker spits back, his voice wavering the tiniest bit. I strengthen my grip on him as I begin to crush his esophagus with the side of my forearm.
"I've been loyal to Hydra all of my life and I am not exaggerating. I'm their strongest agent. I think that deserves a little respect. " I spit at him, pressing the knife a little more into his throat. Strucker begins to wheeze so he taps my arm in submission and I let go. He sits back at his desk, his face pale from lack of oxygen and I sit across from him. I silently slip the knife back into my boot and reload it in case I have another "incident".
"The guards will lead you to your new sleeping quarters. From there you will have time to unpack and then you will meet the Maximoff twins."
"Yes, sir," I reply, sarcasm laced in my tone, before standing up. The guards follow Strucker's orders, leading me to my new home.
After I was settled in my room, the guards lead me to their training room where the Maximoffs were waiting. I was dressed in a sports bra and tight knee-high pants, my hands wrapped in protective bandages. I am pushed into a moldy smelling gym, no equipment in sight, only two frightened teenagers.
"They're all yours." A guard says and I nod in acknowledgement. Once they leave, the two siblings just stare at me in confusion. The awkward silence fills the room until the girl in the corner of the room speaks.
"How do they expect someone so young to train us?" she says, her Sokovian accent thick. The boy zooms over and stares condescendingly while circling me like a shark. I glare back at him, my stance unyielding.
"I bet you she doesn't even have powers." he snarkily remarks to his sister. I shake my head and cross my arms, effortlessly becoming intangible.
"Then punch me." I spit back.
"What?" the boy says, confusion thick in his accent.
"If you鈥檙e confident, then punch me," I reply. The boy still looks confused but listens to my order, pulling his fist back. He swings and his fist phases right through me. I take the opportunity to fade right through him and take my stance from behind. Once I become solid again, I push him against the wall using my abilities. After a quick chuckle, I let him go momentarily. He then turns to try and fight me again. I shake my head and turn off the gravity in the room for him, leaving the girl and I glued to the floor. Once I drop the boy, he looks at me in awe and fear.
"So, you think I still don't have powers?" I ask after crouching to his level. He shakes his head rapidly and I offer him my hand. He looks at me like I'm the craziest person on earth before gratefully taking it. I lift him back up with me and our eyes meet.
"What's your name?" he asks. I look at him as if he's crazy. You don't ask a superior their name unless you want a hand to the face. But they have only been here a few years, they still don't know our rules.
"Erin, but outside of this area, you will call me Commander. Another word of advice, don't ask any of your superiors for their name. That will only earn you a hand to the face."
"Thanks for the advice." the boy mumbles as he looks downwards while rubbing the base of his head.
"I take it you have already made that mistake," I conclude and he nods.
"My name is Pietro and my sister is Wanda," Pietro says as he points to his sibling. She is still in the corner, staring at her hands as if she doesn't know what to do with them. I walk over to her and hold out my hands for her to take. Wanda looks at them skeptically before taking them and lifting herself up.
"If you are going to survive here, you can't have any space for weakness. I was sent here to train you but I'm not going to do that. I'm going to teach you how to survive."
"But how do we do that if we don't have any control of our powers? It's impossible." Wanda says, the idea of training causing her to panic. Her hands begin to glow and she stares at them in fear.
"That. Right there. You can't be afraid of your powers. You need to become one with them. Focus on that power and then channel it." I say. Wanda's attention slowly turns to me as she shakes. She pushes her hands outwards and timidly lifts me from my standing place. Wanda then freaks out and drops me but I land on my feet, my left hand in front of me.
"How... how is it possible?" Wanda asks, referring to her powers. I stand back up and take her hands once again.
"When you can do the things I can do, nothing is impossible."
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starksvixen5 days ago
Fade (Part I Prelude)
Tumblr media
Summary: Erin Schulz, HYDRA鈥檚 best assasin, is ready for her next mission. Her task? Train the Maximoff twins. Protect the scepter. But underlying instincts spark problems before she even steps foot in Sokovia.聽
Rating: (14+) for references to disturbing images and details of a traumatic past.聽
Tumblr media
I lay on the cot placed in my room while staring at the ceiling in boredom. There isn't much to look at. I have three concrete walls, one being glass so the soldiers can keep an eye on me. Well, I do deserve it, since that annoying force field is still holding strong. Why do I need a force field you ask? Well, let me explain.
