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#for our side-character loving asses
hellotherekenobi · 4 days ago
───flowers in the sun.
Tumblr media
summary: you know fandral well enough to know how much of a flirt he is, but when he asks you to join him on a picnic one day, it turns out he has a reason behind it all with you.
a/n: dedicated to the one and only @megmeg-chan for fueling my daydreams of this man. this goes out to all my fandral lovers out there. i respect you. song i listened to while writing: flowers by in love with a ghost.
· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·
Days like today were always lovely, where the sun shining made everything gleam and sparkle and the breeze were gentle, not too cold but just the perfect temperature. Of course, days like today were always lovely when they’re spent with someone equally as such, but perhaps that’s why he was given the name “dashing.” You weren’t always that interested in him, nor the warriors three, but he slipped through the cracks and you didn’t put up much of a fight once you realized how far you had fallen for him—and who could say no to a picnic out in the Asgardian fields with Fandral, anyhow?
When he had asked you earlier today, you weren’t expecting much but as soon as you had seen the spread—fruit baskets and crystal glasses, a fine linen blanket with golden patterns etched into the fabric—you knew that, once again, he managed to slip further past the cracks you’ve never bothered patching up, and probably never will with him being so close to your heart already.
“These are delicious,” the strawberry in your hand drips down your finger as you wipe your lips.
Fandral chuckles, leaning his head further back to close his eyes up at the sun, resting on one hand where he lays. “I made sure to get only the best for you, darling.”
You don’t react to the nickname, having heard that from his lips countless times before directed at many a fair maiden. “I can tell, with all the food you packed. Must have taken some convincing to sneak this out of the palace.”
“Oh no,” he smiles, tilting his head to look at you. “Not at all, my dear. Only so much convincing for you to join me.”
You smile, wiping the strawberry juice off of your hands with one of the serviettes packed. “I’ve never taken you for the picnic type.”
“Well, what is it they say? A moment is only as good as the people you spend it with.”
“And this moment?” You tease, leaning on your elbow closer to him. “How good is it?”
He doesn’t hesitate to say, “Far greater than any I’ve spent before.”
It makes you smile, looking down at your lap as you fiddle with the serviette in your hands. The confidence in his words could make anyone swoon, but you’ve always been more hopeless than hopeful as a romantic for him. Yet you still cling to it, smiling wider and letting out a chuckle, looking up again.
“Always such a charmer.”
He nods in agreement, pursing his lips slightly as he grabs his glass for another sip. There’s a moment of silence between you two, where you simply sit basking in the sun and listening to the rustling of the flowers amongst the grass as the wind blows gentle and cool. Fandral was right about moments, since this one wouldn’t be as pleasant if he weren’t beside you, but you are still wondering why you’re with him here to begin with—not that you’re complaining but time spent with Fandral was always giddy at most, throwing quips each other’s way and believing his flirts to be mere fun. Hopeless not hopeful, you remind yourself.
“When are you leaving?” you ask finally, seeing as the question was danced around before the food was even brought out.
He sighs, something tired. “Tonight.”
“And you’ll be gone for...?”
“I don’t know—” he sits up—“I’m hoping no more than a month, should everything go to plan. These things don’t usually turn out that way, however.”
You hum in agreement, knowing how long his last campaign with the warriors had been—and how you waited to see him ride back home almost everyday. “I thought you enjoyed fighting battles? I hear so many stories.”
“All in truth, I assure you.” he wags a finger for emphasis. “But when I go, I’ll miss moments like these. I’ll miss you.”
Your cheeks burn by his words. “You won’t have any time to miss me.”
He shakes his head. “I’ll think of you always.”
Hopeless. Remember it. He’s a natural born flirt, and a good one at that, but this doesn’t mean anything to him. You keep telling yourself that but the more you do, the more you think differently. Or maybe you’re just trying to deny what he might feel because of the way you feel. Cutting your thoughts short before you lose yourself, you lean over to pluck a flower from the field, twirling it in your hands to have something other than the serviette to fiddle with in the hopes that Fandral won’t notice how nervous you are. He doesn’t leave the topic unfinished, though.
“That is why I asked you to join me here. If I’m to leave tonight, I want you to be the last person I spend my day with.”
“I know,” he chuckles lightly. “Everything will be alright. I know that more than anything.”
“Because of your bravery or your silver tongue?” you joke, expecting a laugh from him but only getting a smile.
“Because I have something worth fighting for.”
“What is that?”
You think you know the answer already, most likely for Asgard or his companions—something noble—yet you don’t expect his answer when he leans over to take the flower from your fingers, twirling it once before he fastens it behind your ear, looking at you softly to say, “You.”
It’s said so sincerely that you do nothing but stare at him, watching for a furrow in his brow or the crease in his smile to tell you that he was only fooling, but he just continues to look at you, something so genuine and intimate that it could tip you over if his hand weren’t still by your ear and gently brushing along your cheek.
You don’t know what to say, so you change the topic. “Does it look alright?”
It almost takes him a moment, but he doesn’t even look at the flower, instead staring so wistfully at you that you can feel his gaze, noticing the way his eyes flicker between your own and he swallows the clearing of his throat. “Yes, well... you are always beautiful.”
You can feel your heart racing against your chest, you’re scared it might rip right through the skin. What could you reply with that won’t end in a stutter? He’s captured your heart, though you try to deny it, and maybe now you’re about ready to tear down the wall after all these years. But even when his fingers brush along your jaw so tenderly, working their way to your chin, you need more before you can let him in completely.
“I need to know,” you say so quiet like the breeze, placing your hand on top of his to still his movements. He looks at you with those swimmable eyes of his, brows furrowed in a way that makes him look like he’s been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “All of this... how you are with me... is it anything more than just Fandral the Dashing?”
He leans back slightly, like your words had shoved him backward. The look on his face changes to disbelief but so fractionally, so soft-hearted, that you could almost think he was saddened.
“Do you truly believe I have no feelings for you?” he waits for you to tell him he’s wrong, that all this time you’ve known, and when you remain silent he says, “All that I do for you, it’s all of me. Every word I speak, every touch I give, it’s a reflection of how much I care for you. My dear, I have loved you ever since we were young.”
For as long as you can remember, you have wanted to hear those words from him. Every moment you spent wondering ‘what if?’ has come to a standstill, telling you so clearly that all your doubts were for nothing. Fandral loves you, but more than that he has loved you for the beginning. It’s so much to take in that you sit there, frozen, balancing on the edge of happiness and surprise, your thoughts being too loud for you to even choose how to outwardly react.
He’s known you for so long and chuckles breathlessly when you make no move, knowing how many words must be swirling inside your head. “Must I prove myself once more for you?” His thumb rubs gently at your chin as he leans closer, smiling when he notices the way you hold your breath. “Very well.”
You can’t think to close your eyes when he leans just that much closer and presses his lips to yours—the feeling alone being too good to be true, you have to make sure you’re not dreaming. Then just as softly, all at once, you fall into him. The wall comes crumbling down as you close your eyes and kiss him back, your hand reaching out to hold onto his shirt so that this moment doesn’t drift away from you. He smiles against your lips, tilting his head to kiss you deeper and feel you press against him. As he wraps his arms around you, he begins to peck kisses along your jaw, beneath your earlobe, and scattering featherlight kisses along your neck just to hear you laugh as you squirm in his arms.
“You laugh so sweetly, I might have to kiss you more just to hear it.” he has the biggest smile on his face as he speaks, leaning in close to bump his nose against yours. You giggle as you push him back lightly, hearing him chuckle along with you. “I’ll take the sound with me until I come back home to you.”
can i get an uwu in the chat: @moonlight-prose @rebelledjester @aw--heck @americancowgirl19 @xxpoptarts @alwayssleepingforreal @awesomeri14 @karedevil4ever
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izvruss · a day ago
reki kyan and fem reader who is a fan of danganronpa
Tumblr media
you were chilling, @ ur home
playing danganronpa....
u weren't even expecting visitors ???
but langa, reki & miya had diff plans !!
they came over, barging into ur room after ur parents let them in
,,HOLYSHIT NO" you scream, smashing ur laptop closed
and they stood there like 🧍‍♀️🤨
and you're like ,,heeeey"
oh they wanna know what were u watching SOOO bad
so u tell them
miya: cool
langa: ok...but who's dangan and why is it ronpa???
reki: WOWIWIJEJEJWAJSB what's that
so u just,, give up
and u show them a few scenes in thh anime ( they still dont know bout murdering part <3 )
reki thinks it's rlly cool !! the characters seem great !! he loves them already :)
so he keeps on coming over to watch w u
and one day, it was time for S, but u weren't showing up
reki goes worried mode
so he runs over to ur house
and sees u watching
some blond girl was hanging on a huge ass piano ??? ( kaede </3 )
,,Y/N WHAT ARE U WATCHING???!!!!!???"
so u explained to him what danganronpa is all about
he's so confused
,,don't u think it's a bit...too gory?? and maybe it'll influence u in bad way...maybe even worsen ur mental health....the imagery is so.... weird"
u assure him ur alright !!
and he accepts that.....kinda??
u asked him to watch w u after that
he agreed but is like
,,oNlY sO yOu dOnT gEt sCaReD!!!!!"
he holds you tight throughout the whole anime/game
either hugging u from side
or hugging from behind
or ur laying on top of him
he's traumatized after danganronpa 😍😍😍💓💓💓💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😂
,,haha my... girlfriend and I watch danganronpa on our dates....COUPLE GOALS !!!🤣🤣🥶🥶💯" - reki kyan 2021
he drew ur fave characters for u 🙏
deff talks abt danganronpa w u and miya, langa, cherry n joe are like 😟😟🤨🤨
y'all have matching naegiri pfps <3 or komahina,,, or kaimaki !!!
idk, he might not like the fact that ur watching such cruel stuff (who cares reki) but if It makes u happy, HE LOVES IT AS WELL <3
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suddenly-subtle · 2 days ago
TV Review: Invincible 1x01 - "It's About Time"
Series: Invincible
Episode: 1x01 - "It's About Time"
Year: 2021
Rating: B (good)
I have to admit that when I first saw the trailer for Amazon Prime Video’s new original series Invincible, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. Adaptations of comic book super heroes abound these days, so it’s nearly impossible for any one of them to stand out. But the stellar cast of voice actors caught my eye. J. K. Simmons dubbed Tenzin in The Legend of Korra and Steven Yeun played Keith in Voltron: Legendary Defender, two animated series that, despite fluctuations in quality (well, Korra fluctuated; Voltron nose-dived near the end), were more than capable of being moving and were well worth my time. Being unfamiliar with most of the producers and writers (sorry, never jumped on the Walking Dead bandwagon) my main motivation for checking this out was the good reviews the show has been getting. This first episode… captured my attention.
