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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
garcamirigis · 14 minutes ago
sometimes i hear a pretty song and go wonkers so i made a playlist out of it
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cyman · an hour ago
Ok so I don't have the time NOR the ability to create animatics rly. But I do have plenty of ideas, so here is a quick list of all the DSMP animatics i've had so far.
Battle Scars (Paradise Fears)
Out of the woods
Birds (Thomas Sanders) - Tubbo but make it bees
The Call - Tommy throughout the wars
I think we're alone now - Tommy and Tubbo run away
Slipping through my fingers: Tubbo and Ghostinnit (ghostinnit and Tubbo hang out while tubbo deals with the guilt of his best friends death)
Origin of love - just a chorus focusing on Tubbo cause everyone loves tubbo lmao
Killer (Pheobe Bridges) - Beeduo, Ranboo to Tubbo.
Then I met you - Beeduo, Tubbo to Ranboo.
Literally if anyone wants to make these or just listen to the songs and think about it, GO FOR IT. Maybe tag me if you actually make one? Some of these I think could be pretty nice.
(Also sorry if some of these have already been done)
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caspies · an hour ago
*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*
my playlists :)
i just thought i'd share some of my playlists :)
(i might update this as i make new ones idk)
my current monthly playlist; APR '21
destiel is canon; songs that remind me of destiel and make me miss them
dean winchester love bot; if dean could use spotify he'd make this
sammy got his happy ending; feel-good happy songs for sammy's happy ending
angel boy; instrumental soft songs to sleep to inspired by the one and only son of lucifer
i watch the bees; soft happy vibes only for my best angel of the lord
i believe in prophecy; kinda dark academia ? for rowena macleod and rowena macleod only
the marauders; if the marauders got their own tv show,, this is the ost
(feel free to check out my others !)
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booisorange · an hour ago
Just added to my tracks on Spotify "CALL ME BABY" by EXO
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tekutiger · an hour ago
I have a few covers of this song on my PL, I love it so much 🎧🎶💕
Everything about this song just connects~ I can relate to the ‘circles’, imo overthinking, rethinking, revisiting, reflecting- 😵💫
It’s always over someone that you’re attached to too, and you’re stuck between this rock and a hard place... 💘✨
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itsarkamitra · an hour ago
Imagine (John Lennon Cover) is out now on our YouTube channel. Link in bio. Let every single day be a world peace day! @johnlennon 🙏🙏🙏 . . . #imagine #johnlennon #yokoono #peace #music #instamusic #musicgram #video #shorts #reels #youtube #youtuber #englishsongs #thebeatles #paulmccartney #global #crisis #songs #awards #popular #trending #top #musicvideo #guitar #vocal #british #worldpeace #nobelprize #cover #duo (at India)
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thestrawberrygirl · 2 hours ago
Yeah ❤️
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dorotheaadamsblog · 2 hours ago
"My heart will go on" by Celine Dion is like a magical potion which I swear stirs so many emotions at once. You want to scream, cry, wail, dance but with crying, laugh but also with lots of crying, push ur heart out but also want to pull it in closer, live, love, and die. All at once.
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okyanusdabirbulut · 2 hours ago
“Bulutlarıma dokunma,acıyor.”
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yaslibicocuk · 3 hours ago
saçların mı ıslak yoksa ıslak mı yaşamak?
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booisorange · 3 hours ago
Just added to my tracks on Spotify "Hijos de un Mismo Dios" by Macaco
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Some Nights - Some Nights
There are some nights I wait for someone to save us
But I never look inward, try not to look upward
And some nights I pray a sign is gonna come to me
But usually, I'm just trying to get some sleep.
fun.; Some Nights; Some Nights (Intro)
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kdjonesmtb · 3 hours ago
Excuse me while I shred this UP🔝 Repost from @expansive_sound_experiments • Synth Pop Krazy 4 Her Precious Love Click highlight “Krazy 4 HER” 2 listen on @soundcloud #music #genre #song #songs #melody #hiphop #rnb #pop #love #rap #dubstep #instagood #beat #beats #jam #myjam #party #partymusic #newsong #lovethissong #remix #favoritesong #bestsong #photooftheday #bump in #repeat #listentothis #goodmusic @rolandsynthandaira @roland_us 0:00 - #music - (at Los Angeles, California)
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recommendedlisten · 3 hours ago
AFI - “Dulceria” / “Far Too Near”
Tumblr media
Leading up to their seventh studio effort Bodies, AFI just continue to pile on the bones by the two-fold in advance of the album’s July release. To date, we’ve heard four of them in “Twisted Tongues”, “Escape From Los Angeles”, “Looking Tragic”, and “Begging for Trouble”, and it seems there’s a common thread running through each pairing in the way each reflects oppositely against one another in the longstanding punk band’s dark prism.
Take their latest offering of “Dulceria” and “Far Too Near”, for example. In this case, the former -- which also happens to be co-written by Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan -- slowly spins beneath a goth-pop disco mirror ball, where as the latter listen is a soaring atmospheric post-punk anthem. Putting over half of the album out in the world so far, there really hasn’t been any weak spots in this one, proving that after all of these years, AFI’s vitals are working as healthy as ever.
AFI’s Bodies will be released June 11th on Rise Records.
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