You see, I've been a Hydra agent ever since I could remember. I made my way through the ranks and was named their deadliest assassin alongside the Winter Soldier. I think I was only 10 at the time, so I hope I didn't know any better. To be completely honest, all I can understand of my past was that obedience meant food and a warm bed. I still don't remember what that obedience is to this day.
However, my hard work and title still weren't enough for Hydra. They didn't want something deadly or powerful to control, Hydra needed someone who could be both. Soon after my graduation, I was taken to one of their secret labs in the mountains. It all goes blank there. I remember basically waking up and having these abilities. Telekinesis and gyrokinetic powers. Another slot in my memory. Soon, they gained access to the quantum realm and they had the bright idea to shove me in there. I was afraid the first time but after a little while, I got used to it. I don't know why I remember this, it seems that I have forgotten everything else.
From that realm, I gained the ability to phase through objects, living or not. Back to the school, I went where they said I went through even more training. All I have to remember it by is the mantle of the most dangerous person in Hydra at the age of thirteen. I should be proud of myself, they say. How I've persevered is something to look up to, my trainers instill.
But at the center of it all, my mind screams to remember all the things I've done when my memory goes blank. A pang of unforetold guilt follows me around like a shadow, threatening to take away everything that I have worked for. 聽I don't know why they haven't just brainwashed me and turned me into a zombie-like they did James. They still let me remember some things. That is a mystery that I haven't cracked.
A soldier taps on the glass suddenly, turning my attention to the reality in front of me. I scan him for a split second before getting out of my cot and walking over. I shove my hands in the pockets of my army green jumpsuit and give him a look of disinterest, causing him to scoff at me. I'm still a spy after all.
"You are being relocated to a facility in Sokovia. There you will train the Maximoff twins as well as safeguarding Loki's scepter from any threats. The second half of your mission is to remain classified. Change into your uniform, we leave in five minutes. Are we clear, soldier?"
I stare defensively at the man, obviously not wanting to leave my haven. But eventually, I respond.
"Yes, sir," I say, my voice at its usual monotone pitch.
Just then, the hatch beside my bed opens and my uniform is dumped on my cot. Once I hear it close, I glare at the soldier until he leaves the room so that I can change. Once he leaves, I strip out of my previous outfit and leave it on the floor beside my cot. I pull on the outfit, securing all of the belts and buckles into place. After I secure my boots to my feet, I lift one foot and using my abilities, push the small knife out from the heel. Then, I pull the blade in I repeat the action on
Shakily, he opens the glass panel for me to leave. I look to him and see him holding a rifle in his hand, just for me. Walking over to the soldier, I take the gun from him, standing at his side.
"Scared are we?"
"Quiet," he seethes at me.
He gives the signal to disable the force field and soon we are on the tarmac where a jet is prepared for our departure. Before I board the craft, the soldier escorting me turns me towards him.
"What is your mission?" he asks.
"Protect and train the Maximoff siblings," I state.
"And safeguard Loki's scepter from potential threats."
The soldier nods at me before letting go of my arm. I nod back at him and board the jet, strapping myself to its side in preparation for taking off. Something feels off about this mission but I know that I have to obey orders. And that is what I intend to do.
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lethetiber6 days ago
Game Night at the Compound
- Clint and Natasha are insanely good at Charades (Tends to happen since they both know ASL) and Steve, who does not know ASL, think they鈥檙e cheating because聽鈥渢here is no way you could鈥檝e guessed Die Hard like that!鈥
- It鈥檚 become an inside joke among the other Avengers to let Steve stew over not knowing ASL.聽
- Tony thought he was going to be a boss at Monopoly but no, it鈥檚 Scott.聽
- Sorry! and Candyland are forbidden because Wanda is a little shit and gets way too competitive over it. She and Nat have unintentionally turned those games into contact sports.
- God forbid anyone brings out a deck of cards because everyone fights over what games to play.
- Wanda is also banned from playing Poker after reading Tony鈥檚 bluffs one too many times. They figured out she was cheating, and then subsequently figured out Tony was counting cards.
