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#not an imagine
enhyupn · 3 minutes ago
jake sim and his ways of expressing each love language ʚɞ
Tumblr media
tagging @youreverydayzebra @ncityy04 @kiyokoism @changmin-wrlds @sunghoondilf @spicyjaem
boyfriend!jake x gn!reader, fluff, warnings: no warnings, not fully proof read! word count: 542, non-idol au, established relationship, a/n i have romantic feelings for jake and i also haven’t written anything disgustingly romantic in a while so here u go
— words of affirmation
you could be feeling down because of a bad grade, making a small mistake or even lacking self confidence and jake would never fail to give you comfort. words of encouragement and praise were always things he would give you. small phrases like “i knew you could do it”, “you look beautiful” and “i believe in you” were always frequently showing up in your conversations. he’d never pass up on an opportunity to make you feel better about yourself, trying to make you the happiest you could be in that moment.
— physical touch
plays with your fingers all the time, always holding your hand because he loves the warmth of them. also gives you back hugs all the time and rocks you side to side when doing so — he’ll place his chin on top of your head too, sometimes even placing a kiss on top of your head. loves the feeling of being closer to you, the physical aspect of it makes him fall deeper for you and reminds him that you’re there with him. when watching movies or simply just sitting beside each other, he’ll hold you tight while you sit in between his legs — in those moments he’ll also play with you hair and even braid it.
— spending quality time together
his favourite way of expressing his love for you is through spending time together. he enjoys your company and finds it the highlight of his week whenever you’re with him. even if it’s small things like going grocery shopping together, taking a quick walk in the local park or cooking dinner at your house — he soaks it all in and lives in the moment. jake’s always been grateful to spend time with you, never failing to tell you each moment you’ve seen each other.
— acts of service
if he can tell you’re really busy in the middle of doing something, he’ll help you a little (by a little i mean a lot). for example if you’re finishing a paper due that night but you still haven’t cleaned your room, he’ll simply just clean your room for you without having you ask. will make you breakfast when you accidentally sleep in, he’ll even make you heart shaped pancakes or write a little note for you with your food simply saying “i love you, good morning”. when he has extra time to spare, he’ll pick up your favourite book from the library on his way to your house too.
— receiving gifts
whenever you’d briefly mention something you really wanted, he’d always write it down in his notes to remind himself that he needs to buy it for you. every so often he’ll always buy your favourite flowers and an accompanying charm to continue the never ending charm bracelet he’s given you for your one month anniversary. he also plays close attention to what you like on social media (in the least creepy way), if you like a post about a certain bakery in town you best believe he’s already there buying out the whole shop. his favourite gift to you however is fun fair stuffed animals he’s won himself. he loves seeing your face light up in delight whenever he gives his prize to you, ecstatic to know that his hard work was worth it seeing you so happy.
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faulty-coding · 4 minutes ago
Hey so idk if request are open or not if they are not just ignore this! But I was curious on what u think Billy Russo’s reaction would be on u having nipple piercings ( u already have them prior to meeting him ) Thank u in advance and sorry if there are mistakes english isnt my first language💖💖
Billy would absolutely get a kick out of you having nipple piercings, especially if you haven't even told him you had them.
The first time he undresses you and he sees them, his brows raise as he gives you a sly smirk.
They quickly become a kind of fixation for him. He loves toying with them with his mouth or fingers no matter if he's eating you out, fingering you or fucking you. He just seems to gravitate towards them.
He soon finds himself messing with them even out of sexual situations. When you're watching TV snuggled on the sofa, his hands just toy with them gently without even noticing.
He loves it when you don't wear a bra and he can see the jewellery through your clothes. He's sitting down and you walk by him, a tight tank top on with no bra. He sees the outline of your piercings and he can't help himself as he grabs your hips, dragging you towards where he's sat. He leans in and playfully gives them a light nip and a tug, eyes looking up at you as he does.
He really enjoys them and thinks they're sexy as hell.
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amadeusmachina · 4 minutes ago
Probably not an original Thought but I just can’t get over the idea of society collectively just. Not going to work or buying anything. Just for one day.
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faulty-coding · 4 minutes ago
I really enjoyed your part two btw I’m just meaning like if you ever get bored or want to revisit old stories I’d love to see a new slightly different take on it. I didn’t mean it as a criticism of your actual part 2 btw so I’m sorry if it comes across that way I didn’t think before sending it!
I'm responding to this and not your first ask because I want you to see this but I need the other so I don’t forget the request lmao
First off, shush. It didn't come across that way at all so don't worry lmao
Also, thanks for the mad compliments on your other ask, like thank you 😭 It means so much that you enjoy the way I write Billy and I have such fun with him. My inner monologue is basically Billy at this point, I might need help lmao
I actually have a request for a part 3 of No Going Back where readers new relationship fails and Billy helps her through the break up and he's forced to see the pain he put her through when he hurt her and it kills him. But I also like your idea. So I'm gonna leave it for you guys to decide. Reply on this post.
No Going Back is here and No Going Back 2 is here.
Do you guys want the next part to be Billy being readers friend and helping her through heartbreak and it hurting him?
Do you want there to be a time skip, relationship goes pretty bad and Billy tries to win reader back?
Fight to the death and the winner will get written 😈
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valb3rry · 7 minutes ago
little brotherly kaeya x diluc shitpost/drabble based on this bc i said so:
“let’s try again, okay?” kaeya treaded the water with one hand and pushed back his wet bangs with the other, turning his head to face diluc with a bitter smile. he wasn’t easily angered, but after diluc melted his ice bridge for the upteenth time, his tolerance began to wear thin.
with one more use of his vision to create an ice bridge, and one with more instance of diluc’s footstep melting it, kaeya lost his patience, “brother… do you know just how difficult it is to freeze water in tropical weather like this?!” he seethed, jaw clenched in annoyance.
diluc deadpanned at him, also close to losing his temper. he opened his mouth to send a snarky reply to kaeya, only to be cut off by him.
