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#look how happy it is to see you!
peachcitt · 14 hours ago
ive been rewatching fairy tail recently and it’s been doing a lot for me damn y’all are really friends huh......y’all really care about each other and go out of your way to support your friends about even the littlest things huh............y’all really gain strength from the thought of being happy together huh...........that shit’s so cool. good for y’all
#peach stuff#fairy tail#like??? even straight from the beginning when natsu continually invites lucy on jobs even though she doesn’t have a lot of experience and#she even points that out to him and he’s like ‘??? but i want you to come!! because we’re friends!! look me and happy even found a job that#would be perfect for you specifically!!!’ and how he erza and gray adopt lucy into their group with absolutely no hesitation or qualms#and the fact that natsu and gray have that rivalry going but it’s because they actually see each other as equals and appreciate each#other’s strengths.......and the way that erza is so strong but she always without fail will use that strength to care about other people#also i can’t think about happy for too long or else i’ll cry tbh!!! like!!! that’s natsu’s son wtf!!!!#and the way that even the most ‘manly’ or ‘cold’ characters like gray will be explicitly shown protecting happy and charle#like. i am not immune to strong men gently cradling cats and frankly? im correct#and also that just!!! more often than not fairy tail fights a villain and adopts them into the guild#or nudges them toward other guilds because the people they fight have just. like never had real friends before?#and fairy tail KNOWS that and is like hey we can show you what real friendship is like. come here (affectionate threat)#like wtf!!!!! that shit’s so powerful!!!!!!#tbh whenever i stopped keeping up with fairy tail a few years ago i began to think that it was cringe but you know what!!! it’s not!!!!#im really glad i consumed this media in middle school and it became a core part of my personality actually!!!!!#and im really glad that im rediscovering it now!!!!!
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theviolenttomboy · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
I need to unlock more stickers, but I love this game so much.
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starstruck-sheikah · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
i regret to inform y’all that instead of original loz content i present a badly edited straight from my phone tgcf meme...
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ari-is-anxious · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Happy lesbian day of visibility everyone!!!! Super happy to be comfortable enough in my identity to celebrate it this year! ^_^
On the left we've got our two beloveds, Kate Dalton and Eva Sanchez, your local canon lesbians! :)
And then on the right, we've got my personal lesbian headcanon, Cairo lastname! :]
#once again!!! happy ldov!!!!#god i remember when i first learned. for a fact. that eva + kate were canonically lesbians#well. no i don't. i don't remember the date...or even the general time frame...but i remember how ecstatic i got!!! :D#and i don't even think that i knew that pma was queer at the time#so i just. for all i knew. this cishet dude had intentionally written two lesbians of some out of prominence into his musical#and just. god. that realization was equally as surprising as it was incredibly fucking validating#like!!!! it was someone like me in that show!! in my new favorite show!!!! :DDD#(excuse my baby gay tendencies. literally just came to terms with being a lesbian sometime last fall so)#and then obviously. my utmost beloved. my one true love. the headcanon that inhabits my very deepest heart of hearts#lesbian cairo <3#okay well. cairo is not exactly the only one out of the watt cast that i headcanon as a lesbian? it's the hc i hold closest to my heart but#i also lowkey headcanon riley as a lesbian? i look at her obsession with jake gyllenhaal and i do not see it u_u#okay but seriously just. her obsession with that guy just reminds me too much of when i was younger and thought that i had a massive crush-#on pretty much every guy i had a positive opinion (cause i didn't know what i was looking for. i ended up unknowingly overcompensating)#so i just. it's so funny to me to imagine riley scrolling on her phone one day and then just suddenly come to the epiphany that#'oh crap i really don't care about jake gyllenhaal in the slightest...crap'#but then also her color scheme lowkey reminds me of the lesbian pride flag#an orange bow + red hair near the top. a white shirt that covers her middle...#but anyways!!!! this post has gone on for too long so uh- happy ldov!!! hope you are all having a wonderful day!!#and uhh everyone who isn't following me should do that. it's lesbian day of visibility so *holds out trick-or-treating bag* follow please :#we are the tigers#watt#eva we are the tigers#kate we are the tigers#cairo we are the tigers#lesbian day of visibility#ldov#*amount of prominence#*opinion on
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transgenderator3000 · 11 days ago
all those "americans lobby your government!!! call your representatives!!!" posts are funny. they're just funny now. like i'm sorry, were you under the impression that we get to tell our government what to do? their constituency is billionaires and corporations, that's who they represent, do i look like a billionaire or a corporation to you?