The first scene was really interesting, and the more I think about it, the more certain I am that it established the theme of the whole series. An odd conversation between two security guards takes a strangely emotional turn when one of them starts talking about how proud he is of his stepson, a boy on the verge of becoming a man who had to face his demons and grow up in order to leave behind some wrong things he’d been doing. More on that later.
After that, the episode gets to work establishing what we’re dealing with: super heroes who fly around in ridiculous outfits, equally-lame villains trying to kill the president, superpowered fights where civilians need to be saved from being crushed by military tanks, the whole nine yards. Most prominent amongst the superheroes is Omni-Man, from the planet Viltrium, proprietor of indescribable strength, hyperspeed, flight and an ugly mustache which nevertheless earns him the praise of the LGBT side character. To each their own, I suppose. He also has a son, our main character Mark Grayson, whose powers haven’t kicked in yet even though he’s almost 18. At this point, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve got the plot pinned down. That’s what I thought, too. I expected the season to revolve around Mark having to struggle with feelings of worthlessness then learning to acknowledge his self-worth without the powers in order to earn them at the last episode. There’s even a scene where he tries to stop the school bully and gets his ass kicked. Talk about predictable. But then the show surprised me by having Mark’s powers come to him unexpectedly in the middle of a mundane task. His father starts training him, and turns out he becomes strangely good at using them in a very short amount of time.
The episode avoids other commonplaces later on: when Mark goes out in costume to find bad guys, it isn’t out of noble duty; in his own words, he just needs “someone to punch” after a second confrontation with the school bully, a much more realistic depiction of a teenage boy with powers (not that I know any). When he challenges the authority of his human, non-super-powered mother, she chops his dick off right then and there with a line that eventually leads to the best dialog of the episode, dismantling his boyish bravado while still showing love and understanding. (“Does it make you feel strong? To know I can’t physically force you to do something you don’t want to do?”) By the end of the scene, he’s apologized and the two of them have a heartfelt conversation that reveals a lot about the journey I suspect both these characters will be embarking on. The mothers of adolescent boys in real life deserve so much appreciation, guys. Their job is rough.
Make no mistake, though: this will be a coming-of-age story. Mark straight-up tells his dad he doesn’t think he’ll ever be as good as him in one of the cheesier scenes. But I thought enough tropes were dodged here to make this an interesting watch. The most obvious example is, of course, the final scene, in which Omni-Man graphically murders each and every one of the superheroes from the start of the episode without saying a single word to them. Was he possessed or under someone else’s control, like they seemed to think before they got killed? If he was, there was no indication. Is Omni-Man actually evil? He told his son he volunteered to come to Earth to be its guardian, but this first episode doesn’t offer any proof. Having Mark grow into his powers and his role as a superhero with a father that belongs to the dark side could make for a much more interesting story than I initially thought.
And that takes me back to the opening dialog, with the security guard telling his friend about how proud he was of the man his stepson (hmm) was becoming. He said the boy had done something more difficult than anything he himself had ever done. Exactly how this will relate to Mark’s journey, I don’t know, but I think I’ll do well to keep that conversation in mind as I move forward.
Because I definitely will be moving forward. I’ll keep watching this series (and posting my reviews here, of course). So far, I recommend this show for people who aren’t completely fed up with the superhero format yet, and who would like to see its formula shaken up a little, albeit slightly. The many stars in the dubbing booth are a nice incentive to keep watching, and the vibrant colours of the animation style really make the gory moments pop when they arrive. Fun stuff. Let’s see where this takes us, shall we?
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sorryimanon · 2 days ago
Aged up!MHA Characters — how they are in bed
Warnings: NSFW visual representation. If the sight of porn makes you uncomfortable, please ignore! MDNI ❗️
AN: links only work if you have access to twitter
Tumblr media
Katsuki Bakugou
How he eats you — doesn’t just rely on his expert tongue to make you cum. bakugou utilizes his slender fingers, pumping in and out of you vigorously while lapping and biting down on your puffy clit. watching you squirm is downright the cutest thing he’s ever witnessed.
Favorite Position — an ass man will always be an ass man. as much as he loves seeing your strained expressions during missionary, bakugou is able to unleash his bottled aggression in this position: your perfect ass presented to him, your strangled moans muffled, and the upper half of your body hanging off the edge of the bed.
Izuku Midoriya
How he eats you — izuku practically adds this technique to his mental itinerary. foreplay is mandatory for izuku, immediately pulling you to hover above him; you smothering his face with your wet core, his hands teasing and playing with his sensitive nipples.
Favorite position — good ol fashioned missionary. izuku bends your legs so far back your spine is screaming out in agony. the pleasure soon overshadows the uncomfortableness. he’ll kiss you periodically, hands carefully wrapped around your neck for leverage, both of you whimpering into each other’s mouths.
Shinsou Hitoshi
How he eats you — what a selfish, impatient man. shinsou quite frankly would rather kill two birds with one stone than endure drawn out foreplay. it’s better to get each other prepped and ready together instead of taking turns. also, it’s hot feeling you twitch on his tongue while simultaneously choking on his dick.
Favorite Position — sleepy, sleepy shinsou loves this position. he isn’t inherently lazy during love making per say, but fucking into your drenched sex while on his side? sign him up! this position allows him to hit those unreachable spots efficiently, although the languid strokes leave you whimpering for more.
Shoto Todoroki
How he eats you — shoto passionately eats you out, his mouth never leaves your sensitive clit. sometimes he’ll drawl out the foreplay, edging you close to tears. your pleas for him to fuck you are futile. just relax and let him take care of you love.
Favorite Position — our bi-colored lover boy revels in the way how you relax against his body, putting complete faith that he’ll make you reach your climax. shoto teases you a lot more in this compromising position. slight touches to your perked nipples and clit, hips bucking in tandem to your beautiful moans. your legs afterward hurt from being elevated for so long.
Eijiro Kirishima
How he eats you — quite similar to bakugou, eijiro only uses his fingers the moment he knows you’re about to climax. precautious of his teeth, kiri shows his sadistic side by biting and pulling your flaps. be weary to not squirm or move while he does said technique. Oh, and lots of spitting!
Favorite Position — god, eijiro is a total unit. so, imagine him going quarter unbreakable in this position, his harden cock thrusting into that pretty pussy, praising at how well you are taking him.
Denki Kaminari
How he eats you — unlike the others, kaminari mindlessly enjoys you doing most of the work for this part, because he’s considerate of you and wants you to set the pace. eating you from behind works well, his tongue disappearing in and out of your sex as you keep twerking on the soft muscle. never a dull moment.
Favorite Position — there’s just something about fucking you from behind that gets denki riled up. he’ll be preoccupied with something but would find ways to have you present your cute ass for him. gaming together became whole different meaning.
Tumblr media
master list 🩸
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cloudytamaki · 2 days ago
— how i’d get along with my favorite bnha characters
(@sobaluvr did one with her kins and it made me laugh pls — love you theo)
i would avoid talking to bakugo unless i actually had to. if we got paired up for a project, i’d (begrudgingly) try to work with him to get a good grade. i’d put up with his curt growls as responses to my questions for a little bit before i’d slam my hands down and snap at him to start fucking working.
i wouldn’t exactly ‘avoid’ todoroki, but i wouldn’t be buzzing all around him to get him to open up, yk? i kind of vibe with reserved people, since i’m one myself. if i were sitting next to him for lunch i’d give a small hello, expecting something in return to acknowledge my presence because that’s common courtesy. i’d be like ‘damn rude’ if he didn’t say anything back but then again, he’s todoroki. some hello’s and a few ‘good morning’s would be exchanged – that’d be the extent of our friendship.
i feel like denki would bring out the chattier side of me. we wouldn’t be able to sit beside each other at an event cause we’d start cracking up the second something remotely funny happens. 1 am texting, rants on news theories, etc.
while everyone’s clustered together talking excitedly about something going on, tokoyami and i would likely be standing in the corner watching. listening and silently judging. i’d (rarely) ask him about different things, such as life and astrology.
i’d enjoy momo’s company: she’s another person i’d vibe with well. we’d sit with honeyed tea, talking about questions i have (mostly about advice), and anything else.
tamaki wouldn’t be someone i’d just go up to and chat with. we’d meet through stargazing at some random time at night, outside of the dorms without permission. then we’d have some heartfelt conversations about zodiac stereotypes. my competitive ass would challenge him to name as many stars as he could >:)
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sarangyeonghon · 2 days ago
'Mr. Queen’ Taught Me “Be You. The World Will Adjust.”
Tumblr media
I have no shame in proclaiming this so early into this year but… 'Mr. Queen' or ‘Queen Cheorin’ is my favorite drama watch of 2021.
Quite honestly, I don't know where to start with this show. There is so much happening in it, right from the very first scene and yet, it doesn't overwhelm or addle you (well done, team TVN).
A time-travel story, prominent Korean chef Jang-Bong Hwan's spirit suddenly transports back to the Joseon Dynasty and settles into Queen Kim So-Yong's body. Strangely, it is exactly at the same time when the Queen decides to jump into a palatial lake.
Tumblr media
So what does a man from the 21st century do trapped in a woman's body from a couple of 100 years ago? Of course, he tries every possible trick in the book to swap back to his own physical being.
Tumblr media
But the deities have other plans and we then see how Bong Hwan's spirit decides to own his role as a Queen until the heavens deem it right for him to return to present times.
