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thoughtlessarse48 minutes ago
In 1976, Ronnie Long was accused of raping a white woman and sentenced to life in prison. Long would spend 44 years in prison despite evidence collected at the scene that would have proved his innocence never being shared. In August 2020 Long was freed, but the damage had been done. Long lost his freedom for 44 years. He lost both his parents while in prison. For 44 Christmases, Long stayed in jail longing to be free.
North Carolina recently awarded Long a check for $750,000. It works out to be $50,000 for every year that Long was incarcerated. It caps at 15 years. So 29 years that Long spent waiting to be free goes unchecked, and more importantly uncompensated.
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kilifersworldan hour ago
Scary Movie RIP @dmx gang thug legend gone again... You said it already, we all gonna die anyway.... You just fly to the other side. Till the end of time馃挴 #dmx #dmxchallenge #fly #pray #and #live #rip #gang #thuglife #thug #love #bustarhymes #2pac #lifestyle #nc #more #legend #馃挴
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lilac-lioness3 hours ago
Tumblr media
There's just something about a forest after some rain
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marlonghostk14 hours ago
One Piece [NC][OP][ED]
Nota: En el Bluray no incluye los OP 10, 11 y el ED 17, lo curioso es que son de la misma banda musical llamada TVXQ, estos Temas musicales salen solo en el DVD, el cual lo agrego para complementar 馃榾 English:聽ONE PIECE Japanese:聽 銉兂銉斻兗銈 Opening: #01: 鈥淲e Are! (銈︺偅銉笺偄銉!)鈥 by Hiroshi Kitadani (eps 1-47)#02: 鈥淏elieve鈥 by Folder5 (eps 48-115)#03: 鈥淗ikari E (銉掋偒銉儤)鈥 by The Babystars (eps 116-168)#04:鈥
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bangtan-niff15 hours ago
Triangle friends!
#nctrianglekpop is back with two 21+ events, celebrating ALL kpop with lightstick parties! Bring your lightsticks and represent your groups!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Please read the full details and safety guides for each event here:
If you have questions, please reach out!
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raleighliving19 hours ago
Big project coming soon
Writing about NCSU, may have something but need to do more research. Stay tuned
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dr-archevillea day ago
Most NCians think the Civil War was about states鈥 rights + top GOP senator backs medical weed + another lawsuit for Gerald Baker + Biden goes for guns + the world is going to hell, says U.S. intel聽
Today鈥檚 Number: 1.1% -- Average two-day announcement returns for 鈥渂uy鈥 recommendations on Reddit鈥檚 WallStreetBets, according to a new economics paper.
Most [51.1%] NC Residents Say the Civil War Was About States鈥 Rights. Yes, Really.
A Weed Bill Even a Republican Could Love
Ex-Deputies Sue Wake Sheriff, Allege Retaliation
Biden (Meekly) Goes After Guns
Other PotUS News (1 story)
U.S. Intel Sees Post-COVID Dystopia Filled with European Green Parties
Other Happy Weekend News (1 story)
Click link for more.
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dr-archevillea day ago
INDY Daily: Who In N.C. is Running for U.S. Senate in 2022?
It鈥檚 Friday, April 9
Thank you to this week's sponsor, the Durham County Library. Check out their Library Fest this week which includes a community reading program, with selected reads for every age and the chance to engage with authors and illustrators. They also have programs highlighting their STEAM and business offerings, humanities programming, local history collection, and more.
Don't forget to vote now for your favorite Triangle businesses! 聽INDY Week's Best of the Triangle nominating period is live and runs through 4/25.
Tumblr media
Good morning, readers.
With rumors that U.S. Congressman and Rural Hall, N.C. gun store owner Ted Budd is set to enter the N.C. Senate race in 2022, let's take a look at all the candidates on each side of the aisle who are rumored and confirmed to be running for Sen. Richard's Burr's seat next year.
Mark Walker, former U.S. Congressman, confirmed
Pat McCrory, former governor and mayor of Charlotte, rumored
Lara Trump, Wrightsville Beach native, Eric Trump's wife, rumored
Jen Banwart, Raleigh resident and former Department of Defense employee, confirmed
Tim Moore, N.C. House Speaker, rumored
Michael Whatley, chairman of the N.C. GOP, rumored
Erica Smith, former state Senator, confirmed
Jeff Jackson, state Senator, confirmed
Richard Watkins, Greensboro virologist, confirmed
Cheri Beasley, former N.C. Supreme Court Justice, highly likely
Rett Newton, Beaufort, N.C. mayor and retired U.S. airforce colonel, confirmed
Joan Higginbotham, former astronaut for NASA, rumored Josh Stein, N.C. attorney general, floated
Anita Earls, N.C. Supreme Court justice, floated
Anthony Foxx, former Secretary of the Department of Transportation and CEO of Lyft, floated
Independents and Libertarians
Kimrey Rhinehardt, a former Republican from Chatham County who will run as an independent if she can collect 84,000 signatures to get on the ballot, confirmed
Shannon Bray, an Apex Libertarian and veteran, and the 聽nominee for Thom Tillis's seat in 2020, confirmed
Who's Not Running
Roy Cooper, N.C. Governor, confirmed in an interview with Politico
Mark Meadows, former U.S. Congressman and Trump White House chief of staff, confirmed in an interview with the Charlotte Observer
It's going to be a crowded primary. Have a great weekend, everyone.