i know all the propaganda says we're Super Democratic And Free but anyone with a brain should know by now that dEmOcRaCy and fReEdOm apply to rich people exclusively in the United States
#especially if you're not from here like if you can see how fucked up our government is from an outside perspective#why would you think that we can make that corrupt evil government do anything we want?#this is the government that sends teenagers overseas to die for oil#after it propagamdizes them so bad in school they don't know how to think logically anymore#this is the government that responded to calls for ending police brutality with more police and more brutality#(militarized police to be specific)#this is the government that deploys the national guard to brutalize protesters whether they're peaceful or not#this is the government that has committed multiple genocides and shows no signs of giving it up#so no i will not contact my 'representatives' they have interns to field and discard those messages for them#they don't care they never will and 'blowing up their phones' isn't going to do jack shit#is there some kind of widespread notion everywhere else that all americans are rich or that we love our government#nobody loves their government except the rich#they literally kill entire swaths of the population for disagreeing with them too loudly#that's what the AIDS crisis was that's why our COVID-19 pandemic response was like that#look what the CIA did introducing drugs to impoverished Black communities so they could put more people in prison for free labor#our government couldn't give less of a fuck about us as long as there's a workforce to exploit they're happy#and they can get that workforce for free if they criminalize enough things
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windyqs · 13 days ago
Ahem, Gon knowing Ki didn’t get any gifts or stuffed animals, specially stuffed 🧸’s (out of love and not obligation) and getting Ki one every year for his birthday. He gets a bigger one each time and by the third year they are already Costco bear size and Gon’s like I need one the size of a house and Ki is like, please stop you moron while blushing, but Gon can tell he’s happy by the way his eyes light up.
#personal#enough bleach stuff time for my fave thing Gonkillu#they make me happy your honor I love them!!!!#this one isn’t going in the tags cuz I’m more keen to this idea and maybe using it as a fic idea tho like#I mean by all means if someone sees this and is like lightbulb go ahead just credit me!!#I just want Ki to get the love he deserves okay!!!#he was abused whether anyone wants to acknowledge it or brush it under the rug he has trauma and#I don’t give a fuck let him be vulnerable and saved and protected for once in his life 👏👏👏👏#look at how he has to be strong all show he only cries a few times I’m sorry but I won’t stop!!#let Ki be loved!!!#I did a teddy bear fic once but uh hello have you seen me I will do the same niche till my hands fall off#pay one million dollars for my permanent silence and another 50 for every complaint you wanna leave on a fic of mine I don’t get paid for#I will do the same niche if you don’t like it just leave block idk it’s not rocket science don’t worry I’ll die soon probs lol#let Ki be loved 👏👏👏👏#Ki hides how he feels cuz he’s traumatized!!#geez it’s almost like being tortured to endure electricity forced to kill your dog forced to be calm and emotionless forced to#be immune to poison forced to be whipped have cigarettes burnt on you ect would fuck a kid up#wow imagine!!! see Ki’s trmaua overlooked I’m tired lethim be loved#please any toys Ki and Alluka and any of the kids have is just a check mark the parents fulfilling they don’t care
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mokutone · 20 days ago
i’ll probably never polish this up so here’s the barebones:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID: Yamato and Sai approach a campfire, around which Kakashi, Sakura, and Naruto are all huddled under blankets, looking uncomfortable and exhausted, perhaps slightly ill. Naruto sneezes loudly. “Like teacher, like students, I suppose,” Yamato says, failing to keep a hint of smugness out of his expression while Sai beams amiably at his comrades. “You should learn to pace yourself.”
“Don’t you lecture me.” Kakashi says. “When’s the last time YOU took a vacation?” Yamato looks taken aback by this for a second, and sai glances up at him, surprised. Yamato’s expression flattens into a blank mask before he responds. “I take plenty of vacations, all the time.” Sai is looking at him curiously now.
“Coward, quit hiding behind that face. You’re just as bad at self care as I am,” Kakashi says.
“I am not.” Yamato says.
Unmoved, Kakashi continues, “I bet the last time you took a break was my final anbu hospitalization.”
“Can you even hear yourself?” Yamato asks.