I shall pause here and applaud the absolute brilliancy of actress Shin Hye-Sun who's done such a fantastic job portraying a narcissistic male spirit in a feminine form. She's a complete rock-star, our Queen Cheorin. She has zero hoots to give, she damns patriarchy in the face, she teaches the king a thing or two about how to run a goddamn country, she leads the creation of ramen as we know it today, she's bold, selfish and hellish funny.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
King Cheoljung is another interesting entity. Sporting a façade as a 'puppet king', he's actually the mastermind behind the revolt brewing up among the masses. He was never really into Kim So-Yong because his heart is already tied to Jo Hwa-Jin. His marriage to So-Yong is nothing but an extension of court politics and this infuriates our very handsome but clearly-a-bit-twisted second lead, Kim Byeong-in.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In Byeong-in's defense, he's loved So-Yong ever since they were children and he's aware of her being despondent in finding no comfort or companionship in Cheoljong.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
We then have two classic bitches-of-the-first-order in Queen Sunwon (great grandmother-in-law) and Queen Dowager Jo (mother-in-law). The former is supported by the slyest villain in the history of Joseon dynasty Kim Jwa-Guen and is evil enough on her own, mind you. Topped up with Queen Dowager's crappy antiques, the trio deserve an ovation for the amount of times they can piss you off.
Tumblr media
The story follows the survival of Jang-Bong Hwan as Kim So-Yong amidst political intrigues and secrets that compose the palace and its people.
The show is hilarious. The comic timing, is absolutely woot-worthy and it just keeps wanting you to sit your ass down and move on to the next episode and then the next. Even through the darkest moments of storytelling, the show finds a way to make you laugh. And this, more than anything else (exception: Shin-Hye Sun's stellar performance) is the reason why I simply LOVE and adore the show.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I cannot not talk about Court Lady Choi-Hwa, a sensational, traditional mother-figure who's about to lose her shit thanks to the baffling antiques of our Mr. Queen. From walking with her skirt held up to her knees, from burping in your face, from taking over the Royal Kitchen and to dancing in the rain, So-Yong's sudden change of character causes Lady Choi to almost faint.
Tumblr media
So-Yong, Lady Choi and Hong Yeon's femme bonding is one of my favorite parts of this entire tale, hands down.
Tumblr media
There are so many sensational and cute side characters in the show but I'm going to list down some key learnings I picked up:
1. Have the courage to love yourself first.
Tumblr media
Often, it is easier to love another before loving ourselves first. But to sit down with yourself and give yourself the love you crave for is a no-bargain deal, even if it means not having the space to love others.
2. Celebrate your weird, your crazy and your wild.
Tumblr media
Life's really, really rather short to be anything but the whole of you. I love that about So-Yong: her ability to be radically herself and celebrate it.
3. You are only defeated when you think yourself to be.
Tumblr media
No matter what life throws at you or if time has your back or not, you cannot be defeated until you allow yourself to be. I think this is one of my favorite qualities of King Cheoljung.
I'd like to rewatch this drama, at a slower pace, with large bowls of chili popcorn, now that the suspense is over and I know how it ends. My last words: So-Yong eating ramen. ❤
Tumblr media
GIF Credits: GIF 1 & 13 - Tumbex | GIF 2: Choi Jin-Hyuk y Dramas, Tumblr | GIF 3: @labelledejour​ | GIF 4: Aghasewatchtv | GIF 5: MyDramaList | GIF 5: Kenh 14 a | GIF 11: Dramabeans | GIF 12: Bitches Over Dramas | GIF 14: Tenor | GIF 15: @thingskateknows​ | 
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waifuholic · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Beatrix from Final Fantasy IX 
And we reach the end of our 7th Chapter of The Waifu List, closing strong and high with a legendary tier waifu, the 77th seat belongs to lady Beatrix from Final Fantasy IX!
I could say a LOT of things about this waifu and 99% of them would be nice, so I'm gonna go for the 1% I have to say about her that is not so nice... and I'm daring to say that anyone that has played Final Fantasy IX will agree with me *clears throat* the worst thing about this lady is... how little time we can have with her! there I said it! had to be said, *ahem* she is not a playable character (well she is, but only temporary), too little screen time for my taste, there's never enough Beatrix!
If you played the game you already know you face her in combat as a boss (several times actually) and she always hands your ass to you (every single time), a strong waifu by all means! and here at The Waifu Kitchen we love strong waifus, but as powerful as she can be she also has a tender side, and we love that too!
Unshakable loyalty, a good measure of iron will, some love letters, a dash of romantic speech on the right moments and the will to fight and die by her side are the recipe to open this lady's heart. Do you have what it takes?
Hope you like her and if you do, don't forget to leave some love for her on the comments!
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toorusluvr · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— Motive - Meian Shougo
characters: meian shougo x f!reader
cw:  oral receiving (f&m) + oral giving (f&m) + face sitting + blowjob + daddy kink (I'm rest assured that Meian has daddy kink)
wc: 2.5k
crossposted on my ao3 🤍
Tumblr media
Your husband, Meian, was away for the night to celebrate another victory with Black Jackals. It's almost 1 in the morning when you heard the sounds of keypads being pressed from outside. Who else would it be at this hour? It must be your husband who had just came back from dinner. He wanted you to come along, but you refused since you were feeling tired.
Meian opened the door and was welcomed by the sight of you in your cute nightgown dress. He looked absolutely perfect in the tux he was wearing. Meian took off his shoes and put them aside before stepping into your apartment. "Hey, princess", he greeted you with a firm hug.
You inhaled the masculine scent from his cologne while you buried your face in the crook of his neck. "Hey. Welcome home, honey" you snaked your arms around his well-built body. You heard his raspy laughter after you squeezed your bodies together. "How was the dinner?" you asked. Meian dragged your hand with him to the living room.
Both of you plopped down on the couch. Meian turned his body to face you, "It was nice. But, I'm tired. So tired." You chuckled seeing your husband getting pouty every time he's tired. You knew he's been working hard for the past few months, especially since the new season had just started last week. His schedule has been swamped, and he sometimes got home late at night.
There was a comfortable silence between both of you. "Baby, lay back for me, okay? I'd make you feel good for a while," an obvious smirk plastered across your face when an idea popped in your mind. Meian furrowed his eyebrows, and when it clicked together, he scoffed. "You're so naughty, aren't you?" he lifted your chin using his index finger as he stared straight into your eyes.
You smirked, "Please, Meian? For me?" you gave him doe eyes to persuade him. It's been a while since you guys have been together, and you've been aching to be impaled by his thick cock. If he's really exhausted, you'd just give him head and sleep after that.
Meian threw his head back as he let out a deep chuckle. He wouldn't want to leave his lovely wife go to bed feeling unsatisfied. "Okay, princess. You better do good for me, yeah?" He cupped your cheeks in his large palms and kissed you on your soft lips. You smiled in satisfaction. You finally got what you've desired.
Your husband leaned his back against the couch, spreading his legs wide for you to be in between his legs. You got on your knees and put both of your hands on his juicy thighs. "You look so good in this suit, daddy", you praised him with your sweet voice. Your hand slowly rubbing his thigh up and down, "I've missed you, Meian. But, you've been busy these days."
He watched your movements, occasionally letting out soft chuckles at how you're tempting him. "I know, princess. We both know how important our careers are to us, hm?" he rubbed your cheeks using both of his thumbs.
You nodded slowly. "Hm, I understood, daddy." You chuckled when you locked eyes with him. Meian awaited your next move, and he was surprised when you pushed him backwards. Your very much smaller figure than his size hovered on top of his.
"Mhm, what's this, princess?" his tired voice echoed in your ears. He stared into your eyes, his hands holding the curves of your waists. Meian then heard you chuckled before he felt your lips on his sharp jawline. You smooched his jawline before nibbling his neck. Meian gave you a side-eye, "Teasing much, huh?"
Meian locked eyes with you. He has never felt so glad to have someone special in his life, not until you came. You've always been special to him. Forever, and always. His hand then travelled to the thin fabric of your nightgown. His hand fit perfectly on the shape of your ass.
Your body jolted forward when he gave your ass a hard smack. "Stop teasing me that much and get your work done, hm?" his voice was rigid, demanding you to serve your duty as his wife, his little slut that has always been obedient to him.
He's rough. That's it. You'll always obey him when he says something. With a weak nod, you then got on your knees on the carpet floor beneath you.
Meian got excited when he watched you looking so small under him. "Come on, princess. You said you wanted to make me feel good. Don't waste our time, hm?"
You inhaled a deep breath. When he demands you, you'll always end up feeling scared in case you'll mess up. He won't go easy on you either. Your fingers reached for his belt. You unbuckled his belt before unbuttoning his dress pants. The forming tent on his dress pants was evident enough to show that he couldn't wait either.
You palmed him through the forming tent, "Eager much, daddy?"
Meian scoffed at your snarky remark. "So, you decided to be a brat today? Do I need to teach you, so you know your place, princess?"
You hummed happily, "No, daddy. I swear I'll make you feel good."
"You better be," he said. Meian's eyes trailed your movement to unzip his dress pants. He bucked his hips for you to undo his pants. You slid his pants off of him, only leaving him in his black briefs.
Your fingers tugged on the waistband of his boxer, trying to slide it off of him. When you successfully undid his boxer, you took out his hardened member. His red tip was filled with precum.
He hissed when your warm mouth made contact with his sensitive tip. You licked the beads of precum leaking on top of his angry tip. Tilting your jaw to the right, you felt his length all the way to your throat. You breathed through your nose while trying to fit his size in your mouth. Meian's cock is thick and long that it burns every time he stretches your walls out.
"Fuck. Just like that, baby," he commanded while resting one of his hand at the back of your head. Your lips wrapped around his cock while bobbing your head up and down, tongue licking every inch of his cock. Meian tilted your chin using his index finger, his eyes observing your glossy eyes with a smirk plastered across his face.
He wiped the drools over the corner of your lips. "You look so pretty taking my cock like this, princess. You've always been such a good girl for daddy, hm?" he caressed his thumb over the bulge of his cock forming on your cheeks. He gave you a cocky smirk when he eyed that beautiful eyes of yours.
You hummed while nodding to whatever your daddy had to say. Your tongue lolled out to lick his girthy cock from the shaft to the tip. Meian's hand rested comfortably at the back of your head, gently pushing your head down. With a shallow breath -- suffocated by his thick cock, you focused on that same spot that made your husband constantly throwing his head back with soft whimpers.
"Fuck, princess", he let out a staggered moan. His fingers constantly caressing your jawlines with so much love. "You are such a good wife for me, princess. I fucking love you."
Meian could hear you let out a soft chuckle while he praised you endlessly. His hand then moved to your face. You could feel his thick fingers removing the strands of hair that fell on your beautiful face. "So fucking beautiful taking my cock like this", he chuckled.