“let’s rest for a while and think about what we can do.” kaeya pointed at a large rock that was nearby and started swimming to it after hearing diluc grunt in agreement.
kaeya reached the rock first and sat at one end, leaving diluc to do the same at the other. they sat in silence, thinking of how they could reach the island, which looked to be over a few kilometres away, without having to swim.
minutes had passed before diluc came up with an idea, “we could- kaeya?” he turned around to face kaeya at the other end of the rock, only to find him missing. he whipped his head looking for his brother; where could he have gone?
he did a double take as he saw someone in the distance out on the water, and his eyes widened upon seeing that it was kaeya, ice-bridging his way across the ocean.
“kaeya! get back here! you’re just going to leave me here?!”
kaeya smirked upon hearing how irritated diluc sounded, not bothering to look back at him, “you could use some time in the sun!”
diluc’s cheeked flushed, both out of embarrassment and annoyance, “…ugh…”
“i’ll be back soon!”
as expected, kaeya did not come back soon. diluc was stuck in the middle of nowhere for nearly half the day, in which he spent most of his time cussing kaeya out. when kaeya did come to retrieve him, diluc was appalled to learn that instead of getting tanned, he got sunburnt, his face nearly as red as his hair.
“hello, master diluc. or should i say, tomato.”
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atomic-taco-muffin · 7 minutes ago
Can you just imagen when the naga talks about laying eggs and Vexen is just analysis who does that work
Both of them are just blushing super hard and avoiding eye contact
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binwoo-knock-24 · 7 minutes ago
Keeping a secret~A.C.E Jun (part 1)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Genre: Secret Agent!au, Action
Pairing: A.C.E Junhee X OC
Warnings: murder mentions, gun use.
Summary: Secret agent and Uni student Junhee leads a busy life. He keeps his life separate from his job. But if his mission starts to interfere with his daily life, will he choose his job over new feelings?
Jun watched as helicopters landed around him, his steady hand pointing the gun, eyes cold, measuring the man before him. Killing the murderer would be too nice. He needs to suffer as much as the grieving families have after losing their daughters. The face of the mutilated girl flashed before the young man's eyes and he gritted his teeth. The man facing him didn't deserve to be called human. He was a monster.
"We will take it from here, Agent Park." The S.W.A.T. team member announced, walking past him to the monster. Jun put his gun back into the waist band of his jeans and ran a hand through his hair. Satisfied that the international criminal was detained as he should, the young agent turned and walked to the street. Why choose a local park as a hideout? Junhee could think of a million better places to hide. Maybe that's why his fellow agents keep saying that, if he wasn't an agent, he would have made a uncatchable criminal.
Jun was told many times that he could be manipulating and charming but often somewhat heartless. The things that make the best criminal also tend to make the greatest agent. His ability to extract information as easily as blinking has saved countless lives but has also ruined just as many. Women can't stay away from him and neither can some men. He has broken many hearts but it wasn't his choice to do so. He was born with the inability to truly feel. No emotions what so ever have been felt by him.
The leather jacket that covered his broad but slim shoulders provided little protection from the cold winter evening wind. Luckily, he wasn't far from a shopping mall. He felt his phone ring in his pocket and retrieved it, checking the caller ID. There wasn't one. But it was a number that he knew too well. Pressing the green button, he held the phone to his ear.
"Yes, ma'am." It was his boss. "You have a new mission, Agent Park. We are aware that you have only just completed the last one but this one is urgent. I have already sent you the details." Ms. Kim said and , as if on cue, Jun's watch vibrated on his wrist. "I have just received them, boss." He confirmed and held the phone to his ear with his shoulder, swiping the face of his watch.
The holographic images emerged from the small gadget and Jun examined then while Ms. Kim continued speaking, debriefing him verbally. "Byun Nunbyeol is the president's illegitimate daughter who has been hidden from the public eye all her life. She has been transferred to your university and her care has been handed over to our association. Your job is to protect her and make sure that her identity remains a secret. Do you understand your responsibilities?" She asked.
"Yes, ma'am. I will not disappoint." He nodded, knowing all too well that she could probably see him. Ms. Kim chuckled over the call, being fond of the young man. "and that's why I like you so much Mr Junhee. Always ready for anything." And with that the call ended. Jun swiped his watch again, switching the hologram off. This is going to be the easiest mission yet. Or so he thought.
A/N: I hope you enjoyed the first part of this series. I will try to keep it going as long as possible and will try my best to keep the updates regular and often since I'm finished with school.
Author Koala 🐨
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sweetlyjaem · 8 minutes ago
[01:00] you felt a shudder beside you, sunghoon's feet intertwining with yours under the sheet. you urgently hide the blue light of your phone, glancing over your shoulder to peek at your sick boyfriend who sniffles as the night-time sizzles away and he tosses and turns, you turn over to face him wrapping your arms around his head to keep him warm and sunghoon snuggles closer, a quiet mumble escaping his lips, “pika.. pika pika,” earning a giggle from you.
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winterinspace · 8 minutes ago
Shino's reaction to nearly losing his s/o:
Tumblr media
* You and Shino took a mission together- you’re the dynamic duo. you have each others backs no matter the situation.
* this mission didn’t go as smooth as the others
* you took a serious hit meant for Shino. This guy lost his cool before you even hit the ground.
* you were losing a lot of blood, and Shino thought he was going to have to watch you die
* it was lucky for both of you he was able to get you help in time. The thought of you dying, especially to save him, has been haunting him since he saw you get hurt
* he's by your side the whole time you're in the hospital, and tries not to leave your side now even at home
* at night he begins to have nightmares about losing you, and he's woken you up because of them multiple times. You do the best you can to assure him you're still here, and that you'll always be there for him
* If you two aren't cuddling at night he fists up the material of your nightshirt in his hand and holds it tight.