In the background, Sai is holding a hand to his chin. “Nobody has said that I’m bad at “self” “care,”“ He thinks. “Perhaps..I am the best at “self” “care.”“
/end ID]
#my just got a sense of self lets not get overconfident here#this is SUCH a sloppy comic but I don't think im gonna end up refining it so its getting posted like this#besides showing off some sloppy art is good every once and a while#looking at things which are poorly made allows us to see what parts are necessary for legibility#i am gonna criticize myself here but like—this is a neutral tone...this isnt a critique of self hatred its a critique of optimism#in that i feel like i will grow and be better in the future and am happy enough with my mistakes here to share them#for example the transition from yamato saying blankly ''i take LOTS of vacations'' to the rest of his argument with kakashi is super bad#because sai is right there almost level with yamato saying this—which makes you want to go right to sai instead of directly down#a good comic will have the flow from panel to panel and bubble to bubble be so smooth that you dont need to think about it and#will lead your eye directly to the right place—it's hard for me to think in terms of that so my sketch comics look a lot like this#very messy very disorganized#the image description there is necessary for sighted people as well because the content of the post itself is so unintuitive#but the good thing about art is that you get better at it and internalize these rules as you repeat them#my scribbly comics arent nearly as bad as they were when i was younger and i understand much better how to read and produce them
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smores100 · 24 days ago
the thing about s11, in terms of gallavich, is that despite it not being up to standard, despite stupid storylines and somewhat unsatisfying resolutions sometimes, i still think that overall it was worth having bc it didn’t ruin gallavich, if anything it just showed how solid and stable their relationship is, especially compared to how it was in the past.
from their conflict about money we got to see how important it was for ian to be a provider and how much he wanted to save money so they could move out, get their own place and officially start their life together. we also saw how much mickey cared about ian when he tried to get a ‘normal’ job bc he wanted him to, and when he tried to cheer him up by getting him to join him on his security job when he noticed how down ian was after losing his job;  from their ‘who’s the man of the relationship’ conflict, no matter how you feel about such gems as ‘dirty convict’, ‘jonas loving slut’, ‘dom top daddy’ and ‘uber masculine slut’, you could say they have a good healthy sex life (no kinkshaming, you do your thing boys) and the end of the ep showed their willingness to compromise, be open to new things, and give each other what the other wants during sex while still enjoying themselves;  even the whole ‘sex with others’ thing in ep 7, whether you’re into that or hate it, whether you think it’s ooc or not, the most important thing is they’re in this *together*. they clearly had talks about it which means healthy communication and setting boundaries respected by both, and they’re open to experimenting (more of that good sex life mentioned before) but even then nothing is more important to them than each other and their relationship hence why they’re only willing to do it *together*.
so tl;dr ofc i wish some things had been done differently, i wish there’d been less arguing and fighting, i wish there’d been more happy sweet moments (we were robbed of their honeymoon phase, again!), i wish there’d been better conflicts that had been explored and dealt with better....but s11 gave us ian being a good husband who’s obsessed with keeping mickey safe and out of prison, who wants to build a home and start a life with him together, who comforts him when bad shit happens, who just wants him to have nice things and a better life like he deserves. and it gave us mickey being a good husband who loves ian more than anything, who wants to provide for him (even if his ways are not the most legal), who notices when ian’s feeling down and tries to snap him out of his bad mood and give him something to do, who wants to work with him (as if they don’t spend enough time together already), who wants to be a good man better than his dad ever was, who’s willing to pretend everything’s ok so as not to ruin ian’s happiness, who’s willing to struggle and fight his own insecurities and fears and push his limits in order for ian to be happy and have his dreams (for the both of them!) become a reality. and even in those more shall we say questionable storylines they had this season, you can still find something good and positive about gallavich, and ultimately the fact that all those arguments and conflicts eventually ended with them being happy and in love? it just shows how soild they are and how low the stakes have become, bc just like noel said, they truly are UNBREAKABLE.
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hyunubear · 25 days ago
My secret that I literally never tell anyone is that I want a nose job :( - ❤️anomnom
angel :((((((( I feel so honored that you told me!!!  gosh... the society has really fucked us up huh... on the one hand it shames u for your “flaws” that they made up strictly for their profit and on the other shames u for wanting plastic surgery... it’s really messed up but with that being said It is 100% valid if that’s what you want to do and it’s no one’s business but yours! and you don’t have to share it but don’t be ashamed!!! we all what we want.
anonymously tell me a secret
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It’s so wild I was just thinking about this Disc Horse™️✨ I saw a little bit ago where people were saying that watching a show and focusing on the ships is problematic and I just... I’m actually really interested to see how far they’ll go with this??
Like, in this day and age finding love and exploring relationships in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone and makes you happy is what keeps some people alive, y’know?? And in the end it isn’t like a cartoon is a piece of classic literature being studied in school. Sometimes all you wanna do is look at two characters and go ‘hehe I would like to draw them holding hands’ and that’s okay!!
And it’s interesting to see just how many harmless things some people in fandoms will label as ‘problematic’ just because they don’t like something. Broski it’s okay to be annoyed when your fandom doesn’t focus on the platonic ships as much but that’s your problem and you can’t force the other people in the fandom to make art of what you want. That’s the beauty of art, babey... ya wanna see characters being so in love?? You got it!! And if you want people to focus on a certain platonic pairing or on a different aspect of the source material your basic options are to either commission someone or to make your own stuff.
