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#self shipping community
helpmyfo · 52 minutes ago
mmm quick gush but uh.. gril. gribl
fire bartender man take my hand please //
YEAAAAAA yesss!!!!! Grilbyyyyy!!!!!!
Ouuugh he loves you so much anon >:) he thinks you're so cute and when he thinks you won't notice he just. Stares at you and appreciates ur beauty >:)
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heavenshipped · an hour ago
i hope you know that you have just as much of a right to post in the self ship tags as anyone else in the community!!! you are allowed to be visible!!! you are allowed to want people to see your content!!! whether that’s a piece of art or a fic or a headcanon or a moodboard or a meme or something else entirely !!! it can be anything!!! you can share anything!!! it doesn’t matter if you think it’s not as good as someone else’s stuff. it doesn’t matter if your F/O is super popular. it doesn’t matter if your F/O is super obscure. it doesn’t matter if you feel like you already post a lot. you’re allowed to take up space and you’re allowed to exist here !!!
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self-shipyard · an hour ago
The "Massage" Drabble
SYNOPSIS: Even more self-shipping indulgence in which Ghi.accio insists on helping Lumaca work out the knots in her back muscles.
Word Count: 857
Trigger Warnings: Some Mildly Suggestive Themes (Though Nothing Explicit)
The sound of the door clicking open alerted Ghiaccio to Lumaca’s presence.
“Ghiaccio, I’m home!” he heard her call out just before he heard her faintly groan.
The sound made his heart sink.
Something was wrong.
After closing the laptop, he hurried over to meet her in the entrance hall, and, as soon as she was in reach, both of his hands cupped her cheeks. His eyes met hers and he took quick notice of the worn-out expression in her eyes.
“Lumaca, you look like you’re in pain,” he said as he scanned her body for signs of wounds. “Did someone hurt you? Are you alright?”
She smiled as her own hand rested over one of his hands.
“I’m okay,” she responded. “My back and shoulders have just been feeling tense. Don’t worry, it’ll pass sooner or later.”
He watched her involuntarily wince and decided that he should, in fact, worry.
Even though she had become more open to him over the past months, she was still so good at hiding her discomfort. It must’ve been pretty bad if she was at least admitting to it.
Ghiaccio knew what he had to do.
“Well, I’m not about to let my girlfriend suffer,” he insisted, his hands moving to wrap around her waist. “Besides, when was the last time you’ve let yourself relax a little? Let me help you... p-please.”
Lumaca blinked at what he was implying.
“Are you sure you…?” she began to protest, but she stopped the minute she saw the expression in his eyes; persistent but slightly softened by his worry.
She knew she couldn’t say no to those eyes.
“Alright, if you insist,” she hummed. “But I’ll need to return the favor somehow.”
“You loving me is enough,” he responded, giving her lips a quick kiss before letting go of her hips. “Let’s go to the couch.”
Within the next minute, they were both sitting on the couch with her situated between his legs. She even made it easier for him to reach her back by pulling out her ponytail and retying it into a bun. Though he was thankful for the gesture, he was going to need a little more exposure.
He tugged at the bottom of her shirt.
“Can I?” he muttered.
She blushed and nodded in response. Without another word, he lifted up her shirt just enough so that her back was exposed to him.
His fingers traced along her spine and the blades of her shoulders, making her shiver.
“This might feel pretty weird because these muscles are really tense,” he continued. “But I swear you’re going to feel good once I get into it.”
“You’ve done this before?” she asked.
“Only on myself.” Ghiaccio’s thumbs kneaded against a knot in her muscles. “I mentioned it before but White Album is heavier than it looks and can be strenuous on my muscles. I’ve never had anyone I trusted enough to help me in that regard before you… In fact, you’ve become the first person I trust enough to touch me in any meaningful way.”
“Aww, honey,” she couldn’t stop herself from cooing.
That word and the way she said them made his own body tense up.
“I could say the same about y-!!” Lumaca began to add to her reply when suddenly, her head tilted up and she inhaled sharply.
“Shit.” He lifted his thumbs off of the spot. “Was that too hard? I thought this knot looked pretty tight, but-”
“No, no,” she insisted. “That felt… really nice.”
Underneath his hands, he suddenly felt her skin heating up.
He couldn’t stop himself from smirking.
“Yeah?” he muttered into her ear. “Then brace yourself; that won’t be the last time it’s going to feel ‘really nice'.”
For the next few minutes, his hands worked themselves into her back and shoulder tissue, all while her eyes closed at the relief of the pressure that had built up there. It even reached a point where his movements caused her to involuntarily lean her head against his shoulder. Though it made it a little harder for him to massage, the joy this gesture made him feel outweighed everything else.
Finally, he gently ran his fingers along her back again to make sure he didn’t miss anything. When she didn’t react to his touch, he asked, “How do you feel?”
“Much better,” she sighed. “Thank you so much, love.”
“It’s…” he mumbled with a faint blush dusting his cheeks. “It’s no trouble at all.”
As soon as she had her body turned completely around, she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed him on the lips, a gesture he gladly returned with his hands going to her hips.
“Are you sure you don’t want me to return the favor?” she asked, her voice gently brushing against his mouth. “I really don’t mind.”
