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writing-with-olive · 3 hours ago
It’ll Be Okay
Thanks so much to @flashfictionfridayofficial for the prompt! Second person is kinda new for me, so this was a fun idea to experiment with.
Words: 330
Genre: idk - it’s kinda a hurt/comfort sorta thing?
It was the second blast. 
The healers arrived just in time. Darling, you're safe. It'll be okay.
I know. I know it was scary. But you were so brave. They'll call you a hero if you let them. 
Breathe with me, okay? See? In. And out. In. And -
No don't look down, look at me. Breathe. In and out. Like this.
Can I touch your hair? Yeah? Okay. 
Hey. Darling, I'm right here. I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere. I know it hurts. Baby I know. I know.
It's me. Darling you're safe. You're safe. It's over. I'm still here. No, you just fell asleep. 
I'm going to open up the curtains, okay? I'm not going anywhere. Okay, close your eyes for a second, it's going to be bright.
Are you okay?
I know it hurts. You're so brave. Baby you're so, so brave.
Are you hungry? 
Yes, you can have some chocolate. 
Oh, oh honey, you don't need to get upset of course it's okay. Hey, hey hey. Look at me. It's going to be okay. I promise.
No, we're not going to be here forever.
I don't know. It's going to be a little while, honey.
Of course not. No, no honey I love you. I love you. So much. 
Do you want me to rub your head? 
Yeah? Okay. If it hurts, tell me, okay honey?
You're the bravest person I know. 
Yes, really.
Breathe with me, okay? In, and out. In, and out.
You can breathe. You're breathing right now. You're talking, which means you're breathing.
Can we try to do it together? Yeah? Okay.
In, out, in, out. 
Here, can you read me the ingredients? They're right there next to the picture of the corn.
You're doing great.
Where does it hurt baby?
Here? On your ribs? 
Does this ice help at all? Okay baby just try to relax. It's going to be okay.
You said, you said it hurts in your arms too? 
Oh, darling. Darling, I thought you knew.
The healers couldn't save them. I'm so sorry.
Hey. I'm still right here. I'm still right here.
Darling, it will be okay.
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thebutterflyboy · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
This idiot hit his head and is on bedrest for a few days.
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teheranb · 8 hours ago
Infected wound is so fine.
•Dangerously high fever, body fever ache and the constant pain of the wound.
•No contagion, so they could be hugged, be held and kissed and comforted rent free when they were delirious and drug high.
•Cleaning the wound and changing the bandage can be really hurt, but also not so much because they couldn’t even be fully conscious.
•IV and Injection and Stitching, which would be barely used when treating a flu, and needle on an arm is Sexy.
•The smell of blood and sweat.
•Aaaand in the very end, a scar as a Souvenir.
(Bonus: If a wound already stitched up for hours/days got infected then was broken open again for some reason.....
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xylo-phone · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Hot girl shit!! 🦇⚔️🔥
(Goliad belongs to my wonderful dm @avas-poltergeist !)
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cavillandhenry · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Henry's injury update and recovery video - April 15 2021.
Most likely filmed on/around March 9 2021.
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theaccidentdoctor · 23 hours ago
Recovering From A Deadlift Lower Back Injury
Recovering From A Deadlift Lower Back Injury
The deadlift is a weight training exercise that helps build muscle, strength, and stamina. It works legs, core, buttocks, and the back when performed correctly. Using an improper form or overdoing it can cause injury to the lower back. Recovering from a deadlifting injury usually takes a couple of days or a week. However, this depends on the severity of the injury. Recovery can be helped…
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vinylheartache · a day ago
who would’ve thought this injury would still be bringing me so much pain? I hate this so much.
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rat-in-the-trap · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The witch's house faces, the files being "Viviface" and "Viviface2", despite Ellen being there too. It saves more file space putting potraits clumpped together, but not all rpgmaker devs do it.
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nirvana-farms · a day ago
My Diary
Posted on April 15, 2021 by James M. Cruce
There was a simple accident, and I fell and hurt my head. Now I can’t seem to stop crying, the tears flow for no reason at all. I remember most of my past and what I used to know and have read. But I can’t remember why, I started to walk into the next room. I probably won’t remember, to turn the stove off any time I use it. I used to be able to spell, very well, now the letters get lost and scrambled. I stay confused about what day it is, I am not sure what has occurred to time. There are such spaces, blanks and voids, I am sure time must have continued on. I just seem to have missed it somehow. I talk to my sisters, and I feel like a stranger. They remember someone that I no longer am. Seven years ago I was hit by a pick-up truck. For seven years I have struggled to regain, all the many cognitive abilities that I had lost. Just this year I was able to say I felt acceptance, and comfort with the stranger that had become me. Funny, now I miss that other stranger, I knew her. Now there is a new stranger, and her abilities are not known yet. Her full range of deficits have yet to be defined. It feels like finally making it to the finish line, just to be told I would have to start the race again, no matter how tired I might be.
by: Debbie M. Wilson 8-25-96
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callmeloublog · a day ago
Coffee Anyone?
I’ll always remember that evening, like it was yesterday. It was the early evening, about supper time, and I was headed home on my bike. I’d enjoyed a great time with my best friend, Kenny, and was looking forward to eating dinner. The bicycle I had was my good and reliable companion. Sort of like a good horse to a cowboy. It took me verywhere in town and ventured out into the country on…
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Epidemic of firearm injury spurs new wave of research
Epidemic of firearm injury spurs new wave of research
Fifty-five years ago, America’s death toll from automobile crashes was sky-high. Nearly 50,000 people died every year from motor vehicle crashes, at a time when the nation’s population was much smaller than today. But with help from data generated by legions of researchers, the country’s policymakers and industry made changes that brought the number killed and injured down dramatically. Research…
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loveclickbankstuff · a day ago
A Girl Does Not Dare To Love Again After the first Love injury #shorts #girls #love #dare #injury
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fatmaninalittlesuit · a day ago
Personal Updates
Some random updates.
I didn't get the promotion I had hoped for. I am a little disappointed but it isn't the end of the world. I am going to start looking at and applying for other positions within my company.
Had my 7th PT Session today. Good New and Bad News - the good new is the muscles aren't tight any more. The bad news is, my strength is gone. I need to start working on rebuilding my whole right leg. I have daily exercises starting with my foot, heal, achilles and ankle. I am moving to PT every 2 weeks. I have not been cleared to run yet and probably won't for a month or more so my June run is off.
I have been down this week. But It's time to move past that. No one is coming to save me, I got to do that myself.
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nge6 · a day ago
Tumblr media
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Whump Prompt #618
That beautiful character development in which A begins not caring about B, but Is then the one to rescue/carry them to safety and sit vigil by their bedside.
(“You did good, B.” A said, leaning back in the chair and watching each shaking breath B took through the ventilator. “Now you just need to get through this; you’re strong, B,  I don’t know why I ever wanted you to prove that to me when it was obvious all along...”)
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anftherapy · a day ago
Cervical Radiculopathy
Lauren have come to ANF with shoulder, arm and hand pain. After applying ANF discs, she could move them freely with almost no pain.
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