But finding something completely harmless and labelling it as problematic just because you don’t like it... does NOT sit well with me and it’s really sucky that I’m seeing it more and more.
#to be more specific they were going really in depth and saying that anyone who focuses on the relationships solely#is missing the entire work and is shallow and I think at one point someone said that they were fetishising gay relationships and girl I-#I’m wlw and if I want to draw Adora and Catra kissing over and over again and not make art of many other characters#because that’s what makes me happy#that’s not fetishising that’s me self projecting my yearning for a healthy wlw relationship onto fictional characters#and there are people that are just so quick to assume one’s sexuality just to say that them drawing the same pairing over and over again is#fetishising and 1. forcing people to come out isn’t okay and 2. assuming people’s sexuality isn’t okay either!#let the#LIVE#and CHRIST if I see one more post saying that if ‘all you got out of a piece of media is haha couple go brr then you should die’#I am going to go FERAL#Do you know how exhausting it is to look at everything in depth and to analyse it??#sometimes you just have to consume media lightly#and take away what makes you happy#the analysing and the profoundness of something is for other days and other moments#and we can’t have that all the time#and it’s so WEIRD when people on the notes of those posts were assuming that that means you just#can’t consume media critically?#like buckaroo they watched toy story 4 and wanted to draw bo peep and woody holding hands#that doesn’t mean watching something like a monster calls can’t leave them with#the feeling of regret and empowerment and complete and utter sorrow all at once#repeat after me: some people want to consume some media lighter than other and some heavier than others#they’re different and that’s okay#me just rambling#fandom#fandom discourse#shipping#shipping discourse#cw discourse#rambling in the tags
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makotoisneat · 27 days ago
Haunted apartment au thoughts time
(Also hi this is me post writing the tags of this post I sort of went off on a weird tangent and reached the tag limit so now it feels kinda weird just posting this bdmsbsmsg)
#rat rambles#haunted apartment au#almost none of the characters involved are in a good state mentally when the story starts#shuichi is trying so hard to improve apon his life but its all just so exhausting#and everyone around him seems to be handling this shit so easily#and he doesnt have any form of strong stability and its scary#himiko is in a state of feeling horrible and depressed all of the time but not wanting to work forward#both because of tge fear and expectation of faliure#and the fact that she just cant comprehend a world where she can be actually happy#and doesnt know how to even begin reaching for a future she doesnt belive she has#and I was going to type out a thing for kaede top but tbh this has bedn for the sake of stress relief and I think Im calming down now#dealing with shitty mental health is hard.#and its hard to accept sometimes that its both always going to be at least a little hard and that its still worth it anyways#sometimes it doesnt feel like you have a future#like youre reaching out for nothing#or walking through darkness#but just because you cant see something doesnt mean its not there#and eventually you will see it. and youll be able to look back and understand that it was always in front of you#and it wont be like a finish line to mental stability#and it might be frustrating reaching one goal only to realise that theres still more journey to make#but each time you reach that future moving forward will become a little easier#because even if you still cant see the next step you can at least trust that there may still be something there#a couple years ago I probably could have never been able to imagine a future in which I didnt fully hate myself#but regardless I still reached it#maybe not fully but. I know I can improve now. its hard but not impossible#Im not fully happy by any means but I am doing way better than I was before and Im happy about that#the future is scary to me right now. but I can only hope that things will clear up as I move forward#and hopefully one day I can look back on now in the same way that I look back on my middle school years now#sorry for going off on a weird tangent on my dr au post#I think I feel a lot better now though
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meova101 · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
RuneScape is legit taking the piss, can finally log into my account again after a full month of being locked out due to their fuck-up and I get redirected to this page
Latest updates according to the thing are ARCHEOLOGY AND ANACHRONIA jesus christ mates that’s OVER A YEAR AGO how long did you expect this to take
Anyway, no longer locked out, it’s a good day, only had a slightly messed up bank upon logging in and no other apparent bugs, just kinda wish this wasn’t the last day of my week off. 
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leatherbookmark · a month ago
do you ever think about how xiyao.... like.... a-yao small, and er-ge big. both have lips (very interesting!) and hands. they physically cannot stop touching each other’s hands with their hands. they see each other and they’re like !!!!!!!!!its you!!!! its you!!!!!!!! i love you!!!!!!!!! like two dogs who very much do not jump around barking excitedly anymore, so they think no one can tell they’re ECSTATIC but they forget their tails are wagging on full speed behind them. like fuck. xiyao are in love ohhhh fuck. they are wagging so hard
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