As you pulled his cock out of your mouth, the white string of your saliva covering his cock sent shivers to every vein in his body. Your smaller hand pumping his cock all the way to the shaft with your spits as the lubricant. Meian's cock throbbed even more, when you increased your pace of pumping his cock. You watched his face contorted with pleasure. His sweats covered abs flexing with so much force while throwing his head back while moaning out your name out of his pretty mouth.
Meian leaned in for a kiss on your beautiful lips, gently nipping on your bottom lip while he occasionally let out soft whimpers in his vocal tract. Your hand still wrapped around his cock while roughly kissing your husband. He broke the kiss and stared into your eyes, "Fuck, I love you so much, princess."
You smirked before lowering your head onto his cock once again. His thick cock always leaves your jaw aches the moment after. When he felt your warm tongue grazed over his slit, he let out another soft grunt. "Fuck, princess. I'm coming," you heard him say with his eyebrows pinched together. He let out another grunt when he felt his climax coming.
Meian's thick cum spurted on your face. That's one of his favourite things to do in the world. And, you look so fucking beautiful being covered in his thick cum. He let out a deep chuckle as he took his worn shirt to clean your face. "Damn, princess, that was so hot" he caressed the sides of your face with his thumb. He eyed you from head to toe before he straddled you in his lap.
You slung your arm over his broad shoulders. "Princess, I am not done with you yet" you felt his hot breath fanned over your neck. Not long after, you felt his lips latched on your sensitive neck. Slowly, he licked your neck and sucked on your supple flesh. His large hands fondling your clothed breasts through the thin material.
"No bra. Seriously?" he raised one of his eyebrows at you with a cocky smirk. Meian saw that sneaky smile you tried so hard to keep.
You placed your thighs on either side of his body while facing him. "Mhm," you hummed softly before bursting into laughter. It's hard to keep your cool when your husband looked so good, even when he's exhausted. It makes you feel giddy to please him.
His palms trailed over your inner thighs. His fingers pulling the hem of your nightgown − revealing your bare thighs. He stopped caressing your soft skin. His eyes admiring your beauty for a second. A sense of guilt crept in his heart because he hasn't been spending times with you. Of course, he felt guilty for neglecting his adorable wife, who's loyal to him.
You are the only reason he feels happy even when his career is killing him inside out.
His dark orbs stared straight into your soul, his hands still on your thighs. Not a second later, you felt two of his digits on the dampened cotton material of your panties. Your body shuddered at the sudden sensation of his thick fingers trailing over your sensitive cunt. He felt your body squirmed in his lap. "Needy, much?" you heard he clicked his tongue.
You bit your lower lip when he dragged two of his digits slowly on your soaked panties. In your mind, you could only imagine how ruthless Meian would be fucking you tonight. You don't even care if he's gonna leave you limping the next day as long as you get to being dicked down by your husband.
Meian moved his hands to your waist before his fingers tugged on the waistband of your panties. He slid your panties off of your legs. Meian snickered when he felt the goosebumps on your skin. "Can you take this off for daddy, princess?" his deep voice rumbled in your ears.
You nodded hesitantly − feeling small in front of him all of a sudden. Meian helped you to take off your nightgown dress, leaving you bare for his sight. He looked at you with a cocky smile while his hands grabbing you on the waists. He saw your chests rising slowly while he stared at you lovingly.
"Sit on my face, princess", he commanded. You nodded eagerly but also slightly nervous because it's been quite some time since you last did this with him. What if he hurt himself while you sat on his face? Intrusive thoughts filled your mind until Meian snapped his fingers in front of your face.
You cleared your throat awkwardly, "Yes, daddy." Meian snickered at your reply. You must have been nervous, he thought.
Meian laid his back on the leather couch while waiting for you to get on top of him. Slowly, you got on top of him, reserving your only seat -- that's his beautiful face. You felt your thighs trembling as you felt his soft breath fanned over your dripping cunt.
Your husband let out a deep chuckle when he saw your legs shaking. "Relax, princess. This is your throne, baby. What are you scared of, hm?"
A peal of nervous laughter elicited from your mouth, "Okay." Right after he assured you to relax, you felt his hot tongue on your slick folds. Slowly, Meian dragged his tongue up and down your folds. His strong hands holding your thighs together, ensuring you wouldn't fall back. He felt your body squirmed as he savoured your taste. His tongue skilfully gliding up and down on your slick folds -- sucking and nipping on your sensitive clit.
Your grip on the leather couch's armrest became tighter as you felt the orgasm building slowly in your lower body. "D-daddy", you mumbled nervously. You bit your lower lip as you threw your head back. Your breath became heavier when he gently sucked on your clit. "Mhm," you moaned quietly -- your right hand playing with your soft flesh.
Meian has always loved how you taste. He will never regret asking you to sit on his face. Savouring your taste and giving you pleasure are his specialities. The tip of his tongue circling on your clit slowly to give you the orgasm you desired for.
The tight knot in your stomach became twisted as you felt your orgasm slowly crashing. "Fuck", you cursed under your breath. Your legs couldn't handle the shakiness any longer that you had to grip on the armrest for your dear life. "D-daddy," you mumbled incoherently when he continued licking and nipping on your clit. "I'm c-coming" your body trembled in his grip.
As Meian twirled the tip of his tongue on your clit, he heard you let out a loud moan together with your thighs shaking. He watched the white string of your cum coming out of your pussy, and a victory smile was plastered across his face. "How was that, princess?" he asked as he kissed your pussy.
Your breath became shaky after you came down from your high. You got off of his face and laid on top of him. You placed your head on his rock hard chest while your hand rubbing circles on it. "That was... amazing", you chuckled shyly.
Meian caressed your head lovingly. His lips occasionally leaving kisses on the top of your head. "You did good for daddy, princess" his deep laughter filled the comfortable silence between both of you. "Come here, let's sleep. It's getting late," he said before leading both of you to your shared bedroom.
Tumblr media
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paper-n-ashes · 4 days ago
Which of your fics?
Thank you to @safarigirlsp and @hopeamarsu for the tag! The writers block gremlin has been tormenting me as of late, making me feel pretty down, so I hope going over some of my writing might give me some confidence to push through.
Which fic got a better reaction than you expected? 
I would say Here, simply because it truly was the most self-indulgent, written for myself thing I ever typed out. And I struggle with fluff, so to get a positive reaction to a sweeter story was really warming. 
Which fic is your funniest? 
I am, uh, not naturally funny. So my writing tends not to be either. I think I’ve popped in a few comedic things into Calling The Light, because Poe as a character is much easier to write in terms of funny quips, and the Knights of Ren characterisations I went with added a few little lighter moments of hilarity. But hey, maybe I’ll make myself a challenge to explore my comedic side? Please someone help me do this.
Which fic is your darkest/angstiest?
Calling the Light, Only to Vanish into Darkness, ticks the angst box. Dead set. Writing a love triangle is just angsty trope city. The yearning, pining, jealousy, betrayal, heartbreak, all of it. ANGST. I haven’t delved into anything viciously dark yet, but that might change as I get more daring. 
Is your absolute favourite? 
CtLOtViD is my passion project, and the Poe and Kylo characters are still the most enjoyable for me to write, so it’s hard not to put that as my favourite. The only thing I’ve worked on longer is my nursing degree. It thrust me into fanficiton writing, brought me to an incredible international best friend, and introduced me to so many kind and talented people. I owe it everything. 
Is your least favourite? 
I only have a couple one shots/series, and I’m pretty happy with how they all turned out, and CtLOtViD works well as a whole but UGHHH some of the chapters I hate with a burning passion, mostly for how I still, to this day, can’t get them exactly how I want. *cough* 22 and 28 *cough*
Which was the easiest to write?
Under the Radar. Which, after whining I couldn’t write reader insert, was the first time I tried it and... it was so much easier than expected. All of it came so smoothly, knowing I was writing it specifically for someone else as a gift. I really had fun with that one. 
I’ll also say Chapter 38 of CtLOtViD surprised me with how much easier I found writing about a sub!Kylo and a tinge of blood play. THAT was a surprising revelation. 
The hardest? 
Chapter 41 of CtLOtViD. HANDS FUCKING DOWN. I agonised over that fucking chapter. I’m not in my strongest element with action scenes, so that was a struggle. Making Old Republic Star Wars lore sound interesting and coherent was also way more difficult than I ever predicted. And look, it is legitimately one of the most important chapters plot wise and my perfectionist ass lamented for so damn long over how a huge plot bomb was going to be dropped. This chapter ripped me a new one and I’ll never forgive it. 
Which fic has your favourite line/paragraph? 
I have two.
From Chapter 39 of CtLOtViD
“The gravity of fate had forced us in each other’s orbit. Clinging so close together for this brief fragment of time. But something told me, in the deepest chasm of my mind, our paths were destined to diverge again.”
From Here
“Words were fickle. They could be misconstrued. Altered by tone. Changed by moods and attitudes.
There was no differing interpretation. No miscommunication. The definition explained merely by the feeling invoked from every action each of you made.
Two people. Expressing love in the most basal way in existence.”
Which fic have you re-read the most? 
I’ve had to re-read CtLOtViD billions of times to ensure I’m not forming any plot holes. In terms of the reader insert stuff, I would say Consequences, because damn if I don’t love a simpy Charlie Barber and straight shooting Santiago Garcia. 
Which one would you recommend to someone reading your work for the first time? 
If you can possibly endure a canon-divergent Star Wars longfic that isn’t reader insert, I would love anyone to give Calling the Light, Only to Vanish into Darkness a chance. If reader insert is more your thing I’d definitely start with Under the Radar or Here. 
The one you’re most proud of?
It’s hard not be a little proud of a collection of 50 chapters I’ve poured my heart and soul into, so CtLOtViD takes the cake here. I’ll never undertake a story like this again as long as I live, and the hundreds of hours of writing have been almost too overwhelming and effecting. I could have given in so many times, not thinking it was good enough or worth it to continue, but I’m still here, typing it out. So... yeah... just happy to have not thrown it in. 
Tagging a few who I would die to hear talk about their beautiful writing, and who have inspired me immensely. 
