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#i love you taylor
eirlysswiftie · 3 hours ago
Taylor Swift now has 153 million followers with zero following. Queen things.
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artistofthedecadestan · 4 hours ago
here’s some random stuff i wrote down from the interview, but let’s be real none of it was random
• 44 yrs 179 days old
• 513 west 54th street new york new york 10019 2nd floor office facing the street
• 1989
• you’re 5’11
• 33035
• shake it off
• you need to calm down
soooo maybe may 4th (54th), may 11 (5’11) and/or may 13th (513) somethin goin down????
10019 is 11 if you add together, if you add the “2nd floor” it’s 13... that’s a stretch but idk ok
if you add 33035= 6/8... june 8th 1989 tv comes out?
or adding it all together 33035= 14
not sure if the 44 yrs 179 days means anything? could be 8/17 if you add but not sure, or all together it’s 25... also this is just totally a stretch and i know it’s dumb and irrelevant but 179-44= 135 and if you switch that it’s 5/13 😂
she also had pizza on the mood board and on february 19th a post with haim eating pizza with the caption “the mood board for the gasoline remix is just this one photo” sooooo 1989 vault track with haim? maybe called mood board 😂 or pizza 🍕🤪
and then obviously she mentions, 1989, shake it off, possibly welcome to new york. and you need to calm down but i’m not sure if that means anything now, i’m sure it will somehow later nothing is a coincidence with her, either way i definitely need to calm down so maybe that’s what she was saying.
soooooo what do you guys thinkkk??!!!?!!! i know a lot if this is a stretch but a lot of it seems legit to me let me know if you’ve thought of anything else!!!!
@taylorswift @taylornation
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poectry · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
for some reason these two pictures scream home and comfort <3
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naitzachary · 11 hours ago
HELLO @taylorswift I LOVE YOU TAY
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sacrednewbeginnings13 · 13 hours ago
“a picture is worth a thousand words”
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This album was a defining moment in my life, so to finally be a part of this new journey to Fearless (TV) means absolutely everything. I love you @taylorswift, thank you.
Sincerely and Fearlessly,
Charlotte 💛
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avrilwithv · 18 hours ago
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Omg I can’t believe I got it!!! I’m in love with i, it’s super comfy and warm 💛🥰 I love u @taylorswift @taylornation
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theesweetestcon · a day ago
My life lines rn:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*i do not own these images*
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