- Sam has damn near killed multiple Avengers while playing Spoons. He is completely willing to vault over the table if he has to.聽
- Nat hates聽Just Dance. The woman danced for most of her young life but somehow can鈥檛 hit any of the moves.聽
- Vision is a total bore on game nights. He doesn鈥檛 find the appeal in them and tends to sit off in the corner until everyone fights over him for Trivial Pursuit.聽
- One would think people would want Bruce for Trivial Pursuit because he has all those PhDs, but he actually really sucks. Tony learned this the hard way and has yet to let Bruce forget about it.聽
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astro-ironman10 days ago
猡矼ean Bruce!HC
word count; 508
[a/n; bruce is so so hot i can鈥檛-]
[warning:聽smut! MINORS DNI, 18+,聽daddy kink, degrading, p in v, denying orgasm, if uncomfortable please don鈥檛 read. press keep reading for smut :)
Tumblr media
[a/n; y鈥檃ll are in for a ride ;) ]
teasing bruce was something extremely easy considering he was so shy
but this time you crossed the line.
you were on dish duty, so sam and bucky pranked you by placing tape on the tap, causing the water to spray on your shirt and you squealed.
"real mature!鈥 you yelled over at them as you slipped off your drenched shirt off, revealing your lace bra to the public
鈥淸y/n]!鈥 bruce鈥檚 voice made you jump, covering your chest
鈥渨e were just messing around, doc. don鈥檛 worry.鈥 you winked, throwing your t-shirt on the ground
sam and bucky instantly realized they were part of your games with bruce
you kept eye contact with bruce til he harshly grabbed your wrist and dragged you to the room
鈥淚 was just playing... daddy.鈥
he scoffed, loosing his tie as he licked the inside of his cheek, watching you slip off your jean shorts
鈥淚 see, you just want daddy鈥檚 attention, you whore.鈥
you gulped.
鈥淚 outta smack your ass raw in front of those two punks.鈥 bruce folded his sleeves and patted his lap, indicating you to lay across
鈥測ou鈥檙e gonna count 10, alright?鈥
鈥渙nly 10?鈥 you pressed, pushing him to land a slap to your ass, causing you to cry out
"you鈥檙e gonna beg for me to stop, and you know I won鈥檛, slut.鈥
you loved how degrading he could be but act so sweet in public
"please, daddy, please..鈥
you whined as he dragged a finger against your thin panties
"fuck, you鈥檙e soaked.鈥 he gritted through his teeth, ripping your undergarmets off and shoving them into your mouth
"spit those out, and I won鈥檛 let you come.鈥 he warned.
smack after smack, you had tears running down your cheeks but bruce made sure to wipe them away, caressing you softly, the balance of his actions was impeccable
"god, look at that..鈥 he breathed out, rubbing at your now glowing red ass with his hand prints on it
he manhandled your body, sitting you directly on his groin as you unzipped his pants, pulling out his hard cock
"sit on it, baby, come on.鈥 he grabbed your hips and let you sink on his member, both of you letting out a soft moan
"daddy, oh my god!鈥 You mumbled through your shredded panties when he thrusted up into you repeatedly
"take it, you little brat.鈥 he gripped your jaw, he loved to watch you fall apart, saying incoherent words due to pleasure
he pressed his thumb on your sensitive clit causing you to let out a high pitch moan, the panties falling from your mouth
"oh my god, I鈥檓 cumming I鈥檓 cumming- no!鈥 you cried when he pulled out and threw you on the bed, looking down at you as he jacked off, moaning loudly as he came, his cum spurting on your lower stomach
鈥淚 told you if you dropped those panties from your mouth you wouldn鈥檛 come.鈥
- [a/n; bruce banner is hot and i'll write more smut to prove it! hope you guys liked it, ily!]
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astro-ironmana month ago
猡矰ating Bruce!HC
word count; 447
[a/n; bruce headcanon bc he deserves love and recognition 馃ズ AND CAN Y鈥橝LL SEE HOW FKN HOT HE IS LIKE WOW]
Tumblr media
dating bruce was different from your past relationships
of course, he was a hulk.
before he met you, he was a temperamental mess
so basically everyone is glad you two met, they say you saved him
he was constantly terrified of hurting you, something that could be out of his hands during a code green around you
and when him and tony dueled in the streets of johannesburg, he couldn't look at himself in the mirror, which made your heart ache
"why do you stay? im a threat to you, to everyone around me."
