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#gen z
justasingaporegirl · 3 hours ago
every time school preaches ‘honesty and integrity’ I roll my eyes a little cos yesterday we were given a homework assignment that I couldn’t complete on time so today while the subject reps were collecting the assignment I went to my teacher and apologised for not being able to submit the homework today and could I submit it tomorrow instead. I got scolded and accused of ‘not valuing the importance of this class’ and why ‘if your classmates can do it why can’t you’ in front of the whole class
I always pay attention in this class, always got relatively good grades. never missed a single homework assignment until today. crushed my soul man idk what else to add
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sad-indie-kid · 4 hours ago
If I put my freshly pulled wisdom teeth under my pillow, will the tooth fairy pay me enough money to cover the remaining cost of said operation? 🤓
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ceasafeplace13 · 5 hours ago
i dont have questions i have statments
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justhighschoolquotes · 7 hours ago
“Why are the cows in the art room” -Me, wondering who let the cows in the art room.
th-there were cows in the art room?
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gen-z-culture-is · 8 hours ago
Gen z culture is accidentally memorizing every episode of king of the hill because your parents like it.
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ametsunami · 8 hours ago
Nine out of ten gen z’s agree that if they met god they’d tell him “ok boomer” and I am certainly one of them 
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justhighschoolquotes · 9 hours ago
The teacher screaming "Kill the beast! S*** his throat! Spill his blood!" while reading Lord of The Flies will always stay with me.
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beenovel · 12 hours ago
The fellowship responding to you, a gen z that fell to middle earth, saying “I’d die for you”
Aragorn: *grabs you by the shoulders and looks deep into your eyes* "You will not, I promise you that"
Legolas: *visibly confused* *thinks he misheard you* "I- what?"
Boromir: *Hugs you tightly to his chest* "I would rather you didn't"
Gimli: *Looks sort of frightened and puts his hand over yours* "
Frodo: *immediately starts crying*
Sam: *staring at you with mounting horror* *whispers* "please don't*
Merry: *the facial equivalent of "?????????!?!?!?!?!"*
Pippin: *nervous laughter* "What the fuck?"
Gandalf: *you’re not entirely sure how but he knows the meme* Then perish
Rest of the fellowship: *staring in horror as you cackle*
Inspired by this amazing post by @trxblemaker.
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collegebbygirl · 15 hours ago
hi girlie it’s okay if ur hanging on by two antidepressants + a bong rip
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the-bi-witch · 17 hours ago
So is little mix the spice girls of our generation??
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dellavision · 17 hours ago
I think something that goes unmentioned when it comes to the gen z/millennial divide is the fact that a lot of people considered gen z have millennial siblings and were brought up watching their favorite things, playing with their old toys, and wearing their old clothes, so they have the same connection to those things.
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straymongrel · 18 hours ago
I had the misfortune of waking up this morning, and so I have decided to cause problems on purpose. Does anyone happen to have a lighter?
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flames-and-icarus · 19 hours ago
Oscar Wilde: “A burnt child loves the fire” Every gen z kid ever: 
Tumblr media
there I belong
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I didn’t catch the rest of the rest of the sentence, but I overheard “...that was before Kmart was a thing, and before I knew gravity falls even existed.”
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liberty-barnes · 20 hours ago
me: i feel like i've finally gotten somewhere with my life. i have plans, everything's going great, i got over my problems, i haven't had an anxiety attack in 5 months! i'm doing great!
my upcoming a-levels: oh really?
the calls i still haven't made in order to go to uni next year: interesting, that.
the stuff in my room i still have to pack up: you got your life together, huh?
my math oral in five days for which i haven't studied: are you sure about that?
my anxiety returning from hibernation: yeah, hi love, we're back.
the trauma from my parents' divorce: did you miss us?
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shitpostingisanaesthetic · 22 hours ago
If you’re ever annoyed about a rumour about you, just remember that there was once a rumour going around that I made out with my best friend behind a school building. And bc we’re both straight we denied the rumour.
Then two weeks later I ended up making out with my other best friend.
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“And every time it happened I had my whole dick out”
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