Ghiaccio noted that Lumaca's eyes looked so eager to give him that kind of affection right back. It was such a cute expression on her; how could he say no to those eyes?
Before he could stop himself, he smiled at her and removed his glasses.
“Only if you want to.”
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sacredempressnatlyia · an hour ago
Going to find out my Hogwart's House soon :) <3
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astralshipper · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
when ur f/o is an absolute bastard but u wanna talk abt them anyways
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sacredempressnatlyia · 2 hours ago
2, 4, & 12 for the interaction asks? With whoever you feel like! -isabelselfinserts
Thank you for the Ask!! I'll go with Sirius x Eilonwy here <33
2) When do you move in with your f/o? How did you ask them/how did they ask you?
Sirius has been living with Eilonwy since the Order had to pack up and leave their headquarters due to being infiltrated by Death Eaters. So they were in the same place before they got together, but once they began dating - the two of them decide to start sharing a room and such. Neither of them asked about it but there was an unspoken agreement that this would happen.
4) What’s your sense of humor with each other?
There's a lot of inside jokes, sarcasm (in friendly jest), and play fights. They can be quite immature and playful with one another - Sirius brings out the more childish side of Eilonwy that she wouldn't often have shown due to being a princess and raised with the expectation of being prim and proper.
12) Do you have any rituals or things that you do together everyday?
They always take the time to eat their meals together, and once a week, they go for a ride on Sirius' flying motorbike. :)
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selfshiptothestars · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Free Day
I couldn’t think of anything for Thursday’s prompts and just straight up got lazy on Friday. I honestly just wanted an excuse to post things I can kinda indulge in, as I’m becoming more and more nervous to do so unprompted. I’m kind of upset that I didn’t see anyone else joining in on this but I’m not a huge blog so it’s understandable. On the bright side I did get to post some art that I was proud of and if it gets more attention and positive affirmation then I’ll likely do more. Happy Pride everyone!
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peachypizzicato · 2 hours ago
i love seeing muts n such posting about how good their f/os look in official art like it warms my heart SO much but it always makes me think about this
anais (the only non funkin, but still too cute for me to not draw uwu) and cici brought to u by the lovely and amazing @jils-things and @spooky-toastsnew !!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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rebeccaselfships · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
When Hawks is away for a mission, he’d leaves notes for me to remind me to eat well, sleep well, tells me that I’m lovable, beautiful, & important. He’s such a sweet & caring man, I just love him so much! 🥺
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Another general self ship song / it makes me think of numerous ships of mine
You always want to watch Somethin' late at night That terrifies you And then you make me stand guard At the bedroom door I wanna know everythin' you do
No, I never mind Do it a thousand times Just let me close to you 'Cause in the dead of night With you by my side There's no cold that could cut through
I talk a lot of shit for someone that can't talk Then you send it back to my face, love You never pull punches and never will stop I hope you never do, babe
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warp-space · 3 hours ago
As some people know from reading my update on The Space Between Us All... I'm no longer writing that particular fanfic, and am actually largely stepping away from certain facets of the community. And this blog. Possibly permanently.
I love a lot of you dearly and have a lot of fond memories, but quite frankly I've been through too much to be comfortable. I've changed. The world has changed. I'm not the same submissive and easily broken person I was when I started my relationships here... And honestly, that's how life should be. I'm still upset about a lot of things that happened over the last year or so, but I've met new people and entered new situations. There's more to life than the things that get left behind.
So I'm putting this blog down for a while and moving on. I'm no longer necessarily writing The Space Between Us All, but I am working on a new and similar story between me and Toshinori(s) that I'd love to share someday. For now, I'm working on a new blog @chaos-shipping and while I'm still semi incognito so certain people don't insert themselves into my life again, I feel comfortable sharing this blog with most of the people who will probably see this post.
Thank you all SO MUCH. For everything. Self shipping has literally saved my life and gotten me through terrible times. I'm proud to love who I love, and it's thanks to you guys that I can be confident when I explain my feelings to people.
I hope summer brings good things to everyone here!
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helpmyfo · 3 hours ago
Here to gush abt steven once again, today I had a really amazing daydream of him kissing me with meteor shower by cavetown in the background (justbecause of the line "I'd sell my own bones for sapphire stones, because blue is your favourite color) my favourite color is now blue because of him AAAAA. I rewatched XY today too
YAAAAA oh my god f/o dreams are 👌 the best fkskdjwjfjf
Yesss that's so cuuuute!!!!!
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Tumblr media
Every royal advisor needs an assistant right? Well, how about two! Concept moodboard for my Emperor’s New Groove s/i since Yzma and Kronk are limbo platonic f/os rn sghgshhgs
Essentially I think my s/i would’ve just been not a super high ranking royal servant but Yzma took a liking to him and learned he, too, wanted to overthrow Kuzco (but would never admit to it, of course-). So yeah, they’re buddy-buddy! He doesn’t mind Kronk’s company but has a personality more aligned to mesh well with Yzma’s. :o)
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shojoujuice · 4 hours ago
What scents remind you of your f/o(s)? I associate citrus(especially grapefruit and orange) and cherry blossom w most of mine! Put yours in the tags~
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Daniela: What do you think Y/N and I do without you?
Cassandra: Yeah, I'd rather not imagine that, thanks.
Daniela:....-nods in understanding-
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