@tlcwrites @roanniom @princessxkenobi @foxilayde 
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love-amihan · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
amihan's note: since the first one got lots of notes, i'm here to deliver more ~(^v^)~ this will be a bit different than the first one. ahh how i miss having our usual scimmage every night 😪 here's a few moments on how my teammates and i usually play our game, happy reading!
✨ jjk masterlist✨
game; call of duty: mobile
if y'all wanna add me; ign: ZoroSRS
uid: 6748381838776991745
bf!yuta x gn!reader, bf!junpei x gn!reader, bf!mahito x gn!reader
Tumblr media
-okkotsu yuta
he's that teammate who always gets the dog tags
if ever he's the only one remaining and all of you are watching his gameplay, he gets all shaky
"stop, i'm shaking so much" he muttered on his mic while his character slides and jumps trying to find a good spot
but gets cheered up by the team, specially you
if it's the other way around, you're the last member. he will praise you nonstop;
your breath hitched as you see all your teammates get taken down one after another, good thing you manage to get into revival flight before your last teammate died. your teammates immediately reassuring you, lots of 'you got this' and 'you can do it' echoing your ears.
your character went down in front of the airdrop, you cursed seeing it has nothing in it, not even a rifle with a single bullet. you had no choice but to pick up the rocket launcher, you gotta use what's available. "enemy, enemy" your teammate alerted, you turn around and made some distance between the two of you as the enemy rains down bullets at you.
you used the rocket launcher doing some damage to the enemy, sadly you got taken out first. all of you groan as your screen shows big number 3, indicating your place. you felt yuta come closer to your side hugging you, "you did great, that was badass" he showers you with kisses causing you to giggle.
he loves playing with you
the way you're so focused with the game mesmerizes him
he can't help but get distracted all the time, causing him to die in-game
the boy is so whipped for you
the team always tease him for that
you will catch him staring at you and he will immediately avert his eyes back to his screen, blushing like crazy
he's acting like he's not your boyfriend, you can't help but shake your head smile evident on your lips
Tumblr media
-yoshino junpei
i don't know if it's just me but he gives the gamer vibe, like a good one at that
his aim? top-notch, hands down
i feel like he's gonna be a shotgun user
his movements you ask? he flows like the wind he really said can't catch this ass
you can't believe your eyes sometimes, seeing how his fingers moves around his screen effortlessly fast
he assists you whenever, wherever you need him
will help you learn how to snipe!
well mostly because the team have lots of shotgun users
a lil side story; pls our clan master taught me how to use sniper and do hip-fire but my dumbass can never adapt (ಥ﹏ಥ) but one thing i did learn was use shotgun, it all worked out in the end ig ┐(´~`)┌
he's the strategist of the team
will instruct you all what to do and not to do
an enemy squad approaching? he's already spurting out tactics as all of you took position listening to him
you are not that good with games like this compare to him but with all the one on one lessons he gave you, you can say that you're pretty decent with it. plus it was also another way of spending time with him.
you kept a look-out for the team as they take their needed loots, the team just did a flawless squad wipe thanks to junpei's strategies. your eyes caught something moving in the corner, just as you were about to say something bullets starts pouring at junpei's direction.
luckily, the enemy is within your range and you easily took them out without breaking a single sweat. junpei let out a whistle, pulling away from his phone for a moment to give you a quick peck on the lips, smiling down on his screen, "good job, love" you can't help but smile, this is definitely the best way to spend time with him.
Tumblr media
fuckin loud
like doesn't stop talking the whole game
yes, it was entertaining at first, all his jokes and funny stories
but as the game progressed, he just became annoying
you're the vice master, so if ever you can kick him out anytime :D
you never miss a beat threatening him, using your vice master card
the only thing holding you back from kicking him? he's really good!
like his sniping skills? spot on, sheesh he has no chill
loves poking fun of you
he will never say this but he really looks up to you and respects you as a player
there's this one time, he was waiting for the revival flight he saw your gameplay;
you scope in and move it to at least get a hit on the enemy. once you were confident on your aim, you pushed the fire button but it didn't even land a hit on the enemy. you heard a snort beside you as you groan, "that was so bad" he commented.
you glare at him, giving a reasonable excuse "the enemy was moving!" you were not wrong though, the enemy was indeed moving. smh mahito, you cocky bastard.
there's also this moment, where there's only two squads left. your team and an enemy squad;
you saw a lone enemy that had no clue with their surrounding, so you took this opportunity for a perfect ambush. you opted for a shotgun wanting to get closer to the enemy, once you were in range you began spamming the fire button as you circle around them.
at the same time you also took damage, you were reloading your shotgun but before you can finish doing so, your character dropped dead and a dog tag was displayed on your screen. you made a confused noise, mahito running towards your dog tag while laughing loudly. you look at him, a little upset "you really used a whole mag for one person?" he taunted.
his character scanning your dog tag, you cross your arms now more upset. "if i knew there was another one, i would've used two!" you complained, he reaches out to you pinching your cheeks "sure sure" you huff "plus i was reloading" he chuckles pulling you closer to his side, leaving a kiss on your temple.
Tumblr media
tagging; @lumpiang-toge bcs yuta is adorable here usto q lang din umatake
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spop-isnt-shit · 7 days ago
Endings as intent
Okay, so this isn’t Spop specific because I see it everywhere. ‘How do you know X was redeemed‘ or ‘X wasn’t really redeemed’. And this is the kind of basic storytelling thing that I love to talk about.
Writing is a form of communication between artist and reader. This doesn’t mean the message is necessarily meaningful- it could literally be the author jabbing you in the side with their elbow and going, ‘wouldn’t that be fucked up?’ The way the author tells you what they want to say is through the narrative. The ending is the conclusion paragraph of a story. It takes all of the ideas and conflicts the story has been building up and gives the writer’s answer (this could be anywhere from a ’I don’t know, you decide’ to a ‘love triumphs over evil’- not all answers are direct, known or knowable.)
Like, take Cinderella. The basic lesson is supposed to be, ‘if you’re kind and hardworking even in the face of cruelty, you will eventually find happiness.’ Cinderella’s big thing is endless compassion for all creatures, which is why her friends are mice- creatures often viewed as vermin. The stepsisters and mother are needlessly cruel to someone who did nothing to them and won’t find happiness or love until they stop being cruel.
So let’s take this idea, and change it so the sisters and mother don’t change BUT still end up marrying a different pair of princes. That would change how we view the story wouldn’t it? Because kindness wouldn’t really amount to anything, cruelty and kindness would ultimately get you to the same place in life and kindness means you put up with far more bullshit. (Mind, an argument could be made that the sequels did exactly that, but I honestly think the message was a more nuanced, ‘if you start cruel then choose kindness, you can still find happiness.’ Ngl I could make an entirely different post on A Twist in Time as an actually good redemption arc but I don’t have time and I have a point to get to.)
Then we get to characters like Hordak (or the Diamonds but I’m not hitting that hornet’s net.) Hordak got and the exact same ending as every protagonist, while the character they decided would be our real antagonist was thrown off a cliff. We don’t even get the shitty ass apologies Catra gIves for her bullshit. Hordak spent years as a colonizer, but hey, he was a cult victim and killed his abuser so he gets the same send off as our heroes.
Because in the She-Ra verse... It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if you actually learned that taking over other nations was bad. It doesn’t matter if you’ve actually learned anything or helped anyone. As long as you’re not our Official Designated Villain and you have enough of a sob story the most you’ll get is a snide sideline comments. Is asking for some actions to have consequences- actions that have gone on for at least a decade considering Adora’s a teenager and Hordak was pulling this shit since she was a baby- really too much to ask?
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itsanerdlife · 7 days ago
Ties That Bind 12/32
Pairing: MC!Bucky Barnes x Clint’s Twin Sister!Reader
Warning: Oh theeeeee language, sass, banter, violence, sexual puns, loss, abuse mentioned, possessive male characters, criminal activity, defiant females.
At the age of six, Bucky gave me a valentine’s day card, with a sloppy heart and BB scribbled inside.
At ten, he gave me a kiss on the cheek after wailing on Clint for pulling my hair.
At twelve, he pissed me off, staking claim on me in front of the others.
At fifteen, we had our first break up.
At eighteen, we graduated high school and got married.
At twenty one, everything changed.
Two years later, he’s dragging me home… to face the table and all I ran out on.
Tag List Is Open!!
Tumblr media
He’s in the garage, wiping off the extra helmet for his wife. Glancing up two people coming up their drive. Clint and Barney smirking as they step into the garage.
“Going on a ride with the wife?” Barney chuckles.
“That we are.” He nods, a smile on his lips.
“He did always know what made her weak.” Clint laughs.
“Thank god she’s a biker baby.” He chuckles.
“She probably would have never given your ass the time of day.” Barney laughs.
“Hell no she wouldn’t have.” He grins.
“Alrighty.” She calls stepping into the garage from the side door connected to the house. “Damn I knew your ugly ass was here.” She laughs.
“The fuck, we’re twins.” Clint throws his hands up, laughing.
“She’s still better looking than you.” Bucky shrugs, looking back at his wife.
Dressed in black skinny jeans, one knee is ripped out, and up into her thigh. A white form fitted cropped T-shirt. Her hair held back by a black, twisted up bandana. Sunglasses in hand, and combat boots she picked for riding. The sleeves of her shirt leave a portion of her sunflower tattoo in view, honestly it is his favorite tattoo on her skin.
Okay, maybe not his favorite, favorite, but he was pretty sure the other not many knew about.
“Are you drooling over your wife?” Barney chuckles, his voice quiet. Clint and Y/N are bickering back and forth as they torment each other.
“Fuck yeah.” He looks over, grinning.
“Jesus, you’d never guess you two have literally been together, most of your lives.” Barney snorts.
“So, do I need to ask,” she strolls over, a smirk on her lips “who’s been on the back of your bike?” Her head tips.
“Wanda, Becca. That’s all.” He chuckles, handing her the helmet he held.
“That’s fine, I’ll beat both their asses later.” She nods, walking away.
He nods, dragging his bottom lip in.
“You know, it fucks me up a little watching you do that, over my twin.” Clint grumbles.
Bucky grins.
“That’s the nicest thing he’s done to your twin.” Barney laughs, he stops instantly, wincing. “Oh, I forgot she’s my little sister.” He makes a face.
“Did your sister get all the brains?” He looks between the two Barton’s.
“I mean,” Clint shrugs.
“Pretty sure.” Barney nods.
