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#go to sleep or something
freetobegrace · a day ago
i feel like the shoes/i love you for free scene in Sleeping With Other People is my favorite scene in a movie am i just being crazy saying that? like the scene is. goddamn perfect but am i just being stupid for saying something so sweeping 
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jenoptimist · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Yukhei threw a small bit of cheddar cheese at Kun for the lame joke he just said. For a second, it seemed that Kun wasn’t going to retaliate until a smile spread across his face.
“That’s real mature of you.”
It took a second for all of you to catch onto his pun; Kunhang being the first to facepalm, Dejun following with laughter.
You chuckled, eyes roaming until they landed on Yongqin who did the same. The two of you shared an amused grin and he shook his head before looking away.
This time Yangyang threw a grape at Kun.
Tumblr media
#there’s something really special/charged about sharing a look with someone after another person said something silly/dumb/funny#or is it just me??? maybe im phrasing it wrong but ur eyes would just find that person first and u 2 share a little moment#where u laugh or roll ur eyes or something like ur on the same wavelength u know???#idk maybe it doesn’t make any sense and i’m talking shite 🥲 i hope u get me tho#another drabble!! ‘what about the sicheng fic u promised yakult?’ yeah...idk about that cause i don’t think i’m happy with it anymore#i might scrap it ://#my longer written stuff doesn’t seem to do well???? i might just stick with drabbles + timestamps#i guess the longer stuff isn’t as popular compared to the shorter stuff because it’s more time consuming - which i totally get btw!!#it’s just a bit of a bummer yk?? like i wrote a 12k taeyong fic and it only has like 3-4 notes (lol) and it just makes me doubt myself#(more than usual) and even my shorter fics don’t really gain a lot of interaction - maybe it’s a sign for me to let go of this blog#a lot of writing blogs have shut down/are shutting down so it seems like the end of an era...idk i’ll sleep on it ig#wow that went downhill huh?? ANYWAYS i hope y’all enjoyed this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!#anyway here come the tags:#wayv#wayv au#wayv scenarios#wayv imagines#wayv drabbles#wayv x reader#wayv x you#wayv fluff#wayv ten#ten x you#nct#nct u#nct au#nct scenarios#nct imagines#nct drabbles#nct fluff
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transjoaquintorres · 3 days ago
“You have to aim it,” Joaquín says. 
Bucky looks at the screen, confused. “How? There’s no aim.”
“Just. Get behind the car you want to hit. Like, make sure you’re doing a straight line,” Joaquín says. 
“Can’t the shell bounce, though?” Bucky asks. 
The lights are dimmed, the brightest source being the TV screen. Sam is half-lying down on the couch, his eyes moving lazily from the screen, to Joaquín, to Bucky, who is sitting in front of him, on the floor.
“It bounces, yeah,” Joaquín says. He turns his controller abruptly so he can take a sharper turn, and the room is filled with the sound of clicking on keys.
They had turned off the sound because Bucky was in a mood for something silent, so even the keys were loud.
“Oh, isn’t that you?” Bucky asks, when a green car comes on the screen, showing up ahead of him. 
“Yeah,” Joaquín says. He straightens himself slightly. “Try to hit me.”
Bucky squints his eyes, adjusts his kart, and clicks on the controller. Seconds later, Joaquín’s character is spinning in the middle of the track.
“Hey, that’s it,” Joaquín says. He reaches out and plays with Bucky’s hair. Bucky looks up at him and smiles, his eyes half-lidded, like he might fall asleep if they turn off the game. “You’re doing great.”
“It’s another game,” Joaquín explains. He trails behind Bucky on the screen.
“Go babe,” Sam says, dragging the a, shifting his position and fully laying down on the couch, on his side. “You’re a born gamer.”
“I need to get him a headset,” Joaquín says, “maybe he should try Minecraft.”
Bucky goes back to looking at the screen. “I don’t know what that means, but sure.”
“Can I beat you in that game too?” Bucky asks. Joaquín laughs and hits him with a red shell, speeding ahead of him.
“Don’t be so sure about that,” he says.
Bucky starts leaning to his left, eventually supporting himself on his elbow. Joaquín is slowly but surely falling on top of Sam. 
“Ow,” Sam says, when Joaquín hits a sore spot, “wait.”
He turns, moving his body to face up and slightly sideways, and pulls Joaquín in, his head on Sam’s chest. He plays with Joaquín’s curls.
“Hm, if you keep doing that I’ll fall asleep,” Joaquín says, his voice drowsy, slurring his words slightly.
“We should all be asleep,” Sam says. Joaquín feels Sam’s fingers, some of them with plasters, on his scalp, and shivers slightly. 
“Only when I win this game,” Bucky says, but he doesn’t sound too invested in it. His kart keeps crashing against his opponents, and eventually he’s playing while laying on the floor. 
Joaquín decides to throw himself off the road on purpose, though he doesn’t tell Bucky about it. Sam catches on, but Bucky is too focused on his own game to notice that it wasn’t a mistake. 
“I’m ahead of you,” Bucky says. He reaches out his right hand and intertwines it with Sam’s free hand. Playing with his left hand doesn’t fare very well for him, but Joaquín keeps hitting every banana peel, which means Bucky is still ahead of him.
The screen announces “Last Lap,” and Sam wraps his arm around Joaquín, his hand resting on Joaquín’s chest. Joaquín is barely looking at the screen anymore, struggling to keep his eyes open. 