* poor baby starts to have flashbacks of you getting hurt on the mission, and some days he spends hours just holding you in the lotus position
* he holds your body tight against his, his face buried in your neck and his arms enclosed around you
* it takes a lot of time before his flashbacks and nightmares start to fade, but he never lets up on doing his best to keep you safe and preferably near by whenever possible
* you're the only one who has been there for him unconditionally, and made him feel loved and wanted. Losing you will never be an option.
* Shino was already doting in the love and affection department, but now this has easily doubled. His kisses are much deeper and last longer, as though he's afraid each one could be the last.
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bricksatcaleswindow · 9 minutes ago
you don’t love me (like you used to) - nathan mackinnon
summary: a story based off of “you don’t love me (liked you used to) by the wldlfe 
word count: 2.1k
pairing: nathan mackinnon x reader 
warnings: sadness, angst, the usual shit i write. shout out to @fuckyeahmattytkachuk​ for reading this and supporting me through months of writer’s block and depression. genuinely don’t know where i’d be without you, bb <3 
Tumblr media
Love is a damning thing, you think. 
You had always been a cynic, too wrapped up in the cruelty of the world to ever truly believe that love existed in a pure form. You weren’t against it in it’s entirety — the love you had for your family and friends strong enough to keep your true skepticism at bay — but you weren’t easily fooled. 
It kept you safe for the most part, coming home to your condo only occupied by Oni, your black cat. It kept your fridge half full and sugar-free Monsters stocked on the top shelf because no one was there to remind you it wasn’t healthy to rely on them everyday. It kept you on the sidelines while your friends fell in and out of love with mediocre men who all looked vaguely the same. 
Your true downfall came at the hands of Nathan MacKinnon. You had met him on a whim in some dodgy Denver bar, halfway out the door because Emma’s ex-boyfriend was harassing her all night. You were three tequila shots deep and not entirely coherent when you dropped your wallet, license and credit card skidding across the floor and right under the foot of the hot shot hockey player.
He had picked them up, cheeks flushed as he drank in your frazzled state and handed them over. Fingers brushed fingers, eyes locked for a moment longer than necessary before he was shouting, “Do you girls need any help?”
Your soft, “yes,” had been enough to send him into action. 
You shouldn’t have been surprised when Nate pulled some strings and got Emma’s ex kicked out, opening up a high top table for you and the rest of your friends to drink at with Nate and his friends. You figured he’d find interest in Maura or maybe Ellen, both of them far more eccentric and kind than you. He didn’t, though, insisting on sitting impossibly closer to you and asking you more questions than your boss did when he interviewed you five years ago. 
That night of warm touches and almost kisses melted into a Sunday morning brunch date, Nate picking you up and making you wonder if your criticism of love had been unwarranted this whole time. Nate picked up the kind of person you were easily, taking your comments and hesitation in stride as he proved you wrong at every turn. 
Six months later, Nate was moving into your condo with Cox, making himself at home while Oni just watched on in curiosity. It was a transition you had been apprehensive about, your fear of it all falling apart making you difficult to deal with. Nate took it all in stride still, the two of you building a home and a life that worked in ways you never expected it to. You opened up then, flourishing under his love and touch in ways that felt almost like a crime to the you who once hated loved so much. 
Nate learned the things about you no one else cared enough to. You were twenty-four and still afraid of the dark, the moon shaped nightlight in the corner of your room a fat indicator of that. He would hold you in light of it, never once mocking you or asking if you could go a night without it. He learned you were more a cat person than anything, but Cox had weakened your dislike for dogs after you first met him. He learned that you ate cucumbers like they were going out of style, your firm belief that they helped your bloat enough to have him keeping them stocked in the fridge. He learned that sugar-free Monsters were your way of getting your fizzy kick more than anything and he slowly replaced them with Ice drinks. 
Nate learned so much about you, that you weren’t quite ready when it all fell apart. 
The fall brought the change, spelling out the end when you failed to make strides to show him that you weren’t still such a cynic. You had been quite baffled by the revelation that you weren’t enough — weren’t doing enough. You thought Nate had changed you, changed your view of love and the world. You thought it was working, really, you did. 
In reality, you should have known he’d never be able to accept your view of the world. You were too cruel, too harsh to be loved by someone who saw the good in everything. You could see it wear on his soul, see the cracks begin to show as he rolled over every night instead of holding you until you fell asleep. The fridge was full of protein shakes and water bottles, your Ice drinks nowhere to be found and your cucumbers the only thing on the list not crossed off. He was fading slowly, spending more time at Gabe’s or Tyson’s and there wasn’t anything you could do about it. 
He left on a Friday morning, the rain pounding down mercilessly as one of his teammate’s waited for him outside in a sleek black Escalade. Cox was gone — had been for about two months on some false pretenses of helping JT’s dog adjust to having another animal in the house. Nate stood in the doorway of your bedroom, watching you as you just sat there emotionlessly. 
He wanted more from you — you know that now. He wanted something you couldn’t give, something you’ve never been able to just hand out willingly. He wanted someone who wasn’t you, and that was enough to break your soul. 
You had loved Nate the best way you knew how, molding the parts of you that could be fixed so it worked better. Nothing could change your view on the world, though, so you suppose letting him go was all you could do. 
“Do you have anything to say?” He had asked quietly, his voice filling the void he created one last time. 
“You don’t love me like you used to,” you had whispered, shrugging a little. So little emotion, so little time. “I can’t do anything about that.”
A confused look crossed Nate’s face, one you never quite understood the meaning behind. He had hiked his bag higher up his shoulders and said, “If that’s how you feel.”
You didn’t have anything to say to that, so you just blinked over at him in some attempt to say goodbye. Everything you could have said then hung between the two of you; burned bright like a dying star before Nate shut the door for good. You sat there, listening to the rain pound down on your roof as it all came undone once and for all. 
It’s six months later now, the sun shining as April turns to May and the world keeps turning. You don’t date again, ignore all your friends when they send you subtle hints to download Hinge or accept their offer to set you up with their coworker or friend of a friend. You’re fine being single, your fridge half full again and sugar-free Monsters back in their rightful spot. 