“Jesus.” He chuckles, walking away. “Close my garage door, dickbags.” He calls glancing back.
“You can’t tell us what to do. We’re not our sister.” Clint laughs.
“She only likes that when she’s naked.” He grins, watching both bothers groan.
“Tormenting my brothers?” She smirks, snapping her gum as she leans on his bike.
If that’s not a fucking sight he loves.
“It’s a favorite pass time of mine.” He shrugs.
“I knew I married you for good reason.” She grins, slipping on her sunglasses. She stands grabbing her helmet.
“Like you really had much choice.” He snorts, pushing on his own sunglasses. She laughs, hands on his shoulders as she swings her leg over, settling down behind him.
Tumblr media
Riding with Bucky would always be a favorite of mine. All our problems seemed so small burning down some back road, leaving everything behind. It was more than just a getaway, being an outlaw, meant I’m a second set of eyes. Watching for blue lights, for other crews, having his back, while he was vulnerable riding without other members.
Fingers laced together, resting against his middle. He drove at a consistent pace, one hand on the throttle the other, rests on my bare knee. Watching as the world whips past, cheek rests against the leather kutte, he wore. Devil’s Bastards.
Straightening up, slipping my hands to his sides. Admiring the view of the man that really is my husband. The man that still loves me after all these years, after I bailed out. One hand comes up, slipping my fingers into the hair at the back of his neck.
I feel him chuckle, it makes me grin. Leaning in, reaching up without jostling the two of us. Than again we were a pro at this point in life. Pressing a soft kiss at the side of his neck.
His hand on my knee, squeezes three times. My insides do a little puddle. It was hard to talk when riding, which wasn’t always the worst thing. Three squeezes was our way of telling the other, I love you.
Maybe, just maybe there was hope for the two of us to be better this time around. There was never a moment I didn’t love or trust Bucky. I never meant to keep secrets, but somethings were better left in the dark than facing the truth. They were better off in the dark, where Bucky wouldn’t do something he would have to live with for the rest of his life.
Slipping my hands around him around, leaning in on his back, palms flat against him. One against his stomach, the other moves up, against his sternum. Hugging myself to him in a way, my pointer finger on his chest, taps three times. Grinning when his hand moves from my knee to my hand on his chest, he brushes his fingers over my rings.
Out on a backroad, somewhere out of the town limits. What’s called nomads land to the clubs. Bucky pulls into a backwoods, barely standing gas station. Bracing myself on his shoulders, swinging a leg over, dropping down.
He’s grinning as we both pull your helmets off. He stands, getting off as well. Leaving both helmets on the seats. He runs a hand through his hair as he starts to pump gas.
“I think this is the last one pass till we come back around on the other side. We’d better get it before we’re calling your brothers for help.” Bucky shakes his head, chuckling.
“Knowing their stupid asses, they’d leave us.” A shrug, smirking.
“Nah, not with their baby sister out after dark.” He grins.
“You might have a point.” I admit.
He dips his head, kissing me. My heart takes off on a high-speed chase. I’d never get tired of that feeling. His hand cups the side of my jaw, deepening the kiss.
Damn if I hadn’t missed the ever loving fuck out of him.
Secrets be damned. Being without Bucky was so much worse.
The pump pops, pulling the two of us apart a moment later. He hangs it up, pushing his cap back in. He grabs my hand pulling me after him into the rickety ass shop. Quickly skipping off, with a sharp swat on the ass from my husband.
Grabbing two bottles of water, I skip back to him at the counter. The guy behind the counter looks half awake, and more surprised to see actual customers. He tells Bucky the total, the sound that follows fills the pit of your stomach with nerves. Bucky’s head snaps over, his massive body ridged instantly. Motorcycle engines pulling into the lot.
“Fuck.” We both whisper.
------------------------------------ Everything Peaches 8/8/20 @extisi​ @mo320​ @ml7010​ @gabile18​ @irepeldirt​ @amirra88​ @dumblani​ @tanelle83​ @cutie1365​ @joannie95​ @nunu2888​ @coley0823​ @connie326​ @csigeoblue​ @xeniarocks​ @rileyloves5​ @sexyvixen7​ @genius2050 @duckestylez​ @abschaffer2​ @tony-stank3​ @bookluver01​ @drayshadow​ @ms-rogers06​ @wandressfox​ @hopesbarnes​ @xoxabs88xox​ @thelostallycat​ @samsebsblog​ @henrietteoaks​ @circusofchaos​ @rosalynshields​ @miraclesoflove​ @queenkrissy11​ @sadyoungadult​ @destiel-artemis​ @shield-agent78​ @royal-sunflower​ @iwillbeinmynest​ @bellamy-barnes​ @sunsetpatterson​ @alexxcorona113​ @geeksareunique​ @crazyblonde124​ @spookygrantaire​ @steel-blue-eyess​ @supernatural508​ @marvelfansworld​ @rainbowkisses31​ @helena--bertinelli​ @mariekoukie6661​ @capsheadquaters​ @bless-my-demons​ @midnightdream83​ @lovemarvelousfics​ @notyourtypicalrose​ @petersunderoos96​ @loving-life-my-way​ @shinycupcakebaker​ @buckystolemyheart​ @abbypalmer14-blog​ @thefridgeismybestie​ @deathofmissjackson​ @daughter-of-thedevil​ @dreamlesswonder86​ @the-romanian-is-bae​ @messofamasterpiece​ @also-fangirlinsweden​ @andycanbeemotional​ @diabeticlichen-thropy​ @writingaworldofmyown​ @laneygthememequeen​ @death-unbecomes-you​ @daughterofthenight117​ @physically-a-cheesecake​ @cocktails-and-adventures​ @mrsstevenbuchananstark​ @matterdontminduntildone​ @for-the-love-of-the-fandom​ @ocaptain-mycaptainmorgan​ @crazy-little-thing-called-buck​ @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked​
Bucky 'Fuck Me Up' Barnes: @asiaaisa77​ @nickyl316h​ @jbbarnesgirl​ @crayonwriting​ @rosalynshields​ @lets-roggerthat​ @misspandabear88​ @kaylaphantomhive​ @coffeebooksandfandom​ @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123​ @rynabarnesrogers-reading @jamesbarnesappreciationclub​
TTB: @broco8​ @vicmc624​ @ailuruslover​ @nervous-plant​ @wayward-river​ @toomanyrobins2​ @nerdy-bookworm-1998​ @sebastianstanbuckybarnes​
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anunvalidcritic · 8 days ago
It’s the last episode.... Let’s dive in boys, girls, and non-binary folks!!!
                          WHERE I REALLY COME FROM
Tumblr media
Is it just me or did this week go by really fast??? (went by to fuckin’ fast bcuz I fuckin’ forgot!)
alright so we’re starting off by staring at the grass... that’s a pretty calm start..
nvm it’s raining blood
INVINCIBLE looks sick asf
well, I’m glad that was his first reaction
“It’s me Mark, It’s just me.” - OMNI-MAN 
DEBBIE has always been a baddie
Bro OMNI-MAN’s storyline is fuckin’ amazing
“You love me, you love Mom! I know you do.” - INVINCIBLE MARK
go ahead and that shit out now my dude
“Do you have any idea how long we live? The older we get, the slower we age. Viltrumite DNA is so pure you’re nearly full-blooded. You’ll live for thousands of years. Do you understand what that means? Everyone you know and love will be gone before you even look thirty.” - OMNI-MAN 
well damn thanks for dropping this knowledge on us, sir.
OMNI-MAN - “I do love your mother. But she’s more like a... a pet to me.”
MARK - “A pet?”
OMNI-MAN - “This is the only way, Mark.” *as he reaches for MARK’s shoulder*
MARK - “Don’t touch me!”
Tumblr media
go off MARK, talk yo shit!
“I don’t give a shit about Viltrum. And I don’t care if I live a fuckin’ million years. This is my home and I won’t let you destroy it!” - INVINCIBLE
Bro, don’t let your daddy beat yo' ass! You are a grown man now.
dude, this title for the last episode is fucking exceptional!
those dudes in the jets are gonna lose their fuckin’ lives
You know, it’s unfortunate that they know that shit is just a distraction for him and not life threating. 
He didn’t have to demolish that man like that...
this man is ruthless
“Did seeing that man lose his life distrube you? Did it hurt you?! Well, let’s see how you handle this.” - OMNI-MAN
👁 👄 👁
Tumblr media
Don’t you just love it when motherfuckers just stop and stare when they see a disaster happening??
Now I understand that the building is more than likely collapsing on it’s own, but I wouldn’t be surprised if his dad is pushng it from the other side. 
They’re really fuckin’ up Chi-Town right...
I could’ve told you that woman wasn’t gonna make it...
as evil as this man is... his character is amazing 
I love seeing MARK rage this dude just goes in!
“For the first time in your life, I’m telling you the truth.” - OMNI-MAN
what is he aboour.
... their suits need more than a deep dry cleaning
He didn’t have to swerve MARK like taht!
the clouds look nice...
okay, that’s enough OMNI-MAN!!
I wish they would’ve at least kept ZACHARY QUINTO’s voice because I miss the guy
See, this episode is a prime (pun intended) and I mean a PRIME example of how raising your kids with a good upbringing is important. If MARK was raised the way OMNI-MAN had intended to raise him, then he would’ve been a complete asshole... an extremely strong asshole, but an asshole. 
you know this is very triggering... RIP GLENN
Tumblr media
“You wanna die for this planet? Fine. What’s seventeen more years? I can always start again... make another kid.” - OMNI-MAN
“Look at Mark. You and I made him. He’s ours. When he feels joy, we feel joy. See that look on his face. How can you see this and not feel the same way. As we get older it’s harder to feel that.” - DEBBIE
GOD! Can Sandra Oh be my fuckin’ mom!?!?!
NOLAN still ain’t shit....
I like how he had that flashback while he was beating his son to a pulp
homeboy has to get dentures now...
only a narcissist would say some shit like this
“You dad, I’d still have you.” - MARK
that’s fuckin’ heartbreaking....
ik it’s not funny but MARK looks horrible..
looks like OMNI-MAN went back home cryin’
AMBER feelin’ like a complete dick as she should!! (I was rooting for y’all)
how long was he out??