"i just... i can't quit you. you're worth fighting for." you assured as he instantly wrapped his arms around you, squeezing you tightly as if it were to repair the damage he'd done
"i don't wanna go on this mission, [y/n]" he'd whisper, nuzzling his worried face in your neck as the two of you stayed in one of the beds clint had lent everyone.
"its gonna be okay, bunny. if you need to turn green, i'll be there to bring you back." you raised your pinky like a child, hooking it around his own as you secured the promise
bruce wasn't a big fan of pda, but it warmed your heart when he softly held your hand when he needed your support, needed to calm down, or just to remind you he was with you, always
neck kisses!!!
when you're making breakfast in just his large t-shirt, he'd sneak up on you and press butterfly kisses to your neck, making you burst out in a fit of giggles
sometimes he felt that he couldn't protect you, (even if he was one of the strongest on the team), but you assured him that having him by your side was all the protection you needed
he'd like to have you around when him and tony would be in the laboratory
"hey, bunny, can you pass me that-"
"yep, thank you, bunny."
the two of you are big on cute pet names, which makes tony wanna barf when he hears them
you enjoyed sitting on a stool just observing bruce push up his glasses, furiously writing away his notes on their new project
"you're such a nerd. i love you."
blushing was something bruce constantly did around you, you'd just make him nervous and you loved that effect you had on him
you'd be his anchor, and everyone knew
and everyone would watch as the two of you would fall asleep on the sofa while watching a movie, analyzing how perfectly devoted bruce had become to you
"they're good for each other."
[a/n; am i the only one who ever shipped nat and bruce??? like they were so cute together WE WERE ROBBED OF A LOVE STORY馃槶]
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virajmishra24a month ago
The hulk look #thehulk #reels #viral
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wristbenda month ago
Tumblr media
The Rolex Submariner a.k.a. The Hulk
Paired with a WristBend stacker bracelet @wristbend
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captpirateface5 months ago
I am #TheHulk. #Hulk #CaptainPirateFace #Deepfake #Deepfakes
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captpirateface5 months ago
I am #TheHulk. #CaptainPirateFace #Deepfake #Deepfakes #theincrediblehulk
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bigcheezchannel5 months ago
Tumblr media
HOWDY FOLKS!!!Big CheeZ back for episode 4 of my Marvel Avenger's playthrough. Getting to the last of the levels we experienced in the Beta but for this time, lets enjoy the smash hit that is the raw green POWER of the HULK
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theunderdogwrites5 months ago
Green Lives Matter
My favorite Halloween costume from my childhood (age 10) was The Hulk.
For three reasons:
1.聽聽聽聽聽聽 I made it myself
2.聽聽聽聽聽聽 I wore it two years in a row
3.聽聽聽聽聽聽 It made my outside look how I felt on the inside 鈥 tough but complicated
I cut up an old pair of jeans to look as though my tiny legs had busted through the seams and to make it appear like I鈥檇 grown taller. I took an old white dress shirt and shredded the sleeves to symbolize my biceps exploding in rage and slightly shredded away the length. I put black (safe) spray paint in my hair and painted my legs, arms and face in Hulk green to complete the look. There is a photo of this masterpiece somewhere in an old album, I just don鈥檛 have access to it right at this moment. I know I looked magnificent because I remember the feeling of hiding behind this larger than life character for a night while grunting for candy or else 鈥淗ULK SMASH!鈥 your front door down. I love this memory.
Now let鈥檚 address this 鈥 I did green face.
I refuse to apologize and if The Hulk wants to come find me and break me like a hard pretzel, well then he better bring backup because even though I am no longer painting my face green鈥 I have turned myself into a Hulk. Ok, a mini Hulk. But I can conjure up a temper and throw a tantrum while also being completely unreasonable and void of real direction. So... yeah, he鈥檚 going to need someone other than Black Widow to come with him.
I should mention that I am white. And not just white 鈥 I am Scottish white (Scottish heritage, born in Canada). Fair skinned, blonde hair, green eyes and I once thought mashed potatoes were the best food of all time. Until I discovered garlic mashed potatoes. Mind blown.
