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#but blastoise is like one of my fav pokemon
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I’ve decided to share my funky pokemon team thus far! 7 badges in and I realized I never once showed them off or bragged about how much I like my own nicknames for them
Linguini - lvl 36 Dragonair (named Linguini because it’s got -ini like Dratini and is a noodle)
Rad - lvl 36 Gloom (named Rad as a reference to the Radish-Oddish connection and cause he’s just a rad lil guy)
DuranDuran - lvl 32 Nidorino (named DuranDuran because Nidoran sounds kinda similar; references an 80s band whose name I like)
Squire - lvl 43 Blastoise (named Squire because it’s similar to Squirtle and gives off the impression that he’s of nobility rising to become a knight)
Arcana - lvl 38 Arcanine (named Arcana because it sounds cool and is similar to Arcanine)
Musketeers - lvl 43 Dugtrio (named Musketeers for obvious reasons)
and a special shout out to my Raichu who got boxed a while ago with the best name imo, lovingly named Ellie after Ellie Chu from one of my fav movies The Half of It
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