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Orange County
UNC Health is pausing administering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after a few recipients reported feeling faint after receiving the shot. Over the last two days, healthcare workers administered more than 2,200 doses of the vaccine at the Friday Center and Hillsborough clinics; around five people reported feeling faint after receiving the shot at the Friday Center, a spokesperson for the healthcare system said. UNC healthcare system officials are continuing to assess the situation and conferring with the state Department of Health and Human Services, the spokesperson said.
UNC Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz says he expects campus life to be "as close to normal as possible" this fall, with many students living on campus and attending in-person classes.
Durham County
More Durham and Wake County middle and high school students returned to schools for in-person classes this week.
Wake County
Wake County has also paused administering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, "out of an abundance of caution," according to a Thursday press statement. More than 2,300 doses of the J & J vaccine were administered at the PNC Arena county vaccination site yesterday, but 18 recipients reported adverse reactions and had to be evaluated by EMS. Of those 18, 14 had minor reactions; four had to be transported to nearby hospitals for further evaluation. Wake County is also assessing the situation in partnership with NC DHHS. More than 4.5 million people have received the J & J vaccine in the United States.
Here's a list of places in central North Carolina where you can get a COVID shot.
An Elon University survey of 1,400 North Carolina residents found that the majority (58 percent) think Confederate monuments should remain in public spaces. But the percentage of respondents who think they should be removed (42 percent) grew by seven percentage points when the same issue was polled in 2019, indicating generational gaps.
New research from Duke University indicates that desegregation of schools was not universally beneficial for Black students.
"The key point is school desegregation, in and of itself, is not unequivocally beneficial to black students on a number of standard indicators used to assess the effects," says William A. Darity, a professor in Duke's Sanford School of Public Policy. "We have to make sure that black students receive fair treatment and quality instruction and curriculum once they are inside the door."
Thousands of North Carolina's health care professionals have declined to get the COVID-19 vaccine. But the numbers are similar to those nationally.
The state paid Ronnie Long, who was wrongly imprisoned for 44 for years for a rape he didn't commit, $750,000, the maximum allowed under state law for victims of wrongful incarceration. Long's attorney calls the sum "wholly inadequate."
U.S. Senator Thom Tillis is recovering from surgery to treat prostate cancer.
Former NFL player Phillip Adams killed his doctor, his doctor's wife, their two grandchildren, and an air conditioning technician in a mass shooting Wednesday before turning the gun on himself at his parents' house in Rock Hill, S.C., near Charlotte. Adams suffered two concussions over a three-game stretch during his six-year NFL career. The sheriff's office hasn't released a motive but Adams' father, Alonzo Adams, told a Charlotte TV station, "I think football messed him up."
President Joe Biden announced some modest measures to combat the "epidemic and an international embarrassment" of gun violence in America through executive action. But some of his biggest ambitions for reigning in gun violence, including banning the importation of assault weapons, enacting a voluntary gun buyback program, and providing more resources to the Justice Department and FBI to track firearms and better enforce current gun laws will require action from Congress.
Relatedly, N.C. Democrats yesterday filed a "red flag" bill, where the courts can seize firearms from people deemed a hazard to others or themselves, as is law in 19 other states. It will likely have a difficult time passing.
Statewide COVID-19 by the numbers: Thursday, April 8
2,087 New lab-confirmed cases (926,897 total; seven-day average trending down)
1,004 Current hospitalizations reported (seven-day average going down; 12,224 total deaths, +12 over Thursday)
33,163 Completed tests (11.59 million total; most recent positive rate was 5.1 percent)
5,516,517 Total vaccinations administered (State data not updated daily)
Today's weather Warm with partly to mostly cloudy skies and chances of a thunderstorm. A high of 83 degrees.
Song of the day Grande Gato, Bonita Se帽orita, and Poco Perro: Callate (Spanish Hangover) From the Buena Vida music project. Thanks to Grande Gato for the submission. Have a great weekend, everyone!
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casinocanadaa day ago
New bill to make online sports betting legal in NC
North Carolina keeps paving the way for legalised sports betting with a senate bill that would allow the state regulator to authorise between 10 and 12 online sports betting operators. This could help pay for education expenses and school construction. Step by step A month after opening its first legal sports betting venues, the US [鈥 The post New bill to make online sports betting legal in NC appeared first on AffiliateINSIDER .
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walkinclosetrecordsa day ago
Aspho Toloaches - AVI (WIC033)
Tumblr media
Genre: Psychedelic Folk/Bedroom Pop Location: Raleigh Released April 8 2021
Hazy spanish folk songs featuring sampling and delay
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northcatarinaa day ago
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danimkaya day ago
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Travel diary: sunsets on the porch in a rocking chair >
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danimkaya day ago
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Travel diary: making friends and finding good things to absorb, ingest, recount聽
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detectivekidpunk2 days ago
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7. Halfnight
OC Design
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peachcoloring2 days ago
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19. WEEKEND by 漏 peachcoloring Contains 1 psd and 2 actions. Don鈥檛 share this psd and do not put in pack and do not use this resource as a basis for creation. You can adjust the layers if you need to. This resource contains 鈥榗olor lookup鈥. If you do not have photoshop cc, you will not be able to use it. This psd was made using photoshop 2020. Please, don鈥檛 claim as your own. If there is any problem, send me a message. Download: Follow me + like or reblog + ask (logged) 鈥19. WEEKEND鈥 with a message of thanks or help us by buying our filters! Message without thanks will be ignored. | Before - After | This is our work done with effort and time spent. Please do not copy do not violate, and do not sell it as if it were yours. The Preview was made by me, being my own. Please, if your photo is here, talk to me. It is not my intention to violate the copyright rules.
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aibouart2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this is Ren, my pet in the app Pet Pals!!
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