Oni turned three yesterday, your latest Instagram post a simple photo of him in front of a can of tuna with three candles in it. Some of Nate’s friends liked it, confusing you a little but not enough for you to go digging. 
The last you had heard, Nate was dating someone new — someone better suited for him. 
Emma convinces you to go to the bar tonight, her hair all done up and eyes pleading you to have fun for once in your life. It’s been long enough since you lost Nate, long enough since you stepped out and let a man buy you a drink or talk sweet to you over loud music. It’s not someone’s hand in marriage, not commitment to someone who will end up falling out of love with you, so you agree. 
“Do men always sound so desperate?” You ask flatly, handing Emma and Ellen their drinks as you slide back into your seat. 
“Yes,” they say in unison, causing Maura to laugh and you to simply roll your eyes. The horrible pick up lines and leering looks weren’t a surprise to you, just a huge reminder that this is why you had never believed in love in the first place. 
“I’m glad you came out, y/n,” Maura says after her laughter dies down. “I know it’s been hard.”
You shrug it off, sighing a little when none of your friends let up on the knowing looks they’re sending you. Vulnerability wasn’t your thing usually, but the tension in your soul is begging you to let something go, so you say, “I’m not over him, but I’m getting there.”
It’s a small victory for your friends, the three of them nodding and exchanging small smiles as you sip slowly on your whiskey sour. It was odd admitting that you weren’t over Nate out loud. You had always felt like if you never said it, it wasn’t real. 
It feels real now and, as painful as that is, it brings you some peace. 
The night passes by in a blur of dancing with questionable men and swindling drinks out of them. Your skin is warm and flushed as someone holds you close, your hips swaying with theirs as an old Rihanna song plays loudly. It’s euphoric, your head lolling back to rest on their shoulder as you shout along to the song. 
I want to take you away Let’s escape into the music, DJ let it play
Two hands move over your hips, creeping higher up your sides, playing with the bands of your crop top and then… they’re gone. 
You pause, head spinning from all you’ve drank, mind playing catch up as you try to find the guy who had just been holding you. Instead, straight from a nightmare, you’re met with Nate, holding onto said guy with a red face and hockey bros in tow. 
“Nate?” You say stupidly, blinking rapidly as if to somehow make him disappear.
He shoves the guy into Mikko and takes two strides towards you, eyes settling on yours. A thousand different emotions pass between the two of you, charging the dance floor and making you feel even warmer than before. You can’t grasp a single incoherent thought, your mind swimming with alcohol and missed text messages and what ifs. 
“You said I don’t love you like I used to,” he shouts, voice distorted and thick with a drunkenness that whiskey only ever did to him. “That’s not true.” 
“What?” You say, dumbfounded and so fucking confused. “You never loved me, Nate. You loved the idea of me.”
Nate laughs loudly, his features twisting in offense. “I loved you even when you said you didn’t think you’d ever want to get married! I loved you for you and fuck, was it hard, y/n.”
You roll your eyes, trying to grasp just why he’s doing this in the middle of some club in downtown Denver. Couldn’t he have come to your home? He had lived there once, surely he remembered how to get there. “Why are we doing this now? Here? You left, Nate. You made that choice and I let you.”
“Why did you let me?” He all but shouts, running his hands through his hair. “You said I didn’t love you like I used to. But that’s not true, y/n, it was you who didn’t love me like you used to.”
It clicks then, all of the missing pieces and things that never added up. The times that felt like you were both lightyears away, never quite in the same galaxy but still so close together. You had loved one another in different ways, fallen apart and then back together. Could it be that you never stopped loving one another, just forgot to show the other how?
You soften then, tension leaving your body as blue and purple LEDs light Nate up like the forth of July. 
“I didn’t love you like I used to because I learned to love you better,” you say quietly. 
Everything fades away then, leaving the two of you alone in the middle of some dance floor in the heart of Denver. Memories and moments you can’t get back litter the floor, tangled together liked broken pieces of glass and chipped parts of your souls. You don’t know where to go from here, still so scared of the dark. 
You don’t like me like you used to, you don’t hold me like you know I’m scared of the dark
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wannaabe-writer · 9 minutes ago
Hi idk if your taking requests rn but if you could write a Thomas x reader where they're just messing around the house on a lazy day. Just straight up fluff
Cook of my heart
Tumblr media
A/N: Heyy honey :) Thank you so much for this request and sorry it took me so long, but it's that time of the semester and exams are being a pain in my 🍑. I had so much fun writing it and I hope you will like it <3. As always, a shout out to the best of the best @bitchforaesthetics for reading and supporting every idea that comes to my mind. Note that English isn't my first language so I apologise in advance for any mistakes. Feel free to send in your requests, but just be patient with me because Uni is bordeline killing me :( Love you all <3.
The first think she noticed waking up was the smell of pancakes, a small smile spreading in her lips. She could even smell the chocolate and the strawberries, her favorite toppings to accompany her pancakes with. She was surely dreaming. There was no way Thomas would ever be able to cook all that without setting the house on fire.
And when the aroma of freshly brewed coffee reached her nostrils she was convinced that all this was the perfect dream following the previous perfect night with her boyfriend. Yes, she had the time of her life and now her tired, mushy brain was dreaming of the ideal breakfast to top it all.
Just as she was turning side on the bed to continue her peaceful sleep, the odor of something burnt flooded the room, followed by some curses by none other than her beloved boyfriend Thomas.
Oh God. He had really tried to cook all this for her. And now she was smelling the consequences.
Getting up from the bed, she put on a shirt lying on the couch and entered the kitchen. There was standing Thomas, just in his boxers and an apron and he was throwing in the trash something that looked a lot like burnt pancakes mix. Still, she didn’t care for any of that. All she could focus on was her sexy boyfriend, who had his back turned on her and hadn’t noticed her yet. Approaching him slowly, she put her arms around his waist hugging him from behind. He was massive compared to her, yet that was one of his traits that she had grown to love the most. His arms were her safe house, his tall, lean figure her shelter; there she could hide from the world when everything got too much.