鈥淚 love humanity, but I hate humans.鈥 鈥 Albert Einstein
Let鈥檚 not lie 鈥 being white has its privileges. Do I know what all those privileges are? No, probably because I鈥檓 privileged in some way. But I find myself going back to the same bit to explain so much that I encounter in life:
Until my high school guidance councillor explained to me what suicide was, I had no idea it was a thing. I had no idea it was a possibility and I certainly did not know that many people were actively participating.
My lack of knowledge wasn鈥檛 due to privilege but rather because suicide had never been apart of my life experience. Would we call that ignorance? Some definitely would because it literally means 鈥榖eing unaware鈥. I feel an ignorant person is not only being unaware, but also a first-rate wanker because they won鈥檛 educate themselves or evolve and wish to remain blind to reality.
Once I became aware of suicide, I didn鈥檛 pretend it didn鈥檛 exist. I started to pay attention. I didn鈥檛 brush it off as an experience that didn鈥檛 affect me but rather a symptom of fragile mental health and I gave it the consideration it deserved as something that many people were suffering through鈥 most of the time alone. If I see something that is wrong, that I know needs my support 鈥 I am there.
That is not my privilege speaking, that is my humanity. 聽
Tumblr media
聽The senseless murder of George Floyd ignited a firestorm.
(A firestorm is a conflagration (an extensive fire which destroys a great deal of land or property) which attains such intensity that it creates and sustains its own wind system. It is most commonly a natural phenomenon, created during some of the largest bushfires and wildfires.)
When I saw the footage on the news 鈥 I didn鈥檛 understand. I didn鈥檛 understand the blank, almost twisted look on that officer鈥檚 face as he drove his knee down on George Floyd鈥檚 neck. I didn鈥檛 understand the blatant inaction of the other officers while witnessing this brutal extinguishing of a human being. I didn鈥檛 understand why this level of aggression was necessary on someone who was already subdued. And I didn鈥檛 understand why the words 鈥淚 can鈥檛 breathe鈥 didn鈥檛 invoke an ounce of compassion or relief.
Then came the protesting. Then the riots. Then the looting. And I still didn鈥檛 understand.
While some people want to group all three of these events, in my mind, these are three separate actions. Because by attaching the riots and the looting with the genuineness of the protesting鈥 聽it lessons the cause, blurs the intention and distracts from the truth鈥 therefore painting the protestors with a brush of violence, greed and chaos. And that is beyond unfair.
The PROTESTS are NOT out of control.
The pain and frustration are what鈥檚 out of control and more importantly the injustice is out of control and people are responding to a situation where they feel angry and powerless. Yes, the fires, destruction of property and looting are awful collateral here but it鈥檚 important to not loose focus on what caused this current situation. We often look at with contempt and criticize reactions while forgetting the action that started everything.
And that is another injustice.
I wouldn鈥檛 even know how to begin writing about Black Lives Matter or Antifa. I say this because of the controversy surrounding both movements. And if you dive deep enough into the internet, like I did, you too will begin to suffer from what I like to call 鈥業 don鈥檛 know what to fucking think anymore-itis鈥.
So, I鈥檓 going to escape talking about these two groups with this:
鈥淚nstead of feeling threatened by and hating a movement, be glad you don鈥檛 need a movement.鈥
Tumblr media
聽My experience with black people is pretty limited. Not by choice, but rather due to geography, common interests and quite possibly socioeconomics. I can count on one hand the number of black people I knew throughout my school-aged years. My area was diverse in other ways, so no, I did not grow up in White Breadville. I mention all this to lay down a bit of background before I continue.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 see colour.鈥 How many of us have said this at least once in the last six months? I have. And I probably said it to prove to myself or someone else that I wasn鈥檛 racist. But I no longer say that鈥 because the truth is, I do see colour. I see ALL the fucking colours and they are beautiful. It鈥檚 people who are ugly.
If you were to ask me point blank if I was racist, I鈥檇 tell you point blank 鈥 I am not. And I鈥檇 say this with absolute belief in my character and sincerity. I care less about your skin colour and nationality and more about you returning your shopping cart to its proper location. That is the truth. Your religion doesn鈥檛 bother me at all (as long as you鈥檙e not cramming it down my throat) but your ability to treat others with genuine kindness and compassion sure matters to me. And I don鈥檛 give a flying fuck how you want to identify鈥 be a Martian, I鈥檓 totally cool with that, but bully others in my presence and I will come at you with the full force of nuclear pasta (look it up).