Bucky does his best to dodge shells and other items, and tries not to crash into his opponents. Trying to face the TV while having his whole body facing up eventually takes a toll on his neck. As soon as he crosses the finish line, way ahead of Joaquín, he throws his arm over his head and closes his eyes for just a moment.
He feels Sam’s hand go limp, let go of his fingers, and he lazily sits up to find that both Joaquín and Sam have fallen asleep. He smiles to himself, quickly grabs his phone and takes a blurry photo, then carefully grabs the controller out of Joaquín’s hands and sets it near the TV, along with his.
He shuts everything down, then gets up. Gently, he places his arms underneath Sam, who seems to wake up slightly but doesn’t move at all, and picks them both up. He groans as he gets them close to his chest, then carries them to the bedroom, Joaquín closer to his chest, and Sam holding on to Joaquín. 
He sets them both on the bed, noticing how cute Joaquín looks with a plaster on his nose, and how peaceful Sam looks still holding on to Joaquín, and takes a deep breath, just to let the moment exist for a little longer. 
He does his best to get them into bed, pulling the sheets up, covering them both. He turns off the remaining lights, and takes off his clothes. Before getting into bed himself, he gives them both a kiss on the forehead. Sam wakes up again for a brief moment, and Bucky kisses his lips, whispers “good night” to him, and gives Joaquín a quick kiss on the cheek.
He finally gets into bed, and wraps his arms around Sam and Joaquín, his face against Sam’s neck.
(based on a prompt by @redwings-mechanic, with help from @mallgothbucky. love u both <3)
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toomanythought · 3 days ago
Julius sends the captains on team-building retreats you heard it here first folks.
#black clover#i can't stop imagining him forcing them all to go camping or something#Yami knows how to do everything because he spent a good amount of time just traveling#but he doesn't help anyone because he thinks it's funny#fuegoleon is the only other person there capable of starting a fire but if he didn't have fire magic he'd be useless#the captain of the purple orcas *disappears under mysterious circumstances* because I'm not really sure how either of them would fair#nozel isn't made for this lifestyle and keeps trying to get Dorothy to let him into the dream world#but dorothy wants to have fun and go camping#what she lacks in ability she makes up for in enthusiasm#Charlotte also isn't made for this but she's not gonna let that stop her#(has to show off for Yami too possibly)#i get the vibe that Jack probably could survive on his own if he tried but he doesn't try and instead causes problems#William also disappears under mysterious circumstances but it's because he decided to sleep in a tree#rill is ready to paint nature#he is not ready to forage for food#eventually Yami leaves and comes back with a bunch of fish+other edible things and clean water#'so you idiots don't starve yourselves to death'#and Dorothy proceeds to go#'Aw you do care'#a week later Julius swings by to pick them all up like a parent collecting his kids from summer camp and they are Changed individuals#Julius: did you learn any new magic?#Nozel: we learned how Not to put out a fire if that's what you're asking#William: and that just because the birds can eat it doesn't mean you can too#rill: does how to fight a bear count? because I did that#everyone else: 👁️👁️- excuse me?? what?#yami: there weren't even bears??#rill: yeah well what did i fight then#yami: not a bear???#magic knight captains#why isn't this showing up in the tags i spent so much time writing tags
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girlyliondragon · 5 days ago
More fic writing praise and really just for writers in general so... the moment you can make me sorta FEEL through a character as I’m reading something that’s when you know you’re a good fcking writer.
If I can feel their joy, sadness, terror, and everything else like, THROUGH them, not as a reader but as the character(s). I know that’s sorta like standard for good writing is it making you have those emotions as you read through certain moments but man I still dunno if I’ve found folks that do it as intensely as I do yet but man I have had multiple moments where I really feel the emotions through the characters I’m reading about on and am so attached to on such an empathetic level it’s insane to describe... I feel what they’re feeling in that moment, like I am them. I’ve had multiple instances where I would reach a climax that I know shit will hit the fan and I’m so overwhelmed from the buildup and know I’ll be even moreso I’m sometimes like “Aight I gotta give it a minute off the computer before I read this” because I’m reeaally feeling their tension and anxiety and all that but I haven’t had a instance of that for so long experiencing it again is so alien to me. The feelings I get from reading feel so real I’ve even gotten so distressed from stories I’d feel sick for a while. It’s not just a case of like going to a movie and seeing a really touching scene and crying from it like this is deeper than that I cannot describe it.
That level of Empathy is a REALLY hard emotion to get out of me if you expect me to do it for real people (For reasons obvious for me, I’m autistic and I have massive empathy problems irl ya know? it’s extremely difficult on a normal day, I’ve had to deal with family death and I still couldn’t get myself to feel as much as I tried and I hate the struggle x.x) but man I really feel something for fictional characters going through shit whatever that may be.
I love fiction, I love how it can make me really FEEL for the characters within the genre in a way that I struggle with irl. I love when writers get those intense emotions out of me. I’ll get sick from feeling the stress a character feels in the fic I’m reading and still go back for more just for the potential closure, IK that doesn’t sound good but in cases like suffering before you reach that happy ending that is deserved and you made me cry through the suffering feeling for them and being like “They deserve that happy ending after all that shit and I deserve it after reading and crying through all that” it’s an achievement to me to make me that immersed okay, it really is.
It makes me feel... idk. human.
And I will kiss every fic-writers shoes that does that to me.
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rogueninja · 6 days ago
does anyone else, when you're reading or watching something and you can tell something really big is gonna happen, you have to take a break and like. prepare for the moment. make sure there are no distractions
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gigginox · 6 days ago
love seeing all these posts abt this promo hour that are like "what the fuck it's so late/early"
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