Smiling when he felt her hugging him, Thomas turned around putting his arms around her waist. Her Y/E/C eyes looking up at him so lovingly was one of his favorite sights in the whole world.
-Good morning, love. Did I wake you up? , he asked a little concerned.
He was trying to surprise her with breakfast in bed. Not only the breakfast was now in the trashcan, but had he also disturbed her sleep? He couldn’t help but feel a little guilty about it.
-No baby don’t worry about it, she smiled at him, pecking his lips and trying to ease his uneasiness. Actually, it was the delicious smell of your cooking that got me so intrigued that I left the bed.
-Um yeah about that…, he trailed off not knowing how to tell her that the much wanted pancakes hadn’t made it this far.
-It’s okay darling, I get what happened, she said laughing.
Ah yes, her laugh. Another sight Thomas held as close to his heart as possible. Her laugh never failed to brighten his day, and the crinkles by her eyes, even though for her they were a flaw, for him they were the most adorable trait of her face, alongside her dimples of course.
-I am sorry baby, he said casting his eyes downwards. I wanted everything to be perfect, just for you.
Still he avoided her eyes. Was he serious? They were pancakes for God’s sake, there were plenty of other things they could eat.
Looking at him then she realized. It was not the pancakes themselves the problem. He was disappointed in himself for not treating her the way he wanted. Oh God, he was adorable. He made her feel so loved, so valued that there was nothing that could fail him in her eyes.
Taking his face in her hands she made him look at her. His puppy eyes making him look cuter than ever.
-Thomas Raggi, you listen to me!, she said determined. When I am with you everything isperfect and don’t even try to doubt me, she cut him off before he could protest. You are the one who makes it perfect, not some stupid pancakes, and I love you so so much.
This time she sealed her words with a deep kiss. Combing her fingers through his hair she felt him relaxing and holding her tightly against him. Breaking the kiss for air and smiling down at her, his eyes were full of love and devotion.
-You gonna be the death of me, you know that right?, he smiled sheepishly at her.
-Hmm, not if you are going to be the death of me first, she clapped back laughing. C’mon lets get something to eat now, she said taking his large hand in her small one, leading him towards their fridge, winking at him.
Yes, they were perfect.
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tinytinyblogs · 11 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Step By Step
College Au
Monsta X Masterlist Here
Best student
Very smart and popular guy
Well you know him, you have a few class with him
But you not sure he notice you there.
Because hey he smart, he got all attention and why he need to pay attention for you.
Here you are
Sit down with a book in your hand
Read every words from that book
You can feel someone sit in front of you, you look up and see Kihyun sit there and give you his beautiful smile.
“Run away from your fans?”
He giggles, shook his head.
“Not really”
You close your book, place it on the table.
“I just want to find a quite place.”
You nod your head response to what Kihyun said.
“Still, it’s sound like run away”
You stand up, grab your thing ready to go away.
“Hey i just sit here and you want to leave me alone?”
You stop yourself, looking at Kihyun who whine like a kids
Well it’s new, you never saw him like that.
But it’s cute
“You said you want to find a quite place, i don’t want to bothering you here so enjoy.”
Kihyun grab your hand, pull you to sit back.
“No, don’t go. I want to talk with you, we never have a proper conversation.”
You never expect something like that because you believe that a popular guy like Kihyun will never want to talk to you.
But you wrong baby
Because all the time Kihyun want to talk to you so badly.
You are different from other girl that make Kihyun uncomfortable.
You catch his attention, but he find it hard to start the conversation.
But he is here now, in front of you finally talking to his crush.
Kihyun help you with study, he talk to you all the time, he will walk you home.
Let’s just say you guys become really close.
You can feel glare from Kihyun fans
But you don’t care
From study buddy become bestfriend.
From bestfriend become couple.
It goes step by step with Kihyun
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willsimpforanyone · 11 minutes ago
Steve Rogers x Plus Sized!Reader
requested by @lilacprincessofrecovery thank you for requesting!
The soft light that filtered from behind the curtains settled on my eyelids. I almost didn’t want to open them, feeling at peace with the gentleness the early morning brought me. It was only when I heard a faint ‘click’ from somewhere in the room that I brought my hands to my face and rolled completely onto my back, wiping away the night before. Another ‘click’ and I opened my eyes.
My lovely boyfriend was sat cross-legged on the floor, holding a camera up to his face. I shifted so I was sitting up, and frowned at him.
“Honey?” I croaked, morning coating my vocal chords. “What the hell are you doing and why aren’t you cuddling me right now?”
Steve laughed softly, an attempt to not disrupt the certain level of quiet the early morning had laid upon the room. “I’m trying to take some photos. Banner helped me pick out a camera the other day after I mentioned I used to be fascinated with them in the 40s.”
“...wait, you’re trying to take photos? ...Of me? In the morning? While I’m asleep?” I asked, matching his soft tone. 
He grimaced slightly. “Okay, when you say it like that it sounds... not good, I’ll admit b-but I just thought you looked s-so lovely and calm and I-I wanted to capture it-” Steve stuttered over some of his words, anxious to reassure me that his intentions were pure, no matter how it may look to an outsider. “L-look, I’ll show you-”
He got up to show me his camera screen and I immediately slapped my hand across my eyes to block it out. I heard Steve’s movements stop, and felt the aura of someone who isn’t sure what to do eminating from him. “Sweetheart? What’s wrong?”
The concern in his voice made me feel slightly guilty, and the panic I’d felt at the thought of seeing photos of myself subsided slightly. “I’m sorry it’s just... y’know that I sometimes struggle with my body? And I know, I know you say I’m beautiful and being big and beautiful aren’t two separate things but-”
I felt Steve’s hand on mine and he gently pulled it away from my eyes. “-but you don’t like seeing photos of yourself, right?” He finished my sentence perfectly, and my eyes opened to meet his. There was understanding within his gorgeous baby blues, and I felt a surge of love for the man who understood me perfectly. He shifted slightly. “I... think I experience something similar.”