The last handful of months (I鈥檓 assuming here) has caused most of us to pull up and examine those deep in the corner of our brain concepts. You know the ones 鈥 the ones that might get you questioned by The Thought Police if they existed outside of fiction. It鈥檚 ok, we all have those little bastard notions creeping around鈥 no matter the skin colour. I started to take a closer look at some of the things I think and how they would affect others if I wore those thoughts on a t-shirt. Needless to say, I鈥檓 not super impressed with myself. Because while I know with all my heart that I am not a racist person, I do recognize that I buy into and perpetuate some stereotypes. And I have zero excuses. This admission makes me a bit uncomfortable, but I鈥檓 ok with that鈥 I can learn through discomfort.
I hear many people talking about and referring to white guilt.
-聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽聽 White Guilt: 鈥榯he feelings of shame and remorse some white people experience when they recognize the legacy of racism and racial injustice and perceive the ways they have benefited from it鈥.
I do not feel shame and remorse as a white person. As a human being, I am ashamed of how many of my fellow humans treat those who do not look the way they do or do not come from the same background. Do I believe there is a legacy of racism and racial injustice? Yes, 100%. Have I benefitted from this because I am white? I may be too dumb to answer this correctly. Or maybe too white? Or maybe I鈥檝e had blinders on because based upon my own level of perception, I鈥檝e always struggled to navigate my own existence therefore only know what has directly prevented me from being who and what I want in this world?
I underlined 鈥榣evel of perception鈥 because as the quote goes: 鈥淚 stopped explaining myself when I realized people only understand things from their level of perception鈥
Earlier I said there were so many things I didn鈥檛 understand about George Floyd鈥檚 death and the protests etc. but here is something I do comprehend - there鈥檚 a big difference between understanding someone鈥檚 plight and being understanding of someone鈥檚 plight. Sympathy doesn鈥檛 require a total understanding of what problems other people are experiencing.
I may not fully grasp the struggles of those in the black community because it is not my experience but I will not ignore, deny or challenge their struggles. I will however educate myself on the issues, observe my own reactions and offer support in the ways I can and offer compassion to anyone who is willing to accept a little love from a min Hulk.
Nothing I write here is meant to change your mind. It is not meant to offend or shame you for how you may feel or think and nothing I write here is meant to lessen the seriousness of the current situation facing an entire community of people. As a writer my only goal is often to just disrupt your thoughts. Period.
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oscarsgraphics16 months ago
#customairbrush #airbrushart #thehulk #greenfire #socal #art #airbrush #susuki #motorcycles (at
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theinsaneasgardians7 months ago
Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the daftest of them all?
Bruce: Okayyyyy... so what seems to be the issue Thor?
Thor: Everytime I look in the mirror, I see nothing, just dark, blank nothingness!
Bruce: I see... have you tried turning on the lights?
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drbnrj7 months ago
Me as Hulk... Hulk Smash!!! . #hulk #hulkhogan #marvel #avengersinfinitywar #thehulk #avengers #ironman #hulksmash #hulkamania #hulkster #hulkenberg #hulkparaiba #wwe #shehulk #hulkbuster #captainamerica #spiderman #incrediblehulk #hulkcake #thor #wrestlemania #hulkmode #infinitywar #hulktrading #theincrediblehulk #blackpanther #hulkbaby #hulk_lovers_photos #wwf #hulki
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insaneasgardian7 months ago
No, no, she's got a point...
Y/N: Clint?
Clint: Yea?
Y/N: Swans are just female geese right?
Clint: ....
Y/N: ....
Clint: I'll pay you 50 bucks to shut up
Tony: *sleep deprived* SHE MAKES A GOOD POINT CLINT!
Bruce: *also sleep deprived* YEA! GO ON, O GREAT PHILOPSOPHER!
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erraticassasin10 months ago
鈥淚 will not be bullied by...鈥 #Loki #TheHulk #MarvelsTheAvengers #DaddyDaughter
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mikehawthorne11 months ago
Hulk 35 work in progress. Coming....uh...soon? #TheHulk #Hulk #marvel #marvelcomics #comicbooks #comics #comicart #hulkcomics #pencils #pencilwork #art #artistsoninstagram #artoftheday #workinprogress #process #howtodraw #howtomakecomics #makecomics #mikehawthorneart #thiccboi
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