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messed-up-gal · a day ago
Twitter got real mad for philzas take about digging old stuff cc's have said
Lol what was his take? I'm guessing something like "stop doing it," given that it's Phil? Which, if I'm right, I'd have... mixed feelings on. Anyone have a clip/timestamp? Or even just an angry Twitter thread lol
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hspn · 2 days ago
Put them in the back
Tumblr media
Me: Steve! Also Chilly looks slightly disheveled, like he just got back from a bender, which if this was taken after the CL, maybe it was.
Brother: God, the two at the bottom left.
Me: Ugh. they should've put them in the back. Maybe behind Maguire's giant fucking blockhead. Wait, they should've put Rashford in that front row. I'm mad they didn't now. There are some truly dire haircuts in that squad.
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strandedcrow · 3 days ago
Do you ever think that maybe the reason why the CCs don't come to tumblr (like, let people know they're blogs- I already know some of them are on here and are just anonymous) is because then all the negativity from Twitter will follow them on tumblr and try to drag all of us not cc blogs into the controversy discorse- so they stay anonymous so that they can be on tumblr without worrying about Twitter things
honestly i’m not entirely sure if they have come to that conclusion themselves, but i know i haven’t stopped thinking about it the past month or so
tumblr has always been notorious as the weirdest fandom space, the most obsessive, the one that breaks the most boundaries, the most aggressive, etc. and while it used to be deserved, i do think there was a noticeable shift after the nsfw ban here that’s become extremely clear in how horrible twitter has been recently (specifically march and on for dsmptwt). so on one hand, i think it’s entirely possible that they aren’t publicly on here (or on here at all) in order to avoid bringing that same aggression and parasocial behavior from twt to a more passive community. but on the other hand, they may genuinely avoid tumblr (the ones that we don’t know for sure that they’ve lurked) because they believe it remains the worst fandom space. and with twitter being as bad as it is, if i thought tumblr was worse, then i wouldn’t want to go anywhere near tumblr either.
honestly either seems equally possible to me. if it’s the former then i appreciate their staying quiet, because i don’t doubt that their public presence would not only alter behavior from the existing community here but would draw in the toxic members from twitter. and if it’s the latter then i hope they at least lurk here at some point to see that it doesn’t really get much worse than what they’ve already been dealing with constantly on twitter, and that they can breathe and realize that essentially every other community is more passive and lighthearted than what they’ve dealt with firsthand
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smol-innocent-child · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
i love you i love you i love you
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lovelydeps · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
good morning to the insanity that was waking up to this
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chickenfreeblog · 5 days ago
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tarredion · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Happy day of his birfday to @danielhowell !! Hope it is a good one 🌈 ✨ 🌙
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So that live “q&a” without questions is happening on twitter rn and Phil was 10 minutes late to it, and before he came on he posted this in the twitter space and- just
just read it
Tumblr media
this reads like a shitpost
somebody save Phil
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smol-innocent-child · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
thanks for sharing these with us king
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tenntennz · 7 days ago
honestly idc what content creators someone watches for content, idc who you hyperfixate on and go to for comfort or stability if the shit the creator is doing has no intensive real world consequence. i’m not gonna ask you to stop watching someone because i personally don’t forgive them for something they said
mr beast? donated 26K to eugenics, that is a nonrefundable real world consequence. he used his power and notoriety to directly hurt autistic children, i personally avoid mr beast’s audience for this reason
a content creator making a mildly insensitive annoying joke years ago? a content creator being unintentionally hurtful while making an active effort to not hurt people? a content creator that’s making an effort to change past behavior? that is something you can improve. either you forgive them or you don’t, that’s your choice. all you can do is move on from there
someone posting about a content creator on their tumblr blog isn’t hurting anyone. block them, make posts saying you don’t forgive the creator on your own blog and move on
going after people and bullying people because you personally don’t forgive a content creator however DOES directly hurt people, it DOES create a chain reaction of hate.
being unsympathetic and mean to people trying to cope because you don’t forgive a content creator will make me avoid you. some kid watching philza will not make me dislike them. these content creators are just. people. making content and trying to make people’s days better
they’re not evil because you heard from your mutual in law’s cousin’s friend twice removed that a certain creator said THIS like, 3 years ago and that’s the only thing you know about the creator. you need to start viewing people as people
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hspn · 7 days ago
Everyone is blind
Tumblr media
Me: Nope. Get out.
Brother: Holy shit.
Me: The only thing vaguely good about that is that it makes his hairline less visible from far away, so we can just imagine that he's maybe bald.
Brother: In his interview, he said that all the reviews have been positive.
Me: Then everyone is blind.
Brother: Yeah, I want them to lose the Euros and the press blames the loss on his hair.
Me: That first part is definitely going to happen, but I hope the second part does too.
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waywardnajsepticeye · 9 days ago
The Ace Race incident was so funny. You have Scott just vibing at finish line, Philza literally going the wrong way, everyone else seeing Phil going the wrong direction and following him and the admins just watching as all the players go the wrong way then speaking up after everyone realized that they went the wrong direction.
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hello fellow brown phannie! were you able to go to the mumbai ii show?? i only became a fan after that era so i'm so bummed i missed out on it cause rarely any of my faves come here😩😩
also them being fond of and complimenting indian food makes me so happy 🥺🥺
ive never gone to their shows :( i havent actually been a hugely active phannie until last march or something, but also even if i was, i probably wouldntve been able to go anyway
forgetting ii tho, ive only been to mumbai a few times, as i live pretty far from there, and i love the energy of that city so muchhh it's like if new york started doing that uncle screwing in the lightbulb dance and drank some thums up lmaoo
🥺 i knowww, every time they're like "ooh lets get indian" or "i like indian food" im like damn right you do, it makes me feel so proud! although im desperate to know whether theyve eaten biryani or not bc thats The Peak Of Human Experience
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