I nodded encouragingly. 
“It’s just... it’s weird to see myself in photos, or in mirrors, like maybe that’s not me,” he said softly, exposing a vulnerability he’d never told me before. “In my head, I’m still that small, skinny kid from Brooklyn who couldn’t bring himself to back away from a fight even if he knew he’d lose. Then I look in a mirror and there’s a disconnect, somewhere. It takes a second to register that I’m looking at me, y’know?” He sighed. “I don’t even like what I see sometimes. I avoid looking in the mirror when I shower or when I have to pass reflective windows... it’s not as bad as what you’re feeling, I’ve seen that firsthand, but still...”
I lunged across the bed and hugged him tightly. Maybe my superhero understood me better than I thought. Maybe I experienced this worse than him, but it didn’t make his own experience any less valid. “Thank you for telling me, Steve. And I’m sure that to anyone else, the photos you took would be lovely,” I grinned. “After all, the lighting is doing wonders for you.”
My strong captain blushed and shook his head. “I think they’re lovely because they have you in them- and I think you’re the most beautiful woman in the world.”
i now headcanon that steve experiences a certain level of body dysmorphia due to the drastic changes of the serum
i really hope you liked it, i hope i dealt with a fairly sensitive subject matter well? thank you for requesting!
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mustyvampire · 11 minutes ago
。⋆୨୧˚Fyodor headcanons˚୨୧⋆。
Tumblr media
Fluff and smut fyodor headcannons<3
Okay this man literally plays songs on the cello for you like please he will play the most classical shit ever but we all know you love every second of it
Okay now hear me out he might seem like someone who will not show you alot of affection since he's realy busy with stuff but this man thinks about you all day long, he literally comes up wih fun activities y'all can do once hes done with his work
Hugs. From. Behind. That's it thats the sentance
This man loves tea idk why i just see Fyodor as a tea kind of person
He only let's you wear his hat like cmon it literally looks so fluffy yet so greasy
He absolutely 100℅ will call you darling or some sweet shit in russian try n change my mind i dare you♡
I feel like he can actually cook really well but he just doesn't show it coz he's kinda shy about it
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*NSFW PART!!✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
Aha breeding kink go brr, no cause i feel like this man is obsessed with the idea of filling you up nicely with his cum and he will literally not let a drop go to waste
Always cums inside of you, on some occasions he tends to cum on your body but he prefers cumming in your mouth or yk whereヽ(`д´;)/
I feel he would kinda be into overstim just seeing your pretty face stained with tears begging for a release pleases him for some reason
This man isn't as horny as you think he is but oh god when he is hide and pray he doesn't find you or else you'll spend the rest of your day in a wheelchair
Probably likes marking you to show everyone your his property
One time Nikolai was getting way too touchy with you, you know like touching your waist and shit getting a little too close so guess what Fyodor did about it. He dragged you into the nearest room and called you the most dirtiest names in history, ' You fucking whore letting that clown get that close to you? You must be desperate for some cock right now aren't you but guess what your pretty pussy is mine to fuck, your my cumslut my little toy to play with got it? ' mans just walks away afterwards like nothing happend like cmon man gime sum of that di-ᕦ( ͡͡~͜ʖ ͡° )ᕤ
THIGHH RIDINGGG. Okay okay hear me out he's busy with work your this close to going to horny jail he notices you rubbing ur leggs together obviously trying to get as must friction as possible, calls you over to sit on his thigh and let the magic beging(ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง
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hikarus-shida · 11 minutes ago
ETHAN PAGE: Enemies to Lovers Headcanon
ETHAN PAGE x enemies to lovers! headcanon genre: more like a slow-burn warnings: n/a requested by: @princess00wifi
This took me a while to finish, yet it feels so rushed. *I do not own this gif!*
Tumblr media
Ethan calling himself "All Ego"... wasn't a lie at all. In fact, he couldn't be telling any more of the truth. The man could talk about himself, his accolades, his material items and beating his opponents forever if you let him.
It was quite annoying. It’s one thing to be confident, but Ethan would go over the line. To others, it was a pretty silly thing for you to dislike him about. You disagreed, who wants to hear someone constantly talk about themselves.. when they’re not even that interesting in the first place?
And he also had Scorpio Sky always gassing him up, fueling his annoying ego and making Ethan’s head even larger than it already is.
“My god, you are so annoying. I don’t know a more intolerable person than you, Ethan!”
“Hey sweetheart, don’t be mad at me ‘cause you’re not working this hard. You could learn a thing or two from me.”
You didn’t even know why Ethan hated you. There was nothing you could say you ever did wrong, but to you.. he did everything wrong. If he wanted attention, he was terrible. No one wants to be around someone so vain and egotistical.
It was a mystery how anyone actually liked that duo. They were like a sore that you couldn’t get rid of. Specifically Ethan - man, he really would do a number on you. He was everywhere and if he wasn’t, people would talk about him as if he was some god. That was your problem.
Knowing that you didn’t like him, Ethan would willingly put himself in situations and places where he knew you’d be. To him, this was the greatest gift you could receive.
“Oh [Y/N], I didn’t see you there. Such a pleasure to see you.”
“Bite me, Ethan.”
Everything he did to bother you was on purpose just because he enjoyed seeing the annoyance on your face. It was so funny to see how much he bothered you for absolutely no reason at all, other than the fact that he was just being himself.
You knew what he was doing and yet you somehow fed into it every time. It was extremely idiotic of you, you knew, but his little games and irritating ego did that to you.
One day at Daily’s Place, he caught you walking on your own from the makeup station. This time, he didn’t intend on messing with you.
“You know [Y/N], under that annoying little angry face, I think you may actually like me.”
“Over my dead, rotting body.”
“See! That’s what I’m talking about. You’re always so angry with me. How could you be mad at this face?”