DEBBIE you married an evil motherfucker, but it’s not your fault
Who tf cursed MONSTER GIRL?? She must’ve said or done some foul shit... And who tf fucked up CECIL’s face??
let it out DEBS let it out..
Tumblr media
ik tf AMBER just didn’t!! deadass thought it was EVE...
lol the way WILLIAM saved that was hilarious!!
“We can try but it’s literally all anyone is tlking about in the world” - WILLIAM 
come on now dude
😆 I could’ve sworn DUPLI-KATE looked asian and not white like EVE. WILLIAM is trifflin’
I was gonna say during the montage clip I knew one of those species looked familiar.
Mars is gettin’ fucked up from the ground up.
ALLEN THE ALIEN - “What’s the plan in the meantime?”
INVINCIBLE - “Finish high school, I guess.”
ALLEN THE ALIEN - “Oh, alright good. Sounds good. What is high school?”
I liked the way it ended! It’s unfortunate that we must bid ado to this lovely grotesque show of INVINICBLE, but alas we must in order to move onto greater things and the world beyond. Hopefully, they’ll get confirmed for a second season because I really don’t want them to end on such an extraordinarily high point...
List of Episodes with link :) ~
EP1 - EP2 - EP3 - EP4 - EP5 - EP6 - EP7 - EP8
EDIT: Thank god Amazon has decided to renew the series for not just the second season but a third as well!!!! FUCK YEAH!!
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azt3r · 9 days ago
More terukane hcs since its the only thing ive been talking about on twt and im going insane:
One or both of them are polygots or really close to becoming polygots
sorry i just really like the concept of akane being able to speak korean and mandarin too??
teru I feel like would pick up latin, german and maybe russian
Aka terukane being able to speak languages that are on complete different sides of the language spectrum so true
Teru likes plants and hes actually pretty good at taking care of them, he prefers succulents and cactuses since they tend to be easier to take care of
Akane’s obsessed with myths, they range from local japanese myths to myths from the western pantheons. He specifically has something for tragic lovers and no this isn’t self projection
I know one of oomfs on twt is reading this and a fic they had, like this doctor im in love with and in the fic they had the minamotos have free free healthcare and akanes actually really appreciates this factor /hj (hey aaron btw lolz)
ok no but Teru and Akane hates the mornings they absolutely despise it, they’ll preferably stay asleep if they could
“Aoi you don’t understand I don’t know how he does it he literally sparkles he does and I absolutely despise him for that” “....Akane are you sure you haven’t been staring at him for too long”
Teru likes bugs and drags Akane around to catch butterflies and fireflies with him and wow this totally isnt a date lolz
Firework carnival dates need i say more
They both actually love the rain, they find it calming and tend to stay indoors and just read
Akane astronomy nerd and Teru astrology nerd so true
“This is why you’re an aquarius” “That isn’t even my sign”
Teru and Akane listen to both rock and punk i just know it i do
Actually teru had a nightcore and vocaloid phase you literally cannot prove me wrong
AKANE PLAYS GENSHIN HE DOES HE DOES!! Teru tried to get into it because of Akane and kou play it both hes not really into it because of the grind...
Teru and Akane both collectively cannot remember dates and anniversaries for the life of them so they just gave up <33
“Akane I swear they have some gay ass lingo at starbucks like what the fuck is a venti? The game character?” “....How the hell are you the top student in our school”
Akane and Teru share one braincell and it does show it really does
Akane helping Kou make food for the minamotos so they dont all starve so true <3
Personally I dont think Teru and Akane are people who would do PDA in public at all other than constantly staying at eachothers side and occasionally holding hands for short periods of time but when theyre mostly alone Teru enjoys giving out back hugs
Teru can say fuck as a treat <3 /j
No but Teru is very aware whenever he curses because he doesn’t really want to curse around his younger siblings but he immediately drops it whenever hes around akane
FUCK SUN AND MOON GAYS- Terukane are the dusk and dawn gays there i said it
Teru and Akane get incredibly competitve in any game theyre playing at
“Sorry I dont talk to criminals” “Let me out.” “You comitted tax evasion” “Well maybe if someone made the taxes lower-“ “Guys please this is monopoly”
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pascalpanic · 9 days ago
Did I hear you were doing ships to celebrate 1000 followers? CONGRATS, MY DEAR.
Alright, usual spiel: 5'9", female, pale as all hell with hair past my waist (red? Blonde? I have no idea it's somewhere in the middle), INFJ type 2, and HOO BOY AM I A MOM FRIEND. Loyal to a fault (seriously, it's bitten me in the ass more than once), and if I'm not 15 minutes early to literally everything than I feel late. Hobbies: singing, knitting, spinning my own yarn (all 3 I've done for 18 years now), reading, writing a bit, daydreaming, and collecting shiny things. I also play D&D, and anyone dating me is welcome to come hang out during our sessions.
I'm excited to see what you come up with!
I would ship you with Frankie Morales!
Tumblr media
Frankie would be far more invested D&D games than he lets on. He plays it cool when he comes to the first session, but he has an entire sheet laid out with character details and backstories. He’s fully prepared, and you tease him about it to make him blush, but he’s not ashamed. If you love it, he is all in!
Your loyalty (to a fault even) would make you fit right in with Frankie’s friends too. The Delta boys are all about that ride-or-die mentality, and you’re always down to argue Frankie’s side in a friendly fight between the group. He’d watch you with total heart eyes as you defend his reasoning, even if you know in your heart that he’s completely wrong.
Frankie is all about that military punctuality, and he really appreciates that you’re early to things! It’s fifteen more minutes he gets to spend with you, and he loves every second of being with you that he can get.
Frankie will request that you knit him a pair of mittens, for sure. He loves snuggling next to you and setting you on his lap while you knit so he can watch what you’re doing over his shoulders. Soft snuggle bug Frankie absolutely adores being all nuzzle-y and loving up on you!
it’s a party! come submit a request UNTIL MIDNIGHT TONIGHT, CST, and I’ll ship you with a Pedro character!
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yamalegacy · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
REQUEST:  Hello again, may I request cuddle headcanons for Tsuyu,Mina and Miruko? — @weird-questions-from-an-infp-t​
send all the requests you want, you're becoming my favourite person already! i'm always happy to write about cuddly froggy and bunny gfs, and our residentl alien queen tbh (and let’s just pretend i didn’t accidentally post the reply like the clumsy, sleepy dummy i am)
characters: mirko, tsuyu, mina
cw: NONE. gn!reader. mirko and mina are dumb and don’t know what chills are and will accidentally smother you with love? tsuyu is best girl?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
MIRKO ( usagiyama rumi )
this woman. this woman right here. is an emotionally constipated dumbass who doesn't know how to ask for affection because she just isn't used to it
since she struggles to talk about her feelings, and about your feelings, she just naturally goes for hugs and embraces and hand holding and kissing and— well, you get the gist of it
bone-crushing hugs~ limb-numbing hugs~ you better grow some resistance to pain to survive a cuddling session with rumi or you might lose a limb or two on the way *cries in irony* 
if the two of you are chilling on the couch or in bed, there’s three options before she gets too restless: she wraps her arms around you for a hug, she violently headbutts you in the shoulder for attention, or she’ll drag you onto her lap and won’t let you escape until she’s had her dose of affection
when she struggles to fall asleep, she’ll flop down on top of you and rest her head on your chest or your stomach — pet her hair or caress her fluffy ears, she’ll relaxe in no time! just the back of her ears tho, or she’ll get twitchy and might accidentally kick you
she will carry you and hug you. she likes to wrap her arms around your waist first, hoist you up, make sure your legs are around her hips or waist and then cope a feel of your ass with ‘it’s to keep you steady’ as an excuse
if she grows bored and you make the mistake of walking by? she’ll wrap her legs around yours and pull you in for a hug good luck getting out of her grip you can’t escape this cuddle monster
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
FROPPY ( asui tsuyu )
this tiny adorable little frog quirk user is a soft cuddle machine. she's the perfect size for cuddles lbr — she was just born to give you all the hugs you need
tsuyu isn't clingy but she clings to you for warmth whenever it gets a little chilly outside (she needs your body heat and it's a perfect excuse to hug you)
she hugs with her whole body and all her might. when tsuyu hugs you, you know she cares about you because you can feel it in how tightly she holds you
she is very caring in nature, and prefers to ask for permission to initiate intimacy or let you initiate physical contact in general except when she's using you as a ladder to get a better look at your surroundings
basically always ends up cuddling you in her sleep because she instinctively seeks warmth — it's not uncommon for you to wake up with her half on top of you
as we know, tsuyu is very perceptive; if you're having a bad day, she'll notice. in those moments, she takes your hand and asks if you want to cuddle or if you'd rather she make you some tea or something
overall she’s the best cuddling partner because she doesn’t take much space and is super light. she’s also gentle and seems to have a magical way of knowing when you just think you want a kiss because you’ve barely just had the thought that she’s kissing your cheek and offering you the cutest of smiles
Tumblr media
PINKY ( ashido mina )
mina doesn’t need to ask for hugs and cuddles to get them. she just gets them. she will jump on you if she has to, but she will get her cuddles, doesn’t matter if you both topple over
she is very affectionate in general and she loves physical contact because it’s just really nice and comforting. who doesn’t love love, right? mina can be on the clingy side at time but she knows to back off when you aren’t in the mood for a hug
you can’t chill on the couch without her lying down on top of you. you can’t count how many times she’s grabbed your wrists and wrapped your arms around her so that she could take a nap with you she’s adorable and you can never scold her for interrupting your chill time
loves to intertwine her fingers with yours whenever at least one of your hands is free. better get used to using your phone with only one hand because the other one will be taken by mina
one of her favorite things ever is to cuddle up with you when you watch tv together. it’s the only way for her to sit still for over an hour anyway! shelikes to just, throw her legs over your lap to get closer to you every. single. time.
honestly she’s the kind of person who would be content with you just draping an arm over her shoulders! but she also loves to be super extra with affection so you’ll never doubt that she loves you with her whole heart
if you don’t think she’s going to shower you with compliments about everything whenever she has her arms around you, what are you even thinking? let this overly affectionate pink alien puppy love you!