“Cause you think you’re better than everyone else.”
“Do I or is that just your own problem and not mine?”
You ended up walking away from him and didn’t see him for the rest of the night. A week later, the conversation still rained on your mind. Did you project and were you so cold to him for no reason? Or was he genuinely just annoying?
In your mind, the answer was still the latter, but you knew that you could at least be nicer to him. Or well, try to.
You ended up approaching him this time at Daily’s Place. You didn’t want to, but it felt like something you needed to do. Especially since you couldn’t stop thinking about him.
“Thought about what you said... and maybe I am a little too much.”
“A little....? You don’t like me because I’m too confident for your liking. That’s kind of sad.”
“Shut up. Do you want me to be nicer to you or not?”
“Well, I don’t mind being bossed around by you, but you could be nicer.”
You should’ve expected his sudden flirtatious nature, but you didn’t. Maybe that was a good thing; you expected and knew way too much about him for your liking. Perhaps, him keeping you on your toes would help you be nicer.
That actually wasn’t wrong - each time you saw Ethan the following days and weeks, he actually didn’t talk about himself for once. He asked you random questions about yourself, hobbies, wrestling, and even asked you to grab a bite with him.
Much to your surprise, you accepted and actually had a good time. It was strange how quick your feelings towards him were changing, but you couldn’t complain. Now that he wasn’t being an egotistical weirdo, he was fun to be around.
The two of you agreed to go out again and before you two parted ways, he kissed you on the cheek. Maybe this would work between you and Ethan, just maybe.
Before you knew it, he had asked you out officially and you said yes. It was a surprising turn of events, but your feeling for him had grown and he had actually enjoyed his time with you as well. Throughout this journey, you actually had grown tired of talking about yourself and told him to talk his head off about himself again. You had grown to like it; he had a big ego, there was nothing wrong with that.
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silyaren · 11 minutes ago
Fugo, I can't believe tomorrow is the day we are going to get married. When I first met you, I hated you. You know this. And I'm pretty sure you hated me too, though I know you'd never admit it. Your short temper irritated me, and I could not, for the life of me, understand how the others could put up with you. Let alone treat your behavior as if it were no big deal. But now, I love you more than anything. Your absolute kindness. How tenderly you treat me, even if it does drive me nuts sometimes (I won't break, I promise). The way you always make sure my needs are met before yours. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. Tomorrow can't come soon enough. Forever yours, M
letter to fugo...
❝My M,
As if I weren’t already emotional enough, you went and brought up when we first met. I can’t count how many times you’ve kicked me in the shins to quit being such an asshole. I’ve come to rely on the reminder, I hate to admit.
You’re right, I won’t say I hated you. I never did. The second I laid eyes on you I knew you would be special to me. Ugh, it sounds so stupid, but there wasn’t any doubt in my mind. I’d marry you one day. No matter how long I had to wait, I knew you would bear my name.
That sounds so corny, like something that Mista would say... God, I shouldn’t mention him. This letter is between us.
If I were distant or cold, then I’m sorry. I couldn’t be honest with you, or myself, really. All I wanted to do was tell you how I felt, but something always held me back. You frightened me with how much I adored you. Finally, I found something that was stronger than irritation.
I’m still amazed you put up with me sometimes. Your kindness and patience continues to astound me. Let’s continue to surprise each other.
I want to spill everything I’ve written in my vows already. I just can’t wait. I know I won’t be able to sleep, so be prepared for that tomorrow night. I’m not a prince when I’m overtired. Though I’m sure you know that already.
My world is you. I love you.
Yours for eternity,
— Pannacotta Fugo❞
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omg-whiskey · 11 minutes ago
hm i definitely agree that sports broadcasters need to be way more sensitive about the way they show injuries and injured players but i also really don't like seeing "just cut to commercial" or the idea that you just shouldn't show any of it. because especially when that player's family isn't in the building, the broadcast becomes the primary source of information and if i was hurt I'd definitely want my family to be able to know what was happening, if someone i loved was hurt I'd want to see them being taken care of as it happens. it's nuanced and not simple and it's not right to show someone writhing in pain and especially to replay that over and over again in the intermissions or to show their significant other in the stands but the idea that you should immediately cut away doesn't feel right either. because for me, at the end of the day it boils down to the fact that i have the ability to turn it off, to not look, to not watch, but people who care about that person should be able to see that they're being taken care of
covering a traumatic injury involves switching the method of coverage from sports to news and there needs to be a better job of training sports broadcasters on what to do in that situation so that there can be a balance between respect and privacy for an individual and providing information and updates
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j-pping · 12 minutes ago
travel the world on j-pping’s ladder 2021 -- kyungsoo, tainan/taiwan
Tumblr media
travel the world on j-pping’s ladder masterlist
Genres: fluff, travel, established relationship, soft hours, food together, it’s the little things
Series Description: The pandemic may have taken travel away from us temporarily, but it hasn’t taken away our imaginations! Please enjoy this series of EXO/reader traveling to various locations around the world. (These fics are unstructured and meant to be generalized itineraries for you to enjoy as vignettes/aesthetics).
A/N: I know it was originally supposed to be taipei but this became sort of tainan/taiwan generally instead.
You eye Kyungsoo with great curiosity as he jogs lightly back from his brief trip to the convenience store. One foot in front of the other, he advances in that distinct penguin-like gait -- small steps, equal parts sure and unsure, torso tilted forward in the perpetual bow of pre-emptive politeness. 
The couple ring on your hand has been there for years now, but even with the comfort you have achieved with him, Kyungsoo still passes you the sweating bottle of electrolyte drink with both hands. One supports the other as he proffers the liquid respite. You gratefully take it from him, but before your hand can enclose around the drink, Kyungsoo lets out a small, deep yelp of surprise and cracks open the crap. 
He now finally lets you have the first sip. You thank him quietly, forcing yourself not to down half the bottle in one dehydrated gulp. You work on sipping slowly instead so to prevent brain freeze and so to relish the temporary chill in this sweltering heat. 
“You’re handling this well,” you comment as you pass him the drink. He takes three small sips, one, two, three, tipping his head back each time. With careful fingers he screws the bottle shut, placing it beside him as he waits for you to finish blotting your forehead with oil-absorbing wipes.
“What do you mean?” His voice is a gentle murmur. You can just make it out over the beeps of the mo-peds and shrill sounds of cicadas. 
“It’s hot.” 
He grins against his will, letting out a chuckle as if to say, ‘yes, Captain Obvious.’ “That’s true,” he muses. His bangs stick to his forehead, Kyungsoo’s saving grace being the short length of his hair. It stays neatly away from his eyebrows, but it sticks to him nonetheless. He’d been wearing a black cap to keep some shade over his eyes earlier, but the summer sun bore down on him faster than either of you anticipated. The cap rests in the backpack you take turns carrying, folded neatly around a half-empty bottle of sunscreen. “But I’m in Taiwan with my partner,” he says. “I’m not at work, I have no obligations, and all I really need to do here is eat. Why would I not tolerate the heat well, in order to have all that?” 
You can’t really argue with him on that point. Plastic spins against plastic as Kyungsoo offers you the electrolyte drink again. When you refuse, he neatly finishes the bottle and wipes it down with a handkerchief. You reach into the backpack for a light plastic bag -- your makeshift wastebin for the day -- and he drops the emptied bottle in for later recycling at the hotel. 
Sometimes you get lost in those big eyes of his, but this vacation it’s those eyes getting lost in everything else. He barely managed to keep your table’s order for two at the local beef noodle joint you visited in the southern part of the island, eating with his eyes as other tables’ dishes went past. You’ve been almost uncomfortably full this whole trip, but a steady supply of probiotics tucked away in the backpack’s front pockets has kept you both going. 
Tonight, however, Kyungsoo and his GPS app have trustily led you to Tainan Flower Night Market. You’d have preferred to taxi, but there was a special on some Taiwan-only buns at an 85-C bakery somewhere near the market. 
“Are you sure you’re going to have space?” Kyungsoo asked you on the humid walk over. It had been his idea to check out the bakery, but it had been your stomach that purchased a few too many items. 
“Mmmfgh,” comes your mid-bite reply, cream bun filling your cheeks. Kyungsoo levels you with a look that makes you admit defeat; you push the bun back towards the bottom of its plastic bag and fold over the top adhesive to stow it away for later.  
“Here,” he says gently now, helping you take the backpack off your shoulders and opening the zip for you. “I’ll hang onto this.” Kyungsoo looks down, a strange mood passing over his face, then he takes your hand. “And you can hang onto this.” It’s a small interaction, but in the (relatively quiet parking lot in front of the market, it is a loud gesture. Despite your best efforts, and despite your years in his heart and him in yours, you still look away in mild bashfulness. 
“What’s that about?” He asks, lips curled into a half-smile. His hand squeezes yours to let you know you don’t have to answer. You let out a mock-irritated scoff, but Kyungsoo knows you’re pleased. “Come on,” he tugs, head nodding towards the soft yellow lights of the night market. “We’ve got bellies to fill.” 
He takes two steps, then pauses. “At least, one and a half bellies, that is.” This earns him a protest from you, but Kyungsoo only laughs (three rich “ha”-s) and walks towards the stalls. 
Kyungsoo only allows your little group two fried-food stands, before making a beeline for some noodle soups and rice bowls. His eyes dart between stalls, the push-and-pull of a thousand different sensory inputs all vying for his attention. Some shopkeepers are more convincing than others, but truth be told each vendor is compelling you towards their wares. 
You stop to laugh at a few knockoff designer clothing shops when you feel your stomachs reaching capacity, but one bathroom trip and one lap around the non-edible portion of the market has you both ready to try more things. 
At the end of the night, you are beyond full and beyond negotiating with Kyungsoo, so he relents and figures out how to flag down a taxi in barely passable Mandarin. The car’s air conditioning provides sweet relief for your satiated, but sweaty bodies -- and once you are cool enough, the AC allows for a little bit of backseat cuddling. 
You’re partially glad you carbo-loaded at the bakery when you wake up the next morning and set off on a hike. Kyungsoo is less than pleased, frequently reaching into the backpack for a cooling mentholated wipe. 
“I hate this,” he mutters under his breath every fifteen or so steps. You hold back your own thoughts -- you kind of hate it, too, but you’re feeling more sprightly than he does, and this whole hike was your idea, in the first place. You wisely elect to say nothing, preferring to let the mountainside speak for itself once you get to a lookout. 
“How about now?” You ask thirty minutes later, as you lean against the sturdy wooden railing of the lookout, handing Kyungsoo a soft drink from a vending machine. 
Hands together on the railing, Kyungsoo cranes his neck to absorb the entirety of the vista before him. Lush vegetation paints the hillside all the way down, until apartment buildings begin to spring up from the hearth. It looks like a painting, even more so with you in his line of sight,  and Kyungsoo is reminded that all worthy things require effort. Moments from your daily lives together flash through his mind, from tea time at your small dining table to nights reading together on the couch. He thinks about the long hours you have both put in at work in order to save up for vacation, and he thinks about how much you’ve both needed a real holiday together.
“I hate it a little less,” he admits, dabbing at his neck with another fresh mentholated wipe. “And going down is easier, right?” His gaze darts over to the path leading back down, where a cluster of aunties in sun visors bicker with each other to head down first. 
“It is,” you smile, then point over to a different path that leads towards a small mountainside town. “Especially when you take the bus.” 
He gives you a grateful look then, big eyes full of love. He’s tempted to hug you, but as he moves towards you his shirt sticks to every part of him and he thinks against the sweaty embrace. You catch his hesitancy and wrap your arms around his waist nonetheless. Kyungsoo clicks his tongue at you in protest, but you ignore him until he encloses his arms around you as well. 
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