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killemwithkawaii · 11 days ago
Will you ever stop hard simping for Sal? it’s for science investigation 👀🔬
The answer: Nope!💘💘💘💘 A Sally-Simp I am, and a Sally-Simp I will be. I love him more than I ever thought I could! With everything we've been through together, it's safe to say that Sally is here to stay, in my home and in my heart (I made sure of that when I tattooed my name on his wrist and our initials on his ass UwU) 💕✨👬♾
The actual answer: F/Os and special interests can come and go. I'm almost positive a day will eventually come when I'm not really as hyped on Sally Face or as in love with Sal as I am right now. However! He's the first F/O I've felt so enamored with or invested so much time in- I thought I had it bad with my last F/O, with how much I lurked in his tag and gushed about him on anon for a good 3-4 years, but now here I am, over a year into being head-over-heels with my sweet Sally-cake, with over 100 ficlets/headcanons and an admittedly-complicated web of selfshipping AUs under my belt! I've never written fanfiction in such such volumes and I've never drawn a character this many times. The brainrot is real the special interest is strong, and with the promise of SF2 and the real possibility of an animated series being made, it's likely that I'll be simping for Sally for many years to come! I might pick up a few side pieces here and there as I discover new media, but I dont think I'll be dropping Sal as my main any time soon. However, when that day does come, I hope that you all will continue to support me as an artist and keep being my precious kouhai, no matter what fandom I dive heart-first into next 💕💕💕
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futurebicon · 12 days ago
He he the moon was pretty
“It’s so pretty.” Marc leaned against his partner and pulled the soft grey blanket tighter around his shoulders. “Did you know it’s called a pink moon because it’s so bright you can see the colors of the flowers, which are normally pink in spring?”
“Sorry. You didn’t need to know that. You spaced-”
“No. No. I was just staring at you a little too hard.” They smiled. “But that is cool. The reason it’s called a pink moon.”
“Mm, I love you.” Marc smiled and pecked their lips.
“Cool. Gross. Now move.”
The couple jumped as Katie climbed out onto the roof.
“Jesus Christ.” Jules swore.
“I wanna watch the moon with my best friend and brother. I let you have your weird ass gross ass coupley shit stuff. Now let me sit on a roof and watch the moon please.” She squeezed in between the two of them.
“Okay, you can be out here and take over our roof but you can not get in between us.” Jules picked her up and moved her to the other side of them. “There now I’m between my best friend and my boyfriend.” They wrapped their arm around Katies shoulder and kissed Marc on the cheek.
Characters by the amazing @lumosinlove
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blissfulparker · 13 days ago
Tom hearing reader having a wet dream, but she dreams about Peter...
Smut under the cut!! Also this is so long wow-
Tom always knew when you were having a dream about him, you moved closer to him in your sleep and would let out softer moans that drove him wild.
That’s what he looked at now, you sleeping so peacefully near him as you whimpered in your sleep.
“Mmh, peter...” the smirk that was once on Toms face drops into fury. He had never heard of a peter, no friend or coworkers, peter...peter...peter....parker.
His heart stops in his chest for a moment, you dreamt of his character peter parker. He didn’t know if he was jealous of you dreaming of the character that was played by him. He always knew you had a thing for his accent change—specifically the southern one but that seemed to slip your mind right now.
“Yeah peter,” you let slip as you slightly arch your back. Yeah, he was jealous. His hands coming over your sides, slipping down to carefully grasp your ass as you wake up just a bit with a gasp.
“Peter huh?” His American accent comes out jusy for you. He watched you as you fall onto your back, swallowing hard as you blink up at your boyfriend fully awake on top of you.
Your body heats up, once begging for the New York superhero to bring you to an orgasm now embarrassed in front of your boyfriend who played him. Tom can see it in your face, how embarrassed you are but he finds it adorable...also extremely sexy.
“I-I couldnt—I promise it was you—“ you start and his lips only come down to meet yours. His hands taking the back of your thighs and hitching them up, letting them rest at his own waist as he kisses at your neck.
“So what was it?” He kissed, his British accent coming back and making you whimper. “The personality? Or was it the accent?” He switched to his American one. Boy would he have a blast saying in interviews how he practices his accent.
He could tell by just how responsive your body was, the accent. He lets out a laugh against your neck. The vibration having you arch your back.
“What happened, baby? What was your pretty mind dreaming about?” He lets dominate hand trail down your stomach, his fingers resting right before the pink shorts you wore.
“Y-You were-“ you could barely finish, you didn’t know if you were embarrassed or if you just were desperate. Most likely both but Tom loved when you begged.
“Words sweetheart.” His accent American again, it was barely sunrise and Tom already had taken you through a whole day it seems.
“He-He went down on me...a-and used his tounge and fingers—“ you start but suddenly you are met with Toms index finger pushing into you.
“Like that?” He was acting innocent, loving when you guided him on what made you feel good and had you begging for more.
“Yes!” You nearly cry, he clicks his tounge. So early, so needy, he thinks.
He trails down your stomach, finally discarding of the pink shorts and you are bare, soaking in front of him. His one finger already in you, having you squirming underneath him as he takes his tounge and licks a long strip. Having you arching your back.
He then takes two fingers, thrusting in and out. Having you squirm before him and having to hold you down. He may not have had super strength but he did hit the gym three times a week.
“What happened next?” He says loud and clear enough for you to hear and you try and find your words.
“I-I-you woke me up.” You said with more of a pout, causing Tom to cock his head to the side and only thrusted his fingers faster.
“Then I guess we’ll make our own endings, will we darling?” And with his words he has you gripping at the sheets, arching your back as you let your first orgasm run through you. He never stops, never stops until you’re pushing away at his head in which then he rests his head at your thighs.
He lays there for a moment, catching his breath and admiring the mess he made of you so early in the morning. Meanwhile you try and wrap your head around everything that had just happened. Feeling yourself on cloud nine as you let your fingers tangle with your boyfriends hair.
“Good morning.” He finally spoke and you let out a soft laugh. Shaking your head as he kisses your thigh before coming back up.
“Good morning.” You come face to face with him. “Ugh, I’m starving.” You groan as that was the first thing that came to mind after all of this.
“Oh, I already ate so...” he jokes and you hit him with whatever strength you had left. Between your wet dream and his jokes, it was going to be a long morning.
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omapol · 13 days ago
coming out.
plot : coming out as non binary!
characters : kaeya, razor, venti, chongyun, xiao, zhongli
style : bullet-pointed
warnings : people misgendering you (nothing serious), not proofread
gender : neutral
notes : bc my non binary ass needs food
Tumblr media
“i see... hm~ you are still the wonderful, lovely you i know and love,”
- will push beyond the limits to support your needs
- will also briefly run your pronouns over with jean, amber and lisa if you change them
- someone misgenders you? he’s there to protect and attack
- but most importantly, to comfort you when times like that arises
- will definitely keep a close eye on you just so that no one spits in your face
- he cares about you on the sidelines and on the frontlines too, he’s ready to give you a hug if necessary :]
Tumblr media
“so... you are like me. people say i am a boy, but they are wrong. i am a wolf, and always a wolf,”
- after hearing razor’s response you tightly hug him while crying in his arms
- “[name] crying? why?”
- through your tears, you respond with, “because... i love you so much,”
- since razor doesn’t go to the city often, when you come back telling him that someone called you names, he gets defensive
- i don’t want to say... defensive like a wolf/dog but he corners the person and gives them death glares and sometimes even materializes his claymore
- but he gives you head pats and hugs (hugs that you taught him!), telling you to not worry, and to come back to wolvendom whenever you’re sad
- he’s not the best advice giver, but he’s there to listen
Tumblr media
“i’m so proud of you! now come, we shall celebrate your achievement of coming out to your darling!”
- like kaeya, does everything in his power to support you
- but a little on the nicer side when being confronted by someone who’s misgendering you
- “ah, ah ah~! my dear beloved goes by [pronouns]! better not do it again or you get the bow and arrow~!”
- wraps his arm around you to show he’s getting protective over you
- he tells you that gender also doesn’t matter to him, as he was was a wind spirit with.. basically no gender
- gives you all the kisses and hugs and comfort, because you truly deserve it
- “i will always love you, dear beloved,”
Tumblr media
“i may not understand fully, but i promise, i’ll do everything i can to support you. because in the end, you don’t change, and you are still my significant other through and through,”
- chongyun will admittedly make mistakes from time to time
- PLEASE don’t take it like he’s not going to support you... he will try his best!
- xingqiu will always be there guide him as well! (he’s a big help too whenever you aren’t at his side)
- if someone misgenders you, he’ll definitely be the nicer one, only telling the person and asking them to stop using those pronouns or to stop pestering you with questions
- also a shoulder to lean on if you need to cry
- again, he will try his best to understand!
Tumblr media
“i... i may make mistakes, but please understand it is only my lack of understanding of your identity. regardless... thank you for trusting me with your troubles,”
- he hasn’t met anyone outside his little “adepti circle” that identifies as non binary
- (i say this bc zhongli is heavily implied to be agender)
- like chongyun, he will slip up here and there, but he tries for you!
- since he isn’t fond of crowds, he’s not always there to step in to get you out of a situation. and he feels extremely bad about it (despite not showing it)
- like he’s not doing enough to protect you
- but he’ll always be there at the top of wangshu inn to listen to your troubles
- the times where you break down in front of him, telling him about how horrible people in the harbor were to you, are probably the only times he’ll actually attempt to give you a hug
- and MAYBE a kiss on your forehead if he’s bold enough
- again, he might not understand human emotions and beliefs, but he’s there to try for you, and to him that’s all that matters
Tumblr media
“i see... well, i will support you however you may see fit, dear. to break our contract because of your comfort is childish, i will still love you and care for you deeply,”
- archons he’s just so supportive and caring for you
- hu tao congratulates you, she gives you a hug and a pat on the back :]
- childe also got in on your news, he secretly sends a huge pouch of mora for zhongli, noting “it’s for [name] :) spend it on them”
- HUGE shopping spree for clothes, accessories, just things you need so you can be comfortable and happy
- zhongli’s just... really caring and doesn’t want to see you sad
- but that time will come with people around the harbor...
- like chongyun, will be nicer and tell others to stop pestering and harassing you
- sometimes they’ll get on his nerves though :[ but he tries to keep it cool for your sake
- also a shoulder to lean and cry on! though more affectionate. his hugs are so warm and comfy methinks
- he just REALLY loves you, like really. he’ll go above and beyond for you. he wants to cherish every moment with you before you eventually succumb to death
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